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Austin Dental Care


38th Street Dental clinic provides you and your family with the best dental care & family dentistry services in Austin, Texas. Visit us today!

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									All-Around Care from Austin’s Best Dentists

Austin is vibrant city full of active, young citizens. From nabbing a bite of delicious barbecue to
singing along at a Bob Schneider concert, good dental hygiene can certainly enhance the
experience of Austin, Texas. It is important to have an Austin dentist that understands the
city’s culture and specific dental care needs for all Austin citizens, young and old.

For example, Austin is home to The University of Texas, and dental hygiene services are not
typically a top priority for college students. For those on a budget or without insurance, the
friendly Austin dentists at 38th Street Dental offer a Gold plan discount to help keep everyone
smiling. The professionals at 38th Street Dental strive to be the best no insurance dentist in
Austin in order to make your visit to their clinic comfortable and helpful, even if it has been a
while since your last dental check-up.

Austin is a youthful city with many new professionals and recent college graduates. As anyone in
Austin’s burgeoning business scene will tell you, a friendly smile and firm hand shake can go a
long way. For those who want to make a great impression, 38th Street Dental offers top cosmetic
dentistry services in Austin, Texas. Whether you want a smile makeover, professional teeth
whitening, dental implants, or Clear Correct braces, 38th Street Dental specialists Dr. Mike Meek
and Dr. David Tasch are the best Austin cosmetic dentists in the area.

Lastly, Austin is home to a large number of growing families, so it is important to find an Austin
family dental care practice to take care of everyone’s dental hygiene cleanings as well as
specialized services like dental restorations and tooth decay treatment. Your Austin dentist at 38th
Street Dental can help you with everything from fractured teeth treatment to Lumineers for teeth.
So if you are looking for an Austin dentist to care for your entire family from cradle to college to
cranky grandparents, visit Dr. Tasch and Dr. Meek at their Central Austin dental care clinic.

Located in Central Austin, 38th Street Dental is a conservative general and family dental practice.
Not old school, old fashioned, or out-dated, Dr. Meek and Dr. Tasch are high tech dentists with
advanced training in dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, and advanced restorative care. We do
not focus solely on cosmetics and you will not be subjected to high pressure consultation tactics
that can make going to the dentist uncomfortable. 38th Street Dental understands that not having
dental insurance may make trips to the dentist uncomfortable, so they offer their Gold Plan
discount dental program. From dental hygiene services to advanced cosmetic dental veneers
and dental restorations, 38th Street Dental looks forward to working with you to improve your
overall dental health.

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38th Street Dental clinic provides you and your family with the best dental care & family dentistry
services in Austin, Texas. Visit us today!

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