IAIN G B LOVIEs Ship Photo list - ORSV-type vessels.rtf by censhunay

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									IAIN G B LOVIE’s photograph list:

                               Oil Service vessels (All flags)
                 (ALL types of oil production and service vessels (eg drillships, rescue, rigs etc)

List complete.                           (See “year” lists for photographs added from 2007)

COLOUR PHOTOGRAPHS are "alpha" listed at the end of each Country listing

The following rigs are unidentified, any assistance in this regard would be appreciated:
 -----NDRILL EXPLORER (Incomplete name. Photographed off Invergordon, UK July 1994)        KN2 8
 PIONEER DRILLER           (Photographed at Singapore April 1993)        GM8 0

Karima Fiseries:        NORTHERN TIDE-74
Lombardy Marine:        FORSAYTH CREEK-84
P. & O. (Australia):    LADY SONIA-82          LADY VERA-76
Tidewater/Port Jackson: AUSTRAL TIDE-68        NORTHERN TIDE-74 SOUTHERN TIDE-72
   ENERGY SEARCHER                    59 Drillship   Energy Searcher Coy              FQ4 27
   ENERGY SEARCHER (Stern quarter view)                                               FQ4 24
   FORSAYTH CREEK                     84 ORSV        Lombardy Marine                  A92 17
   KENTONVALE STAR                    73 ORSV        Kentonvale Star Pty              CT0 18
   KENTONVALE STAR (Stern quarter view)                                               M65 24
   LADY CAROLINE                      03 ORSV        Farstad Shg India/Intnl Offshore XN4 12a
   LADY CAROLINE (Port quarter view)                                                  XN5 15a
   LADY DIANA (R)                     81 ORSV        Australian Offshore              X36 11
   LADY ELAINE                        83 ORSV        P&O Maritime Services Australia Sx1629
   LADY ELIZABETH (R)                 86 ORSV        Australian Offshore              HC1 22
   LADY FLORENCE                      80 ORSV        Australian Offshore              HD8 24
   LADY LORRAINE                      82 ORSV        Australian Offshore              EN9 35
   LADY LORRAINE (Stern quarter view) (Ex ATLAS VAN DIEMEN-85)                        FG2 28
   LADY PENELOPE                      82 ORSV        P. & O. Offshore                 M4 33
   NORTHERN TIDE                      74 ORSV        Karima Fisheries                 W55 9a
   SEAHORSE HORIZON                       ORSV       BHP(SE Asia) Pte.Ltd/Sembawang PV4 2

Essar International:         STAR AQUARIUS-75
European Marine Contractors: BAR PROTECTOR-81 (B)
Excuma Sound/OSA Group:      SOUND CORAL-75 (R)
Geomarine Services:          SEA SEARCH-44
  BAR PROTECTOR                      81 DRSV    European Marine Contrs                     I66 28
  BAR PROTECTOR (Stern quarter view)                                                       I66 26
  CRUSADER (A) (R)                   77 Pipe    Blackmoor/Seaforth Marine                  HX9 5

Fina Marine:             PELICAN II-84 (Drillship)Offshore Association:    OSA OSTEND-

International Pipe:      HAMILTON PIPER-76
 PETROBRAS XVIII (A)          Rig     Petroleo Brasileiro           FN7 32

B. P. Research:            FASGADAIR-69(R)                 SEAGAIR-82
Balravie Shipping Coy: BALLANTRAE-79
Barra Shipping:            BARRA SUPPLIER-84
Bugge Supply Ships:        SEA DEFENDER-77                 SEA DISCOVERER-75
Gardline Surveys:          GARDLINE LOCATER-46 (A)
Geo Craig & Sons:          GRAMPIAN PIONEER-81 (safety vessel)
Geophysical Services:      R W OLSEN-70
Gulf Offshore Limited: HIGHLAND SPRITE-86
Lowline Limited:           LOWLAND CAVALIER-75             LOWLAND RAIDER-76 (R)
Maersk Company:            MAERSK PACER-76                 MAERSK RETRIEVER-79
   MAERSK RIDER-82 MAERSK RULER-80(R)                      MAERSK WORKER-76
North Sea Logistics:       BRAE SEA-74            MAGNUS SEA-74
North Star Fishing Co:     GRAMPIAN PROTECTOR-83 (safety vessel)
Ocean Inchcape:            OIL EXPLORER-72                 OIL HUSTLER-76        OIL TIGER-83
Offshore Marine:           ANGLIA SERVICE-76(R)            ARCTIC SHORE-68       BASS SHORE-73
   DEE SERVICE-76          FORTIES SHORE-74                LUNDY SERVICE-74      VULCAN SERVICE-75
Salvesen Marine:           HARLAW-66 (R) (safety vessel)
Seaforth Marine:
 SEAFORTH EMPEROR-82                       SEAFORTH HERO-73                SEAFORTH HIGHLANDER-(R)
 SEAFORTH JARL-                            SEAFORTH MINARA-87              SEAFORTH SAGA-75
Star Offshore:     STAR AQUARIUS-75        STAR CANOPUS-76                 STAR CAPELLA-83
                   STAR PEGASUS-76         STAR PISCES-67                  STAR POLARIS-75
                   STAR POLARIS-84         STAR SIRIUS-75                  STAR VEGA-83
Stirling Shipping:         STIRLING ALBION-82              STIRLING CORMORANT-79
Suffolk Marine:            SUFFOLK ENTERPRISE-66           SUFFOLK PRINCESS-82
TNT Sealion:               SEALION CHALLENGER-77           SEALION COLUMBIA-76
 TNT COUGAR-84             TNT COUGAR-84(AR)               TNT LEOPARD-83
 TNT LION-83               TNT PANTHER-84                  TNT TIGER-83
Wimpey Marine:             WIMPEY SEADOG-73                WIMPEY SEAFOX-75
                           WIMPEY SEAHUNTER-82             WIMPEY TIGER-75
Zapata Offshore:
 DURHAM SERVICE-83                  FORTIES SERVICE-74             INVINCIBLE SERVICE-70
 NORWICH SERVICE-83                 ROYAL SERVICE-76(R)            SAXON SERVICE-73
 VENTURE SERVICE-74(A)              SCOTOIL 2-74                   SEA TOPAZ-75
NOTE: For GBR-flag Coflexip Stena Offshore vessels - see the SWEDEN list
Group views:
 Outer vessel: SIRA SUPPORTER(’83 NOR) inner vessel STAR HERCULES (’80 GBR) (A)         KO0 5
          alongside at Aberdeen, July 1994                                              HX8 24
 BUE ARRAN                                 75 ORSV         BUE North Sea                Sx1620
 BUE BARRA                                 86 ORSV         BUE North Sea                Sx1616
 BUE RONA (R)                              74 ORSV         BUE North Sea                Sx1621
 CHALLENGER SERVICE                        73 ORSV         Zapata Gulf                  U98 31
 CHIEFTAIN SERVICE                         76 ORSV             " "                      U94 23
 CHIEFTAIN SERVICE (Stern quarter view)                                                 U94 25
 CUMBRIA SERVICE                           73 ORSV         Offshore Marine              Sx181
 DEA CHANCELLOR                         73 ORSV        Nomis Shipping                        Sx1250
 DEA COMMANDER                          75 ORSV        Nomis Shipping                        TA3 7
 ENGLISHMAN                             75 ORSV        Paragon Offshore/Specialist           Sx1551
 FORTIES SERVICE                        75 ORSV        Zapata Gulf                           AD1 31
 FORTIES SERVICE (Stern quarter view)                                                        AD1 33
 GRAMPIAN CHIEFTAIN                     76 ORSV        George Craig & Sons Ltd               Sx815
 GRAMPIAN EAGLE (A)                     75 ORSV        George Craig & Sons Ltd               KO2 0
 GRAMPIAN FAME                          76 ORSV        George Craig & Sons Ltd               UA0 26
 GRAMPIAN FRONTIER (A)                  97 ORSV        George Crain & Sons Ltd               Sx1260
 GRAMPIAN HIGHLANDER                    76 ORSV        George Crain & Sons Ltd               SC6 11
 GRAMPIAN MONARCH (A)                   88 ORSV        George Crain & Sons Ltd               SC6 12
 GRAMPIAN ORCADES                       91 ORSV        George Craig & Sons Ltd               TP5 33
 GRAMPIAN SABRE (A)                     76 ORSV        George Craig & Sons Ltd               K02 2
 GRAMPIAN SPRITE                        83 ORSV        George Craig & Sons Ltd               Sx1628
 GRAMPIAN VENTURE                       82 ORSV        George Craig & Sons Ltd               Sx1747
 HIGHLAND LEGEND                        86 ORSV        Gulf Offshore North Sea Ltd           Sx1462
 I.O.S.L. DISCOVERY (R)                 66 ORSV        IOSL Marine Services                  Sx973
 LOWLAND PROWLER                            ORSV       Lowline Limited                       Sx891
 NORMAND ONDUR                          78 Rescue      Nomis Shipping                        Sx1622
 NORTHERN CHASER                        91 ORSV        Andrew Viking Ltd/Viking Supply       Sx1152
 NORTHERN CORONA                        92 ORSV        Trico Shipping                        XN6 6
 NORTHERN SEA                           77 ORSV        Sealion Challenger Ltd                Sx1743
 OIL CHAMPION                               ORSV       Ocean Group Plc                       Sx888
 SEA CHALLENGER                         69 Survey      Gardline (Ex KAREN BRAVO)             CS9 7
 SEABOARD SKUA (A)                      72 ORSV        Sunset/Seaboard Offshore              HX6 10
 SEABOARD SNIPE                         72 ORSV        Sunset Shg (Or.MARKUSTURM)            Sx367
 SEAFORTH CLANSMAN                      77 ORSV        Seaforth Marine                       Sx180
 SEAFORTH PRINCE                        73 ORSV        Seaforth Marine                       G7 23
 SOUTH SEAS DRILLER                     77 Rig         Houlder Offshore Ltd                  DR2 36a/GM8 2
 STAR PEGASUS                           92 ORSV        Star Offshore                         Sx635
 STAR SPICA (A) (R)                     85 ORSV        Star Offshore                         HY1 14
 STIRLING AQUARIUS                      91 ORSV        Stirling Offshore                     Sx1257
 STIRLING CAPELLA                       83 ORSV        Stirling Offshore(Ex Star Capella)    Sx1161
 STIRLING FORTH                         96 ORSV        Stirling Offshore                     TP5 35
 STIRLING FYNE                          82 ORSV        Stirling Offshore                     Sx1470
 STIRLING IONA                          00 ORSV        Stirling Offshore                     Sx1626
 STIRLING OSPREY                            ORSV       Harrison (Clyde) Ltd                  Sx828
 STIRLING SPEY                          99 ORSV        Stirling Offshore                     UD4 23
 STIRLING SPICA                         85 ORSV        Stirling Offshore                     Sx1466
 STIRLING TAY                           98 ORSV        Stirling Offshore                     Sx1744
 TOISA CONQUEROR                        76 ORSV        Toisa Limited                         Sx996
 TOISA CREST                            99 ORSV        Toisa Limited                         Sx1617
 TOISA INTREPID                         83 ORSV        Toisa Ltd/Sealion Shipping            KG5 4
 TOISA INTREPID (Stern quarter view) (Originally BALDER HESNES)                              KG6 0
 TOISA INVINCIBLE (R)                   98 ORSV        Toisa Limited                         UA2 12
 TOISA LEOPARD                          83 ORSV        Toisa Limited                         Sx1635
 TOISA PERSEUS (R)                      98 ORSV/Pipe Toisa Limited                           NO3 35
 TOISA PROTEUS                          02 ORSV        Toisa/Sealion Shipping                XL8 21
 WAVENEY FORTRESS                       99 ORSV        Waveney Shg/Gulf Offshore             RE5 17

Container Rentals (London):     TAKAPU-83               TOANUI-83
  TAKAPU                               83 ORSV          Container Rentals (London)           B8 9
  TOANUI                               83 ORSV              "         "        "             B7 12
View: - stern view of TAKAPU towing TOANUI out of Port of Napier, after end of contract in
        New Zealand oilfield, when they were operated by the Union Steamship Group            A1 15

Fednav Limited:          SEAFED MARGAREE-72

 MARINE VIKING                           99 ORSV          Guangzhou Salvage                   Sx1254
 TAN DAO 01                                 Rig                                               FQ7 32

 BRODOSPAS MOON                  86 ORSV          Croatia Shipping         Sx1049
 BRODOSPAS STAR                  85 ORSV          Croatia Shipping         RE3 17a
 BRODOSPAS SUN (A)               86 ORSV          Croatia Shipping         HX7 19

  FORESIGHT DRILLER II                   71 Drillship Amer Shipping/Zeeland Nav    CO5 34/GP6 23
View: FORESIGHT DRILLER II (Drillship) & FORESIGHT DRILLER III (Rig) shown anchored
      together off Jurong, December 1991                                           BA9 6

Lauritzen Group:         DANWOOD ICE-59
Moller Offshore:         MAERSK BATTLER- (R)              MAERSK HANDLER-80 (R)               MAERSK HELPER-80
                         MAERSK MASTER-86                 MAERSK RANGER-80                    MAERSK TOPPER-74

 ESVAGT CONNECTOR            00 ORSV              Esvagt                             SC3 22
 MAERSK ASSISTER             83 ORSV              Moller Offshore                    UA6 22
 MAERSK ATTENDER             82 ORSV              Moller Offshore                    UA7 2
 MAERSK BLAZER               98 ORSV              Moller Offshore                    Sx1253
 MAERSK BONAVISTA            83 ORSV              Moller Offshore (Starboard side)   CR1 10a
 MAERSK BONAVISTA            83 ORSV              Moller Offshore (Port side)        UA5 8
 MAERSK CHANCELLOR           86 ORSV              Moller Offshore                    Sx1467
 MAERSK CHIGNECTO (A)        83 ORSV              Moller Offshore                    HY0 9
 MAERSK DEFENDER             99 Cable layer       Moller Offshore                    Sx2911
 MAERSK DISPATCHER (R)       81 ORSV              Moller Offshore                    Sx822
 MAERSK FETCHER              95 ORSV              Moller Offshore (Starboard side)   Sx1147
 MAERSK FETCHER              95 ORSV              Moller Offshore (Port side)        Sx1469
 MAERSK FORWARDER            92 ORSV              Moller Offshore                    Sx980
 MAERSK HELPER               80 ORSV              Moller Offshore                    I38 28/BO4 20
 MAERSK PACER (A)            91 ORSV              Moller Offshore                    KJ8 5
 MAERSK PUNCHER (A)          92 ORSV              Moller Offshore                    KO0 4
 MAERSK SEEKER               99 ORSV              Moller Offshore                    RO8 12
 MAERSK SUPPORTER (R)        83 ORSV              Moller Offshore                    SQ2 21
 MAERSK SUPPORTER            99 ORSV              Moller Offshore                    Sx2612
 MAERSK TOPPER (Starboard) 83 ORSV                A/S D/S Svendborg/Moller           WZ5 22a
 MAERSK TOPPER (Port bow)                                                            XH7 35a
 MAERSK TOPPER (Port quarter view)                                                   WZ6 26a
 MAERSK WINNER               03 ORSV              Moller Offshore                    Sx2625

 PROTECTOR                       65 Rescue        Esvagt/Hakans                      Sx1156
Hansa Offshore:        ALEXANDERTURM-76               GALLUSTURM-78             GEORGETURM-73(R)
                       JONASTURM-74(R)                KATENTURM-66              KAUBTURM-78
 KREUZTURM-77          MARKUSTRUM-72                  RAVENSTURM-77(R)          SCHEPELSTURM-75
Hapag Offshore: TS-42 TOUGH-75
O.S.A./V.T.G.: BURGTOR- (R)           DAMMTOR-66 FALDERNTOR-78 (AR)             LIENERTOR-75(B)
                 NIEDERNTOR-74(R)     OSA LERWICK-74         OSTERTOR-74        SUDERTOR-76
Unterweser Red.: UNTERWESER-36-75 UNTERWESER-38-84
  GALLUSTURM                   78 ORSV        OSA Offshore/Ocean Group                Sx823
  LEINERTOR                    75 ORSV        O.S.A./V.T.G.                           T14 26
  LEINERTOR (Stern quarter view)                                                      T14 28
  MANTA                        92 ORSV        Hermann Buss KG                         Sx634
  SALUS                        84 Anchor Hdlg Harms Bergung GmbH                      Sx1005
  TS-51 SAFE                      ORSV        Hapag-Lloyd/Transport & Service         Sx821
   UNTERWESER 37                  ORSV        Unterweser                              NE7 10
  WENDENTOR                    76 ORSV        O.S.A./V.T.G.                           Sx22

View of ALFA FORCE (498g/70 Vernicos) berthed outboard of large tug MEGAS ALEXANDROS
      (608g/74 GRC Tsavliris) at Piraeus                                          ED6 8
 Saigon Shipping: MIMOSA-67 (R)
 NABEEL (A)                       75 ORSV     Sayani Enterprise Pty Ltd           Sx1056

COLOUR SECTION: (All Swire Offshore)
 PACIFIC ATAAWHAI               85 DRSV                  J11 17/JG4 29
 PACIFIC ATAAWHAI (Stern quarter view)                   HJ5 23
 PACIFIC BANNER                 98 ORSV                  Sx1465
 PACIFIC BARBARIAN              97 ORSV                  TAE 6
 PACIFIC BLADE                  98 ORSV (Starboard side, bow view)       Sx1255
 PACIFIC BLADE                  98 ORSV (Port side , broad view)         Sx1623
 PACIFIC CENTURION              82 ORSV                  DL6 35
 PACIFIC CHIEFTAIN              84 ORSV                  TS9 22
 PACIFIC COMMANDER              79 ORSV                  DK9 23
 PACIFIC SENTINEL               83 ORSV                  DM4 25
 PACIFIC SENTINEL (Stern quarter view)                   DM5 19 (Originally BALDER HARSTAD)
 PACIFIC TEAK                   78 ORSV                  FO6 8
 PACIFIC TEAK (Stern quarter view)                       FO7 13
 PACIFIC TITAN                  82                       YG8 29
 PACIFIC TITAN (Port quarter view)                       YG9 32a
 PACIFIC WRANGLER               03 Research              WY5 23a
 PACIFIC WRANGLER (Starboard quarter view)               WY6 31a

 ESSAR STENA I                  81 DRSV      Essar Shipping Ltd                                HE1 35
 ESSAR STENA I (Stern quarter view) (Ex DYNAMIC CONSTRUCTOR-89 SEABEX ONE-86)                  HE1 36

P.T. Rig Tenders:      BIDADARI-71
Pertamina Group:          PERMINA SUPPLY No1-73                     PERMINA SUPPLY No5-74
                          PERMINA SUPPLY No12-74                    PERMINA SUPPLY No30-75(B)
 BIDADARI                           71 ORSV                 P.T. Rig Tenders                   BQ6 3
 PERMINA SUPPLY No2                 73 ORSV                 Pertamina Group                    L91 19
 PERMINA SUPPLY No2 (Stern quarter view)                                                       L91 17
 PERMINA SUPPLY No12                74 ORSV                     "       "                      B80 21a
 PERMINA SUPPLY No30                75 ORSV                     "       "                      O20 6

 DP EAGLE                                   75              Technical marine Support/Argo      Sx1464
 PORTOSALVO                                 82 ORSV         Rimorchiatori Napoletani S.r.l     RO9 20

Tokai Salvage:            KAIKO MARU No5-79
HAKURYU III                                 74 Rig          Japan Drilling Coy Ltd             DR0 29

Miscellaneous ORSV:               PIERRE LE GRANDE-
VTG Supply/OSA Marine:            BUNTENTOR-74 (R)
 BUNTENTOR                        74 ORSV            VTG Supply Boat/OSA Marine       EQ2 22
 DUAL RIG 90 FISHOLMEN               Rig             Dual Energy Corporation          FP6 5
 HUAYUE                           83 ORSV            Huayue Shipping                  HF6 4
 HUAYUE (Stern quarter view)                                                          HF2 4

Malaysia International Shipping Offshore:   LAYAR SAKTI-86
Pogun Offshore:                             POGUN KIMANIS-69
Wira Offshore:                              WIRA WIJAYA-82
  LAYAR SAKTI                               86 ORSV         Malaysia Intnl Offshore            M13 12
  POGUN KIMANIS                             69 ORSV         Pogun Offshore                     M17 1
  WIRA MAJU (Ex STAD FLEX)                  81 DRSV         Wira-Swire Sen Ber                 L46 9

Sea Service Limited:      SEA SERV III-66 (R)

 SEABULK CORMORANT (R)                      80 ORSV         Seabulk Offshore                   Sx1177

J. Lourens:            THOMAS DE GAWDEFF-71
Seateam B.V.:          AQUALANTIC WEST-82 (R)   STM MARKAB-76
Smit Group:     SMIT LLOYD 12-67         SMIT LLOYD 15-68                             SMIT LLOYD 17-68
(Various flags) SMIT LLOYD 21-           SMIT LLOYD 25-                               SMIT LLOYD 26-82
                SMIT LLOYD 27-82         SMIT LLOYD 28-83                             SMIT LLOYD 33-84
                SMIT LLOYD 48-72         SMIT LLOYD 56-87                             SMIT LLOYD 61-77
                SMIT LLOYD 62-77         SMIT LLOYD 72-                               SMIT LLOYD 73-
                SMIT LLOYD 74-81(B)      SMIT LLOYD 90-85                             SMIT LLOYD 91-85(B)
                SMIT LLOYD 92-85         SMIT LLOYD 104-73                            SMIT LLOYD 105-73(A
                SMIT LLOYD 106-73        SMIT LLOYD 108-74                            SMIT LLOYD 109-74(B)
                SMIT LLOYD 114-75        SMIT LLOYD 117-76                            SMIT LLOYD 119-77
                SMIT LLOYD 120-83            SMIT LLOYD 121-83                SMIT LLOYD 122-83
                SMIT LLOYD 123-83            SMIT MATSAS 3-74                 SMIT SALVOR-70(AR)
                SMIT TRINIDAD-75             SUNGEI RAJANG-85                 TEKNIK SAMUDRA-75
Vroon Offshore: OIL EXPRESS-72          POWER EXPRESS-73(A) SHELF EXPRESS-86(R)
  KIGORIA                      79 ORSV       Keen Waters/International T'port SD7 5
  NEDDRILL 2                   63 Drillship  Neddrill (Nederland)             I71 18
  NEDDRILL 6                   77 Rig        Nedlloyd Offshore                KN2 10
  SHELF EXPRESS                86 ORSV       Vroon Offshore                   Sx1031
  SMIT BELAIT                  83 ORSV       Smit Group                       CW9 7
  SMIT LANGKAW                 73 ORSV         "     "                        BM5 34
  SMIT LANGKAWI (Stern quarter view) (Ex SMIT LLOYD 104)                      BM9 25
  SMIT-LLOYD 28                83 ORSV         "     "                        Sx242
  SMIT-LLOYD 57                87 ORSV         "     "                        NP1 6
  SMIT-LLOYD 73                82 ORSV         “     “                        KU4 16
  SMIT-LLOYD 73 (Stern quarter view)                                          KL4 14
  SMIT-LLOYD 92                85 ORSV         "     " (L/as POSEIDON)        NP2 21
  SMIT-LLOYD 104               73 ORSV         "     "                        U77 7a
  SMIT-LLOYD 105               73 ORSV         "     "                        KL5 18
  SMIT-LLOYD 105 (Stern quarter view)                                         KL5 19
  SMIT-LLOYD 106               73 ORSV         "     "                        Sx223
  SMIT-LLOYD 107               74 ORSV         “     “                        KL3 11
  SMIT-LLOYD 107 (Stern quarter view)                                         KL3 10
  SMIT-LLOYD 108               74 ORSV         "     "                        B85 1a
  SMIT-LLOYD 109               74 ORSV         "     "                        T28 20
  SMIT-LLOYD 116               76 ORSV         "     "                        Y93 36
  SMIT-LLOYD 123               83 ORSV         “     “                        Sx830
  SMIT-LLOYD FAME              95 ORSV         "     "                        Sx1174
  SMIT MADURA                  73 ORSV         "     "                        BF5 9/EP0 16
  SMIT MADURA (Stern quarter view)                                            BM6 End/EP1 18
  SMIT MANILA (R)              73 ORSV         "     "                        B47 7
  SUNGEI RAJANG                85 ORSV         "     "                        I65 24
  SUNGEI RAJANG (Stern quarter view)                                          I65 22
  TEKNIK SAMUDRA               75 ORSV         "     "                        O49 35
  TEKNIK SAMUDRA (Stern quarter view)                                         O49 33
  VROUWE ELIZABETH 1           57 Guard Vsl  C Sluiter                        Sx818
  YUYO                         78 ORSV       Royal Yuyo/Smit Group            S13 27
  YUYO (Stern quarter view)                                                   S13 28

Aarsaether:            ODIN FINDER-70
Atlantic Offshore:     ATLANTIC BLANA-79
Austevoll Mgt:         SKANDI ALFA-81
Balder Supply:         BALDER TORUNGEN-
Bergessen, Sig.:       RANDFONN-84
Eidsvik, Arne:         SOUTHERN SURVEYOR-72
Jebsen Group:          PACNORSE I-79 (Drillship)
Knutsen Group:         KNUT SUPPORTER-76
Labrador A/S:          MARINE SUPPORTER-83
Lunde, John:           LUNDE SENIOR-
Stobakk & Volie:       NORTHERN FORTRESS-82 (A)
Supply Service:        KING SUPPLIER-85(R)       LIDO SUPPLIER-75(A)
Sverre Farstad:        FAR SCOTSMAN-75(R)        FAR SCOUT-87
Tanbatkempariet A/S:   BOA FORCE-78
Viking Supply:         ANNE VIKING-75            OLAV VIKING-75(A)
Wilhelmsen Offshore:     BIG ORANGE XVIII-84(R)        WILBUR MARINER-76
West Offshore:           EDDA FRAM-81WEST EAGLE- WEST OSPREY-71
Miscelaneous ORSV's:     AUK TRUCK-                    SEA PEARL-
               Research: GECO KAPPA-
Group view:
 Outer vessel: SIRA SUPPORTER(’83 NOR) inner vessel STAR HERCULES (’80 GBR) (A)       KO0 5
Single vessels:
 ACTIVE DUKE                   85 ORSV        Sunmore Shg/Johan Hagenaes              Sx1463
 BEN VIKING (A)                92 ORSV        Viking Supply Ships A/S                 KO1 13
 BOURBON HIDRA                 99 ORSV        Bourbon Offshore                        ZA1 27a
 BULLWORKER                    73             Neptun Red.                             Sx3108
 EDDA FRIGG                    97 ORSV        Edda Offshore/Johannes Ostensjo Sx1043/SC2 32
 FAR GRIMSHADER                83 ORSV        Farstad A/S                             UA4 21
 FAR GRIP                      93 ORSV        Farstad A/S                             Sx1252
 FAR MINARA                    83 ORSV        Farstad A/S                             SJ1 6
 FAR SEA (A)                   91 ORSV        Farstad A/S                             Sx887
 FAR SENIOR                    98 ORSV        Farstad A/S                             UA7 3
 FAR SKY                       91 ORSV        Farstad A/S                             RO9 22/Sx1618
 FAR STAR (A)                  99             Farstad Shipping                        2A49 14
 FAR STRIDER                   99 ORSV        Farstad A/S                             UD9 17
 FAR SUPPORTER                 96 ORSV        Farstad A/S                             Sx1745
 FAR SWAN                      01 ORSV        Farstad A/S                             Sx1748
 FAR SYMPHONY                  03 ORSV        Farstad A/S                             YD7 2
 FAR TURBOT                    80 ORSV        Farstad A/S                             UE2 32
 GECO BLUEFIN (A)              80             Volstads Red.                           Sx3102
 GECO RESOLUTION (A)           82 Research    Geco A.S./Geco-Prakla                   LW8 4
 GEO PROSPECTOR                70 Survey/Rsch Mega Marine/Fugro Survey                Sx1624
 GRO VIKING (A)                84 ORSV        Viking Supply Ships A/S                 HY0 7
 HAVILLA CHARMER               93 ORSV        Havila Supply Ships AS                  SR8 31
 NINA PROFILER (A)             68 Research    Seismic Profiling Company               Sx9
 NORMAND CARRIER               96             Solstad Shipping AS                     2A68 13
 NORMAND RANGER                82 ORSV        Solstad Shipping A/S                    Sx829
 NORTH CHALLENGER              97             Gulf Offshore, Norway                   ZP0 4
 NORTH TRUCK                   83             Gulf Offshore                           Sx3360
 POLAR PRINCE (R)              99 ORSV        Polar S.M. A/S (Underwater maintenance) Sx976
 POLAR TITAN                   85 ORSV        Polar Titan/TFDS Offshore A/S           Sx824
 SEISVENTURER                  86 Research    Ellen Forlands Red                      Sx322/Sx814
 SIRA ODIN                     83 ORSV        K/S Sira                                HX7 17
 SKANDI CALEDONIA (A)          03             DOF Management                          ZP0 3
 SKANDI HAWK (A)               90 ORSV        Brovig Offshore                         HX9 6
 SKANDI MARSTEIN               96 ORSV        DOF Mgt A/S                             Sx1256
 SKANDI MOGSTER                96 ORSV        DOF Mgt A/S                             SC7 34
 SKANDI SOTRA                  03             DOF Management                          ZH5 0a
 STOUT TRUCK                   98 ORSV        Sea Truck Shipping                      UD9 18
 STRIL MYSTER (A)              03 ORSV        Supply Invest                           YM1 13
 STRIL POWER                   97             Stril/Mokster Shipping                  2A68 12
 SUBSEA VIKING                 99             Eidsvik Shipping                        Sx1461
 TENDER SEARCHER               75 ORSV        Wilhelmsen Offshore                     N5 7
 TENDER SEARCHER (Stern quarter view)                                                 N5 8
 VIKING ENERGY                 03             Eidesvik (Ex Stril Pioneer)             Sx3100
 VIKING GIRL (A)               82 ORSV        K/S Eidsvik & Co A/S                    Sx1033
 VIKING LADY (A)                  ORSV        Eidesvik & Co A/S                       Sx885

Alpha Inc.:            ALPHA 702-75 (R)               ALPHA 804-76 (R)
Cie de Nav Daphne:         MARINER-62 (R) (Drillship)
Contintental Offshore:     MANATO-66 (B)
Fargo International:       JADE FISH-82
Feeder International:      MARUDU-71
Geophysical Services:      EUGENE McDERMOTT II-72
Heerema Marine:            BORNEO GOLD-70         EXPLORER II-84           TRITON 8-75
International Marine:      GRAY VANGUARD-83
Jackson Marine:            VICTORY MOON-73
KTB Shipping & Tdg:        CENTURION SERVICE-64
ODCC Management:           DEEPMAR ALPHA-82
Offshore Utility:          SUHAILI 4002-83
Omega Shipping:            OMEGA 803-76
Quinting Marine:           MARITIME ORION-71
Shipmarc Mombasa:          BLACK EAGLE 1-70 (R)
Sonat Offshore:            DISCOVERER 511-66 (Drillship)
Torrel Shg/CW Marine: BONNIE ONE-72 (A)
Western Marine:            KAREN BRAVO-68(R) KAREN TIDE-
Zamil Marine:              ZAMIL ABDULLAH-82
Miscellaneous ORSV's: GAS SERVICE-                GEOMAR I-                HIGHLAND MOON- (R)
  LABRYINTH- (R)           LEFKAS-69 (R)          OFFSHORE III-80          SPIRIT SKY-76
                Drillship: SONDA I-48
 ALPHA 801                        76 Alpha Offshore                                      DL1 23
 ALPHA 802                        76 Alpha Offshore                                      DJ8 7
 BAR-437 (A)                      65 Crane ship Brown & Root Inc.                        I64 18
 CENTURION SERVICE                64 ORSV         KTB Shipping and Tdg                   A72 25
 DISCOVERER 511                   66 Drillship    Sonat Offshore                         P71 3
 ENTERPRISE                       76 Drillship    (Ex PETREL/OIL DRILLER)                HK8 8
 ENTERPRISE (Stern quarter view) (Vessel has had drill rig removed)                      HK8 5
 GRAY VANGUARD                    83 ORSV         Gray Marine/Interntl                   AB9 8
 GRAY VANGUARD (Stern quarter view)                                                      AB9 7
 KOSHI 101                        61 Drillship    A V & T Offshore                       GI3 35
 KOSHI 101 (Stern quarter view)                                                          GI3 34
 MANATO                           66 ORSV         Continental Offshore                   S21 29
 MANATO (Stern quarter view)                                                             S21 30
 MARINER                          62 Research     Mariner Shipping Incorporated          HG0 16
 MARINER (Stern quarter view) (Originally KAISA DAN)                                     HG0 17
 RETRIEVER                        82 ORSV         Retriever/Heerema Marine               Sx650
 TOISA INTREPID                   83 ORSV         Toisa/Sealion Shipping                 KG5 4
 TOISA INTREPID (Stern quarter view) (Originally BALDER HESNES)                          KG6 0
 TRENCHSETTER                     79              All Seas Marine Contractors            RO8 11
 VALIANT SERVICE                  74 ORSV         Glory China/Zapata                     DW9 8
 VALIANT SERVICE (Stern quarter view)                                                    EN3 37
 VICTORY MOON                     73 ORSV         Jackson Marine Corpn                   T15 30
 WESTERN ATLAS                    82 Research     Western Sea Services                   JC9 20

 Pacific Offshore:     OFFSHORE PATRIOT-69
 CHINA VENTURE                 75              Pinamungahan Towage                     Sx3378

 MANSAL-18 (Waterlevel view) 75 DS/Mother      Mansal Offshore                         Sx1169
 MANSAL-18 (High level view) 76                                                        SC3 21
 MANSAL 19                   67 ORSV           Mansal Offshore                         UA5 7
ORSVs:         ARAKS-77(R)               GRIF-84                  KALAR-90                    KONDOR-84(R)
               NEFTEGAZ-15-85            NEFTEGAZ 25-83(R)        NEFTEGAZ 32-85              PORONAI-81(R)
 KALAR                          90 Far East Shipping Coy (Launched as NEFTEGAZ 65)            DK8 22
 KATUN                          83 ORSV                                                       S91 27
 KATUN (Stern quarter view)                                                                   S91 30
 KATUN (2002 view) Owner registered as Far Eastern Marine Exploration                         Sx1468
 MIKHAIL MERCHINK (A)           82 Drillship     Ministry of Gas                              C35 33a
 NEFTEGAZ-15                    85 ORSV                                                       BO3 15
 NEFTEGAZ-15 (Stern quarter view)                                                             BE8 22
 NEFTEGAZ-16                    85 ORSV                                                       AG5 13
 NEFTEGAZ-16 (Stern quarter view)                                                             AG4 10
 NEFTEGAZ 66                    90 ORSV                                                       FZ4 27
 NEFTEGAZ 66 (Stern quarter view)                                                             FZ5 23
 RIONI                          84 ORSV          Government of Russia                         Sx890
 YASNYY                         85 ORSV          Baltic Shipping Company                      HF9 22
 YASNYY (Stern quarter view) (Launched as NEFTEGAZ 20)                                        HF3 14

Red Puffin Shg Coy:              RED PUFFIN-75
View of rig standby vessel CORNISHMAN ('56) partially hidden behind tug COASTAL MAN,
      At Plymouth, UK, July 23, 1992                                                          FD4 24
 EMERALD BAS (A)                 75 ORSV        Emerald Bas/Remoy Management                  KO1 15
 SOUTHERN SALVOR                 68 ORSV        Pacific Maritime Investments                  NL9 4

Carolus Investment:          GULF GOLD-71               RIG GOLD-80
Offshore Supply Assn:        MAGNITOR-74                OSA JAGUAR-76                  OSA LION-
Transpacific Credit:         TSS BERTRAM-83
Timur/Selco:                 SSS SYDNEY-83
Western Geophysical:         WESTERN ODYSSEY-80
Yukon marine:                YUKON RANGER-83
Miscellaneous ORSV:          SEA ORIENT-75
         1. Two large drilling rigs at Jurong – nearest identified as SONGA MOON, of Blystad Offshore,
            furthest not identified                                                             FP6 4
         2. Six oil rigs at Jurong 13 April 1992, prominent rigis the Japanese HAKURYU III(See Japan
            section of this list)                                                               DW1 10
 BLUE JAGUAR                          84 ORSV           Southern Ocean Service Pte Ltd          GO0 2
 BLUE JAGUAR (Stern quarter view)                                                               GO1 6
 CAPRICORN                            85 ORSV           (Ex NEFTEGAZ 15-92)                     EQ2 24
 CRYSTAL SEA                          94                Crystal Sea/Thome SM                    Sx3291
 MALAYSIA EAGLE                       83 ORSV           Maritime Private Ltd                    DU6 6
 MALAYSIA EAGLE (Stern quarter view)                                                            DU4 36a
 ORIENT PUMA                          83 ORSV           Southern Ocean Service Pte Ltd          HM0 17
 RIG GOLD                             80 ORSV           Carolus Investment                      F27 14
 WESTERN PACIFIC                      80 ORSV           Western Sea Services                    E71 12
 YUKON RANGER                         83 ORSV           Yukon Marine (Pte) Ltd                  K24 0
 Stern quarter view with YUKON POWER-83 alongside                                               S12 24
 ZAMIL SUPPLIER                       76 ORSV           Java Marine Lines Pte                   BN9 13

Pentow Marine:          PENTOW SKUA-76
 CAUSEWAY SALVOR              68 ORSV          Land & Marine Salvage                  Sx87
 INSTALLER (A)                78 Special       De Beers Marine Pty                    Sx83
 (above is ex PACIFIC INSTALLER - Swire)
 LOUIS G MURRAY (A)           78 Rig Construction vsl De Beers Marine (pty) Ltd       BX9 23
 LOUIS G MURRAY (A) (Stern quarter view)                                              BX9 22

Sten A. Ohlsson:     STENA CONSTRUCTOR-80 (B) (Dive, support & Rescue)
 CSO APACHE                79 Survey etc Coflexip Stena Offshore                      Sx1721
 CSO CONSTRUCTOR           80 DSRV       Coflexip Stena Offshore                      Sx1160
 CSO DEEP BLUE             01 Survey etc Coflexip Stena Offshore                      Sx1722
 CSO DEEP PIONEER (A)      84 Multi      Coflexip Stena Offshore(Ex Smit Pioneer)     Sx1775
 CSO SEAWELL               87            Coflexip Stena Offshore                      RO8 10
 STENA WILCHIEF (A)        84 ORSV       Stena Offshore/North Sea                     ID8 6
 STENA WILCHIEF (A) (R)                                                               LL1 8a

 SOLITAIRE                     72 ORSV         AllSeas Marine                         Sx2736

 ATREK                         83 ORSV                          Sx633

Bay Cities/Crowley:       RIG BUILDER-66
Gulf Oil Corpn:           GULF REX-65
McDermott Corporation: McDERMOTT DERRICK BARGE No101-78
O.K.Y. Supply:            SEA RAIDER-
Otto Candies:             BEULAH CANDIES-72
Comet Enterprise:         TERMINATOR-73
Offshore Logistics:       WANDERER-65
Penrod Corporation:       KODIAK I-83 (R)                   KODIAK II-83
Petromar Corporation:     PETROMAR FALCON-
Sealcraft Operators:      CARIBBEAN SEAL-                   TASMAN SEAL-69
Tidewater:                C E TIDE II-74                    MIGHTY TIDE-83            MYERS TIDE-
U.S. Government:          KNORR-                            MELVILLE-
Western Geophysical:      WESTERN ENDEAVOUR-69
Whitehall:                SEISMIC EXPLORER-67               SEISMIC SURVEYOR-
Miscellaneous ORSV's: CHUCK BRILEY-78                       CLIPPER GRAND CANYON-80
 COASTAL CAPTAIN- MARY G-                                   MIDNIGHT DANCER-77
              Research: BAYOU CHICO-63                      DRESSER EXPLORER-
                          TELEDEX IV-                       UNITED GEO ONE- (A)
Group view of ORSV's BEULAH CANDIES ('72) (outboard) and ADELE CANDIES ('74)
            (Inboard) (Both owned by Otto Candies) berthed at New Orleans             AZ0 35
 ACE NATURE (R)                   99 ORSV          Gulf Offshore                      TE6 16a
 BENNETT TIDE                     01 ORSV          Zapata Gulf/Tidewater Marine       UA4 20
 BLANCHE CANDIES (A)              79 ORSV          Otto Candies Inc                   AZ0 36
 BRUTE TIDE                       82 ORSV          Tidewater Marine Service Inc       Sx1001
 ENSCO ATLAS                      83 ORSV          Ensco Marine                       FQ3 19
 ENSCO ATLAS (Stern quarter view)                                                     FQ3 17
 GLOMAR ATLANTIC                  78 Drillship     Glomar Marine Inc                  DR8 3
  GLOMAR ATLANTIC (Stern quarter view)                                                         DW0 36a
  LAFAYETTE                     78 ORSV      Gatx/Zapata Gulf Marine                           AD0 29
  LAFAYETTE (Stern quarter view)                                                               AD0 30
..MADONNA TIDE                  00 ORSV      Zapata Gulf/Tidewater Marine                      UA6 21
  MARGIE                        74 Rig       Atwood Oceanics, Australia                        DJ7 23
  McDERMOTT DERRICK BARGE No101 78 Drillship McDermott Corporation                             C39 16
  McNEE TIDE                    99 ORSV      Tidewater Vessels Inc                             Sx1746
  MIGHTY TIDE                   83 ORSV      Tidewater                                         X33 6
  NATHANIEL B PALMER            92 Research  Edison Chouest Offshore                           NC5 6
  OCEAN CLIPPER                 54 Drillship Ocean Drilling                                    I71 16
  OXY ONE                       83 ORSV      Energy Land Inc                                   ER3 12
  PETROMAR FALCON                  ORSV      Petromar Corporation                              S5 35
  RIGDON TIDE                   02 ORSV      Zapata Gulf/Tidewater Marine                      Sx1625
  RUSSELL TIDE                  99 ORSV      Zapata Gulf/Tidewater Marine                      SR9 35
  SEACOR ENERGY (R)             83-85        SEACOR Marine International                       SR7 11a-

  View of AMBASSADOR SERVICE with large barge                                                  DS1 17
 AMBASSADOR SERVICE       75 ORSV          Offshore Marine/Zapata                              DS1 19
 TEAM SALALAH             00 ORSV          Nico World S.A.                                     Sx1484

"VIETSOVPETRO":         SONG DINH 01-85 (A) (Originally NEFTEGAZ 32)
 SAO MAI 01                      81 ORSV         VIETSOVPETRO                                  FQ6 27
 SAO MAI 01 (Stern quarter view) (Originally BALDER RUNDE)                                     FQ6 26
 SONG-DINH 01                    85 ORSV         VIETSOVPETRO                                  GP2 36

Abbreviations: (A) = alongside wharf view with minimal background
               (B) = bow quarter and stern quarter views available, please state requirement
               (R) = available only as stern quarter view

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