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Ave Maria School of Law


The Ave Maria School of Law is a fully ABA accredited Catholic law school that encourages the study of legal issues through the moral roots of the law and the Catholic intellectual tradition.

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									Law School Profile

Ave Maria School of Law
By Teresa Cajot

The Ave Maria School of Law is a fully ABA accredited Catholic law school that encourages the study of legal issues through the moral
roots of the law and the Catholic intellectual tradition. Since its establishment in 1999, the law school has drawn in students of all
faiths who recognize an inherent connection between legal and ethical values.

Thomas S. Monaghan, the founder of Domino’s Pizza and                  The law school also hosts lectures and other programs
previous owner of the Detroit Tigers, funded the school’s              that serve to expose students to a variety of areas and
development through the Ave Maria Foundation, formerly                 opportunities in law. The Ave Maria Lectures are usually
known as the Mater Christi Foundation. Monaghan established            presented by high profile figures and have featured speakers
the foundation with the intention of supporting Catholic               such as US Supreme Court Antonin Scalia, Supreme Court
education, community projects, Catholic media, and other               Justice Clarence Thomas, and the Honorable Kenneth Starr.
Catholic charities. The law school was initially located in Ann        The Distinguished Speaker Series consists of presentations
Arbor, Michigan but was relocated to Naples, Florida in 2009.          offered by prominent legal authorities and have focused on
The campus now sits on the 12-acre ‘’Vineyards Campus,’’ just          topics such as capital punishment and plea bargaining. The
miles from the Gulf of Mexico.                                         school’s conferences are typically offered on a topic of interest
                                                                       to the Catholic community, and have included University
In an effort to incorporate an understanding of the connections        Faculty for Life and the Society of Catholic Social Scientists.
between religion, ethics, and the law, the Ave Maria School
of Law requires that students complete the following courses:          Students are encouraged to take advantage of the Academic
Moral Foundations of the Law; Jurisprudence; Professional              Success Program, the Student Advisor Program, and the
Responsibility; and Law, Ethics, and Public Policy.                    Faculty Assistance Program, all of which are designed to assist
                                                                       students in their academic development.
The school publishes the Ave Maria Law Review and the Ave
Maria Journal of International Law, both of which are published        During the 2009-2010 school year there were 375 students
by second-and third-year students. Typically, students are             enrolled at the Ave Maria School of Law. In the average class,
selected to serve on the law review based on academic                  about twenty-percent of the students are married and many
performance or writing ability.                                        also have children. The school caters to this population by
                                                                       offering network groups, such as the Law Partners and family
Additionally, the Ave Maria School of Law is home to more              housing options.
than 30 student organizations, which provide opportunities for
networking, gaining pertinent experience, and learning about           As a Catholic Law School, the St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel is
specialized practice areas.                                            located on the campus and mass is offered several times a
                                                                       day. The Office of the Chaplain manages events such as feast
The school’s Career Services Office serves students and alumni         day celebrations, retreats, and other spiritual enrichment
through a variety of services including one-on-one career              activities. Students of all faiths are invited to contact the Law
counseling, attorney mentoring, resume and cover letter                School Chaplain for counseling services.
assistance, skill development, employer resources, and more.

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