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									Early this year, I was in Europe for consultation. One of my Indian
friends introduced me to a beautiful blond lady, who wanted my advice.
Monica Smith requested me to stabilize her relationships with her partner
because for past few years she had problems. She had met couple of
partners but before she could settle down, the man had deserted her. If
you see her, you will not stop admiring her – she is so beautiful ! How
can any man leave her? I told her, that she was any man’s dream. She
looked even more gorgeous when she smiled on my comment. The point I am
making here is very simple. Why did all the men ran away from her inspite
of her beauty and gentle nature ? We will evaluate this in a movement.

Monica had a unique house. I call it unique, because everything was done
tastefully. The décor, paintings, curious and the way the ornaments were
placed, it was all beautiful …beautiful …and …beautiful !

One thing was clear that in her house, it looked very feminine. The
reason being, there was too much of Yin energy. In fact the Yang energy
was missing. Hence, the presence of a man was missing. Men can never feel
comfortable in such houses. In any house, if there is too much of yin
energy, either man in the house will become very feminine in his attitude
of may leave the house. There could be other reasons, if this has not
happened in that house.

Ms Smith had some beautiful statues and figures of single women. It was
not by chance that, they were, in marriage corner of every room.
Remember, you all ladies out there, single women statues represents
loneliness. It also represents women dominated house and makes the man in
the house very weak.

The worst was her bedroom. It really shocked the hell out of me. Many
would love the bedroom like hers (except me). Beautiful rounded bed but
surrounded by the most dangerous thing to have in the bedroom – MIRRORS!
Friends, mirror is the last thing you should have in your bedroom. Have
you ever realised, that in olden times, the mirrors were always fixed on
the inside part of the cupboard door. Mirrors of any kind or type, if
placed in the bedroom, will 100% destroy the relationship. No wonder, men
did last in her life. Her dressing table mirror was made of three folds;
this added fuel to the fire. Surrounding mirrors had the joints,
destroying her image. Split mirrors represent – split image.

On top of that, Monica had live plants all over her bedroom. Even your
child can confirm that live plants are bad in the bedroom because they
release carbon di-oxide during the night. Feng Shui science says tree
destroys earth element. I have already explained that this area is Earth
element and trees in this area will spoil your marriage luck. The climax
was the small fish bowl in the bedroom. For God’s sake, DONOT EVER KEEP
WATER IN THE BEDROOM. Water in Feng Shui science is excellent for
enhancing your Wealth luck (if placed correctly) but water can bring Harm
to the relationship. Be very careful. Now, do you realise, how important
it is to balance the energies in your house?

Her bedroom and the décor were very precious to Monica. She did not like
my suggestion to shift from this house. After some explanations she
agreed. Monica Smith made plans to rent this house and take another one
for her. I selected the place for her. She followed my advice and placed
each object as guided by Feng Shui science and balanced the energy in her
new house.

After three months, I received a call from her, inviting me to attend her

Believe me, bedroom is the most important room in your house. I am
specifically addressing this to my Bachelor friends. If you are unable to
find the woman of your choice, find out the reasons in my next article.

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