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August Pullover Sweaters Cardigans


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									                    Our Lady of Perpetual Help School
                                              Family Newsletter
September 29, 2011

                                                                                    4) To become a believing and evangelizing
A Message from Fr. Jim
                                                                                       community…in dialogue with God at the
I like autumn. The bounty of the earth is reflected in                                 service to humanity. (FC @21)
the harvest blaze of color as nature prepares for
winter sleep. Fall offers us a cornucopia of sensual                      The fundamental message of the Family Perspective
experience in sight and sound, smells and the frosty                      Manual is the phrase, “Take into consideration the
touch in of the air. It is a great time to take a walk in                 Pastoral area of the family,” from the Pope’s
our parks and neighborhoods with our families.                            encyclical Familiaris Consortio, and developed into
Even picnics on sunny afternoons or tailgate parties                      the 1978 the Bishops’ response the Plan of
following the CYO games can get us out into God’s                         Pastoral Action for Family Ministry.
playground. It also offers us time to reflect with our
children and each other about our experiences and                                   “…every local church and …every parochial
reactions; time to give thanks for all the bounty of the                            community must become more vividly aware
earth; even time to talk about death.                                               of the grace and responsibility that it receives
                                                                                    from the Lord in order that it may promote the
Last weekend (September 24-25) I had an                                             pastoral care of the family. No plan for
opportunity to participate in a Family Ministry                                     organized pastoral work at any level must
Workshop at St. Patrick of Heatherdowns Parish.                                     ever fail to take into consideration the
There were some thirty people who attended the                                      pastoral area of the family.” (#70)
program sponsored and given by the National
Association of Family Life Ministries. I found it very                    As you might imagine there is a lot of material from
helpful in giving me resources to help our families                       this workshop that I want to share. It is not meant to
and parish to strengthen and support marriage and                         become a new program rather to give us a new
family life.                                                              perspective in what we are already doing in our
                                                                          homes and in our parish.
I want to share some of the material I received from
the resources provided in the workshop:
                                                                          Some questions to ponder as a family:
The Second Vatican Council uses the phrase
“domestic church” (Lumen Gentium #11) to describe                         What are the biggest challenges you face in your
the Christian family. Familiaris Consortio expounds                       household, either as a single (child) husband, wife or
on this description by describing Four tasks of the                       parent?
Christian Family:
                                                                          What was / is your role in your family of origin?
         1) To form an intimate union of persons;
         2) To serve life in its transmission…and by                      May God bless your family.know that He is with you
            handing on values and                                         in all of it.
            traditions…developing the potential of
            each member to serve life at every stage.                         Successful Marriage is not so much a matter of
                                                                                  Finding the right person, AS Being the Right
         3) To participate in the development of
            society by becoming a community of
            social training and hospitality,
                                                                          ~Fr. Jim
            involvement and activity;

Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, a Roman Catholic elementary school, is part of the educational ministry of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish.
We are committed to the development of the whole child, through faith formation, academic excellence, and Christian values, in order to help our
                                                    children live out the Gospel message.
MIDTERMS                                                   Upcoming PSA Events: Save the Date!
                                                               Caper's Pizza OLPH PSA Night – Tuesday,
Midterm progress reports will go home with students
                                                                October 4th
today. For those students in our middle school
(grades 6-8) please check Engrade for their midterm            Next PSA meeting: Tuesday, October 11th
reports. All students/parents should know the                  Craft Bazaar: Saturday, October 22nd
Engrade number to access your student’s
                                                             Keep up-to-date with PSA events via email, school
information. (www.engrade.com) If you have
                                                                     newsletter or PSA on Facebook!
questions, please contact your student’s homeroom           Thank you for all you do to support your OLPH PSA!
                                                           OLPH SPIRIT DAY
Scantron and ACRE testing
                                                           Tomorrow, Friday September 30th, will be our first
Students in grades 3-8 began Scantron testing this         Spirit Day of the year. These will be every last
week. Students will be tested in four subject areas:       Friday of the month. If students wear something
Math, Reading, Language Arts and Science.                  O.L.P.H., they may wear jeans without using a jeans
Scantron testing will continue through the month of        pass for free. Show your O.L.P.H. spirit! 
October In addition, students in fifth and eighth
grade will be taking the ACRE Religion test during
the week of October 3rd.                                   Dress Code reminders
                                                           As mentioned last week in a letter that went home in
                                                           the communication envelope, NAVY blue is a sock
                                                           color option for girls and WHITE has been added as
                                                           a sweater color option. Please remember that
                                                           sweaters should be V-neck or round neck pullovers
                                                           or cardigan-style in a solid color with no designs or
                       PSA Corner                          embellishments on the sweater. Students may
The next PSA Meeting is Tuesday, October 11, 2011 at       wear uniform shorts through Monday, October
7:00 p.m. in Meeting Room #2. All are welcome to           31st.
attend! If you have a topic of new business you would
like to add to the agenda please submit it via email to:   Picture Re-take Day
OLPH_PSA@hotmail.com. Remember, each time
you attend a PSA Meeting, each one of your                 Yesterday was Picture Day here at O.L.P.H. If your
children will receive a jeans pass!                        student was absent or if you are not satisfied with
                                                           how the pictures turn out when you receive them,
                                                           please mark your calendars for Tuesday, November
Craft Vendors Wanted! Our PSA Fundraising
                                                           8th as our picture re-take day.
Committee is organizing the OLPH Craft Bazaar.
This event will be held on October 22nd from 10-4pm
in the school gym. For further information, contact        Free or reduced HOT LUNCH
Chairperson Tanya Bialecki via email at:                   Parents: if you feel your family qualifies for free or
tanyabialecki@bex.net or by phone 419-380-8283             reduced price lunches through our government-
after 6:00 p.m. Please pass the news along to other        subsidized program you should fill out and return
crafters you know who may be interested. Also,             paperwork as soon as possible. Additional forms are
anyone interested in acting as Chairperson for the         available in the school office. Place them in an
bake sale at this event or donating baked goods            envelope addressed to Miss Anderson. If your family
please email Tanya Bialecki at your earliest               qualifies, we encourage you to apply. It does not
convenience.                                               cost our school when students receive free or
New Parent Night: Thank you to all who attended            reduced price lunches. The names of students on
and a special thank you to Susan Leonard, PSA              free or reduced price lunches are kept confidential.
Membership Committee Chairperson for organizing            If you have questions, please contact Miss
such a wonderful event!                                    Anderson.
Watch your email for notices and updates from PSA;
please send requests to be included on the PSA email       Folders
list to olph_psa@hotmail.com.                              Each student is bringing home a folder today to use
                                                           at home or at school. Thanks to our generous

                           Our Lady of Perpetual Help School: Faith. Academics. Service.
OHIO ALERTS: IMPORTANT                                                    TRIP UPDATE
We would like to encourage all families to register                       NEW VENDOR: Burlington Coat Factory $25 @ 8%.
with Ohio Alerts in order to receive information                          Dick’s Sporting Goods now comes in $100
specific to OLPH (school closings/delays, important                       increments.
info, etc.). It is very simple to register:
     Go to www.ohioalerts.org                                            MARKET DAY
     Click on Lucas County                                               What’s new at Market Day? Try Turkey Chili, Sweet
     Click on Our Lady of Perpetual Help                                 Potato Fries and General Tso’s Chicken! This month
     Click on Subscribe to Alerts                                        there are also Pumpkin Cookie Shapes for
     Enter your information in the spaces provided                       Halloween, and on page 8 of the brochure is a listing
         under OLPH ALERTS.                                               of all the chicken dishes on sale this month—
     Please note that there is a separate alert that                     including the most popular item at Market Day:
         says OLPH Teacher Alerts. This is only for                       ChicNSteakes! Deadline to order is Wednesday,
         staff members.                                                   October 12. Pick up is Tuesday, October 18, from
                                                                          2:45-4:30 in the Meeting Room.
$34,520!!!!!!!!!!! We came so close to our $40,000                                                  CALENDAR
goal! Thank you to everyone who sold magazines
and/or cookie dough—you can see how every little
bit helped. We could still reach our goal with the                        29    Midterms go home
postcards that were turned in for mailing. Any                                  8th grade High School visitations
returns from those will be credited to your student’s                           A.M. Central Catholic P.M.Cardinal Stritch
Fundraising Fee. Congratulations to Mrs. Doane’s                                Preschool to Pumpkin Farm
5th Grade for being our top class! It’s obviously not                     30    8th grade visitations
the size of the class that counts—it is participation                            A.M. St. John’s, St. Ursula Academy
and total number of sales that pushed 5th grade to                               P.M. St. Francis, Notre Dame Academy
the top! Their classroom is now adorned with the                          October
giant stuffed snake they earned for being on top.                         3     Scantron testing continues (Gr. 3-8)
Close behind was Miss Schmidt’s 2nd Grade in 2nd                                ACRE Test Gr. 5 & 8
place and Mrs. Kissner’s 6th Grade in 3rd place. Our                      4     6:30 p.m. 2nd gr. Parent Mtg. (Reconciliation)
top seller was 8th grader Mike Gbur, who had a total                            PSA Caper’s Pizza night
of 44 sales! Great job, everyone! OLPH has gained                               Skating Party 6:30-8:30 p.m. @ Ohio Skate
from your participation!                                                  5     PreSchool to Toledo Botanical Gardens
As a reminder, those who have earned the trip to                          7     5th grade to Art Museum
Kalahari will be going on Friday, January 20. There                       10    Scantron testing continues (Gr. 3-8)
is no school that day, but we will meet in the gym by                     11    5th grade to Planetarium
8:30 and be on the road shortly thereafter. Our day                             6:30 p.m. 8th gr. Parent Mtg. (Confirmation)
at Kalahari will end at 3:00 p.m. when we will round                            7:00 p.m. PSA Meeting (Mtg. Rm. #2)
everyone up and head back to OLPH. Our arrival                            12    Deadline for Market Day
time back here should be no later than 4:30. If you                       14    Gr. 2 Country Lane Farms
are able to be a driver on that day, please let Mrs.                      17    Scantron testing continues (Gr. 3-8)
Leyland know. She will need to know how many you                                Math-a-thon begins
can accommodate safely in your vehicle. We have                           19    6:30 p.m. School Advisory Council
quite a few students who have qualified, and we will                      21    Kindergarten to Fire Museum
need many drivers!                                                        22    O.L.P.H. Craft Bazaar & Luncheon
Lastly, thank you to everyone who helped with Air
Extreme last week: Cori Whipple (who was kind
enough to also provide lunch!), Judy Teniente,                             Next Newsletter: October 13, 2011
Melissa Noe, Mary Giannini, & Kim Pacella, and to                          Items to be published in the newsletter must be given to
all those who helped on our two turn-in days: Cori                           the school office the Monday before the newsletter is
Whipple, Kay Parr, Kathy Bruss, Bill Bruss, Lynn
                                                                                             sent home. Thank you!
Lowery, Kelli Williams, Sue Lee, & Joyce Musch.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, a Roman Catholic elementary school, is part of the educational ministry of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish.
We are committed to the development of the whole child, through faith formation, academic excellence, and Christian values, in order to help our
                                                    children live out the Gospel message.

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