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									台北縣立中平國民中學 96 學年度第 2 學期 8 年級英語科第一階段評量考試題                                                      P1
範圍:U1- Review1         命題老師:官美惠 老師                   班級:            姓名:               座號:

一. 聽力測驗 (以正常速度重複唸兩次)(每題 1 分)(30 %)

   1.( )computer 2.( )ours 3.( )green 4.( )motorcycle                                5.(    )bedroom
   1.( )(A) school (B) temple (C) gym (D) church
   2.( )(A) children (B) winner (C) winter (D) man
   3.( )(A) each other (B) playing (C) taking (D) walking
   4.( )(A) under (B) bed (C) book (D) bag
   5.( )(A) bunnies (B) babies (C) big (D) dog
   1.( )(A) I like to go swimming. (B) No, I like romantic movies. (C) What’s it about?
        (D)Yes, I like sad movies.
   2.( )(A) Yes, I am. (B) No, I didn’t. (C) Yes, I do. (D) Sure!
   3.( )(A) Let’s go to Warner Village. (B) I love the popcorn. (C) This is the biggest theater
        in town. (D) I’ll get the tickets.
   4.( )(A) It’s very popular. (B) Yes, I enjoyed it very much. (C) What’s it about?
        (D) Yes, I bought something.
       )(A) I love popcorn. (B) I want to study. (C) I don’t like to go out on such a hot day.
         (D) Yes, I want to watch TV.
(4)根據對話內容,正確的句子寫 T,錯誤的則寫 F。
   1.( ) Meg and Sam are going swimming this weekend.
   2.( ) There’s a new swimming pool on Beach Road.
   3.( ) The new swimming pool is the cleanest around here.
   4.( ) The popcorn is always free at the new swimming pool.
   5.( ) Meg and Sam will go to the cheaper swimming pool this time.

(5)根據聽到的內容,依序標出圖片的代號。 (以 A.B.C.D.E 標示)
   (A)   (B)    (C)   (D)        (E)

     1.(    )      2.(    )       3.(    )     4.(   )     5.(    )

(6)英語歌謠 (依提示,填入正確代號)(每題 1 分,共 5 分)
   Beautiful Sunday
Sunday morning up with the (1)                  I think I’ll take her walk in the park
Hey, hey, hey, it’s a beautiful day             I got someone (2) me
When I see her I know that you’ll say            Hey, Hey, hey, it’s a beautiful day
* Ah, ah, ah, beautiful Sunday                  This is my, my, my beautiful day
When you say, say, say, say that you love me    Oh, oh, oh, oh my, my, my, it’s a beautiful day
Birds are singing, you’re by my (3)              Let’s take the car and go for a (4)
Hey, hey, hey it’s a beautiful day               We’ll drive on and      (5) the sun
Making Sunday go on and on                       Hey, hey, hey, it’s a beautiful day
(A)lark        (B)waiting for (C) ride (D)follow (E) side

二、文法選擇 (每題 1 分,共 15 分)
1.(    )Your room is         than Mary’s. Why don’t you clean it up? (A) dirtier (B) cleaner
        (C) quieter (D) noisier
2.(    )This refrigerator is      expensive than that one. (A) more (B) very (C) much
          (D) the more
3.(    )Jack: Is that Mr. and Mrs. Chen’s house? Rose: Yes, it’s           . (A) ours (B) yours
         (C) his (D) theirs
4.(    )New clothes are better than old           . (A) it (B) one (C) them (D) ones
5.(    )May: Which skirt did she          ? Sue: She            the white one. (A) choose; choose
         (B) chose; chose (C) chose; choose (D) choose; chose
6.(    )         cell phone is newer than          . (A)His; her (B)Mine; yours (C)Hers; his
         (D)Your; his
7.(    )Let Tim eat first. He’s           of all the students. (A) hungrier (B) the hungriest
         (C) the hungrier (D) hungriest
8.( )No other student in the class is worse than Ted. Ted is           student in the class.
       (A)worst (B)best (C)the worse (D)the worst
9.( )Why don’t you do it very           ? (A)careful (B)more careful (C)carefully
       (D)more carefully
10. ( )I have to         for the test. (A) studies (B) studied (C) studying (D) study
11.( )It’s time for the egg          . (A) hunts (B) hunting (C) hunted (D) hunt
12.( )I have two brothers. One is a teacher, and           is a doctor. (A) other (B) another
         (C) the other (D) the others
13.( )Judy          a birthday party for her friend, Sally. (A) hold (B) held (C) took
       (D) makes
14.( )He speaks          English, but he doesn’t speak Japanese       . (A) good; well
      (B) good; good (C) well; well (D) well; good
15.( )Did David walk to work very           or         ? (A)fast; slow (B)fast; slowly
      (C)faster; slower (D)fastest; slowest
三、單字填空、字彙選擇、文意字彙 (每題 1 分,共 18 分)
1.(    )She’s a         of a good teacher.   (A) concert    (B) necklace (C) model     (D) mistake
2.(    )Be careful not to        the glasses. (A) visit (B) break (C) cut (D) hurt
3.(    )Bob: Steven Chow is the actor in the movie. Who’s the         ? Sam: Sorry, I don’t know
         her, either. (A) clerk (B) director (C) actress (D) theater
4.(    )The sky(天空)is              cloudy. Maybe it’s going to rain soon. (A) falling
        (B) feeling (C) becoming (D) happening
5.方便的 _______        6.顏色 ______ 7.售票亭 _______             8.建議 _______ 9.照相機 __________
10.            The bus doesn’t come on time. Susan is a           t late for her music class.
11.            My dad can’t afford(付得起)the car because its p                e is too high.
12.__________ I like this building. Its d     n is great.
13.           Mom has weak(弱)eyes, so Dad wants to buy a TV with a big s               n.
14.           I don’t like sad movies. I like c         s better. They are much funnier.
15.           It rained heavily last night, so he l        t me an umbrella.
16.           Mom is growing(種植)flowers in the y                 d.
17.            Please put these oranges in the b____t.
18.            A: Do you know May’s phone number? B: No, I need to c           k.
四、寫出形容詞的原級、比較級、最高級                                (每格 1 分,共 12 分)
  原 級           比 較 級                 最 高 級
  useful           (1)                 (2)
  bad              (3)                 (4)
  (5)             uglier               (6)
  exciting         (7)                 (8)
  (9)              (10)               cutest
  funny            (11)                (12)

五、介系詞填空(at, in, on, to, of, for, about, from, …) (每格 1 分,共 7 分)
1. We may get information about pandas ___ the Net.
2. Here are some tips ___ asking your friends for help.
3. His music is the most popular          all time.
4. Is Beckham the best soccer player____ this team?
5. Mike is the best basketball player___ the game.
6. The White House Lawn is the most famous place _____have the Easter egg roll .
7.Something terrible happens ____ the Titanic and Jack dies.

六、依提示作答 (每題 2 分,共 6 分) (錯 1 字扣 1 分)
1. These are Jenny’s dogs.(將劃線部份改寫成所有格代名詞)
2. He / successful / actor / world(以「最高級」完成句子)
3. fall/ cool/ spring(以「比較級」完成句子)

七、翻譯(英語) (每題 2 分,共 6 分)(錯 1 字扣 1 分)
  .1. 讓我用我的手機訂兩張電影票吧。
  2. 他們會墜入愛河嗎?
  3. 假日學生是不必上學的。

八、閱讀測驗 (每題 2 分,共 6 分)

    A man was running along the street in a hurry. Another man on the street was confused

, and asked him, "Where are you going?" The man stopped and said, "I am going downtown.

 Because I don't have enough money, I'm running after the bus. In this way I can save one

dollar." "Oh, I see. I'm going there, too. Shall we go together?" Then the two began to run

after a bus. They ran for some minutes and one of them said, "Now stop, my friend. I've got

an idea. If we run after a taxi, we can save ten dollars. Why don't we run after a taxi?"

So they found a taxi and started to run after it. Everyone on the street looked at them and


1.( )The man running along the street ____.

           (A)was going home (B)had not enoough money to take a bus

        (C)didn’ t run after a bus (D)had to take a taxi

2. ( )The man thought “ We can save one dollar each ____.”

      (A)if we run after a taxi (B)if we get on a bus

      (C)if we get on a taxi (D)if we run after a bus

3. ( )Everyone on the street lookd at them and laughed ____.

      (A)when the two men were running after a bus

      (B)when the two men were not in a hurry

      (C)when the two men were running after a taxi

      (D)when the two men were running along the street

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