Celebrate your Holidays Around the World

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					Celebrate your Holidays around the World-

 We wish to celebrate and spend our days in a completely joyful place during the holidays.
Celebration must engage with a festive feel. Our wish is to spend the magic of season with our
family and friends. This experience will inspire you to share every year with them during the
holidays around the world. This will be our unforgettable spectacle which held in selected days
in the holidays.

  Filipinos are known to be festive people and their celebration would not be complete without
drinking Lambanog. During occasions, The Filipinos want to celebrate their holidays with more
good food and make as remarkable as they can. Lambanog is a native alcohol beverage that is
made from tuba or distilled sugar cane. But of course, beer is always their option. At least, we
plan earlier and save money but some Filipinos will going to owe for them to not miss the
occasion and celebrate it with food.

  Philippine culture echoes in our Filipino dinning with our Philippine food. We Filipinos are tie-
in together, up to extended family. During our feast we agreeably eat together and dining table
is our adjoining place, the Philippine holidays are also very joyful. Their occasions are to
celebrate from fiesta, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baptism, Christmas day, Noche
Buena, New Year and other special occasions and holidays. Drinking Lambanog will not be
complete without pulutan or finger food to compliment it. Best choices are chicharon (popped
pork skin), adidas (grilled chicken feet) and Mani (roasted or boiled peanuts). Our family didn’t
experience, because it’s better for us to have no food during special occasions than to have a
debt. If have no budget, okay its fine and there’s no need to push ourselves because at the end
will be the one to suffer from debt. But most of the time, pulutan are left over main dishes. And
do you wish to celebrate the Filipino holidays? Goodbuyholidays help you out.

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