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					                                   Prescription Glasses: Perceptions on Wearing Eyeglasses
                                   Prescription glasses, while invented and employed as primary tools for correcting poor vision,
                                   have other effects apart from the intended benefits for manufacturing them. One of them has
                                   something to do with conclusive researches that assert wearing eyeglasses affects perceptions
                                   of attractiveness, an assertion that can cause a surge in sales of eyeglasses and encourage
                                   eyeglasses makers to come up with more variety not just in style or designs.

                                   The manner by which these items are sold and purchased had also morphed and online
                                   prescription glasses business has become the trend today as a consequence of the surge in
                                   demand for eyeglasses. Now with their purchase doable from the comfort of your home,
                                   prescription glasses that suit your needs can be easily acquired. Your choice will depend on
                                   the image that you would want to project and the impression you want people to have on you.
                                   For a start, consider the following statistical results on a research done on perceptions on
                                   people who are wearing eyeglasses, whether prescription glasses or not.

                                   Your partner would most probably not mind your wearing a pair of specs as almost 70% of
                                   American men and women say that these tools don’t get in the way of romantic attachment. If,
                                   however, you are presently a single woman, you should not let go of your guard following the
                                   result that shows about 60% of American men, irrespective of age, would most likely make a
                                   pass on you. Considering this data, you should not jump right away into the bandwagon of
                                   buying from an online prescription glasses site since wearing eyeglasses has other effects,
                                   too. Its effects on perception of intelligence can be very detrimental on your purpose for
                                   wearing eyeglasses.

                                   It has the nerdy effect on perception. About 40% of men and women consider people wearing
                                   eyeglasses to be people who are sophisticated and smart. As a consequence, topping the list
                                   of people who are perceived to be wearing eyeglasses are librarians, followed by teachers, then
                                   lawyers, then artists and finally, actors. About 45% of the respondents see people using
                                   spectacles as purposely using them to be fashionable.

                                   To come out exuding with sex appeal, you must also consider the kind of eyeglass frames.
                                   Rimless lenses, according to majority of the respondents, are the most sexually appealing that
                                   suggests bare appearances are indeed sexually stimulating. Metal frames come in next. In
                                   contrast, big plastic frames and dramatic (or sparkly) frames are the least adored.

                                   Yet, these are just but results of a research and nothing here can be said that is conclusive. At
                                   best, they offer you and everyone else a glimpse on how some people think about wearing
                                   eyeglasses. You may not even care about what other people might think of you if you start
                                   donning those spectacles. After all, nothing is as important as regaining back a good vision by
                                   way of prescription glasses. However, when you start browsing through online prescription
                                   glasses sites, you would probably find yourself looking for the best prescription glasses that will
                                   help you appear more beautiful. You bet!!!

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