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									Choosing A Van Hire Company

If you have never hired a van before it can be a little confusing. The best way is to look at exactly what
you are trying to move, make an assessment of how comfortable you are with driving a larger vehicle
and choose the appropriate van. Most people prefer not to hire a large box van due to the size of the

Although additional trips may be required, it makes sense to stay safe and at ease when driving a new
larger vehicle for the first time mainly due to different set of driving circumstances being presented to
you as a van hire driver:

Van hire in the UK is fast becoming a popular choice for people to move themselves, looking to save on
the general cost of moving house. The secret behind moving home yourself is to plan everything very

If you hire a van to move all possessions yourself a few tips are to , Measure the larger items and plan
where they are, see if you need help with moving them not just to the chosen vehicle, but also at the
other end.

Van Hire is really simple and in most cases, proven to be a cost effective way of transporting goods from
A to B. However there are restrictions too with this.

Age is a major factor when you hire a van from pretty much any UK based van hire company. Published
prices for insurance are generally for drivers of 25 years old and over who have held a full licence for
more than 12 months. Additional Insurance charges will apply for drivers under 25 years of age.

Your driving licence allows you to drive a wide range of commercial vehicles from small car derived vans
up to box sided vans or 7.5 tonne vehicles. You can quickly identify this on your Driving Licence by
checking for the \"C1\" classification. Almost all van hire companies will not allow anyone under the age
of 25 to drive a 7.5 tonne vehicle as legislation restricts this.

Check with the company about late return penalties and ensure that your vehicle is returned on time. If
you are unsure about your journey and return times it can often be more cost effective to take a vehicle
for an additional day. Ask your chosen van hire company about offers and incentives before booking, it
will make for a stress free trip.

Make sure that you are aware of how the van will be insured. It is normal practice to hire a van with
insurance but you must check the damage waiver cost carefully. You do not want to be handing over
large amounts of money in excess fees due to a scrape or dent that you may have caused. If you have
damaged a vehicle badly, you will be liable to pay the waiver.

There are schemes where for an additional payment for each days hire you can recover any money that
you may have to pay should you be required to pay any excess charges.

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