Google Hides a Game of Life on the Search Page by obengmin


									Google Hides a Game of Life on the Search Page

Google's not exactly lacking in Easter Eggs. Just do a search for "do a barrel roll" and see what
happens. But that's not stopping it from adding some more.

The latest is a rather geeky one, how else, math geeks are going to appreciate it the most. Do a search
for "conway's game of life" and you'll get Conway's game of life, right there in the search results page.

And no, that doesn't mean a Wikipedia page, it means an actual game being played in the page. Given
that this is a "zero-player" game, you don't need to do anything other than land on the page. It's not
really much of a game either since you can't influence it in any way.

The game of life depends only on its initial state, everything else is automated and governed a by a set
of simple rules. But you don't even get to influence the starting state in the Google page. Still, it's a very
direct way of learning about the topic.

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