Providing a more elite lifestyle resource in apparel, accessories, and beauty,
          Justine Dejor is a glamorous, upscale, contemporary catalog that showcases
     independent designer brands that cater to the curvy, plus size, big and tall niche market

Atlanta, GA, 4/9/2012:
Justine Déjor Fashion Catalog — will soon open its doors on June 1st, 2012 to an eager crowd of
curvaceous, voluptuous women, and sexy big and tall men across the country. They’re looking
for trendiest fashions that fit their consumer’s curves, and accessories, including puppy clothing!!!

Justine Déjor Fashion Catalog considers itself to be “The Ultimate
Elite Lifestyle, Fashion Store For Curvy Women.” We set out to
offer the most fashion-forward, elite couture, stylish, trendy, and
chic clothing available in sizes 10 to 24. We expect our customers to
feel and look absolutely beautiful when they wear an outfit purchased by our
fabulous fashion designer brands from the Justine Déjor Fashion Catalog.

Our goal is to help the independent fashion designer reach out to
curvaceous consumers, celebrities, entertainment companies, media,
buyers, and fashion industry leaders.
— We currently are accepting applications from fashion
designers and resellers — Apply Seasonally!
Check website for Application deadlines,
         We continuously look forward to showcasing designer brands that
       go above and beyond their quest to provide UNIQUE, not sold in stores
           collection items. Buyers FIND limited editions, EXCLUSIVE,
             one-of-a-kind, UPSCALE women and men fashions for the
                         Justine Déjor fashion catalog brand.
A few inquiries have stated that they have been looking for something like this for a very long
time. They are excited and relieved to know that finally someone as realized that they are beautiful
too. Justine Déjor showcases a unique variety of fashion and accessory brands that actually
look wonderful on them at work, at play or just out on the town. Getting married soon? Well
we offer that too, along with an array of intimate apparel, prom gowns, men suits, pet accessories,
and much more. Request a copy of the catalog today online at

restaurants, night clubs, hotels, cars, jewelers, shoes, electronics, home accessories around,
including many other manufacturer products available world wide. We also feature curvy
celebrities, media personalities, and CEO's on every Justine Déjor cover. Find out what they’re up
to and how excited they are to be curvy, beautiful, and not to mention sexy as ever.

Justine Déjor Fashion Catalog mission is to offer an unparallel selection of larger sizes for
the unique framed woman. In doing so, the company is committed to offering a comfortable and
fun shopping experience, by also offering quarterly makeover competitions, featured newlyweds,
gift cards, and reward cards. Not to mention a variety of Annual Fashion Award Ceremonies,
Fashion Shows, Fashion Industry Parties, Network Events, and Fundraisers. Justine Déjor Fashion
Catalog will keep abreast of the trends occurring in the market place and make swift changes if
necessary to meet the demands of their customers. Not to mention that we offer Location
Branding & Product Placement Opportunities. Learn how you can become and instant Sponsor.
Allow us to have a photo shoot at your location and receive FREE Advertisements! Keep your
eyes and ears open... Justine Déjor is just around the corner. See you there!

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                            phone: 404.482.1106 | fax: 678.242.1106


We hope to find you and your followers at our network this season and years to come. Are you a
fashion boutique owner, independent fashion designer, dressmaker, tailor, seamstress, fashion
reseller or accessory designer who is looking for the best marketing tool that will conveniently
help direct you to your niche market and literally take the stress off your back? Let Justine Dejor
provide you with excellent service that best suits your vision to increase your revenue stream,
build your customer base, and improve your brand using their strategic direct marketing strategies
to reach thousands of shoppers and plus size consumers. Before you know it an eager crowd of
curvaceous, and voluptuous women looking will be on the look out for trendy fashions that fit their
curves. So put your money where your mouth's at and check us out online today!

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