PBL Lesson Plan Template by I14TpTUD


									                                  PBL Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Name: Applications

Subject: English Language Arts
Date: Trimester 2 or 3
Time Allotted: 4 - 44 min. periods
Instructional Objectives: 8th Grade Writing 2.5—Students will create and follow multi-step
instructions for preparing applications

Assessment of Mastery of Objectives:
Teacher evaluates the application; Students assess students' ability to create the application and how
well the application is completed.

Question or Problem for Students: See #3 on template

Special Directions for Cooperative Grouping:
Form multi-leveled ability groups; If groups cannot agree on an organization or topic, teacher will
provide one.

Resources for Groups:
Classified Ads; Variety of applications: yearbook application; Boys and Girls Club application; library
application; AVID application
(See #4)

Lesson Notes:
Prerequisite: Tri. 1—Students will read and understand filling out applications

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