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									Tips to Finding Hotel Deals
By Glen Wheaton

When it comes to find the least expensive ways to travel, there are ways to cut costs when it comes to
motel accommodations. The following are a few ways that the budget-conscious traveler can cut a few

1. Look into member groups if you qualify, that you may receive reduced rates at some hotels with. Also,
certain professions, such as military personnel or teachers, or if you work for a nonprofit institution, will
give a discount. One chain, for instance, offers a minimum 10% discount for anyone 55 or older.

2. When you go can make a big difference in what you will pay. Off-season in the Caribbean is the
summer, while off-season in the northern states or Europe would be the winter. If you go against trend,
there are savings to be had.

3. Using the internet can save you money on motel and hotel rooms, but you have to know where to
look. Priceline can offer some outstanding deals, but be aware they often come with caveats, such as
non-refundable or non-transferable reservations.

4. By thinking outside the box, travelers can save a lot of money. Independent inns or small bed and
breakfast accommodations can often be a good value when a breakfast is included. Look for these
independent lodgings in guidebooks and local Chambers of Commerce at your desired location. Vacation
rentals can provide significant savings, and can be found at web sites such as HomeAway.

5. There are times when it is acceptable to tactfully negotiate a room rate. If it is framed right, such as
"your rate is a little over what I am budgeted to pay. Would it be possible to drop the rate by 15%?" The
worst that can happen is that they say "no". You may observe the parking lot, and if it's late and the lot
is half full, it may give you some additional leverage. But leave your luggage in the car. You don't want to
appear too eager to stay there.
6. Look beyond the big hotels, unless you can already get good rates through one of the chains.
Independently owned small hotels and hostels often can be found if you want to take some time to

7. There are so many discount coupon and voucher companies both in print and online that can save
you money on not only hotel accommodations, but almost all aspects of travel. Yahoo has a coupons
section which provides links to local and online coupon distributors.

8. If your travel plans are flexible, you can often take advantage of last-minute specials.

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