Henry Tam and the MGI Team by 7yZo450h


									Case Questions: Case 1, Henry Tam and the MGI Team

In doing your case analysis:
Refer to the handout a “Guide To Case Analysis”

Hand in one case analysis for your group with a title page including the case name, title page,
and names of the group members.

In the body of the case analysis, type each question followed by your response.

The case analysis should be a approximately five single spaced typed pages.

1. (A) What were the strengths of the MGI Team? How would you have evaluated the team on
"paper" before the first meeting? (B) How did they go about selecting team members? How
would you evaluate the process?

2. Describe the type of problems that the MGI team was experiencing when trying to work

3. (A) Discuss what you believe were the underlying or root causes of the team's problems.
(B) Describe the team's interactions over time that may have that made it more difficult for the
team members to work effectively together?

4. What could have done early in the team's existence (first meetings) to avoid some of the later

5. What should be done now, where the case ends, to move the team forward? Discuss two
alternatives and the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy.

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