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					                                                                                                                     Fall 2010
                                                                  HARVARD UNIVERSITY

 Green Office Certification                                                                             Current HSPH
                                                                                                         Green Offices:
The Green Office website offers practical, Harvard-wide tips and resources for
greening your office. Each of the resource conservation topics covered provides a
quick overview of actions you may choose to take and a wide range of resources                         Division of Public Health
(fact sheets, PDF files, posters, etc.).                                                               Practice (Leaf 1)

There are four successive stages of the green office program: Leaf One, Leaf Two,                      Epidemiology
Leaf Three, and Leaf Four. To become a Green Office, please submit the final page                      (Leaf 1)
of a level’s checklist (downloadable from the web page for each Leaf), containing
the signatures of at least 75% of office members, including the office head or pro-                    Genetics & Complex
gram director. Members sign to affirm that they reduced office resource use by tak-                    Diseases (Leaf 1)
ing the steps required by that level. The Green Office program does not require a
formal audit by the Office for Sustainability, although status is subject to periodic
review. The Longwood Sustainability Program Manager is also available as a re-                         Human Resources
source to guide you and your office through the process.                                               (Leaf 1)

Join 68 current offices across Harvard who are Green Offices.                                          Office for Educational
                                                           Programs (Leaf 1)

Sub-Committees                                                   Dept. Representatives
                                                                 Biostatistics - Shaina Andelman & Leah Segal
1. Green Office Certification
Goal(s): Get all major offices/departments at HSPH at least      Dean’s Office - Kathleen Amirault & Julie Shample
Leaf 1 Green Office Certified by the end of 2011; Get all of-
fices that have already achieved Leaf 1 to reach Leaf 2 by the   Environmental Health - Marshall Katler (labs)
end of 2011.
                                                                 Epidemiology - Jessica Bugg, David Havelick, Megan Wald & Hardeep
                                                                 Ranu (labs)
2. Earth Week 2011
Goal(s): Plan and promote Earth Week 2011 events in order        Genetics & Complex Diseases - Caitlin Key & Leila Neal
to engage the HSPH community in our sustainability efforts.
                                                                 Harvard Office for Sustainability - Claire Berezowitz

3. “Take the Stairs” Competition 2011                            Human Resources - Crystal Stone & Sarah Keeping
Goal(s): Increase participation to 300 members of the HSPH       Immunology & Infectious Diseases - Andrea Sabaroff (labs)
community; Tie purpose of competition into HSPH Green-
house Gas Reduction Goal & HSPH energy-saving initiatives.       Nutrition - Claudia Garcia - Wagner

                                                                 Office of Financial Services - Jen Doleva & Laura Ketchum
4. Communications
Goal(s): Research & produce stories & person profiles for        Office for Educational Programs - Stephanie Greguoli
HSPH quarterly updates; Post current events (both within
HSPH & throughout the community) on Facebook & the               Operations - Dan Beaudoin, Mary Jane Curran & Tiffany Colt
EcoOpp Website as applicable.
                                                                 PEPFAR - Laura Fallon
*Committees may change as the needs of the team and cur-         Student Affairs - Teresa Lilly
rent HSPH sustainability initiatives change throughout the
year. For more information, contact                              Student Representative (EHSC) - Peter James
Recent Projects:
HSPH Operations is teaming up with faculty, staff, and MASCO in order develop tools and programs for better
freezer management. This comes at a time when the campus is growing, space and utility capacity constraints are
becoming more apparent, and there is a need to develop a plan in order to meet future growth needs.

The goal is to organize a team comprised of members from Operations, faculty advisors and lab managers, as well
as a representative from EH&S in order to:

• better understand current usage & content management practices
• develop a freezer content storage and management pilot program
• develop a web-based freezer content inventory management program
• develop a bi-annual content cleanout program
• explore short and long-term storage options
If you are interested in being a part of this team, please contact the Co-Chairs:

Dan Beaudoin, Manager of Operations, Energy & Utilities,
Ken Wenger, Director of Administration for Environmental Health,

                   As part of the efforts to eliminate the use of bottled water throughout the HSPH campus, the En-
                   vironmental Health & Sustainability Club teamed up with Student Affairs, Student Government,
                   the Office for Educational Programs, Operations, and the Harvard Office for Sustainability in
                   order to design and distribute blue reusable water bottles to members of the incoming 2010 co-
                   hort in September. This effort coincided with the new student Sustainability Social organized by
                   EcoOpportunity Representatives and HSPH Operations.

Calendar                                                   Stay Informed
MEETINGS                                                                     Become a fan of HSPH Eco-
                                                                             Opportunity on Facebook®
♦   Wed., January 26th: 10:30-11:30am (FXB #G10)
♦   Wed., February 23rd: 10:30-11:30am (FXB #G10)
♦   Wed., March 23rd: 10:30-11:30am (Kresge #203)
♦   Wed., April 27th: 10:30-11:30am (Kresge #203)
                                                             Get the latest information about sustainability initiatives
                                                             at HSPH and keep up with events sponsored by the team
EVENTS                                                       on the HSPH EcoOpportunity Website:

EcoOpportunity Holiday Social:                             
Wednesday, Dec. 15 from 4:30-7pm at the Squealing
Pig restaurant and bar.

New England Green Chemistry Forum:
Thursday, Dec. 16 from 10am-3pm at the MIT Fac-              Help us spread the word and hang up the poster & forward out
ulty Club.                                                   the email. Receive our Green Tip of the Month by email:
       For more information:                               

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