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					                                                                                                                       Number 074 / January 2003
                                                                                                                       7th year / English edition

                                                                                                                       News & Information:
                                                                                                            Editorial                               p. 02
                                                                                                            For almost 20 years now, real single malt
                                                                                                            whisky has been distilled in Eggolsheim p. 03
                                                                                                            Part three of the series about the testimo-
                                                                                                            nial campaign                           p. 04
                                                                                                            Maker of high-tech optical equipment wins
                                                                                                            61st Jobstar Award                      p. 04
                                                                                                            FREIZEIT - Garten + Touristik fair with
                                                                                                            AutoSalon at NürnbergMesse              p. 05
                                                                                                            New and fully automated luggage transport
                                                                                                            system at Nuremberg airport to sort and
                                                                                                            examine luggage                         p. 05

                                                                                                                 Made in the Nuremberg Region:
THE PLAYING BUSINESS                                                                                        The Central Franconian town of
                                                                                                            Bechhofen is considered Germany's brush
World's leading trade fair - International Toy Fair takes place for the 54th time                           making capital                      p. 06

NUREMBERG. -- Many a child - and probably,           child's play. In a representative and independent                 Museum Highlights:
also many of those who remained a child within       study, every other buyer at the event stated that      Museum in Nuremberg with largest collec-
- would love to be there: at the world's largest     between 20 and 50 percent of his annual budget         tion of wheat beer glasses         p. 07
toy fair in Nuremberg. Taking place for the 54th     are spent at the toy fair in Nuremberg or during       German shepherd museum offers uncom-
time already, the world's largest trade fair for     its immediate aftermath. And Nuremberg bene-           mon view on regional history       p. 07
toys takes place from January 30 to February 4.      fits tremendously from the International Toy Fair,
Some 75,000 visitors are expected to attend the      too. It's not only the fact that international visi-                   Life & Style:
event in 2003 - specialist visitors that is, one     tors - who at the last fair came from no less than     Historic advertising posters at German
should keep in mind. Thus, the playing paradise      107 countries - spread Nuremberg's reputation          National Museum                         p. 08
remains out of reach for many.                       around the world. But thanks to the toy fair,          Business people from the region make it pos-
                                                     Nuremberg was "forced" to continuously expand          sible to expand Ronald McDonald House p. 08
But despite the products bringing lots of joy, the   its trade fair facilities because the area available
core interest of the 2,700 exhibitors from more      proved too small again and again. Meanwhile,                      Science & Education:
than 50 countries is quite clear: doing good busi-   the exhibition area has reached a size of almost       Georg-Simon-Ohm University of Applied
ness. After all, the toy business is anything but    160,000 square meters.                                 Sciences cooperates with Eastern European
                                                                                                            institutions                           p. 09
                                                                     Yet, everything once began on a        Ansbach University of Applied Sciences offers
                                                                     quite small scale. In 1949, the        new courses for continuing education p. 09
                                                                     West German toy fair gave up its
                                                                     Leipzig location. Even though                       Business News:
                                                                     there has never been any doubt         Energy company from Nuremberg invests
                                                                     about the Nuremberg Region             EUR 700,000 in solar energy          p. 10
                                                                     being the historical center of the     WaveLight Laser Technologie AG with con-
                                                                     German toy industry, Leipzig had       vincing appearance at trade show     p. 10
                                                                     been the most important trade          Second get-together of business founders
                                                                     fair location of the toy industry      in the Nuremberg Region              p. 10
                                                                     until the end of World War II. But
                                                                     the roots of Nuremberg's toy his-                 RegioPress Ticker:
One of the most well-known board game classics, Monop-               tory reach back until the Middle       News from the Nuremberg Region         p. 11
oly is all about money and playing as well                           Ages. The toy industry has a long
                              (Photo: Spielwarenmesse eG)                    (Fortsetzung nächste Seite)
RegioPress                                                                                                       News & Information

tradition here. A small glance at it can be taken    Gift Fair." Organized in cooperation with the
at the Nuremberg Toy Museum or the German            China Toy Association (CTA), Spielwarenmesse eG        EDITORIAL
National Museum.                                     is pleased with the success of the event which
                                                     shall be held again this year.                         Did you have a good Christmas time? We hope
Thus, it was quite clear that as the toy capital,                                                           your start into the new year was as good as ours.
Nuremberg was the logical choice when it came        The range of products on display is expanded for       This issue of RegioPress is just as new as this
to selecting a new location for the industry's       the first time this year. This expansion carries the   year, and it contains quite a few highlights this
leading trade fair. The minister of economics at     name "Classic Souvenir," and it adds diversity to      time. Did you know, for instance, that Germany's
that time, Ludwig Erhard - who, by the way,          a product range that is truly impressive. About        only single malt whisky comes from the Nurem-
comes from Fürth, Nuremberg's next neighbor          one million toys are presented in Nuremberg dur-       berg Region? We have to admit that we didn't
city - opened the first German specialist trade      ing the six-day event. Among them, there are           know either until only a little while ago. But
fair for toys in 1950. There were 351 exhibitors,    some 60,000 premieres and improvements. At             Markus Horbelt went to Eggolsheim in the
and over the next years, the trade fair experi-      the International Toy Fair 2003, exhibitors and        "Fränkische Schweiz" region for us to find out
enced rapid growth which lead to the space           visitors can also benefit from expanded services.      more. Unfortunately for him though, he did so
problems already mentioned above.                    For instance, flights and day trips to various des-    going by car, so the amount of whisky he could
                                                     tinations are offered.                                 try was quite limited. The result of his test can
Following a period with many provisional solu-                                                              be found on page 4.
tions, the Nuremberg exhibition center was           In the future, Spielwarenmesse eG will certainly
opened in Nuremberg's Lang-                                                                                 Beer is much more typical of this region anyway
wasser district on the occa-                                                                                - after all, the world's greatest density of brew-
sion of the 24th toy fair. One                                                                              eries can be found here as well. A man from
of the most modern exhibi-                                                                                  Nuremberg collects a particular kind of contain-
tion centers at the time, it                                                                                ers used for the very temporary storage of beers:
soon turned out to be too                                                                                   beautiful wheat beer glasses. Such beer should
small. Thus, "Frankenhalle"                                                                                 only be enjoyed using the right glasses, just as
hall with an area of 10,000                                                                                 the whisky should never be drunk with ice, but
square meters was opened in                                                                                 only with water. Find out how many glasses the
1984, followed by Hall N in                                                                                 collector calls his own on page 5. The little
1992, Hall 12 in 1995 and                                                                                   museum is the world's largest collection of its
Hall 7A as well as a light-                                                                                 kind, one should know. Even small things can
weight construction hall in                                                                                 turn out big.
2001. Construction of Hall 12,
for instance, was supported         What's the original, what's the mock version?                           Our series "Made in the Nuremberg Region" has
by Spielwarenmesse with 20                                             (Photo: Spielwarenmesse eG)          already presented several products and services
million D-marks as well as an                                                                               that are typical of our region. But this issue is
interest-free loan of another DM 7 million - quite   not rest on its laurels. Passionate players know       very special, because in Bechhofen, one can find
an unusual involvement of a guest exhibitor.         that "after the game is before the game." Or as        the center of Germany's brush making craft.
However, NürnbergMesse and Spielwarenmesse           the new speaker of the board said, the aim of the      Related to that field, but still different, are
both benefit from their cooperation. Today,          company is to "secure a successful future for the      brooms. In this respect, the region is leading as
Nuremberg is one of Europe's top trade fair loca-    Toy Fair by further developing the concept and         well. See Sabine Schülke's report on those crafts
tions.                                               the organization according to the needs of the         on page 6.
                                                     market and the trade fair."
Over time, the toy fair in Nuremberg has not only                                                           In addition, this issue offers the usual variety of
become an international event. It has also           Whether this future will include opening the           other interesting topics. And it contains a wish
become the leading trade fair of that industry       world's largest playground to children remains to      the editors have. After all, the new year usually
worldwide. The International Toy Fair is organized   be seen. It's discussed every once and again to        comes along with a number of good intentions.
by Spielwarenmesse eG. Former CEO Gerd Bise          open the event to the general public for a day or      Thus, we'd be happy if you, our dear readers,
resigned in April, and his position is now held by   so. But a decision hasn't been reached yet. Thus,      could send us specimen copies of the articles
Ernst Kick. Yet Spielwarenmesse eG not only is       children and grown-up toy enthusiasts have to          you use for your publications. Also, we're happy
the host of the International Toy Fair, but they     continue waiting until the products appear on          to receive critical remarks or maybe some praise.
also organize other events.                          store shelves some time after the toy fair.            In return, we'll try our best to become a little
                                                                                    Christian Rechholz      better every time and to never bore you. In any
In 1996, the general assembly decided that the                                                              case: Thank you very much for your good coop-
task of their cooperative also be the organization   Contact: Spielwarenmesse eG                            eration in 2002, and have a good start into the
and operation of toy fairs elsewhere in the world.             Kyra Mende                                   new year!
Accordingly, for instance, last year saw the pre-              phone +49 911 9981333                                                        Christian Rechholz
miere of the "Shanghai International Toy, Baby &     

                                                                                                                                      RegioPress 01/03 - 2 -
RegioPress                                                                                                           News & Information

For almost 20 years now, real single malt whisky has been distilled in Eggolsheim - "Godfather of Whisky" pays highest respect

EGGOLSHEIM. -- He's neither a Scotland enthu-           phase. One of Fleischmann's colleagues from             wait until the spirit may be called "whisky" and
siast nor a passionate whisky drinker. This state-      Switzerland who also makes single malt buys his         until one may sell it. But actually, it's better to
ment is one of the first Robert Fleischmann gives       malt from a malthouse in Bamberg. This proves           wait even longer anyhow. Robert Fleischmann
during the interview. But there's a simple reason       that the Franconian malt is well-suited for mak-        usually waits eight years. And even then, one
why he knows quite a bit about whisky and its           ing whisky.                                             doesn't know whether all the effort really pays
production: He makes whisky himself. Actually,                                                                  off. Thus, making whisky is a little adventure with
great passion and idealistic approaches might         However, Fleischmann doesn't
hinder him from doing his job well, because           really know what to answer
what's needed the most when making whisky is          when asked why he still is the
skills - and patience.                                only supplier on the market.
                                                      There is someone in the
Originally, Fleischmann had a tobacco and food        "Schwaben" region who
business which included a distillery used for         makes whisky too, but most
making various fruit spirits. Then, some day, a       likely, he uses rye. Also, the
friend made him try to make whisky. Actually, this    "Whisky from Schliersee" has
idea was close at hand, but it seemed absurd at       only been found existing on
the same time, because whisky comes from Scot-        paper as of now. Of those
land - period. A man of action, Fleischmann gave      whiskies made in the GDR, it's
it a try anyhow, "just for the fun of it." This was   not clear which ingredients
in 1983. And he tells quite openly that the first     they used, but here, it's rather
attempts resulted in "quite a lot of rubbish." But    likely that they used rye, too.      A glance into the cellar: Fleischmann gives his whisky at least
his ambition was triggered. Many other attempts       And there are no indications         eight years to ripen
followed, and the results became "more and more       that single malt whisky is                                                      (Photo: Markus Horbelt)
enjoyable" over time. Germany's "godfather of         made anywhere else. Even if
whisky," Walter Schobert,                                                      there was another maker       an uncertain end every time. So it's advisable not
noticed this long since.                                                       of single malt in Ger-        to have to rely on an income from this business,
After trying the Francon-                                                      many, Fleischmann would       and fortunately, Robert Fleischmann has never
ian single malt, he said                                                       take it rather easy: "Then,   been dependant on the proceeds from selling his
that the only difference                                                       we'd simply write on the      whisky.
in the two whiskies is                                                         bottles 'Germany's first
that the Franconian ver-                                                       single malt' or 'since        Only recently, however, whisky has had some bad
sion lacks the taste of                                                        1983'."                       press. It became public that some distilleries put
peat and smoke. Also, he                                                                                     "E150a," an additive also known as "plain
added with a twinkle of                                                        The great investments         caramel," into their precious drinks to give them
his eye, it lacks the "e" in                                                   one has to make are one       the famous earthy amber color. Although the
"Pur Malt." All other                                                          of the reasons why there      additive is tasteless and hard to detect, experts
requirements a single                                                          probably isn't anyone else    consider this practice a sin. Fleischmann also
malt has to meet - the                                                         making single malts. For      calls it "fraud" on the clients. In addition, it's pro-
distillation of only one                                                       instance, barley malt         hibited in Germany. The only sad thing about
kind of malt, including                                                        costs about four or five      Fleischmann's whisky is the fact that there is only
the mention of the date                                                        times as much as rye.         one dealer in Nuremberg selling the Franconian
of distillation and the                                                        Also, other kinds of grain    single malt whisky. Those who can't go there
maturing process in a                                                          such as oats or corn pro-     have to travel to Eggolsheim themselves. But if
barrel - are met. And the      One of four Franconian single malt              vide more yield. And the      one can include a whisky tasting, this certainly
most decisive criterion,       whiskies: the "Krottentaler"                    tax on spirits is due         isn't a bad alternative at all.
the taste, is beyond a                          (Photo: Markus Horbelt)        directly after the comple-                                         Markus Horbelt
doubt anyhow.                                                                  tion of the distilling
                                                      process - unlike the tax on beer which has to be       Contact: "Blaue Maus" Whisky Distillery
Today, there are four different kinds of whisky in    paid when the beer barrels leave the brewery.                      Robert Fleischmann
Fleischmann's cellar. His selection ranges from       Thus, the money is gone quite soon. And at least                   phone +49 9545 7461
"soft and mild" to "full-bodied and strong."          three years and a day have to pass until one can                   E-Mail:
Another two variants are currently in the testing     earn it again, because that's the time one has to        

                                                                                                                                          RegioPress 01/03 - 3 -
RegioPress                                                                                                       News & Information

Erlangen's genius of sound: Dr. Jürgen Herre, electronics specialist and musician - Part 3 of the series on the Nuremberg Region's testimonial campaign

ERLANGEN. -- A typical situation: One heard a       "I'm a passionate cyclist, so I appreciate that in      electric guitar in the band "Gimme5," or the
song, can't get it out of one's mind, but neither   Erlangen, everything is so close to each other."        Erlangen accordion group. Thus, Herre con-
knows the title nor the singer. Anyone who has      Accordingly, he still rides his bike from Buckenhof     tributes to Erlangen's world of sounds himself.
such a catchy tune on his mind can now get help     to Tennenlohe every day. And he feels comfort-
from a computer one can play the song to. After     able here. It's not only the vicinity to the city of    Currently, the specialist for coding methods
only a few moments, it gives the information        Nuremberg and its rich history, but also the ben-       works on audio "fingerprinting," a music identifi-
desired: album, title, year etc. Such an AudioID    efits of his hometown Erlangen. "Erlangen is a lit-     cation procedure using specific characteristics.
system was developed at                                                      tle metropolis," Herre says.   Another project he's involved in is the encoding
the Fraunhofer IIS (Insti-                                                   It's a "small town" because    of bit streams in the shape of "watermarks." As
tute for Integrated Cir-                                                     it's of manageable size,       Dr. Herre explains, it's likely to be used in the field
cuits). And one of the                                                       but it's also a "major city"   of commercial music downloads from the inter-
people involved in the                                                       at the same time thanks to     net. "The great benefit of this system is the fact
development of that sys-                                                     the infrastructure and the     that the watermark would also be passed on to
tem is someone who has                                                       activities it has to offer.    analogue copies, so the route the music took
already contributed to the                                                                                  from the original source can be traced." Thus, it's
MP3 standard (Moving                                                        Actually, he contributes to     no surprise that the work of the audio expert is in
Pictures Expert Group,                                                      the infrastructure himself.     high demand around the world. "I'm an audio-
Layer 3) that is used                                                       As an electronics special-      phile," Herre says. What a fortunate situation
around the world: Dr. Jür-                                                  ist, he also studied music      that he can also pursue bike-riding, his second
gen Herre.                                                                  science for his "personal       passion, in and around Erlangen so well, too.
                                                                            development" but later                                            Dietmar Baumgartl
After a short period in the                                                 decided to put the focus
U.S. as a post-doc, Herre                                                   on technology. Still, he        Contact: Dr. Jürgen Herre
mainly stayed in his                                                        can't live without music:                phone +49 9131 776353
hometown of Erlangen.                                                       Whether it's playing the       

Maker of high-tech optical equipment wins 61st Jobstar of the Nuremberg Region

WENDELSTEIN. -- When it comes to creating                                                           great tradition in optical lenses and mirrors
new jobs, special focus lies on medium-size                                                         and has been concentrating on "high-tech
companies. This is one of the main ideas that                                                       niche products" for several years now, as Zin-
stand behind the Jobstar award of the                                                               grebe put it. Today, they make complete lens-
Nuremberg Region marketing initiative. Thus,                                                        es and systems for laser, measurement and
it was another entrepreneur from a medium-                                                          medical technology equipment. Their client
size company who won the Jobstar award                                                              list comprises some 200 companies world-
last December. He showed extraordinary                                                              wide.
efforts in creating new jobs. Berndt Zingrebe,
managing partner of Sill Optics GmbH & Co.                                                          As usual, the handover ceremony took place
KG, received the 61st Jobstar. Herbert Eck-                                                         during a surprise visit to the company and
stein, head of the county administration of The official handover ceremony during a surprise        was taped and broadcast by a team of RTL
Erlangen-Höchstadt County, presented the visit to Sill Optics           (Photo: Region Nürnberg)    Franken Life TV.
award together with Wolfgang Kelsch, the                                                                            Elke Weich/Hans-Jörg Sigwart
mayor of Wendelstein, as well as Gabriele Engel, almost double the number of jobs. Based in
the general manager of the Nuremberg Region      Wendelstein, the medium-size company has a       Contact: Region Nürnberg e.V.
marketing initiative.                            staff of 90, up from 49 in 1994. In addition, 11          Elke Weich
                                                 trainees currently have job training positions            phone +49 9131 727677
Over the past years, Sill Optics managed to      there. Founded in 1894, the company has a

                                                                                                                                        RegioPress 01/03 - 4 -
RegioPress                                                                                                    News & Information

From March 1 to 9, 2003, "FREIZEIT - Garten + Touristik" with "AutoSalon" takes place at Nuremberg's exhibition center

NUREMBERG. -- There's another highlight of a        addition to the presentation of new models, car      that are on display at the AutoSalon for close
special kind taking place at the exhibition cen-    enthusiasts get even more excitement by other        inspection by the visitors. This year's focus of
ter in Nuremberg: From March 1 to 9, the            attractions at the event: Presenting themselves      the MotorSportSchau lies on touring car sports.
"AutoSalon" will open its doors for the 24th        at two joint stands, German car tuning compa-
time already. Currently, it's the only consumer     nies show their selection of sports chassis, low-    In addition to these events and exhibitions,
trade show for cars and motorcycles in Southern     ering technology, motor tuning, sports exhausts      there are several show acts as well as a slot rac-
Germany. It's special because it's presented        and much more. Another show area presents the        ing track where visitors can join in exciting
together with the "FREIZEIT - Garten + Touris-      latest trends in car media.                          competitions for attractive prizes. Anyone who
tik" show. Thus, one cannot only see the latest                                                          thinks this is too hectic for him can use the
cars of German and foreign make, but the other   Since the AutoSalon traditionally has been              same admission ticket to visit the show on
halls also offer a comprehensive selection of    addressing racing enthusiasts, the "Motor-              recreation: Taking place at NürnbergMesse for
recreation goods - either to just watch or buy.  SportSchau" event takes place, too, organized by        the 35th time, the recreation fair offers products
                                                                          Motorsportclub                 for camping, caravanning, water and recreation
Renowned manufac-                                                         Nürnberg e.V. (MCN)            sports as well as gardening. This year's highlight
turers like Volkswa-                                                      who also organize the          are the "Viva Espania" show on "fascinating
gen, Audi, Mercedes-                                                      annual "Speed Week-            Spain," which features original landscape deco-
Benz and Porsche                                                          end" event at the              rations, culinary specialties and live music, as
present their latest                                                      Norisring racetrack.           well as the special garden show on "Feng Shui -
models at the show.                                                       MCN's info booth will          Garden Harmony."
Visitors can find                                                         provide information                                               Sabine Schülke
information     about                                                     about the race pro-
technical innovations,                                                    gram at Norisring              Contact:
equipment lines and         Renowned companies show their latest          again, and the race
financing. But in           products               (Photo: Autosalon)     cars one needs for

New luggage transport system at Nuremberg airport automatically sorts and examines up 2,400 pieces of luggage per hour

NUREMBERG. -- Security in air travel has            challenge of delivering such great numbers of        luggage system which not only meets the latest
always been a major topic, but particularly so      luggage to the right plane on time. And the          regulations on air traffic safety, but also pro-
after September 11. Nuremberg airport has           challenge continues to grow: The new facility        vides that passengers in Nuremberg continue to
always been a leader in the field of air travel     has begun operation in time for the new winter       be taken care of quickly - so that Nuremberg
security and now invested EUR 5.5 million in a      schedule when Air Berlin uses Nuremberg as its       airport remains the "airport of short distances
new luggage sorting system (GFA III). It's capa-    winter hub. Only recently, that airline celebrated   and far away destinations." "Our engineers and
ble of fully automated searches for explosives in   its one millionth passenger in Nuremberg. Air        the companies involved cooperated closely to
the entire luggage that                                                      Berlin is one of the        design a system that's leading with state-of-
goes through the air-                                                        most important pillars      the-art technology. And it has a concept which
port, even in that of                                                        in the airport's growth.    is likely to be adopted by many other airports
transit flights.                                                             This year, an increase      around the world," Karl-Heinz Krüger said, the
                                                                             of 15 percent will be       airport's general manager. Thus, the airport not
Up to 2,400 pieces of                                                        reached, and new            only helps people travel, but also exports intelli-
luggage per hour can                                                         flights will be offered     gent solutions around the world.
be checked and sorted,                                                       in the summer sched-                                       Christian Rechholz
which is a total weight                                                      ule.
of about 48 tons. Thus,                                                                                  Contact:
GFA III not only serves                                                      And this growth needs
better security, but also    Safe suitcase travel                            to be handled. One
handles the logistical                        (Photo: Airport Nürnberg)      aspect of it is the new

                                                                                                                                   RegioPress 01/03 - 5 -
RegioPress                                                                               Made in the Nuremberg Region
                                                             Our series presents typical and special products or services from the Nuremberg Region.
                                                                                           This issue deals with the traditional craft of brush making.

The Central Franconian town is considered Germany's brush making capital - Many manufacturers and suppliers in the region - "Pinselmuseum"
brush museum in Bechhofen offers information about the craft

BECHHOFEN A. D. HEIDE -- "Brush maker" is an           gained acceptance as equal materials - particu-
occupation that hasn't been existing very long.        larly for mass articles.                            One can learn to be a brush maker at the state-
The first mention of a brush maker in Augsburg                                                             certified brush maker vocational school in Bech-
dates back to 1764, and only in the late 18th          Brushes used for painting are mainly made of        hofen, the only one if its kind nationwide. Cur-
century did this craft establish itself. But there's   fine hair that comes from a variety of fur-carry-   rently, there are 38 trainees learning to become
one place where brush makers settled to make it        ing animals. The most well-known kind of fine       brush maker, fine hair brush maker or bristle
Germany's brush making capital - and make it           hair is squirrel. It's mainly used for artists'     brush maker. "It takes 28 steps to straighten a
keep that title even today: Bechhofen an der           brushes and high-quality school brushes. The        pig bristle so it can be processed into a brush,"
Heide, located close to Ansbach.                           most precious of all                            Wolfgang Löschel says, a teacher at the voca-
                                                              fine hairs is                                tional school. Thus, it's not surprising that mak-
It all began with Johann Caspar Bühler                          kolinsky                                   ing brushes, fine hair brushes and bristle brush-
who settled in near-by Kirchhofen in                                                                       es actually are three individual professions.
1789 and registered in the church                                                                          "Most companies specialize in one of these
books as carpenter and brush maker.                                                                        fields," Löschel explains.
Today, Bühler is considered the founder                                                         which
of the fine brush making craft. In 1810,                                                   comes from      The German Brush Museum in Bechhofen pro-
his sons, who had also learned the craft of                                            the tail of a       vides lots of information on the craft, its histo-
brush making, settled in Bechhofen. There,                                          kolinsky, a particu-   ry and development. It's operated by an initia-
they hoped to find better opportunities for                                      lar kind of weasel.       tive called "Deutsches Pinsel- und Bürstenmuse-
sales due to the better traffic situation and the                                But weasel, polecat       um e.V." founded in 1985. The museum is open
large number of market days.                                                      and cow ear hair is      from April 1 to October 31, Wednesdays and
                                                                                   used for fine hair      Saturdays from 2 to 5 PM and Sundays and Hol-
Bechhofen had been granted the right to hold                                         brushes as well.      idays from 1:30 to 5 PM.
court and markets by Emperor Charles IV. in                                                                                                  Sabine Schülke
1351. Soon, there were so many brush making                                                Usually, a
shops set up in Bechhofen that many of them                                                  brush         Contact: Deutsches Pinsel- und Bürstenmuseum
went on to Nuremberg and established the craft                                                 con-                 Bechhofen
there as well. As of the mid-19th century, Bech-                                                   sists            phone/fax +49 9822 10829
hofen experienced an economic boom of such                                                                
great dimensions that other craftsmen came to
settle there as well. Today, there are more than
100 makers of brushes in the region, including         of
their suppliers.                                       a

The brush making craft has been existing since         han-
the 15th century. In Nuremberg, the first "brush       dle, a
binder" was mentioned around 1400. In German,          ferrule and
there are two different words for brushes used         the brush
by artists and painters and those used to brush        head. During pro-
things for cleaning or similar activities. While       duction, a certain
the first are mainly made with so-called "fine         amount of hairs or bristles is
hair," the latter are mainly made of pig bristles,     tied together and inserted into
cow or horsetails' hair because of those materi-       a metal cup upside-down and
als' greater durability. But brushes are also made     then tapped repeatedly on the
of plant fibers such as coco or rice straw, as         workbench to reach its typical brush shape.
those materials are also very durable. Most of         After tapping, the brush maker ties the bundle
the plant-based materials come from tropical           of hairs or bristles and makes a straight cut at
plants that have been imported to Germany as           the lower end. Depending on its shape and
of the early 19th century. Meanwhile, however,         material, the brush is then used as an artist's
artificial fibers which were first used in "times      brush, for cosmetics, porcelain painting, shaving
of emergency," like after World War II, have           or for industrial applications.

                                                                                                                                     RegioPress 01/03 - 6 -
RegioPress                                                                                                       Museum Highlights
                                                               This series presents the large number of smaller museums in the Nuremberg Region.
                                                                                                                  This issue offers two special tips.

Unique museum in Nuremberg has largest collection of wheat beer glasses - Glasses and objects from all epochs

NUREMBERG. -- If Walter Geißler invited people
to a relaxed get-together and a few glasses of                                                           In pursuit of his hobby, Geißler has been
beer, he could invite the entire population of his                                                       strolling flea markets and visiting breweries or
city district. He would definitely not run out of                                                        friends for more than 20 years now, always
glasses.                                                                                                 looking for new objects to complement his col-
                                                                                                         lection. And he's happy about any kind of sup-
Walter Geißler's collection comprises more than                                                          port: tips and information are welcome, as are
4,500 wheat beer glasses, unquestionably mak-                                                            packages with potential exhibition objects. He's
ing it the world's largest collection. Geißler has                                                       not only known among his neighbors anymore
been giving tours for Franconians and visitors                                                           but today also is a respected specialist in his
through his private museum in his basement for       Only if they were filled would these glasses        field. His collection even has an entry in the
seven years now.                                     look prettier              (Photo: Rechholz)        Guinness Book of World Records. This museum
                                                                                                         really is worth a visit, so just drop by - for a cou-
47-year-old Geißler has collected glasses from                                                           ple of glasses.
more than 1,300 breweries around the world           In addition to the collection of glasses, he also                                    Sebastian Rechholz
and set them up in his basement. Assorted            has advertising signs, beersteins, historic beer
according to their region of origin, the glasses     bottles and even his own brewing kettle.            Contact: Weizenbierglasmuseum,
are catalogued and can be viewed by visitors.        Designed and built by Geißler himself, the kettle            Walter Geißler
Although the passionate collector placed the         isn't only used for demonstration purposes, but              phone +49 911 5047560
main focus on glasses from his Franconian            also for his private beer brewing. It only takes             weizenbierglasmuseum.nuernberg@
home, he also has quite a few glasses from           until the first sip of his "Geißler Weiße" until   
"areas around Franconia," as he puts it, such as     one can experience in person the competency of
the US, Canada or even Japan.                        the sympathetic Franconian beer lover.

German shepherd museum in Hersbruck provides extraordinary exhibition of local history - Extensive children's program

HERSBRUCK. -- Keeping the "heritage of the       themselves when they came to Hersbruck for the          As of February 27, the house is full of "Steiff"
shepherds" was the goal of Dr. Konrad Hörmann    annual shepherd meeting on January 6.                   animals. Before, there have also been herds of
of the Natural History Society of Nuremberg. In                                                          garden gnomes that took control of the shepherd
the late 19th century, he                                         Contrary to popular belief,            museum. Those exhibits were particularly popular
began collecting every-                                           shepherds in Franconia didn't          with the children who are hardly ever taller than
thing that had to do with                                         primarily watch sheep, but             the exhibits. Children play a major role at the
shepherds and their lives.                                        mainly cattle, and they used           museum anyhow. The topics are often presented
He even visited herdsmen                                          their experience to unofficial-        in a playful manner, and they can create their
at their homes and docu-                                          ly function as animal doctors.         own felt mats, paint garden gnomes or fish. There
mented his meetings                                               In addition, many a magical            are special guided tours for children, birthday
with their families. The                                          ability was accredited to              parties and the traditional children's fest on June
collection kept growing                                           them. The number of visitors           1, 2003. Further highlights of the new year are
and documents the                                                 shows that their lives still           the sheep fest on May 4 as well as the craftsmen
everyday life of the shep-                                        arouse quite some interest.            fest on September 14.
herds over the centuries.                                         More than 16,000 people                                                   Markus Horbelt
Various uniforms and                                              came to the shepherd museum
tools are on display, as                                          last year, with the temporary          Contact: Deutsches Hirtenmuseum Hersbruck
are the bell bows typical                                         exhibitions proving to be real                  Barbara Hörmann
of the region. Many of                                            crowd pullers. Until February                   phone +49 9151 2161
the exhibits were sub-       Franconian herdsman in festive       9, for instance, artistically                   E-Mail:
mitted by shepherds          uniform    (Photo: Hirtenmuseum)     styled felt carpets are shown.

                                                                                                                                    RegioPress 01/03 - 7 -
RegioPress                                                                                                                       Life & Style

German National Museum receives advertising posters worth EUR 1.6 million as permanent loan - First show opened in December

NUREMBERG. -- Posters are present everywhere         of what today is the faculty of                                    enlargement of their exhibits.
in our daily lives. Long before mass communica-      economic and social sciences                                       Over the next months and years,
tions like TV or the internet appeared, they were    (WiSo) of Erlangen-Nuremberg                                       work will concentrate on restor-
efficient media for advertising messages. And        University. Since the 1920's,                                      ing the posters and on carrying
despite the new media, they still are. But posters   this institution has been a                                        out scientific studies. Until this
have always been more than just instruments to       stronghold     of    marketing                                     work is completed, the GNM will
promote sales. They have always resembled            research in Germany.                                               only show a small selection of 30
some kind of attitude towards life, they trig-                                                                          posters. A more comprehensive
gered yearning and inspired the imagination of       It's mainly thanks to the initia-                                  exhibition is planned for 2005/06.
consumers. Thus, today they authentically            tive of Professor Georg Bergler
reflect the spirit of their time.                    that the comprehensive collec-                                      Professor Dr. Frank Wimmer, CEO
                                                     tion of advertising posters came into being. A       of the NAA, said on the occasion of the hand-
However, only few know that Nuremberg is             former researcher and teacher at the Nurem-          ing-over ceremony: "When we made the deci-
home to one of Germany's largest collection of       berg-based university and one of the founding        sion what to do with the poster collection, we
posters. Some 10,000 advertising posters from        fathers of GfK, he continuously bought smaller       realized our obligation to preserve the collection
the time between 1890 and 1960 are stored            collections and made them available to both          at the place where it originated. And doing so,
here. The collection is owned in equal parts by      institutions for use in projects dealing with        we honored the special historic role Nuremberg
GfK-Nürnberg e.V., the mother company and            advertising and communications.                      has in the field of marketing and marketing
majority holder of GfK AG,                                                                                research in Germany."
and Nürnberger Akademie für                                             For the German National                                             Markus Horbelt
Absatzwirtschaft e.V. (NAA,                                             Museum, which previously
the Nuremberg marketing                                                 only owned a smaller collec-      Contact: GfK, Public Affairs and
academy). Both institutions                                             tion of political and event                Communications
have common roots in the                                                announcement posters, the                  Dr. Ulrike Schöneberg
former trade university in                                              "Nuremberg poster collec-                  phone +49 911 3952645
Nuremberg, the predecessor                                              tion" constitutes a significant            E-Mail:

Companies from the Nuremberg Region sponsor expansion project at Ronald McDonald House in Erlangen

ERLANGEN. -- Long hospitalization isn't com-          parents of children that are seriously ill. There   agreed to putting in the installations at no cost,
fortable for any patient. But staying in a hospi-     are twelve of these houses nationwide, and one      and Duravit AG sponsored a full set of bathroom
tal is even harder for children who not only suf-     of them is in Erlangen. It was founded in 1995      equipment from the "Starck 3" collection
fer from their illness, but also from an environ-     and since then, it served as the temporary home     designed by architect Philippe Starck.
ment unknown to them and                                                 of 1,500 families.
from homesickness. Thus, it's                                                                             The new bathroom could be opened on time
very helpful if the parents are                                          This idea needs to be support-   before Christmas. Dr. Siegfried Balleis, the lord
around to see the little                                                 ed. When the Ronald McDon-       mayor of the city of Erlangen, Thilo Dreyer of
patients every day. That's                                               ald House asked for help         Dreyer Haustechnik GmbH and Gabriele Engel,
where the idea of the Ronald                                             recently, it thus didn't take    the general manager of the Nuremberg Region
McDonald houses comes in.                                                long to put together a power-    marketing initiative, were present to celebrate
Located near big university                                              ful alliance of supporters. A    the opening.
hospitals and operated by the                                            new bathroom for families                                      Hans-Jörg Sigwart
not-for-profit McDonald's                                                was to be installed. Said,
"Kinderhilfe Stiftung" ("help                                            done. The Nuremberg Region       Contact: Region Nürnberg e.V.
for children" foundation),                                               marketing initiative coordi-              Anja Sciortino
Ronald McDonald houses              Lord mayor Balleis at the open-      nated the search for support-             phone +49 9131 729698
offer temporary housing for         ing    (Photo: Markus Horbelt)       ers. Dreyer Haustechnik GmbH

                                                                                                                                    RegioPress 01/02 - 8 -
RegioPress                                                                                                     Science & Education

"Research projects for the heart of the cooperation" - Georg-Simon-Ohm University of Applied Sciences cooperates with Eastern European institutions

NUREMBERG. -- What do Moscow, St. Petersburg       region. The schedule includes obligatory visits to      Since the university for control systems and radio
and Tomsk (Siberia) have in common? Research!      laboratories, company visits and a tour of the          electronics in Tomsk had been almost hermetical-
                                                   documentation center at the nazi party rally
These cities, or to be more precise: their universi-                                                       ly closed off due to its vicinity to a nuclear
ties, cooperate with Georg-Simon-Ohm Universi-     grounds. "Yes, we always put together an excel-         research center, the six universities in that city of
ty of Applied Sciences, Nuremberg. In addition,    lent program," Hackl says. And this holds true          500,000 have some 80,000 highly-specialized
there are cooperation agreements with Poland,      also for the students coming to Nuremberg. One          students. Poisel hopes that this specialist knowl-
Estonia, the Ukraine, etc. The university of       of the main intentions is to re-discover Nurem-         edge combined with outstanding theoretical
applied sciences                                                                   berg as a hub to        backgrounds could be joined in research projects
has 90 university                                                                  the East. But in        that have the theory developed in the East, while
cooperation pro-                                                                   this field, much        the practical application side could be provided
grams altogether.                                                                  remains to be           by the scientists based in Nuremberg. This
                                                                                   done. As Professor      approach in particular, he believes, would lead to
The      contacts                                                                  Hans Poisel con-        mutual scientific stimulation. The exchange pro-
began after the                                                                    firms, German stu-      grams and cooperation projects are mainly
collapse of the                                                                    dents tend to head      financed through scientific sponsorship programs
Eastern      Bloc,                                                                 to the West. Poisel     by the federal as well as the state government
Klaus Hackl of                                                                     is the director of      and the European Union. By now, there have been
the university's                                                                   the laboratory for      15 trips of professors to Nuremberg already, and
International                                                                      technical optics        some of them even came more than once. After
Office explains.                                                                   and       currently     all, this means that the prerequisites for scientif-
Back then, com-       Not all german students know yet that Tomsk has a            manages           a     ic studies at the university of applied sciences
puters       were     lot to offer                    (Photo: FH Nürnberg)         research coopera-       must be excellent, doesn't it?
taken to Moscow                                                                    tion with Tomsk, a                                     Dietmar Baumgartl
and St. Petersburg in an independently organized   city near Novosibirsk, Siberia.
project in order to improve the universities' work                                                         Contact: University of Applied Sciences,
there. Now, foreign groups of academics often      "The cooperations develop best through joint                     Nuremberg
come to Nuremberg to meet with professors and      research programs," Poisel explains. For instance,               Klaus Hackl
to discover the treasures Franconia has to offer.  the cooperation of master students and doctoral                  phone +49 911 58804298
But they also visit to see the potential of the    candidates is supposed to function "organically:"      

University of Applied Sciences in Ansbach offers two new courses to be taken in addition to regular job - Virtual lecture via BR-alpha

ANSBACH. -- Ansbach's University of Applied            and by the virtual lectures. Upon passing the       After graduation, "information managers" know
Sciences expands its curriculum as of the              final exams, students hold a Bachelor's degree in   which media are best applied in particular situ-
2002/03 winter semester. The new courses deal          business computer science. Further information      ations. Students deal with theory and practical
with multimedia and are aimed at people hold-          can be found online at                      issues for four semesters. They learn the basics
ing a regular occupation.                                     on information technologies, e.g. in the field of
                                                                                                           broadcasting technology or concerning the
Designed as a 1.5-year "compact IT course of           Information and multimedia are also in the          function and the use of communication net-
studies," this course provides something new:          focus in the other new course of studies. The       works.
Lectures at the university are complemented by         education to eventually hold a degree as "infor-                                 Daniela Lindenthal
virtual classes on BR-alpha, Bavarian Broadcast-       mation manager" is a supplementary course of
ing's education channel. Fields to be studied          studies one takes while having a regular job.       Contact: Ansbach University of Applied Sciences
include, for instance, C++, software techniques        University graduates as well as people with                  Dr. Michael Peters
and e-business. The multimedia course consists         working experience can not only expand their                 phone +49 9181 4877278
of several units: Lectures at the university are       horizon with it, but they can also make their      
complemented by an internship at a company             technological knowledge reach the latest level.

                                                                                                                                      RegioPress 01/03 - 9 -
RegioPress                                                                                                                    Business News

N-ERGY FROM THE SUN                                                                                        ENTREPRENEURS
Energy company from Nuremberg donates (invests) EUR 700,000 into solar energy - Five                       AMONG THEMSELVES
"roofs" from the region will win prizes until March, 2003
                                                                                                           Second get-together of business founders in
NUREMBERG. (RP/hor) -- The impressive amount          ed is fed into the electrical power network of N-    the Nuremberg Region
of 2.32 tons of carbon dioxide will be saved by       ERGIE.
N-ERGIE Aktiengesellschaft as part of a photo-                                                             ALTDORF. (RP/sig) -- "Let's talk about it" sounds a
voltaic initiative. The company will donate,          Board member Ewald Woste places great hope in        little weak at first, particularly for business peo-
install and service for 20 years five photovoltaic    this project: "The use of solar energy by munici-    ple who are used to tough and fact-driven deci-
installations on roofs belonging to municipal         pal authorities is an important role-model for       sions. But an opportunity to meet with "col-
authorities.                                          private households. With this project, N-ERGIE       leagues" is very precious for self-employed busi-
                                                      contributes to reducing the emission of CO2."        ness people and entrepreneurs. This is one of the
All municipalities in the service area of N-                                                               experiences made at the "get-together" for busi-
ENERGIE that have no city or municipal energy         Altogether, N-ERGIE invests more than EUR            ness founders in the Nuremberg Region which
authorities of their own could register until         700,000 into the project throughout its planned      took place recently for the second time. Orga-
December 16. Since, N-ERGIE specialists have          duration over the next 20 years.                     nized by the Nuremberg Region marketing initia-
been checking the technical prerequisites of                                                               tive, the TAW further education center in Altdorf
putting up a solar energy installation on site.       Contact: N-ERGIE Aktiengesellschaft                  and the administration of Nuremberg County, the
Those municipalities whose "municipal roof" was                Dr. Heidi Willer                            "get-together" is intended to offer a forum for
chosen receive notification of their win by                    phone +49 911 80258063                      business founders in the region. In addition, lec-
March.                                                         E-Mail:             tures by specialists offer important information
                                                                                   on all kinds of management-related matters.
Each of the selected roofs will receive one of five
photovoltaic installations each of which pro-                                                              County administrator Helmut Reich stressed the
duces more than 4,000 kWh of electrical power                                                              importance of such events: "Here, business
per year. This is about as much as required by a                                                           founders find a common platform to exchange
family of four or five. The solar energy generat-                                                          ideas and information and to network." For
                                                                                                           Gabriele Engel, general manager of the regional
                                                                                                           marketing initiative "Region Nürnberg e.V.," the
                                                                                                           get-together is an important supplementary offer
                                                                                                           to go along with the business founders' pool on
LASERS WELL, FINANCES WELL                                                                                 the internet. This online database at www.exis-
                                                                                                  is a special program of the
WaveLight Laser Technologie AG from Erlangen with convincing trade fair appearance                         initiative to support young entrepreneurs.

ERLANGEN. (RP/hor) -- Double success for              Taking place in Düsseldorf at the same time, the     This time, too, the lectures provided information
Erlangen-based Wave Light AG. At the MEDICA           investors' forum of Nord/LB reaffirmed the busi-     on topics that met great interest among the busi-
trade show, the world's largest show for medical      ness strategy the company has pursued so far.        ness founders present. Dr. Jürgen Helm, an inde-
technology in Düsseldorf, the maker of medical        Despite negative numbers coming from the             pendent financial consultant, gave answers to
lasers showed an impressive presentation of           stock markets, positive signals from the financial   the question "insurances for self-employed - a
their new aesthetics line and received good           scene before the event had already indicated         necessary burden or an intelligent precaution?"
marks from investors.                                 that the medical technology industry is consid-      Andreas Werner, a coach from Zirndorf, explained
                                                      ered a stable and promising investment. Most of      which role "motivation" and the "right attitude"
The majority of the visitors to the fair showed       the current statements from analysts recom-          play in business, and last but not least, Rosemarie
their approval of the newly designed products         mend buying WaveLight shares.                        A. Rhines, an attorney from Wisconsin, explained
for aesthetic surgery that was on display in Ger-                                                          the differences between German and American
many for the first time. Design and function          Contact: WaveLight Laser Technologie AG              regulations on product liability.
match the company's overall mission: technolo-                 Susanne Grethlein
gy and precision for the benefit of people. Thus,              phone +49 9131 6168103                      The third get-together is scheduled to take place
the evaluation of CEO Max Reindl was positive.                      this summer.
"Considering the feedback we received and the
previous developments in the field of aesthetics,                                                          Contact: Region Nürnberg e.V.
we're confident that with our relatively new                                                                        Gabriele Engel
business field, we're on the way to success," he                                                                    phone +49 9131 724883
said after the event.

                                                                                                                                    RegioPress 01/03 - 10 -
RegioPress                                                                                                                                              ticker

+ + + start ticker + + +
+ + + award I: erlangen not only is the city in germany that provides the best environment for founding a business, but now the university city
can also pride itself in having the most foreigner-friendly office for foreign citizens. the prize, which is also presented to the cities of wismar
and freiburg, will be presented at the new year's reception of the alexander-von-humboldt foundation in berlin on january 30. cooperating with
the donors' association for the promotion of sciences and humanities in germany, it will be the first time that the humboldt foundation pres-
ents a prize for municipalities' way of dealing with scientists and students. erlangen was proposed as a nominee by a russian scientist and sev-
eral foreign students. however, the jury doesn't only base its decision on reports and other documents, but also on anonymous and unannounced
visits on site. but actually, hospitality towards foreigners has been typical of erlangen long since, quite to the benefit of the city itself. one can
see the influence of the huguenots still today. + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
+ + + award II: "gifts" of a special kind were presented even before christmas. the general manager of theater nürnberg, prof. dr. wolf konold,
and entrepreneur rolf loos were honored with the chamber's medal of honor by the central franconian chamber of industry and commerce in
nuremberg (ihk). loos has contributed to the ihk's work for more than two decades now, and konold is the first recipient of the chamber's high-
est honor who comes from the field of culture. under konold's management, the theaters of nuremberg, particularly the opera house, have
become highly recognized institutions. as chamber president hans-peter schmidt said, konold turned theater nürnberg into a "stage of interna-
tional standards." but schmidt not only presented the awards, but he also had reason to be happy himself. dr. christian lassmann, consul gener-
al of the republic of austria, presented him the "großes goldenes ehrenzeichen" award for his achievements related to austria. + + + + + + + + + + +
+ + + anger: the central franconian business community joins in strongly opposing the current policy of the federal government. that is one result
of the general assembly of the chamber of industry and commerce. central franconian business people unanimously reported about the tense
situation and showed their anger over the impression that that political activities in berlin had no concept. referring to the situation of the
retail industry, wolf maser, president of the trade commission, spoke of the "worst situation since the end of ww ii." the general assembly asked
the federal government to change its economic policy. in addition, the businesses in the nuremberg region expect the government to return to
conclusive concepts in the field of fiscal and tax policy. also, the dilution of ideas from the hartz concept was criticized. + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
+ + + as of next spring already, the first companies can move into the new technology and innovation center (tiz) in ansbach. the ground-break-
ing ceremony took place last april, and about one year later, the new building is scheduled to be ready. after completion, it will provide some
6,000 square meters of space for innovative companies and business founders. however, the tiz isn't intended to be a common start-up center.
instead, there is a focus on certain technologies to make the tiz a transfer link between research and development activities and companies
already present in the area. thus, particular interest is placed in cooperation with the university of applied sciences in ansbach. the focus of the
tiz will be on plastics technology, energy and environmental system technology, as well as on multimedia. + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
+ + + network: the business development department of ansbach county was busy until christmas. following the brochure on the plastics indus-
try, now a new edition of the brochure on the "competency region for the it industry" came out as well. it shows the variety of fields the it indus-
try in the largest county (area-wise) in bavaria has to offer, such as multimedia, components, system solutions, design and hosting, data pro-
cessing, payment and booking systems, as well as consulting, software and programming. by now, some 170 it companies have settled in ansbach
county, showing that a romantic rural landscape and the latest in technology do not necessarily exclude each other. instead, they benefit from
the high quality of life as well as the location advantages. for instance, ansbach university of applied sciences offers courses in multimedia and
communications studies that are unique in bavaria, or a study program for people who also have a regular occupation (see page 10). + + + + + + + +
+ + + the end + + +


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