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									March 11, 2008
                                                                 City Commission Minutes

                              OFFICIAL PROCEEDINGS

1.     Roll Call of Commissioners

COMMISSIONERS PRESENT: Brent Bogar, Brad Bekkedahl, Frank Underhill, Jim Lawson,
E. Ward Koeser


OTHERS PRESENT: John Kautzman, Chief Hanson, Captain Lodwig, Rick Marburger, Chief
Wentz, Kent Jarcik, Brion Norby, Doug Lalim, Monte Meiers, Pete Furuseth

President Koeser entertained a motion to add 7.D, Letter from Froid Community, and 9.C.4,
Water Treatment Plant Certificate.

MOTION BY UNDERHILL, 2ND BY BOGAR, to add to the City Commission Agenda 7.4:
Letter from Froid Community and 9.C.4: Water Treatment Plant Certificate.

2.     Consent Agenda
       A.    Reading and Approval of Minutes for:
             1.     Regular Meeting Dated February 26, 2008

       B.     Auditor
              1.     Accounts, Claims and Bills

                              RECORD ONLY:
     FIRST   NATIONAL BANK        RECORD ONLY                                      5.32
     FIRST   NATIONAL BANK        RECORD ONLY                                139,629.99
     FIRST   NATIONAL BANK        RECORD ONLY                                 16,480.36
     FIRST   NATIONAL BANK        RECORD ONLY                                 14,097.94
     FIRST   NATIONAL BANK        RECORD ONLY                                  7,883.73
     FIRST   NATIONAL BANK        RECORD ONLY                                  5,042.47
     FIRST   NATIONAL BANK        RECORD ONLY                                  2,618.80
                                           SUBTOTAL                          185,758.61

     PAYROLL 2/29/08                       CHECK #08545-08618                131,636.84
     MAGNUM LTL                            MISC                                   96.75
     MAHLUM CONSTRUCTION INC               CONST-FRAMING                       3,000.00
March 11, 2008
                                                 City Commission Minutes

    WILLISTON BASIN PETROLEUM    EXPO                        400.00
    WILLISTON BASIN RC&D         Annual Dues                 300.00
    AMERICAN STATE BANK          Lndfll Rev 95           403,665.00
    BASIN CAB CO.                DOT Grant                 2,991.00
    JUAN MARTINEZ                #4751126                    150.00
    MINOT DAILY NEWS             1 Yr sub                     189.00
    MDU                          Utility                  10,856.11
    JENS MARJERISON              #4750535                      20.00
    KRISTOPHER ERICKSON          #4750955                      50.00
    OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATIVE     Annex Fees                   186.60
    KELLY INN                    Leag of City                  70.00
    WCS TELECOM                  Long Distance               114.20
    MIKE OR TAMMY QUITT          Ovrpay 243793                 10.00
    WMS. CO. TREAS./RECORDER     Recording Fee                 69.00
    U.S. POST MASTER             Postage                     914.04
    SLND-GUARANTOR               Garnishment                 179.03
    WMS. CO. TREAS./RECORDER     HA Specials                   59.57
    CITY OF WILLISTON            HA Specials                 469.59
    ND PERS                      PURCHASE                    500.00
    ND PUBLIC EMPLOYEES ASSOC    MARCH DUES                    34.00
    UNITED WAY                   FEB P/R DED                   87.00
    AMERICAN FAMILY LIFE         Mar Premium                  296.44
    AMERICAN NATIONAL            Mar Premium                 234.91
    DCI CREDIT SERVICES, INC.    Garnishment                 561.83
    EMRY'S LOCKSMITHING          Keys                           6.60
    INK SPOT PRINTING            Banners                     335.00
    NEMONT                       Phone                       120.25
    WILLISTON HERALD             EMP Ad                      280.57
    CITY OF WILLISTON            VC-Garbage                  134.00
    WILLISTON CVB                Amy-Pres Soc                705.35
                                 SUBTOTAL                558,722.68

    JULIAN WROLSON               Water Dep                       1.92
    AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY    4x6 US Flag                    45.00
    CITY OF WILLISTON            Auditor                        80.00
    CITY OF WILLISTON            Auditor IBM                    52.29
    GAFFANEY'S                   toner                         204.07
    GAFFANEY'S                    Copier Maint                  82.00
    GAFFANEY'S                   Notory Stamp                   89.40
    GAFFANEY'S                   Paper                         756.25
    GAFFANEY'S                   Ribbon                          6.50
    GOLDEN COMPUTER PRODUCTS      Medi/OEM                     192.59
    GERALD A. HERMAN             IT Srvc                       212.50
March 11, 2008
                                              City Commission Minutes

    IBM CORPORATION           AS/400E                       337.50
    PITNEY BOWES, INC.        Rental                        207.00
    PITNEY BOWES, INC.        Sealer                         58.98
    PURCHASE POWER            Postage                       323.80
    VERIZON WIRELESS          Cellular Phon                 163.37
    WCS TELECOM               Auditor                       192.32
    WILLISTON HERALD          Net Salaries                   85.84
    WILLISTON HERALD          Off Proc                      755.54
    WILLISTON HERALD          Res 08-03/06               1,036.32
    PETER H. FURUSETH         Legal Srvc                 2,398.00
    SCHMITZ LAW OFFICE        Legal                      3,704.00
    BRAD BEKKEDAHL            Oil/Gas Mtg                   135.00
    E. WARD KOESER            Luncheon                       38.52
    PURCHASE POWER            Postage                        19.58
    WCS TELECOM               Commission                       .87
    PETER H. FURUSETH         Muni Judge                    300.00
    MCKENNETT STENEHJEM       Attrny Fee                     87.50
    PURCHASE POWER            Postage                        72.16
    DION STEINLEY             Witness Fee                    25.00
    CITY LAUNDRY              Clean Srvc                     80.50
    CITY OF WILLISTON         Water                         102.20
    MON-DAK PLG & HTG, INC.   Filters                       106.00
    MDU                       Utility bill               3,431.69
    CITY OF WILLISTON         Sidewalk Swee                 330.00
    INFORMATION TECH DEPT     Wan Fiber                     250.00
    VISA                      INS. CLAIM                     43.88
    FEE INSURANCE AGENCY      Add 07 Freigh                 136.00
    FEE INSURANCE AGENCY      Boiler                      2,231.85
    PURCHASE POWER            Postage                        16.40
    VERIZON WIRELESS          Cellular Phon                  30.74
    WCS TELECOM               Econ                           55.99
    GAFFANEY'S                Office Supply                  80.55
    PURCHASE POWER            Postage                       173.63
    WCS TELECOM               Planning                       16.67
    WILLISTON HERALD          Stony Creek                    83.44
                               SUBTOTAL                 18,833.36

                               TOTAL                    763,314.65

    DLT SOLUTIONS, INC.        renewal                    6,317.75
    ND SAFETY COUNCIL, INC.    membership                   150.00
    PURCHASE POWER             Postage                       39.09
    SOURIS RIVER TELECOMM.     CITY ENGINEER                  9.76
March 11, 2008
                                               City Commission Minutes

    SOURIS RIVER TELECOMM.     COUNTY ENGIN                    2.13
    VERIZON WIRELESS           Cellular Phon                  92.91
    ALBERTSON'S PURCHASE       supplies                      105.01
    ATSSA                      workshop                       95.00
    ATSSA                      B Hanson                       25.00
    ATSSA                      N Bakken                       25.00
    ATSSA                      Poncho                         25.00
    NEIL BAKKEN                meals                          50.00
    BASIN TIRE SERVICE,INC.    repair                        670.70
    RENEE BOWMAN               reimbursement                  47.99
    CITY OF WILLISTON         water                           71.00
    CITY OF WILLISTON         ENGINEERING                     99.76
    CITY OF WILLISTON         ROADS/STREET                2,626.44
    FORT UNION SUPPLY & TRADE supplies                       180.10
    GAFFANEY'S                 PAPER                         353.33
    HOME OF ECONOMY            pipe fitting                    7.96
    MICHAEL TODD & CO.         plow blade                    589.25
    MDU                        Utility bill              14,292.80
    NAPA AUTO PARTS            bits                           12.31
    NORTHWEST SUPPLY CO.       supplies                       38.70
    PURCHASE POWER             Postage                        91.36
    SOURIS RIVER TELECOMM.     PW ADMINISTRA                   8.23
    U.S. POST MASTER           BOX RENT                      204.00
    WILLISTON TANK RENTAL INC blade rental                1,120.00
    PREBLE MEDICAL SERVICE     random                        220.00
    PREBLE MEDICAL SERVICE     Coughlin                       50.00
    CARQUEST WESTERN AUTO      filter                         17.95
    CARQUEST WESTERN AUTO      parts                          99.43
    CITY OF WILLISTON         SHOP                          327.06
    CRAIG'S, INC.              heater                         16.23
    DUANE'S RADIATOR SHOP     unit # 6146                     98.00
    HORIZON RESOURCES          quick lift                 1,461.20
    HEDAHLS PARTS & PLUS       pad rotors                     92.79
    HOWARD SUPPLY COMPANY      alarm                         140.58
    INTERSTATE POWER SYSTEMS   unit #6146                    813.75
    NAPA AUTO PARTS            breakers                       23.48
   NORTHERN TRUCK             credit                        298.21-
    NORTHERN TRUCK             parts                         438.64
    O'DAY EQUIPMENT, INC.      cards                         295.02
    REGIONS INTRSTATE BILLING hub cap                         10.75
    PRAXAIR DISTRIBUTION INC   supplies                      166.21
    SANITATION PRODUCTS        pump                          946.66
    SOURIS RIVER TELECOMM.     CITY SHOP                       1.52
    WESTLIE MOTOR CO.          unit #6146                     14.35
    CITY OF WILLISTON          SANTI COLLECT                 684.68
March 11, 2008
                                                City Commission Minutes

    CITY OF WILLISTON           Ref Coll Admi             6,083.00
    CITY OF WILLISTON           Ref Coll Rent             1,250.00
    RMI-D                       300 gal cart             12,600.00
    SANITATION PRODUCTS         key                          30.98
    SOURIS RIVER TELECOMM.      SANTI COLLECT                 8.10
    BASIN TIRE SERVICE,INC.     unit #6222                  292.50
    CITY OF WILLISTON           LANDFILL                      9.93
    CITY OF WILLISTON           Ref Lnd Admin            10,000.00
    MORELLI'S                   water                        19.50
    MOUNTRAIL-WILLIAMS REC      Feb                         409.99
    TRACTOR & EQUIPMENT CO.     parts                     1,014.68
    CENTRAL STATES              wire                        643.50
    CITY OF WILLISTON           RECYCLE                      86.88
    MDU                         Utility bill              1,323.93
    OPPORTUNITY FOUNDATION      Feb                       1,825.00
    POST CONSTRUCTION           #2 pre-final             13,501.90
    REED BUSINESS INFORMATION   D08-2                       446.94
    WILLISTON HERALD            4110 affidavi               186.48
    KAL BACKMAN                 1/2 agri ind              5,017.50
                                TOTAL                    87,721.48

    CITY OF WILLISTON          Water Dep                 119.84
    CHUCK ANTHONY              Water Dep                  30.00
    RENAE HARTSOCH             Water Dep                  48.11
    KATIE HELLER               Water Dep                  38.25
    BRENTON HENDRICKSON        Water Dep                  30.46
    MICHELLE OYLOE             Water Dep                  13.70
    KAREN SALVESON             Water Deposit              50.00
    CAR TUNZ                   STARTER                    20.00
    CITY OF WILLISTON          BUILDING INSP              14.72
    CITY OF WILLISTON          Bldg Inspn                 16.60
    CULLIGAN                   WATER                      36.00
    PURCHASE POWER             Postage                    77.62
    VERIZON WIRELESS           Cellular PhoN              56.11
    WCS TELECOM                Bldg                        2.72
    CITY OF WILLISTON          SEWER COLL                 55.40
    CITY OF WILLISTON          Sew Coll Admi              83.00
    CITY OF WILLISTON          Sew Coll Rent             833.00
    CITY OF WILLISTON          SEWER TREATME              27.50
    CITY OF WILLISTON          Sew Treat Adm             833.00
    MDU                        Utility bill            7,510.27
    SELID PLUMBING & HEATING   parts/labor             1,349.75
    SOURIS RIVER TELECOMM.     SEWER TREATME               2.12
March 11, 2008
                                                City Commission Minutes

    PARKSON CORP                biofuser                   1,747.05
    CITY OF WILLISTON           Interest                      18.01
    CITY OF WILLISTON           Water Admin                   17.43
    CITY OF WILLISTON           Wtr Adm Rent               6,916.00
    PURCHASE POWER              Postage                      217.15
    SENSUS METERING SYSTEMS     Renewal                    1,200.00
    VERIZON WIRELESS            Cellular Phon                 61.44
    CHUCK ANTHONY               Interest                       1.93
    RENAE HARTSOCH              Interest                       9.55
    KATIE HELLER                Interest                       5.98
    BRENTON HENDRICKSON         Interest                       3.33
    MICHELLE OYLOE              Interest                       7.61
    KAREN SALVESON              Interest                       6.22
    ASTRO-CHEM LAB, INC.        analysis                     165.00
    CITY OF WILLISTON           WATER DISTRIB                183.84
    CITY OF WILLISTON           Water Distb                   52.29
    CITY OF WILLISTON           WaterDistb                    55.19
    CITY OF WILLISTON           Wtr Distb Adm                833.00
    CITY OF WILLISTON           Wtr Distb Ren              1,250.00
    HOSE AND RUBBER SUPPLY      s/s band                      91.31
    MDU                         Utility bill                 652.93
    FRED'S SEWER & DRAIN SRVC   service                      725.00
    FRED'S SEWER & DRAIN SRVC   water line                   275.00
    SOURIS RIVER TELECOMM.      WATER DISTRIB                  1.78
    VERIZON WIRELESS            Cellular Phon                 92.94
    W.E.F.                      renewal                       87.00
    AGNES NEFT                  reimbursement                360.00
    ASTRO-CHEM LAB, INC.        testing                      623.00
    CITY OF WILLISTON           Wtr Treat Adm                 83.00
    ELECTRIC & MAGNETO, INC.    belts                         63.00
    FORT UNION SUPPLY & TRADE   floor cleaner                 49.75
    MON-DAK PLG & HTG, INC.     filters                      180.00
    MDU                         Utility bill              14,975.70
    MVTL/MINNESOTA VALLEY       carbon                        63.00
    FRED'S SEWER & DRAIN SRVC   sewer line                   260.00
    SOURIS RIVER TELECOMM.      WATER TREAT P                  6.95
    CITY OF WILLISTON           water                         20.95
    CITY OF WILLISTON           CEMETERY                      91.10
    CITY OF WILLISTON           Cemetery                     291.50
    HORIZON RESOURCES           propane                      253.84
    MDU                         Utility bill                 729.81
    PURCHASE POWER              Postage                        6.15
    RESOURCE INFO. ASSOCIATE    support fee                  539.00
    SOURIS RIVER TELECOMM.      CEMETERY                        .40
    CITY LAUNDRY                Clean Srvc                   108.90
March 11, 2008
                                                City Commission Minutes

    CITY OF WILLISTON           AIRPORT                      14.06
    CITY OF WILLISTON           Water                       122.95
    FORT UNION SUPPLY & TRADE   Smokers Post                190.00
    HOME OF ECONOMY             Supplies                    177.78
    PURCHASE POWER              Postage                      13.53
    RICHLAND AVIATION           Service                   2,050.00
    VERIZON WIRELESS            Cellular Phon               111.49
                                TOTAL                    47,311.01

    MDU                        Utility bill               20.41
    BASIN PRINTERS, INC.       LETTER HEADS              142.00
    CITY OF WILLISTON          Water                      99.70
    HAMERS AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE LADDER 4                   350.26
    MDU                        ELECTRIC HEAT           4,600.17
    ND FIREFIGHTER'S ASSOC     MANUALS                   576.00
    OILIND SAFETY              HYDROTESTING               54.00
    VERIZON WIRELESS           Cellular Phon              30.72
    WILLISTON/WMS. CO. - DES   REPEATER FEES              50.00
    BALCO UNIFORM CO., INC.    SYRINGE COLL.              18.75
    CITY OF WILLISTON          POLICE DEPT               383.56
    CITY OF WILLISTON          1/02--2/01/08              23.70
    CITY OF WILLISTON          Police IBM                200.00
    HORIZON RESOURCES          PROPANE                     8.26
    FEDERAL SIGNAL CORP        LIGHT BAR                 432.82
    GAFFANEY'S                 TYPEWRITER                146.52
    NAPA AUTO PARTS            WINDOW CLEAN               34.45
    NTOA                       ID# 46780                 150.00
    PIERCE AUTO BODY           UNIT 1128                 388.10
    PURCHASE POWER             Postage                    90.54
    SOURIS RIVER TELECOMM.     02/22/2008                 82.85
    VERIZON WIRELESS           Cellular Phon             250.34
    VISA                       GAS                       150.30
    VISA                       OPERATING                 152.86
    WILLISTON/WMS. CO. - LEC   FEB - 2008                371.25
    MICHAEL WILSON             INTOXILYZER                75.00
    EDUCATION CENTER           C. COLLINGS               100.00
    RYAN MOTORS                WIPER ARM                  58.55
    APCO INTERNATIONAL         MANUAL                     73.83
    CITY OF WILLISTON          9-1-1                     616.00
    VERIZON WIRELESS           Cellular Phon              30.88
    EMERGENCY MEDICAL PRODUCT FORCEPS                     23.98
    EMERGENCY MEDICAL PRODUCT GLOVES                     632.30
March 11, 2008
                                                                City Commission Minutes

    HAMERS AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE             6401                              5,835.34
    HAMERS AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE             6407                                278.70
    PURCHASE POWER                        Postage                              58.99
    VERIZON WIRELESS                      Cellular Phon                        61.46
    WILLISTON FIRE & SAFETY               TAGS                                135.00
    MDU                                   Utility bill                         78.84
                                          TOTAL                            17,635.43

                                          GRAND TOTAL                      915,982.57

            2.     Application for Special Permit to Sell Alcoholic Beverages
                   a.      MT Heads Incorporated ~ Jean Smith
                           Boozefighters St. Patty=s Day Party & Bike Show
                           March 15, 2008
            3.     Application for a Local Permit or Charity Local Permit
                   a.      Mercy Medical Center ~ Hollie Gafkjen
                           April 26, 2008
            4.     Auctioneer=s License
                   a.      James Borseth
            5.     Arborist License
                   a.      Bruce Clark
            6.     Gaming Site Authorization
                   a.      Williston Convention and Visitors Bureau Inc ~ Cattails L.L.C
      C.    Building Official
      D.    City Planner
      E.    Assessor
            1.     Abatement
                   a.      Name:          Kenneth D & Mary Ann Fast
                           Address:       609 13th St W, Williston, ND
                           Legal:         Lot 18 & West 1/2 Lot 19, Block 6 Highland Homes
                                          2nd City of Williston
                           Parcel#:       01-284-00-17-70-500
                           Reason:        Applicant qualifies for Disabled Veteran Exemption
                   b.      Name:          Larry I & Karen M Skaare
                           Address:       109 11th St E, Williston, ND
                           Legal:         Lot 1 & S 25' Lot 2, Leonhardy 3rd, City of Williston
                           Parcel#:       01-396-00-24-80-100
                           Reason:        Applicant qualifies for Disabled Veteran Exemption

MOTION BY LAWSON, 2ND BY BEKKEDAHL, to approve the Consent Agenda as
presented to the City Commission.
March 11, 2008
                                                                      City Commission Minutes

AYE: Bogar, Bekkedahl, Underhill, Lawson, Koeser
NAY: None
Carried 5-0

3.     Bid Openings
4.     Public Hearings
5.     Accounts, Claims and Bills Not Approved in the Consent Agenda
6.     Ordinances
7.     Petitions, Communications and Remonstrances
       A.      TISA Request Letter of Support for Reservation Status

Tony Moran with the Trenton Indian Service spoke to the Commission regarding their request of
support. Back in 1904 a law was ratified by Congress that set up the public domain lands that
were affiliated with the tribe that Trenton belonged to, which is the Turtle Mountain Chippewa
out of Belcourt. In 1934, the Indian Organization Act came out and the tribe at Turtle Mountain
rejected the new law that would have declared them a Federal Cooperation, therefor, they could
participate in Federal Programs.

Throughout the years TISA has been trying to participate in all the various programs available to
Native Americans in this Country, but because they are not listed on the Federal Register with the
Bureau of Indian Affairs they have a difficult time going to other agencies. Trenton Indian
Service Area took Indian Health Service to court about a year and a half ago and recently had a
summary judgment ruled in there favor placing them on the Health and Human Services Federal
Register and are trying to do the same through the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Commissioner Underhill questioned if the Trenton Area turns into a reservation will everyone be
created equal or will they service only Chippewa? Moran response to Underhill was in 1992 a
Service Unit was established that designated Divide County and Williams County to be in the
service area. The problem is they aren=t receiving money for those from Montana that use
services provided by Trenton Clinic.

Underhill is a little reluctant to jump into the status of a reservation not knowing the boundaries.
Moran corrected him stating they have three option; one, to become a tribe, two, form a TIF
District, and to become a band that=s placed on the Federal Register.

Moran stated that all Natives living in the Chisda are eligible for services because their status of
Indian. The Bureau of Indian Affairs requires a 1/4 blood to qualify for services and Indian
Health Service allows to the decedents below the 1/4 to participate in their medical programs.
Underhill expressed that he would feel more comfortable if Moran could come back with more
information from Dorgan before we support the change.

The Turtle Mountain Agency and the Aberdeen Area have similar concerns as Commissioner
March 11, 2008
                                                                     City Commission Minutes

One of the issues Kautzman brought up when the committee met with Moran was the concern that
relates to the housing units that are in town and the fact that the payments in lieu seems to be
locked in at $150.00. When the meeting ended, Kautzman=s understanding was Moran and
counter part were going to check to see if there was some way to change the $150.00 or increase
it. To this date Kautzman hasn=t received anything in regards to that. He also issues a concern to
the board until we receive that information that you might want to be careful in terms on how
much to do because it would be nice to get some of that back so some adjustment could be made
if possible.

MOTION BY UNDERHILL, 2ND BY LAWSON, to refer back to committee for further
Those on the committee will be Commissioner Bekkedahl, President Koeser, John
Kautzman, and possibly the City Attorney.
AYE: Bogar, Bekkedahl, Underhill, Lawson, Koeser
NAY: None
Carried 5-0

       B.      RC & D Area Plan Survey

Part of the process for updating our Area (long-range) Plan, every five years the Council must
identify the concerns of the people within the area as well as opportunities that are important for
improving their quality of life. Jeff Roel presented a survey for the Commission to fill that will
effectively help them develop their long-range plan of work that addresses both community and
area needs.

Commissioner Bekkedahl, also a member of the RC & D Committee, reiterated that Roel is
valuable to what we do and added that if you could put any information out would be helpful. By
filling out the questionnaire it give the Committee an idea of the rank of importance in each area
and helps set up the goals for the next five years.

       C.      Williston/Williams County Evacuation and Shelter Plan

Ed Lodwig submitted a final draft of the Shelter and Evacuation Plan for Williston and Williams
County for review and comments.

       D.      Letter from Froid Community

President Koeser read the letter submitted to the City Commission from the Froid Community
thanking them for the grant dollars through Star Fund.

8.     Report of Commissioners
       A.     President of the Board
              1.     Proclamation Declaring Diabetes Alert Day in Williston
March 11, 2008
                                                                City Commission Minutes

President Koeser read the proclamation declaring Diabetes Alert Day and proclaimed March 25,
2008 to be American Diabetes Alert Day in Williston, North Dakota.

              2.      Recognition of AMayor for a Day@ Essay contest winners.

President Koeser presented the winners for the AMayor for a Day@ essay contest. Sierry Lynn
Oas, Grand Prize winner, and Bremen Abuhl, 1st Runner Up, read their essays to the

       B.     Vice-President; Street and Improvement, Sanitation and Public Works
       C.     Fire, Police and Ambulance Commissioner
              1.      Advertise for Police Chief

Chief Wentz will be retiring June 6, 2008.

MOTION BY LAWSON, 2ND BY BEKKEDAHL, to do a national ad for the opening as
Williston Police Chief and start interviewing May 1, 2008, with the committee consisting of
Commissioner Lawson,
Commission President Koeser, Scott Busching, Allan Billehus, Janet Zander.
AYE: Bogar, Bekkedahl, Underhill, Lawson, Koeser
NAY: None
Carried 5-0

       D.     Finance Commissioner
              1.     Uniform Offer to Purchase
                     a.    Lot 4, Block 2 Delaney Rearrangement ~ Arnco Diversified/Arnson
                           Recommend to Reject ~ Offer Below Minimum Price

MOTION BY BEKKEDAHL, 2ND BY UNDERHILL, to reject the offer from Arnco
Diversified for $31,000.00
AYE: Bogar, Bekkedahl, Underhill, Lawson, Koeser
NAY: None
Carried 5-0

                      b.     Lot 4, Block 2 Delaney Rearrangement ~ Jack White
                             Recommend to Accept ~ Offer Meets Minimum, Accept Non-
                             Protest Specials & Sign Lease

MOTION BY BEKKEDAHL, 2ND BY LAWSON, to accept the recommendation to accept
the offer from Jack White for Lot 4, Block 2 Delaney Rearrangement upon the buyer
signing a non-protest of future special assessments and excepting the Newman Sign Lease
AYE: Bogar, Bekkedahl, Underhill, Lawson, Koeser
March 11, 2008
                                                                     City Commission Minutes

NAY: None
Carried 5-0

                       c.     Sloulin Field First Addition, Block 4, Lots 8 and 9
                              Sullivan Construction Inc

Marburger informed the Commission that part of those lots are intended on being used as parking
for the Airport. Without any knowledge of whether it would interfere with their plans for the
property, Marburger recommends tabling or postponing the decision until they provide the

MOTION BY LAWSON, 2ND BY BOGAR, to reject the offer to purchase from Sullivan
Construction Inc for Sloulin Field First Addition, Block 4, Lots 8 and 9.
AYE: Bogar, Bekkedahl, Underhill, Lawson, Koeser
NAY: None
Carried 5-0

       E.     Water Works, Sewer, Cemetery, Airport, Building and Planning Commissioner
9.     Report of Department Heads
       A.     City Auditor
              1.     Annexation Consideration 1/2 Block from 42nd St E to 35th St E on 1st Ave

Meiers was approached by an individual from the area questioning being annexed into the city.
Kautzman added that the party has since backed out. It is Kautzman=s understanding that the
City maintains the road, therefore one side of the property is getting service and not paying
anything for it. What is being proposed is to possibly annex or allow to proceed with the possible
annexation of this piece of property to the back alley and keep it on the west side of the alley.

If the individuals want to hook into water and sewer service, there can be a substantial cost. The
issue being brought forward is the City has been doing the snow removal and maintenance on the
road, which is similar to the property we will be having the hearing on added Kautzman.

Kautzman continued saying if the area is annexed we wouldn=t force the individuals to connect
and is not something that would necessarily proceed on a friendly basis.

The road is partially milled asphalt and continuing into curb and gutter.

MOTION BY UNDERHILL, 2ND BY BEKKEDAHL, to not pursue the annexation on 1/2
block from 42nd St E to 35th St E on 1st Ave W until parties request the annexation.
AYE: Bogar, Bekkedahl, Underhill, Lawson, Koeser
NAY: None
Carried 5-0
March 11, 2008
                                                                     City Commission Minutes

               2.      Fiber Optic Cable Infrastructure in Williston ~ MDU

Kautzman presented a request to pass a letter of support for their effort to try and get Bismarck to
agree to a similar type situation down in Bismarck. Kautzman spoke with Steve Kemp and
confirmed we are using the agreement that was done in Williston to connect and Public Works is
on the fiber connection.

MOTION BY UNDERHILL, 2ND BY LAWSON, to accept the letter as written for the Fiber
Optic Cable Infrastructure.
AYE: Bogar, Bekkedahl, Underhill, Lawson, Koeser
NAY: None
Carried 5-0
             3.     Application for Energy Development Impact Grants

Kautzman presented the Oil and Gas Impact Grant Applications for the Commissions approval.
Submitted applications were:

Phase Avenue R Street Drainage Improvements ~ $50,000, Air Refill Equipment ~ $10,000,
Airport Grant ~ $50,000, Crash Extrication Equipment ~ $80,000, Water Treatment Plant ~
$2,000,000. Deadline for the grants are March 25, 2008.

MOTION BY LAWSON, 2ND BY BEKKEDAHL, to approve the Oil and Gas Impact Grant
applications as followed:
Phase Avenue R Street Drainage Improvements ~ $50,000
Air Refill Equipment ~ $10,000
Airport Grant ~ $50,000
Crash Extrication Equipment ~ $80,000
Water Treatment Plant ~ $2,000,000
AYE: Bogar, Bekkedahl, Underhill, Lawson, Koeser
NAY: None
Carried 5-0

       B.      Attorney
       C.      Director of Public Works/City Engineer
               1.     Sidewalk Improvement District 08-1

Meiers asked for approval to go out for bids for concrete sidewalk, driveway, and curb and gutter
improvement projects within the street-of-way with a bid opening of April 3, 2008 at 3:00 pm at
City Hall.

MOTION BY UNDERHILL, 2ND BY BEKKEDAHL, to go out for bids for concrete
sidewalk, driveway, and curb and gutter improvement projects within the street-of-way
with a bid opening of April 3, 2008 at 3:00 pm at City Hall.
AYE: Bogar, Bekkedahl, Underhill, Lawson, Koeser
March 11, 2008
                                                                    City Commission Minutes

NAY: None
Carried 5-0

               2.     Sewer Service Agreement

The property describes as Lot 1, Block 1 of Glacier Park First Addition is annexing to the City in
order to get city water for a new office building. City sewer is not available by gravity to this
property but would require a pump lift station. Meiers added since the property is withing 200
feet of a public sewer, it seems appropriate to have an agreement in place to cover the future
service hookup requirements for future development issues.

MOTION BY LAWSON, 2ND BY BOGAR, to approve the Sewer Service Agreement
AYE: Bogar, Bekkedahl, Underhill, Lawson, Koeser
NAY: None
Carried 5-0

               3.     Change Order # 1 Improvement District 07-5

Meiers presented a change order request from Ameritech Engineering to cover erosion control for
the Bison Drive Water, Sewer, and Street Extensions Improvement District 07-5.

MOTION BY BEKKEDAHL, 2ND BY UNDERHILL, to approve change order #1 with an
increase of $2,076.90 to Ameritech Engineering to cover erosion control.
AYE: Bogar, Bekkedahl, Underhill, Lawson, Koeser
NAY: None
Carried 5-0

               4.     Water Treatment Plant Certificate

Meiers commended Richard Resell and his crew for receiving a certification from the North
Dakota Health Department. There are many federal regulations for the treatment of water and
they=ve meet all the criteria.

       D.      Fire Chief
       E.      Chief of Police
       F.      Building Official
       G.      City Planner
               1.     Proposed Preliminary Plat for SUBLOT NO. 5 and NO. 6
                      Located in the W1/2, Section 20 and E1/2 Section 19, T154N, R100W,
                      Stony Creek Township ~ Geo Resources

On February 25, 2008 the Planning ans Zoning Commission held a public hearing for a
March 11, 2008
                                                                      City Commission Minutes

Preliminary Plant for Sublots 5 and 6 presented by Geo Resources. The proposal is to subdivide a
surveyed tract into two parcels. The prior tract is divided by the 1804 right-of-way. The plat
would create a lot on the north side of the Highway approximately 8 acres and a second lot on the
south side of the Highway approximately 20 acres.

There was some discussion on the requested 20 foot utility easement by MDU along the west side
of Sublot 5 and if it would impact the facilities function and if necessary, could it be located in an
alternative location. Proper legal notice has been completed.

MOTION BY LAWSON, 2ND BY BEKKEDAHL, to approve the Preliminary Plat of Sublot
5 and 6 for Geo Resources and have staff review the issue regarding the 20' utility for MDU.
AYE: Bogar, Bekkedahl, Underhill, Lawson, Koeser
NAY: None
Carried 5-0

               2.      Review Renaissance Zone Application B Cut Bluff Properties, LLC

The Renaissance Zone Review Authority met on March 7th and reviewed an application for
inclusion as a Renaissance Zone project submitted by Jeff Zarling. The proposal is to rehabilitate
the professional building at 115 Second Ave West. The project will included lower level interior
renovation, exterior renovation and new signage.

Interior work will include some space rearrangement with interior wall removal and
reconstruction. Installation of new floor coverings and wiring for phone and data service. For the
exterior there will be removal of exterior cladding, additional insulation and new cladding. Total
estimated project cost is $50,000. Jeff Zarling also discussed adding some landscaping to the

MOTION BY BEKKEDAHL, 2ND BY BOGAR, to approve the application submitted by
Jeff Zarling for rehabilitation/expansion of the building located at 115 Second Avenue West.
The building is located in Block 18A of the Renaissance Zone, City of Williston LeDosquet
Addition Lots 1 and 2 and the north 28 feet of Lot B9 except for the west 10 feet. This
would allow for the property tax exemption on existing and proposed at 100% and any
eligible income tax exemptions/credits as approved by the State.
AYE: Bogar, Bekkedahl, Underhill, Lawson, Koeser
NAY: None
Carried 5-0

       H.      Economic Development
       I.      Airport
                 1. Meeting Room Furniture Purchase

Marburger did some checking on furniture and RoughRider Industries and would be similar to the
Commission table and the one in Tom Rolfstad=s office for $1,580.00. Marburger has a budget for
March 11, 2008
                                                                     City Commission Minutes

improvement other and building, which is a grant used for matching grants in the amount of
$40,000. He stated based on the latest projects, Marburger expects to use about $15,000 of the

The laptop computer is going on its forth year of usage and Marburger would like $1,000 to go and
purchase a new one.

MOTION BY BOGAR, 2ND BY UNDERHILL, to approve the purchase of the table in the
amount of $1,580.00 from RoughRider Industries and authorize Marburger to purchase a
new laptop computer up to $1,000.00
AYE: Bogar, Bekkedahl, Underhill, Lawson, Koeser
NAY: None
Carried 5-0

                2. Laptop Computer
       J.     Assessor
       K.     Convention and Visitor=s Bureau
10.    Appointments and Consultations with Officers
11.    Unfinished Business
       1.     Working with the Airport and Park District on Golf Course

Darin Kruger with the Park District spoke to the Commission regarding the issue. The Park District
made the decision to do a 16 mill liner for the golf pond to hold the water. For the 16 mill liner the
cost is approximately $26,000, which includes installation. They also received another bid for a 20
mill liner totaling $44,000.

Shane Herman presented the Commission with visuals on the different types of mill liners. He
stated if you use a 16 mill liner they are only designed as a cover and you will need to go through
some significant other ground work preparation with a sub-straight barrier to reinforce that 16 mill
line. Herman recommends using a 40 mill liner that comes with a 20 year warranty costing roughly
$78,000 with installation included.

Marburger addressed that the only way out of solve the issue is to not let the wetlands get wet,
otherwise you can spray, mow, and continue regular maintenance.

The Park District will not be able to provide funding for the mill liner, but are willing to help with
the installation and maintenance. Marburger stated they are unable to use the discretionary funding
for this purpose because it can only be used for aviation purposes. Koeser asked if the City fixes
this pond, will the Park District be able to fix the other. Kruger commented that if it is proven that
the other pond needs to be lined then yes the Park District pay to have it done.

Bekkedahl mentioned the City has the ability with infrastructure dollars and he considers this an
protective infrastructure for the airport. With the consideration of a few things being done; one, the
City purchase the liner for the main pond, including its installation, warranty by supplier, the Park
March 11, 2008
                                                                     City Commission Minutes

District cooperates with the installation as needed, the Park District also puts in place some
protection around the facility from the invasion of the golfers, and the Park District agrees to budget
for the placement of a liner on the pond between hole 6 and hole number 7 to prevent further
seepage there within the next five years.

MOTION BY BEKKEDAHL, 2ND BY UNDERHILL, to approve the purchase of the 40 mill
liner at a cost of $78,000 with the following considerations: Park District cooperates with the
installation as needed, they also put in place some protection around the pond from the
invasion of the golfers, and they agree to budget for the placement of a liner on the pond
between hole 6 and hole number 7 to prevent further seepage there within the next five years.
The Attorney will review whether or not they have to go back to Larry Custom Fencing for a
proposal on a 40 mill liner and let us know in the morning.
AYE: Bogar, Bekkedahl, Underhill, Lawson, Koeser
NAY: None
Carried 5-0

12.    New Business
13.    Executive Session
14.    Adjourn


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