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									What are dermal fillers and how can they reduce the appearance of wrinkles?

As each and every person gets older, their skin will experience a loss in collagen production and
volume, causing skin to develop wrinkles and fine lines. This phenomenon is unavoidable; it is
simply a process of time and age. However, scientists have found a way to literally turn back the
clock on aging and the appearance of wrinkly skin by developing a procedure with which to not
only address the effects of collagen loss, but to also help return the face to a state of youthful
fullness and vitality.

If you wanted to fix your sagging skin twenty years ago, your only options would have been to
go under the knife and get a facelift. But now, the same results that plastic surgery achieved
twenty years ago can be achieved through non-surgical means.

Dermal fillers are non-invasive (non-surgical) procedures with which to address and correct
wrinkles and depressions in the skin that have been caused by the effects of time and age.
Dermal Fillers San Francisco are basically injectable substances- usually hyaluronic acid or a
compound resembling collagen- capable of eliminating a patient’s marionette lines (laugh lines),
crow’s feet, and the furrows between their brows as well as plumping up lips that are thinning.
Dermal fillers are injected directly into the wrinkles that the patient wants to target.

Dermal fillers get their effectiveness by working underneath the skin to plump the face up-
reducing wrinkles and replacing skin elasticity in the process. These dermal fillers are different
from plastic surgeries designed to address a patients wrinkles, such as facelifts, in that they
neither tighten nor flatten the skin on the face, thereby avoiding the fake, plastic look that most
facelifts are known to create.

Some of the most common dermal fillers today, such as Restylane, Juvederm, and Radiesse, have
been made either using natural materials or synthetic materials designed to mimic natural
materials that have been designed to inherently work with your body’s physiological system,
thereby eliminating the risk of allergic reaction and/or animal contagion contamination.

According to statistics provided by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in 2011,
procedures involving dermal fillers using Hyaluronic Acid (Hylaform, Juverderm, Restylane,
etc.) were the second most sought-after nonsurgical cosmetic procedures by Americans. This
perhaps due to the fact that dermal filler procedures are not only quick and efficient (typical
dermal filler treatments only take about twenty minutes to complete), but also able to avoid the
recovery period and downtime required after surgical Wrinkle Treatments San Francisco.
Because dermal fillers can provide immediate results at a fraction of the cost of surgery, they
have been called “liquid facelifts”.

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