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									            Easton PEarson
            Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane
            22 August – 8 November 2009

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Easton Pearson / Art nouveau jacket (detail) L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2009 / Hand woven silk kinkhab (brocade); hand embroidered with plastic sequins, glass beads and Swarovski crystals; handmade wire buttons with glass
beads, plastic sequins and stone chips / Photograph: Natasha Harth / Courtesy: Easton Pearson

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    21 August 2009

                                   EASTON PEARSON EXHIBITION OPENS AT GOMA
                                                        A major exhibition celebrating the work of internationally
                                                        acclaimed, Brisbane-based design partnership Easton
                                                        Pearson opens tomorrow evening at the Gallery of Modern

                                                        Queensland Art Gallery Director Tony Ellwood said
                                                        ‘Easton Pearson’ was the Gallery’s first fashion design
                                                        exhibition and featured more than 70 outfits.

                                                        ‘The exhibition, showing until November 8, is installed
                                                        within four themed rooms and explores Pamela Easton
                                                        and Lydia Pearson’s inspirations, artistic resources and
                                                        creative methodologies,’ Mr Ellwood said.
    Image: Art nouveau jacket (detail)                  ‘It includes examples of Easton Pearson’s work from the
    Special commission for the L’Oréal
    Melbourne Fashion Festival 2009                     early 1990s, to an elaborately beaded and hand-decorated
    Hand woven silk kinkhab (brocade), hand             garment created especially for the exhibition.’
    embroidered with plastic sequins, glass beads
    and Swarovski crystals, with handmade               Mr Ellwood said the exhibition reflected the breadth and
    buttons                                             individuality of Easton Pearson’s work.
    Photograph: Natasha Harth
    Courtesy: Easton Pearson

    ‘It highlights their sourcing and production of extraordinary textiles, their collaborations with artists and
    artisans across the globe, and an inspired capacity to weave together associations and influences of all

    ‘It’s this layering of ideas and sources, from the history of art and dress, literature, film, books and
    music, that distinguishes much of their work.

    ‘Art museums world-wide consider fashion design a part of contemporary visual culture, and we’re
    pleased to present this important work at GoMA for local and national audiences,’ Mr Ellwood said.

    In addition to the garments on loan from the Easton Pearson archive and private collectors, the
    exhibition features video footage, look-books, fabric samples and other inspirational ephemera.


    For the duration of the exhibition the Children’s Art Centre at GoMA presents the Easton Pearson
    Workroom, a hands-on activity space for young visitors. The space invites children to discover the creativity
    of fashion and design by making a wardrobe of outfits for paper dolls inspired by pieces from the designers’
    collections and their own creations.

    The Gallery has also published ‘Easton Pearson’, a fully illustrated book featuring essays by fashion
    experts and extensive photography of the exhibited work. It is available through the Gallery Store, GoMA
    and online at www.australianartbooksonline.com.au

    From 3.00pm on Sunday August 23 visitors can enjoy an in-conversation with 'Easton Pearson' exhibition
    curator Miranda Wallace and designers Pamela Easton and Lydia Pearson in Gallery 1.3, GoMA.


       •   Lydia Pearson and Pamela Easton - Designers & Directors
       •   Design partnership established 1989
       •   First shown in Paris in 1998
       •   Based in Brisbane, Australia
       •   Supply over 100 stores worldwide

    Working Practice and Design Ethos

    Lydia Pearson and Pamela Easton’s way of working is inseparable from their design ethos. Personal
    connections are at the heart of their processes and are essential to the way they work, involving intimate
    relationships with suppliers, customers, buyers and store-owners. Equally important to Easton Pearson’s
    working method is their approach to fabric. Lydia and Pamela have been working with a number of artisans
    in India, Vietnam and Hong Kong for around two decades to create fabrics for specific garments. They
    rarely purchase existing fabrics, preferring to work over long periods and through various processes of
    experimentation to develop their own textiles. Once the fabrics are made, Lydia and Pamela work in
    Australia on the actual production of garments. In practical terms, Easton Pearson produce three ranges a
    year – Spring/Summer, Cruise and Autumn/Winter.

    Inspiration and Influences

    Lydia and Pamela’s design references are drawn from varied terrain – from Asian, Pacific, African and
    European sources, from historical predecessors, from vintage clothes, from museums, archives and films,
    from books and from the designers’ own travels. The possibilities offered by specific textile techniques are
    another powerful influence. In visual terms, Lydia and Pamela are drawn to the work of artist colonies in
    humid and hot lands, to visual expressions from the South of France, the American desert, Mexico,
    Polynesia or South Africa. Many of these communities are especially rich in decorative textile traditions.

    The Exhibition

    This major survey exhibition takes its audience on a metaphorical journey. As visitors move through gallery
    1.3 in the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA), they are visually and conceptually taken to places and times that
    have inspired the broad range and eclecticism of Pam Easton and Lydia Pearson’s fashion designs.

    The exhibition features over 70 outfits created in the twenty years since Easton and Pearson commenced
    their design collaboration in Brisbane in 1989. Selected works from the first ten years support in-depth
    displays of Easton Pearson’s extraordinary garments made since the label’s first international exposure in
    Paris in 1998. 
    The garments are displayed in groups on raised platforms that suggest ‘islands’ around which the audience

    Easton Pearson’s designs are noted for their high degree of surface ornamentation and embellishment, and
    the exhibition profiles some of the collections that exemplify this most clearly.

    Easton Pearson clothes emerge from a carefully considered process that often starts with the selection of
    threads and fibres and continues through the looming and weaving of particular patterns and designs, the
    application of sequins, beads and other surface decorations (often by hand), and the lavish use of lace and
    embroidery — all contributing to a degree of complexity that is rare in ‘ready to wear’ fashion today.

    The broad thematic areas of the exhibition are:

    Straw and silk
    This section demonstrates Easton Pearson’s characteristic use of natural, raw fibres alongside fine fabrics,
    and present examples of their innovative juxtapositions of these two. It includes groupings of works that
    feature particularly interesting or unusual fibres or combinations of textures such as straw, jute, raffia and
    lace. It includes works which show Easton Pearson’s experimentation with the fold and fall of simple fabrics,
    as well as a focus on natural linen and cotton, which was later replaced with a greater focus on surface
    embellishment and more refined fabrics such as silks, velvet, lace and satin.

    Time travel
    Easton Pearson’s fashion is marked by a clear interest in historical forms of dress as well as a love of ‘op
    shop’ vintage treasures. This section includes works from collections that demonstrate this in a number of
    ways, including a special focus on Easton Pearson’s beaded evening jackets, which recall similar pieces
    from the 1920s. Work from the Autumn Winter 2006 collection pays homage the work of the Viennese
    painter Gustav Klimt and invokes 19th century fin-de-siècle decadence.

    Artistic resources
    Easton and Pearson have long acknowledged the influence of art and artists on their work and certain
    collections have been distinguished by collaborations with artists or the borrowing of artistic motifs in prints
    and designs. This section includes the 2007 collection inspired by Graham Davis’s paintings of Stradbroke
    Island, as well as works demonstrating an interest in the geometric abstractions of post-war art and design.
    The Spring Summer 2008 collection also features here, with digital prints derived from antique Japanese
    prints. This collection also highlights the embrace of new technology in recent printed work, which will
    complete a picture of the differing printing techniques (screen printing, hand painting, wood block printing
    etc) that have created many Easton Pearson designs.

    From Europe to a New World
    Easton Pearson’s work incorporates a mix of European dress details with Asian, African and Pacific forms,
    demonstrating a truly global fashion sensibility. Certain key collections, such as the 2002 MAFW collection
    which juxtaposed lace with batik, demonstrate this most boldly, although it is implicit in a range of
    collections and approaches. Pacific prints and sarongs combine with finely embroidered Spanish-influenced
    jackets, and the informality of certain ‘hot climate’ styles is countered with careful hand embroidery and
    decoration. This section celebrates this frisson through a number of groupings and shows how it has been
    an integral part of Easton and Pearson’s design approach since their earliest collections.

    3.00pm Sunday 23 August
    Designers Pamela Easton and Lydia Pearson in conversation with 'Easton Pearson' exhibition curator
    Miranda Wallace. Gallery 1.3, GoMA.

    2.00pm Thursday 10 September
    Join Francis E Parker, Curator, Contemporary Australian Art for an overview of the exhibition. Gallery 1.3,

    2.00pm Sunday 20 September
    Handmade in a digital age: Technology versus traditional fashion practice
    Although technology is pivotal to many design industries, the majority of clothing design is still realised
    through traditional practices. Local fashion professionals Dean Brough and Wendy Armstrong discuss
    the role of conventional fashion practices and digital processes in contemporary fashion design. Please
    meet in the exhibition space.

    2.00pm Saturday 17 October
    Fashion academics and writers including Kath Horton and Tiziana Ferrero-Regis discuss contemporary
    fashion in the context of topics such as society and the environment. Chaired by Professor Suzi Vaughan,
    Head of Fashion, Queensland University of Technology, and co-editor of Five: Fashion Musings 2009.
    Cinema B, GoMA

    1.00pm Sunday 25 October
    Slash/Slash: The future for fashion businesses?
    Kay McMahon, Lecturer, Fashion, Queensland University of Technology, explores the new business models
    for fashion designers in traditionally ‘peripheral’ fashion cities such as Brisbane, and how this has
    contributed to reshaping perceptions of ‘designer’ fashion versus the mass production of clothing. Cinema
    B, GoMA

    2.00pm Sunday 1 November
    Dressmakers, designers and domestic spaces
    Paula Dunlop questions some of the traditional focuses of fashion history, such as the focus on influential
    designers and the modern fashion ‘industry’ by revisiting the role of the dressmaker in the modern
    period. Paula Dunlop’s research project Unravelling design: Fashion and the plan investigates the interplay
    of intention and fabrication in the process of fashion design. Cinema B, GoMA

    TALKS, TOURS & EVENTS (Continued)
    NEW WAVE — Programs for young artists and tertiary students
    3.00pm Wednesday 23 September
    Join local fashion professionals, including Suzi Vaughan and Nadia Buick, for talks and refreshments in
    conjunction with the Easton Pearson exhibition. GoMA.

    Easton Pearson
    Pal jacket Spring Summer 2009
    Hand woven striped tussah silk, hand stitched with
    stone chip and glass bead trim; glass, stone chip and wire
    buttons made by hand; silk lining
    Wish top Spring Summer 2009
    Hand woven cotton with hand embroidery
    Bhuto skirt Spring Summer 2009
    Hand woven Chanderi silk/cotton with hand embroidery
    Photograph: Natasha Harth / Courtesy: Easton Pearson
    As part of the ‘Easton Pearson’ exhibition, the Children’s Art Centre presents the Easton Pearson
    Workroom. Fashion designers, Pamela Easton and Lydia Pearson invite children and their families to
    participate in the activities in the Easton Pearson workroom and view displays to discover what happens
    behind the scenes of the glamorous fashion industry.

    From a large range of paper fabrics selected from Easton Pearson collections, participants can design and
    make their own paper outfits, dress a paper model and display their finished creations on the expansive
    runway for everyone to admire. Participants are also invited to browse through the electronic look book
    featuring images of paper outfits made by children visiting the activity space.

    Large display cabinets will showcase the materials used in the design process and give children insights
    into the work by many people and the number of steps it takes to transform lengths of fabric into the final
    finished garment. Materials on display will include racks of paper patterns, bolts of silk fabrics,
    haberdashery and an array of colourful sequins direct from India.


 Easton Pearson is a Brisbane-based internationally acclaimed fashion house renowned for their
 commissioned fabrics, signature embellishments and the juxtaposition of geographical, historical and artistic
 sources in their designs. This publication explores Easton Pearson’s collaborations with contemporary
 artists and artisans, and acknowledges the designers’ interest in a range of historical precursors in art
 history, dress history and other cultural forms. Featuring creations drawn from Easton Pearson’s own
 archive and exploring their eclectic sources of inspiration, this richly illustrated book is published in
 association with the major survey exhibition organised by the Queensland Art Gallery.

 Easton Pearson features essays by internationally renowned fashion writer Peter McNeil; fashion
 commentator, stylist, writer and curator Jane de Teliga; and exhibition curator Miranda Wallace.

 144 pages, paperback, colour and black-and-white illustrations
 RRP: $29.95


    The Gallery Store at GoMA is delighted to feature a range of products created exclusively for the ‘Easton Pearson’
    exhibition by these great designers. All products can also be purchased on line at

    Limited Edition T-Shirt
    Featuring a sold out design from 2002 Mumbai taxi. Two versions available, shirt sleeve loose fit and ¾ sleeve fitted.
    Great fun, and also collectible!
    RRP $180.00

    Blank Journal
    Beautiful blank A5 Size Journal featuring classic Easton Pearson fabric and a plaited cotton bookmark with tassel.
    Blank pages inside. Available in two colour options blue or black.
    RRP $29.95

    Tote Bag
    This gorgeous, canvas tote bag features Easton Pearson fabric and signature embellishments. The tote is the first
    ever bag produced by Easton Pearson and is a great size to easily carry all sorts of things from books and laptop, to
    beach gear. Available in two colour options: blue or black.
    RRP $120

    Shade Umbrella
    A large black cotton umbrella with classic hand painted Easton Pearson spots and silver handle.
    RRP $120

    Silk Chiffon Scarf
    The silk chiffon scarf is approx. 100cm square
    RRP $110

    Postcards and Bookmarks
    A range of postcards and bookmarks featuring items from the Easton Pearson exhibition
    RRP $1.50ea

    Exhibition T-Shirt
    A soft cotton fitted style t-shirt in black featuring white signature fabric design by Easton Pearson on front and
    exhibition details on reverse.
    RRP $35

    Hand-woven with silver ball RRP $50 or Hand-woven with tassels and three silver balls
    RRP $90.

    Multicoloured long fabric necklace embellished with colourful beads.
    RRP $50

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