Adam Mc Daniel Resume by 062i2NQ


									                                          Adam McDaniel
                                 2435 Montgomery Road #130, Huntsville TX 77340

                                                  Level Design

To use strong design skills and programming background to construct compelling game levels and scenarios,
creating engaging game experiences for the player.

Software Skills

Unity 3                                  3Ds Max
Unreal Engine 3                          Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word)
C++, JavaScript, C#, Java, Ada           Audacity
Hammer                                   Adobe Photoshop
Unreal Kismet


Revolver Joe (Designer/Lead Programmer)
    Extracurricular Project: 3D top-down shooter/adventure game made in Unity
    Designed and programmed core gameplay mechanics, enemy path finding and cover based artificial
    Built combat levels with multiple solutions based around ricochet and enemy cover mechanics
    Collaborated with a small inter-disciplinary team consisting of one other designer/programmer and
       several artists

Address Verification and Standardization
    Group project for Software Engineering course at Sam Houston State University
    Explored existing technology and coordinated with main programmers to write research paper


Sam Houston State University (Huntsville, TX)                                              Graduated May 2011
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

    Relevant Coursework: Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Data
    Structures, Operating Systems

Lone Star College (Tomball, TX)                                                       Graduated December 2008
Associates in Game Development

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