The Month of Gemini by shakilaliaqat99


									The Month of Gemini, 2012
The Zodiac Month Ahead Concentration upon IDEAS as AIDES

What we all can expect from the forecast of our planetary skies 20 May to 20 June.


"The vice of many Gemini natives is lack of concentration. The genius of Gemini cannot
come to flower unless the individual disciplines himself, to make this thinking one-
pointed, functioning in sharp, forceful focus to any one thing or idea at will. Gemini souls
must learn to select thoughts and ideas at will, making such ideas and thoughts their very
own by acquiring a growing stability in their thinking. No true power is theirs until the
superficial and surface-skimming quality of thinking is done away with, the desire to
dabble being replaced by an intense power of concentration which makes the mind
mighty." ~John Jocelyn

Sun                   enters                 Gemini                   20                May
The time of the season has come once more to think about necessary change before
another begins. As we engage in the communicative energies that Gemini wishes for us
to synthesize within, we are collectively asked to embrace the union of ideas that The
Twins present to us. As with any mutable sign, the cultivation of concentration is
required to best align the forces that naturally bring us to a place of adaptation within our
life. While the intellect and mental capacities are on full alert, is the power of taking a
SILENT LISTEN that guides us best to consciously aim for the proper establishment of
relationships as this Zodiac month unfolds.

Solar       Eclipse      in     Gemini        20     May        June     7:23pm       EDT
Our first Solar Eclipse of 2012 brings an extra special transformative energy to the
initiations sparking at the very beginning of the Gemini part of your world as the first
New Moon occurs within this Zodiac month. The 0-degree Gemini spot within your natal
chart gets a true turn of regeneration and brilliant rebirth. Solar Eclipses always are
paired with a New Moon, wherein true inspiration and a flow of fresh energy streams
from this area of the life for up to a full year. Collectively as we experience this within
The Twins, a profound awareness stemming from the alignment of the mind is available
for anyone to observe with a fitful instinct.

Mercury         enters        Gemini        24       May,         Cancer        07      June
Right after the Solar Eclipse sparks new beginnings to emerge in Gemini,
communications related energies wish to journey with The Twins. Speedy, inquisitive
and ever-active mentalities add to the emotional feelings here. While Venus's ongoing
request to revisit what is of true value within this area of the life, see how some different
ways of looking at things can replace worn-out patterns of thinking. The collective can
expect plenty of double-sided coins to ponder, in where a true uniting of divided goals
will be the grace that brings in genius results to any relationship-oriented understandings.
As The Messenger moves on to journey with The Crab, look for nurturing ways to say
what you feel- as receptive, instinctive, and emotionally swayed energies will wish to
emerge upon the collective's perceptions.

Lunar          Eclipse       in      Sagittarius         04        June      7:03am        EDT
Our pair of Spring Eclipses balances out in the opposition of The Archer, where, The
North Node has already been requiring your focus for over the past year. The time to
truly let it all go within this area of the life is at a state of completion, bringing forth the
deepest sense of change at the 14-degree point of Sagittarius. While the North Node will
not be finished with all it has asked for you to be emotionally responsible to here until
later in August, the beginning of seeing an amazing finalization process unfold equally
starts with this Full Moon. Being honorable to the education and teaching we have
collectively gained in Sagittarius by developing emotional stability here, allows what is
meant to further release to make room for supreme new beginnings near the close of

Jupiter                 enters                Gemini                 11                June
Your Gemini slice of life will swirl with more positive energy, and as The Philosopher
planet teams up with The Twins for a year's pass. You can be certain even amongst
Venus's review throughout 27 June, there is much abundance and change in beliefs on
their way to this area of the life. As expansion is promised here, it will be from all those
IDEAS that are indeed AIDES. Collectively, our power of expression will be able to
move mountains of change as the Universal year of 2012 continues. New forms of
education are highly favored to emerge that stems from clever, scientific, witty and fertile
mindsets that communicate the synthesis that Gemini ideally shines within.

2nd       New       Moon        in      Gemini       20       June,       29        degrees
While the beginning of Gemini sees a fresh start, so to, do we upon this "Blue Moon"
within one Zodiac month, see the close of The Twins complete with more launching of
the new. Both New Moons ask for us to hone in on intense adaptation to what can be
favorably improved from fresh and concentrated feelings. While the 29th degree is asked
to remain graceful under and pressure that may arise, it will be essential for this Waxing
Phase to make sure emotions do not spin out of control with reaction, but remain
ultimately calm in our response to what new changes will unfold on a collective level.

May you find co-operation with your IDEAS as AIDES -allowing the true synthesis to
align in the mindset- and the power of concentration to be your genius soul power.

8 Planets. In Chinese zodiac signs tradition, the planets are also associated with the basic
forces of nature. The patterns that the planets make in the sky reflect the ebb and flow of
basic human impulses.
Moon. The ruling planet of Cancer and is exalted in Taurus, the Moon is associated with
a person's emotional make-up, unconscious habits, rhythms, memories, moods and their
ability to react and adapt to those around them.

In Chinese tradition, the Moon symbolizes Yin, the passive and receptive feminine life

Aspects. This is the angular relationship between the pairs of planets themselves and
other points. Aspects are considered to function within an orb of influence, the size of
which varies according to the importance of each aspect. The orb is the difference
between the exact and the actual aspect.

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