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 Literacy Centers
What are Anchor Literacy Centers?
• They are meaningful centers that are meant to
  be maintained over time (throughout the
• The tasks and activities are changed to meet
  the students’ needs. In other words, the tasks
  are flexible & change with the data; however,
  the actual center itself does not change.
What are Anchor Literacy Centers?
* The tasks & activities located at anchor
 centers should ALWAYS reinforce previous
 learning or previously taught skills . Anchor
 Centers shouldn’t ever be used to introduce a
 new skill or activity but rather be used for
 independent practice after a concept has been
 taught &/or for reinforcement purposes only!
*(75%-95% Success Rate)
    Examples of Anchor Literacy Centers

•   Reading
•   Listening
•   Word Study
•   Research
•   Additional anchor centers may be used as
              What Teachers Do…
• Plan for Academic Learning Time
• Plan activities that align with the objectives,
  skills, learning targets, RIT Range, etc. that you
  are working on with your students. The
  tasks/activities might vary depending upon
  how much differentiation is used with the
  anchor center tasks.
    -Let the data be the indicator! (*see example)
           What Students Do…

• Provide & maintain the documentation that
  holds them accountable for their progress.
  (This can be adjusted to match the age/grade
  level and/or individualized to address specific
  behavioral goals & concerns as well.
• Examples might include response logs,
  notebooks, journals, products,
  demonstrations, self-corrected activities, &
  even conferences .
      Anchor Centers - Reading
Materials: leveled texts, decodable texts,
 books organized by genre and/or lexile level
 for independent reading, book baskets,
 magazines, newspapers, student-made
 books, big books, wall charts, double copies
 of books, read the room pointers & glasses,
 wands, clipboards, reading logs, pocket
 charts, & MUCH, MORE, MORE!!!
    Materials vary according to the anchoring activity.
      Anchor Centers - Reading

Activities: Read around the room, partner
 reading, respond to books, *comprehension
 menus (TE), task rotations, think-tac-toes,
 book responses, book of the week
 nominations, & MUCH, MUCH, MORE.
   Practical Hints for Implementation:
Make sure that:
• The students have had practice and understand how to
  work independently. Specific management procedures
  should already be in place to address student questions,
  gaining assistance from peers. At first, the teacher should
  simply monitor that these routines and expectations are
  clear and enforced before moving on to the next step.
• The activities can be completed with little to no teacher
  intervention or assistance.
• The activities are not ?fluffy? but meaningful and respectful
  of the learner.
• These activities are tied to specific content or skills that
  need to be reinforced. They are not workbook pages or
  crossword puzzles that are not tied to content or skills.
• You have a plan for managing and monitoring the activity.

•   Materials
•   Needs
•   Support
•   Resources

    Sample Student Contract for
       Anchor Activity p.12



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