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BoomBox Collectible Postcards by jennyyingdi



           Targeting and reaching the
          elusive young teen audience
What is
                                       y branded
     The Boomerang Boom Box is a full
                                     nagers in schools.
     dispenser designed to target tee
                                                                       or any
                                     booklets, badges, poster-cards
     It can contain postcards, CDs,                     course possible.
                                      templates are of
     other media required. Bespoke
                                        are located in the high footfall
     Boom Boxes are very visible and                                     with
                                       A3 posters can also be sent out
     learning resource centre (LRC).
      Boom Boxes to complem    ent the campaign.

      • Reaches 25% (1m) of all UK tee

      • Placed in 750 schools nationwide
       • Completely tailored to your need

       • Ideal for website drives

    Why Teens?

They are media savvy, young adopters of brands who are aware of
advertising and thrifty with their spending money.

They are part of the digital revolution and therefore are at ease with
modern technology. This impacts the way in which they are influenced to
try new products.*** Postcards are an ideal medium to drive teens online
to interact with, and buy into, your brand.

They are less affected by the economic slowdown than other
demographic groups and this presents strong opportunities for growth.***

93% of teens use the internet.*

70% of online teens use social networking sites.*

More than 75% of teens have a mobile phone.*

97% of teens play computer games.*

   Why Schools?
Postcards are picked up in close proximity to computers and internet facilities
ideal for website drives. Schools are the perfect route to get to a large
percentage of the teen audience effectively and quickly. Teens are in the ideal
mind-set to respond to a call to action or discuss brands with their friends.

70% of teens visit the LRC 3-4 times a week or more.**

80% have picked up cards from a Boom Box campaign.**

90% of teens have noticed the A3 Boom Box Posters.**

80% were interested in finding out more about a campaign using the
web link on the back of a postcard.**
* Teen Check Up 2009 ** Boomerang Focus Group June 2009 *** Mintel Report June 2009
                                                             Creativity &            the postcard medium

                                                          Tried & Tested: The postcard medium is well-known as a creative and
                                                          intelligent method to reach audiences.
                                                          Creative Flexibility: Postcards can come in a vast array of card formats: sticker, lenticular,
                                                          die-cut, scented, glitter, poster cards, booklets, mirror and collectable series are but a few of
                                                          the creative techniques you can use.
                                                          Interactive: Postcards are always turned over for more info, allowing for links to websites on
                                                          the reverse. Some cards are so popular that they are sold on eBay!
                                                 Disney   Accountable: Postcards are an effective data capture tool and make it easy to see the R.O.I.
                                                          Due to the fact they are passed on and shown around, they also have longevity of message,
                                                          drive traffic online and more!
                                                          Self-selected: Postcards are only picked up by individuals who are interested in the
                                                          creative, which means your message is delivered to a receptive audience, with no wastage.

                                                            Why use Boom Box?
                                                                  How is it effective at reaching teens?

                                                          Very little competing media: Place your brand away from the clutter
                                                          of other teen channels.
                                                          Ensure brand stand-out: Make your Boom Box unique by branding
                                                          all visible surfaces and creating a set of collectible postcards.
                                                          Great brand exposure: Word of mouth, longevity of message, and a
                                                          “take home” poster for repeat viewings.
                                                          Cut through: As the Boom Box, its postcards and other contents are actively
                                                          sought out, it is a great way to target ad-avoiding teens.**
                         y - it is really social aft
I visit the LRC everyda
                                                          Venue selection: Site by site selection available.
                                mework done
       school and I get my ho                             Completely flexible campaign dates: Target your Boom Box to coincide with
                                   Clare Year 7           your brand activity.


                                         Sony Music                                                                           ** Boomerang Focus Group June 2009
                                                                                                      Case Studies

‘Until Then’
Puma used Boom Box as part of an integrated campaign
to advertise a new range of football boots, actively
engaging teenagers nationwide. A series of four
collectible cards achieved a 100% pick-up rate using
striking images of famous Premiership footballers in
Puma’s futuristic footwear.


                                                                     ‘School Invasions’
                                                                     Postcard media gave MySpace the opportunity to
                                                                     put their brand in hand, using a MySpace Boom Box
                                                                     to drive kids to sign up and vote for the best school
                                                                     on’s School Invasions competition.
                                                                     Branded tote bags, cards with badges and A3
                                                                     posters added value and informed students of the
                                                                     fantastic prizes up for grabs. This was the first time
                                                                     MySpace produced marketing offline and the only
                                                                     piece accompanying their online push.
               ‘Will & The People’
               Sony Music RCA (in association with Bebo)
               used branded tote bags, T-shirts, badges
               and collectible cards to drive youngsters
               online to find out more about Will & The
               People’s Weirdos single. The incentive was a
               competition to win a trip to a special London
               gig. 100% of focus group participants agreed
               they loved and would wear the Will and The
               People badges.

                                                                                                           Sony Music

                                                                     ‘Food for Thought’
                                                                     The BHF used Boom Box to distribute their CD
                                                                     sized booklets to youngsters to promote health
                                                                     conscious behaviour. Booklets invited kids to
                                                                     go online and make a Yoobot of themselves to
                                                                     monitor their wellbeing and fitness.

                                                                     The campaign drove 110,000 teens online to
                                                                     create their own Yoobot characters.

                                                                     A Yoobot game was designed to allow children
                                                                     to experiment on the mini version of themselves
                                                                     with a range of diets and exercise regimes so
                                                                     that they could see the consequences.
Case Studies                                         British Heart
                                                                Disney - Bolt

                   Disney has booked year round
                   activity that has targeted teens
                   with their latest blockbuster cinema
                   releases. A competition element for
                   kids to sign up to the websites and
                   win great prizes encouraged a drive
                   to the website and repeat visits.
                   Campaigns have included Bolt,
                   WALL-E, Hannah Montana, Prince
                   Caspian and Bedtime Stories.

                                UK Box Office
Bolt took a massive £18m at the
           (Disney’s biggest film of 2009 YTD)

                                                                            Using Boom Box Teen Media, the Government has been able to
                                                                            effectively communicate important issues to young people in their
                                                                            own language and get their buy-in to various campaigns.

                                                                            Boom Boxes were used to encourage social responsibility and
                                                                            healthy living, make teens aware of the advantages of staying in
                                                                            education and to drive them online. Boom Boxes can reach 25% of
                                                                            all teens in an environment in which they both work and socialise,
                                                                            and where they actively seek out the popular postcard medium.


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