Structured Settlement Cash Payment

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      Cash Payment
   The question that many
        people ask is

“Can I get a cash payment
   for my structured
 The answer, of course, is
  Unexpected things arise
  in our lives that require
  cash now, as opposed to
     receiving periodic
    payments over time.
 Weigh carefully, the pros
 and cons of selling your
  structured settlement.
It’s all a matter of timing.
        Ask yourself
“Can I wait and get more
 over time or pay to get it
    You should always
  consult your financial
adviser or attorney, before
  rushing to the phone
calling the 800 number
after seeing the latest
television commercial
saying that “you can have
your cash in a
flash. Call now”.
    Keep in mind, selling
        your structured
    settlement annuity for
   cash may not be in your
          best interest.
  Don’t forget why the
payments were created in
    the first place.
 If you were injured and
received a settlement, you
 may need different types
 of care in the future and
the payments are there to
 help you in that regard.
  There are also tax issues
  that can be beneficial to
   you if you continue on
     with the periodic
                                Again, you need
                                 to consult a tax
                                  accountant or
                                attorney to get a
                                good handle on
                                  these benefits.
     For more information
        about cashing out
     structured settlements
              go to