How to Make Egg Fried Rice

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					                                      How to Make Egg Fried Rice
                                      This egg fried rice recipe is sure to delight your family.
                                      You can make egg fried rice as a main dish, a one-dish
                                      meal recipe or a side dish to compliment an entree. All
                                      measurements are approximate because this is a versatile
                                      dish meant to be tailored to your preferences. Experiment

                                              Heat coconut or olive oil in a pan over medium-
                                      high heat. This recipe is best made with a high-quality oil.
                                      Be careful not to let the oil smoke; turn the heat slightly
                                      lower if this happens.
                                           Add minced garlic and minced candied ginger to
                                      the oil.
                                           Add the cold cooked rice to the pan, slowly,
                                      crumbling out any lumps. This fried rice recipe is great to
                                      make with leftover rice.
      Continue to fry the rice, adding extra olive oil if needed. Brown the rice without
       scorching it. Add chopped meat, pieces of chicken or shrimp if desired.
      Clear a space in the middle of the pan. Add a small amount of oil and crack in two eggs.
       Scramble eggs and mix in with the rice as they cook.
      Add frozen peas or other veggies to the pan. Mix in a small amount of soy sauce and
       season with pepper, cumin and curry powder to taste.

Tips Cara Membuat nasi goreng dalam bahasa inggris :
The sugar on the candied ginger make the rice caramelize, providing a delicious flavor and
perfect texture.

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