How to Beautify Your Garden with Wooden Outdoor Bench

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                                       Outdoor Benches To Enhance Your Garden
                                                             By Jesse Akre

   No matter the size or style of your garden, there’s always room for one or two outdoor benches. Not
only do outdoor benches provide seating, but they can immediately transform a completely mundane
spot into a beautiful focal point.

Consider an area under a shade tree for a cool and relaxing place to sip a glass of iced tea. Or, place
an outdoor bench just the right distance away from your shrubs and flowers that attract butterflies and
hummingbirds. You can watch these gorgeous creatures for hours.

Outdoor benches come in a variety of styles and materials. A simple cedar bench is a great choice for
a shady spot filled with hosta, ferns and astilbe. Or, opt for a more elaborate garden bench with a back,
made from wooden slats framed in wrought iron. Or, for a true piece of garden art, consider an open
ironwork bench in a verdigris finish blending beautifully with your plants and flowers.

It’s critical to ensure that your outdoor benches are properly protected from the elements. Wood
benches made from oak or pine will require regular protectant, staining or painting to keep it from
rotting and splitting when left outdoors. Cedar will weather the elements a bit better, though it will still
require some maintenance. Teak is a great choice for any outdoor benches you have that will be
constantly exposed to the elements, because it is by far the most durable wood available. Your teak
outdoor bench will last a lifetime untreated and will weather to a beautiful silvery gray finish. Wrought
iron can also be treated to protect it from the elements, though it will eventually rust if left outdoors.

Outdoor benches are wonderful additions to any garden space. Whatever style and material you
choose, you can be certain that your outdoor benches will add style and grace to your garden.

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                 A Wooden Outdoor Bench to Beautify Your Garden
                                                    By Florin Ciobanu

Do you find yourself wondering what you could add to your garden or your backyard to enhance it
further? If you’re like several other people such as me, you want to make your garden or backyard the
best it could possibly be. One of the easiest ways to solve this issue is to place a wooden outdoor
bench out in or near it.

 A wooden outdoor bench can come in several different styles and types. Finding the benches is an
easy task however finding the right wooden outdoor bench that matches your garden or backyard
décor can be a little more challenging.

Choosing Your Wooden Outdoor Bench

 You may be asking yourself what is a good way to choose a wooden outdoor bench? Well there are
several factors that will go into your decision of choosing the right bench for your situation. There are a
few factors that you should look at when you’re deciding which bench to get.

 A good example of this is to ask your self “Why am I adding the bench?” If you’re adding it so that
you’ll have a place to sit then you will want to look at the larger types of benches. The sizes for a
wooden outdoor bench can vary greatly from a small two seat bench all the way up to a bench that
wraps around the whole tree.

What Am I Looking For in A Wooden Outdoor Bench?

 On the other hand if you’re adding the bench solely for the added look to your backyard or garden
then you may want to get one or two smaller benches. If you’re thinking about getting a wooden
outdoor bench for the added look to your backyard or garden then you may want to consider getting
one that has planters on each end of the bench. This is a great look for a garden as the bench blends
into the garden much better and even becomes a part of it.

 After choosing the purpose for the wooden outdoor bench you will want to consider the style. If you
plan to be sitting outside on the bench a lot you may want to consider getting a glider style bench.
These benches are excellent for sitting outdoors and gliding back and forth admiring your garden.

 Now that you have an idea of what to do when choosing a wooden outdoor bench you probably are
wondering “Where can I get started with buying one?” This can also become tricky as you will want to
find a wooden outdoor bench that’s resistant to the weather and insects.

 Cedar is a great choice for the wood that your bench can use. It offers both of these qualities as well
as sturdiness. All you have to do now is to take action and start looking at benches. By following these
tips you will be able to choose the best wooden outdoor bench for your garden or backyard.

Above all else you should remember to choose a wooden outdoor bench that will blend in well with
your backyard or garden. If you forget to do this you may end up with a wooden outdoor bench that is
very tacky and fails to do the job you intended for it. Visit!

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