6. Annual syllabus III by rakesh_70singh


									                                                                                             CLASS – III
                                             English Reader                                                                           Grammar
                         Topic                                   Activity                                         Topic                                         Activity
            1(AEIOU)                              Recitation and Powerpoint                    1( Nouns: Proper, Common and ,Collective),      Worksheet, Word game
  April     2(A Light for the Palace Fire)        Presentation                                 L-15(Gender)                                    Chart making, Word game
                                                  Role Play
  June      3(Tommy’s Five Senses)                Recitation and Power point                   3(Adjectives)                                   Worksheet, Paste pictures showing
  2012                                            presentation                                                                                 adjectives, Word chain
            4(Going to a Village)                 Role play and discussion on village life     L-5(Nouns :Number)                              Worksheeet
            5(Seeing Things)                      Recitation and Power Point                   l-6(Articles)
  July      6(A Mad Tea Party)                    Loud reading and talking about
  2012                                            character, Alice, Dictation
            7(Aladdin and the Magic Lamp)         Loud reading and Pictorial
                                                  presentation, Talk about other
                                                  characters, Dictation
            8(A Silent Snake )                    Recitation of poem, Collect pictures of      7( Conjunctions)                                Worksheet
            9(I Love My Baby)                     snakes and discuss about them                9(Verbs-Recapitulation and base forms)          Collect pictures showing actions and write
 August     10(Mother Kangaroo gets a             Recitation and pictorial presentation        9(Loud reading and making a list of babies of   sentences about it.
            Pouch)                                                                             animals.
                                                                                               10(Loud reading and dictation.
                                                                                              REVISION of SA 1
 October    11(I Wonder Why?)                     Recitation and pictorial presentation        10(Adverbs)                                     Worksheet
   2012     12( Birbal and the Cooking pot)       Role play and read other stories of
                                                  Akbar and Birbal
November    13(The Rabit who Thought She          Loud reading and writing a paragraph          12(Pronouns)                                   Worksheet
  2012      was Somebody else)                    about a pet.                                 16(Prepositions)
            14(If I could be an Astronaut)        Collect pictures of Astronauts and
                                                  write about them. Discussion about

Annual Syllabus Class III 2012-13                                                                                                                                           Page 1 of 8
December   15(The lost Pumpkin-I)          Role Play and Write five sentences on    11(Verbs :Future and Continuous tenses          Chart making, worksheet
  2012     16(The Lost Pumpkin-II)         importance of vegetables, Pictorial      L-18(Opposites)
                                           presentation of vegetables, Dictation
 January   17(Mothers Are For)             Recitation and making thank you card     13(Direct Speech)                               Worksheet
   2013                                    for mothers                              17(Indirect Speech)
           18(Looking for Polo)            Role Play and write five sentences
                                           about dogs
           19(A Present for Grandfather)   Role Play
           20(The Land of Storybooks)      Recitation and write a book review
                                                                                   REVISION of SA 2
                                           ENGLISH READER                             GRAMMAR
                                                                                                                                   FA 1 Project Work
                      First Weekly Test    1,2                                        L-1                                          FA 2 English speech
                   Second Weekly Test      4,5                                        L-3,5                                        FA 3 Role Play
              Summative Assessment - I     1-10                                       L-1,3,5,6,7,9,15                             FA 4 Weekly Test ( Average of best three
                     Third Weekly Test     11,12                                      L-10                                               performance)
                    Fourth Weekly Test     15,16                                      L-12,16,18
             Summative Assessment - II     11-20                                      L-10,11,12,13,16,17 ,18

 Month                                     Topic                                                                             Activity
           Ch-1 :Revision                                                          Quiz
  April    Ch-2 : Four Digit No.s                                                  Maths Lab activity Worksheet
  2012     Ch.3: Addition of four digit no.s without carrying.
           Table- 2, 3, 4 & 5.
           Ch- 3 : (Contd.) Subtraction of Four digit no.s                         PPS
           Ch.- 4: Multiplication                                                  Quiz
           Table-6, 7& 8.                                                          Puzzles.
           Ch – 5 : Division                                                       Paper cutting Activity
           Ch.- 7 : Indian Currency                                                Pattern Formation
           Table- 9 to 15                                                          PPS
 August    Ch-8 : Measurement Of Length.                                           Paper cutting, PPS, Quiz
  2012                                                                             Worksheet

Annual Syllabus Class III 2012-13                                                                                                                               Page 2 of 8
September                                                                    Revision for SA – I
 October    Ch-6 : Fractions                                                 Worksheet, Puzzles, Maths Lab activity
November    Ch- 9 : Measurement Of Weight                                    Worksheet , Lab. Activity Quiz
    2012    Ch-10 : Measurement Of Capacity                                  PPS
December    Ch -11 : Measurement Of Time                                     Worksheet, Puzzle, PPS, Quiz
  January   Ch – 12 : Geometry                                               Paper cutting, Quiz, Worksheet
    2013                                                                     Puzzles
 February                                                                    REVISION of SA 2
                                First Weekly Test   Ch – 1 ,2and 3                                 FA -1:    Quiz
                             Second Weekly Test     Ch - 4 ,5 & 7                                  FA – 2:   Puzzle
                    First summative Assessment      Ch – 1,2,3,4,5, 7 &8                           FA – 3:   Project
                               Third Weekly Test    Ch – 6 & 8                                     FA – 4:   Weekly Test
                              Fourth Weekly Test    Ch – 9 & 10
                 Second Summative Assessment        Ch – 6, 9, 10, 11& 12.

Annual Syllabus Class III 2012-13                                                                                          Page 3 of 8
 MONTH                              TOPIC                                                           ACTIVITY
   April    1. Parts of the Body                          To understand how lungs expand with help of balloon, Count your heartbeat, To identify
   2012     2. Special People                             the specific area of taste bud, Sign language, GD on special people
    Jun     3. Water                                      Collecting newspaper clippings about water shortage, freezing & melting with the help of
   2012     4. Health and Happiness                       ice cube, filtration with help of experimentation, drawing sources of water, experiment to
            5. How we get water                           show water changes its form on heating &cooling.
   July     6.Our Food                                    Tabulating food we take from different plants &animals, preparing food chart
   2012     7. Air                                        ,experiment to show air occupies space,
            8. Where we live
  August    9. The World of Animals 10Neighbourhood 11.   Experiment to show that plant grow from a seed, exp. to show that roots of plants grow,
   2012     The World of Plants                           prepare a nature notebook, puzzle on aquatic animals, make poster on keeping the
                                                          neighborhood clean
September                                                             Revision for SA 1
 October    12. Working Together                          Role play, make a list of all things around you that have wheels,
   2012     13. The Wheel
November    14. Means of Transport                        Draw different mode of transport, classify them into different types of transport.
  2012      15. Safety                                    Preparation of traffic signs, change of day and night with help of students.
            21. The Earth
December    17 Finding a Place                            Draw a map of the route from your house to the nearest shop, making solar system,
  2012      22. Beyond The Earth                          making space album
 January    18 Our Country                                Draw a map & locate various things in it, Draw important national days and write about
   2013     19. Some National Days                        it, card making for different festivals.
            20. Festivals
 February                                                            Revision for SA 2

Annual Syllabus Class III 2012-13                                                                                                       Page 4 of 8
                                                                       Syllabus for Assessment
First Weekly Test                   Chapters 1,2,5                                                FA 1   Science Quiz
Second Weekly Test                  Chapters 4,6,,3                                               FA 2   Project
SA 1                                Chapters 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11                              FA 3   Group Discussion
Third Weekly Test                   Chapters 17,21,22                                             FA 4   Weekly Test (Average of best 3 weekly test)
Fourth Weekly Test                  Chapters 12,14,15
SA2                                 Chapters 12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22


 SN.     MONTH       WD                              fjef>e Hkkx & 3                                     ljLorh eSa vkSj esjk O;kdj.k&3
  1       vizSy           1& dDdw 2&’ks[khckt+ eD[kh                                              1- Hkk"kk] 2- o.kZ
                          1- D;k vki Hkh dDdw tSls gh fdlh pfj= ls ifjfpr gSa \ vxj gk¡ rks       1- cPpksa }kjk ewd vfHku; dh izLrqfr] 2- o.kksZa
                     20   mldh xfrfof/k;ksa ds ckjs esa fyf[k, 2- dDdw dkss fdu&fdu ukeksa        ds vk/kkj ij 'kCn vaR;k{kjh] 3- d{kk ds
      fØ;k&dyki           ls fp<+k;k tk jgk Fkk] pfy, bu ukeksa dh O;k[;k djrs gSaA 2- D;k        fon~;kfFkZ;ksa dks Loj o O;atu cukdj ml
                          vkidks taxy dh dksbZ vkSj dgkuh ;kn gS mls gekjs lkFk lk>k              o.kZ&fo'ks"k ls ik¡p&ik¡p 'kCnksa dk mPpkj.k
                          dhft,A 3- eD[kh iztkfr ds tarqvksa ds ik¡p fp= cukb,A 3                 djokuk
  2        twu            3& pk¡n okyh vEek                                                       3- ek=k,¡
                                                                                                  1- odZ'khV nsdj cPpksa dks ek=kvksa dk Kku
                     14   1- viuh dYiuk ds vk/kkj ij ,d ,slh dgkuh cukb,] ftlesa izd`fr vkils
                                                                                                  djkukA 2- cPpksa dks ek=kvksa ds fofHkUu uohu
      fØ;k&dyki           vB[ksfy;k¡ djrh gks vkSj mldh ppkZ vius fe=ksa ls dhft,A 2- vius
                                                                                                  Lo:iksa ls ifjfpr djokukA 3- ,dopu ls cgqopu cuus
                          vuqlkj pk¡n ,oa vEek ds okrkZyki dks ipkl 'kCnksa esa fyf[k,A
                                                                                                  okys 'kCnksa ds ifjofrZr Lo:i dk ifjp; nsukA
  3      tqykbZ           4& eu djrk gS 5& cgknqj fcRrks 6& gels lc dgrs                          4- laKk] 5- fyax] 6- opu
                          1- vkidk D;k cu tkus dk eu djrk gS \ lksfp, vkSj ml ij ,d dfork         1- fon~;kfFkZ;ksa dks laKk&Hksnksa ds vuqlkj lewg
                          cukb,A 2- vxj vki fpfM+;k gksrs rks viuk ,d fnu fdl izdkj O;rhr djrs]   esa foHkkftr djds Hksn&fo'ks"k ds vf/kd&ls&vf/kd
                     24   bls fp= ds ek/;e ls n'kkZb,A 3- cgknqj fcRrks dh rjg fdlh egku L=h      mnkgj.k izkIr djukA 2- lekpkj&i= lss iqfYyax lekpkjksa
                          ds ckjs esa tkudkjh bdV~Bk dhft,A 4- fnu ds izR;sd pj.k esa lw;Z        dks L=hfyax o L=hfyax lekpkjksa dks iqfYyax :i esa
                          dh fLFkfr ,oa vkdkj dk fp= cukb,A 5- lw;Z dk vfLrRo izk.kh txr ds       i<+us dk iz;kl djokukA 3- ,dopu 'kCnksa ds vk/kkj ij
                          fy, D;ksa vko';d gS \ blds ckjs esa fyf[k,A                             vaR;k{kjh [ksyokukA
  4       vxLr       21   7& fVifViok 8& canj ck¡V 9& dc vkÅ¡                                     7- loZuke] 17- i=&ys[ku

Annual Syllabus Class III 2012-13                                                                                                            Page 5 of 8
                         1- ckfj'k ds fnuksa esa viuh fØ;kdyki ds ckjs esa fyf[k,A 2- mu izkarksa
                         ds ckjs esa tkudkjh bdV~Bk dhft, tgk¡ lw[ks dh fLFkfr gksrh gS] ogk¡
                         viuk, tkus okys ty&laj{k.k ds mik;ksa dh ppkZ dhft,A 3- lk>k izo`fr ds     1- fon~;kfFkZ;ksa dks Ng lewgksa esa ck¡Vdj izR;sd
                         ckjs esa ,d vuqPNsn fyf[k,A 4- vki vius ?kj esa viuh pht+ fdlds lkFk       lewg dks loZuke Hksn dk uke nsdj muds Hksn ds
                         ck¡Vrs gSa mldk fp= viuh dkWih esa fpidkb,A 5- vki ckt+kj tkrs oDr         vuqlkj okD; cuokukA 2- i=&ys[ku dk vf/kdkf/kd vH;kl
                         dkSu&lh nqdku ij tkuk vf/kd ilan djrs gSa vkSj D;ksa] fyf[k,A 6- vkidks    djokukA
                         dkSu&dkSu&ls jax vf/kd ilan gS \ mu jaxksa dk iz;ksx djds dksbZ fp=
  5       flracj   10                                         ladyukRed ewY;kadu&1 dk iqujkoyksdu
  6      vDVwcj          10& D;ksathey vkSj dSls dSlfy;k 11& ehjk cgu vkSj ck?k                     8- fo'ks"k.k] 9- fØ;k
                         1- fofHkUu rjg ds vuktksa ds uewus ysdj mls viuh dkWih esa
                                                                                                    1- d{kk dh lHkh oLrqvksa ds lkFk nks&nks
                         fpidkb,A 2- vkidks [kkus esa D;k ilan gS] fp= cukdj mlds ckjs esa
                   17                                                                               fo'ks"k.k yxkukA 2- fdlh izkd`frd n`'; dk fp= fn[kkdj
                         ik¡p okD; fyf[k,A 3- vius fiz; fe= ds ckjs esa ,d vuqPNsn fyf[k,A 4-
      fØ;k&dyki                                                                                     ml ij vk/kkfjr fo'ks"k.k vkSj fo'ks"; 'kCn iwNukA 3-
                         ^fpfM+;k?kj dh lSj* fo"k; ij ,d vuqPNsn fyf[k,A 5- lso VkbxlZ
                                                                                                    fon~;kfFkZ;ksa dks ckgj [kqys LFkku esas ys tkdj
                         izkstsDV ds ckjs esa fo"k;&lkexzh ,d= djds mls viuh dkWih ij
                                                                                                    vius&vki gksus okyh fØ;kvksa ls ifjfpr djokukA
                                                                                                    10- v'kqn~f/k&'kks/ku] 11- i;kZ;okph] 12-
  7       uoEcj
                         12& tc eq>s lk¡i us dkVk                                                   foykse&'kCn
                   17    1- fdUgha rhu ,sls tUrqvksa ds ckjs esa fy[kks tks Mad ekjrs               1- odZ'khV nsdj vifBr xn~;ka'k dk vf/kd&ls&vf/kd
      fØ;k&dyki          gksaA 2- lk¡Ik dk fp= cukdj liZna'k ds Ik'pkr viuk, tkus okys pkj          vH;kl djokukA 2- v/kwjs okD; nsdj mfpr 'kCnksa
                         izkFkfed mipkjksa ds ckjs esa fy[kksA                                      dk iz;ksx djokukA
  8       fnlacj         13& fepZ dk et+k 14& lcls vPNk isM+                                        13- vusd 'kCnksa ds fy, ,d 'kCn] 14- eqgkojs
                         1- viuh dYiuk ds vuqlkj ,slh pht+ksa ds uke fyf[k, ftlesa fepZ dk
                         Lokn vkidks lcls vPNk yxrk gksA 2- fepZ ds ckjs esa dksbZ dfork            1- okD;ka'k nsdj mldk ,d 'kCn iwNukA 2- ,d gh
                   17    <w¡<+dj ;kn dhft,A 3- vkidks dkSu&lk isM+ lcls vPNk yxrk gS \              'kCn ds vusd vFkZ iwNdj okD; dk fuekZ.k
                         ipkl 'kCnksa esa mldh fo'ks"krk,¡ fyf[k,A 4- Nk;knkj] Qynkj rFkk           djokukA 3- vFkZ nsdj cPpksa ls eqgkojs iwNukA
                         bekjrh ydM+h nsus okys o`{kksa ds ckjs esa ,d rkfydk cukdj                 4- fp= fn[kkdj lacaf/kr eqgkojs dk irk yxkukA
                         ik¡p&ik¡p okD; fyf[k,A
                                                                                                    15- dSysaMj vkSj R;ksgkj] 16- fxurh] 18-
  9       tuojh
                         15& ifRr;ksa dk fpfM+;k?kj                                                 vuqPNsn&yss[ku] 19- dgkuh&ys[ku
                   22                                                                               1- fganh eghuksa ds uke ;kn djukA 2- fganh esa fxurh
                                                                                                    ds ckjs esa ,d dfork rS;kj dhft,A 3- vuqPNsn ys[ku dk
      fØ;k&dyki          1- fofHkUu izdkj ds ifRr;ksa dks ,d= djds viuh dkWih es fpidkvksA
                                                                                                    vf/kdkf/kd vH;kl djokukA 4- dgkuh ys[ku dk vf/kdkf/kd
                                                                                                    vH;kl djokukA
 10       Qjojh    23                                         ladyukRed ewY;kadu&2 dk iqujkoyksdu
Annual Syllabus Class III 2012-13                                                                                                             Page 6 of 8
 11         ekpZ     0                                                       ladyukRed ewY;kadu&2
          ewY;kadu                                                                          ikB~;Øe

 lkIrkfgd ewY;kadu 1     fjef>e 3& 1- dDdw] 2- 'ks[khckt+ eD[kh] 3- pk¡nokyh vEek] O;kdj.k& 1- Hkk"kk] 2- o.kZ] 3- ek=k,¡
                         fjef>e 3& 1- dDdw] 2- 'ks[khckt+ eD[kh] 3- pk¡nokyh vEek] 4- eu djrk gS 5- cgknqj fcRrks 6- gels lc dgrs O;kdj.k& 1- Hkk"kk] 2-
 lkIrkfgd ewY;kadu 2
                         o.kZ] 3- ek=k,¡ 4- laKk] 5- fyax] 6- opu
      ladyukRed          fjef>e 3& 1- dDdw] 2- 'ks[khckt+ eD[kh] 3- pk¡nokyh vEek] 4- eu djrk gS 5- cgknqj fcRrks 6- gels lc dgrs] 7& fVifViok 8& canj ck¡V
      ewY;kadu 1         9& dc vkÅ¡A O;kdj.k& 1- Hkk"kk] 2- o.kZ] 3- ek=k,¡ 4- laKk] 5- fyax] 6- opu] 7- loZuke] 17- i=&ys[kuA
 lkIrkfgd ewY;kadu 3     fjef>e 3& 10& D;ksathey vkSj dSls dSlfy;k 11& ehjk cgu vkSj ck?k O;kdj.k& 8- fo'ks"k.k] 9- fØ;k
                         fjef>e 3& 10& D;ksathey vkSj dSls dSlfy;k 11& ehjk cgu vkSj ck?k 12& tc eq>s lk¡i us dkVk] 13& fepZ dk et+k 14& lcls vPNk
 lkIrkfgd ewY;kadu 4     isM+ O;kdj.k& 8- fo'ks"k.k] 9- fØ;k 10- v'kqn~f/k&'kks/ku] 11- i;kZ;okph] 12- foykse&'kCn 13- vusd 'kCnksa ds fy, ,d 'kCn] 14-
                         fjef>e 3& 10& D;ksathey vkSj dSls dSlfy;k 11& ehjk cgu vkSj ck?k 12& tc eq>s lk¡i us dkVk] 13& fepZ dk et+k 14& lcls vPNk
                         isM+A O;kdj.k& 8- fo'ks"k.k] 9- fØ;k 10- v'kqn~f/k&'kks/ku] 11- i;kZ;okph] 12- foykse&'kCn 13- vusd 'kCnksa ds fy, ,d 'kCn] 14-
      ewY;kadu 2
                         eqgkojs] 15- dSysaMj vkSj R;ksgkj] 16- fxurh] 18- vuqPNsn&yss[ku] 19- dgkuh&ys[ku
jpukRed ewY;kadu&1          fdlh ,d dFkk dks lfp= dFkk esa :ikarfjr dhft,A
jpukRed ewY;kadu&2          pfj=kadu
jpukRed ewY;kadu&3          dfork okpu
jpukRed ewY;kadu&4          lkIrkfgd ewY;kadu

            Month                                                                                                                         Activity
                             Chapter                                         Topic
                                           Computer Definition and its relation with calculator
                                           Major Units of Computer (Input, Output, Processor, Memory)
                         Computer: An                                                                          Role Model to relate between real world example and
  April                                    Principals on which computer works
                         Intelligent                                                                           technology
  2012                                     How does the computer understand instructions or commands
                         Machine                                                                               Interaction with hardware component
                                           Why do we use computer?
                                           Difference between calculator and computer, Exercise Solving
                                           Abacus, Napier's logs and bones, Pascal's machine
  June                   History of
                                           Charles Babbage's Engines, Herman Hollerith's Machine               Projector view of different types of computers
  2012                   Computers
                                           Exercise Solving
  July                   Know more         Structural representation of Interrelated all components
  2012                   about computer    Computer Terminology, Accessories of a Computer, Exercise Solving
  August                 Work with Paint   Learning of different components of Paint Brush Window              Drawing and painting in paint brush using all related tools and
  2012                   Brush             Learning of Tool Box                                                its features
Annual Syllabus Class III 2012-13                                                                                                                         Page 7 of 8
                                             Saving and Opening of all the Saved Drawings                         Ex. Drawing of flowers, cartoons, huts, scenery etc
                                             Exercise Solving
                                                                                              REVISON of SA 1
                                             Function Keys, Numeric Keys, Alphabetic Keys, Space Bar
  October                  Introduction to   Enter Key, Arrow Keys, Cursor, Back Space Key, Del Key
                                                                                                                  Projector View of learning the Keyboard
  2012                     Keyboard          Symbolic Keys, Special Keys, Esc, Tab, Caps Lock, Num Key
                                             Exercise Solving
                                             Working with windows, Components of windows
  November 2012            Operating         Changing the background of the desktop                               Projector view of learning how to change the background and
                           System            Changing the screen saver, Scrolling Sentence as a screen saver      setting of screen saver
                                             Exercise Solving
                                             How to work in Note pad?
  December 2012            Notepad           Opening and saving the notepad files                                 Projector view of operating Windows Media Player
                                             Important points to remember of notepad, Exercise Solving
                                             Introduction of Multimedia and its usage
                           Multimedia                                                                             Projector view of learning notepad
                                             Running Windows Media Player, Exercise Solving
                                             Introduction of MSW-Logo
                                             Learning of MSW-Logo User Interface
                                                                                                                  Projector view of learning the MSW-Logo Window
  January 2013             MSW - Logo        Learning of Command Input Box, Recall List Box, Halt Button, Trace
                                                                                                                  Practical’s of drawing figures using logo commands
                                             Button, Pause Button, Status Button, Step, EdBall Button
                                             Learning of Logo Commands, Exercise Solving
  February 2013                                                                               REVISON of SA 2
  Formative Assessment 1                       Project Work Based on Previous class Studies
  Formative Assessment 2                       Quiz (Chapter- 1, 2)
  First Term Assessment                        Chapters 1, 2, 3, 6
  Formative Assessment 3                       Puzzle
  Formative Assessment 4                       Weekly Test (Average of best three performance)
  Second Term Assessment                       Chapters 4, 5, 7, 8, 9

Annual Syllabus Class III 2012-13                                                                                                                            Page 8 of 8

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