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					One of the first things that comes to mind when you
think of a birthday celebration is the cake. It is often
     the focal point of the table. When planning a
   celebration, you have more cake design options
  than you would ever imagine. It would be easy to
 feel overwhelmed when choosing a cake. You can
    simplify the process by following a few simple

diaper cakes
First, you need to decide the theme of your party If you are buying the
cake from a bakery or ordering it from a professional baker, you need to
know how large you want the cake to be, how many people you plan to
serve, and the price range you want to stay within Ask them what
designs are available related to the party theme you diaper cakes chose
You definitely need to plan ahead and order your cake in an appropriate
time frame
 If you plan to bake the cake yourself, you can find recipes and
decorating ideas online and in almost any cookbook Some designs will
require special pans while others can be made in the standard round,
square, or 9 X 13 cake pan If decorating a cake is a new experience for
you, staying with a simple design will make the process less stressful As
an alternative to decorating a large or multi-layer cake, you might opt for
decorating cupcakes instead
 Some children do not actually like cake and would prefer some other
option An ice cream cake is a popular alternative to the traditional
decorated cake with lots of icing and candles You can special order ice
cream cakes just as you would a standard cake Or, you can mold the ice
cream yourself into various shapes that match the theme of the party
 A large sugar cookie can be decorated to take the place of a standard
cake You can add candy pieces, icing, sprinkles, or numerous other
toppings to create a uniquely personal cookie You can also make
smaller cookies to serve the guests
 You could decorate the small cookies in a more simple manner, but in a
design that matches the large cookie Some children prefer pies such as
strawberry, chocolate, or lemon to cake Their favorite pie decorated with
candles would surely make them smile
 Brownies, ice cream sundaes, pudding cups, a cheesecake, or
decorated rice Krispie treats are all possible cake alternatives to consider
 Another uniquely creative birthday cake alternative would be a popcorn
cake as the centerpiece for the table with smaller popcorn balls for
individual guests
diaper cakes

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