Spring Rolls, Samosas and Wraps by 7yZo450h


									Springy Spring rolls
Ingredients for Spring Rolls: Filo or Samosa pastry, large
handful of beansprouts, 1 small onion, 1 carrot, small can of
bamboo shoots, Chinese seasoning or paste.
Pre-heat the oven Gas 6 / 200°C.
1. Peel a carrot. Cut off the top and bottom and grate finely.
2. Peel an onion. Make a bridge with your hand and cut the
onion in half. Put the flat sides down on the board.
3. Hold the onion firmly with your hand like a claw. Slice
across without cutting through the root.
4. Turn the onion round and still holding it like a claw, slice in
the other direction.
5. The prepared ingredients.
6. Mix the filling in a bowl and add the Chinese spice – about 1
x 5ml spoon.
7. Cut the filo pastry into strips about 25cm x 15cm. Filo
pastry dries out very quickly, so put the unused pieces
between two sheets of cling film until required.
8. Put a tablespoon of the filling near the edge of the pastry
closest to you. Fold over to make a roll and then fold in each
9. Roll up until you reach the end of the strip. Leave the join
10. Place on a greased baking tray.
11. Brush the spring rolls with olive oil and bake for about 20
minutes on Gas mark 6 / 200°C.
12. When cooked they should be crisp and golden brown.
A selection of snacks – Springy Spring Rolls, Spicy Samosas
and Wondrous Wraps.

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