HILLSIDE FIRST SCHOOL                                                                                            PROSPECTUS

                                     HILLSIDE FIRST SCHOOL
                                                 Church Road, Worle
                                                  Somerset BS22 9EJ
                                               Tel/Fax: (01934) 512200
                                           email: hillside.first@n-somerset.gov.uk


The Staff and Governors of Hillside First School hope you will find the information in the prospectus helpful in choosing a
school for your child.
We aim to provide a secure, stimulating and caring environment for our children. We provide a wide range of balanced
learning opportunities for all children to enable them to grow into independent adults in later life.
Hillside School is a happy, hard-working school and we hope you will visit us to see for yourself. Please do not hesitate to
contact us to arrange a mutually convenient time.
Yours sincerely,

            Mr Chris Hood                                         Mr Paul Redding
            Head Teacher                                          Chair of Governors

HILLSIDE FIRST SCHOOL                                                                                           PROSPECTUS

                                         SCHOOL INFORMATION

School Address          Church Road                               Local                  North Somerset Council
                        Worle                                     Authority              PO Box 51
                        Weston-super-Mare                                                Town Hall
                        Somerset                                                         Weston-super-Mare, BS23 1ZZ
                        BS22 9EJ                                                         Tel: 01934 888888
                        Tel:/Fax: 01934 512200                    School Improvement
Headteacher:            Mr Chris Hood                             Partner:               Nicola Hargreaves

                                                 GOVERNING BODY
    Mr Chris Hood                    Headteacher                         Ex-Officio Governor
    Mrs Patricia Clark               Community Governor                  Vice Chair
    Mr Ron Fowler                    LA Governor
    Mr Paul Redding                  LA Governor                         Chair
    Mrs Helen Caine                  Community Governor                  Chair of Finance
    Mr Peter Watkins                 Community Governor                  Chair of Staffing & Curriculum Committee
    Mrs Lisa Smith                   Parent Governor
    Mrs Kerry Brueford               Parent Governor                     Health & Safety Governor
    Mr David Lear                    Parent Governor
    Mrs Michelle Bamford             Teacher Governor
    Mrs Hilary Skinner               Non teaching staff member
    Mrs Tracy Dover                  Clerk to the Governors

HILLSIDE FIRST SCHOOL                                                                                       PROSPECTUS

                                          HILLSIDE SCHOOL STAFF

Headteacher:            Mr Chris Hood                          Teachers:             Mrs Rebecca Stafford
                                                                                     Mrs Kim Harding
Deputy Headteacher:     Mrs Michelle Bamford
                                                                                     Mr Nigel Leat
                                                                                     Miss Helen Richardson
                                                                                     Mrs Nicola Smith
                                                                                     Mrs Claire Tottle

                                                               School Meal                 Mrs Gill Chivers
Administrator           Mrs Hilary Skinner
                                                               Supervisory Assistants:     Mrs Sharon Ersser
Caretaker/                                                                                 Mrs Jackie Hoddinott
                        Mr Rob Atkinson
                                                                                           Mrs Pauline Drinkwater
                                                                                           Mrs Claire Ball

Classroom               Mrs Sue Tilke    (Nursery Nurse)       Kitchen Staff               Miss Sarah Walker
Assistants :            Mrs Pam Trumper            (TA)
                        Mrs Heather Paddick        (TA)
                        Miss Lisa Mainstone (LSA) SEN

HILLSIDE FIRST SCHOOL                                                                                     PROSPECTUS

 Aims and Mission of
 Hillside First School

 At Hillside First School we aim for all:                 Our mission is to:

     children to learn in a happy, safe school                provide a happy, positive environment
     children to learn in different ways                      develop children’s academic and personal abilities to
                                                              the full
     children’s achievement to be raised
                                                              provide varied teaching and learning experiences to
     children to develop life skills for a changing           help pupils develop lively enquiring minds
                                                              develop a child’s independence, personal
     children to be useful members of society                 responsibility and self esteem
                                                              commit to raising standards of achievement
                                                              assess and monitor children as they progress
                                                              through the school
       Children, Staff, Parents and                           provide a sound foundation in cross-curricular skills
          Governors are all valued                            encourage a positive attitude to all aspects of
        members of our community
                                                              teach children to value all others
                                                              develop the whole child

HILLSIDE FIRST SCHOOL                                                                                             PROSPECTUS

                   THE SCHOOL                                                    SCHOOL ROUTINE
Hillside School caters for children of 4-8 years. Children        The school year is based on a total of 195 days. Five of the
may start school at the beginning of the school year in           195 days are used for staff professional development,
which they become 5 years old and leave (usually for St.          which means that schools are open to pupils for the legal
Martin’s Junior School) in the September after their 8th          minimum of 190 days. Parents are informed of staff
birthday. At the time this Prospectus was printed we              In-Service days, term dates and termly events in regular
have 126 children on the school roll. The school has              newsletters. Dates are also posted on the school notice
existed in its present form since 1971 when it was                board and are also available from the school office.
established in the building vacated by St. Martin’s School.
We pride ourselves on retaining a happy village school
ethos, whilst adapting positively to the educational
requirements of the 21st century. ‘Get Set Pre School’                          THE SCHOOL DAY
opened within the school in January 2007. For further
information please telephone Julie McCollum on:-                       School Starts:      9.00 am (Bell rings at 8.50am)
079271 947140.
                                                                       Morning Break:      10.30- 10.50 am
                                                                       Lunch Break:        12.00 noon - 1.15 pm
                                                                                           (1.00pm for Key Stage 2 children)
                                                                       School Closes:      3.15 pm

                                                                       Children should not normally be in school before
                                                                       8.50 am.

                                                                       All children should be collected by an adult. Please
                                                                       ensure that both your child and the class teacher
                                                                       know of any changes to the normal routine.

HILLSIDE FIRST SCHOOL                                                                                                PROSPECTUS

   ADMISSIONS PROCEDURE / POLICY                                               STARTING AT HILLSIDE
In consultation with the Local Authority (LA), the                 To help children settle happily at Hillside, we arrange for
Governors have agreed a Planned Admission level of 45              parents to bring their children on several pre-school
children for the September 2009 Reception year group.              visits before they start school. Hillside School is also proud
LA policy is that children who become four years of age on         of its highly successful ‘Welcome Club’ which enables
or before 31 August 2009, may, if their parents wish, be           future reception children and parents to attend school
admitted to the School at the beginning of the 2009/2010           during the summer term prior to entry. Reception children
school year. If you would like to visit the school, please         will be introduced in to the school gradually, at first
telephone the school administrator to arrange an                   part-time with all children being given the opportunity to
appointment.                                                       attend full-time by the Autumn half-term. Visits by
                                                                   parents considering Hillside School for their child are most
                                                                   welcome by arrangement with the Headteacher.
Hillside, like most other schools, does not have regular but
fluctuating intakes. Therefore, in some classes, there
maybe split-age groups which enable us to keep class sizes
regular throughout the school. The primary factor in
determining class placements is chronological age.
However, where class year groupings within a particular
class are small, staff make decisions about placements,
based on pupils’ maturity and attainment and their ability
to work confidently with a majority of older children.
Within each class teachers plan work for each child
according to their individual level of understanding and
children follow a programme linked to their own personal
needs and stage of development.

HILLSIDE FIRST SCHOOL                                                                                         PROSPECTUS

                                    TEACHING STYLES & METHODS
Within each classroom a variety of teaching methods is used according to the requirements of the lesson or activity.
During the introduction of new skills or where particular teaching points are being emphasised, whole class teaching may
be used. Class teaching in such circumstances is efficient and effective. Literacy and Numeracy strategies are now fully
integrated into our curriculum.
However, not all children progress at the same rate and children are often grouped according to learning needs. For
example, children who require more assistance with basic reading skills will be in a separate group from those who are
developing advanced reading strategies. We also work with groups of children with special interests as well as catering
for social grouping.
Support Staff also work in the classrooms in partnership with the class teachers. They are involved in the planning of
various curriculum related activities and may support children individually or within small work groups.
The hours spent on teaching during a normal week are the DfES recommendation of 21 hours in Key Stage 1 and 23½ hours
in Key Stage 2. Average class sizes during the 2009/2010 academic year are anticipated to be 25.

                                                               Our discipline is positive and is based on encouraging
                                                               good behaviour. However, there may be occasions when
                                                               bad behaviour occurs and on these occasions Hillside
                                                               School has a clear discipline policy. Should your child’s
                                                               behaviour give cause for concern we will of course involve
                                                               you in any discussions.
                                                               We expect each child to show a thoughtful and
                                                               considerate attitude to other people and to care for school
                        At the Computer
HILLSIDE FIRST SCHOOL                                                                                                PROSPECTUS

                                    EARLY YEARS FOUNDATION STAGE
Every child deserves the best possible start in life and support to fulfill their potential. A child’s experience in the early
years has a major impact on their future life chances. A secure, safe and happy childhood is important in its own right,
and it provides the foundation for children to make the most of their abilities and talents as they grow up.
Ofsted said in January 2009, ‘Parents are pleased with the way their children relish learning and feel secure in knowing
that they are well looked after’
The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is the framework that provides that assurance.
The overarching aim of the EYFS is to help young children achieve the five Every Child Matters outcomes of staying
safe, being healthy, enjoying and achieving, making a positive contribution, and achieving economic well-being.
Our commitment to children making the very best start in school
was confirmed by the Ofsted report of January 2009,
       ‘’Children’s personal, social and emotional development is
The Childcare Act 2006 provides for the EYFS learning and
development requirements to comprise three elements:
      the early learning goals – the knowledge, skills and
      understanding which young children should have acquired                               PHOTO
      by the end of the academic year in which they reach the age
      of five;
      the educational programmes – the matters, skills and
      processes which are required to be taught to young children;
      the assessment arrangements – the arrangements for
      assessing young children to ascertain their achievements.

HILLSIDE FIRST SCHOOL                                                                      PROSPECTUS

                                           There are six areas covered by the early learning goals
                                           and educational programmes:
                                                  Personal, Social and Emotional Development;
                                                  Communication, Language and Literacy;
                                                  Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy;
                                                  Knowledge and Understanding of the World;
                                                  Physical Development;
                                                  Creative Development.

                                           None of these areas of Learning and Development can
                    EARLY YEARS            be delivered in isolation from the others. They are
                                           equally important and depend on each other to support a
              PHOTO or ARTWORK, ETC.       rounded approach to child development. All the areas are
                                           delivered through planned, purposeful play, with a
                                           balance of adult-led and child-initiated activities. The
                                           curriculum is designed around projects each term and
                                           these are planned by the whole team of adults working
                                           with the reception children. Ofsted said:-
                                            ‘’The excellent teamwork between adults offers skilled
                                             support with a resulting positive impact on children’s
                                             learning so that they make good progress n developing
                                             skills and confidence, especially in their early reading
                                             and writing.’’

HILLSIDE FIRST SCHOOL                                                                                           PROSPECTUS


The curriculum at Hillside School covers all aspects of a child’s experience – the organisation, the teaching methods and
the content of the lessons. The staff regularly review what they teach, the methods and the rationale for teaching certain
subjects. To this end, the curriculum is planned to be broad, balanced and relevant and it must also meet the needs of each
Policies and Schemes of Work are available for parents to see and are planned in careful accordance with the requirements
of the National Curriculum. We welcome parental support through artefacts, talks, visits, etc.
Our Curriculum documents are detailed and informative, but for your information we include a summary of each subject.

                                             ENGLISH ( LITERACY )

As our fundamental means of communicating, we aim to develop the four areas of English in Speaking, Listening,
Reading and Writing. Early writing skills are developed through spelling patterns, grammar rules and punctuation
awareness. These are used in a variety of both fiction and non-fiction writing activities across the curriculum. Reading is
continually broadened and developed through shared guided and individual reading activities. Speaking and Listening
skills are essential to every child’s development. From the Reception Foundation stage they are developed to encourage
children to listen and respond more effectively and with confidence. Through the Literacy Hour and other subjects we
use a wide range of materials and activities including Jolly Phonics for sounds development in the early stages.

We aim to develop children who are able to use all aspects of English, independently, effectively and with enthusiasm.

HILLSIDE FIRST SCHOOL                                                                                               PROSPECTUS

                  MATHEMATICS                                                              SCIENCE

Considerable importance is attached to our children                 Science plays a vital part in the whole school curriculum.
developing their mathematical skills, knowledge and                 It stimulates and excites pupils’ curiosity and encourages
understanding. We encourage children to develop their               them to ask questions.
numeracy skills by presenting it in an interesting and
                                                                    Through the science curriculum children will develop
enjoyable way, allowing the children to actively participate
                                                                    an appreciation of themselves and the world around
in the learning process, thus creating a sense of
                                                                    them, fostering care and respect for all living things. This
achievement and confidence. There is an emphasis on the
development of mental understanding and being able to               is achieved by investigation, observation and
calculate in appropriate ways. The school follows the               communication enabling the children to gain a greater
National Numeracy Framework which teachers use to plan              understanding of the world in which they live.
their curriculum.
The new framework follows 7 strands,
      Using and applying mathematics
      Counting and understanding number
      Knowing and using number facts
      Understanding shape
      Handling data
Mathematics is taught daily, in line with the National
Curriculum. The children are encouraged to discuss
and explain their work and are given opportunities to
carry out and record their work. We aim to promote in
children the confidence to use and apply their
mathematical knowledge.

HILLSIDE FIRST SCHOOL                                                                                                  PROSPECTUS

                           I.C.T.                                                            HISTORY
Technology is increasingly part of everyday life (mobile              In History we introduce children to the unfamiliar but
phones, surfing the internet, television remote controls etc).        important world of the past. Children look at different
At Hillside we endeavour to provide an ICT rich                       kinds of evidence (books, stories, photographs, artefacts
environment within which each child will have                         etc) to help them ask and answer questions about the past.
opportunities to develop their ICT skills and independence            They learn to place events in chronological order. They
as well as fostering their enthusiasm about technology. In            discover information about the lives of men and women
ICT children will learn how to use computers, computer                and children from local history and the history of Britain
software, recording equipment, digital cameras, scanner,              and the wider world. They also look at significant events
Internet, Control Toys and E-mail. They will use ICT                  such as Remembrance Day. They learn how the past is
to find out, share and exchange information. They will                different from the present and how it shapes today and
become familiar with hardware and software, for example               the future.
typing text using a word processor, painting a picture
using graphics software, saving and printing. They will
learn how to give instructions in the right order using a
programmable toy. They will talk about how technology                                     GEOGRAPHY
can be used in and out of school.
                                                                      Work in Geography enables children to develop an
We aim to make ICT an integral part of the curriculum and
through the use of ICT enhance teaching and learning across           understanding of the place in which they live and to learn
the curriculum.                                                       the correct geographical terms for familiar features in their
                                                                      local environment. Using maps, globes and other
Hillside First School is excellently equipped with a fully            stimuli introduces the skills of geographical enquiry and
fitted ICT suite housing 15 computers, an interactive                 encourages children to ask questions about people,
whiteboard and a colour laser printer. In addition each               places and environments.
classroom has an interactive whiteboard, standalone
computer and digital camera. All of which allows the
children and teachers to access educational internet sites
and a wide variety of software.

HILLSIDE FIRST SCHOOL                                                                                              PROSPECTUS

                ART AND DESIGN

Through Art and Design, we aim to stimulate children’s
creativity and imagination, alongside their technical skills.
The children use a variety of materials and techniques
including paint, clay, collage, colour, texture and pattern.
They also explore and evaluate both their own work and
the work of a range of artists and craftspeople from past,
present and other cultures.

        DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY                                                               MUSIC

Design and Technology capability requires pupils to                  The whole school uses the Music Express Scheme to
combine their designing and making skills with                       provide clear progression of musical skills whilst
knowledge and understanding in order to design and                   fostering an enjoyment of the subject.
make products. Children will learn new skills through
                                                                     The children have opportunities to develop their
focused practical tasks and will have the opportunity to
                                                                     singing, play percussion instruments, listen to and
explore, draw, model and design their own products. Once
                                                                     appreciate different styles of music from a wide range of
made, the products will be evaluated against the design
                                                                     cultures and to begin to read music.
criteria. Children are taught to use tools and materials
appropriately and safely.                                            In Year 3 children have the opportunity to play the

HILLSIDE FIRST SCHOOL                                                                                             PROSPECTUS

                                             PHYSICAL EDUCATION

Physical Education is an important part of the child’s school life. We aim to develop their skills, strength, fitness,
confidence and self worth through a variety of activities.

During the school year the children will participate in dance, gymnastics, games and athletics. Through these sessions
they develop their skills in movement and co-ordination and learn how to exercise safely. The children have two sessions
of P.E. per week in Key Stage 1 and the Year 3 children go swimming at Hutton Moor Leisure Centre. Sports day is
held on the sports field at Mendip Green School. The Year 3 children have the choice of two after school clubs – football
and gymnastics.

There is no formal kit for P.E. but we like the children to have a T-Shirt, pair of shorts and daps. These should be kept in a
named bag on the child’s peg.


Personal, social and health education (PHSE) helps the
children reflect on their experiences and understand how
they are developing personally and socially. The
children will discuss many moral, social and
cultural issues that are part of growing up. These areas
will give the children the skills and understanding
required to become responsible citizens of our
                                                                                                   Playing on the apparatus

HILLSIDE FIRST SCHOOL                                                                                             PROSPECTUS

  SPECIAL EDUCATION NEEDS (SEN)                                           SCHOOL CURRICULUM POLICIES
In accordance with Disability Discrimination Act 2005, our             Curriculum Policy Guidelines are available for
policy covers the admission of children with Special Needs,            parents to see on request.
including those with disabilities. We recognise that the school
site presents access difficulties to children with physical               1. English
disabilities. The Governors strive to provide suitable access             2. Mathematics
to all pupils, through adherence to the Equal Opportunities,              3. Science
Special Educational Needs and Inclusion Policies.
                                                                          4. Design & Technology
A disabled toilet facility has been installed and the school’s
                                                                          5. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Access and School Development plans outline the objectives
to make our school more accessible to a wider range of chil-              6. History
dren. Copies are available from the school office.                        7. Geography
The Headteacher is the Special Educational Needs                          8. Art & Craft
co-ordinator and meets regularly with class teachers and                  9. Music
parents to monitor the progress of children with Educational             10. Physical Education
Needs. A staged procedure linked to the SEN code of
                                                                         11. Religious Education
Practice enables individual needs of each child to be met.
The provision depends on the level of a child’s needs and                12. Equal Opportunities
will include support from additional help in the classroom               13. Assessment
to an individual education plan with targets developed to                14. Sex & Health Education
meet the child’s particular needs. There is a designated
                                                                         15. Racial Abuse & Harassment
governor for SEN who monitors the provision of Special
Needs within the school on behalf of the Governing Body.                 16. Special Educational Needs

Prior to joining the school an assessment of individual needs            17. Behaviour & Discipline
is carried out and provision adjusted appropriately. It is part          18. Homework Policy
of the ethos of the school to encourage all of the children to           NB. This is not a comprehensive list
achieve their best.

HILLSIDE FIRST SCHOOL                                                                                                  PROSPECTUS

          SEX EDUCATION POLICY                                          HILLSIDE SCHOOL HEALTH SERVICE
The Governing Body of Hillside School has determined                   ILLNESS
that there will be no specific teaching about sexual
                                                                       There are no facilities for looking after sick children in
development, reproduction or sexuality. Matters
                                                                       school. Please provide a day-time telephone number
relating to sexual issues which arise naturally will be dealt
                                                                       where parents may be contacted should your child become
with briefly, factually and truthfully.
                                                                       ill in school. The Health Authority advises us that
The preparation for future sex education begins in the                 medicine should not be administered in school and that
Infant years where our curriculum aims to help the                     children who are still undergoing a course of treatment
children become caring, trusting and sharing individuals.              should stay at home until the treatment is complete.
                                                                       However, the Headteacher will assist children taking
                                                                       long-term daily medication (e.g. for asthma, epilepsy, etc.)
      OFSTED INSPECTION REPORT                                         for which we ask for an indemnity form to be signed.
                                                                       Children who have had sickness or diarrhoea should have
Hillside School was inspected during January 2009.                     24 hours clear before returning to school.
The report concluded that:-
                                                                       MEDICAL & WELFARE MATTERS
 “ Hillside First is a good school where everyone is valued
  and encouraged to make the most of their talents and                 During the time your child is with us, various routine
  abilities. Pupils’ personal development and curricular               medical checks will be made by the school dentist, nurse
  provision are outstanding.”                                          and audiometrician (hearing checks). In the unlikely
                                                                       event of your child being due to be examined by the
 “Pupils love school, delight in learning and have
                                                                       school doctor, you will be notified and invited to attend.
  enthusiasm for gaining new skills. There is much fun,
  laughter and mutual respect between adults and pupil.”               The School’s Welfare Officer is Mrs Sara Durrant
                                                                       (Tel: 01275 888303) and she will be pleased to advise you
 “Their behaviour, both in and out of lessons, is
                                                                       on all welfare matters such as transport problems and free
  excellent. . . . . . They are rightly proud of their school.”
                                                                       school meals.

HILLSIDE FIRST SCHOOL                                                                                                PROSPECTUS

                 SCHOOL DRESS                                       HOMEWORK & PARENTAL SUPPORT
There is no formal uniform but rather a dress code which           We like to feel that at the end of a busy day, school children,
follows a red and grey colour scheme. Any combination              like adults, need time for relaxation. It is important too that
of these colours is acceptable. Please ensure that clothing        they have time to broaden and develop their interests and
is suitable and hard-wearing and that your child can               hobbies. There will be occasions when we ask children to
manage the fastenings. Footwear should be practical for            ‘find things out’ ‘bring items for display’, learn spellings
work and play (not high heels/Trainers/large boots).               or carry out mathematical investigations. In addition,
Sweatshirts, fleeces and cardigans embroidered with the            children will bring home books for reading. In the early
school logo can be ordered in red or grey from the school          stages this is for you to read to them - gradually the
office. Please do not send your child to school in clothes         child will take over! We ask parents to act as partners in
that have advertising or logos on (such as soccer tops).           reading, talking about the pictures and plot, speculating
                                                                   about what happens next etc. We provide a book for
                                                                   parents to record the reading done at home. In addition,
                                                                   children are given the opportunity of borrowing library
                                                                   books to read at home. Our Homework Policy outlines
                                                                   the school’s expectations for children’s work at home.
                                                                   Parent Handbook Every parent will receive a copy of
                                                                                       our new handbook.

                                                                   HOME - SCHOOL AGREEMENT
                                                                                        Since 1999, in line with Government
                   School playground                                                    requirements, the School has adopted
Please mark all items of clothing with your child’s name.                               a Home-School Agreement in
Jewellery (other than watches) is not encouraged for                                    consultation with parents.      New
safety reasons. If earrings are worn, they must be plain                                parents are sent copies in their
studs (not rings or hoops). Hair braids should not be worn                              Induction Packs.
to school.

HILLSIDE FIRST SCHOOL                                                                                                  PROSPECTUS

                 SCHOOL MEALS                                                      CHILD PROTECTION

School meals are available at the cost of £1.90 per day.             Whilst the Education Service does not constitute an
Payment, either by cash or cheque, should be sent to school          investigation agency, because of their day-to-day contact
on Mondays in a sealed and labelled envelope. In the                 with individual children during term time school staff
case of absence, money is credited. Unfortunately, if a              have an important role to play in recognising and taking
cheque is returned by the bank any charges levied will               the appropriate action in cases of suspected child abuse.
be passed on to the parent. One week’s notice to initiate
or end the provision of school meals is required. Free               All school staff, both teaching and non-teaching, are
meals are available to families in receipt of Income                 instructed to report any suspicions to the Headteacher or
Support. Application Forms may be obtained from the                  Designated Teacher for Child Protection, who is required
school office.                                                       under the procedures to alert the Social Services
Free Welfare milk is only available in school up to a child’s
fifth birthday. However, milk may be purchased through
                                                                     Child Abuse is a particularly sensitive issue, and does
the School Milk Scheme. The school participates in the
                                                                     impose for those involved, particularly parents, strong
School Fruit and Veg Scheme so ech child will have a free
                                                                     feelings and emotions. However, whatever parents may
piece of fruit os veg each day. Children may bring in a
                                                                     feel about a situation, it needs to be appreciated that school
drink to which they will have access during lessons or at
                                                                     staff are required to report, in line with the procedures,
break time.
                                                                     any situation where abuse is suspected, and a member of
Packed lunches may be brought to school if parents wish.             staff could be deemed to have acted improperly if this
It is necessary for you to provide your child with a cup for         were not the case.
water and either a plate or paper napkin as a base for food.
We request that other lunchtime drinks are not sent to               Parents may seek advice and guidance from the Education
school.                                                              Welfare Officer for the school or contact the Social Services
                                                                     Department direct, if necessary.

HILLSIDE FIRST SCHOOL                                                                                      PROSPECTUS

                                        GENERAL INFORMATION

EMERGENCY         There are some occasions, when it is           DOGS         Dogs are not allowed anywhere on
CLOSURES          necessary to close the school at short                      school premises including the
                  notice. This is most likely in bad                          playground for the safety and protection
                  weather conditions. On such occasions                       of the children.
                  parents are advised to listen for              COMPLAINTS   Any complaints relating to the school
                  announcements on local radio stations.                      should be made, in the first instance, to
                                                                              the Headteacher. Should a complaint
LEAVING           No child is allowed to leave school                         be unresolved, the Head has details of
SCHOOL            during school hours unless collected                        the official complaints procedure.
                  by a parent or a responsible person            VALUABLES    Neither the Staff of Hillside School nor
                  authorised by the parent and is signed                      North Somerset Education Committee
                  out at the office.                                          are in any way responsible for the safety
SMOKING           The school adheres to the National                          of valuable items brought into school.
                  “No Smoking” policy and this applies                        This includes watches, jewellery and
                  to buildings and playgrounds. Staff,                        toys. Any parent sending a child to
                  parents and visitors are asked to                           school with such valuables does so
                  respect this at all times.                                  entirely at his or her own risk. Children
                                                                              are discouraged from bringing their
                                                                              own toys to school.
BOOK FAIRS        We offer regular opportunities for             PARKING      Due to the location of our school, we
                  parents and children to purchase                            would ask parents not to park or stop on
                  books at school book fairs. Profits are                     the yellow ZIG-ZAG markings outside
                  used to extend resources of classroom                       the school. They must be kept clear at
                  and library books in school.                                all times. Our pupils’ safety is VITAL.

HILLSIDE FIRST SCHOOL                                                                                         PROSPECTUS

When a child has been absent from school it is necessary to telephone on the first day of absence before 10.00am to
explain the reason for absence. A letter, providing details of the reason for absence, on the child’s return to school is
requested for our records. Parents will be contacted if an explanation is not provided. Parents do not have the automatic
right to withdraw pupils from school for a holiday and, in law, have to apply in advance. Only in exceptional
circumstances may the amount of leave granted exceed, in total, more than ten school days in any one school year.
Forms are available from the school office. Year 2 pupils are involved in important National Tests and Assessments in
May so holidays at that time should be avoided.

At Hillside School we regard unauthorised absences as
those for which we do not receive a letter or telephone call
from a parent or guardian giving a reason for a child’s
Number of day pupils of compulsory school age on roll for
at least one session - 102 .
Number of half days (sessions) missed through absence
for the latest complete reporting year (2007/2008):-
      Authorised absences:            3.74%
      Unauthorised absences:          0.30%
   Pupils having at least 1 authorised absence: 3.72%

Every absence has to be authorised by the school. Continued or unauthorised absences may result in a visit to your home
by the Education Welfare Officer.

HILLSIDE FIRST SCHOOL                                                                                                PROSPECTUS

                    TRAVEL PLAN                                       Option One – Walk From Home
Hillside First School has a Travel Plan which details its             If possible then WALKING FROM HOME is the best option!
commitment to reducing travel to school by car and so easing          However, unless you have the time and the location then
congestion in the vicinity of the school. The benefits to             this can be out of the question.
children’s health and well being are integral to the plan. The
school ttravel plan is currently under review.                        The benefits to your children are clear;
                                                                            Fresh air and exercise
                                                                            Chance to talk
THE STORY SO FAR                                                            Chance to look around and see the local environment
We have had very successful Walk To School campaigns at                     Improved understanding of road safety as a
our school, highlighted in the local press and TV, breaking                 pedestrian
records and providing road safety education supported by                    Your child arrives at school alert and ready to learn
the Local Authority. We endeavour to have ‘Walk to School’
events three times a year.                                            Even if you do not walk regularly have you thought of
                                                                      walking say ONCE A WEEK or ONCE A MONTH and
                                                                      combine this with one of the other OPTIONS on these pages?

                                                                      Option Two – Park and Walk
                                                                      The PARK ’N’ WALK scheme has been very successful in
                                                                      previous campaigns and you can use this Option for Walking
                                                                      To School.
                                                                      Car Park Tickets are available from the School Office and
                                                                      once displayed on your windscreen you can park for up to
                                                                      an hour in the following car parks.
                                                                            The Woodspring Pub
                                                                            The Golden Lion
                                                                            Health Centre (NO NEED FOR TICKET)

HILLSIDE FIRST SCHOOL                                                                                                  PROSPECTUS

                                                                              PARENT-TEACHER CONTACTS
These are at various distances from the school and will still
provide all the benefits for your child listed under option            All parents are automatically members of the P.T.A. which
one. In addition it will avoid the hectic search for a place to
                                                                       exists to help the school do the best for your child.
park right outside school and so reduce congestion too.
                                                                       Activities are mainly fund-raising and you will from time
Option Three – Park Away                                               to time receive information about these. Please support
                                                                       this work - and tell the Head if you are willing to help the
The PARK AWAY scheme is relatively new but again reduces               PTA.
the congestion around school by parking away from an
exclusion zone. This is indicated on the map below.                    Parents help in many ways in and around school – either
                                                                       in the classroom or on activities outside school
                                                                       (swimming, trips etc.).

                                                                       Class teachers will gladly see parents to discuss issues
                                                                       as they arise, although where possible this should be at the
                                                                       end of the afternoon. Open evenings are held twice a year
                                                                       but should be viewed as an opportunity to look at the
                                                                       children’s work and discuss progress with the class
                                                                       teacher, rather than a time to discuss problems which are
                                                                       better dealt with at a separate appointment time. Parents
                                                                       are also invited into school for special curriculum related

                                                                       The Head is always available to see parents – although if
                                                                       an appointment can be made it will save waiting.
The benefits are similar for your child to those in Option One.

HILLSIDE FIRST SCHOOL                                                                                         PROSPECTUS

                                   SCHOOL TERM AND HOLIDAY DATES


TERM 1, 2009                                                          TERM 4, 2010

    Begins              Thursday 3 September                             Begins          Monday 22 February
    Ends                Friday 23 October                                Ends            Thursday 1 April

TERM 2. 2009                                                          TERM 5, 2010

    Begins              Monday 2 November                                Begins          Monday 19 April
    Ends                Friday 18 December                               Ends            Friday 28 May

TERM 3, 2010                                                          TERM 6, 2010

    Begins              Monday 4 January                                 Begins          Monday 7 June
    Ends                Friday 12 February                               Ends            Friday 23 July

                                  Public Holidays      2 April 2010     Good Friday
                                                       5 April 2010     Easter Monday
                                                        3 May 2010      May Day Bank Holiday
                                                       31 May 2010      Spring Bank Holiday
                                                    30 August 2010      August Bank Holiday

HILLSIDE FIRST SCHOOL                                                               PROSPECTUS

                               HILLSIDE FIRST SCHOOL

                        This Prospectus relates to the school year commencing
                        September 2009. The information is correct at the time of
                        publication, but is subject to review during the school
                                                Date of Publication: June 2009


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