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					   Friends of the Academy Meeting September 10, 2008 6:00 pm, Library
Lanier Bayliss opened with a power point presentation of last year’s FOA’s
accomplishments. The 2007-08 highlights included:
* Improving communications, including Academy website updates and the
monthly email FANLetter, which now has over 1200 subscribers
*Financial support of 1) annual Academy Freshman Riverboat Party. 2) Strand
Purchases totaling $7000 to provide items not funded by any other source; 3)
first annual FAA Graduation Celebration/Convocation at UT for Class of 2008,
attended by over 350.
*Successful lobbying efforts. FOA turned out in large numbers to every
meeting of AISD’s Interim Bond Committee and were successful in getting a new
theatre, as well as other fine arts and general improvements, on the interim bond
*Successful grant-writing (by FAA parent Jackie Farhood and Lanier Bayliss)
McCallum received $8000 from the American Academy of Dermatology for an
awning to cover the courtyard table area. (to be installed by October 15, 2008)
* FOA encouraged CLCA to fund a Ruth Denney Memorial Scholarship for an
Academy senior. It was established and awarded to Melissa Schneider. CLCA
had a summer fund-raiser at Poodie’s, which partially funded the scholarship.
New Business:
Rebecca Moran, chair of a new fundraising arm of FOA, the “Stage Moms”,
(Rebecca Moran, Kerren Campa, Mari Hawn, Sharyn Westphal, & Kelli Reed)
reported they had established a 501C3 non-profit “Friends of the Fine Arts
Academy Fund” under the umbrella of The Austin Community Foundation. They
hope to focus fundraising efforts/donations on the greater Austin community,
rather than McCallum parents alone, so as not to conflict with booster
fundraisers. Still in the goal setting stage, they do not wish to accept donations
until goal setting is completed There will also be an 501C3 fund website.
Karey Prete, FOA treasurer, shared copies of both 2007-08 year end, and year to
date 2008-09 in her financial report (See attached.)
L. Bayliss led a call for volunteers to support upcoming FOA events:
*10/15 – FAA Showcase for prospective students. Boosters will help with
refreshments in the classrooms and enlist current FAA students to welcome and
talk with students and parents that night.
*12/13 – FAA Audition Workshops. FOA parents needed to provide set-up and
refreshments for the Parent Information Sessions Saturday, Dec. 13 9am-1pm.
*Academy T-Shirt Design Contest Deadline tentatively set for September 30th
Charrise Kovas volunteered to help, The contest is open to all Mac students.
*FAA bumper stickers: Kaye Schultz, Karren Campa, and Cindi Wall volunteered
to help with design selection, wording and production. There was discussion as
to whether bumper stickers would be a “for sale” item or a FAA promotion tool.
As a “for sale” item they would have to fall under the spirit item category to be
sold all year or they would be considered a fundraiser and could only be sold
during a two week period once a year.
*Late Start Days this year could be opportunities for FOA to meet with FOA for
goal-setting and project coordination
First Late Start date: Thursday, September 25th, 8am-9am Art & Theatre faculty
will meet with FOA members Susan Moffat, Mike Coughlan, Michael Harney, Rita
Thompson, Karey Prete, Kim O’Brien, Stephan Davis to discuss theatre and
lobby needs (see below) Mark Brown and Cari Clark will also lend their expertise.
There was discussion of needs that FOA might address.
    Sound proofing the Theatre Lobby – what materials to use (wall panels,
      carpeting, rugs), accommodating the student artwork, and keeping it
      attractive. Suggestion was made to ask for help through the McKnightly
      News and FAN Letter. Cari Clark volunteered to repair the “noisy” theatre
      entrance doors. Mark Brown also is interested in this project.
    Outdoor lighting around the Theatre courtyard – lighting is insufficient
      resulting in safety issues and poor ambiance. Denise McBride volunteered
      to contact Art in Public Places
    Solar outdoor lighting, in trees, perhaps? Rita Thompson volunteered to
      investigate green grants from the City of Austin if we went solar.
    Beautifying the entrance to FA building by bricking the old columns:
      Stage Moms want to handle a courtyard “brick” fundraiser.
    An Awning over the outdoor stage was also discussed

  Lanier Bayliss asked parents present to consider filling open FOA Chair
           and Recording Secretary seats by October’s meeting.
                  Next FOA meeting: Tuesday, October 21
       Members voted to change the start time from 6pm to 6:30pm.

Attending Sign-in:
Sarah Longoria - Choir                  Kelli Reed - Art
Cynthia Wall - Dance                    Donna Bostick - Choir
Rebecca Moran - Band                    Sharon Westphal - Art
Kerren Campa - Art                      Mari Hawn - Theatre
Denise McBride - Theatre                Cari Clark - Choir
Eric Brown – Guitar/Theatre             Laurie Turner – Guitar/Theatre
Bette Reichman – Choir/Media            Deborah Tharinger – Art
Charles Walden – Band                   Sarina Walden – Band
Leslie Prather – Band                   Mike Coughlan – Orchestra
Charisse Kovas – Art/Choir/Theatre      Andrea Dehne – Art
Stephen Davis – Art/Orchestra           Becky Medina – Choir/Theatre
Rita Thompson – Art                     Kaye Schultz – Dance
Lucy Harney – Band/Orchestra            Michael Harney – Band/Orchestra
Carla Somers – Band/Orchestra           Megan Flynn – Tech Theatre
Mark Brown – Tech Theatre               Diane York – Art
Susan Moffat – Theatre/Media            Martha Reyna – Guitar
Barbie Lee – Art                        Dzann Day – Theatre
Leora Orent – Band                      Karey Prete – FOA Treasurer/ Art
Stephanie Phillips – FAA office         Lanier Bayliss – FAA Director

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