Become a Skilled Crocheter in Five Days by profmoneymaker


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Become a Skilled Crocheter in Five Days

Be a skilled crocheter in just five days! Learn everything there is to
know about crocheting from the book All About Crochet, which many have
dubbed as ‘The Best Crocheting Guide on the Internet’.

<<<CITY>>>, <<<STATE>>>, <<<COUNTRY>>> (PRWEB) – Crocheting is an
interesting and delightful craft that requires skill and patience to
learn. However not everyone is willing to take the time it needs to learn
the craft. And no one ever has to, thanks to the best crocheting guide on
the Internet entitled All About Crochet.

All About Crochet is the ultimate resource for everything about
crocheting. Beginners and even professional crocheters who have been at
it for years can learn a lot from this book. All About Crochet is an all-
around reference book that covers the basics from tools and materials to
an in depth quick study of the crocheting lingo.

The book is a compilation of more than twenty years experience in
crocheting and was designed to dish out all the tips and techniques
everyone needs to know about the craft. The book presents the basics
about crocheting as well as the latest innovations in the world of
crocheting. It’s like having a personal crochet instructor right at home
twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

To start off, crochet enthusiasts will learn to appreciate the craft even
more with the segment of the book regarding the history of crocheting. As
with any craft, using the right tools is essential in crocheting. All
About Crochet explains the ins and outs of the different crochet tools
and equipment available in the market today from hooks to yarns.
Beginners and advanced crocheters will learn how to select the right
measuring tape for crocheting and the proper way of using a row counter.
In addition, the book also discusses the how-tos on using tapestry
needles for crocheting.

After that, crocheters are immediately put to work with a detailed
explanation of the basic crochet stitches. Become skilled at how to start
and end every stitch like a pro with the step-by-step guide featured in
the book. From these basic crochet stitches, a beginner can already
crochet a simple afghan in no time at all.

In addition, the book aims to set the record straight on various
crocheting techniques that baffle even the devoted crocheter. Figure out
how to use afghan hook correctly while learning the proper technique of
catching the yarn. Become skilled at crocheting a basic half double or
treble stitch to an intricate Persian stitch effortlessly. Plus, learn
the secret to creating those tricky button stitches.

Anyone interested in the craft can easily learn the language of
crocheting in just five days with All About Crochet. The best part of all
is that the book is available online. Crochet enthusiasts do not have to
travel far to get their hands on this wonderful practical guide to
crocheting. Simply go online at this very minute to order a copy of All
About Crochet. The book is regularly sold at $ 47.77 but valued Internet
shoppers get an instant discount of $ 20. Order today and be ready to
download a personal copy in just minutes, its that easy. In addition,
there is also a ‘Clear as Black-and-White’ money-back guarantee attached
to the sale of each and every book. Customers who are not fully satisfied
with the book are free to return the book if they were unable to learn
how to crochet in ninety days. However, this zero-risk offer is available
for a limited time only. Order a copy of All About Crochet today and be
an expert crocheter in just five days.


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