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					 Office of Academic Advising                                             Degree Audit Checklist:
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                                                               Expected graduation date:            May          December       Year:

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             Last Name, First Name, MI

 Email address:                                                                                       (    )      -

 Additional major or minor:

                        Use the reference table below for examples on how to complete the checklist:

                                       ACCEPTABLE CODES                             Instructions                  Course Number         Course Title
Method of Credit          Completed        In Progress   To Be Done     If course taken at JHU                     format to fill in       Fill in

JHU Grade                A, A-, B+, etc.                                If course taken outside of JHU                Leave Blank          Fill in

AP or IB credit             AP or IB            X             X         If course not yet taken or enrolled in        Leave Blank       Leave Blank

Transfer credit               TR
                                                                        Note: Language waivers and study abroad credit must appear on your
Study abroad credit           SA                                        transcript before you indicate that the requirement is completed

 Course No. and Title                                                                  Completed               In Progress       To be Done

 Introductory Courses. The following two-semester introductory survey of art history (010.101-102) is required:

  010.101 Intro. to the History of European Art I: Ancient to Medieval

  010.102 Intro. to the History of European Art II: Renaissance to Modern

 Seven Advanced Level Courses. Students must take at least one course in each of the following four fields: Ancient (including
 Ancient Near East and American Pre-colonial), Medieval, Renaissance/Baroque, and Modern. An advanced course is at the
 010.2xx, 010.3xx, or 010.4xx level. No more than two 010.2xx courses may be applied. Courses in Museum Studies
 ( require permission from the student’s History of Art advisor in order to count towards any of these requirements.







 History of Art Major                                Updated 08/25/11                                                                           1
Course No. and Title                                                          Completed         In Progress       To be Done



Three additional advanced level courses:




Secondary Field
Students must develop a secondary field in a related area in the humanities outside of art history, in coordination with the
undergraduate advisor. Students must take three courses in their secondary field. These courses may overlap with minors or
secondary majors done in other departments.

          Secondary field:




Intermediate Language Courses
Students must acquire an intermediate knowledge of French, German, or Italian and must demonstrate proficiency either by
the successful completion of two intermediate level courses, or upon special request, by departmental examination. Any
language requirement waived by exam must be documented on transcript or in our office before checklist will be accepted.
Spanish may also be used to satisfy this requirement but only with departmental permission. The Spanish option is not
recommended for those hoping to pursue graduate study in History of Art.



Other Departmental Requirements:
No departmental requirements may be taken satisfactory/unsatisfactory. A minimum grade of C- is necessary in all courses
applied toward the requirements of the major.

Please initial here to indicate you have read and understand these requirements: __________

Honors in Your Major

To graduate with honors in your major, you must complete an HONORS CLEARANCE CHECKLIST and the accompanying
                                         st                                                                                  st
HONORS GPA WORKSHEET by April 1 in the year you expect to graduate in May. Most commonly, this means by April 1 of
your senior year. Failure to submit these forms by this date will mean that you will not receive honors in your major. You cannot
complete the checklist before February 1 of the same year. Please note that these requirements are not related to “General
University Honors.” General University Honors are automatically assigned to all students who graduate with a 3.5 or higher.

To receive Honors in History of Art, you must have met the following criteria:
        Have a GPA in your major requirements of a 3.6 or higher. This includes all twelve History of Art courses and both
         required language courses for the major. Courses with covered grades may be left out of the GPA calculation.

To notify us that you are eligible for honors, you must:
    1. Obtain an honors checklist and honors GPA worksheet by either downloading them from or by
          picking one up in the Office of Academic Advising.
    2. Complete the checklist after February 1 of your senior year and take it to the Director of Undergraduate Studies.
    3. Return the signed checklist to the Office of Academic Advising by April 1 . You do not need to make an appointment to
          return the checklist, but it must be signed by the correct representative from your department or it will not be

History of Art Major                          Updated 08/25/11                                                                 2
Course No. and Title                                             Credits       Completed      In Progress      To be Done

Distribution Requirements for Majors: These cannot include major requirements or courses.

12 credits of N, Q and/or E





18 additional credits of S, N, Q, and/or E







University Requirements:

 120 total credits

 60 credits at Johns Hopkins

 4 semesters at Johns Hopkins

 12 credits writing intensive courses

 No more than 18 D credits

 No more than 4 Carey Business School and School of Education courses

 C average or better in your major

 No more than 12 transfer credits


Language Elements Courses: Students who take the first semester of an elementary language course in French, German,
Greek, Italian, Latin, Modern Hebrew, Portuguese or Spanish must complete the second semester course as well or lose the
credit for the first term.

History of Art Major                         Updated 08/25/11                                                              3

Student’s Statement:
I have reviewed my progress toward meeting the graduation requirements for my major. I understand which requirements have
been completed and which remain to be completed, including those that are in progress, if any. I agree to notify the Office of
Academic Advising if I make any changes to my plan of study.

Student’s Signature                                                                           Date

Advisor’s Statement:
I have reviewed progress toward meeting the graduation requirements for the major with the student. We have marked which
requirements have been completed and which remain to be completed, including those that are in progress, if any. I have
indicated by initialing or submitting a supporting memo any exceptions to departmental requirements that have been
approved for this particular student.

Faculty Advisor’s Name                         Signature                                      Date

Academic Advisor’s Name                        Signature                                      Date

History of Art Major                         Updated 08/25/11                                                                4

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