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            Indonesia Happy Hour, on July 17, with Golden
           Networking, the Premier Networking Community
    Indonesia Happy Hour (, July 17, Will Bring Together Indonesian
      Executives and Professionals for an Evening of Networking and Cocktails in New York City

(July 12, 2012, New York) Indonesia’s GDP will increase 6.5% in 2012, the World Bank has said,
compared with a global average of 2.5%. Indonesia’s growth has so far weathered the faltering global
economy, helping it regain an investment grade rating for its sovereign debt at Fitch and Moody’s.
Standard & Poor’s rates Indonesia at BB+, the highest non- investment grade rating, with a positive

Indonesia offers endless opportunities for business. There are many natural resources like coal, gold and
copper to be found and the country has an increasing size, and therefore buying power, of the middle
class. It has a robust consumer driven economy which is rare for a country of its economic development
level. It is a vibrant democracy with high literacy rates, low wage rates, a relatively skilled workforce, a
quality education system and ethnical diversity; its 240 million population makes a great target for

Golden Networking receptions have been known to attract executives and professionals not only from
financial services but also from all areas of business; Indonesia Happy Hour won’t be the exception, as
the country has been named the most attractive emerging markets destination in the world.

Indonesia Happy Hour, Tuesday July 17th, will bring Edgar Perez, the distinguished expert who wrote the
high-frequency trading global bestseller The Speed Traders, and author of the upcoming Beyond China
and India: The Remarkable Indonesia Story to Discover Indonesia, the World’ Sexiest Destination for
Private Equity Reloaded. Mr. Perez has interviewed Indonesian investors, businessmen, government
officials and academics conducting research for his upcoming book. He brings the fresh insights from the
country of the 17,500 islands that no emerging markets’ investor, analyst or practitioner can’t afford to

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