The Cold War by C3PEDF9


									The United States
and the Cold War

To understand the causes of the Cold
To understand the nature of the Cold
To understand postwar international
Causes of the Cold War
The end of World War II
   Soviet occupation of Eastern Europe

   Division of Germany

   Yalta Conference

   The “Superpowers”
Causes of the Cold War
Soviet motivations
   Ideology

   Security
Causes of the Cold War
United States and Containment
   Background

   US Concerns
          The Cold War
The Truman Doctrine (1947)
   Greece and Turkey

   British Decline

   US Motives
          The Cold War
United States involvement in
international affairs
   Reasons

   North Atlantic Treaty Organization (1949)
            The Cold War
European Recovery Plan (Marshall Plan)
   Western Europe after World War II

   Secretary of State George C. Marshall

   Effects of Marshall Plan
            The Cold War
Disagreement over Germany
   Germany divided

   Soviet plans for Germany

   US and British plans for Germany

   Germany emerged as two countries in 1949

   Berlin Airlift (1949)
        The Cold War
Confrontations in Berlin

Berlin Wall
       The Cold War
Soviet domination of Eastern Europe

Domination of Communists
           The Cold War
Changes in Soviet leadership
   Stalin dies in 1953

   Nikita Khrushchev 1956-64

   Leonid Brezhnev 1964-82

   Gorbachev 1985-91
          The Cold War
Threat of nuclear warfare
   End of World War II

   Nature of warfare

   Arms Race
The Cold War
The Cold War
            The Cold War
The Cold War expands beyond Europe
   China

   Korean War

   Vietnam

   Cuba
          The Cold War
End of Colonialism (Decolonization)
   World War II and Europe

   “The Third World”

   Decolonization and the Cold War
          The Cold War
European Integration (1951-Present)
   Lessons of World War II

   European Economic Community, 1957
         The Cold War
Challenge to Soviet domination
   Hungary (1956)

   Czechoslovakia (1968)

   Brezhnev Doctrine
          The Cold War
Middle East
   Background

   Middle East and the Cold War

   Role of Oil
Decreased tensions between US and
Soviet Union
   Nuclear arms agreements

   US and People’s Republic of China

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