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 BR- Why do people go to
school? (Don’t just say “to
       Today: What Was
      School Like for Greek
           Field Trip Info
Go  to the Foyer Immediately after
 1st period.
Be in uniform (or nicer than uniform)
No trip slip, no permission slip, no go.
Bring some $$ for lunch
          Greek Schools 1
Early on It was basic skills such as
 farming, making things, weaving, or
 caring for smaller children.
Some specialized training (for
 warriors or aristocrats.)
         Greek Schools 2
First schools came along with the
 development of writing and the
Reading (literacy) and writing became
 important so that people could
 participate in democracy
         Greek Schools 3
Some  poleis (Athens) provided
 schools for all that taught basic
 reading, writing, arithmetic, and
 physical training.
          Greek Schools 4
Subjects   fell into 3 areas: 1. Reading
 and writing 2. Physical training
 (swords, javelins, wrestling) 3. Music
 and Poetry
No history since the important Greek
 stuff was covered in poetry (epics)
 and all other histories was
         Greek Schools 5
No  science or high level math (that
 was for philosophers)
Focus was on being “well rounded.”
Boys started around age 7
Paidagogos – teacher’s helper (from
 this we get the word pedagogy or
 pedagogue – That’s me!)
         Greek Teacher
Mean!  They taught by using fear and
 intimidation. No problem for them to
 beat their students for misbehaving
 or missing an answer. Hmm…
         Greek Schools 6
Boys  learned reading and poetry be
 reciting (saying it over and over
The learned to write by using a
 reusable wax tablet and a stylus (a
 pointed stick.)
           Greek Schools 7
Girls only received the most basic
 education in the home (how be good wives
 and mothers)
Most boys only got basic education
Some went on to specialized schools for
 doctors, philosophy, or rhetoric (speaking
 in public to persuade – good for politicians!)
Specialized  teachers that taught
 people (aristocrats) the necessary
 skills and subjects to be a good
Write  a note to your friend that
 describes a typical day in Ancient
 Greek School

20 Points! – Easy Money!
      Assignment for Friday:
Read  chapter 22 on philosophy.
You should think about: What is philosophy
  and what is it used for?

On a piece of paper, write 5 DEEP
 Philosophical Questions (like the one’s
 presented in the chapter.) We will discuss

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