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									When Should You Hire a Trial Lawyer in Los Angeles Foreclosure Proceeding

When the housing bubble burst, thousands of families were rendered homeless. The Los
Angeles foreclosure courts were very busy attending to distressed individuals who would
have lost their homes if not for the lawyers who fought tooth and nail to give them another
lease at life. By 2011, there were more than 100,000 homes in Los Angeles that was put up
for sale. The numbers are staggering and what’s more unfortunate is foreclosure could be
easily remedied if you just know your rights under the law.

Understanding the whole process is key to saving your home. Timing is everything so you
can save both money and your house. Usually, somebody sends you a notice of default if
you haven’t been making your monthly amortization. The notice of default comes with a
demand for payments. If no agreement is reached, the lender will then hire a lawyer to
start foreclosure proceedings against you. Trial lawyer Los Angeles then sends to you the
copy of the complaint and gives you ample time to respond. Your lender then files a plea for
default judgment and when the court approves this, it will direct the sheriff to issue an
order of sale.

Your home gets appraised then the sheriff holds a public option although you will get the
same right as everybody to buy back your home. If somebody else buys the property, then
you get evicted. But your problems don’t stop there. If the sale in the auction is less than
what you owe, the lender will send you the bill to make up the difference. This all occurs in
a span of months, if you delay in getting your own trial lawyer in Los Angeles, you could
lose your house in an instant.

The lender can bury you in legal terminologies and you have no way of knowing that you
are already being intimidated into leaving your house. The Los Angeles foreclosure lawyer
can help insulate you from all the legal and bureaucratic process. He will first work with
your lender to come up with an affordable payment option for you. Your attorney will study
all the documents related to the mortgage of your home. Did you know, for instance, that if
the lender could not show the original agreement, it has no right to foreclose your home? If
all negotiations fail, the trial lawyer in Los Angeles will defend your right to keep your home
in any manner possible within the purview of the law.

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