comparatives listening quiz - ELT base.rtf by handongqp


									Comparatives Team A

True or false?
1      A Mercedez Benz costs more than a Toyota.

2     There are more stations on the Kwun Tong Line than there are on the Tsuen Wan

3     London is about as far from Hong Kong as Paris.

4     Kowloon Tong isn't as expensive as Wong Tai Sin.

5     Macua isn't as big as Shanghai.

6     Jackie Chan is far better-known outside Hong Kong than Andy Lau.

7     David Beckham isn't nearly as famous as Tom Cruise.

8     Russia isn't nearly as cold as Egypt.

9     There are far more tall buildings in Central than there are in Wan Chai.

10    There aren't as many women in the class as there are men

B pmaea serioarapooC

True or false?
1      Singapore is more expensive than Bangkok.

2     Not as many people have mobile phones now as they did ten years ago.

3     There are about as many foreigners as Chinese in Hong Kong.

4     Football isn't as popular as baseball in Hong Kong.

5     The views from the Peak are far more beautiful than those from this building.

6     It's about as expensive to fly to Europe as it is to fly to Japan.

7     Secretaries aren't nearly as well-paid as lawyers.

8     There are almost as many women in this class with long hair as there are with
      short hair.

9     It's far easier to get to China from here than it is to get to Taiwan.

10    It's not nearly as difficult to go to university now as it was years ago.

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