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					        Victim Advocacy Resource Manual
                         HIV Counseling and Testing

    The life I touch for good or ill will touch another life, and that in turn another,
until who knows where the trembling stops or in what far place my touch will be felt.
                                  -Frederick Buechner

               Richland County Coalition Against Domestic Violence
                        P.O. Box 822 Sidney, MT 59270
                                (406) 433-7421
                                                                                    June 30, 2006

Dear Advocates,

You have volunteered to provide an important service to victims of violence and control.
Although your main focus is to provide HIV counseling and testing, you are also a victim
advocate. Advocates support victims to make their voices heard and encourage them to speak
up for themselves.

An important part of your job is to refer victims to services that our organization cannot provide.
Helping victims access services will let them take control of their lives and become independent.
It is important to remember, however, that you don’t have to have all of the answers. This
resource manual is designed to give a general summary of services that are available to victims,
both locally and at the state level.

It only works if you use it! Review the resource manual so that you know what’s out there. If
you have questions or cannot find a service, use the contact information. If you have any
suggestions or corrections, let the shelter staff know so that we can revise this manual.

Lastly, on behalf of everyone at the shelter and all of the people we serve, we thank you
sincerely for your commitment to helping victims find a voice.

Jenna Johnson
Richland County Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Table of Contents

Economic Assistance: Childcare, Housing, Food, Utilities   1

Education                                                  4

Employment Assistance                                      5

Identity                                                   6

Legal Assistance                                           7

Medical / Health Care                                      8

Index                                                      12
Economic Assistance: Childcare, Housing, Food, Utilities
Action for Eastern Montana
 Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP): helps with the cost of weatherization
   and heating bills for homes/rentals. Applications are accepted in the fall for the upcoming winter.
   See the Public Assistance Programs Guide for more details.
 Energy Share: offers funds to any family with an energy emergency.
 Section 8 Rental Assistance: provides vouchers for rental assistance based on income; provides
   counseling on home equity conversion, mortgage, pre-purchase, default/foreclosure, and renting.
 Section 8 Homebuyer Program: finances home loans with a cheap interest rate.
 Crisis Assistance Program: emergency financial assistance on a case-by-case basis.
 Individual Development Account Program (IDA): provides limited matching funds for savings
P.O. Box 1309
Glendive, MT 59330
(406) 377-3564 or (800) 227-0703

Child Support Enforcement Division (CSED)
CSED pays child support and collects the amount due from the non-custodial parent. CSED will
locate an absent parent, establish paternity, establish/modify support orders, compute debt, and
enforce child support due. For victims of violence, CSED will NOT contact an abuser for child
support if it may cause physical or emotional harm to the victim or their children. Victims still receive
support from CSED under these circumstances (called “Good Cause”). See the Public Assistance
Programs Guide for more details
2121 Rosebud Drive, Suite E
Billings, MT 59102
(406) 655-5500

Developmental Education Assistance Program (DEAP)
Provides childcare scholarships to families with an income-dependent co-payment. Available to low-
income families and families receiving TANF. Victims with good cause are exempt from Child
Support compliance. See the Public Assistance Programs Guide for more details
218 W. Bell #209
Glendive, MT 59330
(800) 578-4909

Fairview Ministerial Association
Assists with emergency gas, housing, and other financial needs of Fairview residents.
Pastor Sloan
317 South Central Avenue
Fairview, Montana 59221
(406) 742-5425

Fairview Food Bank
Open by appointment in the evenings.
Zion Lutheran Church
309 S. Central Ave
Fairview, MT 59221
Talk to LouAnne Sharbono at work: (406) 742-5203
Matthew House
Provides temporary emergency housing (shelter).
Zadenna Kinglsand
P.O. Box 446
Sidney, MT 59270
(406) 488-1292 or 433-3505

Montana Fair Housing
Provides information and support to consumers, investigates allegations of discrimination in
housing, counsels victims of housing discrimination, and assists them in filing federal and state
complaints. Incidents of family violence are not good cause for termination of housing assistance or
tenant rights (see the Violence Against Women Act).
1280 S. 3rd Street W. Suite B
Missoula, MT 59801
(406) 542-2611
(800) 929-2611

Richland County Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Provides emergency housing and victim advocacy to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, or
P.O. Box 822
Sidney, MT 59270
(406) 433-7421

Richland County Housing Authority
Provides rental housing and Section 8 rental assistance to residents of the county.
1032 6th St. SW
Sidney, MT 59270
(406) 433-1978 or (888) 396-8459

Richland County Office of Public Assistance
Provides services to houses with limited income. For many of their programs, you must apply in
person. See the Public Assistance Programs Guide for more details.
 Food Stamps – assistance with food costs to low-income people. Can replace/duplicate food
   stamps for a family who flees an abuser. Expedited food stamps are available within 7 days.
   Victims with good cause are exempt from Child Support compliance.
 Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) – TANF provides 60 weeks (5 years) worth of
   financial assistance for low-income families. TANF is for minors, relatives with whom a minor is
   living, women in their last trimester, and refugees with minors. The Family Violence Option
   (FVO) waives regualr program requirements (child support compliance, income restrictions,
   residency, time limit, etc.) for victims of domestic violence.
 Medicaid – Provides health care coverage to children, parents with children under 19, pregnant
   women, women with breast or cervical cancer, the blind, disabled, and those over 65 years old.
   Victims with good cause are exempt from Child Support compliance.
 Emergency Assistance to Avoid Destitution of Children – financial/service assistance for families
   in emergency situations: includes housing, utilities, car repair, or other services on a case-by-
   case basis. Funds available usually within one day of application.
221 5th St. SW
Sidney, MT 59270
(406) 433-2282
Rural Employment Opportunities (REO)
Provides emergency food and gas assistance to migrant and seasonal farm workers.
1739 Grand Suite A
Billings, MT 59102
Norma Holland (800) 823-5566

Salvation Army
Provides emergency financial assistance on a case-by-case basis for victims. Covers costs of hotel,
housing, food, utilities, and others.
Bob Burnison at the Sidney Police Dept.
110 2nd Ave. NW
Sidney, MT 59270
(406) 433-2210 (Police Dept.)
(406) 433-6299 (Salvation Army Store)

Sidney Food Bank
Open by appointment.
204 2nd Ave NE
Sidney, MT 59270
(406) 433-8142

Social Security Administration
Provides insurance and income for people with disabilities.
2900 4th Ave. N Room 100
Billings, MT 59101
(800) 453-0524

Unemployment Insurance
Covers loss of job or loss of wages due to domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking. Also
covers individuals who have acted on behalf of a child who is a victim. Application can be
downloaded online ( or requested over the telephone (406) 247-1000.
Margaret Ore (406) 44-9036

Women, Infant, & Children (WIC)
Provides free food/formula and nutrition information to pregnant or nursing mothers, infants, and
children up to 5 years old. Must meet financial, nutritional, and medical risk requirements (no exam
necessary – self reported). See the Public Assistance Programs Guide for more details
221 5th St. SW
Sidney, MT 59270
(406) 433-2207

Yellowstone Community Church
Food bank in Savage, MT. Open by appointment.
c/o Robert Pesola
PO Box 70
Savage, Montana 59221
(406) 776-2236
Dawson County Community College
Classes in Glendive, MT and online.
P.O. box 421
Glendive, MT 59330
(800) 821-8320

Financial Counseling
Free counseling for solving debt and money management problems: budget and credit counseling,
debt liquidation information, and debt repayment programs. One-on-one counseling over the phone
or group education.
Mike Hogan
1620 Alderson #27
Billings, MT 59102
(800) 227-7539 or (406) 656-4370

General Education Degree (GED)
Free year-long GED classes are held on Monday and Wednesday nights from 5-7pm at Central
School (Boys and Girls Club). Registration and testing are available as well.
Mary Jo Saboe
at Rau School (406) 482-1088 (school-year)
or at home (406) 433-4776 (summer)

Literacy Volunteers of America (LVA)
Provides free adult tutoring, including math and reading, pre-GED, and English as a Second
Language (ESL).
Sue Zimmerman
121 3rd Ave. NW
Sidney, MT 59270
(406) 433-1917

Richland County Extension Office
Provides free material on money management, health, nutrition, meal preparation, personal
development, consumerism, and housing.
123 W. Main St.
Sidney, MT 5927-
(406) 433-1206

Sidney Migrant Education
Free summer education for all ages. Adult education classes held in the evenings, including GED,
satellite courses, and vocational work. Free elementary school classes run from 7am-3:30pm. High
school classes run from 6:30pm-9:30pm and credits transfer to other schools. Free pre-school open
7am-3:30pm. To qualify, someone in the family must be working OR seeking work in agriculture.
Computer lab available.
West Side School
121 5th Street SW
Sidney, MT 59270
(406) 433-5501
Williston State College
Classes in Williston, ND.
1410 University Ave.
Williston, ND 58802-1326
(710) 774-4200

Employment Assistance
Action for Eastern Montana
Mentorship for youth aged 14-21: tutoring, work experience, leadership development.
P.O. Box 1309
Glendive, MT 59330
(406) 377-3564 or (800) 227-0703

Eastern Montana Industries
Provides assistance with job-search, job placement, and resume building.
Cindy Berg
405 W. Bell St.
Glendive, MT 59330
(406) 377-3192

Job Corps
Offers free job training, college classes, and job placement for economically disadvantaged young
adults aged 16-24. Centers are located in Anaconda, Ronan, and Darby.
Marcy Buster
2121 B. Rosebud Drive
Billings, MT 59102
(406) 259-2322 or (800) 544-5627

Job Service Workforce Center
Employment counseling, training, aptitude testing, job search assistance, career information,
workshops, resume building.
211 N. Central
Sidney, MT 59270

Richland County WoRC Program
Employment counseling, screening, training, job search assistance, employability planning, and
workshops. Participation in WoRC is often required for those receiving financial assistance through
TANF, but the Family Violence Option may exempt victims from participation.
Zadena Kingland
221 5th St. SW
Sidney, MT 59270
(406) 433-3505
Rural Employment Opportunities (REO)
Job training and placement for dislocated seasonal farm and ranch workers.
1739 Grand Suite A
Billings, MT59102
Normal Holland (406) 256-1140 or (800) 823-5566

Vocational Rehabilitation Services
Provides services to disabled individuals and aids them in entering/returning to employment.
708 Palmer
Miles City, MT 59301
Kathy Beachot (406) 232-0583

Address Confidentiality Program (ACP)
Provides victims with a free P.O. Box address located in Helena, MT. Mail is then forwarded from
the victim’s ACP box to their actual, confidential address. Applicants must be victims of domestic
violence, sexual assault, or stalking.
Joan Eliel
P.O. Box 201410
Helena, MT 59620-1410
(406) 444-5803

Drivers Licensing Station
Obtaining a Montana driver’s license and/or photo ID helps victims establish their independent
Richland County Courthouse
Sidney, MT 59270
(406) 433-2378

Name Change
      Social Security Administration
       Assists with all Social Security programs and services.
       2900 4th Ave. N Room 100
       Billings, MT 59101
       (800) 453-0524
      See Montana Law Library for forms and additional information.
Legal Assistance
Dawson County Coalition Against Domestic Violence DCCADV
Provides civil representation to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking through
Montana Legal Services. Must be working with a domestic violence program to be eligible.
122 W Bell St
Glendive, MT

Montana Legal Services
Free civil legal assistance to low-income Montanans. Victims can apply through Dawson County
Coalition Against Domestic Violence (see above).
 Montana Law Help is a user-friendly law library online with answers to frequently asked
     questions and live help from a site specialist.
 Technical Legal Assistance Project is for advocates who serve victims of violence. The project
     answers questions, provides legal forms, and fact sheets about orders of protection, dissolution
     of marriage, child custody, federal firearms statutes, full faith and credit, and collaborative legal
P.O. Box 3093
Billings, MT 59103-3093
(800) 999-4941

Montana Self-Help Law Office
Provides information about simple legal procedures and sample forms.
Basement Library
121 3rd Ave. NW
Sidney, MT 59270
(406) 489-1477 or (800) 666-6124

Montana State Law Library
Comprehensive reference for Montana laws by topic, sample legal forms, and web links.
or talk to a librarian (406) 444-3660 or (800) 710-9827

Immigration/Citizenship Concerns
If the abuser has a green card, but the victim does not, she and her family are eligible for citizenship
under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). Under VAWA, spouses and children of United
States citizens or lawful permanent residents (LPR) may self-petition to obtain lawful permanent
residency. The immigration provisions of VAWA allow certain battered immigrants to file for
immigration relief without the abuser's assistance or knowledge, in order to seek safety and
independence from the abuser. To self-petition, you must complete and send the USCIS Form I-
360, including all supporting documentation, to the Vermont Service Center with a certified return
receipt. Filing fees total $260. Applications can be obtained online or ordered over the phone.
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
Vermont Service Center
75 Lower Welden St.
Saint Albans, Vermont 05479
Medical / Health Care
Adult Protective Services
Investigates reports of abuse of disabled adults or elder adults and provides protection services
when necessary. Sidney is served through:
Glendive office - Tami Conrad (406) 377-1192
Eastern Montana Office (406) 234-1867

Caring Program for Children (through Blue Cross/Blue Shield)
Health insurance for children who do not have health insurance and do not qualify for government
assistance. Applications can be obtained through Belinda at the local office.
Box 872
Helena, MT 59624
(800) 447-7828 or Belinda Larson (406) 488-4366

Child and Family Services
Investigates reports of child abuse/neglect and provides protection services when necessary.
Approves adoptive homes and licenses foster homes. To make referrals, call the centralized
number: 866-820-5437.
221 5th St. SW
Sidney, MT 59270
(406) 433-1903

Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP)
Covers children up to 19 years old who have no insurance and are not eligible for Medicaid. CHIP
covers office and clinic visits, emergency services, prescription drugs, lab/x-ray services, mental
health or substance abuse services, surgery, dental, vision, and hearing exams. Some services
require co-payment. Administered through Helena, MT. See the Public Assistance Programs Guide
for more details
Catherine Buckley-Patton (406) 444-6992
Apply through the Office of Public Assistance in Sidney
221 5th St. SW
Sidney, MT 59270
(406) 433-2282

Diabetes Self-Management Program
An interactive 6-week course covers problem solving, managing emotions, exercise, cognitive
symptom management, communication skills, developing patient/physician partnership, use of
community resources, nutrition, managing medications, and advanced directives for individuals with
Richland County Health Network
124 S. Central Ave
Sidney, MT 59270
(406) 433-6946

District II Alcohol and Drug
Low-cost counseling, education, referral, evaluation, and support groups for adults and children with
alcohol/drug addiction problems. Services provided on a sliding-scale.
209 2nd St. SE
Sidney, MT 59270
(406) 433-4097
Eastern Montana Mental Health
Assessment and counseling for financially qualified residents ($14,700 gross for a single person,
2006). Mental health also covers pharmaceutical therapy for psychological conditions with a small
co-payment and provides referral to day treatment, case management, and therapeutic aide
services. For those who do not meet financial requirements, counseling is billed at $100 per session,
although Mental Health can set up a payment plan. See the Public Assistance Programs Guide for
more details.
221 5th St. SW
Sidney, MT 59270
(406) 433-4635

Hi-Line Homes Program, Inc
 Family Education and Support offers family education and support services to families who have
   had a child at risk for developmental delays or who is developmentally delayed.
 Partnership Project works with families who have children under 5 years old. Home visitors help
   families become more self-sufficient by addressing issues such as parenting skills, furthering
   education, budgeting, and job seeking skills.
221 S. Central Ave.
P.O. Box 349
Sidney, MT
(406) 433-6061

HIV/AIDS Resources (Department of Public Health and Human Services)
Provides case management, medical care, drug assistance, and financial support for rent, travel,
etc. for HIV positive Montanans. Also provides training for local providers.
 Ryan White Title II/Early Intervention Program (EIP) provides CD4 testing and a medical
     evaluation for HIV positive individuals as well as educational sessions with an early intervention
     counselor. The sessions cover a wide range of wellness oriented topics.
 AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) provides anti-retrovirals, protease inhibitors,
     hydroxyurea and pentamidine to qualified individuals at no cost.
 Health Insurance Continuum of Coverage Program (HICCP) - This program pays all or part (up
     to $500) of monthly premiums for HIV positive individuals with private insurance.
 Partner Notification is a service available to HIV positive individuals to assist in the notification of
     sex and needle sharing partners to encourage them to be tested for HIV.
Deering Community Health Clinic
Yellowstone County Health Department
123 S. 27th St.
Billings, MT 59101
Debbie Hedrick (406) 247-3350

Home Health and Hospice
Provides care for homebound patients, including the terminally ill. Services must be ordered by a
Sidney Health Center
216 14th Ave. SW
Sidney, MT 59270
(406) 488-2136
Home and Community Based Services
Provides case managers to coordinate services to help individuals remain in their home.
Sidney Health Center
216 14th Ave. SW
Sidney, MT 59270
(406) 488-2193
(406) 488-2128

Family Planning
Provides free comprehensive women’s healthcare: includes physical exams, cancer and STD
screening (Chlamydia and Gonorrhea), counseling, pregnancy testing, and health education.
221 5th St. SW
Sidney, MT 59270
(406) 433-2207

Forensic Rape Examination Payment Program (FREPP)
Pays for rape examination kits for victims of sexual assault conducted within 72 hours of the assault,
including the complete exam, ER charge, physician or nurse examiner charge, STD and pregnancy
prophylaxis, laboratory fees, supplies, pharmaceuticals, and shipping costs. The victim does NOT
need to report the incident to law enforcement. Does not cover treatment of injuries incurred during
an assault. Call Holly or see Richland County Coalition Against Domestic Violence (RCCADV) for
more information or an application.
Holly Johnson
(406) 444-3653
P.O. Box 822
Sidney, MT 59270
(406) 433-7421

Living Independently for Today and Tomorrow Inc. (LIFTT)
Provides information and referral to persons with disabilities to allow them to live independently.
Kathy Bach, Benefits Specialist
Box 621
218 W. Bell St.
Glendive, MT 59330
(406) 377-4062

Montana Breast and Cervical Health Program
Provides free mammograms and pelvic exams for women aged 50-64 who are uninsured or under-
221 5th St. SW
Sidney, MT 59270
(406) 433-2207

Montana Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Council
Provides primary and preventive health care, transportation, dental, pharmaceutical, occupational
health and safety, and environmental health services to agricultural workers. Some services, such
as HIV testing, are available to all community members. Call for details.
RR1, Box 1174
1015 Highway 200, South
Fairview, MT 59221
(406) 747-5201
Richland County Health Department
Provides low-cost immunizations (childhood immunizations at $12 per injection), vision and hearing
screenings ($4), free developmental screenings, and prevention education. The clinic is open Mon-
Wed from 12-4:30pm.
221 5th St. SW
Sidney, MT 59270
(406) 433-2207

Sidney Health Center Extended Care
Hospice care with 24-hour nursing services.
104 14th Ave. SW
Sidney, MT 59270
(406) 488-2300
Action for Eastern Montana                                     1,5
Address Confidentiality Program (ACP)                          6
Adult Protective Services                                      8
Caring Program for Children                                    8
Child and Family Services (CFS)                                8
Child Support Enforcement Division                             1
Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP)                        8
Dawson County Coalition Against Domestic Violence              7
Dawson County Community College                                4
Developmental Education Assistance Program (DEAP)              1
Diabetes Self-Management Program                               8
District II Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Services           8
Drivers Licensing Station                                      6
Eastern Montana Industries                                     5
Eastern Montana Mental Health                                  9
Fairview Ministerial Association                               1
Fairview Food Bank                                             1
Family Planning                                                10
Financial Counseling                                           4
Forensic Rape Examination Payment Program (FREPP)              10
General Education Degree (GED)                                 4
Hi-Line Homes Program Inc.                                     9
HIV/AIDS Resources (DPHHS)                                     9
Home Health and Hospice                                        9
Home and Community Based Services                              10
Immigration/Citizenship Concerns                               7
Job Corps                                                      5
Job Service Workforce Center                                   5
Literacy Volunteers of America (LVA)                           4
Living Independently for Today and Tomorrow Inc. (LIFTT)       10
Matthew House                                                  2
Montana Breast and Cervical Health Program                     10
Montana Fair Housing                                           2
Montana Legal Services                                         7
Montana Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Council                10
Montana Self-Help Law Office                                   7
Montana State Law Library                                      6,7
Name Change                                                    6
Richland County Coalition Against Domestic Violence (RCCADV)   2
Richland County Extension Office                               4
Richland County Health Department                              11
Richland County Housing Authority                              2
Richland County Office of Public Assistance                    2
Richland County WoRC Program                                   5
Rural Employment Opportunities (REO)                           3,6
Salvation Army                                                 3
Sidney Food Bank                                               3
Sidney Health Center Extended Care                             11
Sidney Migrant Education                                       4
Social Security Administration                                 3,6
Unemployment Insurance                                         3
Vocational Rehabilitation Services                             6
Williston State College                                        5
Women, Infant, & Children (WIC)                                3
Yellowstone Community Church                                   3

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