Espiritu Pampa Last City of the Inca by jennyyingdi



Espiritu Pampa- Last City of the Inca
              • Machu Picchu and beyond
          • Espiritu Pampa- final Inca outpost
 • In the footsteps of Hiram Bingham and Gene Savoy

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            Tour Grade – B         Tour Code - TESP

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The American explorer Hiram Bingham is of course widely accredited with rediscovering the now
iconic Inca site of Machu Picchu in 1911. At the same time Bingham also explored a remote forest
area around 150km west of Cusco known locally as Espiritu Pampa and subject of his book Lost City
of the Incas. However, it appears that Bingham was so obsessed with Machu Picchu, he was
convinced that was indeed the final refuge of the Inca Empire and thus didn’t realise the true
significance of Espiritu Pampa. In the 19060’s Gene Savoy and then a decade later John Hemming
and others finally provided confirmation that indeed Espiritu Pampa is the true “Last City of the Inca”.
After exploring Cusco and the Sacred Valley, we’ll visit fabled Machu Picchu to then trek to this rarely
visited place-Espiritu Pampa-the definitive final outpost of the Inca Empire. Trekking into the
Vilcabamba region we retrace the final journey of the Inca into the jungles of the lowlands. This
rewarding trek at low altitude offers the opportunity to experience a spectacular journey that is rarely
undertaken. Indeed, in 2008 less than 250 people visited the site of Espiritu Pampa. This is jungle
exploration at it’s very best.


The Holiday                                               should ensure you are comfortable walking at
Routine During the trek your main baggage is              this level of grading and are physically
transported by mule (please only bring the                prepared for the trip. We have given this trip a
items you will need on trek. The rest can be              B grade on account of the short number of
left at your hotel in Cusco) and you’ll walk each         trekking days and lower altitudes encountered
day along trails to your next camp, in the                whilst trekking.
company of your friendly English-speaking
guide and muleteers. Usually you’ll take an               Walk staff You will be accompanied by a
early breakfast at your campsite and the trek             friendly professional English-speaking guide
team will pack up after your departure. You’ll            on trek, as well as a trek team to transport your
walk for a few hours in the morning, then stop            main baggage by mule, set up camp and
for lunch, a scenic picnic, then continue your            provide culinary delights throughout the
trek in the afternoon and reach your next camp            trekking days.
in the late afternoon. Plenty of time is built into
the schedule to take sufficient breaks, photo             What you need to provide Your personal
opportunities and take in all the scenery along           equipment as detailed in the clothing and
the way. Dinner will be prepared for you at               equipment list later in this trip dossier. A 3-4
camp.                                                     season sleeping bag is required.

Walking conditions                                        Ecological considerations We believe that
Underfoot the trekking conditions on the trip             we are one of the most ecologically aware tour
are mostly straightforward. For most of the               operators in Peru. We ask for your full
trek, you are walking through valleys on good             consideration and co-operation concerning all
mountain trails, dirt paths and stone                     ecological matters, especially in the disposal of
pavements, as well a jungle trails that may be            rubbish. Disposal of plastic mineral water
muddy and slippery if it has rained. As this is           bottles is especially of concern in the Andes. If
the Andes (the foothills) there are of course             you have any suggestions for improvements,
many sections involving ascent and descent,               please let our local staff know and inform us at
although these are quite modest by Andean                 Walks Worldwide on your return. It is with the
standards and rarely sustained. Regular hill              tourists, the locals and the tour operators' co-
walkers and those with a reasonable level of              operation that we can ensure that our tours are
fitness should find this trek within their                as eco-friendly as possible. Please also heed
capabilities. You should ensure you are                   the golden rule of ‘pack it in, pack it out’;
capable of        walking 5-8hrs per day                  everything that you take in or use on the trail
consecutively over sometimes challenging                  MUST be carried out & disposed of or recycled
terrain. As your main baggage is carried for              responsibly once back in civilisation.
you, you will only need to carry your regular             This trip supports the "One Percent for the
daypack during the day. Unlike our other treks            Planet" foundation. This has meant that in
in Peru, the actual trekking itself on this trip is       conjunction       with     the     NGO     body
primarily at low altitude.                                ECOANPERU already over 65,000 native
A full explanation of the trip grading can be             trees have been replanted in the region
found online at You               since 2007.

Peru –Espiritu Pampa, Last City of the Incas          2              
DayYour 'at-a-glance' Itinerary                                                                            Overnight                 Accn.      Meal plan
  1Depart UK
  2Arrive Cusco (via Lima). PM: walking tour of Cusco.                                                     Cusco                     Hotel
  3Exploration of Inca ruins (Tambo Machay, Q'enko, Sacsayhuaman) nr Cusco                                 Cusco                     Hotel         BL
  4Visit Pisac ruins then late afternoon train to Aguas Calientes                                          Aguas Calientes           Hotel         BL
  5Guided tour of Machu Picchu. Train/bus to Huancacalle                                                   Huancacalle               Hostal       BD
  6Vitcos and Nusta Hispanan (The White Rock)                                                              Huancacalle               Hostal       BLD
  7Trek in the footsteps of the Inca to Vista Alegre                                                       Vista Alegre              Camp         BLD
  8Across Rio Tunkimayo to Concebidayoc                                                                    Concebidayoc              Camp         BLD
  9An ancient Inca trail to Espiritu Pampa                                                                 Espiritu Pampa            Camp         BLD
 10A full day to explore the extensive ruins of Espiritu Pampa                                             Espiritu Pampa            Camp         BLD
 11Trek to the roadhead at Azul Mayo. Overland to Quillabamba                                              Quillabamba               Hotel         BL
 12Over the Abra de Malaga to Cusco                                                                        Cusco                     Hotel         BL
 13Transfer to Cusco airport. Fly to Lima to connect with international flight to the UK..                                                         B
 14Arrive UK

              IMPORTANT-Due to the specialist nature of our                          The most current trip dossier will be made available
              holidays, day to day itineraries should be taken as a                  on our website. We will also send you the most up to
              guide only, and as statements of intent and not                        date trip dossier with your “Final Joining Instructions”
              contractual obligations. We regularly update our trip                  approx. 2 weeks before departure and you should
              dossiers to take into account changes to trekking                      carefully check this for any changes that may affect
              routes, accommodation, local transport etc. Such                       your plans. Before booking you should read our
              changes are a factor of this type of holiday and when                  “Types of Trip” and “Essential and Useful
              made are out of necessity. Other factors such as                       information”         sections         on
              adverse weather, unforeseen circumstances and other
                                                                                including our
              matters entirely out of our control etc can also lead to
              enforced changes during the course of the holiday. It                  ‘Important Warning’.
              is not possible to guarantee that any of our holidays
              will operate exactly as per the anticipated itinerary.

              B – Breakfast, L – Lunch, D – Dinner.
              Clients from other tour operators on this trek may join you on this trek.

              Peru –Espiritu Pampa, Last City of the Incas                  3                      
Day 1                                                   accordingly. A few hundred metres back
Depart UK                                               towards Cusco we visit the site of Puca
                                                        Pucara. This delightful ruin on a small
Day 2                                                   prominence is believed not to be the ’red fort’
Arrive Cusco. Rendezvous at the group hotel             its name suggest but a ‘Tambo’ – a rest house
in Cusco. A single timed group transfer will be         for travelling animals, goods and travellers. We
provided from Cusco Airport to the group hotel          now cut across country following the old Inca
in      downtown        Cusco    (see     Joining       road from Cusco to Pisac. The traditional
Arrangements and Transfers section later in             farming methods and highly adapted Andean
this trip dossier). The afternoon will be spent         crops are a treat to see still functioning. With
enjoying a walking tour of the city, followed by        Cusco now in our sights we visit the
an all important briefing. Beautiful Cusco lies         fascinating Q’enko. This ‘waca’ contains some
nestled amongst the magnificence of the                 of the finest examples of Inca carvings in-situ.
Andes at a lofty 3326 metres above sea level,           The eroded limestone fissures have been
so it makes the perfect base to acclimatise             artfully carved into zigzag channels (from
before you start your trek. It’s cobbled streets,       where Q’enko derives its name), pumas,
religious and colonial architectural splendours         condors, snakes and houses. Bountiful
coupled with it’s traditions deeply embedded            Mummy Niches in the caves, an amphitheatre
into the Quechua-speaking descendants of the            and the central phallic column all add to the
Incas, it’s rich colours and clear, rarified air        mystery of its multi-functional use. After a
makes Cusco one of the continents most                  picnic lunch we visit our final and most
thrilling destinations.                                 stunning ruin is the extensive Sacsayhuaman.
Hotel, Cusco                                            Although the smaller stones of Sacsayhuaman
                                                        were used to build modern day Cusco, the
                                                        remaining stones are up to 8.5m high and
                                                        weigh over 360 tones. The distinctive zigzag
                                                        ramparts that form are attributed to being
                                                        Puma teeth, lightening and also fortification.
                                                        This major centre obviously had many
                                                        functions with storehouses, administration
                                                        buildings, reservoir and play area. It was also
                                                        site of a crucial battle between the Incas and
                                                        the Spanish. With time and energy permitting
                                                        we head down to San Cristobal church built on
                                                        top of Inca Manco Capac’s Palace and a
                                                        fantastic view point of Cusco, then into San
                                                        Blas the photographic, artisan area of Cusco
                                                        for some culture and souvenirs. Further down
                                                        we can explore the impressive Cathedral on
                                                        the Plaza de Armas with its famous paintings
                                                        of Cusco’s great city fire and the last supper
                                                        where Jesus is eating Guinea pig. Finally the
                                                        Qoricancha Sun Temple, this sacred Inca site
                                                        was the centre of the Inca Empire Sun-
                                                        Worship. It had temples for the sun, moon,
                                                        stars and lightening. There was so much gold,
                                                        silver and jewels it was said the Spanish took
                                                        three months to melt all the treasures down.
                                                        Hotel, Cusco.
Day 3
Your guide and minibus are at your disposal
for the day to explore Cusco and its outlying
ruins. A 0900 pick up for the ten kilometre
drive out of Cusco at Inca ruin of Tambo
Machay. This is popularly called the Inca’s
Bath due to its finely preserved waterfalls,
carefully diverted through fine stone channels.
The Incas acknowledged water as one of the
principal elements of life and revered it

Peru –Espiritu Pampa, Last City of the Incas        4             
Day 4                                                   Inca bridge, walk back up the Inca Trail to the
Your guide and minibus are again at your                sun gate or try the strenuous climb to the top
disposal for the day. An early pick up for the          of Huayna Picchu (permits required, please
thirty two kilometre drive out of Cusco to the          advise your guide in advance) for an awe-
picturesque Andean village of Pisac. The                inspiring Condor's eye view of Machu Picchu.
village is famous for its Sunday market and             Some may prefer to just relax and take in the
superb Artisan stalls. Old Pisac ruins have             awesome location. We return to Aguas
much to explore with a circular hike along a            Calientes from where we catch the afternoon
well defined through Royal buildings, look-             local train to the end of the line at Hidro
outs, terraces, tunnels and irrigation channels         electrica. Here, our waiting vehicle drives us
before returning on another good trail to the           via Santa Teresa, Santa Maria, Chaullay and
bus. After lunch near Urubamba, a short drive           so to Huancacalle and onto our charming
down the Sacred Valley of the Incas brings us           lodgings at Hostal Sixpac Manco, home to the
to Ollantaytambo, site of the last battle               Cobos family of muleteers and pioneer
between Incas and Spanish before the                    explorer’s of the region.
remaining Incas rebels fled into the jungles of         Hostal, Huancacalle
Vilcabamba. In this well-preserved village and
ruins you can still feel the true magic of the
Incas. Heading to the train station, we take the        Day 6
late afternoon train down the Urubamba River            Today we spend the day exploring the
gorge to Machu Picchu town (formally known              fascinating       local     ruins    surrounding
as Aguas Calientes). As trains in Peru have             Huancacalle. A short steep climb brings us to
baggage restrictions, tonight you just take what        Rosaspata, the site where Manco Inca settled,
overnight gear you’ll need to Aguas Calientes           when they first fled from the Spanish out of
in your daysack and you’ll be reunited with             Ollantaytambo. It was here too that sadly his
your main baggage the following evening.                life was ended by a group of renegade
Hotel, Aguas Calientes                                  Spaniards whom he had befriended. They
                                                        believed that by killing the emperor they could
                                                        gain favour with the Spanish – however they
                                                        did not survive long enough to find out, being
                                                        set upon and killed by Manco Inca supporters
                                                        shortly afterwards. We then hike onto the
                                                        famous “White Rock” or Ñusta Hispanan as it
                                                        is known locally. Despite having been badly
                                                        damaged by the Spanish priests convinced it
                                                        was a place of devil worship, the unique
                                                        carvings and niches as well as the surrounding
                                                        terraces and outbuildings make for a very
                                                        interesting visit. In the afternoon, we return to
                                                        our lodging and prepare for our next day’s
                                                        Hostal, Huancacalle

                                                        Day 7
                                                        Departing early, we transfer to the
                                                        Q´ollpaq´asa pass where hopefully we have
                                                        spectacular views back toward the snowy
                                                        Andean peaks and onward deep into the
                                                        Amazon rainforest. Following the very
                                                        footsteps of the fleeing Incas, we descend for
                                                        most of the day and can find occasional parts
                                                        of original Inca trail and even the odd Inca ruin
Day 5                                                   such as Aucapata and Incapata (though
Early this morning we set off to the fabled "Lost       there’s not much left of them to see!). We pass
City of the Incas- Machu Picchu". A short bus           Ututo and the small hamlet of San Fernando
ride takes you direct to the ruins (or hike).           before arriving in the afternoon at Vista Alegre,
Once there your guide gives you an extensive            where we set up camp beside the local school
walking tour of the ruin and explains the               and the brave can bathe in the crystalline but
fascinating history of the Incas to you. If time        chilly headwaters of the Rio Concebidayoc.
permits you may wish to explore further to the          This is camping and trekking in style. Whilst

Peru –Espiritu Pampa, Last City of the Incas        5              
                                                      Day 8
                                                      A full days hiking, we set off early to avoid the
                                                      stifling heat, as we descend further along the
                                                      water shed of the Rio Concebidayoc, through
                                                      the beautiful cloud forest, passing small
                                                      hamlets and farming communities. We pass
                                                      the Inca site of Urpipata and can see up to the
                                                      ridge where the Incas planned to hurl rocks
                                                      down onto the Spanish near Corcopata, a plan
                                                      sadly foiled by traitors in their own midst. We
                                                      cross the Rio Tunkimayo - Tunki is quechua
                                                      for Cock of the rock and hopefully we may spot
                                                      these majestic birds along the way. In the
                                                      afternoon we arrive at the small village of
                                                      Concebidayoc where we camp on the football
                                                      field beside the local school. Concebidayoc
                                                      was built on the site of an Inca Settlement –
                                                      although little remains today for the passing
                                                      visitor, some of the houses sport Inca stones
                                                      as part of their structure.          The whole
                                                      Concebidayoc valley is home to some of the
                                                      best coffee in Peru as well as jungle fruits such
                                                      as papayas, oranges, lemons and of course
                                                      the ubiquitous coca leaves.
                                                      Walking time approx 4-5hrs.
                                                      Camp, Concebidayoc
walking all you need to carry is a daypack, all
camping equipment is carried by the porters.
All camp chores are done for us and delicious
food is served by a cook and his helpers.
Walking time approx 5hrs.
Camp, Vista Alegre

                                                      Day 9
                                                      A shorter but no less spectacular morning of
                                                      hiking again follows an ancient Inca trail this
                                                      time climbing up to a spectacular view point
                                                      with great views over the rainforest and down
                                                      to our destination - Espiritu pampa. The well
                                                      preserved and slightly restored Mirador would
                                                      have served as a lookout point to protect the

Peru –Espiritu Pampa, Last City of the Incas      6              
Incas from any invading forces. As we hike                Hiram Bingham for the day!” We explore the
down the vast and impressive Inca staircase to            extensive ruins with options for side hikes to
our campsite nearby the actual site of Espiritu           even more obscure Inca sites, returning to our
Pampa, one can only imagine the intrepidation             campsite for our cook’s delicious dinner.
the Spanish must have felt as they entered this           Amazingly less than 1800 people have visited
final place of Inca refuge and base to the                Espiritu Pampa since records began in since
guerrilla resistance of the final embattled               2002 – That’s less than Machu Picchu gets in
Incas. We set up camp for the next two nights             a day!!
and in the afternoon can take our first visit             Exploration walking time approx 4hrs.
around the recently cleared main square of                Camp, Espiritu Pampa
Espiritu Pampa.
Walking time approx 3-4hrs.
Camp, Espiritu Pampa

                                                          Day 11
                                                          Our final day’s hiking follows the trail probably
                                                          taken by the very last Inca, Tupac Amaru as
                                                          the Spanish hunted him and his pregnant wife
Day 10                                                    down deeper and further into the jungle. We
The last city of the Incas, Espiritu Pampa,               meet our vehicle at the road head of Azul
whilst visited by Hiram Bingham in 1911, was              mayo and start an epic journey back via the
so overgrown by jungle he dismissed it as an              jungle town of Kiteni and so to Quillabamba
unlikely contestant for the Incas final                   where we spend the night in a local hotel and
settlement (and such was his obsession with               can enjoy either traditional “Chicken and
Machu Picchu). So it wasn’t until the 1950s               Chips” Broaster style or the local pizzeria is
expeditions of Gene Savoy and later Vincent               surprisingly not bad, especially if accompanied
Lee managed to clear the incredible                       by a few “cold ones”. Walking time approx 3-
overgrowth, that this place was finally declared          4hrs.
as the true site of their last refuge. Even then it       Hotel, Quillabamba
continued to disappear back into the jungle
fairly regularly and it has only recently been            Day 12
cleared and rebuilt by the efforts of the                 We complete our epic journey by road,
Peruvian Instituto de Cultura. The site covers a          heading back up into the Andes via the 4300m
vast area, much is still uncleared so we can              Abra de Malaga, finally joining the asphalt
still experience the feeling of past explorer’s as        (tarmac) at the tea growing town of Alfamayo.
we uncover walls almost completely destroyed              A short stop in Ollantaytambo to stretch the
by jungle trees, or small outbuilding’s covered           legs and we plan to be back in Cusco mid
in the overgrowth. As one past client with our            afternoon in time for those with the energy to
Peruvian operator put it - “It was like being

Peru –Espiritu Pampa, Last City of the Incas          7              
spruce up and enjoy a night of fine dining and              Lima departs Cusco late morning arriving
eclectic night life that Cusco is so famous for.            Cusco around 1 hour later at approx 1000 on
Hotel, Cusco                                                day 2 of the trip itinerary. The return flights
                                                            back to the UK usually depart Cusco mid-
Day 13                                                      afternoon (approx 1525), to connect with the
A single timed group transfer        will be provided       onward international flight from Lima to London
back to Cusco Airport                 (see Joining          Heathrow (via Madrid) which usually departs
Arrangements and Transfers           section later in       Lima late afternoon arriving at London
this trip dossier) for the flight    back to the UK         Heathrow in the evening of the following day.
via Lima.
                                                            If you are arriving and departing on different
Day 14                                                      flights to the designated group flight (whether
Arrive UK                                                   you have booked flights with Walks Worldwide
                                                            or otherwise) you will need to make your own
PERU EXTENSIONS                                             transfer arrangements by taxi.
If you would like to extend your holiday to Peru
we can arrange a variety of extensions, such                Baggage
as rafting or canoeing on the Urubamba river,               Please make sure that your baggage is clearly
an excursion to Lake Titicaca, a visit to the               marked with your name, inside as well as
Amazon Rainforest, Colca Canyon or the                      outside, in case the labels get detached. We
Nazca Lines. Other options include a day (or                request you limit your luggage whilst on trek to
longer) mountain biking in the Andes or horse-              a reasonable sized soft holdall style kit bag,
riding. Let us know what you’d like to do and               and recommend you to pack your clothes in
we’ll get a quote for you.                                  plastic bags to ensure they remain dry.
                                                            SUITCASES MUST NOT BE USED for your
                                                            main baggage. Extra baggage may be left in
                                                            your hotel in Cusco while you are trekking.
                                                            unsure about the suitability of your main
Practical Information
                                                            Flight Inclusive Package Options
The joining point for this trip is the group hotel
                                                            Walks Worldwide will be delighted to make
in Cusco.
                                                            your International Flight arrangements for this
                                                            holiday. We have full ATOL bonding and can
Joining Arrangements and Transfers
                                                            book flights with most Airlines Most
A single group airport transfer will be provided
                                                            International flight prices are variable and
from Cusco Airport to the group hotel in Cusco
                                                            usually can only be guaranteed at the time of
on Day 2 of the trip itinerary. On Day 13 of the
                                                            booking. If you would like to upgrade to
trip itinerary a single group airport transfer will
                                                            business or first class, or even arrive at an
be provided from the group hotel in Cusco
                                                            earlier date/depart at a later date we can also
back to Cusco Airport.
                                                            arrange this for you.
Both of these transfers will be timed to
                                                            The designated international group flight for
coincide with the arrival time and subsequent
                                                            this trip is with LAN (and partner airlines), from
check in time for departure of the designated
                                                            London Heathrow to Cusco via Madrid and
group flight only. Please note that as all
                                                            Lima. See Joining Arrangements and
International and internal flight times are
                                                            Transfers section
subject to change, the timings of the single
timed group airport transfers will be changed to
                                                            Please contact the Walks Worldwide office for
suit any changes to the flight schedule of the
                                                            an up to date Flight Inclusive Package quote
designated group flights accordingly.
                                                            plus flight advice and options for your chosen
                                                            holiday. Please note all airline schedules are
T The designated international group flight for
                                                            subject to change.
this trip is with LAN (and partner airlines) from
London Heathrow to Cusco via Madrid and
                                                            Land Only
                                                            The Land Only price does not              include
The LAN flights usually depart London
                                                            International flights to/from Cusco.
Heathrow in the early evening, arriving Lima
early the following morning (via Madrid). The
                                                            If you are booking your own flights you will
connecting onward internal flight to Cusco from

Peru –Espiritu Pampa, Last City of the Incas            8              
need to book flights that enable you to arrive in         Coca Tea along with the locals. This hot tea is
Cusco on Day 2 of the trip itinerary. Return              excellent for combating the effects of altitude.
flights should be booked to depart from Cusco
no sooner than Day 13 of the trip itinerary.              Climate
                                                          It is of course impossible to predict the precise
IMPORTANT- MAKE SURE YOUR CHOSEN                          weather conditions you will encounter during
HOLIDAY IS GUARANTEED TO RUN                              the course of your holiday. You can trek in the
BEFORE YOU PURCHASE AIR TICKETS                           Andes most of the year. April to October are
AND MAKING ANY OTHER TRAVEL                               the driest months, most conducive for trekking.
ARRANGEMENTS.                                             November and December are a little wetter but
                                                          usually warmer. Whilst on trek you can expect
Please contact the Walks Worldwide office to              temperatures to drop to below freezing at
check the status of your chosen holiday                   night. Mountains are notorious for creating
BEFORE purchasing your International Air ticket.          their own, localised weather conditions, so you
You should not book your International flight             should always be prepared for inclement
tickets or other travel arrangements until your           weather conditions. For climate statistics visit
chosen holiday is guaranteed to run. If you are 
purchasing your own air ticket, you should be             Roughly speaking temperatures decrease by
aware that most of the cheaper airline tickets            approx. 1ºC for every 200 metre increase in
available for sale on the internet or from low cost       altitude.
carriers are non-refundable in the case of
cancellation. For this reason we strongly advise          Altitude
you check the rules of the ticket when you make           This trek involves going to moderate altitudes
a flight booking, and check the limitations of any        only. However, Cusco is at an altitude of
cancellation insurance policy you have. We                3300m approx and you should certainly take it
cannot be held liable, for losses incurred relating       easy upon arrival in Cusco and allow yourself
to any flight bookings or subsequent travel               to acclimatise. You can do this by ensuring you
arrangements you have made yourself.                      drink between 3 and 6 litres of liquid each day
Once your chosen holiday has reached                      in Cusco, and walk at a pace slower than you
‘guaranteed’ status we will contact you.                  perhaps usually would. On the return to Cusco
                                                          the road reaches around 4300m. You may
Passports and Visas                                       certainly notice the air becomes increasingly
British nationals do not need a visa for Peru.            rarified, however as you descend by road very
You will also need a valid passport with at               quickly it is unlikely you will experience any
least 6 months remaining validity.                        lingering adverse effects.

Accommodation will be reserved for you on a               Local transport
twin share basis for nights in hotels and whilst          Airport transfers will usually be by car or
camping. Single rooms and single tents can be             minibus. Throughout the rest of your trip, you
arranged at extra costs, subject to availability          will travel by a mix of minibus and train.
and must be requested in advance. On trek
you will stay in two-person tents. Toilet tents           Vaccinations and medical precautions
will be provided at each camp. Bowls of hot               We always recommend visiting your doctor
water are supplied each morning and night for             and dentist for a check up before travelling.
washing yourself whilst on trek.                          Your doctor will also have access to the most
                                                          up to date information on vaccinations and
Food                                                      medical precautions for the country you are
In Cusco there is an abundance of great                   about to visit. In general we recommend
places for eating out to choose from, serving             however,       that   you         be     protected
both delicious local and International cuisine to         against TB, typhoid,    polio,     tetanus     and
suit a broad range of tastes and budgets.                 hepatitis A. Malarial prophylaxis and Yellow
Whilst on trek your crew will serve first class           Fever is not necessary for this trip unless you
meals at the beginning and end of the day and             are visiting the Rainforest. A useful travel
tasty picnics will be provided for lunch taken at         health online resource is
suitably picturesque spots along the route. If
you have specific favourite snacks you like to            First Aid
eat whilst hiking, please bring those with you            You should always carry your own small,
from home or buy in Cusco prior to departure.             personal first aid kit. This should consist of the
You will be provided with hot drinks in the               following: A general anti-biotic, throat
morning and evening. Likely you will be sipping           lozenges, painkillers, plasters (band-aids),

Peru –Espiritu Pampa, Last City of the Incas          9              
blister treatment, insect repellent (DEET),
rehydration salts, antiseptic cream, altitude             Travel Insurance
(Diamox) diarrhoea treatment (e.g. Imodium).              It is a condition of booking any of our holidays
                                                          that you have comprehensive travel insurance.
Currency.                                                 It is your to responsibility to ensure you are
The Peruvian currency is the Nuevo Sol. The               covered for medical and personal accident
US Dollar is also accepted in most restaurants,           risks for the part of the world you intend to
although be aware that your change will be in             travel and the activities involved. This cover
Soles. Please refer to for up to              should     include    repatriation  costs,    air
date rates. You will need to change the                   ambulance and helicopter rescue. It is also
majority of your travel money whilst in Lima or           advisable to take out cancellation insurance as
Cusco at the beginning of your holiday. You               all deposits paid are non-refundable. You may
can do this by withdrawing money (in Soles                arrange either single-trip or annual multi-trip
only) from one of many ATM’s in Lima or                   travel insurance through Walks Worldwide.
Cusco (if your card is linked to the International        Please call us on 0845 301 4737 or e-mail us-
Cirrus System), or by exchanging your travel     for a quotation.
cash at a bank in either city.                            Inclusions and exclusions
The national languages in Peru are Spanish
and Quechua. Although your guide will speak                   International Flights and airport taxes (if
English, it’s always a good idea to take along a              booking a flight inclusive package)
English/Spanish/Quechua phrase book and                       All meals as shown in the outline itinerary
learn a few simple words to greet the local                   All accommodation
people. Any attempt to speak the language is                  All camping equipment (except sleeping
usually greatly appreciated and all part of the               bag)
fun in being in Peru. Your guide will naturally,              English-speaking trek guide and trek crew
also be delighted to help you with your                       Mule support for baggage transfers
pronunciations.                                               All overland transfers within the itinerary
                                                              Airport transfers as detailed in the Joining
Tipping                                                       Arrangements and Transfers section
This is at your discretion and we must stress                 Machu Picchu guided tour
that tips do not form part of the wages of your               All entrance fees to sites
guide and trek crew. However, Peruvian
people are as a rule incredibly cheerful and              Exclusions
friendly and nothing ever seems too much                     Drinks
trouble for them. Your guide and trek crew will              Souvenirs and personal items
be no exception and as a tip is the accepted                 Insurance
form of saying ‘thank you’ if you have received              Meals not indicated above
good service, a tip at the end of your trek will             Tips
be greatly appreciated. You will be sent a                   3-4 season sleeping bag
‘Tipping Guidelines for Peru’ document with                  Departure taxes (approx $40)
your final joining information. Technical
equipment and clothing are greatly prized
amongst guides and trekking crews alike too.

Peru –Espiritu Pampa, Last City of the Incas         10              
Clothing and Equipment Lists
                                                       At least one set of casual / non-walking clothes will
be useful for wearing in hotels on this holiday. Whilst walking you must not worry about how you look:
comfort and protection against bad weather are of prime importance. Because mountain weather is so
very variable, we recommend a number of thin layers rather than a few thick ones. The following list is
our suggested guide to help you with your packing based upon our many years of travelling/walking.
Using your own judgment for packing is of course important, especially with regard to casual clothing
etc but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about packing for your holiday,
or are uncertain as to the suitability of your clothing and equipment.

      Walking boots and spare laces
      Trainers/approach shoes
      Socks – 3+ pairs (Walking and Casual)
      Underwear 3+
      Casual/T-shirts 3+
      Trekking Pants
      Light fleece 1-2
      Thick fleece 1
      Thermal Baselayer shirt x 2
      Waterproof jacket with hood
      Waterproof trousers
      Warm Jacket
      Warm Gloves
      Sun Hat
      Warm Hat
      Gaiters (optional)

      Daypack/rucksack (min. 30 litres) with rain cover.
      Sleeping bag (3-4 season)
      2 Large water bottles (1 litre each) or hydration pack.
      Towel – quick drying pack towel is recommended
      Headlamp (and spare bulb and batteries)
      Camera & accessories
      Binoculars (optional)
      A variety of dry bag/plastic bags
      Trekking poles (highly recommended)
      Reading material (optional)
      Washing/Shaving kit & toilet paper
      Insect Repellent
      Small personal First Aid kit (see section above)
      Anti-Bacterial Handwash
      Sun Cream & lip salve (total bloc for nose, lips etc)
      Blister plasters – i.e. Compeed
      Tickets/E tickets

Peru –Espiritu Pampa, Last City of the Incas      11                  
The following items should also considered as being useful on a walking holiday

         Penknife/small scissors (DO NOT PACK IN HAND LUGGAGE)
         Moisturising cream
         Baby wipes
         Snacks/Energy bars
         Safety pins (DO NOT PACK IN HAND LUGGAGE)
         Padlock for your kitbag
         Small sewing/repair kit (DO NOT PACK IN HAND LUGGAGE)
         Small mirror
         Nail clippers (DO NOT PACK IN HAND LUGGAGE)
         Spare glasses/contact lenses
         Earplugs (against snorers)
         Cold water Travel Wash (preferably biodegradable)
         Travel adaptor
         Money belt

Peru –Espiritu Pampa, Last City of the Incas   12          

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