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project cd artwork design


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									MMG 111 :: Week 02                             1 of 1                             15 January 2007

project::cd artwork design
Assignment ::
Using the skills and techniques learned in class, create in Illustrator artwork for the outward
faces of a CD jewel case and the label for the CD itself. The subject of your artwork can be a
music artist, group or compilation; real or fictitious.

Resources ::
Use the provided “real-world” Illustrator CD artwork templates as the basis for your design.
These documents contain sizing guides, crop marks and other useful design aids. A template
is provided for the front and back-sides of the CD jewel case, and a second template is
provided for the CD label. These templates will be provided in class, as well as on the class
Web site (under Projects).

Requirements ::
Artwork must be created in Illustrator using skills learned in class and from the reading
assignments. All vector artwork contained in the must be of your own creation—do not use
pre-made Illustrator symbols or other “clip-art”. You may use raster artwork created outside
of Illustrator (Photoshop imagery, photographs, etc.) only if they function to support native
Illustrator elements and do not make up a significant percentage of your design. Regarding
Raster artwork, do not use Illustrator’s Live Paint or LiveTrace features without significantly
modifying the result of these features after applying them.

You have full creative control over the design of these pieces. In addition to the design
elements you choose to include in your project, the artwork must also present the following:
   •   The CD title on the sides of the back tray card (the sides that appear then the jewel
       case is stored in a CD rack).
   •   On the back tray card, include:
           o   A list of all audio tracks contained on the CD.
           o   A vector barcode that appears as real as possible.
           o   The copyright information that you would expect to see on a commercial CD.
   •   The content of the CD label is up to you, but the artwork should echo that of the
       jewel case and be consistent with a real CD label.
The design should meet the criteria listed above, and be thoughtful of layout, style and
coloration. The Illustrator document will also be graded on organization, precision, and
technical accuracy and correctness. Copy all of your project files into a single folder to hand
in before the critique. Name the folder lastname_firstname_cd.

The final artwork should be printed out at in color, trimmed and fitted into an actual, full-
size CD jewel case and physical CD for presentation. If possible, the CD label should be
printed on an adhesive, pre-cut label (available at most office supply stores).

Dates and Deliverables ::
At the beginning of class on (Sec. 02: Monday, February 12th; Sec. 03: Tuesday, February
13th), both the completed, printed jewel case and label artwork and the final, layered
Illustrator files are due. The instructor and your fellow classmates will critique this project
on the day that it is due. Be prepared to talk about the artwork and the process of getting
to the final product. Both the prints and digital files must be turned, and you must be
present for the class critique to receive full credit for this project. (100 points)

                              — CD Jewel Case Artwork Design Project —

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