Creative arts week letter for Etiler by jennyyingdi


									                                                                                          Friday 2 March 2012

Dear Parents,

As you may be aware, the school is holding a Creative Arts Week from the 16 th – 20th April. The week will
involve numerous activities and projects from across the Creative Arts departments in both Primary and
Secondary, culminating, we hope, in a performance of “Recycle Recital” on Friday 20 th.

In order for to us to create and perform this extraordinary work we ask for your help in providing the
essential instruments for our recital. We need your old pots and pans, tins of any description, providing they
are safe with no sharp edges, water bottles, the larger the better, and any lid or otherwise unusable junk
that can be turned into a percussion instrument.

The idea is that every child in the Primary School will have a percussion instrument of some sort, all of which
will be able to be recycled following our performance. With regards to the empty water bottles, particularly
the 19 litre type that we specifically require, we realise that these have value and we can return these to
you at the completion of the weeks events if required.

Please complete the tear off strip at the bottom of the letter and return this to school as soon as possible so
that we can get an immediate idea of how much equipment we can source.

More information will follow shortly regarding additional events that will take place during the week and I
sincerely hope that you will be able to join us for the final performance and for other activities that will occur
throughout the week.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support.

Yours faithfully
Peter Lawson
Primary Music Teacher

Please tick next to any of the potential percussion items that you may be able to provide for our “Recycle
Recital” and indicate how many you may be able to provide.


Water Bottles 19 Ltr ……….

Other potential instruments……         D      Details___________________________________

Student Name: _________________________                      Class: ________

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