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									                                  Business Link
                                      Quarterly Newsletter
 Winter 2005                                                                       “Big companies are small
                                                                                    companies that succeeded”
                                                                                     – Robert Townsend

          New Titles                Home-Based Business                  Oluleye, Kunmi
                ***                                                      Selling My Food to Supermarkets,
Discover the Entrepreneur in You Work at Home Directory                  Distributors, Etc.: Sheba Foods
                                   (Q658.041 Wor)                        (381.456412 Olu)
Hogan, Mike
Entrepreneur Magazine’s Start      For the Entrepreneur                  Pakroo, Peri
Your Own e-Learning Business:                                            Starting And Building a Nonprofit:
Your Step-by-Step Guide to Success Friedman, Milton                      A Practical Guide
(371.334 Hog)                      Capitalism and Freedom                (Q658.048 Pak)
                                   (330.15 Friedman)
Monosoff, Tamara                                                         Pendarvis, Ed
The Mom Inventors Handbook:        Gottry, Steven R.                     Buying a Business to Secure Your
How to Turn Your Great Idea Into   Common Sense Business: Starting,      Financial Freedom: Finding and
the Next Big Thing                 Operating and Growing Your Small      Evaluating the Business That’s For
(658.1141 Mon)                     Business—in Any Economy               You
                                   (658.022 Got)                         (658.16 Pen)
Work-at-Home Sourcebook
(658.041 Ard)                      Kumar, Rajesh                         Rubinfeld, Arthur
                                   Doing Business in India: A Guide      Built for Growth: Expanding Your
Franchises                         for Western Managers                  Business Around the Corner or
                                   (395.520954 Kum)                      Across the Globe
Amos, James                                                              (658.406 Rub)
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to      Lele, Milind M.
Franchising                        Monopoly Rules: How to Find,          Sloan, Jeff
(658.8708 Amo)                     Capture and Control the Most          Startupnation: America’s Leading
                                   Lucrative Markets in Any Business     Entrepreneurial Experts Reveal the
“How Much Can I Make?”:            (658.575 Lel)                         Secrets to Building a Blockbuster
Actual Sales and Profit Potential                                        Business
for Your Small Business            Mancuso, Anthony                      (658.11 Slo)
(Q658.8708 How)                    How to Form a Nonprofit
                                   Corporation                           Smith, Cheryl A.
Lesonsky, Rieva                    (Q346.7306 Man)                       Market Women: Black Women
Ultimate Book of Homebased                                               Entrepreneurs—Past, Present and
Franchises 2005/2006               Mohr, Angie                           Future
(Q658.8708 Les)                    Managing Business Growth: Get a       (388.04089 Smi)
                                   Grip on the Numbers That Count
Ultimate Book of Low-Cost          (658.022 Moh)                         Start, Run & Grow a Successful
Franchises 2005/2006                                                     Small Business
(Q658.8708 Les)                    Nesheim, John L.                      (658.022 Sta)
                                   The Power of Unfair Advantage:
Ultimate Book of Restaurant        How to Create It, Build It, and Use   Thaler, John
and Food-Service Franchises        It To Maximum Effect                  The Elements of Small Business:
2005/2006                          (658 Nes)                             A Lay Person’s Guide to the
(Q647.95068 Les)                                                         Financial Terms, Marketing
                               Half Hollow Hills Community Library
Concepts and Legal Forms that      Laing, JoAnn Mills
Every Entrepreneur Needs           The Small Business Guide to       Cartagena, Chiqui
(658.022 Tha)                      Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)    Latino Boom!: Everything You
                                   (338.43362 Lai)                   Need to Know to Grow Your
Waters, Robyn                                                        Business in the U.S.
The Trendmasters Guide:            Mindell, Phyllis                  Hispanic Market
Get a Jump on What Your            How to Say It for Executives:     (658.8348 Car)
Customer Wants Next                The Complete Guide to
(658.818 Wat)                      Communicating for Leaders         Clow, Kenneth E.
                                   (658.45 Min)                      Concise Encyclopedia
Taking Care of Business                                              of Advertising
                                   Mohr, Angie                       (659.1 Clo)
Bakke, Dennis                      Managing Business Growth: Get a
Joy at Work: A Revolutionary       Grip on the Numbers That Count    Giguere, Eric
Approach to Fun on the Job         (658.022 Moh)                     Make Easy Money with Google:
(658.3 Bak)                                                          Using the Ad Sense
                                   Neff, Thomas J.                   Advertising Program
Bell, Arthur H.                    You’re in Charge—Now What?        (658.4038 Gig)
Writing Effective Letters,         The 8 Point Plan
Memos & e-mail                     (658.4 Nef)                       Godin, Seth
(651.75 Bel)                                                         All Marketers Are Liars:
                                   Nelson, Bob                       The Power of Telling Authentic
Bond, Alan                         1001 Ways to Reward Employees     Stories in a Low-Trust World
300+ Successful Business Letters   (658.3142 Nel)                    (658.8 God)
for All Occasions
(Q651.75 Bon)                    Podmoroff, Dianna                   Green, Brent
                                 How to Hire, Train & Keep the       Marketing to Leading-Edge Baby
Coughlin, Dan                    Best Employees for Your             Boomers: Perceptions, Principles,
Corporate Catalysts: How to Make Small Business                      Practices, Predictions
Your Company More Successful,    (658.3 Pod)                         (658.8348 Gre)
Whatever Your Title,
Income or Authority              Sirota, David                       Howard, Martin
(658.401 Cou)                    The Enthusiastic Employee:          We Know What You Want:
                                 How Companies Profit By Giving      How They Change Your Mind
Fire at Will: Terminating Your   Workers What They Want              (658.8 How)
Employees Legally                (658.314 Sir)
(Q658.313 Fir)                                                       Kim, W. Chan
                                 Smart, Bradford D.                  Blue Ocean Strategy:
Guerin, Lisa                     Topgrading: How Leading             How to Create Uncontested Market
Create Your Own Employee         Companies Win By Hiring,            Space and Make the
Handbook: A Legal and            Coaching and Keeping the            Competition Irrelevant
Practical Guide                  Best People                         (658.802 Kim)
(Q658.301 Gue)                   (658.311 Sma)
                                                                     Lee, Monle
Hicks, Kimberley                   Ulrich, David                     Principles of Advertising:
How to Communicate with Your       The HR Value Proposition          A Global Perspective
Spanish and Asian Employees:       (658.3 Ulr)                       (659.1 Lee)
A Translation Guide for Small
Business Owners                    Get the Word Out                  Lenskold, James
(658.3 Hic)                                                          Marketing ROI: The Path
                                   Asacker, Tom                      to Campaign, Customer and
Kimball, Bob                       A Clear Eye for Branding:         Corporate Profitability
The Book of Management             Straight Talk on Today’s Most     (658.1554 Len)
(658 Kim)                          Powerful Business Concept
                                   (658.827 Asa)
Levinson, Jay Conrad                  McGuckin, Frances                  Hopkins, Bruce R.
Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days        Business for Beginners: From       Starting and Managing a Nonprofit
(658.8 Lev)                           Research and Business Plans to     Organization: A Legal Guide
                                      Money, Marketing and the Law       (658.048 Hop)
Loudon, David L.                      (658.11 McG)
Marketing Management:                                                    Lewis, Harold
Text and Cases                        Sutton, Garrett                    Bids, Tenders & Proposals:
(658.8 Lou)                           The ABC’s of Writing Winning       Winning Business Through
                                      Business Plans: How to Prepare     Best Practice
Meyerson, Mitch                       a Business Plan That Others Will   (808.0666 Lew)
Success Secrets of the Online         Want to Read—And Invest In
Marketing Superstars                  (658.4012 Sut)                     Mancuso, Anthony
(658.872 Mey)                                                            Business Buyout Agreements:
                                      Tiffany, Paul                      A Step-by-Step Guide for
Miller-Davidson, Molly                Business Plans for Dummies         Co-Owners
Launch It!: How to Turn Good          (658.4012 Tif)                     (Q346.730652 Man)
Ideas into Great Products That Sell
(658.575 Mil)                         Finances                           Incorporate Your Business:
                                                                         A Legal Guide to Forming a
Phillips, Michael                     Gladstone, David                   Corporation in Your State
Marketing Without Advertising:        Venture Capital Handbook: An       (Q346.73066 Man)
Inspire Customers to Rave About       Entrepreneur’s Guide to Raising
Your Business and Create              Venture Capital                    Pakroo, Peri
Lasting Success                       (658.1522 Gla)                     The Small Business Start-Up Kit
(658.8 Phi)                                                              (Q658.022 Pak)
                                      Low, Robert J.
Ross, Marilyn Heimberg                Accounting and Finance for Small   Sitarz, Dan
Shameless Marketing for Brazen        Business Made Easy                 Corporation: Small Business
Hussies: 307 Awesome Marketing        (658.1511 Low)                     Start-Up Kit
Strategies for Savvy Entrepreneurs                                       (Q346.7306 Sit)
(658.8 Ros)                           Rosenberg, Eva
                                      Small Business Taxes Made Easy     Limited Liability Company:
Sugarman, Joseph                      (343.7305 Ros)                     Small Business Start-Up Kit
Advertising Secrets of the Written                                       (Q346.73066 Sit)
Word: The Ultimate Resource on        Thaler, John
How to Write Powerful Advertising     The Elements of Small Business:    Spadaccini, Michael
Copy from One of America’s Top        A Lay Person’s Guide to the        Entrepreneur Magazine’s Ultimate
Copy Writers and Mail                 Financial Terms, Marketing         Book of Business Forms
Order Entrepreneurs                   Concepts and Legal Forms that      (Q651.29 Spa)
(Q659.132 Sug)                        Every Entrepreneur Needs
                                      (658.022 Tha)                      Steingold, Fred
Warner, Fara                                                             Legal Guide for Starting and
Power of the Purse: How               Warwick, Mal                       Running a Small Business
Smart Businesses Are Adapting         The Mercifully Brief, Real-World   (Q658.022 Ste)
to the World’s Most Important         Guide to Raising $1,000 Gifts
Consumers-Women                       by Mail                            Walker, June
(658.8348 War)                        (658.15224 War)                    Self-Employed Tax Solutions:
                                                                         Quick, Simple, Money-Saving,
On the Right Track                    Legal Matters                      Audit-Proof Tax and Recordkeeping
Business Plans                                                           Basics for the
                                      Barnard, Paul W.                   Independent Professional
Abrams, Rhonda M.                     How to Start a Business in         (343.73062 Wal)
Business Plan in a Day: Get It        New York
Done Right, Get It Done Fast          (Q346.747 Bar)
(658.4012 Abr)
Warda, Mark                                                                               New Database
The Complete Book of Personal Legal Forms                                              ***
(Q347.7355 War)                                             Hoovers Online
                                                            A database of 12 million companies with in depth
More Money: Grant Writing                                   coverage of 40,000 of the world’s top business
                                                            enterprises. It delivers comprehensive company,
Miner, Jeremy T.                                            industry and market intelligence that drives business
Models of Proposal Planning and Writing                     growth. This database may only be accessed from
(Q658.15224 Min)                                            workstations in the Half Hollow Hills Community
Image Is Everything

Quilliam, Susan
Body Language
(158.69 Qui)

Help is on the Way: Agencies for Entrepreneurs

Suffolk Nassau Chamber of Commerce at Huntington
164 Main Street
Huntington, NY 11743
(631) 423-6100

Represents the interests of business, industry, financial
service, not-for-profit and other professionals of
the greater Long Island region. The Chamber is
dedicated to serving the needs of its members through
government advocacy, networking, communication
and education and training.

Contact: Linda Mitchell
         Vice President, Education and Training
         Ext. 13                                            Compiled by
Contact: Ivy Algazy                                         Eileen Effrat and Rosemarie Jerome
         Vice President, Membership                         Reference Department
         Ext. 15
                                                            Half Hollow Hills Community Library
Long Island Association
300 Broadhollow Road, Suite 110W                            Dix Hills Building
Melville, NY 11747-4840                                     55 Vanderbilt Parkway
(631) 493-3006                                              Dix Hills, NY 11746                               (631) 421-4530

Actively advocates the interests of, and promotes           Melville Building
cooperation among the business, labor, education,           510 Sweet Hollow Road
scientific, technology, not-for-profit and civic            Melville, NY 11747
communities. They conduct business networking               (631) 421-4535
functions, held on various days of the week and are
conveniently scheduled either in the early morning
before regular business hours or after the business day.
Participants have the opportunity to meet a variety of
other business people and learn about their business
and spread the word about their business.
                                                                    “Big companies are small companies that succeeded”
                                                                                      – Robert Townsend

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