Health Saving Accounts Are They Best for You

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					Health Saving Accounts: Are They Best
               for You
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HSA Benefits Exceed Expectations
 Unlike similar accounts, health savings accounts do not penalize you for
  estimating over or under the annual amount needed for medical coverage.
  Whatever money is not used will be left in the account for when you do
  need it.

 HSA’s are accounts owned by the individual not his or her company. That
  means it is all your money and your employer cannot keep it should you
  leave your job.

 All money that is used for medical expenses is tax-free money. What you
  contribute to the expense is actually the real payment amount.                                1-877-549-1212
 Which would you rather have?
  Health savings account                           IRA or 401K
 HSA’s only have taxes taken out        401k’s and IRA’s are tax-deferred
  when the money is not used              accounts, meaning you do not pay
  towards a medical need.                 taxes until the money is
 Earn tax-free interest and
                                         Earn tax-free interest and
  investment income every year.           investment income every year.
 Once you reach 65 can use account      No tax-free medical spending.
  like an IRA or 401(k) and still not
  pay tax on medical fees.                               1-877-549-1212
Having an HSA could be better
than getting a raise!!!
 Why you ask? The amount your boss gives you when deposit
  the money into a health savings account is tax-free. So the
  amount given is the amount received because neither of you
  have to pay taxes on that money.

 Cash that is allocated to an account such as an HS A will
  probably be more appreciated since it will better spent and less
  likely to be used on something you do not really need. Overall,
  health savings accounts can lead to more prudent spending.                        1-877-549-1212
HSA’s May be a Better Option than
       Traditional PPO’s
 For those who have more expensive medical needs, health savings
  accounts are very likely a more cost-effective option than Preferred
  Provider Organizations (PPO). PPO’s are predictable because you
  know the copayment amount, and the out of pocket maximum.
  However, the copay and the deductible to not contribute to the OOP
  max. Consequently many doctor visits will continue to accumulate
  and therefore costs will be higher .

 As for HSA’s, the amount paid at the time of the visit is more, but
  you will later receive the insurance company discount. The biggest
  difference though is that the amount paid at the doctor’s visit is
  applied to the deductible as well as the OOP max, thus saving you
  money in the long-run.                             1-877-549-1212
     The Clock is Ticking!!!

                With so many changes in healthcare on the
                horizon, it is better to begin looking into
                HSA’s sooner rather than later. Before long
                the costs of premiums will be going up as
                more and more individuals begin to buy into
                these accounts. Don’t wait until 2014 to
                discover what could be your best option. Talk
                to an experienced Ohio broker today and find
                what’s best for you!                   1-877-549-1212
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