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									Apple iPod Touch 64GB 4G - iPhone 4 Not-
The-Biggest Competitor (Yet)

Apple iPod touch latest generation 10/2010, started the fourth-generation iPod 64 GB touch.
How Apple, market performance, or it expected Apple to many experts three years past is see fan
boys iTouch g 4 to 64 GB also often sell a hot Donuts, market. The main contribution of this
device boasted of confidence as the future of Apple's revenue.
Provides market for the first time in 2007 the ITouch. Even when Apple can expect this
machine's current success. In music player in the shift from the leap Apple actually IPod touch,
total entertainment. Even movies and listening to music, surfing the Internet. Continue to
function better than a huge knock on Apple products, and started another series.
64 GB 4 g comes a lot of interest retinal features deep, vibrant beautiful (960 × 640 326 inch
resolution in pixels per), such as 5 mp processors of 1 GHz A4 rear camera, video call camera
vasitimi technology and design better, more new front sexy sector energy use and Apple iPod
touch (all the songs one complete responsibility up to 40 hours of play)... so, is the only big
difference iPod 64 GB 4 g and iPhone 4 is the ability to talk and touch. Easy, with other users of
the iPhone and iPod features vasitimi network.

The only missing to undertake may increase to 64 GB versions of the mindshare, new iTouch he
prefer the iPhone 4 clients. Just like features, plus iPhone 4 death grip have been many problems
such as products are famous..., such as may be the head iPhone iTouch user using multi media
features. Is known can decline the iPhone market and slowly it is whether the show is interesting
in and continues to be.

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