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									                                    Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE         SONG #     ARTIST                   TITLE                 SONG #
10,000 Maniacs                                   20 Fingers
     Because The Night             MM6038-15          Short Dick Man                         SC8169-07
     Because The Night             SC8113-05          Short Dick Man                         SC8746-14
     Candy Everybody Wants          DK082-04     21st Century Girls
     Like The Weather              RT0015-01          21st Century Girls                       SF140-10
     More Than This                SC8390-06     3 Doors Down
     More Than This               PHM9708-07          Away From The Sun                     THP0404-15
     These Are The Days              PI035-02         Be Like That                          THR0109-14
     These Are The Days            SC8466-14          Duck & Run                             SC8680-05
     Trouble Me                    SC8439-03          Here Without You                       SC8845-06
     Trouble Me                    RT0015-02          Here Without You                      THR0310-13
100 Proof Aged In Soul                                Kryptonite                             SC8601-04
     Somebody's Been Sleeping      SC8333-09          Kryptonite                            THP0007-18
10CC                                                  Kryptonite                              SGB47-14
     Donna                           SF090-15         Kryptonite                             SC8765-03
     Dreadlock Holiday               SF023-12         Kryptonite                             SC8050-06
     I'm Mandy                       SF079-03         Kryptonite                             SC7585-10
     I'm Not In Love                SC8417-13         Loser                                  SC8622-03
     I'm Not In Love                 SF001-09         Road I'm On, The                      THR0306-11
     I'm Not In Love                 DK082-14         Road I'm On, The                       SD4306-09
     Rubber Bullets                  SF071-01         Road I'm On, The                      PHR0304-03
     Things We Do For Love, The    ZMH007-07          Road I'm On, The                       SC8817-10
     Things We Do For Love, The   SFMW832-11          When I'm Gone                          SC8852-11
     Things We Do For Love, The     SC8456-15         When I'm Gone                         CB30031-09
     Wall Street Shuffle          SFMW814-01          When I'm Gone                          SC8793-12
112                                                   When I'm Gone                         THR0301-13
     Come See Me                   SC8357-10          When I'm Gone                           TU159-17
     Dance With Me                 SC8726-09     3 Of Hearts
     It's Over Now                 SC8672-15          Love Is Enough                          SD084-14
     Only You                      SC8295-04          Love Is Enough                         SC8705-08
     Peaches & Cream               SC8702-02     311
     Peaches & Cream                SGB65-18          All Mixed Up                          PHM9702-09
112 & Ludacris                                        All Mixed Up                           SC8448-02
     Hot & Wet                    PHU0401-02          Amber                                 THR0206-12
12 Stones                                             Beyond The Gray Sky                   THR0402-15
     Far Away                     THR0411-16          Creatures (For A While)               THR0311-13
1910 Fruitgum Co.                                     Down                                   SC8598-11
     1,2,3 Redlight               SC8191R-11          I'll Be Here Awhile                   THR0201-16
     1,2,3 Redlight                SC8191-11          Love Song                              SC8878-03
     Simon Says                     DK034-15          Love Song                             THR0406-18
     Simon Says                     SF028-10          You Wouldn't Believe                  THR0110-15
2 Evisa                                               You Wouldn't Believe                   SC8717-14
     Oh La La La                     SF114-10    38 Special
2 Live Crew                                           Caught Up In You                       SC8146-09
     Doo Wah Diddy                 SC8700-11          Hold On Loosely                        SC8146-06
     Me So Horny                   SC8532-07          Hold On Loosely                         SGB16-08
     We Want Some P***Y!           SC8700-08          Hold On Loosely                        AH8015-16
2 Pac                                                 If I'd Been The One                    SC8621-14
     California Love                SF049-04          Rockin' Onto The Night                 SC8479-03
     Changes                       SC8656-12          Second Chance                          SC8588-03
     Thugz Mansion                 SC8805-01          Wild Eyed Southern Boys                SC8479-14
     Until The End Of Time         SC8702-08     3LW
2 Unlimited                                           No More (Baby I'm A Do Right)          SC8664-15
     No Limits                       SF006-05    3SL
                                                      Take It Easy                             SF191-09
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                                                Waverly Sound
ARTIST                     TITLE                  SONG #      ARTIST                    TITLE                        SONG #
3T                                                            702
     Anything                                   SC8263-11           Get It Together                               SC8357-02
     Anything                                    SF049-02           Steelo                                        SC8325-11
     Anything                                  PHM9602-08           Where My Girls At                            PHT9910-08
     Tease Me                                   SC8277-04           Where My Girls At                             SC8545-14
3T & Michael Jackson                                          911
     Why                                         SF080-11         All I Want Is You                                 SF121-07
4 Non Blondes                                                     How Do You Want Me To Love You                    SF123-01
     What's Up                                 MM6030-14          Little Bit More, A                                SF130-04
     What's Up                                   DK086-07         More Than A Woman                                 SF127-08
     What's Up                                    PI020-02        Party People (Friday Night)                       SF118-09
     What's Up                                   SF005-08         Private Number                                    SF138-06
     What's Up                                  TT6011-03     98 Degrees
4 P.M.                                                            Because Of You                                    SF134-08
     Lay Down Your Love                         SC8170-07         Because Of You                                  SC8638-01
     Sukiyaki                                    DK089-16         Give Me Just One Night                         CB80023-08
4 Runner                                                          Give Me Just One Night                          SC8637-01
     Cain's Blood                              MM6099-14          Give Me Just One Night                         THP0011-12
     Heart With 4-Wheel Drive, A               MM6103-14          Hardest Thing, The                             PHT9906-06
     Ripples                                   SC8239-04          Hardest Thing, The                              MM6271-14
     That Was Him                              SC8303-08          Hardest Thing, The                               SGB18-06
4 Seasons                                                         Hardest Thing, The                              SC8523-15
     Rag Doll                                   SC8686-04         I Do (Cherish You)                              SC8553-06
42nd St.                                                          I Do (Cherish You)                               SGB18-15
     We're In The Money                         SC8127-10         Invisible Man                                   SC8389-03
5 Stairsteps                                                      My Everything                                   SC8673-09
     Ooh Child                                  SC8393-05         My Everything                                  THP0103-14
50 Cent                                                           My Everything                                    THW02-15
     21 Questions                               MM6396-02         This Gift                                       SC8593-02
     21 Questions                                EZH25-05         Way You Want Me To, The                         SC8702-07
     In Da Club                                  SF206 -09    A
     In Da Club                                 SC8853-11         Nothing                                           SF190-14
     In Da Club                                 MM6396-14     A Teens
     In Da Club                                THH0305-11         Around The World                                 SF185-13
     P.I.M.P. (Radio Version)                   SC8844-10         Bouncing Off The Ceiling (Upside Down)          SC8680-15
50 Cent & Eminem                                                  Land Of Make Believe                             SF188-12
     Patiently Waiting                          SC8822-02     A-Ha
50 Cent & Nate Dogg                                               Hunting High & Low                            SFMW820-15
     21 Questions                               SC8822-03         Livingdaylights, The                            SC8468-10
     21 Questions                               SC8853-03         Sun Always Shines On TV, The                  SFMW817-07
     21 Questions                                SF207-04         Take On Me                                      SC7561-11
5th Dimension, The                                                Take On Me                                       DK099-11
     Aquarius (Let The Sun Shine In)            SC7531-01         Take On Me                                        PI035-14
     Aquarius (Let The Sun Shine In)             DK029-05         Take On Me                                       SF037-01
     Last Night I Didn't Get To Sleep At All    SC8624-08     A1
     Last Night I Didn't Get To Sleep At All      DG05-11         Caught In The Middle                              SF187-15
     One Less Bell To Answer                    SC7533-07         Everytime                                         SF155-05
     Stoned Cold Picnic                           DG11-06         Like A Rose                                       SF161-06
     Stoned Soul Picnic                          DK023-10         Make It Good                                      SF192-11
     Stoned Soul Picnic                           PI043-15        No More                                           SF175-10
     Up, Up & Away                               DK041-14         Ready Or Not                                      SF187-09
     Wedding Bell Blues                         SC8182-14         Same Old Brand New You                            SF173-05
     Wedding Bell Blues                          DK023-11         Summertime Of Our Lives                           SF148-05
69 Boys                                                           Take On Me                                        SF171-13
     Tootsie Roll                               SC8612-09
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                                          Waverly Sound
ARTIST                 TITLE                SONG #     ARTIST                  TITLE                      SONG #
A3                                                         One Of Us                                   SFG011-15
     Woke Up This Morning                 SGB38-19         Ring Ring                                   SFG011-03
     Woke Up This Morning (chosen One    SC8821-08         Rock Me                                     SFG011-10
     Mix-sopranos The)                                     SOS                                         SFG011-08
Aaliyah                                                    Summer Night City                           SFG011-07
     At Your Best                          NT050-04        Super Trouper                                SF024-14
     At Your Best                         SC8374-07        Super Trouper                              NSAVP17-04
     I Care 4 U                          THP0211-18        Take A Chance On Me                          SF098-09
     I Don't Wanna                         SF173-07        Take A Chance On Me                         SC8283-02
     If Your Girl Only Knew               SC8320-15        Thank You For The Music                      SF057-03
     Journey To The Past                  SC8476-07        Thank You For The Music                    NSAVP17-05
     Miss You                             SC8805-04        Voulez Vous                                 SFG011-09
     More Than A Woman                     SF184-15        Waterloo                                     SGB58-05
     More Than A Woman                    SC8747-05        Waterloo                                     DK041-07
     One I Gave My Heart To, The          SC8422-07        Waterloo                                     SGB32-14
     Rock The Boat                        SC8726-05        Waterloo                                     SF024-13
     Rock The Boat                       THP0112-12        Winner Takes It All                          SF031-03
     Try Again                           CB40064-09    Abbot, Russ
     Try Again                           CB80021-13        Atmosphere                                    SF028-16
     Try Again                            EK0029-04    Abbott, Gregory
     Try Again                            SC8047-04        Shake You Down                              SC8201-10
     Try Again                           THP0009-10        Shake You Down                               PI042-04
     Try Again                          SFMW804-15     ABC
     Try Again                            SC8613-12        All Of My Heart                              SF082-03
Aaliyah & Tank                                             Be Near Me                                  SC8540-04
     Come Over                           SC8849-13         Look Of Love, The                           SC8719-14
Aaliyah & Timberland                                       Look Of Love, The                            SF111-02
     We Need A Resolution                  SF181-09        Poison Arrow                              SFMW803-09
Abandoned Pools                                            Poison Arrow                                SC7564-07
     Remedy, The                         SC8768-09         When Smokey Sings                         SFMW801-11
     The Remedy                         THR0206-15     Abdul, Paula
Abba                                                       Blowing Kisses In The Wind                 NSAVP23-10
     As Good As New                      SFG011-06         Cold Hearted                                SC8264-11
     Chiquita                           NSAVP17-01         Knocked Out                                   PI011-13
     Dancing Queen                        SGB58-01         Opposites Attract                            DK095-11
     Dancing Queen                        SF104-12         Opposites Attract                            SF112-09
     Dancing Queen                       SFG011-01         Opposites Attract                           SC8272-02
     Dancing Queen                       SC7542-03         Opposites Attract                             PI043-12
     Dancing Queen                        DK041-06         Rush Rush                                  NSAVP23-03
     Dancing Queen                         PI042-06        Rush Rush                                    SF036-06
     Day Before You Came, The            SFG011-14         Straight Up                                  SGB58-16
     Fernando                            SFG011-13         Straight Up                                  SF001-01
     Fernando                             SF071-15         Straight Up                                 SC7503-12
     Have A Dream                         SF076-01         Will You Marry Me                           SC8274-02
     I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do            SFG011-05     ABS
     I Have A Dream                      SFG011-12         7 Ways                                        SF211-10
     Knowing Me Knowing You              SFG011-02         What You Got                                  SF195-17
     Knowing Me Knowing You             NSAVP17-02     AC/DC
     Knowing Me Knowing You               SF022-01         Back In Black                               SC8252-03
     Mamma Mia                            SF028-08         Back In Black                                SGB14-11
     Money Money Money                  NSAVP17-03         Back In Black                               AH8005-02
     Money Money Money                   SFG011-11         Big Balls                                   SC8532-11
     Money Money Money                    SF055-04         Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap                 SC8334-01
     Name Of The Game, The               SFG011-04         Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap                 SC7578-07
     Name Of The Game, The                SF098-05         For Those About To Rock (We Salute        SFMW817-04
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                                    Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE         SONG #     ARTIST                 TITLE                        SONG #
    Have A Drink On Me              SC8631-01         Sign, The                                   BS6617-12
    Hells Bells                     AH8015-03         Sign, The                                     PI045-10
    Hells Bells                      SGB14-01         Whenever You're Near Me                     MM6256-06
    Highway To Hell                  SGB48-14    Ace, Johnny
    Highway To Hell                SCBR53-09          Pledging My Love                            SC8589-06
    Highway To Hell                 SC7565-09    Acuff, Roy
    Ride On                         SC8830-04         Great Speckled Bird, The                     DK066-18
    Safe In New York City           SC8699-15         Wabash Cannonball                            DK091-18
    Stiff Upper Lip                  SGB63-11         Wabash Cannonball                           SC8208-14
    Stiff Upper Lip                  SGB48-02    Ad Libs, The
    Stiff Upper Lip                 SC8607-13         Boy From New York City, The                  DK090-01
    Stiff Upper Lip                  SF161-09         Boy From New York City, The                 MM6043-15
    Thunderstruck                 SFMW805-03          Boy From New York City, The                 SC7525-15
    TNT                             SC8660-11    Adam Ant
    Whole Lotta Rosie                SGB48-06         Ant Music                                    SF105-05
    You Shook Me All Night Long     AH8001-14         Desperate But Not Serious                   SC8571-15
    You Shook Me All Night Long    MM6036-12          Goody Two Shoes                             RT0015-07
    You Shook Me All Night Long     SC7548-01         Goody Two Shoes                              SF111-15
Accept                                                Goody Two Shoes                             SC7548-07
    Balls To The Wall              SC8713-05          Prince Charming                              SF111-01
Ace                                                   Stand And Deliver                            SF105-01
    How Long                       SC8188-11          Wonderful                                   SC2098-06
    How Long                        SF022-11     Adams & Turner
Ace Of Base                                           It's Only Love                              SC8482-03
    All That She Wants             DK1101-08     Adams, B., Sting & R. Stewart
    All That She Wants             MM6030-03          All For Love                                 SF007-01
    All That She Wants               PI044-10         All For Love                                 SO204-01
    All That She Wants             SC8107-14          All For Love                                SC8107-04
    All That She Wants              SF004-15          All For Love                                MM6038-02
    Always Have Always Will         SF130-05     Adams, Bryan
    Angel Of Harlem                MM6030-04          18 'Til I Die                             SFMW803-11
    Beautiful Life                   HV03-12          Back To You                               PHM9801-02
    Beautiful Life                  SF034-06          Back To You                                  SF117-11
    Beautiful Life                 SC8220-03          Back To You                                 SC8423-03
    Beautiful Life                   PI052-06         Best Of Me, The                              SGB38-17
    Beautiful Life                PHM9601-01          Best Of Me, The                              SF154-16
    Cruel Summer                   SC8478-10          Can't Stop This Thing We Started             SF012-02
    Don't Turn Around               SF009-01          Can't Stop This Thing We Started           SC8235R-08
    Don't Turn Around               SD001-02          Can't Stop This Thing We Started            SC8235-08
    Don't Turn Around              AH9821-03          Can’t Stop This Thing We Started            BS8917-02
    Don't Turn Around              SC8132-12          Cloud No 9                                  EK0025-04
    Every Time It Rains             SF134-12          Cloud No.9                                   SF143-11
    Life Is A Flower                SF123-10          Cuts Like A Knife                           BS8917-12
    Living In Danger                SO208-03          Cuts Like A Knife                           SC7577-10
    Living In Danger                SD003-02          Cuts Like A Knife                           SC8393-03
    Living In Danger               BS6617-03          Do I Have To Say The Words                  SC8266-15
    Living In Danger                SF010-12          Do I Have To Say The Words                  BS8917-03
    Lucky Love                     SC8257-11          Everything I Do I Do It For You              SF001-14
    Sign, The                      MM6040-09          Everything I Do, I Do It For You            MM6000-03
    Sign, The                       SF006-04          Everything I Do, I Do It For You         CBEP463-2-10
    Sign, The                       NT050-03          Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman           LG012-13
    Sign, The                      SC8111-05          Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman          SC8170-08
    Sign, The                      DK1101-09          Heat Of The Night                           BS8917-04
    Sign, The                       SO208-12          Heaven                                        PI030-17
    Sign, The                      SC7514-04          Heaven                                      BS8917-05
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                                            Waverly Sound
ARTIST                 TITLE                  SONG #     ARTIST                  TITLE                      SONG #
   Heaven                                  SC8573-11         Get Here                                    SC8111-11
   Heaven                                   DK008-02         Get Here                                    SC7582-05
   Here I Am                              THP0210-13         Get Here                                      PI016-04
   Here I Am                               MM6366-10         Get Here                                    MM6049-09
   I Do It For You                         SC7514-08         Get Here                                      BL03-07
   I Do It For You                         BS8917-06         Get Here                                    DK1101-02
   Inside Out                               SF144-16         Never Knew Love                             SC8248-07
   It's Only Love                          BS8917-17     Adams, Ryan
   Kids Wanna Rock                         BS8917-15         Answering Bell                              SC8752-11
   Let's Make A Night To Remember         THM9610-03         New York New York                          THR0203-15
   Let's Make A Night To Remember         PHM9610-03         New York, New York                          SC8744-14
   Let's Make A Night To Remember          MM6173-12     Adams, Sara
   Let's Make A Night To Remember           LG012-11         Three Chords And The Truth                  SC8388-08
   Let's Make A Night To Remember          SC8316-01     Adams, Yolanda
   On A Day Like Today                     SC8490-09         Open My Heart                               SC8661-03
   On A Day Like Today                      SF126-05         Open My Heart                               SC8637-14
   On A Day Like Today                     MM6256-11         Open My Heart                              THP0101-16
   Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is      LG012-12     Adamski
   You, The                                                  Killer                                    SFMW844-08
   Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is     SC8290-08     Addotta, Kip
   You, The
   Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is     SC8349-08         Wet Dream                                   SC8707-04
   You, The                                              Adema
   Please Forgive Me                       SC8113-10         Freaking Out                               THR0209-17
   Please Forgive Me                       MM6038-13         Giving In                                  THR0111-14
   Please Forgive Me                       BS8917-07         Unstable                                   THR0310-14
   Please Forgive Me                        SF006-01         Way You Like It, The                         TU105-16
   Run Run Rudolph                         BS8917-16         Way You Like It, The                       THR0203-17
   Run To You                              SC7548-03     Adkins, Trace
   Run To You                              BS8917-08         Big Time                                   CHM9808-17
   Somebody                                BS8917-14         Big Time                                    SC8495-04
   Straight From The Heart                 SC8573-02         Big Time                                     SD051-07
   Straight From The Heart                 BS8917-09         Chrome                                      SC8794-03
   Summer Of '69                           BS8917-10         Chrome                                       SD100-13
   Summer Of '69                            SF013-07         Chrome                                     THC0301-14
   Summer Of '69                           SFG025-12         Chrome                                     CB60241-11
   Summer Of '69                             PI003-12        Don't Lie                                  CB80017-14
   Summer Of '69                           SC7545-14         Don't Lie                                    SD067-06
   There Will Never Be Another Tonight     SC8237-08         Don't Lie                                   SC8566-11
   This Time                               BS8917-13         Every Light In The House Is On             CHM9611-16
   Thought I'd Died And Gone To Heaven     SC8238-15         Every Light In The House Is On               SD031-13
   Thought I'd Died And Gone To Heaven     BS8917-11         Every Light In The House Is On              SC8315-15
Adams, Bryan & Barbra Streisand                              Help Me Understand                          SC8748-06
   I Finally Found Someone                 SC7600-08         Help Me Understand                           SD092-07
Adams, Bryan & Melanie C.                                    Help Me Understand                         THC0206-16
   When You're Gone                          SF128-13        Hot Mama                                    SC8857-04
Adams, Bryan & Sting & Rod Stewart                           Hot Mama                                   PHN0401-09
   All For Love                             BS8917-01        Hot Mama                                   THC0401-13
Adams, Bryan, Sting & R. Stewart                             I Left Something Turned On                 CHM9707-16
   All For Love                          CBEP463-3-06        I Left Something Turned On At Home           SD038-08
Adams, Faye                                                  I Left Something Turned On At Home          SC8376-08
   Shake A Hand                              RB22-05         I'm Gonna Love You Anyway                    SD076-06
Adams, Oleta                                                 I'm Gonna Love You Anyway                   SC8630-09
   Circle Of One                           SC8274-05         I'm Tryin'                                  SC8714-11
   Day I Stop Loving You, The              SC8244-14         I'm Tryin'                                 THC0110-18
                                                             Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone                 SC8436-15
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                                                 Waverly Sound
ARTIST                   TITLE                     SONG #     ARTIST                 TITLE                 SONG #
    Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone               CHM9805-15          I Don't Want To Miss A Thing          SGB08-01
    Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone                 SD047-05          I Don't Want To Miss A Thing         SY1050-02
    More                                      THC0008-18          Jaded                                 SGB53-05
    More                                        SD070-13          Jaded                               THP0104-13
    More                                      CHM0005-18          Jaded                                SC8742-11
    More                                     CBEP463-5-13         Jaded                                SC8680-12
    More (Radio Version)                       SC8596-09          Janie's Got A Gun                    SCBR53-03
    Rest Of Mine, The                        CBEP463-4-16         Janie's Got A Gun                    SC7565-03
    Rest Of Mine, The                         CHM9711-12          Janie's Got A Gun                    SC8635-07
    Rest Of Mine, The                          SC8402-04          Just Push Play                       SC8699-01
    Rest Of Mine, The                           SD042-06          Just Push Play                      THR0108-12
    Rough & Ready                             THC0408-17          Last Child                           SC8791-03
    Then They Do                                SD106-08          Livin' On The Edge                     DG05-15
    Then They Do                              THC0308-16          Livin' On The Edge                   SC8710-01
    There's A Girl In Texas                    SC8280-09          Living On The Edge                    SGB52-14
    This Ain't No Thinkin' Thing               SC8370-01          Love In An Elevator                  SC8635-14
    This Ain't No Thinkin' Thing                SD035-05          Love In An Elevator                  SC8169-14
    This Ain't No Thinkin' Thing               MM6191-01          Love In An Elevator                SFMW805-12
Aerosmith                                                         Luv Lies                              SGB53-12
    Amazing                                     SC8710-03         Mama Kin                             SC8710-05
    Amazing                                      SGB48-04         Mountain Music                    SGBTB1003-18
    Angel                                        SGB05-13         Other Side, The                      SC8710-07
    Angel                                       SC8283-04         Pandora's Box                          DG02-13
    Angel                                       AH8004-05         Pink                                 SC8448-04
    Angel                                       SC8635-04         Pink                                 SC8635-12
    Angel's Eye                                 SC8659-06         Pink                                PHM9801-01
    Angel's Eye                                THR0102-10         Rag Doll                             SC8635-03
    Baby, Please Don't Go                       SC8878-02         Rag Doll                             SC7579-05
    Back In The Saddle                            PI009-09        Rag Doll                             SC8314-04
    Back In The Saddle                          SC8430-06         Same Old Song And Dance              SC8635-09
    Back In The Saddle                          SC8635-02         Same Old Song And Dance              SC8586-15
    Big 10 Inch Record                           SGB64-04         Same Old Song And Dance                PI009-08
    Big Ten Inch Record                         SC8117-08         Sunshine                             SC8732-02
    Crazy                                        SF021-15         Sunshine                            THR0202-13
    Crazy                                       SC8635-11         Sweet Emotion                        SC8297-06
    Cryin'                                      SC8710-04         Sweet Emotion                        SC8635-06
    Draw The Line                               SC8406-10         Sweet Emotion                          PI009-10
    Dream On                                    MM6054-03         Toys In The Attic                      PI054-09
    Dream On                                 SGBTB1001-05         Toys In The Attic                    SC8635-10
    Dream On                                    SC8635-05         Toys In The Attic                    SC8334-06
    Dream On                                    SC7533-11         Train Kept A Rollin'                 AH8003-06
    Dream On                                      PI005-18        Train Kept A Rollin¹                 SY1045-06
    Dude (Looks Like A Lady)                    SC8635-01         Train Kept A Rolling                  SGB14-15
    Dude Looks Like A Lady                      SC7563-07         Walk This Way                        SC7529-09
    Eat The Rich                                SC8710-06         Walk This Way                         SGB63-01
    Falling In Love                              HV06a-06         Walk This Way                        SC8635-13
    Falling In Love                             SC8424-04         Walk This Way                          PI038-11
    Falling In Love                             SC8369-08         Walk This Way                        MM6054-13
    Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)      SC8635-08         What It Takes                        SC8710-02
    Falling In Love Is Hard On The Knees         SGB52-18         What Kind Of Love Are You On         SC8481-15
    Girls Of Summer                             SC8768-13     Aerosmith & Run DMC
    Hole In My Soul                             SC8448-14         Walk This Way                         SC8760-13
    I Didn't Want To Miss A Thing               SC8465-09     Afewgoodmen
    I Don't Want To Miss A Thing                  PI055-01        Have I Never                          SC8268-12
    I Don't Want To Miss A Thing               PHM9807-03
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                                         Waverly Sound
ARTIST                       TITLE         SONG #     ARTIST                   TITLE                          SONG #
Afi                                                        So Emotional                                    SC8657-13
     Leaving Song (Pt. 2), The          THR0310-16         Voice Within, The                                SF212-07
     Silver And Cold                    THR0402-18         Voice Within, The                              THP0402-13
Africa                                                     We're A Miracle                                 SC8045-05
     Hold The Line                        SF162-10         What A Girl Wants                              CB80022-01
Afroman                                                    What A Girl Wants                                SGB38-04
     Because I Got High                   SF184-03         What A Girl Wants                               EK0027-04
     Because I Got High                 THP0111-12         What A Girl Wants                                SF157-13
     Because I Got High                   SGB65-01         What A Girl Wants                               SC8045-02
     Because I Got High                  SC8720-07         What A Girl Wants                               SC8657-07
After 7                                                    What A Girl Wants                               LGTP-6-09
     Can't Stop                           DK062-01         What A Girl Wants (Radio Version)               SC8581-09
     How Do You Tell The One             SC8268-07    Aguilera, Christina & Lil' Kim
     Ready Or Not                         DK069-01         Can't Hold Us Down                              SC8844-14
     Til You Do Me Right                 SC8187-07    Aguilera, Christina & Lil' Kim & Mya & Pink
     Til You Do Me Right                  SD017-08         Lady Marmalade                                 THP0107-10
After The Fire                                             Lady Marmalade                                  SC8741-05
     Der Kommissar                       SC8522-03         Lady Marmalade                                  SC8695-12
Aguilar, Antonio                                      Aguilera, Christina & Redman
     Carabina 30-30                        AV18-05         Dirrty                                           EZH17-11
Aguilera, Christina                                        Dirrty                                         THP0212-11
     Beautiful                            SF202-12    Aiken, Clay
     Beautiful                           SC8852-12         Bridge Over Troubled Water                      SC8839-15
     Beautiful                           SC8801-13         Invisible                                      THP0401-13
     Beautiful                          PHM0302-01         Invisible                                      PHM0401-09
     Blessed                             SC8049-05         Invisible                                       SC8855-03
     Blessed                             SC8657-11         Solitaire                                      THP0408-12
     Blessed                             SC8618-12         This Is The Night                               SC8852-03
     Come On Over                         SF170-01         This Is The Night                              THP0309-10
     Come On Over                        SC8045-01         This Is The Night                               SC8839-10
     Come On Over                         SGB46-10         Way, The                                       THP0405-17
     Come On Over (All I Want Is You)    SC8625-07    Ain't Misbehavin'
     Come On Over (All I Want Is You)   THP0010-10         I've Got A Feeling I'm Falling                  MM6023-14
     Come On Over (All I Want Is You)   CB80021-09         Your Feet's Too Big                             MM6175-06
     Come On Over (All I Want Is You)    SC8657-08    Ainsley
     Dirrty                              SC8789-12         Keep Me A Secret                                  SF202-13
     Fighter                             SC8827-05    Air Supply
     Genie In A Bottle                   EK0028-07         All Out Of Love                                  DK008-13
     Genie In A Bottle                    SF150-15         All Out Of Love                                 SC8362-11
     Genie In A Bottle                   SC8542-14         All Out Of Love                                  SF012-15
     Genie In A Bottle                   SC8657-03         Even The Nights Are Better                      SC8259-01
     Genie In A Bottle                   LGTP-2-09         Every Woman In The World                        SC8393-01
     Genie In A Bottle                    SGB18-04         Here I Am (Just When I Thought I Was            SC8634-08
     I Turn To You                      THP0007-11         Over You)
     I Turn To You                       SC8657-04         Lost In Love                                     DK010-03
     I Turn To You                        SF165-01         Lost In Love                                    SC8362-06
     I Turn To You                      CB40063-11         Making Love Out Of Nothing At All               SC8273-15
     I Turn To You                      CB80021-14         One That You Love, The                          SC8283-09
     I Turn To You                       EK0029-14         One That You Love, The                           DK027-10
     I Turn To You                       LGTP-2-13         Out Of Nothing At All                           SC8264-08
     I Turn To You                       SC8049-06    Akens, Jewel
     I Turn To You                       SC8565-10         Birds And The Bees, The                          DK048-18
     Impossible                          SC8827-11         Birds And The Bees, The                           PI036-16
     Lady Marmalade                       SF179-16         Birds And The Bees, The                         SC8353-15
      Love Will Find A Way               SC8657-14
 618-410-6826                                    Page 7                                             Thomas J Robinson
                                            Waverly Sound
ARTIST                      TITLE            SONG #      ARTIST                  TITLE                          SONG #
Akins, Rhett                                                 Forty Hour Week                                 SC8786-15
    Don't Get Me Started                    SD027-08         Forty Hour Week                                 SC8380-08
    Don't Get Me Started                   SC8267-02         Forty Hour Week                                 BS8317-07
    Friday Night In Dixie                 CB60241-08         Give Me One More Shot                           SC8159-07
    I Brake For Brunettes                  SC8260-08         Give Me One More Shot                            SD012-06
    I Brake For Brunettes                   SD011-07         God Must Have Spent A Little More Time          SC8546-08
    Love You Back                          SC8328-04          On You
    Love You Back                           SD031-11         God Must Have Spent A Little More Time           SGB17-01
                                                              On You
    More Than Everything                    SD044-11         God Must Have Spent A Little More Time           SD063-02
    More Than Everything                   SC8416-14          On You
    She Said Yes                           SC8205-14         Here We Are                                     MM6034-02
    She Said Yes                            SD021-11         Here We Are                                      TT6002-05
    That Ain't My Truck                     SD019-02         Here We Are                                     SC8168-12
    That Ain't My Truck                    SC8186-07         Here We Are                                        PI217-08
    Thousand Memories, A                   SC8250-14         Here We Are                                     BS8317-08
    What They're Talkin' About             SC8265-07         High Cotton                                     SC7552-11
    What They're Talkin' About              SD008-08         High Cotton                                     SC8786-05
Al Dexter & His Troopers                                     Hometown Honeymoon                             CB60121-08
    Pistol Packin' Mama                    SC8538-10         Hometown Honeymoon                              SC8175-14
Alabama                                                      Hometown Honeymoon                              MM6029-05
    Angels Among Us                        SC8149-02         Hometown Honeymoon                             NSAVA11-07
    Between The Two Of Them                SC8236-01         How Do You Fall In Love                          THW02-14
    Born Country                           SC8506-12         How Do You Fall In Love                           SD055-03
    Born Country                          MM6011-01          How Do You Fall In Love                         SC8474-09
    Born Country                           BS8317-01         I'm In A Hurry And I Don't Know Why             MM6022-03
    Born Country                            DK089-15         I'm In A Hurry And I Don't Know Why             SC8177-08
    Can't Keep A Good Man Down             SC8786-01         I'm In A Hurry And I Don't Know Why                PI210-04
    Can't Keep A Good Man Down             SC8426-02         I'm In The Mood                                   SD097-12
    Cheap Seats                            SC8167-12         I'm In The Mood                                 SC8769-13
    Christmas In Dixie                     BS8317-02         If I Had You                                    BS8317-09
    Close Enough To Perfect                SC8326-06         In Pictures                                     MM6125-02
    Closer You Get, The                      PI206-15        In Pictures                                     SC8198-12
    Closer You Get, The                    BS8317-16         In Pictures                                       SD021-04
    Dancin' Shaggin' On The Boulevard       SD039-05         It Works                                        SC8239-11
    Dancin' Shaggin' On The Boulevard   MMCOU201-02          It Works                                          SD024-06
    Dancin' Shaggin' On The Boulevard      SC8384-15         Jukebox In My Mind                              SC8786-07
    Dancin' Shaggin' On The Boulevard     CB60121-01         Jukebox In My Mind                              BS8317-10
    Dancin' Shaggin' On The Boulevard    CHM9708-12          Jukebox In My Mind                              SC8229-13
    Dixieland Delight                      BS8317-03         Katy Brought My Guitar Back Today               SC8301-01
    Dixieland Delight                      SC8628-07         Keepin' Up                                      SC8520-05
    Down Home                              SC8786-04         Keepin' Up                                        SD058-02
    Down Home                                PI205-01        Lady Down On Love                               SC8494-05
    Down Home                            NSAVA03-07          Love In The First Degree                        SC8355-14
    Down Home                              BS8317-04         Love In The First Degree                       NSAVA03-11
    Down Home                              SC8213-12         Love In The First Degree                           PI208-18
    Face To Face                            DK079-07         Love In The First Degree                        SC8786-10
    Fallin' Again                           DK091-13         Maker Said Take Her, The                          SD030-04
    Fallin' Again                          SC8628-13         Maker Said Take Her, The                        SC8307-10
    Feels So Right                         SC7510-05         Maker Said Take Her, The                       SC8307R-10
    Feels So Right                         SC8786-03         Mountain Music                                     PI203-08
    Feels So Right                           PI203-17        Mountain Music                                  SC7516-11
    Fire In The Night                      BS8317-05         Mountain Music                                  SC8112-09
    Forever's As Far As I'll Go            SC8135-15         Mountain Music                                 NSAVA18-05
    Forever's As Far As I'll Go            BS8317-06         Mountain Music                                    DK092-07
    Forever's As Far As I'll Go          NSAVA02-12
 618-410-6826                                       Page 8                                            Thomas J Robinson
                                        Waverly Sound
ARTIST                 TITLE              SONG #      ARTIST                   TITLE                    SONG #
   Mountain Music                       SC8786-06           There's No Way                           SC8161-12
   My Home's In Alabama                 BS8317-11           Touch Me When We're Dancing              SC8385-08
   Of Course I'm Alright              CHM9801-18            Twentieth Century                        SC8596-04
   Of Course I'm Alright                SC8409-13           Twentieth Century                         SD069-13
   Of Course I'm Alright                 SD044-05           We Can't Love Like This Anymore          SC8139-15
   Old Flame                            SC8561-04           We Can't Love Like This Anymore           SD006-12
   On This Side Of The Moon             SC8306-15           We Made Love                             SC8617-03
   Once Upon A Lifetime                  DK088-10           We Made Love                              SD073-12
   Once Upon A Lifetime                MM6003-06            We Made Love                            THC0008-12
   Once Upon A Lifetime                 SC8180-02           When It All Goes South                    SD079-02
   Pass It On Down                       DK097-15           When It All Goes South                  THC0102-14
   Pictures And Memories                SC8275-14           When It All Goes South                   SC8786-08
   Reckless                            MM6029-11            When It All Goes South                   SC8665-08
   Reckless                             SC8130-05           When We Make Love                        SC7510-11
   Roll On Eighteen Wheeler             BS8317-12           When We Make Love                        SC8786-14
   Roll On Eighteen Wheeler              DK058-09           Why Lady Why                             SC8332-12
   Roll On Eighteen Wheeler             SC8786-09           Why Lady Why                             SC7591-05
   Roll On Eighteen Wheeler             SC8461-15           Why Lady Why                             SC8786-12
   Roll On Eighteen Wheeler             SC7592-09           Will You Marry Me                       THC0108-16
   Sad Lookin' Moon                  CHM9705M-15            Will You Marry Me                         SD084-06
   Sad Lookin' Moon                   CHM97M5-15            Will You Marry Me                        SC8698-15
   Sad Lookin' Moon                      SD036-07           Woman He Loves, The                       TU085-17
   Sad Lookin' Moon                     SC8370-06           Woman He Loves, The                       SD089-09
   Say I                               CB60121-15           Woman He Loves, The                      SC8729-14
   Say I                                SC8285-04           You've Got The Touch                      DK035-07
   Say I                                 SD028-06           You've Got The Touch                     SC8786-02
   She Ain't Your Ordinary Girl           NS23-11           You've Got The Touch                     SC8412-03
   She Ain't Your Ordinary Girl         SC8186-02           You've Got The Touch                       PI202-05
   She Ain't Your Ordinary Girl          SD018-05     Alan Parsons Project, The
   She's Got That Look In Her Eyes       SD048-02           Don't Answer Me                          SC8687-11
   She's Got That Look In Her Eyes      SC8444-08           Eye In The Sky                            DK004-02
   She's Got That Look In Her Eyes    CHM9806-11            Eye In The Sky                           SC8573-14
   Small Stuff                           SD067-08           Games People Play                        SC7563-14
   Small Stuff                          SC8570-11     Alan Price Set
   Song Of The South                    BS8317-13           House That Jack Built, The                 SF100-08
   Song Of The South                     DK071-06     Albert, Morris
   Song Of The South                    SC8786-11           Feelings                                 SC7518-04
   Southern Star                        BS8317-14           Feelings                                 SC8118-04
   Southern Star                        SC8517-02           Feelings                                  DK068-09
   Southern Star                        SC8786-13     Alcazar
   Southern Star                         DK059-13           Crying At The Discoteque                   SF187-10
   TLCASAP                              SC8102-10     Alda
   TLCASAP                             MM6039-10            Girls Night Out                            SF130-03
   Take A Little Trip                   SC8502-13           Real Goodtime, A                           SF124-02
   Take A Little Trip                  MM6010-03      Aldo Nova
   Take Me Down                         SC7591-11           Fantasy                                  SC8516-12
   Take Me Down                         SC8412-04     Ali, Tatyana
   Take Me Down                       NSAVA05-04            Daydreamin'                                SF128-09
   Tennessee River                      SC8628-03     Alice Deejay
   Tennessee River                        PI209-03          Better Off Alone                        CB80022-03
   Tennessee River                      BS8317-15           Better Off Alone                        THP0008-11
   That Feeling                         SC8287-11     Alice Deejay & DJ Jurgen
   Then Again                           BS8317-17           Better Off Alone                           SF148-01
   Then Again                           SC8215-12     Alice In Chains
   Then Again                         NSAVA06-06            Again                                    SC8286-04
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                                   Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE        SONG #      ARTIST                    TITLE                         SONG #
     No Excuses                    SC8122-03          My Paper Heart                                 THR0403-17
     Would?                         TU129-17          Swing, Swing                                   THR0304-17
Alien Ant Farm                                        Swing, Swing (radio version)                    SC8827-01
     Glow                         THR0312-15     Allan, Gary
     Movies                         SF188-14          From Where I'm Sitting                           SD038-13
     Movies                         EZH09-08          From Where I'm Sitting                          SC8376-14
     Movies                        SC8694-13          Her Man                                        CHM9612-17
     Smooth Criminal                EZH07-11          Her Man                                         SC8315-04
     Smooth Criminal               MM6351-07          Her Man                                          SD032-12
     Smooth Criminal               SC8720-06          I'll Take Today                                 SC8498-07
     Smooth Criminal               SC8765-06          I'll Take Today                                  SD058-12
     Smooth Criminal                SF184-11          I'll Take Today                                CB60130-09
     Smooth Criminal              THR0109-11          I'm The One                                      TU085-09
     These Days (Album Version)   THR0310-10          It Would Be You                                CHM9808-20
Alien Ant Farm, The                                   It Would Be You                                  SD051-11
     Smooth Criminal                SGB65-19          It Would Be You                                 SC8444-13
Alisha & Donna                                        Living In A House Full Of Love                   SD043-13
     Up Town Top Ranking            SF141-04          Living In A House Full Of Love                  SC8402-15
Alisha's Attic                                        Lovin' You Against My Will                       SD072-10
     I Am, I Feel                   SF061-03          Lovin' You Against My Will                      SC8614-14
     I Am, I Feel                  SC8448-13          Man Of Me                                      THC0110-14
     Incidentals, The               SF126-08          Man Of Me                                        SD086-04
Alix                                                  Man Of Me                                       SC8714-12
     Nos Podemos Escapar             AV03-11          Man To Man                                       SD100-06
All Saints                                            Man To Man                                      SC8794-05
     All Hooked Up                  SF173-15          Man To Man                                     THC0301-12
     Black Coffee                   SF171-16          No Man In His Wrong Heart                        SD054-09
     Bootie Call                    SF123-13          No Man In His Wrong Heart                       SC8474-14
     I Know Where It's At         PHM9802-06          Nothing On But The Radio                       THC0410-14
     Never Ever                     SF116-08          One, The                                         SD092-02
     Never Ever                    LGTP-4-07          One, The                                        SC8745-07
     Never Ever                    SC8469-05          Right Where I Need To Be                        SC8646-09
     Never Ever                   PHM9806-08          Right Where I Need To Be                         TU039-13
     Pure Shores                    SF159-16          Right Where I Need To Be                        SC8743-09
     Pure Shores                   LGTP-4-14          Right Where I Need To Be                         SD078-11
     Under The Bridge              LGTP-6-06          Right Where I Need To Be                       THC0104-18
     Under The Bridge               SF119-15          Smoke Rings In The Dark                          SD066-07
     War Of Nerves                  SF127-02          Smoke Rings In The Dark                         SC8560-14
All Seeing I                                          Smoke Rings In The Dark                        CHT9909-07
     First Man In Space             SF148-14          Songs About Rain                                 SD114-03
All Star Tribute                                      Songs About Rain                               THC0403-14
     What's Goin' On              THP0112-10          The One                                         MM6358-07
All-4-One                                             The One                                        THC0206-18
     I Can Love You Like That     MM6119-13           Tough Little Boys                                SD109-06
     I Can Love You Like That     SC8187-02      Allen, Deborah
     I Swear                      SC8121-05           All The Loving And The Hurting Too              SC8278-01
     I Swear                      MM6049-01           Baby I Lied                                     SC7570-05
     I Swear                        PI039-01          Break These Chains                              SC8228-13
     I Swear                       DK087-01           I've Been Wrong Before                          SC8697-02
     I Will Be Right There        SC8569-10           Rock Me                                         SC8291-15
     I'm Your Man                  SD022-09           Wrong Side Of Love                              SC8243-03
     She's Got Skillz               PI040-01     Allison, Luther
     She's Got Skillz              SD013-10           If Loving You Is Wrong I Don't Want To          MM6272-06
All-American Rejects                                  Be Right
     Last Song, The                SC8839-07          Move From The Hood                              MM6272-08

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                                    Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE         SONG #      ARTIST                 TITLE                     SONG #
     What Have I Done Wrong        MM6272-07      Amboy Dukes, The
Allman Brothers Band, The                            Journey To The Center Of The Mind           DG07-09
     Ain't Wastin' Time No More     SGB16-12         Journey To The Center Of The Mind          SC8615-08
     Ain't Wastin' Time No More      US03-10      Ambrosia
     Crazy Love                    SC8479-12         Biggest Part Of Me                         SC8201-14
     Everyday I Have The Blues     MM6144-09         Holdin' On To Yesterday                    SC8644-14
     It's Not My Cross To Bear     SC8675-01         How Much I Feel                            LC0010-02
     Melissa                       SC8413-06         How Much I Feel                            SC8583-13
     Melissa                       AH8010-10         How Much I Feel                             PLC10-02
     Melissa                        HV06b-07         You're The Only Woman                      SC8580-07
     Melissa                        SGB16-01      Amelia
     Midnight Rider                SC8354-06         Big Big World                                SF130-07
     Midnight Rider                SC7576-03      Amen Corner
     Midnight Rider                SC8449-02         Bend Me, Shape Me                            SF065-15
     No One To Run With            SC8146-14         If Paradise Is Half As Nice                  SF070-01
     One Way Out                   SC8404-03      America
     One Way Out                   AH8017-04         Daisy Jane                                 SC7562-10
     One Way Out                   SC8675-13         From A Moving Train                        SC8487-08
     One Way Out                    SGB16-10         Horse With No Name, A                      SC8261-02
     Please Call Home              SC8594-14         Horse With No Name, A                       DK007-18
     Ramblin' Man                  SC8146-03         I Need You                                 SC8231-04
     Ramblin' Man                   DK009-13         Lonely People                              SC8197-13
     Ramblin' Man                    PI009-14        Sandman                                    SC8583-12
     Rambling Man                   SGB62-09         Sister Golden Hair                         SC7509-13
     Statesboro Blues              SC8327-05         Sister Golden Hair                          DK006-04
     Stormy Monday Blues           MM6144-12         Tin Man, The                               SC7535-12
     Stormy Monday Blues            DK023-18         Ventura Highway                            SC8227-09
     Whipping Post                 SC8146-05         Ventura Highway                              PI039-17
Allman, Greg                                         You Can Do Magic                            DK098-17
     Midnight Rider                   PI005-05    American Breed
Allure                                               Bend Me Shape Me                            SGB44-04
     Last Chance                   PHM9803-09        Bend Me, Shape Me                          SC8526-01
Aloud                                                Bend Me, Shape Me                           DK086-12
     Jump Girls                      EZH29-05     American Hi-Fi
Alpert, Herb                                         Another Perfect Day                       THR0111-13
     This Guy's In Love With You    SC7540-15        Art Of Losing, The                        THR0304-15
Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass                     Flavor Of The Weak                          SGB53-01
     Diamonds                        DK028-16        Flavor Of The Weak                         SC8694-09
Alphaville                                        Amerie
     Big In Japan                    SF037-04        Talkin' To Me                             THH0301-13
     Forever Young                  SC8678-09        Why Don't We Fall In Love                  SC8778-13
Alsou                                                Why Don't We Fall In Love                 THH0209-12
     Before You Love Me              SF179-10     Ames, Ed
Alter Bridge                                         My Cup Runneth Over                        SC7566-07
     Open Your Eyes                THR0410-15     Amos, Tori
Altered Images                                       Caught A Lite Sneeze                       SC8254-02
     Happy Birthday                  SF113-07        Caught A Lite Sneeze                       SC8348-07
Amanda                                               Cornflake Girl                             SC8486-13
     Everybody Doesn't             THP0107-18        Cornflake Girl                              SF025-05
Amazulu                                              Crucify                                    SC8598-04
     Too Good To Be Forgotten        SF076-08        God                                        SC8530-05
Amber                                                Precious Things                            SC8562-09
     This Is Your Night            THM9610-09        Silent All These Years                     SC8369-15
     This Is Your Night            PHM9610-09        Sorta Fairytale, A                        PHM0302-04
     This Is Your Night             SC8337-14        Talula                                     SC8350-10
 618-410-6826                               Page 11                                      Thomas J Robinson
                                            Waverly Sound
ARTIST                   TITLE                SONG #      ARTIST                  TITLE                  SONG #
    Talula                                  SC8290-04         Small Town                              SC8409-04
    Thousand Oceans, A                   SGBSP01-1-01         Solid Ground                            SC8243-12
    Thousand Oceans, A                       SGB30-08         Somebody Slap Me                        SC8388-14
Anastacia                                                     Somebody Slap Me                       CHM9709-13
    Left Outside Alone                     THP0407-18         Somebody Slap Me                         SD040-12
    Made For Lovin'                          SF182-11         Straight Tequila Night                    PI212-05
    Not That Kind                            SF175-01         Straight Tequila Night                 NSAVA06-13
    One Day In Your Life                     SF188-15         Straight Tequila Night                  SC8158-09
    One Day In Your Life                    SC8768-03         Swingin'                                 DK085-17
    One Day In Your Life                   THP0209-17         Swingin'                                  PI208-16
    Why'd You Lie To Me                      SF195-16         Swingin'                                SC7524-12
    You'll Never Be Alone                    TU181-17         Takin' The Country Back                  SD049-12
Anastasia                                                     Takin' The Country Back                 SC8436-09
    Cowboys & Kisses                         SF177-01         When It Comes To You                    SC8324-14
    I'm Outta Love                           SF174-10         Wild And Blue                           SC8426-06
    I'm Outta Love                          SC8607-07         Would You Catch A Falling Star          SC8567-02
    Paid My Dues                             SF186-06         You Ain't Hurt Nothin' Yet              SC8619-01
Anderson, Bill                                            Anderson, Lynn
    Bright Lights And Country Music         SC8506-15         How Can I Unlove You                      PI210-17
    Corner Of My Life, The                  SC8455-09         Listen To A Country Song                SC8426-07
    I Can't Wait Any Longer                 SC8576-03         Oh Superman                              SF082-01
    I Get The Fever                         SC8419-06         Rocky Top                                 PI206-02
    My Life Throw It Away If I Want To      SC8491-01         Rose Garden                              DK026-04
    Southern Fried                          SC8400-10         Rose Garden                               PI206-17
    Still                                    DK065-17         Rose Garden                              SF023-08
Anderson, Jade                                                Rose Garden                               BL03-12
    Sugarhigh                              THH0210-15         Rose Garden                             SC7507-13
Anderson, John                                                What A Man My Man Is                    MM6122-03
    Bend It Until It Breaks                SC8152-06          What A Man My Man Is                    SC8537-07
    Bend It Until It Breaks                 SD011-04      Anderson, Sunshine
    Big Revival, The                       SC8698-03          Heard It All Before                    THP0106-13
    Black Sheep                              PI211-11         Heard It All Before                     SC8695-03
    Black Sheep                           NSAVA07-18      Andre, Peter
    Black Sheep                            SC8541-05          Kiss The Girl                             SF123-05
    Chicken Truck                          SC8400-13          Mysterious Girl                           SF061-14
    Country 'Til I Die                     SC8139-14      Andrea True Connection
    Country 'Til I Die                      SD006-07          More More More                           SF168-11
    Goin' Down Hill                        SC8647-04          More, More, More Pt. 1                  SC8644-10
    Honky Tonk Crowd                       SC8604-06      Andreone, Leah
    I Fell In The Water                    SC8213-07          It's Alright It's OK                   PHM9703-09
    I Wish I Could Have Been There         SC8123-08      Andrews Sisters, The
    I've Got It Made                       SC8133-05          Alexander's Ragtime Band                SC8124-14
    Let Go Of The Stone                    SC8161-07          Beer Barrel Polka                       SC8109-02
    Long Hard Lesson Learned               SC8256-14          Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen                    PI304-12
    Mississippi Moon                       SC8173-03          Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy                   PI302-11
    Money In The Bank                      MM6035-07          Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy                 SC7505-14
    Money In The Bank                      SC8137-13          Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy                 SC8124-02
    Money In The Bank                      SC8142-07          Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy                 MM6186-05
    My Kind Of Crazy                       SC8303-11          Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree          SC7538-07
    Nobody's Got It All                    SC8652-09          Lullaby Of Broadway                     SC7553-09
    Paradise                                SD023-11          Woodpecker Song, The                   NSAVP36-12
    Paradise                               SC8232-04      Andrews, Chris
    Seminole Wind                          SC8135-12          Yesterday Man                             SF045-12
    Seminole Wind                          SC7594-10      Andrews, Jessica
    Small Town                              SD044-13          Helplessly Hopelessly                    SD085-05
 618-410-6826                                       Page 12                                    Thomas J Robinson
                                          Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE               SONG #     ARTIST                  TITLE                          SONG #
    Helplessly, Hopelessly              THC0109-16         House Of The Rising Sun, The                    DK030-04
    I Do Now                             SC8623-05         House Of The Rising Sun, The                SGBTB1001-09
    I Will Be There For You               SD061-14         House Of The Rising Sun, The                  NSAVP02-10
    I Will Be There For You              SC8520-09         House Of The Rising Sun, The                    SF046-04
    Karma                                SC8736-04         I Put A Spell On You                            DK030-17
    Karma                               THC0205-17         It's My Life                                    DK020-17
    Karma                                 SD092-10         It's My Life                                    SF093-11
    There's More To Me Than You          SC8807-01         It's My Life                                     PI034-14
    There's More To Me Than You          SC8851-14         See See Rider                                   DK080-05
    There's More To Me Than You           SD103-07         Sky Pilot                                      SC8575-12
    There's More To Me Than You         THC0304-18         We Gotta Get Out Of This Place                  DK020-15
    Unbreakable Heart                     SD070-10         We Gotta Get Out Of This Place                   PI057-05
    Unbreakable Heart (Radio Version)    SC8584-08         We Gotta Get Out Of This Place                 SC7573-02
    Who Am I                            THC0102-17         We Gotta Get Out Of This Place                 SC8418-15
    Who I Am                             SC8738-11         We Gotta Get Out Of This Place                  SF086-15
    Who I Am                              SD079-07     Animotion
    Who I Am                             SC8655-03         Obsession                                        SF037-08
    You Go First                        CHT9910-04         Obsession                                        DK023-01
    You Go First                         SC8549-11         Obsession                                       SC8482-04
    You Go First (Do You Wanna Kiss)      SD065-06     Anka, Paul
Andrews, Julie                                             Dance On Little Girl                            SC8255-14
    Do Re Mi                               PI307-24        Diana                                            SF048-05
    My Favorite Things                    DK092-16         Diana                                           SC8413-10
    My Favorite Things                     PI302-13        Diana                                             PI027-15
    Sound Of Music, The                 NSAVP01-12         Diana                                            DK068-11
    Wouldn't It Be Loverly                 PI306-09        Having My Baby                                   SGB57-06
Andrews, Michael & Gary Jules                              Having My Baby                                   DK097-12
    Mad World                             SF213-16         It's Time To Cry                                SC8521-14
Angelle, Lisa                                              Lonely Boy                                       SF048-12
    I Wear Your Love                     SC8560-02         Lonely Boy                                      SC8196-04
    I Wear Your Love                    CHT9910-09         My Home Town                                    SC8615-06
    I Will Love You                     THC0106-15         Puppy Love                                      SC7554-04
    I Will Love You                       SD082-11         Puppy Love                                       DK080-14
    Woman Gets Lonely, A                 SC8633-06         Put Your Head On My Shoulder                     SGB55-13
Angels, The                                                Put Your Head On My Shoulder                    SC8118-15
    My Boyfriend's Back                  SC7201-07         Put Your Head On My Shoulder                    SC7518-15
    My Boyfriend's Back                    PI025-11        Put Your Head On My Shoulder                     DK072-11
    My Boyfriend's Back                  MM6007-03         You Are My Destiny                              SC8196-10
    My Boyfriend's Back                   DK002-17     Anka, Paul & Celine Dion
    My Boyfriend's Back                  SC7504-08         It's Hard To Say Goodbye                        SC8523-08
    Till                                 SC8415-04     Annie
Anggun                                                     Maybe                                           SC8547-05
    Snow On The Sahara                   SC8481-09         Tomorrow                                         SGB50-13
Angry Anderson                                             Tomorrow                                        SC7538-04
    Suddenly                            SFMW844-10         Tomorrow                                          PI032-15
Animals                                                    Tomorrow                                        MM6023-13
    Don't Bring Me Down                   SGB44-09     Annie Get Your Gun
Animals, The                                               Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better              SGB50-05
    Boom Boom                             DK073-10         There's No Business Like Show Business          SC8127-01
    Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood          PI034-15    Another Level
    Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood        SC8429-15         Be Alone No More                                  SF119-07
    Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood         SF046-13         Bomb Diggy                                        SF150-13
    Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood         DK043-05         Freak Me                                          SF123-09
    House Of The Rising Sun, The         SC7504-07         From The Heart                                    SF140-14
    House Of The Rising Sun, The           PI031-05        I Want You For Myself                             SF132-03
 618-410-6826                                    Page 13                                            Thomas J Robinson
                                           Waverly Sound
ARTIST                   TITLE               SONG #      ARTIST                  TITLE                SONG #
Anthony, Marc                                                Barbie Girl                            SF115-04
     I Need To Know                        SC8569-02         Barbie Girl                           SC8395-10
     I Need To Know                        SC8048-03         Candy Man                              SF119-03
     I Need To Know                         SF169-13         Cartoon Heroes                         SF161-15
     I Need To Know                       PHT9913-02         Doctor Jones                           SF118-01
     I Need To Know                         SGB30-15         Good Morning Sunshine                  SF130-06
     I Need You                            SC8762-13         Heat Of The Night                      SF123-15
     I Need You                           THP0205-11         Turn Back Time                         SF120-05
     I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving    SY1050-15         Turn Back Time                       PHM9804-07
     I've Got You                          SC8768-07         Turn Back Time                        SC8462-06
     My Baby You                          THP0011-18     Aqualung
     My Baby You                           SC8645-02         Good Times Gonna Come                   SF199-10
     My Baby You                          THP0011-09         Strange And Beautiful                   SF198-08
     My Baby You                          CB80023-11     Arcadia
     Tragedy                               MM6351-12         Election Day                          SC8678-11
     When I Dream At Night                 SC8625-09     Archer & Park
     You Sang To Me                        SC8601-01         Where There's Smoke                   SC8309-13
     You Sang To Me                        EK0029-01     Archer, Tasmin
     You Sang To Me                       THP0006-13         Sleeping Satellite                      SF004-12
Anthony, Marc & Tina Arena                               Archies, The
     I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving    SC8481-08         Sugar Sugar                            SF042-15
Anthony, Ray                                                 Sugar Sugar                             PI027-04
     Bunny Hop                             SC8330-03         Sugar, Sugar                          SC7543-06
Anthrax                                                      Sugar, Sugar                           DK024-10
     Got The Time                          SC8830-13     Arden, Jann
Antonia                                                      Good Mother                           SC8337-10
     Fame                                   SF009-15         Insensitive                           SC8348-12
Apollo 440                                                   Insensitive                            SD026-06
     Heart Go Boom                          SF154-09         Insensitive                           SC8254-13
Apollonia 6                                                  Insensitive                          PHM9604-06
     Sex Shooter                           SC8718-10     Arena, Tina
Apple, Fiona                                                 Chains                                  BL03-09
     Across The Universe                    SGB08-03         Chains, The                            SF027-06
     Criminal                             PHM9708-08         Chains, The                             HV03-06
     Criminal                              SC7583-11         Chains, The                           SC8281-12
     Criminal                              SC8448-03         Chains, The                          PHM9605-02
     Criminal                              SC8787-11         Show Me Heaven                        SC8299-03
     Fast As You Can                       SC8581-01         Show Me Heaven                        MM6173-02
     Limp                                  SC8601-05         Whistle Down The Wind                  SF123-02
     Never Is A Promise                    MM6227-02     Areosmith
     Shadowboxer                          PHM9611-07         I Don't Want To Miss A Thing            SF124-11
     Shadowboxer                           SC8337-09     Arevalo, Pepe
     Sleep To Dream                        SC8381-03         Falsaria Oye Salome                     AV26-11
Appleby, Kim                                             Argent
     Don't Worry                            SF112-05         Hold Your Head Up                      SGB44-01
Applejacks                                                   Hold Your Head Up                     LC0002-08
     Tell Me When                          ZMH003-09         Hold Your Head Up                     SC8178-09
Appleton                                                     Hold Your Head Up                      SF040-14
     Don't Worry                            SF202-10     Arjona, Ricardo
     Fantasy                                SF195-13         Mujeres                                 AV13-04
     Fantasy                                EZH16-12         Quien Diria                             AV13-02
April Wine                                                   Realmente No Estoy Tan Solo             AV25-11
     Just Between You And Me               SC8346-02     Armageddon
Aqua                                                         I Don't Want To Miss A Thing          SC8635-15
     Around The World                       SF163-13
 618-410-6826                                      Page 14                                  Thomas J Robinson
                                                    Waverly Sound
ARTIST                     TITLE                      SONG #      ARTIST                   TITLE                       SONG #
Armstrong, Louis                                                       Woman Trouble                                  SF167-01
     Hello Dolly                                     PI301-07     Artful Dodger & Mel Blatt
     Hello Dolly                                   SC7505-11           Twenty Four Seven                              SF182-12
     Kiss To Build A Dream On, A                   MM6037-15      Ash
     What A Wonderful World                        MM6023-08           Candy                                         SF183-12
     What A Wonderful World                         SF052-06           Girl From Mars                               SFG017-01
     What A Wonderful World                        AH8001-11           Life Less Odinary                             SF115-13
     What A Wonderful World                         DK095-12           Sometimes                                     SF182-07
     What A Wonderful World                        SC7505-07      Ashanti
     What A Wonderful World                      CBEP463-2-12          Baby                                        THH0210-13
     Zat You Santa Claus                           SC8780-10           Baby                                         SC8773-04
Arnold, Eddy                                                           Dreams                                       SC8822-13
     Bouquet Of Roses                              SC8682-06           Foolish                                      SC8757-13
     Cattle Call, The                              SC8262-04           Foolish                                       SF194-12
     Each Minute Seems Like A Million Years        SC8592-09           Foolish                                      SC8797-14
     I Really Don't Want To Know                   SC8555-02           Happy                                        SC8766-12
     I Really Don't Want To Know                  NSAVA06-01           Happy                                        SC8797-12
     I Want to Go With You                          SGB41-10           Happy                                         SF198-12
     I Want To Go With You                         SC8383-02           Happy                                       THH0209-13
     I'll Hold You In My Heart                     SC8208-08           Rain On Me (Radio Version)                   SC8849-01
     Just A Little Lovin' Will Go A Long, Long     SC7567-08           Rock Wit Cha                                 MM6396-13
     Way                                                               Rock Wit U (Awww Baby)                       SC8834-01
     Make The World Go Away                        SC7518-02      Ashcroft, Richard
     Make The World Go Away                         SGB41-16           C'mon People                                   SF170-02
     Make The World Go Away                         SF094-10           Money To Burn                                  SF167-05
     Make The World Go Away                        SC8118-02           Song For The Lovers, A                         SF163-16
     Make The World Go Away                          PI209-12     Ashford & Simpson
     Make The World Go Away                         DK035-12           Solid                                          SF011-07
     Make The World Go Away                       NSAVA13-06      Ashley, Leon
     Out Of The Blue                               SC8321-11           Laura                                          PI212-13
     Welcome To My World                          NSAVA13-07      Ashton, Susan
     What’s He Doin’ In My World                   SC7589-02           Closer                                       SC8608-13
     What's He Doing In My World                   SC8419-09           Faith Of The Heart                           SC8520-10
     You Don't Know Me                               PI212-08          You're Lucky I Love                           SD065-09
Arrested Development                                                   You're Lucky I Love You                     CHT9908-10
     Mr. Wendel                                   MM6021B-13           You're Lucky I Love You                      SC8546-02
     Mr. Wendel                                    MM6021-13      Ashworth, Ernie
     Mr. Wendel                                     SF050-13           Talk Back Trembling Lips                     SC8276-02
     Tennessee                                      DK091-06      Asia
     Tennessee                                     SC7582-12           Heat Of The Moment                           SC8283-06
     Tennessee                                     SC8371-04           Only Time Will Tell                          SC8552-14
     Tennessee                                     SC8760-11      Asleep At The Wheel
Arrington, Steve                                                       Cherokee Maiden                              SC8608-06
     Dancin' In The Key Of Life                      SF068-07          Letter That Johnny Walker Read, The          SC8564-15
Arrow                                                             Asleep At The Wheel & Lyle Lovett
     Hot Hot Hot                                     SF028-11          Blues For Dixie                              SC8309-04
Arrows                                                            Asnavour, Charles
     Hot Hot Hot                                   SFG025-05           She                                            SF077-01
Art 'N' Soul                                                      Aspects Of Love
     Ever Since You Went Away                      SC8281-02           Love Changes Everything                      MM6015-15
Artful Dodger                                                     Association, The
     Movin' Too Fast                                 SF161-16          Along Comes Mary                             SC8396-02
     Please Don't Turn Me On                         SF174-11          Cherish                                       PI043-04
     Re-Wind (When The Crowd Say                     SF160-01          Cherish                                      SC8418-12
                                                                      Cherish                                        DK051-13
 618-410-6826                                               Page 15                                          Thomas J Robinson
                                              Waverly Sound
ARTIST                   TITLE                  SONG #      ARTIST                   TITLE                      SONG #
     Cherish                                 SC7600-05          Always                                     SFMW810-07
     Never My Love                            DK005-04          Always                                      MM6025-14
     Never My Love                          NSAVA03-06          Always                                       SC7545-13
     Never My Love                           SC8441-10          Masterpiece                                  SC8266-05
     Never My Love                             PI026-17         Masterpiece                                   DG07-14
     Windy                                    DK053-09          Secret Lovers                                SC8181-09
     Windy                                   SC7550-04      Atomic Kitten
Astaire, Fred                                                   Be With You                                   SF200-07
     Cheek To Cheek                           PI302-18          Etarnal Flame                                 SF180-10
     Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off          SC7599-01          Eternal Flame                                 SF182-17
Astley, Rick                                                    Eternal Flame                                 EZH07-08
     Hopelessly                               TT6014-10         If You Come To Me                             SF211-03
     Never Gonna Give You Up                   DK019-01         If You Come To Me                             EZH28-08
     Never Gonna Give You Up                 SC8609-01          It's Ok                                       SF192-02
     Ones You Love, The                      MM6040-10          Ladies Night                                  SF213-03
     Take Me To Your Heart                      PI052-16        Last Goodbye, The                             SF199-14
     Together Forever                          DK020-01         Last Goodbye, The                             EZH18-11
     When I Fall In Love                        PI013-02        Love Doesn't Have To Hurt                     SF203-08
     Whenever You Need Somebody                SF110-14         The Last Goodbye                              TU181-12
Astors                                                          Tide Is High                                  SF195-01
     Twilight Zone                             RB15-04          Tide Is High (Get The Feeling), The         THP0309-18
Aswad                                                           Whole Again                                   EZH07-02
     Don't Turn Around                     SFMW809-06           Whole Again                                   SF176-14
     Shine                                    SF026-04          You Are                                       SF184-08
     Shine                                   SC8500-12      Audio Slave
Ataris, The                                                     Cochise                                       TU159-05
     Boys Of Summer, The                    THR0309-12      Audioslave
     In This Diary                          THR0306-18          Cochise                                     PHR0301-01
     Saddest Song, The                      THR0312-17          Cochise                                     THR0302-10
ATB                                                             I Am The Highway                            THR0401-13
     Killer                                    SF164-03         Like A Stone                                 SD4306-12
ATC                                                             Like A Stone                                THR0304-11
     Around The World                       THP0106-17          Like A Stone                                PHR0304-02
     Around The World ( La La La La La )      SF196-08          Show Me How To Live                         THR0309-10
     Around The World (La La La La La)       SC8680-09          What You Are                                THR0406-15
Ateens                                                      Audiovent
     Mama Mia                                  SF155-14         Energy, The                                   TU142-15
Atkins, Chet                                                    Looking Down                                  TU159-10
     I Still Write Your Name In The Snow     SC8271-08      Auf Der Maur
Atkins, Rodney                                                  Followed The Waves                          THR0408-16
     In A Heartbeat                          SC8394-06      August And Spur Of The Moment Band
     My Old Man                               SD103-08          I-95 Asshole Song                           AMS2001-10
     Sing Along                              SC8779-12          I-95 Song                                    SC8117-04
     Sing Along                               SD096-09      Austin, Patti
Atlanta                                                         If We're Not In Love                         SC8499-09
     Sweet Country Music                     SC8506-14          Mood Indigo                                   PI304-09
Atlanta Rhythm Section, The                                 Austin, Patti & James Ingram
     Imaginary Lover                         LC0005-14          Baby, Come To Me                              SO209-10
     Imaginary Lover                         SC8479-10          Baby, Come To Me                              DK034-02
     So Into You                             LC0005-13          Baby, Come To Me                             SC8284-03
     So Into You                             SC8192-10          Baby, Come To Me                             MM6013-13
     So Into You                             SC8449-05      Austin, Sherrie
Atlantic Starr                                                  Driving Into The Sun                        PHN0404-06
     Always                                CBEP463-1-09         Innocent Man                                 SC8474-03
     Always                                    PI055-08         Little Bird                                  SC8608-14
 618-410-6826                                         Page 16                                         Thomas J Robinson
                                            Waverly Sound
ARTIST                   TITLE                SONG #      ARTIST                 TITLE                    SONG #
    Lucky In Love                         CHM9708-20          Nights Like This                         SC8336-12
    Lucky In Love                          SC8382-11          Someday                                  SC8267-04
    Never Been Kissed                     CHT9908-08          Waitin' On Joe                           SC8779-07
    Never Been Kissed                      SC8543-11          Waitin' On Joe                            SD098-08
    Never Been Kissed                       SD063-13          Waitin' On Joe                          THC0211-20
    One Solitary Tear                      SC8409-07      Aztec Camera
    One Solitary Tear                     CHM9712-15          Somewhere In My Heart                      SF135-04
    Put Your Heart Into It                  SD049-11      B'Witched
    Put Your Heart Into It                 SC8444-10          Blame It On The Weatherman                SF132-05
    Put Your Heart Into It                CHM9804-18          Blame It On The Weatherman                SF130-12
    Streets Of Heaven                      SC8851-13          C'est La Vie                             SC8515-06
    Streets Of Heaven                       SD109-11          C'est La Vie                              SF122-01
Authority Zero                                                Ces't La Vie                             LGTP-1-15
    One More Minute                       THR0303-14          I Shall Be There                          SF155-10
Autograph                                                     Jessie Hold On                            SF150-03
    Turn Up The Radio                       SC8631-09         Jump Down                                 SF161-08
Autrey, Gene                                                  Rollercoaster                             SF125-06
    Back In The Saddle                      SC8509-10         Rollercoaster                            SC8553-13
    Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer          SC8086-08         To You I Belong                           SF128-03
    Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer          SC8086-08     B-52's, The
Avalon                                                        Deadbeat Club                             DK049-04
    I Don't Want To Go                      SC8828-09         Debbie                                   SC8465-12
Avalon, Frankie                                               Love Shack                                DK049-03
    Beauty School Dropout                   SC2055-06         Love Shack                               SC8106-13
    Dede Dinah                              SC8513-12         Love Shack                                 BL01-02
    Just Ask Your Heart                     SC8521-15         Love Shack                               SC7503-06
    Venus                                    DK030-15         Love Shack                                SF015-06
    Venus                                     PI025-13        Love Shack                                 PI003-05
    Venus                                 SFMW801-06          Private Idaho                            SC8522-13
    Venus                                    SGB56-04         Roam                                       PI010-05
    Venus                                   SC7541-04         Roam                                      SGB58-08
    Why                                     SC8255-05         Rock Lobster                             SC8678-03
Avant                                                         Rock Lobster                              DK058-03
    Don't Say No, Just Say Yes            THH0211-12      B2K
    Don't Take Your Love Away              SC8878-01          Gots Ta Be                               SC8766-01
    Read Your Mind                        THH0401-16          Uh Huh                                   SC8747-06
    Separated                              SC8629-15      B2K & Fabolous
Avante & Ketara Wyatt                                         Badaboom                                THH0404-16
    My First Love                           SC8664-13     B2K & P. Diddy
Average White Band                                            Bump Bump Bump                          THH0304-10
    Cut The Cake                            SC8386-05         Bump Bump Bump                           SC8805-15
    Work To Do                              SC8151-13     Baby & P. Diddy
Avion                                                         Do That...                              THH0304-17
    Seven Days Without You                THP0409-17      Baby Bash & Frankie J.
Az Yet                                                        Suga Suga                                SC8849-11
    Hard To Say I'm Sorry                 PHM9706-02      Baby D
AZ Yet & Peter Cetera                                         Let Me Be Your Fantasy                 SFMW817-08
    Last Night                              SC8320-13     Babybird
Azar, Steve                                                   Bad Old Man                                SF121-11
    I Don't Have To Be Me                   SD090-13      Babyface
    I Don't Have To Be Me                  SC8798-15          Day That You Gave Me A Son, The            PI052-02
    I Don't Have To Be Me                  SC8729-09          Every Time I Close My Eyes                 PI054-03
    I Don't Have To Be Me ('til Monday)   THC0206-11          Every Time I Close My Eyes              PHM9703-06
    I Never Stopped Lovin' You             SC8298-08          Everytime I Close My Eyes                 HV06a-02
    My Heart Wants To Run                   SD097-06          For The Cool In You                        PI045-14
 618-410-6826                                       Page 17                                     Thomas J Robinson
                                       Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE            SONG #     ARTIST                  TITLE                SONG #
    For The Cool In You               SC8132-07         She's So High                         MM6271-02
    How Come, How Long               PHM9707-08     Backstreet Boys, The
    How Come, How Long                  PI054-02        10,000 Promises                       BS9617-01
    My Kinda Girl                      DK060-01         All I Have To Give                    BS9617-02
    Never Keeping Secrets               PI046-09        All I Have To Give                    SC8503-07
    Never Keeping Secrets             SC8121-14         All I Have To Give                     SF118-12
    Seven Seas                          PI050-18        All I Have To Give                     LG116-06
    Talk To Me                          PI052-17        Anywhere For You                      BS9617-12
    This Is For The Lover In You        PI054-10        Anywhere For You                       LG007-13
    When Can I See You                MM6078-12         As Long As You Love Me                SC8452-07
    When Can I See You                 SD001-09         As Long As You Love Me              PHM9712-07
    When Can I See You                  PI041-07        As Long As You Love Me                BS9617-03
    When Can I See You                 DK089-04         As Long As You Love Me                 LG116-07
    When Can I See You                AH9821-14         As Long As You Love Me                 SF115-02
    When Can I See You                SC8132-14         Back To Your Heart                    SC8553-09
    Whip Appeal                       SC8755-10         Call, The                              SF176-12
    Whip Appeal                         PI057-16        Call, The                            THP0104-17
Babyface & Lisa Stansfield                              Call, The                             SC8680-11
    Dream Away                         SD007-08         Don't Leave Me                        BS9617-04
Babylon Zoo                                             Drowning                              SC8732-04
    Spaceman                           SF060-04         Drowning                               SF188-04
Babys, The                                              Drowning                             THP0201-13
    Every Time I Think Of You         SC8221-07         Everybody                              LG007-12
    Every Time I Think Of You        SC8221R-07         Everybody                             SC8452-01
    Head First                        SC7564-06         Everybody                              SF114-06
    Isn't It Time                     SC8456-11         Everybody                             BS9617-05
Baccara                                                 Everybody (Backstreets Back)          LGTP-2-04
    Yes Sir I Can Boogie               SF071-05         Get Another Boyfriend               SFMW843-02
Bacharach, Burt                                         Get Another Boyfriend               SFMW843-02
    This Guy's In Love With You        DK046-09         Get Down                               LG007-14
Bacharach, Burt & Elvis Costello                        Get Down                              BS9617-06
    God Give Me Strength            SFMW819-12          I Want It That Way                   CB80023-02
Bachelors, The                                          I Want It That Way                    SC8542-01
    Charmaine                          SF066-02         I Want It That Way                     SF140-01
    Diane                              SF094-14         I Want It That Way                    BS9617-07
Bachman Turner Overdrive                                I Want It That Way                     SGB18-05
    Let It Ride                       SC7562-05         I Want It That Way                     LG116-03
    Roll On Down The Highway          SC8539-15         I'll Never Break Your Heart           SC8478-08
    Takin' Care Of Business            DK027-18         I'll Never Break Your Heart            LG007-10
    Takin' Care Of Business          MM6036-02          I'll Never Break Your Heart           BS9617-08
    Takin' Care Of Business           SC8142-09         If I Don't Have You                   BS9617-13
    Takin' Care Of Business             PI031-07        Larger Than Life                       SF146-07
    Takin' Care Of Business        SGBTB1001-01         Larger Than Life                     PHT9913-08
    Takin' Care Of Business           SC7519-07         Larger Than Life                       LG116-02
    You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet        SC8368-10         Larger Than Life                      EK0027-14
    You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet        SC7587-08         Larger Than Life                      SC8559-14
    You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet          PI031-08        Larger Than Life                      LGTP-3-03
    You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet         DK022-17         More Than That                         SF179-04
    You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet         SF021-14         More Than That                       THP0108-13
    You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet       MM6054-14          More Than That                        SC8702-09
Bachman, Tal                                            One, The                              LGTP-5-13
    If You Sleep (Radio Version)      SC8595-15         One, The                              SC8616-04
    She's So High                      SF152-07         One, The                             THP0008-14
    She's So High                     SC8542-02         One, The                              EK0028-02
    She's So High                    PHT9909-09         One, The                               SF165-14
 618-410-6826                                 Page 18                                  Thomas J Robinson
                                           Waverly Sound
ARTIST                 TITLE                 SONG #      ARTIST                   TITLE                        SONG #
    Perfect Fan, The                       SC8613-09     Bad Religion
    Quit Playing Games With My Heart       BS9617-09          Sorrow                                       THR0204-16
    Quit Playing Games With My Heart        LG007-11     Badfinger
    Quit Playing Games With My Heart      PHM9707-05          Baby Blue                                     SC8706-11
    Quit Playing Games With My Heart       SC8390-08          Baby Blue                                     SC8568-04
    Shape Of My Heart                     THP0101-10          Come & Get It                                  SF096-05
    Shape Of My Heart                      SC8649-14          Come And Get It                               SC8706-09
    Shape Of My Heart                       LG116-01          Come And Get It                               SC8535-14
    Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely    SC8048-01          Day After Day                                  PI005-14
    Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely   CB80023-06          Day After Day                                 SC8706-13
    Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely    EK0027-07          Day After Day                                 SC8439-10
    Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely   THP0004-12          No Matter What                                LC0002-09
    Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely     SF157-12          No Matter What                                AH8013-03
    Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely     LG116-05          No Matter What                                SC8225-02
    Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely    SC8587-01          No Matter What                                SC8706-14
    That's The Way I Like It               BS9617-10          No Matter What                                SY1045-11
    The One                                 LG116-04          Without You                                   SC8706-12
    We've Got It Goin' On                   LG007-09          Without You                                   SC8644-03
    We've Got It Goin' On                  BS9617-11     Badlees, The
Backstreet Boys, The & N Sync                                 Angeline Is Coming Home                       SC8304-09
    Boys Will Be Boys                      BS6117-04          Angeline Is Coming Home                      PHM9609-03
    Bye Bye Bye                            BS6117-02     Badly Drawn Boy
    Everytime I Close My Eyes              BS6117-03          Disillusion                                     SF175-06
    Hey Mr. DJ (Keep Playin' This Song)    BS6117-05          Spitting In The Wind                            SF179-11
    I Drive Myself Crazy                   BS6117-01     Badu, Erykah
    I Wanna Be With You                    BS6117-08          Appletree                                     SC8754-05
    I'll Never Stop                        BS6117-06          Back In The Day                              THH0404-14
    Like A Child                           BS6117-09          Bag Lady                                      SC8637-13
    Tearin' Up My Heart                    BS6117-07          Danger                                       THH0401-17
Bad Boy's Da Band                                             Next Lifetime                                 SC8377-10
    Bad Boy This Bad Boy That             THH0402-15          On & On                                       SC8357-12
Bad Company                                                   Tyrone (Live)                                 SC8754-11
    Bad Company                            SC8404-06     Badu, Erykah & Common
    Bad Company                             SGB25-03          Love Of My Life                               SC8801-08
    Bad Company                            AH8005-04          Love Of My Life (An Ode To Hip Hop)          THH0211-15
    Can't Get Enough                        NT050-13     Badys, The
    Can't Get Enough Of Your Love          SC8176-10          Every Time I Think Of You                     LC0006-08
    Feel Like Makin’ Love                  SC7576-02     Baez, Joan
    Feel Like Makin' Love                  SC8115-07          Diamonds And Rust                             SC8477-07
    Good Lovin' Gone Bad                   SC8334-07          Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, The          SC8492-08
    Movin' On                                DG02-15          Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, The           SF153-12
    Ready For Love                         AH8008-11     Baha Men
    Ready For Love                           DG03-11          Move It Like This                              SF194-10
    Ready For Love                         SY1045-10          Move It Like This                            THH0208-17
    Ready For Love                          SGB26-17          Who Let The Dogs Out                          SC8637-11
    Rock 'N Roll Fantasy                   SC8430-15          Who Let The Dogs Out                           LG116-17
    Shooting Star                           SGB26-02          Who Let The Dogs Out                         THP0011-13
    Shooting Star                            US03-01          Who Let The Dogs Out                           SGB47-01
    Shooting Star                          SC8539-03          You All Dat                                    SF176-07
    Young Blood                            SC8314-07     Bailey & The Boys
Bad English                                                   Long Shot                                     SC8537-13
    When I See You Smile                   SC8791-15     Bailey, Razzy
    When I See You Smile                   SC8535-07          Friends                                       SC8676-05
    When I See You Smile                    PI033-16     Bainbridge, Merrill
                                                              Lonely                                        SC8484-06
 618-410-6826                                      Page 19                                           Thomas J Robinson
                                           Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE                SONG #      ARTIST                   TITLE                         SONG #
     Mouth                                SC8325-05           When The Thought Of You Catches Up              SD008-04
     Mouth                                  HV04-11      Ball, Michael
     Mouth                               PHM9610-05           One Step Out Of Time                         SFMW826-14
     Mouth                                 SGB21-17           With One Look                                SFMW842-08
     Mouth                               THM9610-05      Ballard, Hank
     Mouth                                  PI049-10          Let's Go Let's Go Let's Go                       RB25-11
     Under The Water                      SC8460-06           Work With Me Annie                               RB24-11
Baker & Myers                                            Ballard, Hank & Midnighters
     Little Bit Of Honey, A                SC8311-14          Finger Poppin' Time                              RB22-07
     Years From Here                       SC8239-13          Finger Poppin' Time                            SC8255-13
Baker, Anita                                             Ballard, Roger
     Angel                                 SC8754-12          You Can't Get There From Here                  SC8287-15
     Body And Soul                          DK093-07     Balsamo, Steve
     Body And Soul                         SC8150-03          Sugar For The Soul                               SF191-03
     Body And Soul                          SF036-01     Baltamore
     Body And Soul                           PI045-17         Tarzan Boy                                       SF028-06
     Caught Up In The Rapture                PI016-12    Baltimora
     Caught Up In The Rapture              SC8273-14          Tarzan Boy                                     SC8678-04
     Giving You The Best That I Got        SC8126-14     Baltran, Lola
     I Apologize                            SD010-07          Paloma Negra                                     AV18-02
     I Apologize                           SC8466-06     Bananarama
     Just Because                           DK042-08          Cruel Summer                                   SC8322-14
     No One In The World                   SC8259-02          Cruel Summer                                   MM6046-09
     Same Ole Love                       SFMW823-14           I Heard A Rumour                                DK067-05
     Same Ole Love                         SC8606-07          Love In The First Degree                        DK028-05
     Same Ole Love                           DG09-02          Nathan Jones                                    SF151-10
     Soul Inspiration                      SC8363-04          Robert DeNiro's Waiting                         SF033-15
     Sweet Love                            SC7582-11          Shy Boy (Don't It Make You Feel Good)          SC8571-08
     Sweet Love                            SC8261-04          Venus                                           SF057-08
     Sweet Love                             SF057-04     Band
     Talk To Me                           MM6027-11           Weight, The                                     SGB62-12
     Whatever It Takes                     SC8754-02     Band, The
     You Bring Me Joy                      SC8405-01          I Shall Be Released                             DK077-07
Baker, Lavern                                                 Life Is A Carnival                             SC8599-13
     Jim Dandy                             SC8814-03          Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, The            DK044-16
Baker, Laverne                                                Up On Cripple Creek                            SC8477-09
     I Cried A Tear                          RB14-03          Weight, The                                     DK090-08
     Jim Dandy                               RB24-14          Weight, The                                      PI034-18
Baldry, Long John                                             Weight, The                                    SC7543-04
     Let The Heartache Begin                SF074-07          Weight, The                                    MM6042-02
Balin, Marty                                             Bandy, Moe
     Hearts                                SC8725-11          Americana                                      SC8426-05
Ball, David                                                   Hank Williams You Wrote My Life                SC8414-01
     Circle Of Friends                    SC8280-10           I Cheated Me Right Out Of You                  SC8342-15
     Hangin' In And Hangin' On            SC8311-01           It Was Always So Easy                          SC8525-08
     Look What Followed Me Home           SC8260-01           It's A Cheating Situation                      SC8262-13
     Look What Followed Me Home            SD011-10           She's Not Really Cheatin' (She's Just          SC8551-08
     Riding With Private Malone           SC8727-08           Getting Even
     Riding With Private Malone          THC0112-18           Till I'm Too Old To Die Young                  SC8576-01
     Riding With Private Malone            SD088-07           Two Lonely People                              SC8792-02
     Thinkin' Problem                     SC8129-08      Bandy, Moe & Becky Hobbs
     Watching My Baby Coming Back         SC8543-15           Let's Get Over Them Together                  NSAVA08-11
     What Do You Want With His Love       SC8173-08      Bandy, Moe & Judy Bailey
     What Do You Want With His Love       MM6099-13           Following The Feeling                         NSAVA08-13
    When The Thought Of You Catches Up     SC8139-01
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                                         Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE             SONG #      ARTIST                   TITLE                          SONG #
Bangles                                                    One Week                                        SC7584-11
    Eternal Flame                        SGB58-10          One Week                                        EK0025-09
Bangles, The                                               One Week                                        SC8640-11
    Eternal Flame                       EZSP05-08          Pinch Me                                        SC8637-09
    Eternal Flame                         PI011-12         Pinch Me                                       THP0011-17
    Eternal Flames                       SF012-13     Barlow, Gary
    Hazy Shades Of Winter               SC8259-06          Open Road                                        SF116-01
    If She Knew What She Wants          SC8535-01          So Help Me Girl                                 SC8422-05
    In Your Room                        SC8329-03          So Help Me Girl                                PHM9711-07
    Manic Monday                          PI013-09         So Help Me Girl                                  LG012-10
    Manic Monday                         SF037-09     Barnes & Barnes
    Manic Monday                        SC8331-10          Fish Heads                                      SC8544-06
    Walk Like A Egyptian                 SF056-01     Barnett, Mandy
    Walk Like An Egyptian                DK085-10          I've Got A Right To Cry                        SC8543-03
    Walk Like An Egyptian               SC7581-07          Maybe                                          SC8285-12
    Walk Like An Egyptian               SC8273-09          Now That's All Right With Me                   SC8247-08
Banton, Pato                                               Planet Of Love                                CHM97F5-19
    Baby Come Back                       SF050-01          Simple I Love You, A                           SC8315-07
Bar-Kays                                                   Whispering Wind (Blows on By), The             SC8560-08
    Shake Your Rump To The Funk         SC8386-15     Barrie, JJ
Bardo, Sharie                                              No Charge                                         SF102-03
    Crazy Little Thing Called Love     THP0105-18     Barton, Eileen
    Happy Together                     THP0102-18          If I Knew You Were Comin' I'd've Baked          SC8415-08
    Happy Together                     THP0102-09     Base & D.J. E-Z Rock
    These Boots Are Made For Walkin'   THP0101-18          It Takes Two                                     DK088-15
Bare Naked Ladies                                          It Takes Two                                    AH8014-10
    One Week                           SFMW821-01          Joy And Pain                                    SC8612-12
Bare, Bobby                                           Base, Rob & D.J. E-Z Rock
    500 Miles Away From Home            SC8682-07          Joy And Pain                                    SC8746-13
    Detroit City                       NSAVA12-05     Basement Jaxx
    Detroit City                         DK067-18          Red Alert                                        SF140-02
    Detroit City                        SC8682-04          Romeo                                            SF182-05
    Dropkick Me, Jesus                  SC8604-03          Where's Your Head At                            SC8789-08
    Four Strong Winds                   SC8428-11     Bash, Baby
    Jogger, The                         SC8707-11          Suga Suga                                      PHM0312-08
    Margie's At The Linclon Park Inn    SC8525-09     Basia
    Marie Laveau                        SC7555-03          New Day For You, A                              SC8518-13
    Streets Of Baltimore, The           SC8491-07          Time And Tide                                    DM102-13
    That's How I Got To Memphis         SC8576-07          Time And Tide                                   SC7564-13
    Winner, The                         SC8669-12     Basil, Toni
Barenaked Ladies                                           Mickey                                          SC7542-12
    Another Postcard                    SC8859-09          Mickey                                           SF031-08
    Another Postcard (Chimps)          THP0312-13          Mickey                                            PI030-01
    Brian Wilson                        SC8640-10          Mickey                                           DK027-14
    Brian Wilson                        SC8562-13     Bass, Fontella
    Call And Answer                     SC8640-02          Rescue Me                                        TU139-09
    Call And Answer                     SC8542-07          Rescue Me                                       SC7543-10
    Falling For The First Time          SC8730-08          Rescue Me                                        SF151-06
    Get In Line                         SC8572-06          Rescue Me                                       MM6055-02
    If I Had $1,000,000                  SGB38-09     Bassey, Shirley
    If I Had $1000000                   SC8640-06          As Long As He Needs Me                           SF085-01
    If I Had $1000000                   SC8486-02          Big Spender                                      SF164-14
    It's All Been Done                  SC8640-07          Diamonds Are Forever                            SC8468-15
    It's All Been Done                  SC8501-03          Goldfinger                                       PI001-08
    One Week                            SC8469-10          Goldfinger                                      SC7571-12
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                                         Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE              SONG #      ARTIST                   TITLE                SONG #
    Goldfinger                          SC8468-04          Don't Worry Baby                       BS8517-16
    I Who Have Nothing                   SF066-04          Fun, Fun, Fun                            PI002-14
    Kiss Me Honey Honey Kiss Me          SF085-02          Fun, Fun, Fun                          BS8517-05
    Never Never Never                   ZMH006-12          Fun, Fun, Fun                          SC8226-11
    Reach For The Sky                    SF085-03          Fun, Fun, Fun                           DK051-11
    What Now My Love                     SF085-14          God Only Knows                         SC8651-05
    You'll Never Know                    SF085-04          Good Vibrations                        BS8517-06
Bates, Jeff                                                Good Vibrations                        SC7550-02
    I Wanna Make You Cry               THC0407-17          Good Vibrations                      SFMW830-04
    Love Song, The                      SC8816-13          Good Vibrations                         DK066-11
    Rainbow Man                         SC8847-05          Good Vibrations                          PI015-02
    The Love Song                      THC0304-13          Help Me Rhonda                         BS8517-07
    The Love Song                        SD104-08          Help Me Rhonda                          DK018-09
Bauhaus                                                    Help Me Rhonda                         SC7525-02
    Kick In The Eye                    SFMW840-14          Help Me Rhonda                           PI014-17
Bay City Rollers                                           I Can Hear Music                     SFMW824-12
    Give A Little Love                 SFMW822-05          I Get Around                            DK033-12
    Give A Little Love                  ZMH001-05          I Get Around                             PI015-13
    Saturday Night                       SGB51-16          I Get Around                           SC8441-06
Bay City Rollers, The                                      I Get Around                           BS8517-08
    Don't Stay Away Too Long              SF101-14         In My Room                             BS8517-17
    I Only Wanna Be With You             SC8292-15         Kokomo                                 BS8517-09
    Saturday Night                       SC7530-10         Kokomo                                 AH8013-06
    Saturday Night                        DK020-07         Little Deuce Coupe                     BS8517-14
    Shang A Lang                          SF055-15         Little Deuce Coupe                       PI036-12
    Summer Love Sensation              SFMW801-12          Little Deuce Coupe                      DK052-12
Baz                                                        Little Deuce Coupe                     SC8202-08
    Smile To Shine                        SF191-11         Rock And Roll Music                    BS8517-10
BB Mak                                                     Sail On Sailor                         SC8535-13
    Out Of My Heart (Into Your Head)   THP0210-17          Sloop John B, The                      BS8517-11
BBMak                                                      Surfer Girl                              PI002-15
    Back Here                          THP0008-12          Surfer Girl                            SC7531-11
    Back Here                           SC8616-12          Surfin' U.S.A.                         SC7201-12
    Back Here                           SC8048-04          Surfin' USA                            SC7502-12
    Back Here                          CB80024-14          Surfin' USA                             DK009-02
    Ghost Of You And Me                 SC8702-06          Surfin' USA                            BS8517-12
    Ghost Of You And Me                THP0107-16          Surfin' USA                              PI007-06
    Still On Your Side                  SC8673-01          Surfin' USA                            SFG025-11
    Still On Your Side                 THP0101-12          When I Grow Up To Be A Man              SD017-13
Beach Boys, The                                            Wouldn't It Be Nice                      PI018-05
    409                                  SC8202-11         Wouldn't It Be Nice                    BS8517-13
    Barbara Ann                           DK039-10     Beaches
    Barbara Ann                          SC7517-03         Otto Titsling                          MM6175-01
    Barbara Ann                          BS8517-01     Bear, Edward
    Barbra Ann                         SFMW829-03          Last Song, The                         SC8174-05
    Be True To Your School               BS8517-02     Beard, Jan
    California Girls                   SFMW832-03          Speakin' Of The Devil                  SC8324-10
    California Girls                       PI014-18    Beastie Boys, The
    California Girls                      DK007-02         Brass Monkey                           SC8612-06
    California Girls                     BS8517-03         Brass Monkey                           SC7586-03
    California Girls                     SC7508-10         Brass Monkey                           SC2312-06
    Catch A Wave                         BS8517-15         Ch-Check It Out                       THP0408-10
    Dance Dance Dance                    BS8517-04         Fight For Your Right To Party          AH8006-12
    Don't Worry Baby                      DK052-13         Fight For Your Right To Party          SC2312-01
    Don't Worry Baby                       PI027-09        Fight For Your Right To Party            HV08-12
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                                               Waverly Sound
ARTIST                   TITLE                   SONG #     ARTIST                  TITLE                       SONG #
    Fight For Your Right To Party              DG06-10          Dear Prudence                                SC8685-05
    Get It Together                           SC2312-07         Do You Want To Know A Secret                 SC8379-08
    No Sleep Till Brooklyn                    SC2312-08         Do You Want To Know A Secret                  DK019-08
    Paul Revere                               SC2312-03         Do You Want To Know A Secret                  LG010-09
    Sabotage                                  SC2312-04         Do You Want To Know A Secret                   PI036-06
    So What 'Cha Want                         SC2312-02         Don't Let Me Down                          SFMW824-08
    Sure Shot                                 SC2312-05         Don't Let Me Down                            SC8820-02
    Triple Trouble                           THR0411-11         Don't Pass Me By                             SC8685-06
Beatles, The                                                    Drive My Car                                 SC8820-03
    Act Naturally                              DK011-16         Drive My Car                                   PI006-11
    Act Naturally                             SC8387-10         Eight Days A Week                            SC7573-10
    All My Loving                              DK004-11         Eight Days A Week                              PI014-14
    All My Loving                              LG010-06         Eight Days A Week                            SC8379-14
    All My Loving                             SC8379-11         Eight Days A Week                             DK003-12
    All My Loving                            SC7520R-06         Eleanor Rigby                                SC8387-03
    All My Loving                               PI007-12        Eleanor Rigby                                 DK008-14
    All My Loving                             SC7520-06         Eleanor Rigby                                EZSP05-12
    All You Need Is Love                       DK005-06         Eleanor Rigby                               MM6060-11
    All You Need Is Love                      SC8387-07         Eleanor Rigby                                  PI034-17
    And I Love Her                             DK004-12         Eleanor Rigby                              SFMW842-09
    And I Love Her                           NSAVP11-03         Fixing A Hole                                 SGB44-10
    And I Love Her                            SC8360-05         Fool On The Hill, The                          PI018-11
    And I Love Her                             LG010-05         Fool On The Hill, The                         DK017-08
    And I Love Her                              PI024-06        Fool On The Hill, The                         LG010-17
    And Your Bird Can Sing                    SC8685-14         Fool On The Hill, The                        SC8685-03
    Anna Go To Him                             DK022-15         Free As A Bird                                DGH01-05
    Any Time At All                           SC8360-09         Free As A Bird                               SC8233-14
    Baby You're A Rich Man                    MM6060-01         From Me To You                              MM6060-04
    Back In The U.S.S.R.                       SF162-08         From Me To You                               SC8379-02
    Back In The U.S.S.R.                      SC7573-05         Get Back                                     SC8407-04
    Back In The U.S.S.R.                        PI006-16        Get Back                                      DK011-10
    Back In The U.S.S.R.                      SC8407-02         Get Back                                     EZSP05-07
    Back In The U.S.S.R.                       DK013-14         Get Back                                    MM6060-14
    Ballad Of John & Yoko                      SD022-14         Get Back                                       PI023-10
    Ballad Of John & Yoko                     SC8407-15         Getting Better                               SC8685-10
    Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!        SC8685-02         Getting Better All The Time                 MM6060-06
    Birthday                                    PI015-16        Glass Onion                                  SC8685-11
    Birthday                                  SC7543-13         Golden Slumbers/ Carry That Weight/          SC8685-08
    Birthday                                   DK044-09         The End
    Blackbird                                   PI026-15        Good Day Sunshine                            MM6060-09
    Blackbird                                 SC8685-12         Got To Get You Into My Life                  MM6060-08
    Can't Buy Me Love                           PI025-07        Happiness Is A Warm Gun                        DG06-02
    Can't Buy Me Love                         SC8360-14         Happy Just To Dance With You                 SC8360-01
    Can't Buy Me Love                          DK001-07         Hard Day's Night, A                            PI023-11
    Chains, The                                DK019-18         Hard Day's Night, A                          SC8360-07
    Come Together                             SC8407-10         Hard Day’s Night, A                          SC7573-03
    Come Together                               PI018-06        Hard Day's Night, A                           DK011-06
    Come Together                              LG010-12         Hello Goodbye                                  PI026-04
    Come Together                              DK014-05         Hello Goodbye                                 DK003-06
    Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill, The    SC8685-15         Hello Goodbye                                SC8387-14
    Day In The Life, A                         DK044-10         Help                                        NSAVP11-05
    Day In The Life, A                        SC8821-06         Help                                           PI014-15
    Day Tripper                               SC8387-05         Help                                         SC8360-12
    Day Tripper                                 PI018-04        Help!                                        SC7543-12
    Day Tripper                                DK010-09         Help!                                         DK007-04

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                                    Waverly Sound
ARTIST                TITLE           SONG #     ARTIST                 TITLE                         SONG #
   Here Comes The Sun              SC8407-14         Let It Be                                     SC8407-05
   Here Comes The Sun              SC7517-01         Let It Be                                   SFMW823-06
   Here Comes The Sun               LG010-03         Long & Winding Road                         SFMW823-09
   Here, There And Everywhere      SC8387-08         Long And Winding Road, The                    SC8407-07
   Here, There And Everywhere       DK002-10         Long And Winding Road, The                    SC7535-15
   Hey Bulldog                     SC8782-11         Long And Winding Road, The                      PI029-08
   Hey Jude                        SC8407-12         Long And Winding Road, The                     DK012-05
   Hey Jude                         DK013-02         Love Me Do                                      PI006-14
   Hey Jude                        EZSP05-06         Love Me Do                                    SC8379-04
   Hey Jude                          PI014-16        Love Me Do                                     DK055-06
   Hey Jude                        SC7525-03         Love Me Do                                  SFMW823-08
   I Am The Walrus                 SC8668-06         Lovely Rita                                  MM6060-10
   I Am The Walrus                   PI043-06        Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds                 SC8172-15
   I Call Your Name                  PI043-03        Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds                   PI015-18
   I Call Your Name                 DK043-04         Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds                  DK012-08
   I Feel Fine                     SC8379-05         Magical Mystery Tour                         MM6060-12
   I Feel Fine                      DK004-17         Maxwell's Silver Hammer                      MM6060-05
   I Feel Fine                      LG010-16         Michelle                                    NSAVP11-04
   I Feel Fine                       PI014-02        Michelle                                       LG010-18
   I Saw Her Standing There     SGBTB1001-14         Michelle                                        PI023-09
   I Saw Her Standing There        SC8379-09         Michelle                                       DK006-05
   I Saw Her Standing There        SC7502-08         Michelle                                      SC8387-04
   I Saw Her Standing There         DK007-15         Mr. Moonlight                                  DK036-12
   I Saw Her Standing There        SC7201-08         Night Before                                  SC8820-14
   I Saw Her Standing There          PI007-10        Night Before, The                            ZMH003-05
   I Saw Her Standing There         LG010-11         No Reply                                       DK006-10
   I Saw Her Standing There          BL05-14         Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)          SC8685-01
   I Should Have Known Better        PI024-07        Nowhere Man                                   SC8387-06
   I Should Have Known Better       DK043-02         Nowhere Man                                     PI015-04
   I Should Have Known Better      SC8360-15         Nowhere Man                                 SFMW823-07
   I Want To Be Your Man            DK034-03         Nowhere Man                                    DK016-11
   I Want To Hold Your Hand       NSAVP11-01         Ob-La-Di, Ob-La Da                            SC7573-14
   I Want To Hold Your Hand        SC8379-15         Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da                             DK006-13
   I Want To Hold Your Hand          PI014-09        Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da                              PI043-18
   I Will                          SC8575-04         Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da                            SC8407-06
   I'll Be Back                    ZMH003-01         Octopus' Garden                              MM6060-13
   I'll Cry Instead                 SD020-10         Octopus's Garden                              SC8820-10
   I'll Cry Instead                SC8360-13         Oh Darling                                      PI026-14
   I'll Follow The Sun             SC8387-15         Oh Darling                                     LG010-15
   I'm A Loser                     SC8820-05         Oh Darling                                    SC7525-13
   I'm Down                        SC8820-04         Oh! Darling                                   SC8821-05
   I've Just Seen A Face           ZMH003-04         P.S. I Love You                                DK055-07
   I've Just Seen A Face           SC8685-13         Paperback Writer                               DK008-08
   If I Fell                       SC8360-11         Paperback Writer                              SC8387-09
   If I Fell                        LG010-07         Paperback Writer                            SFMW818-01
   In My Life                       DK005-09         Penny Lane                                      PI031-16
   In My Life                      SC8685-04         Penny Lane                                     DK010-07
   It's All Too Much               SC8820-07         Penny Lane                                     LG010-14
   It's Only Love                  ZMH003-03         Penny Lane                                    SC8387-12
   Lady Madonna                    SC8387-13         Please Please Me                               DK021-08
   Lady Madonna                  SFMW801-01          Please Please Me                                PI027-10
   Lady Madonna                     DK009-06         Please Please Me                               SF044-09
   Let It Be                       SC7513-12         Please Please Me                              SC8379-07
   Let It Be                         PI028-14        PS I Love You                                  LG010-04
   Let It Be                        DK007-06         PS I Love You                                 SC8379-03
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                                               Waverly Sound
ARTIST                 TITLE                     SONG #      ARTIST                  TITLE                      SONG #
   Rain                                       SC8820-12          When I'm Sixty-Four                         MM6060-07
   Real Love, The                             SC8268-05          When I'm Sixty-Four                           PI024-13
   Revolution                                   PI031-15         When I’m Sixty-Four                         SC7573-07
   Revolution                                 SC8407-13          When I'm Sixty-Four                         SC8407-09
   Revolution                                  DK015-11          While My Guitar Gently Weeps                SC8407-01
   Rocky Raccoon                              SC7573-12          Why Don't We Do It In The Road              SC8685-07
   Rocky Racoon                               SC8407-03          With A Little Help From My Friends           LG010-08
   Roll Over Beethoven                        SC8379-01          With A Little Help From My Friends            PI031-04
   Run For Your Life                            DG10-09          With A Little Help From My Friends          SC8407-08
   Run For Your Life                           LG010-13          With A Little Help From My Friends           DK044-06
   Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band     MM6060-03          Word, The                                     DG11-02
   She Came In Through The Bathroom           MM6060-15          Words Of Love                                DK020-10
   Window                                                        Yellow Submarine                            SC8360-02
   She Loves You                               SC7543-05         Yellow Submarine                            SC7573-06
   She Loves You                                DK012-03         Yellow Submarine                          NSAVP11-06
   She Loves You                                 PI007-11        Yellow Submarine                             DK002-11
   She Loves You                               SC8379-13         Yer Blues                                     DG05-03
   She Loves You                                SF044-13         Yesterday                                    LG010-02
   She Loves You                             NSAVP11-02          Yesterday                                   SC8360-04
   She's A Woman                                DK014-11         Yesterday                                    DK002-02
   She's A Woman                               SC8379-06         Yesterday                                  SC7520R-05
   She's Leaving Home                           DK044-07         Yesterday                                   SC7520-05
   She's Leaving Home                          SC8685-09         Yesterday                                     PI014-08
   She's Leaving Home                        SFMW817-14          You Can't Do That                           SC8360-06
   Something                                   SC8407-11         You're Gonna Lose That Girl                  DK009-09
   Something                                    LG010-01         You've Got To Hide Your Love Away           SC8360-08
   Strawberry Fields Forever                     PI018-18        You've Got To Hide Your Love Away         SFMW820-03
   Strawberry Fields Forever                   SC8387-01         You've Got To Hide Your Love Away            DK043-03
   Strawberry Fields Forever                 SFMW842-10          Your Mother Should Know                     MM6060-02
   Strawberry Fields Forever                    DK018-10     Beau Brummels, The
   Taxman                                     ZMH003-06          Just A Little                               LC0007-14
   Taxman                                      SC8387-11         Laugh Laugh                                 SC8429-11
   Tell Me Why                                 SC8360-10         Laugh Laugh                                 LC0007-15
   Things We Said Today                       ZMH003-02      Beautiful South
   This Boy                                    SC8379-12         Blackbird On The Wire                       SFG013-14
   Ticket To Ride                               DK001-11         Closer Than Most                            SFG013-16
   Ticket To Ride                              SC8360-03         Don't Marry Her Have Me                      LG019-15
   Ticket To Ride                                PI014-13        Don't Marry Her Have Me                     SFG013-04
   Ticket To Ride                            NSAVP11-07          Dream A Little Dream                        SFG013-08
   Ticket To Ride                                BL05-05         Dumb                                        SFG013-12
   Til There Was You                            DK036-11         Dumb                                         SF128-04
   Twist And Shout                               PI014-01        Everybody's Talkin'                         SFG013-06
   Twist And Shout                              LG010-10         Good As Gold                                SFG013-07
   Twist And Shout                               BL01-12         How Long's A Tear Take To Dry               SFG013-13
   Twist And Shout                            MM6036-07          How Long's A Tear Take To Dry                SF134-15
   Twist And Shout                             SC8108-10         Little Time, A                               SF059-10
   Twist And Shout                          MMCP9801-08          Little Time, A                               SF053-03
   Twist And Shout                             SC7527-10         Old Red Eyes Is Back                        SFG013-10
   Twist And Shout                              DK013-07         One Last Love Song                          SFG013-11
   Twist And Shout                             SC8379-10         Perfect 10                                  SFG013-02
   Twist And Shout                          MMCP2K01-08          Perfect 10                                   SF126-06
   We Can Work It Out                           DK016-04         Root Of All Evil, The                       SFG013-15
   We Can Work It Out                          SC8387-02         Rotterdam                                   SFG013-01
   When I'm Sixty Four                          SGB51-11         Rotterdam                                    LG002-13
   When I'm Sixty-Four                          DK044-08         Rotterdam                                    SF081-11
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                                              Waverly Sound
ARTIST                    TITLE                 SONG #     ARTIST                   TITLE                SONG #
    Song For Whoever                          LG019-16          New York Mining Disaster              SC8770-01
    Song For Whoever                         SFG013-09          New York Mining Disaster              BS8717-05
    Ttle Time, A                             SFG013-05          Night Fever                           SC8143-06
    You Keep It All In                       SFG013-03          Night Fever                            DK054-06
Beck                                                            Night Fever                           BS8717-06
    Devil's Haircut                          SC8638-05          Nights On Broadway                      PI053-14
    Loser                                    SC7584-12          Nights On Broadway                    BS8717-07
    Loser                                    SC8122-04          Run To Me                           SFMW838-08
    New Pollution, The                       SC8390-02          Stayin' Alive                         BS8717-08
Beck, Jeff                                                      Stayin’ Alive                         SC7597-04
    Hi Ho Silver Lining                       SF023-04          Stayin' Alive                       NSAVP17-17
    I Ain't Superstitious                    SC8675-09          Stayin' Alive                        MM6016-10
Beckham, Victoria                                               Stayin' Alive                         SC8143-08
    A Mind Of Its Own                         SF187-12          Stayin' Alive                          DK008-03
    Mind Of Its Own                           EZH09-05          Stayin' Alive                          SGB35-10
Bedingfield, Daniel                                             This Is Where I Came In                SF178-15
    Friday                                    SF210-15          To Love Somebody                      BS8717-09
    Gotta Get Thru This                       EZH06-01          To Love Somebody                      SC8804-09
    Gotta Get Thru This                      SC8789-01          Too Much Heaven                         PI051-11
    Gotta Get Thru This                       SF188-01          Too Much Heaven                       SC8594-11
    Gotta Get Thru This                     THP0210-11          Tragedy                               SC8178-05
    If You're Not The One                     SF199-04          Tragedy                                 PI049-09
    If You're Not The One                   THP0305-11          Tragedy                                DK034-11
    If You're Not The One (radio version)    SC8827-08          Words                                 SC8599-05
    If Your Not The One                       EZH19-05          You Should Be Dancing                  DK034-10
    James Dean ( I Wanna Know)                SF196-11          You Should Be Dancing                 SC8143-09
    Never Gonna Leave Your Side               SF208-04          You Should Be Dancing                 BS8717-10
Bee Gees, The                                                   You Win Again                         BS8717-11
    Alone                                      PI050-16    Beenie Man & Janet
    Alone                                    SC8460-12          Feel It Boy                          THP0211-13
    Boogie Child                             BS8717-16          Feel It Boy                           SC8778-10
    Don't Forget To Remember                 BS8717-01     Bega, Lou
    Fanny                                      PI043-17         I Got A Girl                           SF154-13
    Holiday                                   DK072-07          Mambo No. 5                          PHT9912-01
    How Can You Mend A Broken Heart          BS8717-15          Mambo No. 5                            SGB30-01
    How Can You Mend A Broken Heart           DK054-17          Mambo No. 5                            SF147-10
    How Can You Mend A Broken Heart            PI029-17         Mambo No. 5                           SC7598-12
    How Can You Mend A Broken Heart          SC8138-01          Mambo No. 5                           LGTP-3-12
    How Deep Is Your Love                    BS8717-02          Mambo No. 5                           EK0027-12
    How Deep Is Your Love                     DK001-04          Mambo No. 5                           SC8559-07
    How Deep Is Your Love                     SGB57-05          Tricky, Tricky                        SC8046-02
    How Deep Is Your Love                    SC8181-07          Tricky, Tricky                        SC8587-06
    I Started A Joke                         BS8717-13          Tricky, Tricky                       THP0004-18
    I've Gotta Get A Message To You          SC8804-01     Belafonte, Harry
    I've Gotta Get A Message To You          BS8717-03          Day-O (Banana Boat Song)              MM6023-15
    Jive Talkin'                             BS8717-12          Day-O (Banana Boat Song)               DK081-07
    Jive Talkin'                              DK027-17          Day-O (Banana Boat Song)                PI024-05
    Jive Talkin'                             SC8650-10          Day-O (Banana Boat Song)              SC7506-15
    Lonely Days                              SC8153-13          Island In The Sun                      SF047-09
    Lonely Days                              BS8717-14          Jamaica Farewell                      SC8575-15
    Love So Right                            BS8717-17          Jump In The Line                      SC8770-03
    Massachusetts                             SF160-15          Mama Look A Boo-Boo                   SC8651-06
    Massachusetts                            BS8717-04          There's A Hole In The Bucket           SF095-12
    Massachusetts                             DK069-08     Belinda Carisle
    Melody Fair                             NSAVP10-01          Heaven is A Place On Earth              SF012-04
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                                            Waverly Sound
ARTIST                    TITLE               SONG #      ARTIST                   TITLE              SONG #
Bell Biv Devoe                                            Belly
     Do Me                                  SC8532-12          Feed The Tree                       SC8122-02
     Do Me!                                  DK075-02     Belvin, Jessie
     Something In Your Eyes                 SC8374-02          Good Night My Love                  AH8012-03
Bell, Archie & The Drells                                 Ben Folds Five, The
     Tighten Up                              SF073-07          Army                                SC8542-05
Bell, Benny                                                    Brick                              PHM9801-04
     Shaving Cream                         AMS2001-09          Brick                               SC8440-13
     Shaving Creame                         SC8544-02          Rockin' The Suburbs                 SC8726-10
Bell, Freddy & Bell Boys                                  Benatar, Pat
     Giddy Up A Ding Dong                    SF062-07          All Fired Up                       SC8329-12
Bell, William                                                  All Fired Up                       SC8815-03
     You Don't Miss Your Water                RB20-10          All Fired Up                        SGB39-05
Bellamy Brothers, The                                          Fire & Ice                         AH8008-02
     Bubba                                  SC8275-04          Fire And Ice                       SC8815-02
     Can I Come To You                      SC8309-09          Fire And Ice                        SGB21-06
     Dancin' Cowboys                        SC8610-11          Fire And Ice                       SC7549-04
     Desperadoes In Love                     TU085-05          Fire And Ice                        DM102-02
     Do You Love As Good As You Look          PI208-10         Heartbreaker                       SC8815-06
     Do You Love As Good As You Look        SC8541-01          Heartbreaker                       SC7577-14
     For All The Wrong Reasons              SC8385-01          Heartbreaker                       SC8331-03
     I Could Be Persuaded                   SC8161-09          Heartbreaker                      MM6046-12
     I Need More Of You                     SC8576-05          Hell Is For Children               SC8815-07
     If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body     SC7590-15          Hell Is For Children                DM102-03
     If I Said You Have A Beautiful Body      PI201-10         Hell Is For Children                SGB21-01
     If I Said You Have A Beautiful Body     SF014-06          Hell Is For Children               SC8600-02
     If I Said You Have A Beautiful Body     DK082-09          Hell Is For Children               AH8017-06
     If I Said You Have A Beautiful Body    SC8355-08          Hit Me With Your Best Shot         SC8815-08
     Let Your Love Flow                       PI206-18         Hit Me With Your Best Shot         SC7519-01
     Let Your Love Flow                      SF014-09          Hit Me With Your Best Shot          DK021-06
     Let Your Love Flow                     SC8628-02          Hit Me With Your Best Shot         SC8115-14
     Lie To You For Your Love               SC8604-10          Hit Me With Your Best Shot      SGBTB1001-02
     Old Hippie (The Sequel)                SC8250-02          Hit Me With Your Best Shot           PI038-12
     On A Summer Night                      SC8287-06          Invincible                         SC8815-05
     Redneck Girl                           SC8398-11          Invincible                         SC8443-05
     Redneck Girl                          CB60121-09          Invincible                        MM6046-02
     Redneck Girl                             PI204-13         Love Is A Battlefield              SC8815-01
     Shine Them Buckles                     SC8303-09          Love Is A Battlefield              SC8210-07
     Sugar Daddy                            SC8414-03          Love Is A Battlefield               SGB34-16
     We Dared The Lightning                 SC8216-07          Love Is A Battlefield               DK028-09
     When I'm Away From You                 SC8426-09          Love Is A Battlefield                PI044-17
     World's Greatest Lover                 SC8412-13          Promises In The Dark               SC7562-07
     You Ain't Just Whistlin' Dixie         SC8342-14          Promises In The Dark                DM102-01
Belle Stars, The                                               Promises In The Dark               SC8815-09
     Clapping Song, The                      PI307-30          Sex As A Weapon                    SC8687-03
     Clapping Song, The                      SF107-08          Sex As A Weapon                    SC8815-10
     Iko Iko                                AH8021-04          Shadows Of The Night                SGB21-13
     Iko Iko                                AH8421-04          Shadows Of The Night               SC8600-14
     Iko Iko                                SC8197-11          Shadows Of The Night                 HV01-04
     Sign Of The Times                       SF076-11          Shadows Of The Night                DM102-04
Belle, Regina                                                  Shadows Of The Night               SC8815-15
     If I Could                             SC8405-04          Treat Me Right                      DK095-13
     Make It Like It Was                     PI037-02          Treat Me Right                     SC8425-10
Bellefire                                                      Treat Me Right                     SC8815-11
     Perfect Bliss                           SF180-16          True Love                          SC8815-04
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ARTIST                   TITLE                SONG #      ARTIST                   TITLE                     SONG #
    True Love                              SC8814-12           This Masquerade                             DK009-11
    We Belong                              SC8658-12           This Masquerade                              PI030-04
    We Belong                               DK054-04           This Masquerade                             SGB22-03
    We Belong                              SC8815-12           Turn Your Love Around                       SF032-06
    We Belong To The Night                  SGB52-11           Turn Your Love Around                        PI010-10
    We Live For Love                       SC8641-13           Turn Your Love Around                      SC8456-07
    We Live For Love                       SC8815-14      Benson, Jamie
    You Better Run                         SC8338-10           Stay                                         SF193-12
    You Better Run                         SC8815-13      Bentley, Dierks
Benet, Eric                                                    How Am I Doin'                            THC0409-19
    Femininity                               PI051-06          My Last Name                              PHN0401-02
Bennett, C & Rebel Rousers                                     My Last Name                                SD113-04
    Got To Get You Into My Life              SF099-02          My Last Name                              THC0402-13
Bennett, Tony                                                  What Was I Thinkin'                       THC0308-15
    Because Of You                         SC7554-03      Bentley, Stephanie
    Can You Find It In Your Heart          MM6367-02           Dead Ringer                                SC8328-05
    Door Is Still Open To My Heart, The     LG009-08           Hopechest Song, The                        SC8358-14
    Firefly                                 LG009-16           Once I Was The Light Of Your Life          SC8307-01
    Foggy Day, A                            LG009-12           Once I Was The Light Of Your Life         SC8307R-01
    Good Life, The                          SGB37-03           Who's That Girl                            SC8247-05
    Good Life, The                          LG009-14      Benton & Washington
    I Left My Heart In San Francisco        DK003-08           Baby, You've Got What It Takes               RB23-08
    I Left My Heart In San Francisco        LG009-11           Baby, You've Got What It Takes             MM6013-07
    I Left My Heart In San Francisco       SC8118-01           Baby, You've Got What It Takes             SC8482-15
    I Left My Heart In San Francisco         PI301-16          Rocking Good Way, A                          RB21-12
    I Left My Heart In San Francisco       SC7518-01      Benton, Brook
    I Wanna Be Around                        DG01-02           A House Is Not A Home                    SFMW819-01
    I Wanna Be Around                       LG009-15           Endlessly                                  SC8255-04
    My Funny Valentine                      DK005-12           Endlessly                                    RB22-14
    Naughty Lady Of Shady Lane, The         LG009-09           Fools Rush In                                RB22-06
    Nice Work If You Can Get It            MM6137-03           It's Just A Matter Of Time                   RB20-14
    Old Devil Moon                          LG009-10           It's Just A Matter Of Time                 SC8196-15
    Rags To Riches                          SGB37-16           Kiddeo                                       RB23-10
    Rags To Riches                         SC7553-06           Kiddio                                      DK070-11
    Shadow Of Your Smile, The                PI301-12          Rainy Night In Georgia                      DK056-17
    Shadow Of Your Smile, The              SC7505-15           Rainy Night In Georgia                       PI019-17
    Shadow Of Your Smile, The               SGB59-07           Rainy Night In Georgia                       RB21-06
    Shadow Of Your Smile, The               DK005-17           So Many Ways                                 RB21-14
    Standing On The Corner                  LG009-07      Berg, Matraca
    Steppin' Out With My Baby               DK095-16           Back In The Saddle                        CHM9805-16
    Stranger In Paradise                    LG009-13           Back In The Saddle                         SC8444-11
    Strangers In Paradise                   SF063-12           Back In The Saddle                          SD048-13
    Who Can I Turn To                       LG009-17           I Must Have Been Crazy                    CB60101-09
Bennett, Tony & K.D. Lang                                      That Train Don't Run                        SD043-12
    Moonglow                                SD010-08           Won't Let Go                               SC8129-03
    What A Wonderful World                 SC8809-11      Berlin
Bens                                                           No More Words                              SC8338-06
    Bruised                               THR0404-18           Sex                                       AMS2001-13
Benson, George                                                 Sex (I'm A...)                             SC8600-04
    Give Me The Night                       SC8554-07          Take My Breath Away                         DK022-03
    In Your Eyes                          SFMW820-01           Take My Breath Away                          PI032-12
    Love Ballad                              PI012-02          Take My Breath Away                        SC7546-09
    On Broadway                              PI029-07          Take My Breath Away                         SF053-13
    This Masquerade                        MH1053-02      Berlin, Irving
    This Masquerade                         SC7525-09          Metro, The                                 SC8522-12
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                                            Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE                 SONG #      ARTIST                 TITLE                     SONG #
Bernard, Crystal                                               If I Had Any Pride Left At All          SC8205-13
     Don't Touch Me There                   SC8501-09          Kiss Me In The Car                      SC8114-07
     Have We Forgotten What Love Is         SC8341-01          Love Is For Giving                      SC8549-13
     Have We Forgotten What Love Is         MM6191-05          Mind Of Her Own, A                      SC8324-02
     State Of Mind                          SC8358-12          Over My Shoulder                        SC8463-14
Berri                                                          Power Windows                            SD068-11
     Sunshine After The Rain                 SF060-10          Power Windows                           SC8570-10
Berry, Chuck                                                   She's Taken A Shine                    CHM9702-11
     Johnny B. Goode                          RB14-07          She's Taken A Shine                      SD034-08
     Johnny B. Goode                       NSAVP02-16          She's Taken A Shine                   MMCOU101-06
     Johnny B. Goode                        MM6036-10          She's Taken A Shine                     SC8351-02
     Johnny B. Goode                         DK085-11          Standing On The Edge Of Goodbye          SD014-04
     Johnny B. Goode                         SGB56-15          Standing On The Edge Of Goodbye         SC8160-01
     Johnny B. Goode                        SC7525-06          Stone, The                               SD043-14
     Maybellene                              SGB56-10          Stone, The                              SC8402-12
     Maybelline                             SC8108-04          What's In It For Me                     SC8141-07
     Maybelline                               RB20-12          What's In It For Me                      SD004-03
     Maybelline                              DK076-12          You And Only You                         SD006-08
     Memphis                                 DK080-11          You And Only You                        SC8152-13
     Memphis                                 SF086-12          Your Love Amazes Me                   CBEP463-3-12
     Merry Christmas Baby                    LG172-12          Your Love Amazes Me                     SC8141-15
     My Ding A Ling                          SF096-09          Your Love Amazes Me                     MM6044-07
     My Ding A Ling                        AMS2001-18          Your Love Amazes Me                     SC7596-09
     My Ding-a-ling                         SC8117-10     Berry, Len
     My Ding-A-Ling                          SGB55-02          1-2-3                                     DK002-13
     No Particular Place To Go              SC8218-01     Better Than Ezra
     Rock And Roll Music                     DK080-15          At The Stars                             SC8508-06
     Rock And Roll Music                     SGB56-11          Desperately Wanting                       PI049-18
     Rock N Roll                             SF147-03          Desperately Wanting                       PI050-12
     Roll Over Beethoven                    SC8415-12          Desperately Wanting                      SC8448-01
     Roll Over Beethoven                     DK081-13          Extra Ordinary                           SC8730-03
     Roll Over Beethoven                     SGB56-13          Good                                     SC8350-04
     Run Rudolph Run                        SC8557-12          Good                                     SC8471-05
     School Days                            SC7550-03          Good                                     SC8195-03
     School Days                             SGB56-14          Good                                      PI046-13
     Sweet Little Sixteen                   SC8222-07          In The Blood                             SC8199-14
     Sweet Little Sixteen                    SGB55-07          King Of New Orleans                      SC8348-14
     Sweet Little Sixteen                    DK083-14          King Of New Orleans                      SC8312-03
Berry, Dave                                                    One More Murder                          SC8481-06
     Crying Game, The                        SF046-07          Rosealia                                 SC8233-04
     Little Things                          ZMH003-07     Bextor, Sophie Ellis
Berry, John                                                    Murder On The Dance Floor                MM6372-15
     Better Than A Biscuit                  SC8480-06          Music Gets The Best Of Me                 SF199-02
     Change My Mind                          SD032-07     Beyonce
     Change My Mind                         SC8311-03          Crazy In Love                             EZH25-01
     Change My Mind                        CHM9610-12          Dangerously In Love                     THH0410-10
     Every Time My Heart Calls Your Name     SD024-07          Me, Myself & I                          THH0404-11
     Every Time My Heart Calls Your Name    SC8253-01          Naughty Girl                            THH0407-11
     Faithfully                              SD041-10     Beyonce & Jay Z
     How Much Do You Love Me                SC8729-15          Crazy In Love                              SF207-01
     I Think About It All The Time           SD018-09     Beyoncé Knowles & Jay-Z
     I Think About It All The Time          SC8186-14          Crazy In Love                            SC8853-07
     I Will If You Will                      SD038-06     Bianco, Matt
     I Will If You Will                    CHM9706-21          Get Out Of Your Lazy Bed               SFMW831-06
     I Will, If You Will                    SC8376-13
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ARTIST                 TITLE                SONG #      ARTIST                  TITLE                      SONG #
Bienvenido Granda                                       Bilal
     Perfume De Gardenia                    AV17-03           Love It                                   SC8717-04
Bif Naked                                               Bill Clinton Parody
     I Love Myself Today                  SC8800-14           Bimbo #5                                  MM6330-02
     Moment Of Weakness                   SC8565-14     Bill Haley & The Comets
Big & Rich                                                    Rock Around The Clock                     SC7201-15
     Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy)       THC0408-18      Billie
     Wild West Show                     THC0404-14            Because We Want To                        LGTP-1-09
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy                                          Because We Want To                         SF122-08
     You & Me & Bottle Makes Three          US01-01           Day & Night                                SF165-12
     You & Me & The Bottle Makes 3        SC8484-08           Day & Night                               LGTP-2-01
     You And Me And The Bottle Makes       SGB07-01           Do You Have A Girl Friend                  SF126-16
Big Bopper, The                                               Honey To The Bee                           SF136-14
     Chantilly Lace                      MM6006-02            She Wants You                             SC8542-10
     Chantilly Lace                        SGB56-06           She Wants You                              SF128-02
     Chantilly Lace                     SFMW816-07      Bird, Tracy
     Chantilly Lace                       SC7527-03           Take Me With You When You Go               SD077-06
     Chantilly Lace                       SC8108-03     Bishop, Elvin
     Chantilly Lace                        LG077-13           Fooled Around & Fell In Love              SC8449-08
Big Brovaz                                                    Fooled Around & Fell In Love               PI003-13
     Ok                                    SF202-02           Fooled Around & Fell In Love              SC7534-07
Big Country                                             Bishop, Stephen
     In A Big Country                     SC8522-14           It Might Be You                            PI032-06
     In A Big Country                      DK099-04           It Might Be You (Tootsie)                 SC8627-08
Big Dee Irwin                                                 On And On                                 SC8577-11
     Swinging On A Star                    SF083-13           Save It For A Rainy Day                   SC8668-07
Big Head Todd & Monsters                                Bishops, The
     Bittersweet                          SC8749-03           I Need You More Today                  CBEP466-1-06
Big Head Todd & The Monsters                                  Look To Him                            CBEP466-1-11
     Broken Hearted Savior                SC8266-07           When Jesus Is All That I Have          CBEP466-5-10
     Circle                               SC8237-04           You Can't Ask Too Much Of My God       CBEP466-4-05
     Please Don't Tell Her                SC8389-15     Bjork
Big House                                                     It's Oh So Quiet                             BL02-13
     Cold Outside                         SC8358-03           Its So Quiet                                SF034-05
     Cold Outside                        MM6191-03      Black
     Cold Outside                       CHM97M5-20            Wonderful Life                              SF168-05
     Cold Outside                      CHM9705M-10      Black Box
     Faith                                SC8464-04           Ride On Time                            SFMW817-09
     You Ain't Lonely Yet                 SC8382-14     Black Crowes, The
Big Mountain                                                  Blackberry                                SC8337-05
     Baby I Love Your Way                SC8132-15            Go Faster                                 SC8548-06
     Baby I Love Your Way                MM6045-03            Good Friday                               SC8304-13
     Baby I Love Your Way                DK1101-05            Good Friday                               SC8449-10
     Get Together                       PHM9601-04            Hard To Handle                            SC7584-10
Big Twist                                                     Hard To Handle                            AH8004-08
     Turn Back The Hands Of Time          SGB27-12            Hard To Handle                             SGB25-06
Big Tymers                                                    Hard To Handle                            SC8486-06
     Still Fly                            SC8766-11           Jealous Again                              SGB25-11
Big Tymers & Gotti & Boo & Tateeze                            Jealous Again                             SC8598-03
     Oh Yeah!                             SC8789-06           Jealous Again                               DG04-15
Big Tymers & Tateeze & Boo & Gotti                            Jealous Again                             AH8009-07
     Oh Yeah                            THH0301-10            Kicking My Heart Around                   SC8515-14
Biggun, Ivor                                                  Lickin'                                   SC8699-05
     Winker Song                           SF042-09           Lickin'                                  THR0107-12
                                                              Only A Fool                               SC8531-02
 618-410-6826                                     Page 30                                        Thomas J Robinson
                                      Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE           SONG #     ARTIST                  TITLE               SONG #
    Remedy                            PI038-08         Burn One Down                        BS7117-17
    Remedy                           SC8530-11         Desperado                            BS7117-09
    She Talks To Angels               PI038-09         Galaxy Song                          SC8623-04
    She Talks To Angels              SC8433-06         Half Way Up                         CHM9701-12
    Soul Singing                    THR0110-14         I Raq And Roll                       SC8826-03
    Twice As Hard                    SC8749-10         Killin' Time                         BS7117-03
Black Eyed Peas                                        Killin' Time                         SC7536-12
    Shut Up                           SF212-01         Killin' Time                           PI205-02
    Shut Up                           EZH29-09         Killin' Time                         MM6011-13
    Where Is The Love                MM6396-04         Life Gets Away                       SC8205-12
Black Eyed Peas & Macy Gray                            Like The Rain                       CHM9610-10
    Request Line                     SC8695-11         Like The Rain                        SC8319-03
Black Lab                                              Like The Rain                        SC7595-03
    Time Ago                        PHM9806-06         Loosen Up My Strings                 SC8480-01
Black Lace                                             Loosen Up My Strings                  SD054-05
    Agadoo                            SF028-01         Love She Can't Live Without         THC0011-13
    Do The Conga                      SF042-07         Love She Can't Live Without           SD074-12
    Hokey Pokey                       SF028-09         Love She Can't Live Without          SC8623-09
Black Legend                                           Loving Blind                         BS7117-08
    You See The Trouble With Me       SF167-16         Loving Blind                           PI213-04
Black Oak Arkansas                                     Money Of Love                         SD093-09
    Hot And Nasty                    SC8479-06         Money Or Love                        SC8753-03
    Jim Dandy                        SC8204-11         No More To Kill                      BS7117-04
    Jim Dandy                        SC8449-04         Nobody's Home                        BS7117-02
Black Sabbath                                          Nobody's Home                        SC8628-06
    Heaven & Hell                    SC8830-06         Nobody's Home                         DK088-02
    Iron Man                           DG07-05         Nobody's Home                          PI209-01
    Iron Man                         SC8252-04         Nothin' But The Taillights          CHM9803-14
    Mob Rules, The                   SC8756-13         Nothin' But The Taillights            SD041-03
    N.I.B.                           SC8660-04         Nothing News                         BS7117-14
    Paranoid                           HV08-09         One More Payment                     BS7117-05
    Paranoid                         AH8006-09         Put Yourself In My Shoes             BS7117-12
    Paranoid                         SY1045-09         Put Yourself In My Shoes               PI213-03
    Paranoid                         SC8650-04         Shoes You're Wearing, The           CHM9807-14
    Paranoid/War Pigs Live            SGB04-15         Shoes You're Wearing, The             SD050-04
    Sabbath Bloody Sabbath             US04-09         Something That We Do                CHM9710-19
    Sabbath Bloody Sabbath            SGB31-01         Something That We Do                  SD042-05
    Sweet Leaf                       SC8713-13         Spend My Time                         SD113-08
    War Pigs                           DG02-03         Spend My Time                        SC8857-12
    War Pigs                         SC8621-11         Spend My Time                       THC0403-12
    War Pigs                         AH8009-14         State Of Mind                        BS7117-10
    War Pigs                         SC7578-12         State Of Mind                        MM6039-06
Black, Cilla                                           Still Holding On                    NSAVA19-08
    Alfie                             SF085-09         Summer's Comin'                      SC8179-03
    Love Just A Broken Heart          SF085-11         This Nightlife                       BS7117-11
    Something Tells Me               ZMH004-06         Till Santa's Gone                    BS7117-07
    Step Inside Love                 ZMH004-07         Walkin' Away                         BS7117-01
    Surround Yourself With Sorrow     SF085-10         Walkin' Away                          DK088-07
    You're My World                   SF052-02         We Tell Ourselves                    BS7117-15
Black, Clint                                           We Tell Ourselves                    MM6002-11
    Bad Goodbye, A                   BS7117-06         When I Say I Do                       SD066-01
    Better Man, A                      PI212-01        When I Say I Do                      SC8566-10
    Better Man, A                    BS7117-13         When My Ship Comes In                  PI217-12
    Better Man, A                   NSAVA14-02         When My Ship Comes In                MM6003-07
    Burn One Down                    MM6003-01         Where Are You Now                    BS7117-16
 618-410-6826                                Page 31                                 Thomas J Robinson
                                         Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE              SONG #      ARTIST                    TITLE                      SONG #
    Where Are You Now                     PI213-02           One Night In New Orleans                   THC0209-11
    You Don't Need Me Now               SC8520-01            Postmarked Birmingham                    MMCOU201-07
    You Don't Need Me Now                SD060-03            Postmarked Birmingham                        SD044-12
Black, Clint & Lisa Hartman                                  Postmarked Birmingham                       SC8436-01
    Easy For Me To Say                  SC8729-01            That's Just About Right                     SC8171-09
    Easy For Me To Say                   SD088-01            There You Have It                            SD055-13
    Easy For Me To Say                 THC0201-15            There You Have It                           SC8485-13
    When I Said I Do                  CBEP463-5-14           Your Own Little Corner Of My Heart          SC8520-15
Black, Clint & Lisa Hartman Black                            Your Own Little Corner Of My Heart           SD060-11
    Easy For Me To Say                   THW02-16      Blackstreet
Black, Clint & Martina McBride                               Before I Let You Go                         SC8145-14
    Still Holding On                     SD039-02            Don't Leave Me                              SC8476-10
    Still Holding On                   CHM9707-15            Don't Leave Me                             PHM9705-09
Black, Clint & Steve Wariner                                 No Diggity                                  SC8476-03
    Been There                          SC8584-13            No Diggity                                  SC7582-13
    Been There                         THC0004-18            Tonight's The Night                         SC8209-09
    Been There                         CB80019-07      Blackstreet, Mya, Mase & Blinky Blink
    Been There                           SD070-04            Take Me There                               SC8519-14
Black, Clint & Wynonna                                 Blades, Ruben
    Bad Goodbye, A                       PI213-01            Pedro Navaja                                  AV26-12
    Bad Goodbye, A                      SC7544-03      Blaine, Marcie
Blackbyrds, The                                              Bobby's Girl                                SC8206-13
    Walking In Rhythm                   SC8583-09      Blair
Blackfoot                                                    Have Fun Go Mad                             SC8462-02
    Highway Song                        SC8479-13      Blake & Brian
    Train Train                         SC8146-10            Another Perfect Day                         SC8388-02
Blackhawk                                              Blanca, Banda
    Almost A Memory Now                 SC8253-07            Sopa De Caracol                               AV08-11
    Almost A Memory Now                  SD024-02            Swing Latino                                  AV24-11
    Big Guitar                           SD028-03      Blanchard, Jack & M. Morgan
    Big Guitar                          SC8298-04            You've Got Your Troubles                   NSAVA09-06
    Days Of America                    THC0203-17      Blancmange
    Days Of America                     SC8736-11            Living On The Ceiling                         SF113-13
    Days Of America, The                 SD090-11      Bland, Bobby
    Down In Flames                       SD009-05            Turn On Your Love Light                     SC8526-15
    Down In Flames                      SC8159-05      Blaque
    Every Once In A While               SC8234-03            I Do                                        SC8613-11
    Goodbye Says It All                 MM6041-09            I'm Good                                   THH0403-18
    Goodbye Says It All                 SC8241-05            I'm Good                                   PHU0401-09
    Hole In My Heart                    SC8384-13      Blaque & N Sync
    Hole In My Heart                     SD040-08            Bring It All To Me                         CB80022-11
    Hole In My Heart, A                CHM9710-11            Bring It All To Me                          SC8587-13
    I Need You All The Time            THC0008-17            Bring It All To Me                         THP0003-11
    I Need You All The Time              SD071-09      Blazin Squad
    I Need You All The Time             SC8602-07            Crossroads                                   SF196-16
    I Sure Can Smell The Rain           SC8137-02            Love On The Line                             EZH18-04
    I Sure Can Smell The Rain            SD004-04            Reminisce                                    SF202-08
    I'm Not Strong Enough To Say No     MM6103-01            We Just Be Dreamin'                          EZH25-02
    I'm Not Strong Enough To Say No      SD019-07      Blazin' Squad
    I'm Not Strong Enough To Say No     SC8189-09            Flip Reverse                                  SF211-09
    King Of The World                   SC8341-09            Love On The Line                              SF198-05
    King Of The World                    SD032-10            We Just Be Dreamin'                           SF207-08
    Like There Ain't No Yesterday       SC8211-08      Bless'd
    Like There Ain't No Yesterday        SD023-05            Boo                                           SF198-14
    One Night In New Orleans             SD096-12
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                                               Waverly Sound
ARTIST                    TITLE                  SONG #      ARTIST                    TITLE               SONG #
Blessid Union Of Souls, The                                  Blink 182
     All Along                                SC8304-10           Adam's Song                            SF169-02
     Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me For Me)       SC8548-01           Adam's Song                           SC8593-13
     I Believe                                SC8164-04           All The Small Things                  SC8572-08
     I Believe                                  PI044-03          All The Small Things                   SF163-09
     I Believe                                MM6119-05           All The Small Things                  SC8050-07
     I Believe                                 SD013-08           All The Small Things                  LGTP-1-06
     I Wanna Be There                         SC8381-15           All The Small Things                 CB80023-12
     I Wanna Be There                        PHM9706-05           All The Small Things                   SGB38-13
     Let Me Be The One                        MM6119-09           Dammit                               PHM9801-09
     Let Me Be The One                        SC8209-01           Down                                 THR0409-11
     Let Me Be The One                       PHM9510-05           Feeling This                          SC8859-02
     Light In Your Eyes, The                  SC8457-03           Feeling This                         PHR0401-02
     Oh Virginia                                PI047-16          First Date                            SC8758-11
     Oh Virginia                              SC8257-13           First Date                             TU105-04
     Standing At The Edge Of The Earth        SC8572-09           First Date                           THR0205-16
     That's The Girl I've Been Telling You    SC8607-01           I Miss You                           THR0405-12
Blige, Mary J.                                                    Man Overboard                         SC8645-15
     Be Happy                                  SC8150-05          Rock Show                              SF180-13
     Dance For Me                               SF190-04          Rock Show, The                         SGB65-09
     Deep Inside                              THP0004-14          Rock Show, The                        SC8699-09
     Everything                                 SF114-04          Rock Show, The                       THR0108-16
     Family Affair                             SC8741-14          Stay Together For The Kids           THR0201-11
     Family Affair                             SC8720-10          Stay Together For The Kids             SGB66-14
     Family Affair                            THP0111-10          Stay Together For The Kids            SC8731-15
     Family Affair                           SFMW824-09           What’s My Age Again                    SF165-11
     Love Is All We Need                       SC8377-01          What's My Age Again                    SGB45-07
     More Than I Can Say                        SF148-13          What's My Age Again?                  SC8548-07
     No More Drama                              SF193-03          What's My Age Again?                 PHT9912-07
     No More Drama                             SC8797-07     Blondie
     No More Drama                             SC8740-07          Benis                                  SF037-13
     Not Gon' Cry                              SC8349-09          Call Me                                DK022-06
     Not Gon' Cry                               SD026-04          Call Me                               SC7581-04
     Not Gon' Cry                              SC8254-10          Call Me                                SF033-01
     Not Gon’ Cry                              SC7582-10          Call Me                               SC8338-03
     Not Gon' Cry                               SF041-03          Call Me                                SGB39-01
     Not Gonna Cry                           PHM9604-05           Dreaming                              SC8535-12
     Ooh!                                      SC8849-04          Good Boys                              EZH28-09
     Real Love, The                            SC8466-10          Hanging On The Telephone              SC8603-02
     You Don't Have To Worry                   SC8244-07          Heart Of Glass                         SF001-15
     You Remind Me                             SC8274-14          Heart Of Glass                         DK067-07
Blige, Mary J. & Common                                           Heart Of Glass                        SC7534-04
     Dance For Me                            THH0208-16           Heart Of Glass                         SGB32-05
Blind Faith                                                       Heart Of Glass                       MM6033-14
     Can't Find My Way Back Home               DG02-05            Maria                                 SC8523-10
     Can't Find My Way Home                   SC8724-14           Maria                                PHT9906-07
Blind Melon                                                       Maria                                  SF132-09
     No Rain                                  SC8122-05           Maria                                  SGB18-08
     No Rain                                    PI042-15          Maria                                 EK0025-07
     No Rain                                  MM6030-12           Nothing Is Real But The Girl           SF140-12
     No Rain                                   DK090-05           One Way Or Another                     SGB58-13
     Three Is A Magic Number                  SC8290-01           One Way Or Another                    SC8331-08
Blindside                                                         One Way Or Another                    SC7581-02
     Pitiful                                 THR0211-17           One Way Or Another                     DK083-18
     Sleepwalking                            THR0305-17           Picture This                           SF156-15
 618-410-6826                                          Page 33                                   Thomas J Robinson
                                         Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE              SONG #      ARTIST                 TITLE                       SONG #
     Rapture                             DK069-04          Too Close                                     SF183-02
     Rapture                            SC8609-12          U Make Me Wanna                               SF203-01
     Rapture                             SF032-09      Blue & Elton John
     Rapture                              PI022-15         Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word           SF199-13
     Rip Her To Shreds                  SC8840-07          Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word           EZH18-13
     Tide Is High, The                  SC7546-10      Blue & Stevie Wonder
     Tide Is High, The                   SGB58-03          Signed Sealed Delivered                      SF213-12
     Tide Is High, The                  MM6046-13          Signed Sealed Delivered                      EZH29-08
     Tide Is High, The                   DK044-11      Blue County
     Tide Is High, The                   SF105-04          Good Little Girls                           SC8857-05
     Tide Is High, The                    PI019-14         Good Little Girls                          THC0401-19
Blood, Sweat & Tears                                       Good Little Girls                            SD113-06
     And When I Die                        PI034-16        That's Cool                                THC0410-18
     And When I Die                      SC7543-09     Blue Magic
     And When I Die                       DK019-14         Side Show                                     RB01-01
     Hi De Ho That Old Sweet Roll        SC8540-15     Blue Mink
     Spinning Wheel                      SC7572-13         Banner Man                                    SF090-11
     Spinning Wheel, The                   PI015-05        Melting Pot                                   SF065-11
     Spinning Wheel, The                  DK010-08     Blue Murder
     Spinning Wheel, The                 SC8563-03         We All Fall Down                             NT050-11
     You've Made Me So Very Happy         DK059-06     Blue Oyster Cult
     You've Made Me So Very Happy        SC7550-08         Burnin' For You                             SC8725-15
Bloodhound Gang, The                                       Don't Fear The Reaper                       SC8554-15
     Bad Touch, The                     THP0008-18         Don't Fear The Reaper                        DK040-18
     Bad Touch, The                    AMS2001-20      Blue Pearl
     Bad Touch, The                       SF164-07         Naked In The Rain                             SF036-02
     Bad Touch, The                      SC8607-02     Blue Swede
     Bad Touch, The                    AMS2001-07          Hooked On A Feeling                         SC8750-10
     Bad Touch, The                       SGB42-02     Blue, Deacon
     Bad Touch, The                   SGBSP01-1-09         Dignity                                       SF149-04
     Bad Touch, The                      EK0028-15         Dignity                                       SF108-11
     Ballad Of Chasey Lain, The           SF170-03     Bluebells
     Ballad Of Chasey Lain, The           SGB46-08         Young At Heart                                SF012-14
     Fire Water Burn                     SC8700-02     Blues Brothers, The
     Mope                                 SF167-07         Everybody                                     BL01-15
Bloom, Bobby                                               Everybody Needs Somebody                     SF007-13
     Montego Bay                         SC8527-14         Expressway To Your Heart                    MM6058-13
     Montego Bay                          SF090-07         Gimme Some Lovin'                           SC8297-14
Blow Monkeys                                               Hey Bartender                                SGB27-14
     It Doesn't Have To Be That Way       SF075-08         Hey Bartender                               AH8009-01
Blow, Kurtis                                               Rawhide                                      SF156-07
     Breaks, The                         SC8656-05         Rubber Biscuit                              SC8782-02
     Breaks, The (Part 1)                  RB03-01         Shake Your Tail Feather                      SF149-02
     Breaks, The (Part 2)                  RB03-02         She Caught The Kat                          AH8015-06
Blu Cantrell & Sean Paul                                   She Caught The Katy                          SGB27-15
     Breathe                            MM6396-08          Soul Man                                    MM6024-13
Blue                                                       Soul Man                                    SC7503-05
     All Rise                             SF182-06         Sweet Home Chicago                           SGB27-01
     Fly By                               SF190-07         Sweet Home Chicago                          AH8017-12
     Fly By                               EZH09-04         Sweet Home Chicago (Radio Version)          SC8814-08
     Guilty                               EZH28-02     Blues Image, The
     Guilty                               SF210-02         Ride Captain Ride                           LC0001-12
     If You Come Back                     SF184-07         Ride Captain Ride                           SC8192-01
     One Love                             SF197-01         Ride Captain Ride                           AH8011-06
     One Love                             EZH17-02
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                                       Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE            SONG #      ARTIST                  TITLE                       SONG #
Blues Magoos                                         Bobby "Blue" Band
     We Ain't Got Nothin' Yet         SC8750-01          Further On Up The Road                          RB12-05
Blues Traveler                                           Turn On Your Love Light                         RB22-09
     But Anyway                       SC8304-02      Bobby Fuller Four
     Carolina Blues                   SC8457-11          I Fought The Law                              SGB44-05
     Hook                             SC8350-11      Bobby Fuller Four, The
     Hook                            PHM9511-06          I Fought The Law                            SC7520R-07
     Hook                             SC8209-03          I Fought The Law                             SC7520-07
     Most Precarious                  SC8423-13          I Fought The Law                               PI027-14
     Run Around                         HV03-09          I Fought The Law                              DK030-16
     Run-Around                       SY1050-08      Bodeens, The
     Runaround                        MM6119-12          Closer To Free                               SC8257-06
     Runaround                        AH8010-06          Closer To Free                               DGH01-02
     Runaround                        SC8187-05          Closer To Free                               SC8435-15
Bluetones                                                Hurt By Love                                 SC8343-06
     After Hours                        SF191-07     Bogguss, Suzy
Blume, Tommy                                             Aces                                         MM6002-12
     Ain't Misbehavin'                  SF064-04         Aces                                         SC8165-04
Blur                                                     Cross My Broken Heart                        SC8275-07
     Beetlebum                          LG012-09         Drive South                                  SC8234-12
     Bug Man                            SF140-05         Drive South                                  MM6012-14
     Charmless Man                      SF061-10         Drive South                                     PI216-07
     Coffee & TV                        SF142-08         From Where I Stand                           SC8498-10
     Coffee & Tv                       SFG021-12         Give Me Some Wheels                          SC8289-02
     Country House                      SF060-01         Give Me Some Wheels                            SD028-12
     Country House                     SFG021-09         Goodnight                                    SC8566-13
     Crazy Beat                       THR0307-10         Heartache                                    MM6035-11
     End Of The Century                SFG021-15         Hey Cinderella                               MM6039-04
     Girls & Boys                       SF020-05         Hey Cinderella                               SC8112-05
     Girls & Boys                      SFG021-14         Just Like The Weather                        MM6029-06
     No Distance Left To Run            SF150-07         Just Like The Weather                        SC8167-14
     Park Life                         SFG021-10         Letting Go                                   MM6002-15
     Parklife                           LG019-06         Letting Go                                      PI215-13
     Song 2                             SF131-06         No Way Out                                   SC8319-05
     Song 2                            SC8530-03         Nobody Love, Nobody Gets Hurt                SC8485-15
     Tender                             SF134-05         Outbound Plane                                  PI210-03
     Tender                            SFG021-16         Outbound Plane                               SC8130-03
     There's No Other Way            SFMW817-10          Outbound Plane                               MM6010-12
     There's No Other Way              SFG021-13         Outbound Plane                                TT6002-10
     This Is A Low                     SFG021-11         Somebody To Love                             SC8451-14
BMU                                                      Somebody To Love                            CHM9808-19
     U Will Know                      SC8145-03          Somebody To Love                               SD053-09
Bob & Doug McKenzie                                      Someday Soon                                    PI211-03
     Twelve Days Of Christmas, The    SC8780-09          Someday Soon                                 SC8265-11
Bob & Earl                                               Souvenirs                                    SC8137-11
     Harlem Shuffle                     SF088-07         Take It To The Limit                         MM6041-05
Bob & Tom Band                                           You Never Will                               SC8287-13
     Buzz, Buzz The Vibrator Song     SC8700-05          You Wouldn't Say That To A Stranger          SC8260-07
Bob The Builder                                      Bolton, Michael
     Mambo No 5                         SF183-04         Back On My Feet Again                        SC8425-08
Bob Wills And His Texas Playboys                         Back On My Feet Again                        MM6049-15
     Stay A Little Longer             SC8592-06          Best Of Love, The                            SC8422-11
Bobbettes                                                Can I Touch You There                        MM6119-10
     Mr. Lee                          SC8450-11          Can I Touch You There                        SC8203-01
                                                         Completely                                   MM6045-01
 618-410-6826                                  Page 35                                         Thomas J Robinson
                                                    Waverly Sound
ARTIST                    TITLE                        SONG #      ARTIST                  TITLE                      SONG #
    Completely                                        DK088-06         Livin On A Prayer                         SFMW838-04
    Completely                                      SC8113-04          Livin' On A Prayer                          SC8716-13
    Completely                                         PI048-16        Misunderstood                                SF200-11
    Dock Of The Bay, The                            SC8378-01          Never Say Goodbye                           SC8716-09
    Georgia On My Mind                              SC8363-02          One Wild Night (2001 Version)                SF180-09
    How Am I Supposed To Live Without You             DK053-01         Please Come Home For Christmas              SC8781-14
    How Am I Supposed To Live Without You             SF053-12         Please Come Home For Christmas               LG172-16
    How Am I Supposed To Live Without You           SC8366-01          Runaway                                      SGB05-09
    How Am I Supposed To Live Without You             SF112-10         Say It Isn't So                              SGB46-05
    How Can We Be Lovers                            MM6001-15          Thank You For Loving Me                     SC8680-01
    How Can We Be Lovers                               PI042-03    Bon Jovi, Jon
    I Found Someone                                 SC8277-13          Always                                       DK093-01
    Love Is A Wonderful Thing                    CBEP463-3-13          Always                                       SD007-01
    Love Is A Wonderful Thing                      SC8235R-07          Always                                        PI057-03
    Love Is A Wonderful Thing                       SC8235-07          Always                                       SF010-05
    Love Is The Power                               SC8340-07          Always                                      SC8140-11
    Love So Beautiful, A                            SC8248-02          Always                                      MM6078-10
    Missing You Now                                 SC8371-02          Bad Medicine                                 DK068-04
    Missing You Now                                  TT6011-08         Bad Medicine                                SC7548-11
    Once In A Lifetime                                SD007-03         Bed Of Roses                                 DK076-01
    Once In A Lifetime                                 PI047-05        Bed Of Roses                                SC8242-05
    Please Forgive Me                               MM6040-14          Bed Of Roses                                 SF021-05
    Reach Out, I'll Be There                        MM6000-05          Blaze Of Glory                              SC8433-02
    River, The                                      SC8263-06          Blaze Of Glory                               SF131-05
    Safe Place From The Storm                       SC8462-08          Blaze Of Glory                               DK053-02
    Said I Loved You, But I Lied                    SC8113-02          Blaze Of Glory                                PI033-11
    Said I Loved You, But I Lied                    MM6038-04          Born To Be My Baby                           DK061-06
    Soul Provider                                 SFMW826-15           I'll Be There For You                      NSAVP15-09
    Steel Bars                                      SC8374-03          In And Out Of Love                          SC8631-07
    Time Love And Tenderness                        SC8363-08          In These Arms                                SF156-03
    To Love Somebody                                MM6049-04          It's My Life                                SC8622-04
    To Love Somebody                                SC8310-02          It's My Life                                EK0028-13
    When A Man Loves A Woman                        MM6001-02          It's My Life                                 SF165-16
    When I'm Back On My Feet Again                  SC8366-15          Janie Don't Take Your Love To Town          SC8395-08
    When I'm Back On My Feet Again                    DK048-01         Keep The Faith                               SF004-04
    Yesterday                                       SC8374-11          Keep The Faith                              SC8638-13
    You Wouldn't Know Love                          SC8264-15          Lie To Me                                    SF034-10
Bombalurina                                                            Livin' On A Prayer                           DK062-04
    Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie                         SF028-05          Livin' On A Prayer                         NSAVP15-01
Bombalutins                                                            Midnight In Chelsea                         SC8448-15
    Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Backseat       SF095-13          Never Say Goodbye                           AH8002-08
Bon Jovi                                                               Queen Of New Orleans                         SF114-13
    All About Loving You                          SFMW843-01           Real Life                                   SC8531-05
    All About Loving You                          SFMW843-01           Runaway                                     SC8516-11
    Bad Medicine                                     SGB52-09          Runaway                                       HV08-07
    Blaze Of Glory                                  SC8716-06          Runaway                                     AH8006-07
    Blaze Of Glory                                   SGB63-10          Runaway                                       DG05-09
    Blaze Of Glory                                    US04-10          Say It Isn't So                              SF170-16
    Born To Be My Baby                              SC8716-14          Someday I'll Be Saturday Night               SF020-04
    Everyday                                         SF197-04          Something For The Pain                      SC8209-08
    Everyday                                        SC8783-03          Something For The Pain                       SF041-05
    I'll Be There For You                           SC8716-08          Something For The Pain                        PI046-08
    I'll Be There For You                            SGB39-06          Thank You For Loving Me                      SF173-08
    It's My Life                                     SGB45-15          This Ain't A Love Song                        PI047-10
    Lay Your Hands On Me                            SC8756-07          This Ain't A Love Song                      SC8187-09
 618-410-6826                                                Page 36                                        Thomas J Robinson
                                         Waverly Sound
ARTIST                    TITLE            SONG #      ARTIST                 TITLE                     SONG #
    This Ain't A Love Song                SD015-02     Boone, Daniel
    This Ain't A Love Song                SF039-05         Beautiful Sunday                         ZMH001-04
    Wanted Dead Or Alive              SGBTB1001-11         Beautiful Sunday                          AH8011-16
    Wanted Dead Or Alive                 SC7511-01         Beautiful Sunday                        SFMW821-06
    Wanted Dead Or Alive                  DK064-05     Boone, Debbie
    You Give Love A Bad Name              SF013-03         Are You On The Road To Lovin' Me          SC8412-15
    You Give Love A Bad Name             SC7579-15         You Light Up My Life                      SC7506-09
    You Give Love A Bad Name              DK077-05         You Light Up My Life                       DK076-06
    You Give Love A Bad Name             SC8627-02     Boone, Pat
Bonamy, James                                              April Love                                 DK014-17
    All I Do Is Love Her               CHM9702-17          April Love                                SC8441-03
    All I Do Is Love Her                  SD033-12         Don't Forbid Me                             PI001-05
    All I Do Is Love Her                 SC8336-06         Friendly Persuasion                        SF063-07
    I Don't Think I Will                  SD030-02         I Almost Lost My Mind                     SC7566-02
    I Don't Think I Will                 SC8289-07         Love Letters In The Sand                   DK036-14
    Naked To The Pain                    SC8388-03         Love Letters In The Sand                  SC7550-07
    She's Got A Mind Of Her Own          SC8232-15         Love Letters In The Sand                NSAVP10-11
    Swing, The                         CHM97M5-19          Love Letters In The Sand                    PI024-14
    Swing, The                        CHM9705M-19          Moody River                                DK095-18
    Swing, The                            SD039-14         Moody River                               SC8288-12
Bonds, Gary U.S.                                           Remember You're Mine                        PI028-11
    New Orleans                            RB21-11         Speedy Gonzales                             PI207-14
    Quarter To Three                      SF084-01         Speedy Gonzalez                         SFMW815-05
    Quarter To Three, A                  SC7550-10     Boothe, Ken
    Quarter To Three, A                    PI001-07        Everying I Own                              SF141-06
    Quarter To Three, A                   DK080-09     Bopettes
Boney M                                                    I Shot Mr. Lee                              RB24-02
    Belfast                            SFMW804-08      Bosson
    Brown Girl In The Ring             SFMW809-14          We Live                                   SC8616-11
    Brown Girl In The Ring                LG019-12     Boston
    Daddy Cool                         SFMW808-01          Amanda                                    SC8373-12
    Ma Baker                           SFMW829-07          Amanda                                     SF013-06
    Mary's Boy Child Oh My Lord           SF030-05         Amanda                                    MM6054-09
    Rivers Of Babylon                     SF023-15         Amanda                                    SC8648-12
Boney, M                                                   Don't Look Back                           SC8648-13
    Rasputin                             ZMH006-15         Don't Look Back                           SC8539-10
Bonham, Tracy                                              Long Time                                 SC8223-12
    Mother Mother                        SC8286-07         Long Time                                 SC8648-05
    One, The                             SC8316-05         Long Time                                SC8223R-12
Bonoff, K. & Nitty Gritty Dirt Band                        Man I'll Never Be, A                      SC8404-02
    You Believed In Me                   SC8289-13         Man I'll Never Be, A                       SGB26-16
Bonoff, Karla                                              Man I'll Never Be, A                      AH8004-10
    Standing Right Next To Me            SC8121-08         More Than A Feeling                       MM6054-15
Bonus Track                                                More Than A Feeling                          FC3-05
    Halloween Sound Effects (15)         SC8550-15         More Than A Feeling                       SC8648-02
    Twilight Zone, The                   SC8550-16         More Than A Feeling                       SC7535-07
Bonzo Doo Doo Dah Band                                     Peace Of Mind                             SC8406-13
    I'm The Urban Spaceman                SF089-14         Rock & Roll Band                          SC8334-09
Boomkat                                                    Rock & Roll Band                          SC8648-10
    What U Do 2 Me                      THP0309-13         Smokin'                                   SC8586-04
    Wreckoning (Radio Version)           SC8818-08         We're Ready                               SC8684-02
    Wreckoning (Radio Version)           SC8817-08     Boucher, Judi
Boomtown Rats, The                                         Can't Be With You Tonight                   SF057-09
    I Don't Like Mondays                 SC8571-10     Bow Bow Bow
    I Don't Like Mondays                  SF113-09         Go Wild In The Country                      SF105-13
 618-410-6826                                    Page 37                                      Thomas J Robinson
                                         Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE              SONG #      ARTIST                  TITLE                         SONG #
Bow Wow & Jagged Edge                                      Young Americans                                SC8313-10
   My Baby                             THH0403-14          Ziggy Stardust                                  SGB14-10
Bow Wow Wow                                                Ziggy Stardust                                 AH8015-13
   Do You Wanna Hold Me                  SC8571-09     Bowie, David & Queen
   I Want Candy                           SF109-08         Under Pressure                                 SC8574-11
   I Want Candy                          SC8329-10     Bowling For Soup
Bowie, David                                               Girl All The Bad Guys Want                    THR0212-16
   7                                      SGB45-05         Girl All The Bad Guys Want, The                 SF196-10
   Absolute Beginners                     LG001-09     Box Car Racer
   Ashes To Ashes                         LG001-14         There Is                                      THR0302-15
   Ashes To Ashes                         SF082-05     Box Tops, The
   Cat People (Putting Out The Fire)     SC8782-08         Cry Like A Baby                                SC7550-05
   Changes                                 PI048-10        Cry Like A Baby                                 DK029-06
   Changes                               SC8671-10         Letter, The                                     DK021-12
   Changes                                LG001-02         Letter, The                                     SF064-12
   Changes                                SGB44-07         Letter, The                                   SC7520R-12
   China Girl                             SF002-14         Letter, The                                     SGB60-05
   China Girl                            SC8477-04         Letter, The                                    SC7520-12
   China Girl                              PI047-09        Letter, The                                      PI002-16
   China Girl                             LG001-12         Sweet Cream Ladies, Forward March              SC8686-08
   Drive-in Saturday                      LG001-05     Boxcar Racer
   Fame                                   SGB60-08         I Feel So                                       TU142-07
   Fame (90's Remix)                       PI056-14        I Feel So                                     THR0209-11
   Fashion                             SFMW820-14      Boy George
   Golden Years                           LG001-08         Crying Game, The                               TT6014-11
   Golden Years                          SC8671-11         Crying Game, The                               SC8310-05
   Heroes                                SC8580-12         Crying Game, The                                DK084-07
   It Ain’t Easy                       SFMW838-03      Boy Howdy
   Jump They Say                          LG001-15         Bigger Fish To Fry                             SC8171-10
   Let's Dance                             PI052-15        She Can't Love You                             SC8198-14
   Let's Dance                            LG001-11         She'd Give Anything                            SC8180-10
   Let's Dance                           SC8573-05         She'd Give Anything                            MM6039-13
   Let's Dance                            SF033-07         They Don't Make 'Em Like That Anymore          SC8200-15
   Life On Mars                           SF024-04         True To His Word                               SC8309-03
   Life On Mars                           LG001-04     Boy Krazy
   Modern Love                           SC7561-13         That's What Love Can Do                        SC8266-09
   Modern Love                             PI051-12    Boy Meets Girl
   Rebel Rebel                           SC8585-05         Waiting For A Star To Fall                      SF141-07
   Rebel Rebel                           SC7576-12         Waiting For A Star To Fall                     SC8588-01
   Rebel Rebel                            LG001-07     Boyer, Anita
   Rock 'N' Roll Suicide                  LG001-03         Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered               PI306-18
   Sorrow                                 SF024-05     Boys Don't Cry
   Sorrow                                 LG001-06         I Wanna Be A Cowboy                            SC8522-09
   Space Oddity                           LG001-01     Boystown Gang
   Space Oddity                           SGB54-08         Can't Take My Eyes Off You                     ZMH007-15
   Space Oddity                          AH8002-10     Boyz II Men
   Space Oddity                          SC8840-03         End Of The Road                                SC7514-03
   Starman                             SFMW841-05          End Of The World, The                            PI020-01
   Suffagette City                        SGB25-09         End Of The World, The                          MM6030-06
   Suffragette City                      SY1045-03         Four Seasons Of Lonliness                     PHM9711-08
   Suffragette City                      AH8005-09         I Remember                                     SC8248-13
   Suffragette City                      SC8621-07         I Will Get There                               SC8523-07
   Tonight                                LG001-13         I'll Make Love To You                            PI041-06
   Under Pressure                         LG001-10         I'll Make Love To You                           SD001-01
   Young Americans                         PI053-11        I'll Make Love To You                           DK089-02
 618-410-6826                                    Page 38                                           Thomas J Robinson
                                   Waverly Sound
ARTIST                TITLE          SONG #      ARTIST                  TITLE             SONG #
    I'll Make Love To You          AH9821-08         All You Wanted                     SC8796-05
    I'll Make Love To You          SC8132-01         All You Wanted                     SC8744-10
    On Bended Knee                  SD010-01         Are You Happy Now?                 SC8852-10
    On Bended Knee                  DK090-18         Are You Happy Now?                THP0308-15
    On Bended Knee                   PI041-05        Are You Happy Now?                 SC8834-09
    On Bended Knee                 SC8140-03         Breathe                           THP0312-11
    Pass You By                    SC8654-13         Breathe                           PHM0312-02
    Please Don't Go                SC8266-14         Breathe                            SC8845-04
    Song For Mama, A               SC8440-02         Everywhere                         SC8813-06
    Thank You                       SD013-04         Everywhere                         SC8741-13
    Thank You                      SC8156-06         Everywhere                          SF191-16
    The Color Of Love             THH0209-17         Everywhere                         SC8726-11
    Vibin'                          SD017-04         Everywhere                        THP0110-16
    Water Runs Dry                 SC8156-07         Goodbye To You                     SC8778-07
    Water Runs Dry                   PI047-14        Goodbye To You                      SF202-05
    Water Runs Dry                 MM6119-14         Goodbye To You                    THP0211-11
    Water Runs Dry                  SD010-10         Til I Get Over You                THP0405-14
Boyzone                                          Branch, Michelle & Santana
    All That I Need                 SF120-02         Game Of Love, The                 PHM0212-03
    All That I Need                LGTP-1-05     Brand New Heavies
    Baby Can't Hold You Tonight     SF116-11         Dream On Dreamer                    PI052-05
    Coming Home Now                 LG007-02         Midnight At The Oasis               SF010-06
    Coming Home Now                 SF080-05         Never Stop                         SC8754-13
    Different Beat, A               LG007-07         Sometimes                          SC8457-04
    Different Beat, A               SF081-14         You Got A Friend                    SF114-12
    Everyday I Love You             SF155-02     Brandt, Paul
    Father & Son                    LG007-01         I Do                               SD031-06
    I Love The Way You Love Me      SF127-16         I Do                              SC8319-04
    Isn't It A Wonder               LG007-04         I Do                            MMCOU101-19
    Key To My Life                  LG007-05         I Do                            CBEP463-4-05
    No Matter What                 LGTP-4-08         I Meant To Do That                 SD034-02
    No Matter What                  SF123-08         I Meant To Do That                SC8341-13
    No Matter What                PHT9909-07         It's A Beautiful Thing             SD069-14
    No Matter What                 SC8548-15         It's A Beautiful Thing            SC8570-15
    Picture Of You, A               LG007-03         Little In Love, A                 SC8409-10
    So Good                         LG007-06         Little In Love, A                  SD044-08
    When The Going Gets Tough       SF132-16         My Heart Has A History            SC8267-08
    Word                            LG007-08         My Heart Has A History             SD030-10
    Words                           SF081-10         Take It From Me                    SD037-11
    You Needed Me                   SF138-01         That's The Truth                  SC8533-14
Boz Scaggs                                           What's Come Over You               SD046-14
    Look What You've Done To Me    SC8641-08     Brandy
BR5-49                                               Almost Doesn't Count               SC8531-08
    Cherokee Boogie                SC8328-11         Angel In Disguise                  SC8519-02
    Even If It's Wrong             SC8358-09         Another Day In Paradise             SF180-15
    Little Ramona                  SC8358-02         Baby                                PI053-02
Brady Bunch, The                                     Baby                               SC8156-11
    It's A Sunshine Day            SC8620-03         Best Friend                        SC8199-05
    Keep On                        SC8620-05         Best Friend                         PI050-08
    Time To Change                 SC8620-10         Brokenhearted                       PI048-06
Bran Van 3000                                        Full Moon                          SC8758-03
    Drinking In La.                 SF146-10         Full Moon                         THH0208-11
Branch, Michelle                                     Have You Ever                      SC8499-07
    All You Wanted                 SC8813-03         I Wanna Be Down                     PI051-08
    All You Wanted                THP0204-15         I Wanna Be Down                    SC8150-02
 618-410-6826                              Page 39                               Thomas J Robinson
                                              Waverly Sound
ARTIST                TITLE                    SONG #      ARTIST                 TITLE                      SONG #
    Sittin' Up In My Room                     SD026-03         How Could An Angel Break My Heart            PI051-01
    Sittin' Up In My Room                      PI044-16        How Many Ways                              SC8140-10
    Sittin' Up In My Room                   PHM9603-07         How Many Ways                              MM6078-11
    Sittin' Up In My Room                     SF041-11         I Don't Want To                             HV06a-15
    Sittin' Up In My Room                    SC8248-01         I Don't Want To                           PHM9703-03
    U Don't Know Me (Like U Used To)         SC8569-08         I Don't Want You                           SC8476-02
    What About Us                            SC8796-07         I Love Me Some Him                         SC8377-07
    What About Us                             SF190-16         In The Late Of The Night                     PI053-01
    What About Us                            SC8747-01         Just Be A Man About It                    THP0010-14
    What About Us                             EZH09-13         Just Be A Man About It                      SGB46-06
    What About Us                           THP0204-10         Just Be A Man About It                     SC8625-15
Brandy & Kanye West                                            Let It Flow                                  PI050-05
    Talk About Our Love                     THH0408-16         Let It Flow                                SC8281-05
Brandy & Monica                                                Love Shoulda Brought You Home              SC8363-09
    Boy Is Mine, The                        PHM9807-07         Seven Whole Days                             PI045-15
    Boy Is Mine, The                          SF122-10         Spanish Guitar                             SC8673-13
    Boy Is Mine, The                         SC8469-09         There's No Me Without You                    PI048-02
Brandy & Wanya Morris                                          Un-Break My Heart                          SC7587-09
    Broken Hearted                           SC8203-06         Unbreak My Heart                            SF081-06
Brandy, & Mase                                                 Unbreak My Heart                           SC8325-14
    Top Of The World                          SF127-05         Unbreak My Heart                          PHM9611-05
Brandy, Tamia, Gladys Knight & Chaka Khan                      Unbreak My Heart                             PI047-01
    Missing You                              SC8316-09         Unbreak My Heart                           MM6173-10
    Missing You                              SC8471-10         Unbreak My Heart                            LG002-06
Branigan, Laura                                                Unbreak My Heart                             HV02-12
    Didn't We Almost Win It All              SC8246-07         Why Should I Care                            PI052-04
    Gloria                                    DK028-07         You Mean The World To Me                   AH9821-15
    Gloria                                    SGB49-13         You Mean The World To Me                   MM6045-05
    Gloria                                    SF031-13         You Mean The World To Me                   SC8121-01
    Gloria                                   SC7581-12         You're Making Me High                        HV03-15
    Gloria                                   SC8331-11         You're Making Me High                       SF060-09
    How Am I Supposed To Live Without You      PI052-11        You're Making Me High                      SC8290-07
    Self Control                              SF037-05         You're Making Me High                      SC8349-02
    Self Control                             SC8329-05         You're Making Me High                        PI049-01
    Solitaire                                SC8210-11         You're Making Me High                     PHM9607-02
Brannon, Kippi                                                 You're Making Me High                     THM9607-02
    Daddy's Little Girl                       RS502-02     Braxton, Toni & Kenny G
Braxton, Toni                                                  How Could An Angel Break My Heart          SC8422-01
    Another Sad Love Song                    SC8371-09     Braxton, Toni & Loon
    Another Sad Love Song                    MM6030-07         Hit The Freeway                           THH0301-17
    Another Sad Love Song                      PI044-06    Braxtons, The
    Another Sad Love Song                     SF019-11         So Many Ways                               SC8316-13
    Breathe Again                             DK083-05     Bread
    Breathe Again                            SC8111-03         Aubrey                                      PLC11-07
    Breathe Again                            MM6038-05         Baby I'm A Want You                         SGB57-12
    Breathe Again                             SF006-02         Baby I'm A Want You                         DK003-02
    Breathe Again                              PI037-01        Baby I'm A Want You                        SC8362-02
    He Wasn't Man Enough                    CB80021-11         Diary                                       PLC11-08
    He Wasn't Man Enough                    THP0008-10         Diary, The                                 SC8540-12
    He Wasn't Man Enough                     SC8616-07         Diary, The                                NSAVP10-10
    He Wasn't Man Enough                    CB40063-10         Everything I Own                           SC8261-06
    He Wasn't Man Enough                     SC8800-09         Everything I Own                            DK018-06
    He Wasn't Man Enough For Me               SGB38-06         Guitar Man                                  SF162-11
    Hit The Freeway                         CB30031-13         Guitar Man                                 SC8283-10
    How Could An Angel Break My Heart         SF115-06         If                                          DK022-11
 618-410-6826                                        Page 40                                       Thomas J Robinson
                                                 Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE                      SONG #      ARTIST                    TITLE                        SONG #
     If                                            PI052-10    Brickman, Jim
     If                                         SC7542-05           Love I Found In You, The                       SC8637-10
     If                                       CBEP463-1-15     Brickman, Jim & Jane Krakowski
     It Don't Matter To Me                         PI043-16         You                                            SC8809-12
     It Don't Matter To Me                      SC7535-02      Brickman, Jim & Laura Creamer
     It Don't Matter To Me                       LC0007-13          By Heart                                       SC8268-11
     Lost Without Your Love                       PLC11-10     Brickman, Jim & Martina McBride
     Make It With You                              PI028-01         Valentine                                      SC7600-04
     Make It With You                             DK018-05          Valentine                                      SC8369-12
     Make It With You                         CBEP463-2-15     Brickman, Jim & Olivia Newton John
     Make It With You                           SC8354-07           Change Of Heart                                SC8664-02
     Sweet Surrender                              PLC11-09     Brickman, Jim & Rebecca Lynn Howard
Breaking Benjamin                                                   Simple Things, The                             SC8730-05
     So Cold                                   THR0409-14      Bridges, Alicia
Breathe                                                             I Love The Nightlife                           SC8143-05
     Hands To Heaven                             SC8518-10          I Love The Nightlife                           MM6036-14
Breeders, The                                                       I Love The Nightlife (Disco ‘Round)            SC7597-15
     Cannonball                                  SC8562-03     Brightman, Sarah
Breen, Ann                                                          Deliver Me                                     SC8542-06
     Pal Of My Cradle Days                        SF139-05     Brightman, Sarah & Hot Gossip
     Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ra                        SC8737-08          I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper          ZMH010-01
Breezer, Jo                                                    Bristol, Johnny
     Venus & Mars                                 SF184-10          Hang On In There Baby                            SF091-10
Bremers, Beverly                                               Britney Spears Parody
     Don't Say You Don't Remember                SC8575-08          Oops I Farted Again                            MM6330-01
Bresslaw, B                                                    Brizuela, Laureana
     Mad Passionate Love                          SF095-14          Mucha Mujer Para Ti                              AV06-10
Brewer & Shipley                                               Broadman Hymnal
     One Toke Over The Line                      SC8679-09          Banner Of The Cross, The                      CB70017-10
Brewer, Teresa                                                      Have Faith In God                             CB70017-07
     Music Music Music                           SC8249-14          Holy, Holy, Holy                              CB70017-01
Brian & Michael                                                     I Am Thine, O Lord                            CB70017-08
     Matchstickmen & Matchstick Cats & Dogs       SF141-01          Jesus Is Calling                              CB70017-09
Brian Setzer Orchestra, The                                         Jesus Saves                                   CB70017-04
     Jump Jive & Wail                           SC8478-02           Make Me A Channel Of Blessing                 CB70017-11
     Jump Jive An' Wail                         SC7587-02           Old Rugged Cross, The                         CB70017-16
     Jump, Jive & Wail                            US01-06           Onward Christian Soldiers                     CB70017-06
     Jump, Jive And Wail                      MMCP2K01-07           Savior, Like A Shepherd Lead Us               CB70017-03
     This Cat's On A Hot Tin Roof                 US01-02           Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus                  CB70017-05
     This Cat's On A Hot Tin Roof               SC8501-01           To The Work                                   CB70017-13
Brick                                                               We're Marching To Zion                        CB70017-02
     Dazz                                          RB03-08          Who Is On The Lord's Side                     CB70017-12
     Dusic                                       SC8386-11          Will Jesus Find Us Watching?                  CB70017-14
Brickell, Eddie                                                     Ye Must Be Born Again                         CB70017-15
     Good Times                                   SD003-06     Broadway
Brickell, Edie & The New Bohemians                                  42nd Street                                     PI306-12
     What I Am                                   SC8378-04          42nd Street                                    SC8127-12
     What I Am                                   SC7581-05          Chitty Chitty Bang Bang                         PI307-01
     What I Am                                    PI052-14          Let Me Entertain You                            PI306-08
Brickman & Ashton                                              Brock, Chad
     Gift, The                                 CHM9801-17           Evangeline                                     SC8480-04
     Gift, The                                 PHM9712-09           Lightning Does The Work                        SC8543-07
Brickman & Smith                                                    Lightning Does The Work                         SD063-12
     Love of My Life                             SC8523-03          Lightning Does The Work                       CHT9909-08
                                                                    N's Gotta Do, A                                 SD098-13
 618-410-6826                                            Page 41                                            Thomas J Robinson
                                                   Waverly Sound
ARTIST                 TITLE                         SONG #      ARTIST                 TITLE                          SONG #
    Ordinary Life                                 SC8498-04          Boot Scootin' Boogie                           SC8505-09
    Ordinary Life                                  SD060-10          Brand New Man                                    PI214-06
    Tell Me How                                   SC8723-10          Brand New Man                                  SC8505-04
    Tell Me How                                    SD087-10          Brand New Man                                  SC8101-09
    That Was Us                                    SD106-13          Cool Drink Of Water                             C2C01-10
    Visit, The                                     SD075-01          Days Of Thunder                                 SD047-11
    Visit, The                                   THC0101-17          Every River                                    SC8784-06
    Visit, The                                    SC8630-12          Every River                                   THC0212-13
    Yes                                          THC0006-19          Few Good Rides Away, A                         SC8282-02
    Yes                                           MM6301-04          Few Good Rides Away, A                          C2C01-11
    Yes                                            SD071-11          Folsom Prison Blues                             C2C01-12
    Yes!                                          SC8602-12          Goin' Under Getting Over You                  THC0004-12
    Yes!                                         CB80019-01          Hard Workin' Man                               SC8505-05
    You Are                                      THC0404-18          Hard Workin' Man                               SC8142-12
Brock, Chad, George Jones & Hank Williams, Jr.                       Hard Workin' Man                            MMCOU101-04
    Country Boy Can Survive, A (Y2K                SD069-11          Hard Workin' Man                                 PI218-03
Brock, Chad, Hank Williams Jr. & George Jones                        Hard Workin' Man                               MM6022-15
    Country Boy Can Survive, A (Y2K               SC8584-15          He's Got You                                 CHM9801-15
Brokop, Lisa                                                         He's Got You                                    SD044-14
    Ain't Enough Roses                            SC8520-02          He's Got You                                   SC8416-12
    Before He Kissed Me                           SC8256-13          Heartbroke Out Of My Mind                       C2C01-05
    Give Me A Ring Sometime                       SC8229-02          Honky Tonk Truth                                SD042-03
    One Of Those Nights                           SC8171-06          Honky Tonk Truth                               SC8402-03
    She Can't Save Him                            SC8224-14          Honky Tonk Truth                             CHM9710-13
    Take That                                      SD009-12          How Long Gone                                   SD053-03
    Take That                                     SC8152-04          How Long Gone                                  SC8505-10
    When You Get To Be You                        SC8498-15          How Long Gone                                  SC8470-10
    Who Needs You                                 SC8198-03          Husbands & Wives                                SD056-02
Bronco                                                               Husbands & Wives                               SC8488-07
    Con Zapatos De Tacon                             AV16-08         I Am That Man                                   SD029-02
    Dos Mujeres Un Camino                            AV16-01         I Am That Man                                  SC8289-05
    Mi Amigo Bronco                                  AV16-10         I Can't Get Over You                           SC8512-14
    Sergio El Bailador                               AV26-05         I Can't Get Over You                            SD059-02
Bronski Beat                                                         I Can't Put Out This Fire                       C2C01-01
    Small Town Boy                               SFMW829-05          I'll Never Forgive My Heart                    SC8139-02
    Smalltown Boy                                  SC8678-02         I'll Never Forgive My Heart                     SD006-02
Brooklyn Bridge                                                      I'm No Good                                     C2C01-13
    Worst That Could Happen, The                  SC8206-07          If That's The Way You Want It                   C2C01-14
    Worst That Could Happen, The                  AH8011-03          If That's The Way You Want It                  SC8296-01
Brooks & Dunn                                                        Little Miss Honky Tonk                          C2C01-04
    Against The Wind                              SC8590-11          Little Miss Honky Tonk                          SD012-04
    Ain't Nothing 'Bout You                        TU039-01          Little Miss Honky Tonk                         SC8160-06
    Ain't Nothing 'Bout You                      THC0105-20          Little Miss Honky Tonk                         SC8505-07
    Ain't Nothing 'Bout You                        SD082-02          Long Good-Bye, The                              SD088-03
    Ain't Nothing 'Bout You                       SC8743-14          Long Goodbye, The                              SC8729-05
    Ain't Nothing 'Bout You                       SC8681-11          Long Goodbye, The                             THC0202-12
    Beer Thirty                                   SC8578-03          Lost And Found                                 SC8241-03
    Beer Thirty                                    SD068-03          Lost And Found                                 SC8505-13
    Boot Scootin' Boogie                            PI204-01         Lost And Found                                 MM6012-09
    Boot Scootin' Boogie                         CB60010-05          Lost And Found                                   PI214-05
    Boot Scootin' Boogie                          SC7515-07          Mama Don't Get Dressed For Nothing           CHM9611-10
    Boot Scootin' Boogie                         NSAVA18-14          Mama Don't Get Dressed Up For Nothing          SC8319-15
    Boot Scootin' Boogie                          MM6017-01          Mama Don't Get Dressed Up For Nothing           SD031-02
    Boot Scootin' Boogie                           DK087-09          Man This Lonely, A                           CHM9701-13
    Boot Scootin' Boogie                          SC8101-05          Man This Lonely, A                             SC8351-10
 618-410-6826                                              Page 42                                           Thomas J Robinson
                                           Waverly Sound
ARTIST                 TITLE                 SONG #     ARTIST                  TITLE                         SONG #
   Man This Lonely, A                     SC8505-14         Whiskey Under The Bridge                         PI218-10
   Man This Lonely, A                      SD034-01         Whiskey Under The Bridge                        SD019-04
   Mexican Minutes                         C2C01-06         Whiskey Under The Bridge                       SC8198-01
   Missing You                             SD065-01         Why I Say Goodbye                            CHM97M5-13
   Missing You                            SC8560-05         Why Would I Say Goodbye                         SD037-03
   My Heart Is Lost To You                SC8764-07         Why Would I Say Goodbye                        SC8504-15
   My Heart Is Lost To You               THC0207-16         Why Would I Say Goodbye                     CHM9705M-13
   My Maria                                SGB36-04         You Can't Take The Honky Tonk Out Of          THC0401-11
   My Maria                               AH8016-03         The Girl
   My Maria                                 PI218-01        You Can't Take The Honky Tonk Out Of            SD113-03
                                                            The Girl
   My Maria                               SC8271-04         You Can't Take The Honky Tonk Out Of           SC8847-08
   My Maria                                SD027-02         The Girl
   My Maria                               SC8505-12         You'll Always Be Loved By Me                   SC8608-09
   My Next Broken Heart                  CB60101-02         You'll Always Be Loved By Me                  CB80018-08
   My Next Broken Heart                     PI211-07        You'll Always Be Loved By Me                  THC0007-15
   My Next Broken Heart                   SC8131-02         You'll Always Be Loved By Me                    SD072-02
   My Next Broken Heart                   SC8505-03         You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone               PI218-16
   Neon Moon                              SC8103-04         You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone              SD016-03
   Neon Moon                                PI211-06        You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone              C2C01-15
   Neon Moon                              SC8505-11         You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone             SC8505-08
   Only In America                         SD085-03         You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone             SC8186-01
   Only In America                       THC0109-19     Brooks & Dunn & Reba
   Our Time Is Coming                      C2C01-07         If You See Him If You See Her                  SC8463-02
   Red Dirt Road                         THC0308-17         If You See Him If You See Her                 CHM9808-12
   Red Dirt Road (radio version)          SC8826-09     Brooks & Yearwood
   Ride 'Em High, Ride 'Em Low             C2C01-09         Like We Never Had A Broken Heart               SC8128-08
   Rock My World                         NSAVA17-01         Wild As The Wind                               SC8507-05
   Rock My World (Little Country Girl)    SC7596-07     Brooks, Elkie
   Rock My World Little Country Girl      SC8112-01         Lilac Wine                                       SF079-09
   Rock My World Little Country Girl      MM6039-14         No More The Fool                                 SF076-10
   Rock My World Little Country Girl      SC8505-01         Pearl's A Singer                                 SF071-11
   She Used To Be Mine                    MM6028-04     Brooks, Garth
   She Used To Be Mine                      PI219-13        Against The Grain                              SC8234-04
   She Used To Be Mine                    SC8215-07         Against The Grain                               SGB24-07
   She Used To Be Mine                     DK091-05         Against The Grain                             MM6019-02
   She Used To Be Mine                    SC8505-06         Against The Grain                               DK082-01
   She's Not The Cheatin' Kind            SC8505-15         Ain't Goin Down                                 SGB24-13
   She's Not The Cheatin' Kind             DK093-12         Ain’t Goin Down Till The Sun Comes Up           SF156-01
   She's Not The Cheatin' Kind             SD004-01         Ain't Goin' Down                               SC8241-08
   She's Not The Cheatin' Kind              PI218-06        Ain't Goin' Down                              CB90015-07
   She's Not The Cheatin' Kind            SC8141-01         Ain't Goin' Down                            MMCOU101-11
   She's The Kind Of Trouble               C2C01-02         Ain't Goin' Down                              MM6029-14
   South Of Santa Fe                      SC8543-14         Ain't Goin' Down Til The Sun Comes Up          SC7593-01
   South Of Santa Fe                       SD062-11         Ain't Goin' Down Til The Sun Comes Up          RSZ609-10
   Still In Love With You                  C2C01-03         American Honky                               NSAVA17-02
   Texas Women Don't Stay Lonely Long     SC8236-08         American Honky-Tonk Bar Association           MM6028-01
   That Ain't No Way To Go                MM6048-02         American Honky-Tonk Bar Association            SC8136-08
   That Ain't No Way To Go                SC8120-06         American Honky-tonk Bar Association            RSZ609-09
   That Ain't No Way To Go                  PI218-08        Beaches Of Cheyenne, The                       SC8247-02
   That's What It's All About            THC0410-20         Beaches Of Cheyenne, The                       RSZ610-15
   That's What She Gets For Loving Me    THC0405-16         Burnin' The Roadhouse Down                     RSZ610-20
   We'll Burn That Bridge                 SC8505-02         Callin' Baton Rouge                            RSZ609-11
   We'll Burn That Bridge                 SC8130-09         Callin' Baton Rouge                            SC8165-03
   Whiskey Under The Bridge                C2C01-08         Callin' Baton Rouge                            SC8751-05
   Whiskey Under The Bridge               MM6125-14
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                                                Waverly Sound
ARTIST                 TITLE                      SONG #     ARTIST                 TITLE                        SONG #
   Callin' Baton Rouge                         PT2013-15         In Another's Eyes                             SGB24-09
   Change, The                                  SD027-14         In Another's Eyes (duet)                     RSZ610-06
   Change, The                                 SC8250-05         It Don't Matter To The Sun                    SGB29-01
   Cowboy Cadillac                              SF164-13         It Don't Matter To The Sun                    SD066-14
   Cowboys And Angels                          SC8267-10         It Don't Matter To The Sun                    SGB24-03
   Dance, The                                  RSZ609-03         It's Midnight Cinderella                     RSZ610-14
   Dance, The                                   SF153-06         It's Midnight Cinderella                     SC8247-10
   Dance, The                                    PI201-01        It's Your Song                              CB90015-13
   Dance, The                                  SC2015-04         It's Your Song                               SC8498-06
   Dance, The                                 NSAVA18-08         It's Your Song                               RSZ610-18
   Dance, The                                  SC8162-04         It's Your Song                                SD057-03
   Dance, The                                   SGB24-01         Kickin' And Screamin'                        SC8243-02
   Dance, The                                  SC7510-03         Learning To Live Again                       MM6022-08
   Dance, The                                  MM6019-05         Learning To Live Again                       RSZ609-19
   Dance, The                                   DK074-01         Learning To Live Again                       SC8162-14
   Dance, The                               SGBTB1003-05         Learning To Live Again                        SGB24-12
   Dance, The                                 CB90015-03         Lonesome Dove                                PT2013-05
   Dixie Chicken                              CB90015-10         Long Neck Bottle                            CB90015-08
   Dixie Chicken                               PT2013-10         Long Neck Bottle                            CHM9801-11
   Dixie Chicken                               SC8215-03         Long Neck Bottle                             RSZ610-04
   Do What You Gotta Do                        SC8596-03         Long Neck Bottle                             SC8416-13
   Do What You Gotta Do                        RSZ610-12         Long Neck Bottle                              SD045-02
   Do What You Gotta Do                         SD070-02         Lost In You                                  SC8559-04
   Do What You Gotta Do                       THC0004-20         Lost In Your Eyes                             SGB29-07
   Don't Cross The River                       SC8751-06         Mr. Blue                                     PT2013-02
   Every Now And Then                          PT2013-14         Mr. Right                                    PT2013-04
   Every Now And Then                          SC8278-06         Much Too Young (Too Feel This Damn           RSZ609-04
   Face To Face                                SC8265-03         Much Too Young To Feel This Damn             SC7551-08
   Fever                                       SC8224-05         Much Too Young To Feel This Damn             MM6019-09
   Fever, The                                  RSZ610-11         Neon Moon                                     SGB24-10
   Friends In Low Places                       SC7515-01         Night I Called The Old Man Out, The          SC8291-08
   Friends In Low Places                       RSZ609-01         Night I Called The Old Man Out, The          RSZ610-05
   Friends In Low Places                       SC8162-01         Night Will Only Know, The                    SC8301-02
   Friends In Low Places                       MM6019-03         Not Counting You                            CB90015-02
   Friends In Low Places                         PI215-02        Not Counting You                             MM6019-10
   Friends In Low Places                      NSAVA18-02         Not Counting You                             RSZ609-13
   Friends In Low Places                       SC8105-14         Not Counting You                             SC8162-13
   Friends In Low Places                        DK066-01         One Night A Day                                PI217-15
   Friends In Low Places                    SGBTB1003-01         One Night A Day                              SC8123-03
   Friends In Low Places                      CB60010-11         One Night A Day                              RSZ610-03
   Friends In Low Places                      CB90015-04         Papa Loved Mama                              SC8162-10
   Friends In Low Places                        SGB24-02         Papa Loved Mama                              RSZ609-17
   Friends In Low Places (Live Version W/      RSZ610-21         Papa Loved Mama                              MM6019-11
   3rd Verse)                                                    Papa Loves Mama                               SGB24-11
   Going Down                                    NS23-14         Pushing Up Daisies                           SC8745-06
   Hard Luck Woman                              SD002-05         Red Strokes, The                             SC8229-12
   Hard Luck Woman                             SC8228-05         Red Strokes, The                             PT2013-01
   How You Ever Gonna Know                     RSZ610-08         Right Now                                     SGB29-13
   If Tomorrow Never Comes                     SC7510-01         River, The                                   SC2015-05
   If Tomorrow Never Comes                    MM6019-08          River, The                                   SC8162-11
   If Tomorrow Never Comes                      SF151-12         River, The                                   MM6019-13
   If Tomorrow Never Comes                     SC2015-01         River, The                                   RSZ609-12
   If Tomorrow Never Comes                     RSZ609-07         Rodeo                                        MM6019-12
   If Tomorrow Never Comes                    CB90015-01         Rodeo                                        RSZ609-15
   If Tomorrow Never Comes                     SC8162-02         Rodeo                                        SC8162-12
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                                                 Waverly Sound
ARTIST                 TITLE                       SONG #     ARTIST                  TITLE                           SONG #
   Same Ole Story                                PT2013-07        Two Of A Kind (Working On A Full House)         NSAVA19-06
   Shameless                                    CB90015-05        Two Of A Kind, Workin’ On A Full House           SC7588-08
   Shameless                                    MM6019-04         Two Of A Kind, Working On A Full House           MM6019-14
   Shameless                                     SC8162-05        Two Of A Kind, Working On A Full House             PI201-02
   Shameless                                     RSZ609-08        Two Of A Kind, Working On A Full House           RSZ609-06
   Shameless                                     SC7594-04        Two Of A Kind, Working On A Full House           SC8162-08
   Shameless                                     PT2013-13        Two Of A Kind, Working On A Full House            DK084-02
   She's Every Woman                             SC8194-13        Two Pina Coladas                                 RSZ610-01
   She’s Every Woman                              SF160-12        Two Pina Coladas                                 SC8451-03
   She's Every Woman                             RSZ610-17        Two Pina Coladas                                  SD049-01
   She's Gonna Make It                         CHM9803-13         Two Pina Coladas                                CB90015-11
   She's Gonna Make It                           SC8436-02        Two Pina Coladas                                CHM9805-11
   She's Gonna Make It                            SD047-03        Unanswered Prayer                                SC2015-02
   She's Gonna Make It                           RSZ610-07        Unanswered Prayer                                SC8162-09
   She's Gonna Make It                          CB90015-09        Unanswered Prayer                                MM6019-07
   Somewhere Other Than The Night                 SGB24-05        Unanswered Prayers                               SC7595-09
   Somewhere Other Than The Night                SC8162-15        Unanswered Prayers                               RSZ609-05
   Somewhere Other Than The Night                SC2015-08        Uptown Down-Home Good Ol' Boy                   CB90015-15
   Somewhere Other Than The Night                RSZ609-14        Walkin' After Midnight                           PT2013-03
   Somewhere Other Than The Night               MM6019-01         We Bury The Hatchet                              PT2013-09
   Standing Outside The Fire                     SC8219-02        We Shall Be Free                                 PT2013-11
   Standing Outside The Fire                     RSZ610-02        We Shall Be Free                                  SGB24-06
   Standing Outside The Fire                     PT2013-12        We Shall Be Free                                 SC8260-03
   Standing Outside The Fire                    MM6041-01         We Shall Be Free                                 RSZ609-18
   Tearin' It Up (And Burnin' It Down)           RSZ610-16        We Shall Be Free                                 MM6017-03
   Tearin' It Up And Burnin' It Down            CB90015-14        What She's Doing Now                             MM6019-15
   Tearin' It Up And Burnin' It Down             SC8498-08        What She's Doing Now                             RSZ609-16
   Tearin' It Up And Burnin' It Down              SD058-05        What She's Doing Now                             SC8162-03
   That Ol' Wind                                 RSZ610-10        What She's Doing Now                             SC2015-07
   That Ol' Wind                                 SC8271-13        When You Come Back To Me Again                    SD073-04
   That Ol' Wind                               CHM9611-12         When You Come Back To Me Again                  CB80019-15
   That Ol' Wind                                CB90015-06        When You Come Back To Me Again                   SC8623-01
   That Summer                                   SC2015-06        When You Come Back To Me Again                  THC0011-11
   That Summer                                  MM6028-13         Where Your Road Leads (duet)                     RSZ610-13
   That Summer                                   RSZ609-20        Why Ain't I Running                              SC8748-03
   That Summer                                   PT2013-08        Wild Horses                                       SD080-01
   That Summer                                   SC8162-06        Wild Horses                                      SC8665-02
   Thicker Than Blood                             SD097-02        Wild Horses                                     THC0103-13
   Thicker Than Blood                            SC8736-14        Wolves                                           PT2013-06
   Thicker Than Blood                          THC0210-11         Wolves                                           SC8228-11
   Thunder Rolls                                 RSZ609-02        Wrapped Up In You                                 SD089-01
   Thunder Rolls, The                             SF156-14        Wrapped Up In You                               THC0202-13
   Thunder Rolls, The                            SC7596-14        Wrapped Up In You                                SC8733-09
   Thunder Rolls, The                           MM6019-06         You Move Me                                       SD055-01
   Thunder Rolls, The                             SGB24-08        You Move Me                                      RSZ610-09
   Thunder Rolls, The                            SC8162-07        You Move Me                                      SC8480-11
   Thunder Rolls, The                            SC2015-03    Brooks, Garth & George Jones
   To Make You Feel My Love                      SC8495-09        Beer Run                                          SD089-04
   To Make You Feel My Love                      RSZ610-19        Beer Run                                          SGB66-04
   To Make You Feel My Love                   CBEP463-5-12    Brooks, Garth & S. Wariner
   To Make You Feel My Love                     CB90015-12        Burnin' The Roadhouse Down                       SC8474-01
   To Make You Feel My Love                       SD051-03    Brooks, Garth & Trisha Yearwood
   To Make You Feel My Love                    CHM9808-11         In Another's Eyes                               CHM9710-12
   Two Of A Kind (workin' On A Full House)   SGBTB1003-13         Squeeze Me In                                     SD091-14
   Two Of A Kind (Working On A Full House)        SGB24-04        Squeeze Me In                                   THC0205-12
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                                     Waverly Sound
ARTIST                 TITLE           SONG #      ARTIST                  TITLE                       SONG #
    Squeeze Me In                   SC8736-13      Brown & Bruwers
    Squeeze Me In                   MM6358-01          Picture Of You, A                              SF038-09
Brooks, Garth (as Chris Gaines)                    Brown & Cornelius
    It Don't Matter To The Sun       SC8566-01         I Don't Want To Have To Marry You              PI209-17
    Lost In You                       SD065-14     Brown, Arthur
    Right Now                        SC8569-12         Fire                                           SF070-05
Brooks, Meredith                                   Brown, Bobby
    Bitch                            SC7583-04         Don't Be Cruel                                 PI032-17
    Bitch                             SGB08-05         Don't Be Cruel                                DK027-01
    Bitch                            SC8787-04         Every Little Step                              PI013-08
    Bitch                            SC8377-04         Every Little Step                            SC8606-10
    Bitch                         SGBSP01-1-14         Girlfriend                                     PI037-13
    I Need                           SC8395-11         Good Enough                                  SC8433-03
    Shine                           THP0208-18         Humpin' Around                                SF050-07
    Sin City                          SGB06-11         My Perogative                                 SF011-13
    Stop                           PHM9806-05          My Prerogative                               SC8667-09
    What Would Happen                SC8422-09         Roni                                         SC8439-04
    What Would Happen              PHM9712-03          Two Can Play That Game                        SF039-02
Brooks, Monica                                     Brown, Cooter
    Bitch                          PHM9705-02          Pure Bred Redneck                            SC8232-03
Bros                                               Brown, Horace
    Drop The Boy                      SF108-09         One For The Money                            SC8281-03
    I Owe You Nothing              SFMW807-03          Things We Do For Love, The                   SC8316-08
    When Will I Be Famous          SFMW844-11      Brown, Ian
Brother Cane                                           My Star                                        SF118-04
    Fools Shine On                   SC8199-09     Brown, Jackson
    Fools Shine On                    PI050-13         Doctor My Eyes                                SGB49-01
    Got No Shame                     SC8530-02         Rock Me On The Water                          SGB26-13
    I Lie In The Bed I Make          SC8465-07     Brown, James
    Machete                          SC8481-04         Get Up Offa That Thing (release The           TU138-10
    That Don't Satisfy Me            SC8638-14         Pressure)
    Voice Of Eujena                  SC8257-07         I Feel Good                                    RB11-04
Brother Phelps                                         I Feel Good                                   DK087-15
    Eagle Over Angel                 SC8236-10         I Got You                                    SC7527-08
    Ever Changing Woman              SC8137-06         I Got You (I Feel Good)                       TU138-14
    Let Go                           SC8133-12         I Got You (I Feel Good)                      SC8106-08
    Were You Really Livin'           SC8309-07         I Got You (I Feel Good)                      SC8704-01
Brotherhood Of Man                                     I Got You (I Feel Good)                        PI026-01
    Angelo                          ZMH006-13          I Got You (I Feel Good)                      AH8002-07
    Figaro                           SF098-08          I Got You (I Feel Good)                    SFMW824-07
    My Sweet Rosalie                ZMH004-08          I'll Go Crazy                                SC8339-11
    Save All Your Kisses For Me      SF055-02          I've Got Soul (And I'm Super Bad)              DG11-10
    United We Stand                  PLC11-13          It's A Man's Man's Man's World                TU138-20
Brothers Four, The                                     It's A Man's Man's World                   SFMW807-08
    Five Hundred Miles             NSAVP10-18          Living In America                            SC8704-02
    Green Leaves Of Summer           DK024-17          Living In America                            SC8627-07
    Greenfields                    NSAVP01-13          Living In America                             SF011-14
    Greenfields                      DK016-17          Papa Don't Take No Mess                      SC8386-07
    Michael Row The Boat Ashore    NSAVP36-13          Papa's Got A Brand New Bag                    TU139-06
    Try To Remember                  DK016-06          Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag (Part 1)          SC7571-15
Brothers Johnson, The                                  Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (Part 1)          SC8563-15
    I'll Be Good To You               DG10-08          Papa's Got A Brand New Bag Part 1            SC8704-07
    Stomp                             SF067-14         Please Please Please                         SC8339-02
    Strawberry Letter #23            SC8603-06         Sex Machine                                   DK049-10
                                                       Sex Machine                                SFMW805-11

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                                         Waverly Sound
ARTIST                TITLE                SONG #      ARTIST                   TITLE                       SONG #
    This Is A Man's World                SC8327-01     Browne, J. & T. Schmit
    This Is A Man's World                LC0008-15         Let It Be Me                                  SC8170-12
    This Is A Man's World                 DG09-03      Browne, Jackson
    Try Me                                 RB16-08         Cocaine                                        SI102-05
Brown, Jim Ed                                              Doctor My Eyes                                LC0005-05
    Morning                              SC8567-04         Doctor My Eyes                                AH8013-05
    Pop A Top                            SC8509-12         Here Come Those Tears Again                    SI102-09
Brown, Jim Ed & H. Cornelius                               I'm The Cat                                   SC8316-04
    I Don't Want To Have To Marry You   NSAVA09-19         In The Shape Of A Heart                        SI102-11
Brown, Jocelyn                                             Love Needs A Heart                             SI102-07
    Somebody Else's Guy                   SF067-01         My Problem Is You                             SC8238-13
Brown, Joe & Bruvvers                                      Nothing But Time                               SI102-08
    That's What Love Will Do              SF078-07         Road, The                                      SI102-02
Brown, Julie                                               Rock Me On The Water                          AH8005-14
    Cause I'm A Blonde                   SC8669-04         Rosie                                          SI102-03
    Homecoming Queen's Got A Gun         SC8544-09         Running On Empty                               SI102-01
Brown, Junior                                              Running On Empty                              LC0005-06
    My Wife Thinks You're Dead           SC8239-14         Shaky Town                                     SI102-06
Brown, Koffee                                              Somebody's Baby                               SC8467-06
    After Party                          SC8695-02         Somebody's Baby                               SC8300-06
Brown, Marty                                               Stay                                           SI102-10
    Cryin' Lovin' Leavin'                SC8245-10         You Love The Thunder                           SI102-04
    You Can't Wrap Your Arms Around A    SC8344-08     Browne, Sam
    Memory                                                 Stop                                        SFMW811-02
Brown, Maxine                                          Browne, Tom
    All In My Mind                         RB13-12         Funking For Jamaica                             SF067-08
    Funny                                  RB18-06     Browns, The
Brown, Ruth                                                Old Lamplighter, The                          SC8599-09
    Lucky Lips                             RB18-12         Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair)              NSAVA10-02
    Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean      RB18-09         The Three Bells                             SFMW820-02
    Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean     DK097-08         Three Bells, The                              SC8191-13
    Oh What A Dream                        RB20-09         Three Bells, The                             SC8191R-13
    Teardrops From My Eyes                 RB25-07     Brownstone
Brown, Shannon                                             5 Miles To Empty                              SC8381-09
    Baby I Lied                           SD091-13         If You Love Me                                SC8150-10
    Baby I Lied                          SC8729-04     Brownsville Station
    I Won't Lie                          SC8498-12         Smoking In The Boys Room                       SGB64-15
    Untangle My Heart                    SC8753-07     Bruce, Ed
Brown, Shirley                                             After All                                     SC8558-04
    Woman To Woman                         RB15-03         Diane                                         SC8647-12
Brown, T. Graham                                           Ever, Never Lovin' You                        SC7570-14
    Darlene                              SC8567-12         Girls, Women & Ladies                         SC8414-07
    Don't Go To Strangers                SC8434-06         My First Taste Of Texas                       SC8576-14
    Happy Ever After                     SC8524-13         Nights                                        SC8426-04
    Hell And High Water                  SC8525-10         You Turn Me On                                SC8326-10
    I Tell It Like It Used To Be         SC8380-14         You're The Best Break This Old Heart          SC7537-08
    I Tell It Like It Used To Be        NSAVA06-02         You're The Best Break This Old Heart           PI215-18
    If You Could Only See Me Now         SC8359-15     Bryson, P. & R. Flack
    Memphis Women & Chicken              SC8578-08         Tonight I Celebrate My Love                    SO209-14
    Moonshadow Road                     CB60101-11         Tonight I Celebrate My Love                   MM6013-03
    Never In A Million Tears             SC8546-09     Bryson, P. & Regina Belle
    Wine Into Water                     CB60130-13         Whole New World, A                             SO209-11
    Wine Into Water                      SC8488-02     Bryson, Peabo
    Wine Into Water                       SD058-13         Can You Stop The Rain                         SC8274-01
                                                           Closer Than Close                             SC8318-10
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                                        Waverly Sound
ARTIST                   TITLE            SONG #      ARTIST                   TITLE                           SONG #
    If Ever You're In My Arms Again    SC8261-01          Nothin' Less Than Love                            SC8384-14
    Why Goodbye                        SC8132-11          Nothin' Less Than Love                             SD042-10
Bryson, Peabo & Kenny G.                              Buffalo Springfield
    By The Time This Night Is Over      SO209-17          For What It's Worth                                 PI018-01
    By The Time This Night Is Over     MM6027-09          For What It's Worth                               SC7506-07
    By The Time This Night Is Over     SC8126-02          For What It's Worth                               SC8683-08
Bryson, Peabo & Leasa Longa                               For What It's Worth                                DK053-14
    How Wonderful We Are               SC8212-08          For What It's Worth                                SGB44-12
Bryson, Peabo & Regina Bell                           Buffalo, Grant Lee
    Whole New World, A                SFMW810-02          Truly Truly                                       SC8481-13
Bryson, Peabo & Roberta Flack                         Buffett, Jimmy
    Tonight I'll Celebrate My Love      SF110-06          Another Saturday Night                           SC8147-07
    Tonight, I Celebrate My Love       SC7600-01          Boat Drinks                                     SC8147R-03
BT Express                                                Boat Drinks                                      SC8147-03
    Do It 'Til You're Satisfied        SC8284-09          Changes In Latitude, Changes In Attitude         MM6032-06
BTO                                                       Changes In Latitude, Changes In Attitude         SC8147-08
    Let It Ride                         SGB48-08          Changes In Latitude, Changes In Attitude        SC8147R-08
    You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet          SGB39-09          Cheeseburger In Paradise                         MM6032-04
Buble, Michael                                            Cheeseburger In Paradise                         SC8115-01
    Sway                              THP0405-12          Cheeseburger In Paradise                         SC8147-01
Buchanan, Lindsey                                         Cheeseburger In Paradise                        SC8147R-01
    Countdown                          SC8274-13          Come Monday                                      MM6032-01
    Soul Drifter                       SC8318-03          Come Monday                                       LG028-04
Buckcherry                                                Come Monday                                      MM6024-05
    For The Movies                    PHT9915-08          Come Monday                                        PI005-03
    For The Movies                     SC8569-07          Come Monday                                      SC8147-12
    Lit Up                             SC7585-04          Come Monday                                     SC8147R-12
    Lit Up                             SC2221-04          Fins                                             SC8147-04
    Ridin'                            THR0106-10          Fins                                              LG028-07
    Ridin'                             SC8694-11          Fins                                            SC8147R-04
Buckingham, Lindsey                                       Fruit Cakes                                      SC8821-03
    Holiday Road                       SC8782-13          Grapefruit - Juicy Fruit                        SC8147R-06
Buckinghams                                               Grapefruit - Juicy Fruit                         SC8147-06
    Kind Of A Drag                      SGB49-09          He Went To Paris                                 SC8147-13
Buckinghams, The                                          He Went To Paris                                SC8147R-13
    Don't You Care                     LC0001-11          Hey Good Lookin'                                THC0409-12
    Hey Baby                           SC7557-08          Ho Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum                     SC8557-13
    Hey Baby                           LC0007-11          Livingston Saturday Night                       SC8147R-15
    Kind Of A Drag                     SC7573-04          Livingston Saturday Night                        SC8147-15
    Kind Of A Drag                     SC8218-05          Margaritaville                                   SC8147-05
    Mercy Mercy Mercy                  LC0007-09          Margaritaville                                   SC8106-06
    Susan                              LC0007-10          Margaritaville                                   MM6032-09
Bucks Fizz                                                Margaritaville                                    LG028-01
    Land Of Make Believe              SFMW818-02          Margaritaville                                   SC7598-14
    Making Your Mind Up                  SF031-02         Margaritaville                                    DK077-01
    My Camera Never Lies              SFMW840-04          Margaritaville                                  SC8147R-05
Buddy Guy                                                 Margaritaville                                SGBTB1001-08
    Damn Right I've Got The Blues      MM6272-15          Mele Kalikimaka                                  SC8557-11
Buffalo Club                                              Pencil Thin Mustache                            SC8147R-10
    Heart Hold On                       SD044-10          Pencil Thin Mustache                             SC8147-10
    If She Don't Love You              SC8376-07          Pirate Looks At Forty, A                          LG028-05
    If She Don't Love You             CHM9704-20          Pirate Looks At Forty, A                        SC8147R-02
    If She Don't Love You              MM6191-13          Pirate Looks At Forty, A                         SC8147-02
    If She Don't Love You               SD036-12          Son Of A Son Of A Sailor                          LG028-06
    Nothin' Less Than Love            CB60121-04          Son Of A Son Of A Sailor                        SC8147R-09
 618-410-6826                                   Page 48                                              Thomas J Robinson
                                                 Waverly Sound
ARTIST                     TITLE                   SONG #      ARTIST                TITLE                          SONG #
     Son Of A Son Of A Sailor                   SC8147-09      Bush
     Souvenirs                                  SC8821-04           Chemicals Between Us, The                     SC8569-14
     Volcano                                   SC8147R-11           Comedown                                      SC8350-14
     Volcano                                     LG028-03           Comedown                                      SC8209-13
     Volcano                                    MM6032-12           Comedown                                      SC8471-14
     Volcano                                    SC8147-11           Everything Zen                                SC8562-10
     Weather Is Fine, The                      SC8147R-07           Glycerene                                    PHM9603-05
     Why Don't We Get Drunk                     SC8147-14           Glycerine                                     SC8240-05
     Why Don't We Get Drunk                     SC8117-01           Greedy Fly                                   PHM9703-08
     Why Don't We Get Drunk                     MM6032-15           Greedy Fly                                     HV06a-11
     Why Don't We Get Drunk                    AMS2001-19           Head Full Of Ghosts                            TU105-06
     Why Don't We Get Drunk                    SC8147R-14           Headful Of Ghosts                            THR0203-12
     Why Don't We Get Drunk                      LG028-02           Letting The Cables Sleep                      SC8593-15
     Why Don't We Get Drunk                   MMCP9801-13           Little Things                                 SC8598-06
     Why Don't We Get Drunk                   MMCP2K01-13           Machinehead                                   SC8281-09
     Why Don't We Get Drunk                     AH8001-13           Machinehead                                   SC7585-14
Buggles, The                                                        People That We Love, The                     THR0112-15
     Video Killed The Radio Star                 DK054-15           Swallowed                                     SC8638-12
     Video Killed The Radio Star                SC8522-15           Swallowed                                    THM9612-08
Builder, Bob                                                        Warm Machine                                 THR0008-18
     Can We Fix It                                SF174-16          Warm Machine                                  SC8618-05
Bulletboys                                                     Bush, Kate
     Smooth Up In Ya                            SC8756-11           Running Up That Hill                          SC8687-06
Bunton, Emma                                                        Running Up That Hill                          SC8696-09
     Maybe                                       SF210-07           Wuthering Heights                              SF055-09
     Take My Breath Away                         SF182-01      Busta Rhymes
     We're Not Gonna Sleep Tonight               EZH06-09           Break Ya Neck                                 SC8744-02
     We're Not Gonna Sleep Tonight               SF187-01           Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could            SC8612-15
     What Took You So Long                       EZH07-04      Busta Rhymes & Mariah Carey
     What Took You So Long                       SF178-07           I Know What You Want                           EZH25-12
Burdon, Eric                                                        I Know What You Want                           SF206 -05
     Spill The Wine                              LC0002-12     Busta Rhymes & P. Diddy & Pharrell
Burdon, Eric & The Animals                                          Pass The Courvoisier Part II                  SC8757-08
     San Franciscan Nights                       SD026-14      Busta Rhymes, Mariah Carey & The Flipmode Squad
Burdon, Eric & War                                                  I Know What You Want (Radio Version)          SC8853-08
     Spill The Wine                             SC8221-06      Busted
     Spill The Wine                            SC8221R-06           Crashed The Wedding                            EZH29-01
     Spill The Wine                             SC8840-06           Crashed The Wedding                            SF211-02
Burke, Keni                                                         Sleeping With The Light On                     SF208-03
     Risin' To The Top, Give It All You Got       SF068-06          That's What I Go To School For                 SF197-08
Burke, Solomon                                                      What I Go To School For                        EZH16-05
     Got To Get You Off My Mind                   RB11-02           Year 3000                                      SF202-15
     Just Out Of Reach                            RB19-06      Butler, Carl
Burnett, Johnny                                                     Don't Let Me Cross Over                       SC8262-02
     Dreamin'                                    SF084-08      Butler, Jerry
     You're Sixteen                             MM6016-11           For Your Precious Love                          RB23-04
Burnette, Dorsey                                                    He Will Break Your Heart                        RB21-08
     There Was A Tall Oak Tree                  SC8770-08           He Will Break Your Heart                      SC8251-01
Burnin' Daylight                                                    Only The Strong Survive                       SC8364-01
     Live To Love Again                         SC8388-05           Only The Strong Survive                         RB23-09
     Say Yes                                    SC8382-04           What's The Use Of Breaking Up                 SC8755-15
Bus Boys, The                                                  Butler, Jerry & The Impressions
     Boys Are Back In Town, The                  SGB05-04           Make It Easy On Yourself                     MM6198-06
     Boys Are Back In Town, The                  HV06a-01      Butthole Surfers
     Boys Are Back In Town, The                 SC8782-07           Pepper                                       PHM9608-08
 618-410-6826                                            Page 49                                          Thomas J Robinson
                                                 Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE                      SONG #      ARTIST                   TITLE                          SONG #
    Pepper                                      SC8856-10           Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo                     SC8798-01
Buzzcocks                                                           Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo                     SC8764-15
    Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You         SF109-10          Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo                      SD093-08
    Should't've)                                                    Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo                    THC0207-14
Bye Bye Birdie                                                      Truth About Men, The                             SD106-04
    Kids                                        MM6175-03           Walking To Jerusalem                            SC8189-03
Byrd, Tracy                                                         Walking To Jerusalem                            MM6099-08
    10 Rounds With Jose Cuervo                    TU085-01          Walking To Jerusalem                              NS23-03
    4 To 1 In Atlanta                           SC8285-09           Walking To Jerusalem                             SD018-12
    4 To 1 In Atlanta                             SD028-11          Watermelon Crawl                                SC8152-10
    Big Love                                      SD032-09          When Mama Ain't Happy                            SD059-10
    Big Love                                    SC8319-12           When Mama Ain't Happy                           SC8507-14
    Big Love                                  CHM9612-16            When Mama Ain't Happy                           MM6262-06
    Don't Love Make A Diamond Shine               SD038-11          Why Don't That Telephone Ring                   SC8228-08
    Don't Love Make A Diamond Shine             SC8382-08      Byrd, Tracy & Mark Chesnutt
    Don't Love Make A Diamond Shine           CHM9707-20            Good Way To Get On My Bad Side, A               SC8690-08
    Don't Take Her She's All I Got            CHM9703-14            Good Way To Get On My Bad Side, A                SD083-09
    Don't Take Her She's All I Got                SD035-09     Byrds, The
    Don't Take Her She's All I Got              MM6191-15           All I Really Want To Do                         LC0008-07
    Don't Take Her She's All I Got              SC8358-15           Eight Miles High                                SC8683-14
    Drinkin' Bone                              THC0311-18           Eight Miles High                                SC8172-13
    First Step, The                               SD011-03          Eight Miles High                                LC0008-06
    First Step, The                             SC8149-12           Mr. Tambourine Man                              SC7554-10
    Good Ol' Fashioned Love                       SD042-09          Mr. Tambourine Man                                PI015-06
    Good Way To Get On My Bad Side, A          THC0107-17           Mr. Tambourine Man                               DK039-08
    Heaven In My Woman's Eyes                   SC8232-01           Mr. Tambourine Man                               SF046-15
    Holdin' Heaven                               TT6013-11          My Back Pages                                   SC8615-10
    Holdin' Heaven                              SC8131-13           So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star          SC7560-01
    Holdin' Heaven                              MM6035-05           Teach Your Children                             SC8683-15
    I Wanna Feel That Way Again                 SC8464-08           Turn Turn Turn                                  SC7531-08
    I Wanna Feel That Way Again                   SD053-08          Turn Turn Turn                                   DK086-06
    I'm From The Country                          SD048-06     C & C Music Factory
    I'm From The Country                      CHM9806-16            Do You Want To Get Funky                        NT050-05
    I'm From The Country                     MMCOU201-18            Gonna Make You Sweat                         MMCP2K01-10
    I'm From The Country                        SC8444-07           Gonna Make You Sweat                           MM6058-04
    Just Let Me Be In Love                     THC0112-13           Things That Make You Go HMMM                    DK099-07
    Just Let Me Be In Love                        SD087-11     Cabaret
    Just Let Me Be In Love                      SC8723-07           Cabaret                                         MM6282-09
    Keeper Of The Stars                          SGB36-03           Cabaret                                         MM6023-02
    Keeper Of The Stars, The                    SC7595-14           Cabaret                                          SF008-17
    Keeper Of The Stars, The                    AH8016-02           Don't Tell Mama                                 MM6282-10
    Keeper Of The Stars, The                 CBEP463-4-13           Maybe This Time                                 MM6282-07
    Keeper Of The Stars, The                      SD012-09          Mein Herr                                       MM6282-08
    Keeper Of The Stars, The                    SC8152-02      Caberet
    Keeper Of The Stars, The                       PI218-18         Cabaret                                          SGB50-03
    Lately                                        SD102-05          Money Song, The                                  SGB50-14
    Lately                                      SC8807-07      Cabrera, Ryan
    Lifestyles Of The Not So Rich & Famous      SC8123-15           On The Way Down                                THP0410-10
    Love Lessons                                SC8198-05      Cafferty, John
    Love You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me          SD072-06          On The Dark Side                                LC0005-07
    Love, You Ain't Seen The Last Of Me         SC8614-09      Cafferty, John & Beaver Brown
    On Again, Off Again                        CB60130-05           On The Dark Side                                SC8176-13
    Put Your Hand In Mine                         SD067-09          Tender Years                                    AH8013-10
    Put Your Hand In Mine                       SC8566-07      Cagle, Chris
    Take Me With You When You Go                SC8633-15           Country By The Grace Of God                     SC8764-01
 618-410-6826                                            Page 50                                             Thomas J Robinson
                                     Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE          SONG #      ARTIST                 TITLE                             SONG #
     Country By The Grace Of God   THC0208-19      Cam'ron & Juelz Santana
     I Breathe In I Breathe Out      SD088-09         Oh Boy                                             SC8797-05
     I Breathe In, I Breathe Out   THC0201-14         Oh Boy                                             SC8766-06
     I Breathe In, I Breathe Out    SC8798-09      Cam'ron & Juelz Santana & Freekey Zekey & Kay Slay
     I Breathe In, I Breathe Out    SC8727-14         Hey Ma                                             SC8778-12
     I'd Be Lying                  THC0406-17      Cameo
     Laredo                          TU039-08         Candy                                              SC8755-12
     Laredo                        THC0107-13         She's Strange                                       SF067-12
     Laredo                          SD082-13         Word Up                                            SC8518-12
     Laredo                         SC8677-04         Word Up                                            SC8704-11
     My Love Goes On And On         SC8633-02         Word Up                                            SC7582-04
     My Love Goes On And On          SD077-11         Word Up                                              PI030-11
     My Love Goes On And On        THC0102-11         Word Up                                             DK041-04
     What A Beautiful Day            SD102-07      Camp, Shawn
     What A Beautiful Day           SC8802-15         Fallin' Never Felt So Good                        NSAVA11-03
Caifanes                                           Campaign
     Afuera                            AV22-11        How ‘Bout Us                                        SF107-10
Cake                                               Campball, Glen
     Distance, The                  SC8448-10         Dreams Of The Everyday Housewife                   SC8509-14
     Let Me Go                      SC8565-03      Campbell, Ali
     Never There                    SC8503-13         That Look In Your Eye                               SF039-06
     Short Skirt, Long Coat          SGB65-17      Campbell, Glen
     Short Skirt, Long Jacket      THR0110-16         By The Time I Get To Phoenix                         PI207-15
Caldwell, Bobby                                       By The Time I Get To Phoenix                        DK021-05
     Love Lite                      SC8302-05         By The Time I Get To Phoenix                       SC7539-15
     Stuck On You                    SGB22-15         Country Boy You Got Your Feet In L.A.              SC8506-07
     Stuck On You                   AH8017-14         Dreams Of the Everyday Housewife                  NSAVA10-13
     What You Won't Do For Love      DK085-07         Everything A Man Could Ever Need                   SC8414-15
     What You Won’t Do For Love     SC7582-08         Faithless Love                                     SC7569-13
     What You Won't Do For Love     SC8293-15         Galveston                                           SF102-13
Calling                                               Galveston                                           DK069-11
     Adrienne                       SC8775-03         Gentle On My Mind                                   SGB41-06
     Could It Be Any Harder        THP0212-17         Gentle On My Mind                                   DK026-14
     Wherever You Will Go           SC8765-15         Gentle On My Mind                                  SC7589-11
     Wherever You Will Go            SF194-15         Gentle On My Mind                                    PI206-04
Calling, The                                          Gentle On My Mind                                 NSAVA13-04
     Adrienne                        SF198-02         Gentle On My Mind                                   SF052-09
     Adrienne                        TU129-01         Gentle On My Mind                                  SC8355-11
     Could It Be Any Harder          SF201-10         Honey Come Back                                    SC8400-06
     For You                        SC8817-12         Honey Come Back                                     SF102-11
     Our Lives                     THP0407-13         I Wanna Live                                       SC8428-04
     Our Lives                      SC8878-04         Lady Like You, A                                   SC8426-11
     These Are The Days              SF201-08         Old Hometown                                      NSAVA11-09
     Things Will Go My Way         THP0411-10         Rhinestone Cowboy                                   DK012-09
     Wherever You Will Go           MM6351-10         Rhinestone Cowboy                                  SC7551-06
     Wherever You Will Go           SC8732-15         Rhinestone Cowboy                                    PI206-14
     Wherever You Will Go          THR0111-17         Rhinestone Cowboy                                 NSAVA11-13
     Wherever You Will Go           SC8799-08         Southern Nights                                    SC7590-06
Calloway, Cab                                         Southern Nights                                     DK050-15
     Minnie The Moocher              SC7505-06        Southern Nights                                      PI206-12
     Minnie The Moocher            SFMW812-01         Southern Nights                                   NSAVA13-05
     Minnie The Moocher               PI302-17        Southern Nights                                    SC8421-06
Calo                                                  Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye                      NSAVA05-18
     Formas De Amor                    AV27-04        Try A Little Kindness                             NSAVA10-16
                                                      Try A Little Kindness                              SC7558-06
 618-410-6826                                Page 51                                            Thomas J Robinson
                                      Waverly Sound
ARTIST                TITLE             SONG #      ARTIST                 TITLE                       SONG #
    Wichita Lineman                   SC8445-06     Cantrell, Jerry
    Wichita Lineman                   SC7589-06         Anger Rising                                 TU129-02
    Wichita Lineman                     PI208-04        Anger Rising                               THR0208-13
    Wichita Lineman                    DK062-14         Leave Me Alone                              SC8308-14
    Witchita Lineman                   SF102-04     Capella
Campbell, Stacy Dean                                    U Got To Let The Music                        SF036-13
    Honey I Do                       MM6103-13      Capitols, The
    Honey I Do                       SC8205-02          Cool Jerk                                   SC8206-04
Campbell, Tevin                                         Cool Jerk                                     RB12-15
    Always In My Heart               SC8132-03          Cool Jerk                                   LC0008-14
    Always In My Heart                SD001-05          Cool Jerk                                    DG09-05
    Always In My Heart               MM6078-07      Caprice
    Back To The World                SC8295-09          Oh Yeah                                       SF146-13
    Can We Talk                      SC8132-10      Capris, The
    Don't Say Goodbye Girl           SC8145-01          There's A Moon Out Tonight                  SC8450-15
    Don't Say Goodbye Girl            SD010-14          There's A Moon Out Tonight                    PI036-18
    I Got It Bad                     SC8320-12          There's A Moon Out Tonight                  MM6018-09
    I'm Ready                        SC8121-13      Captain & Tennille, The
    Round & Round                      PI008-17         Do That To Me One More Time                SC8182-15
Candlebox                                               Love Will Keep Us Together                 SC7534-02
    Cover Me                          SC8466-12         Love Will Keep Us Together                  DK017-11
    Far Behind                        BS5417-01         Love Will Keep Us Together                  SF162-03
    Far Behind                        SC8638-02         Love Will Keep Us Together                   PI012-13
    Far Behind                         SGB31-07         Muskrat Love                               SC8378-13
    Far Behind                         SO207-01         Way I Want To Touch You, The               SC8634-02
    Happy Pills                       SC8519-05         Wedding Song, The                        CBEP463-1-10
    It's Alright                      SC8481-12     Captain Sensible
    You                               SC8530-12         Happy Talk                                SFMW817-05
Canned Heat                                             Happy Talk                                   PI307-09
    Goin' Up To The Country             DG05-04         Wot                                          SF113-10
    Going Up To The Country            SGB62-05     Cara, Irene
    Let's Work Together               SC8814-02         Fame                                        SC7523-04
    Let's Work Together                SF090-01         Fame                                         DK029-11
    On The Road Again                 SC8686-10         Flash Dance                                   BL02-06
    On The Road Again                  SF070-11         Flashdance                                    PI021-11
    On The Road Again                 SC8814-14         Flashdance                                   DK020-05
Cannibal & The Headhunters                              Flashdance                                  SC7503-15
    Land Of 1000 Dances              MM6016-06          Flashdance                                   SF016-03
Cannon, Freddie                                         Out Here On My Own                            PI008-14
    Palisades Park                     DK039-14         Out Here On My Own                          SC8585-09
    Tallahassee Lassie                SC7531-07     Caravelles
    Way Down Yonder In New Orleans     SF064-13         You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry          SC8206-15
    Way Down Yonder In New Orleans    SC8258-08     Cardigans & Tom Jones
Cantrell, Blu                                           Burnin' Down The House                        SF153-15
    Breathe                          CB30031-10     Cardigans, The
    Hit 'Em Up Style                  SC8741-01         Erase/Rewind                                 SF136-07
    Hit 'Em Up Style                   SGB65-13         Lovefool                                   THM9612-04
    Hit 'em Up Style (oops!)          SC8760-15         Lovefool                                    SC8343-10
    Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!)          SC8695-15         Lovefool                                     HV06a-14
    Hit' 'Em Up Style                THP0110-10         My Favorite Game                            SC8508-08
    Make Me Wanna Scream               SF212-08     Carey & Lorenz
    Till I'm Gone                     SC8747-09         I'll Be There                               MM6000-04
Cantrell, Blu & Sean Paul                           Carey, Mariah
    Breathe                            SF208-06         Against All Odds                             SF169-09
                                                        Against All Odds                             SGB45-10
 618-410-6826                                 Page 52                                        Thomas J Robinson
                                       Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE            SONG #      ARTIST                 TITLE                SONG #
   All I Want For Christmas Is You      LG172-17         Loverboy                              SF181-03
   All I Want For Christmas Is You      TU165-02         Make It Happen                       SC8497-07
   All In Your Mind                  SFMW831-01          Make It Happen                       MM6008-08
   All In Your Mind                    UK3111-12         Make It Happen                        SO200-11
   All In Your Mind                     SO200-01         Make It Happen                      SC8235R-04
   Always Be My Baby                   SC8497-01         My All                               SC8497-12
   Always Be My Baby                 PHM9604-01          Never Forget You                     MM6040-15
   Always Be My Baby                   SC8268-01         Never Forget You                     SC8497-15
   Always Be My Baby                   DGH01-06          Never Too Far                         SF186-08
   Anytime You Need A Friend           SC8497-08         Never Too Far                        SC8726-01
   Anytime You Need A Friend            SO200-02         Never Too Far/Hero Medley            SC8744-09
   Anytime You Need A Friend           SC8121-15         One, The                             SC8834-03
   Boy (I Need You)                     SF203-14         So Blessed                           UK3111-10
   Bringing On The Heartbreak           TU181-02         Someday                              UK3111-08
   Butterfly                         PHM9711-03          Someday                              MM6046-08
   Butterfly                           SC8422-03         Someday                               SO200-12
   Butterfly                           SC8497-05         Someday                            SFMW829-09
   Can't Let Go                        SC8497-06         Thank God I Found You                 SF164-02
   Can't Let Go                         SO200-03         Thank God I Found You                 SF155-11
   Can't Take That Away               CB40064-08         Through The Rain                   PHM0212-04
   Can't Take That Away (Mariah's      SC8613-08         Through The Rain                      SF199-06
   Theme)(RV)                                            Through The Rain                     SC8818-09
   Crybaby                           THP0009-12          Underneath The Stars                 SC8343-02
   Dream Lover                           FC2-12          Vision Of Love                        SO200-13
   Dreamlover                         MM6030-15          Vision Of Love                         DG01-14
   Dreamlover                         SC8497-02          Vision Of Love                    CBEP463-3-03
   Dreamlover                         SC8371-05          Vision Of Love                       UK3111-02
   Dreamlover                          SO200-04          Without You                          SC8113-13
   Emotions                           UK3111-04          Without You                           SF006-11
   Emotions                           SC8497-03          Without You                          SC8497-10
   Emotions                            SO200-05          Without You                          MM6040-01
   Fantasy                            SC8203-10          Without You                           SO200-14
   Fantasy                            SC8497-13          You Need Me                        SFMW829-15
   Fantasy                            AH8008-13          You Need Me                           SO200-15
   Fantasy                              DG04-06      Carey, Mariah & 98 Degrees
   Forever                            SC8497-11          Thank God I Found You                SC8581-07
   Forever                           PHM9608-04      Carey, Mariah & Boyz II Men
   Forever                            SC8295-05          One Sweet Day                        SC8233-10
   Heartbreaker                       SC8559-13          One Sweet Day                        SC8497-14
   Hero                               MM6030-01          One Sweet Day                       PHM9512-02
   Hero                                 BL02-09      Carey, Mariah & Cameo
   Hero                                SO200-07          Loverboy                             SC8708-12
   Hero                               SC7514-11      Carey, Mariah & Jay-Z
   Hero                               SC8497-04          Heartbreaker                           SF150-05
   Hero                                SF149-13      Carey, Mariah & Luther Vandross
   Hero                                  FC1-08          Endless Love                          SF025-06
   Honey                               LG019-10          Endless Love                          SO200-06
   I Don't Wanna Cry                  UK3111-06          Endless Love                         SC8132-04
   I Don't Wanna Cry                   SO200-08      Carey, Mariah & Trey Lorenz
   I Don't Wanna Cry                  SC8366-09          I'll Be There                         DK058-01
   I Don't Wanna Cry                 MM6021B-09          I'll Be There                        SC7514-12
   I Don't Wanna Cry                  MM6021-09          I'll Be There                         SO200-09
   I Still Believe                    SC8508-02      Carey, Mariah & Whitney Houston
   Looking In                         SC8277-12          When You Believe                      SF128-10
   Love Takes Time                     SO200-10          When You Believe                     SC8497-09
618-410-6826                                   Page 53                                 Thomas J Robinson
                                        Waverly Sound
ARTIST                   TITLE            SONG #     ARTIST                  TITLE                  SONG #
Carey, Mariah, Joe & 98 Degrees                      Carmen, Eric
     Thank God I Found You            THP0003-14         All By Myself                            DK029-01
Cargill, Henson                                          All By Myself                             PI021-15
     Skip A Rope                       SC8392-13         All By Myself                           SC8706-03
Carlisle, Belinda                                        All By Myself                           SC8178-03
     Circle In The Sand                SC8540-03         Hungry Eyes                             SC8706-04
     Circles In The Sand                SF076-03         Make Me Lose Control                    SC8706-06
     Heaven Is A Place On Earth          PI030-15        Make Me Lose Control                     DK027-05
     Heaven Is A Place On Earth        SC8368-09         Never Gonna Fall In Love Again           DK034-12
     Heaven Is A Place On Earth          BL03-14         Never Gonna Fall In Love Again          SC8706-07
     Heaven Is A Place On Earth         DK095-09     Carnes, Kim
     I Get Weak                         DK023-05         Bette Davis Eyes                         SGB32-07
     I Get Weak                        SC8425-11         Bette Davis Eyes                        SC8115-12
     In Too Deep                       SC8389-12         Bette Davis Eyes                         SF057-12
     Mad About You                     SC8331-13         Bette Davis Eyes                        SC7581-13
     Mad About You                      DK017-06         Crazy In The Night                      SC8514-08
     We Want The Same Thing             SF112-07     Carol, Dinah
Carlisle, Bob                                            Without Love                              SF144-15
     Butterfly Kisses                 PHM9706-01     Caroline's Spine
     Butterfly Kisses                 CHM9707-12         Nothing To Prove                        SC8616-08
     Butterfly Kisses                    PI052-01    Caron, Leslie
     Butterfly Kisses                  SC7600-03         Hi-Lo Hi-Lo                            NSAVP36-19
     Butterfly Kisses                  SC8381-02     Carousel
     Father's Love                     SC8501-04         If I Loved You                           SF008-06
     Lately (Dreaming About Babies)    SC8661-08         You'll Never Walk Alone                 SC8127-03
Carlos, Roberto                                          You'll Never Walk Alone                  SF008-07
     Detalles                            AV20-11     Carpenter, Mary Chapin
     Mujer Pequena                      NT027-07         Almost Here                             SD064-08
Carlson, Jeff                                            Almost Home                             SGB17-09
     Not On Your Love                    NS23-02         Almost Home                           CHT9908-09
Carlson, Paulette                                        Bug, The                               SC8105-05
     Not With My Heart You Don't       SC8321-01         Bug, The                               MM6028-14
Carlton, Carl                                            Come On Come On                        SC8245-11
     Bad Mama Jama (Part 1)              RB03-06         Come On Come On                          PI217-02
     Bad Mama Jama (Part 2)              RB03-07         Down At The Twist And Shout            SC8103-09
     She's A Bad Mama Jama             AH8014-07         Down At The Twist And Shout            SC7516-02
Carlton, Vanessa                                         Down At The Twist And Shout              PI211-04
     A Thousand Miles                  SC8757-02         Down At The Twist And Shout           NSAVA07-03
     A Thousand Miles                  SC8813-02         Down At The Twist And Shout            MM6034-08
     Ordinary Day                       TU196-18         Down At The Twist And Shout             DK073-01
     Ordinary Day                       SF200-03         Going Out Tonight                      SC8175-06
     Ordinary Day                     THP0210-10         Grow Old With Me                     CBEP463-5-11
     Ordinary Day                      SC8778-05         Grow Old With Me                       SC8263-09
     Ordinary Day                      MM6372-10         Grow Old With Me                       SC7600-06
     Ordinary Day                      SC8813-07         Hard Way, The                          SC8177-04
     Pretty Baby                      PHM0303-04         Hard Way, The                          MM6022-06
     Pretty Baby                       SC8806-11         He Thinks He'll Keep Her               SC8177-10
     Pretty Baby                        TU196-19         He Thinks He'll Keep Her               MM6039-02
     Thousand Miles, A                 SC8796-06         House Of Cards                         SC8230-10
     Thousand Miles, A                  SF196-04         I Feel Lucky                           SC8102-11
     Thousand Miles, A                THP0205-14         I Feel Lucky                           MM6002-08
     Thousand Miles, A                  TU196-17         I Feel Lucky                           SC7522-05
Carmel                                                   I Take My Chances                      SC8123-09
     More More More                   SFMW828-03         I Want To Be Your Girlfriend           MM6191-14
                                                         John Doe No. 24                        SC8152-12
 618-410-6826                                  Page 54                                    Thomas J Robinson
                                                   Waverly Sound
ARTIST                TITLE                          SONG #      ARTIST                TITLE                      SONG #
     Let Me Into Your Heart                         RS502-17          Top Of The World                         DK017-10
     Let Me Into Your Heart                      CHM9612-13           Top Of The World                          PI004-15
     My Dear Old Friend                           SC8759-09           Touch Me When We're Dancing             SC8634-07
     Not Too Much To Ask                          MM6003-14           We've Only Just Begun                   SC7545-07
     Only A Dream                                 SC8282-13           We've Only Just Begun                     PI004-16
     Passionate Kisses                               PI215-04         We've Only Just Begun                    LG004-05
     Passionate Kisses                           NSAVA11-11           We've Only Just Begun                    DK008-04
     Passionate Kisses                            MM6003-12           We've Only Just Begun                 CBEP463-1-01
     Passionate Kisses                             TT6013-02          Yesterday Once More                      DK018-11
     Right Now                                    SC8217-11           Yesterday Once More                      LG004-02
     Shut Up And Kiss Me                          SC8139-10           Yesterday Once More                    NSAVP11-12
     Stones In The Road                           SC8296-14           Yesterday Once More                     SC7549-07
     Tender When I Want To Be                     SC8152-14      Carr, Vicki
     Why Walk When You Can Fly                    SC8211-14           For Once In My Life                      MM6005-10
     Why Walk When You Can Fly                    SC8219-08           For Once In My Life                      MM6037-08
Carpenter, Mary Chapin & Joe Diffie                                   I'll Wait For You                        MM6005-15
     Not Too Much To Ask                          SC8180-14           It Must Be Him                            DK051-16
Carpenter, Mary Chapin & Sheryl Crow & Emmylou                        It Must Be Him                           MM6005-06
Harris                                                                It Must Be Him                           SC8526-03
     Flesh And Blood                              SC8856-07           It Must Be Him                            SF085-12
     Flesh And Blood                              SC8807-05           Otra Vez Enamorada                       MM6138-07
Carpenters, The                                                       Vamos De Frente                          MM6138-11
     Calling All Occupants Of Interplanetary       SF077-12           Yo Sego Siendo Como Soy                  MM6138-05
     Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft     LG004-06      Carrack, Paul
     Close To You                                  SF022-04           Don't Shed A Tear                         DK027-08
     Close To You                                  LG004-01           For Once In Our Lives                    SC8389-07
     Close To You                                  DK005-02      Carrey, Jim
     Close To You                                NSAVP17-06           Cuban Pete                               SC8782-12
     Close To You                                   PI012-11     Carrington, Rodney
     For All We Know                                PI055-14          Dancing With A Man                       SC8669-13
     For All We Know                               DK055-08           Fred                                     SC8739-12
     Goodbye To Love                              SC8362-13           Great To Be A Man                        SC8739-07
     Hurting Each Other                           SC8138-03           Letter To My P*N*S                       SC8700-01
     Hurting Each Other                            LG004-08           More Of A Man                            SC8739-03
     Hurting Each Other                            DK055-09           More Of A Man                            SC8665-10
     I Won't Last A Day Without You                LG004-07           Morning Wood                             SC8739-13
     I Won't Last A Day Without You               SC8391-08           Who Put The D### On The Snowman          SC8780-16
     It's Going To Take Some Time                 SC7559-15      Carroll, Diane
     Jambalaya                                     DK032-13           This Time                                    FC2-07
     Please Mr. Postman                            LG004-03      Carroll, Dina
     Please Mr. Postman                          NSAVP11-14           Ain't No Man                           SFMW830-01
     Please Mr. Postman                            DK022-12      Carroll, Ronnie
     Rainy Days And Mondays                        DK015-10           Roses Are Red                              SF066-09
     Rainy Days And Mondays                         PI004-14     Carrott, J.
     Rainy Days And Mondays                       SC8138-06           Funky Mopedmagic Round                     SF095-07
     Rainy Days And Mondays                        SF153-03      Cars, The
     Sing                                           PI028-13          Drive                                    SC8554-11
     Sing                                         SC8362-04           Drive                                      PI032-11
     Superstar                                     DK060-04           Drive                                     SF106-08
     Superstar                                    SC8362-05           Drive                                     DK054-02
     Superstar                                   NSAVP11-16           Good Times Roll                           DM103-05
     There's A Kind Of Hush                        DK021-16           Good Times Roll                          SC8627-03
     They Long To Be Close To You                 SC7534-09           Just What I Needed                        DM103-04
     Top Of The World                              LG004-04           Just What I Needed                       SC8573-09
     Top Of The World                            NSAVP11-13           Let's Go                                  DM103-06
 618-410-6826                                              Page 55                                      Thomas J Robinson
                                                Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE                     SONG #      ARTIST                   TITLE                 SONG #
    Let's Go                                    SC8393-11         Angels Working Overtime                SC8533-01
    Magic                                       SC8840-04         Angels Working Overtime                 SD062-08
    My Best Friend's Girl                       SC7563-09         Before We Ever Said Goodbye           CHM9804-16
    My Best Friend's Girl                     SFMW808-09          Count Me In                            SC8376-04
    My Best Friend's Girl                        SGB05-02         Count Me In                             SD037-05
    My Best Friend's Girl                        SGB04-05         Count Me In                           CHM97F5-14
    Shake It Up                                 SC8427-04         Did I Shave My Legs For This?         CHM9801-13
    Shake It Up                                  DK047-03         Did I Shave My Legs For This?           SD045-03
    Tonight She Comes                           SC8671-02         Did I Shave My Legs For This?          SC8416-09
    You Might Think                             SC7559-10         How Do I Get There                    CHM9709-14
Carson, Jeff                                                      How Do I Get There                      SD041-02
    Butterfly Kisses                            SD039-03          How Do I Get There                     SC8388-06
    Car, The                                   SC8205-03          Once Upon A December                    SD046-12
    Cheatin' On Her Heart                      SC8436-07          Ruby Brown                              SD068-07
    Holdin' On To Something                    SC8253-14          Strawberry Wine                       CHM9610-11
    Holdin' On To Something                     SD025-08          Strawberry Wine                         RS502-03
    I Can Only Imagine                          SD109-12          Strawberry Wine                         SD031-09
    Not On Your Love                            SD019-05          Strawberry Wine                        SC8315-02
    Not On Your Love                           SC8186-03          Strawberry Wine                        SC7596-11
    Real Life                                 THC0112-11          That's How You Know It's Love          SC8344-07
    Real Life                                   SD086-09          There's No Limit                      THC0302-14
    Real Life (I Never Was The Same Again)     SC8714-01          There's No Limit                        SD102-08
    Shine On                                   SC8474-04          There's No Limit                       SC8851-12
    That Last Mile                             SC8311-05          There's No Limit                       SC8802-01
    Until We Fall Back In Love Again            SD094-08          We Danced Anyway                        SD035-04
    Until We Fall Back In Love Again           SC8753-08          We Danced Anyway                       SC8370-07
    Yeah Buddy                                 SC8171-04          We Danced Anyway                       SC7595-02
Carter, Carlene                                                   We Danced Away                        CHM9702-12
    Come On Back                               SC8157-05          You Still Shake Me                     SC8512-07
    Every Little Thing                         SC8167-02          You Still Shake Me                      SD059-08
    Every Little Thing                         MM6035-09      Carter, Mel
    Hurricane                                  SC8160-04          Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me             SC8108-15
    I Fell In Love                             SC8412-12          Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me             MM6018-02
    I Love You 'Cause I Want To                SC8168-01          I Turn To You                            SF167-10
    Something Already Gone                     SC8123-02      Carter, Mel & Left Eye
    Sweetest Thing, The                        SC8228-06          Never Be The Same Again                   SF163-08
    Unbreakable Heart                          SC8309-11      Carter, Nick
Carter, Clarence                                                  Do I Have To Cry For You               PHM0302-05
    Back Door Santa                            SC8780-04          Help Me                                  SF197-10
    I Fell In Love                             MM6050-04          Help Me                                 SC8801-04
    Kiss You All Over                          SC8117-09          Help Me                                PHM0212-08
    Patches                                     DK056-18      Cartman, Eric
    Patches                                     SF102-14          Come Sail Away                           SGB12-02
    Slip Away                                  SC8521-11          Kyles Mom's A Bitch                      SGB12-12
    Slip Away                                    RB13-14      Cartoons
    Strokin                                   AMS2001-12          Doo Dah                                   SF140-06
    Strokin'                                   SC8117-12          Witch Doctor                              SF136-16
    Strokin'                                 MMCP2K01-03      Cartwright, Lionel
    Strokin'                                   MM6016-08          Be My Angel                             SC8282-04
    Strokin'                                 MMCP9801-03          Family Tree                             SC8245-05
    Strokin’                                   SC7598-04          Give Me His Last Chance                NSAVA11-04
Carter, Deana                                                     I Watched It All (On My Radio)         NSAVA02-07
    Absence Of The Heart                       SC8488-01          Leap Of Faith                             PI212-03
    Absence Of The Heart                       MM6257-01          Standing On The Promises                SC8296-15
    Absence Of The Heart                        SD056-03          What Kind Of Fool                      SC8352R-14
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                                             Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE                  SONG #      ARTIST                 TITLE                       SONG #
    What Kind Of Fool                        SC8352-14         Ring Of Fire                              SFMW815-06
Cascades                                                       Ring Of Fire                                 DK035-13
    Rhythm Of The Rain                       SC8770-02         So Doggone Lonesome                         SC8538-02
Cascades, The                                                  Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down                  SC8442-01
    Rhythm Of The Rain                        PI002-04         Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down                NSAVA09-17
    Rhythm Of The Rain                       SC7526-07         There You Go                                SC8445-04
    Rhythm Of The Rain                     SFMW803-14          Thing Called Love, A                        SC7568-03
Case                                                           Understand Your Man                          DK063-18
    Missing You                              SC8695-09         Understand Your Man                         SC8428-10
    Touch Me Tease Me                        SC8299-10         Ways Of A Woman In Love, The                SC8509-07
Cash, Johnny                                                   What Is Truth                               SC8558-10
    Any Old Wind That Blows                  SC8604-07     Cash, Johnny & Dave Matthews
    Ballad Of A Teenage Queen                SC8383-09         For You                                     SC8759-13
    Ballad Of Ira Hayes, The                 SC8442-10     Cash, Johnny & June
    Big River                                SC8579-04         Jackson                                     SC8262-12
    Boy Named Sue, A                         SC8114-03     Cash, Johnny & Waylon Jennings
    Boy Named Sue, A                          SGB41-01         There Ain't No Good Chain Gang              SC7569-01
    Boy Named Sue, A                         SC7589-12     Cash, Rosanne
    Boy Named Sue, A                       NSAVA19-01          Blue Moon With Heartache                    SC8647-07
    Boy Named Sue, A                         MM6047-06         I Don't Know Why You Don't Want Me          SC8576-08
    Daddy Sang Bass                           DK069-17         I Don't Want To Spoil The Party             MM6122-10
    Daddy Sang Bass                          SC7536-02         If You Change Your Mind                      DK079-05
    Don't Take Your Guns To Town             SC8262-08         If You Change Your Mind                     SC8398-09
    Drive On                                 SC8324-04         My Baby Thinks He's A Train                 SC8676-15
    Flesh & Blood                            SC8431-06         Never Be You                                SC8564-11
    Folsom Prison Blues                      SC2124-07         Runaway Train                                DK065-05
    Folsom Prison Blues                        NS23-05         Runaway Train                               SC8414-13
    Folsom Prison Blues                       DK067-17         Runaway Train                                 PI201-08
    Folsom Prison Blues                      SC7536-06         Seven Year Ache                             SC8412-11
    Folsom Prison Blues                        PI206-10        Seven Year Ache                               PI203-06
    Folsom Prison Blues                    NSAVA13-09          Tennessee Flat Top Box                      SC8114-14
    Get Rhythm                                 PI217-18        Tennessee Flat Top Box                     NSAVA11-16
    Get Rhythm                               SC8392-03         Tennessee Flat Top Box                        PI214-13
    Ghost Riders In The Sky                  SC8442-15     Cash, Rosanne & Johnny Cash
    Guess Things Happen That Way             SC8158-01         September When It Comes                     SC8847-01
    Hurt                                     SC8856-04     Casinos, The
    Hurt                                    THR0306-15         Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye                MM6018-12
    Hurt                                      SD106-14         Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye                SC8181-08
    Hurt                                     SC8816-04     Cass, Mama
    I Got Stripes                            SC8592-05         Dream A Little Dream                         SGB21-02
    I Walk The Line                           DK061-16         Dream A Little Dream Of Me                  SC8686-01
    I Walk The Line                          SC7507-03     Cassidy, David
    I Walk The Line                            PI203-05        Could It Be Forever                        ZMH004-01
    I Walk The Line                        NSAVA03-13          Daydreamer                                 ZMH004-03
    I Walk The Line                           SGB41-08         How Can I Be Sure                            SF055-13
    Luther Played The Boogie                 SC8712-01         I Am A Clown                               ZMH004-02
    Man In Black                             SC8335-03         Last Kiss, The                            SFMW838-09
    One On The Right Is On The Left, The     SC8442-08         No Bridge I Wouldn't Cross                  SC8519-08
    One Piece At A Time                    SFMW820-12      Cassidy, Eva
    One Piece At A Time                      SC8144-07         Over The Rainbow                          SFMW810-13
    Oney                                     SC8442-12         Song Bird                                 SFMW811-14
    Orange Blossom Special                   SC8400-15     Castaways
    Riders In The Sky (A Cowboy Legend)        PI211-05        Liar Liar                                   SC7557-12
    Ring Of Fire                           NSAVA13-10      Castro, Cristan
    Ring Of Fire                             SC7537-05         Morelia                                       AV27-09
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                                          Waverly Sound
ARTIST                   TITLE              SONG #      ARTIST                  TITLE                   SONG #
Castro, Gualberto                                           Give Me Just A Little More Time           SF088-08
     Santa Lucia                            AV30-03         Give Me Just A Little More Time          SC8361-15
Casuals                                                     You Got Me Dangling On A String           SF088-09
     Jesamine                              SF070-08     Chaka Khan
Catatonia                                                   I Feel For You                           SC8777-02
     Dead From The Waist Down             SF136-08          I'm Every Woman                            RB05-15
     Karaoke Queen                        SF140-09      Chambers Brothers, The
     Londinium                            SF144-11          Time Has Come Today                      SC8615-02
     Mulder And Scully                    SF118-02          Time Has Come Today                       SGB62-11
     Road Rage                           SFG017-08      Chambers, Kasey
     Road Rage                            SF120-14          Not Pretty Enough                        SC8759-08
     Stone By Stone                       SF182-09      Champaign
     Strange Glue                         SF124-14          How 'Bout Us                             SC8606-11
Cathedrals, The                                         Champs, The
     Boundless Love                    CBEP466-2-05         Tequila                                   DK082-12
     Champion Of Love                  CBEP466-2-02     Chandler, Gene
     Hard Trials Will Soon Be Over     CBEP466-6-16         Duke Of Earl                             SC8108-11
     I Know A Man Who Can              CBEP466-3-03         Duke Of Earl                               PI036-07
     Ride The Glory Train              CBEP466-5-05         Duke Of Earl                              DK037-09
     Wedding Music                     CBEP466-3-10         Duke Of Earl                             SC7502-05
Cats                                                        Get Down                                  SF103-13
     Memory                              MM6023-04          Groovy Situation                         SC8420-14
     Memory                              SC7599-05      Chanel, Bruce
Cause & Effect                                              Hey Baby                                 SC8526-12
     It's All Over                       AH9821-10          Hey Baby                                 MM6007-04
Cave In                                                     Hey Baby                                  SF084-15
     Anchor                             THR0308-16          Keep On                                   SF100-03
Caviar                                                  Changing Faces
     Tangerine Speedo                    SC8707-15          G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T.                         SC8390-04
Cee-Lo                                                  Channels
     Closet Freak                        SC8758-09          That's My Desire                           RB21-03
Cetera & Kahn                                           Channing, Stockard
     Feels Like Heaven                   MM6000-13          Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee               SC2055-07
     Feels Like Heaven                   MM6025-10      Chapin, Harry
Cetera, Peter                                               30,000 Pounds Of Bananas                 SC8668-15
     Faithfully                           SD026-10          Cat's In The Cradle                        PI031-09
     Glory Of Love, The                   DK007-01          Cat's In The Cradle                     MM6037-10
     Glory Of Love, The                SFMW806-09           Cat's In The Cradle                       DK080-01
     Hard To Say I'm Sorry             SFMW808-14           Cat's In The Cradle                    SFMW827-14
     One Clear Voice                     SC8312-13          Cat's In The Cradle                      SC7511-02
Cetera, Peter & Amy Grant                                   Sequel                                   SC8668-05
     Next Time I Fall, The                SO209-06          Taxi                                     SC8439-11
     Next Time I Fall, The               SC8119-13          Taxi                                     AH8001-10
     Next Time I Fall, The                 PI029-13         Taxi                                      SGB34-08
Cetera, Peter & Crystal Bernard                             Taxi                                     SC7575-04
     Forever Tonight                     SC8212-15          W*O*L*D*                                 SC8668-11
     Forever Tonight                      SD020-06      Chapman, Beth Nielsen
Chabuca Granda                                              Happy Girl                               SC8395-12
     La Flor De La Canela                   AV11-04         In The Time It Takes                     MM6045-13
Chad & Jeremy                                               Sand And Water                           MM6227-14
     Summer Song, A                      SC7566-11          Sand And Water                           SC8423-07
Chain, Michael                                              Shake My Soul                            SC8629-03
     Becky Takes Off Her Clothes           TU085-04     Chapman, Donovan
Chairmen Of The Board                                       There Is No War                           SD114-06
     Give Me Just A Little More Time      DK083-13
 618-410-6826                                     Page 58                                     Thomas J Robinson
                                    Waverly Sound
ARTIST                    TITLE       SONG #     ARTIST                  TITLE                      SONG #
Chapman, Steven Curtis                               Song For You, A                              NT007-10
    Dive (radio version)           SC8828-07         Take These Chains From My Heart              LG022-05
Chapman, Tracy                                       That Lucky Old Sun                            PI306-16
    Fast Car                       AH8010-04         This Little Girl Of Mine                      RB19-11
    Fast Car                       SC7548-05         Unchain My Heart                             DK084-04
    Fast Car                        SGB21-08         What'd I Say                                 DK010-06
    Give Me One Reason              DGH01-08         What'd I Say                                SC8222-05
    Give Me One Reason             SC7587-07         What'd I Say                                  PI002-09
    Give Me One Reason             SC8277-02         What’d I Say (Part 1)                       SC7571-10
    Give Me One Reason            PHM9605-06         Your Cheatin' Heart                          LG022-07
    New Beginning                  SC8316-14     Charles, Ray & Billy Joel
    Smoke And Ashes                SC8343-09         Baby Grand                                SFMW826-02
    Talkin' 'Bout A Revolution     SC8338-15     Charles, Tina
    Telling Stories               THP0006-18         Dr. Love                                      SF098-03
    Telling Stories                SC8595-03         I Love To Love                                SF071-06
Charlene                                         Charley Pride, Charley
    I've Never Been To Me           DK072-03         Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger               SC8682-01
    I've Never Been To Me         NSAVP15-11     Charlie Daniels
Charles & Chaka Khan                                 Long Haired Country Boy                      SGB16-03
    I'll Be Good To You              PI057-04    Charlie Daniels Band
Charles & Eddie                                      Last Fallen Hero, The                       SC8779-10
    House Is Not A Home, A         SC8246-02     Charlie Daniels Band, The
    Would I Lie To You             SC8310-09         Boogie Woogie Fiddle Country Blues          SC8506-01
    Would I Lie To You            NSAVP23-18         Devil Went Down To Georgia, The               PI212-18
    Would I Lie To You              SF053-14         Devil Went Down To Georgia, The            CB60016-03
Charles, Ray                                         Devil Went Down To Georgia, The           SFMW801-04
    Born To Lose                    DK089-08         Devil Went Down To Georgia, The             TT6013-05
    Busted                         SC8142-05         Devil Went Down To Georgia, The             SC8103-15
    Busted                          LG022-04         Devil Went Down To Georgia, The             SC8449-15
    Cryin' Time                     LG022-06         Devil Went Down To Georgia, The             SC7516-08
    Cryin' Time                     DK088-11         Drinkin' My Baby Goodbye                    SC8455-02
    Georgia On My Mind              SGB59-04         In America                                  SC8479-05
    Georgia On My Mind             SC7505-02         Legend Of Wooley Swamp, The                 SC7568-01
    Georgia On My Mind               PI049-06        Long Haired Country Boy                    CB60016-06
    Georgia On My Mind              DK084-01         Long Haired Country Boy                     AH8006-04
    Georgia On My Mind            NSAVP10-02         Long Haired Country Boy                     SC8332-06
    Georgia On My Mind              LG022-02         Long Haired Country Boy                     SC8449-01
    Here We Go Again               SC8258-06         Simple Man                                  SC8525-05
    Hit The Road Jack              SC7571-03         South's Gonna Do It Again, The              SC8104-02
    Hit The Road Jack                HV04-02         South's Gonna Do It Again, The              SC8449-14
    Hit The Road, Jack             SC8108-07         This Ain't No Rag, It's A Flag               SD090-02
    Hit The Road, Jack              LG022-03         This Ain't No Rag, It's A Flag              SC8733-08
    I Can't Stop Loving You         SGB41-07         This Ain't No Rag, It's A Flag             THC0203-20
    I Can't Stop Loving You        SC8126-03         Uneasy Rider                                SC8146-12
    I Can't Stop Loving You        SC8118-09     Charlie Robinson
    I Can't Stop Loving You        SC7518-09         I Want You Bad                              SC8698-06
    I Can't Stop Loving You          PI202-07    Chas & Dawn
    I Can't Stop Loving You       NSAVP10-03         Rabbit                                        SF042-16
    I Can't Stop Loving You         LG022-01     Chavalier, Maurice
    I Can't Stop Loving You         DK010-13         Thank Heaven For Little Girls                 PI306-10
    I Got A Woman                 NSAVP38-03     Cheap Trick
    I Got A Woman                   DK049-15         Can't Stop Fallin' Into Love                SC8433-08
    In The Heat Of The Night         PI303-16        Can't Stop Falling In Love                   DK047-10
    Lonely Ave                       RB18-13         Don't Be Cruel                               DK002-01
    Shake Your Tailfeather         AH8005-15         Dream Police                                SC8725-13
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                                                  Waverly Sound
ARTIST                    TITLE                     SONG #      ARTIST                 TITLE                   SONG #
     Flame, The                                 SC8223R-13          Baby Don't Go                            SGB10-06
     Flame, The                                  SC8223-13          Bang Bang                                SGB10-07
     I Want You To Want Me                        SGB34-03          Bang Bang                                SF085-13
     I Want You To Want Me                        DK091-14          Bang Bang                              RSZ606-15
     I Want You To Want Me                         PI019-18         Beat Goes On, The                      RSZ606-09
     I Want You To Want Me                       SC7580-14          Beat Goes On, The                        SGB10-08
     I Want You To Want Me                       SC8178-15          Believe                              SGBSP01-1-11
     Surrender                                   SC8334-11          Believe                                 SC8508-13
     You're All I Wanna Do                       SC8238-14          Believe                                  SF127-14
Checker, Chubby                                                     Believe                                  SGB08-06
     Hucklebuck, The                             SC8364-03          Believe                                 SC8039-05
     Let's Twist Again                           SC8415-11          Believe                                RSZ606-01
     Let's Twist Again                           MM6016-04          Believe                                 LGTP-1-10
     Let's Twist Again                            DK070-14          Cowboy's Work Is Never Done, A         RSZ606-02
     Let's Twist Again                             PI040-12         Dark Lady                                DK052-15
     Let's Twist Again                            SF017-09          Dark Lady                              RSZ606-10
     Limbo Rock                                 SC8191R-03          Dark Lady                                SGB10-13
     Limbo Rock                                  MM6004-03          Dov'e Lamore                             SF152-04
     Limbo Rock                                  SC8191-03          Gypsies Tramps And Theives               SGB10-12
     Pony Time                                    DK043-16          Gypsies Tramps And Thieves               SF147-01
     Twist, The                                   SF044-15          Gypsies, Tramps & Theives              RSZ606-14
     Twist, The                                  SC8106-11          Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves                 DK053-07
     Twist, The                                  SC7527-05          Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves                SC8138-14
     Twist, The                                   DK094-02          Half Breed                               SGB10-16
Checkers, Chubby                                                    Half Breed                             RSZ606-12
     Limbo Rock                                   SGB51-06          Half-Breed                               DK055-12
     Twist, The                                   SGB51-17          Half-Breed                              SC7547-03
Cheeky Girls                                                        Heart Of Stone                           SGB10-11
     Cheeky Song                                   SF199-15         I Found Someone                          SGB10-01
     Hooray, Hooray                                SF207-12         I Found Someone                          DK027-09
Cheeky Girls, The                                                   I Found Someone                        RSZ606-16
     Cheeky Song                                   EZH19-09         I Got You Babe                         RSZ606-13
Cheers                                                              I Got You Babe                           SGB10-02
     Where Everybody Knows Your Name            SFMW803-05          If I Could Turn Back Time                 BL02-15
Chef                                                                If I Could Turn Back Time                DK061-03
     Chocolate Salty Balls                        SC8532-01         If I Could Turn Back Time              RSZ606-03
     Chocolate Salty Balls                         SGB12-07         If I Could Turn Back Time              MM6025-12
     Chocolate Salty Balls (P.S. I Love You)      SC7598-02         If I Could Turn Back Time                SF059-03
     Chocolate Salty Balls (Ps I Love You)         SF130-02         If I Could Turn Back Time               SC8374-01
     Love Gravy                                    SGB12-03         It's In His Kiss                          BL03-11
     No Substitute/Oh Kathy Lee                    SGB12-04         Just Like Jesse James                  RSZ606-17
     Simultaneous                                  SGB12-01         Just Like Jesse James                   SC8259-09
Chef & Meatloaf                                                     Just Like Jesse James                    SF112-11
     Tonight Is Right for Love                    SGB12-06          Just Like Jesse James                    SGB10-10
Chef (South Park)                                                   Little Man                             RSZ606-21
     Chocolate Salty Balls                        EK0025-13         Love And Understanding                   SGB10-09
Cher                                                                Love Hurts                               SGB10-03
     After All                                   RSZ606-06          Music's No Good Without You              SF186-05
     All I Ever Need (Is You)                     SGB10-15          One By One                              SC8304-03
     All I Ever Need Is You                      RSZ606-19          One By One                               SF034-09
     All Or Nothing                                SF138-05         Save Up All Your Tears                   SGB10-04
     All Or Nothing                               SGB30-03          Shoop Shoop Song, The                    DK052-04
     All Or Nothing                            SGBSP01-1-03         Shoop Shoop Song, The                   SC7506-08
     All Or Nothing                              RSZ606-22          Shoop Shoop Song, The                    SF036-04
     Baby Don't Go                               RSZ606-11          Shoop Shoop Song, The                    SGB10-05
 618-410-6826                                             Page 60                                    Thomas J Robinson
                                                  Waverly Sound
ARTIST                   TITLE                      SONG #      ARTIST                  TITLE                     SONG #
    Shoop Shoop Song, The (It's In His Kiss)     RSZ606-18          Good Stuff, The                             SD096-04
    Song For The Lonely                           SF190-08          Good Stuff, The                            SC8764-10
    Strong Enough                                 SGB11-02          Grandpa Told Me So                          SD023-10
    Strong Enough                                 SF130-09          Grandpa Told Me So                         SC8216-02
    Strong Enough                                RSZ606-07          How Forever Feels                         MM6262-04
    Strong Enough                                SC8542-09          How Forever Feels                           SD059-06
    Take Me Home                                 RSZ606-20          How Forever Feels                          SC8507-10
    This Is A Song For The Lonely                SC8747-15          I Go Back                                THC0408-15
    This Is A Song For The Lonely               THP0205-18          I Lost It                                  SC8633-12
    Way Of Love, The                             RSZ606-05          I Lost It                                 CB80019-04
    Way Of Love, The                             SC8410-10          I Lost It                                THC0012-14
    We All Sleep Alone                           RSZ606-04          I Lost It                                   SD076-03
    Working Girl                                 SC8142-04          I Will Stand                               SC8480-12
    You Better Sit Down Kids                     RSZ606-08          I Will Stand                                SD054-07
Cher & Peter Cetera                                                 It Don't Happen Twice                       SD080-07
    After All                                    SC8482-12          Live Those Songs                           SC8769-02
    After All                                    MM6025-08          Lot Of Things Different, A               THC0212-19
    After All                                  CBEP463-2-07         Lot Of Things Different, A                  SD100-04
Cherie                                                              Lot Of Things Different, A                 SC8774-10
    I'm Ready                                   THP0407-15          Me And You                               CHM9610-16
    Older Than My Years                         THP0411-11          Me And You                                 SC8298-12
Cherrelle                                                           Me And You                                  SD030-09
    Saturday Love                                 DK024-04          She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy                SD067-04
Cherry Poppin' Daddies                                              She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy               SC8570-08
    Brown Derby Jump                             SC8487-02          She's Got It All                         CHM9708-19
    Ding Dong Daddy Of The D Car Line              US01-07          She's Got It All                            SD041-06
    Here Comes The Snake                         SC8501-14          She's Got It All                           SC8382-10
    Zoot Suit Riot                                 US01-04          That's Why I'm Here                         SD048-09
    Zoot Suit Riot                              PHM9807-09          That's Why I'm Here                      CHM9807-17
    Zoot Suit Riot                               SC8462-13          The Good Stuff                           THC0208-20
    Zoot Suit Riot                               SC7587-14          There Goes My Life                          SD113-02
Cherry Poppin' Daddys                                               There Goes My Life                       THC0402-18
    Ding Dong Daddy Of The D Car Line             SGB07-07          There Goes My Life                         SC8857-06
    Zoot Suit Riot                                SGB07-04          Tin Man, The                                SD086-05
Cherry, Don                                                         Tin Man, The                               SC8723-08
    Band Of Gold                                 SC8191-12          Tin Man, The                             THC0111-17
    Band Of Gold                                SC8191R-12          What I Need To Do                         CB80019-08
Cherry, Neneh                                                       What I Need To Do                        CHM0005-17
    Buffalo Stance                               SC8477-10          What I Need To Do                           SD069-03
    Woman                                         SF061-02          What I Need To Do (Radio Version)          SC8596-15
Chesney, Kenny                                                      When I Close My Eyes                       SC8370-14
    All I Need To Know                           SC8189-04          When I Close My Eyes                        SD035-07
    Back In My Arms Again                        SC8271-09          You Had Me From Hello                      SC8543-06
    Big Star                                     SC8816-05          You Had Me From Hello                       SD062-14
    Big Star                                      SD104-01          You Had Me From Hello                   CBEP463-6-05
    Big Star                                    THC0304-15          Young                                    THC0204-12
    Chance, A                                     SD044-04          Young                                       SD092-01
    Chance, A                                    SC8416-05          Young                                     MM6358-02
    Chance, A                                   CHM9802-19          Young                                      SC8745-04
    Don't Happen Twice                            TU039-03          Young                                      SC8798-04
    Don't Happen Twice                           SC8743-10          Young                                       TU085-19
    Don't Happen Twice                           SC8681-12      Chesney, Kenny & Kid Rock
    Don't Happen Twice                          THC0105-16          Luckenbach, Texas                          SC8857-08
    Fall In Love                                 SC8163-03      Chesney, Kenny & Uncle Cracker
    Good Stuff, The                              SC8798-06          When The Sun Goes Down                    PHN0404-05
 618-410-6826                                             Page 61                                       Thomas J Robinson
                                        Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE             SONG #      ARTIST                  TITLE             SONG #
Chesney, Kenny & Uncle Kracker                             Too Cold At Home                 SC8352R-10
    When The Sun Goes Down            THC0405-11           Too Cold At Home                  SC8352-10
Chesnutt, Mark                                             Trouble                           MM6125-12
    Almost Goodbye                      SC8177-13          Trouble                           SC8198-11
    As The Honky Tonk Turns             SC8205-15          Wherever You Are                  SC8488-06
    Broken Promise Land                 SC8359-06          Wherever You Are                   SD056-09
    Brother Jukebox                     SC8180-13          Woman Sensuous Woman              SC8120-14
    Brother Jukebox                   NSAVA07-04           Woman Sensuous Woman              MM6044-09
    Bubba Shot The Jukebox              SC8167-15          Wrong Place, Wrong Time            SD028-14
    Bubba Shot The Jukebox             MM6002-07           Wrong Place, Wrong Time           SC8280-14
    Down In Tennessee                    SD019-12          Your Love Is A Miracle            SC7552-02
    Down In Tennessee                  MM6103-06      Chesnutt, Mark, Gill & Krauss
    Down In Tennessee                   SC8186-09          It's Not Over                      SD046-05
    Fallin' Never Felt So Good          SC8617-01     Chestnutt, Mark
    Goin' Through The Big 'D'           SC8183-02          She Was                          THC0206-17
    Gonna Get A Life                    SC8160-03     Chevelle
    Half Of Everything                  SC8245-08          Closure                          THR0311-18
    I Don't Want To Miss A Thing         SD058-08          Red, The                          SC8806-05
    I Don't Want To Miss A Thing        SC8507-06          Red, The                           TU159-15
    I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing       MM6262-01           Red, The                         THR0210-17
    I Don't Want To Miss A Thing     CBEP463-4-08          Send The Pain Below              PHR0304-05
    I Just Wanted You To Know             PI220-08         Send The Pain Below              THR0305-13
    I Just Wanted You To Know           SC8112-02          Vitamin R                        THR0411-12
    I Might Even Quit Lovin' You         SD049-08     Chi Lites
    I Might Even Quit Lovin' You        SC8451-01          Have You Seen Her?                 TU138-11
    I Want My Baby Back                CB60241-10     Chi-Lites, The
    I Want My Baby Back                  SD100-08          Have You Seen Her                  SF072-12
    I'll Think Of Something             SC8130-07          Have You Seen Her                   PI037-15
    It Sure Is Monday                   SC8200-13          Homely Girl                        SF091-06
    It Wouldn't Hurt To Have Wings      SC8232-08          Oh Girl                            DK001-18
    It's A Little Too Late               SD033-09          Oh Girl                             PI016-11
    It's A Little Too Late              SC8328-07          Oh Girl                           SC8354-05
    It's A Little Too Late            CHM9701-10           You Don't Have To Go               SF097-05
    It's Not Over                     CHM9803-18      Chic
    It's Not Over                       SC8432-03          Dance Dance Dance                  SF103-07
    Let It Rain                          SD037-14          Good Times                        SC8667-10
    Let It Rain                         SC8376-05          Good Times                         DK070-06
    Let It Rain                       CHM9706-15           Le Freak                           DK051-05
    Lost In The Feeling                  SD077-14          Le Freak                            BL12-05
    Old Country                         SC8165-11          Le Freak                            PI037-17
    Old Country                        MM6003-04           Le Freak                           SF103-10
    Old Country                       NSAVA07-01           Le Freak                          SC8650-11
    Old Flames Have New Names           SC8133-09     Chicago
    Old Flames Have New Names          MM6050-09           25 Or 6 To 4                        PI034-02
    She Dreams                          SC8152-03          25 Or 6 To 4                      SC8261-11
    She Dreams                           SD002-08          25 Or 6 To 4                        SI101-04
    She Dreams                            PI220-18         Along Comes A Woman               SC8314-02
    She Was                              SD092-09          Along Comes A Woman                 SI101-10
    She Was                             SC8753-06          Baby What A Big Surprise          SC8322-02
    She Was                            MM6358-11           Beginnings                         SGB22-14
    Thank God For Believers           CHM9711-14           Beginnings                          DG07-13
    Thank God For Believers             SC8388-01          Beginnings                        SC8259-12
    Thank God For Believers              SD041-08          Beginnings                          SI101-11
    This Heartache Never Sleeps         SC8533-08          Beginnings                        AH8015-05
    This Heartache Never Sleeps          SD062-06          Color My World                      SI101-08
 618-410-6826                                   Page 62                               Thomas J Robinson
                                                 Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE                      SONG #      ARTIST                  TITLE                  SONG #
     Color My World                             SC8181-05           Don't Wanna Fall In Love               DM102-16
     Color My World                                PI034-03         I Don't Wanna Fall In Love           SFMW843-03
     Color My World                          SGBTB1002-14           I Don't Wanna Fall In Love           SFMW843-03
     Does Anybody Really Know What Time It       LC0006-11     Children's Songs
     Does Anybody Really Know What Time It      SC8223-08           Alphabet Song, The                       PI307-11
     Does Anybody Really Know What Time It     SC8223R-08           Baa Baa Black Sheep                      PI307-19
     Does Anybody Really Know What Time It         SI101-07         Farmer In The Dell, The                  PI307-21
     Feeling Stronger Every Day                    SI101-03         Grandfather's Clock                     DK038-08
     Funny Honey                                MM6282-12           Hokey Pokey, The                       MM6016-03
     Hard Habit To Break                           SI101-12         It's Raining It's Pouring                PI307-04
     Hard Habit To Break                           PI011-16         London Bridge Is Falling Down          DK1103-04
     Hard To Say I'm Sorry                         SI101-13         London Bridge Is Falling Down            PI307-07
     Hard To Say I'm Sorry                     NSAVP15-14           Mary Had A Little Lamb                 DK1103-01
     I Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love         DK047-05          Mary Had A Little Lamb                   PI307-06
     I Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love       SC8362-08           My Old Kentucky Home                    DK038-16
     I'm A Man                                    SGB60-02          Oh Susanna                               PI307-17
     If You Leave Me Now                           SI101-01         Old MacDonald                            PI307-05
     Look Away                                    DK071-02          On Top Of Spaghetti                      PI307-12
     Look Away                                     SI101-14         Polly Wolly Doodle                     DK1103-05
     Make Me Smile                                 SI101-09         Row, Row, Row Your Boat                  PI307-26
     Mr. Cellophane                             MM6282-14           Skip To My Lou                         DK1103-07
     No Tell Lover                                 SI101-06         Take Me Out To The Ballgame              PI307-15
     Question 67 & 68                           AH8004-09           This Old Man                           DK1103-10
     Question 67 And 68                           SGB51-13          This Old Man                             PI307-18
     Razzle Dazzle                              MM6282-11           Three Blind Mice                       DK1103-02
     Saturday In The Park                          SI101-02         Three Blind Mice                         PI307-23
     Saturday In The Park                       SC8273-01           Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star            PI307-28
     Saturday In The Park                          PI034-01         Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star          DK1103-03
     Saturday In The Park                         DK047-06          Yankee Doodle                            PI307-10
     When You're Good To Mama                   MM6282-13      Childs, Andy
     Will You Still Love Me                        HV09-09          Broken                                 SC8306-04
     Wishing You Were Here                         SI101-05    China Black
     You're The Inspiration                     SC8182-06           Searching                                SF009-14
     You're The Inspiration                        SI101-15    China Crisis
     You're The Inspiration                   CBEP463-2-03          Wishful Thinking                     SFMW801-13
     You’re The Inspiration                       SF158-07     Chingy
Chicane & Bryan Adams                                               Right Thurr                            MM6396-03
     Don't Give Up                                SF161-13          Right Thurr (Radio Version)            SC8853-01
Chicken Shed Theatre Co                                             Right Thurr (Radio Version)            SC8844-07
     I Am In Love With The World                  SF117-09     Chingy & Ludacris & Snoop Dogg
Chicory Tip                                                         Holidae In                            THH0402-17
     Son Of My Father                             SF055-12     Chingy & J. Weav
Chieftans & Corrs                                                   One Call Away                         THH0406-13
     I Know My Love                               SF138-09     Chingy & Snoop Dogg & Ludacris
Chiffons, The                                                       Holidae In                             SC8849-10
     He's So Fine                               SC8399-13      Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
     He's So Fine                                 RB24-06           Chitty Chitty Bang Bang               NSAVP36-01
     One Fine Day                               MM6007-11           Truly Scrumptious                     NSAVP36-02
     One Fine Day                                 PI024-08     Chordettes, The
     One Fine Day                               SC7541-13           Lollipop                               SC7201-05
     One Fine Day                                DK022-16           Lollipop                               SC7504-04
     Sweet Talkin' Guy                          SC8226-03           Mr. Sandman                             DK069-14
     Sweet Talkin' Guy                          MM6055-06           Mr. Sandman                              PI024-12
Child, Jane                                                    Chords, The
     Don't Wanna Fall In Love                      HV01-05          Sh-Boom                                  PI002-03
 618-410-6826                                            Page 63                                    Thomas J Robinson
                                            Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE                 SONG #      ARTIST                   TITLE                         SONG #
    Sh-Boom                                 SC8399-11         Frosty The Snowman                               DK018-15
Chorus Line                                                   Frosty The Snowman                               SF030-22
    Dance Ten Looks Three                  MM6175-11          Frosty The Snowman                              SC2031-04
    Nothing                                SC8547-04          Frosty The Snowman                                PI305-02
    One                                    MM6015-03          Gift, The                                       SC2173-05
    What I Did For Love                    MM6023-09          Go Tell It On The Mountain                      SC2018-07
Christians                                                    God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen                      TU065-06
    Harvest For The World                    SF082-02         God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen                     SC2019-07
    Ideal World                              SF059-08         Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer              SC8184-08
Christie                                                      Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer              MM6020-06
    Yellow River                             SF042-01         Greatest Gift Of All, The                        SD005-13
Christie, Lauren                                              Happy Xmas (War Is Over)                        SC8184-07
    Magazine                               PHM9802-08         Hard Candy Christmas                            MM6015-12
Christie, Lou                                                 Hard Candy Christmas                            SC2173-06
    Lightnin' Strikes                       SC8651-13         Hard Candy Christmas                            SC8184-14
    Lightnin’ Strikes                        SF093-12         Hark! The Heral Angel Sing                       TU065-07
    Lightning Strikes                        DK030-07         Hark! The Herld Angels Sing                     SC2019-01
    Two Faces Have I                        SC7566-13         Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas           TU065-08
Christie, Tony                                                Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas           DK018-17
    Avenues And Alleyways                   ZMH010-18         Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas          SC8185-08
    Drive Safely Darling                    ZMH010-16         Here Comes Santa Claus                          SC2032-07
    I Did What I Did For Maria               SF090-10         Here Comes Santa Claus                          SC8475-14
    I Did What I Did For Maria               SF055-10         Here Comes Santa Claus                          MM6215-07
    I Did What I Did For Maria              ZMH010-15         Holly Jolly Christmas, A                        MM6020-13
    Is This The Way To Amarillo             ZMH010-17         Holly Jolly Christmas, A                        SC8185-10
    Las Vegas                               ZMH010-14         Holly Leaves And Christmas Trees                MM6215-04
Christina Aguilera Parody                                     I Only Want You For Christmas                   SC2173-07
    Will The Real Slim Shady Please Shut   MM6330-08          I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus                 MM6020-10
Christmas                                                     I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus                   PI305-18
    All I Want For Christmas               SC2031-08          I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus                  DK039-17
    All I Want For Christmas Is You        SC8184-01          I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus                 SC8475-07
    Angels We Have Heard On High           SC2019-08          I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus                 SC2031-07
    Auld Lang Syne                         SC8475-10          I Wonder As A Wander                            SC2019-03
    Ave Maria                               TU065-01          I'll Be Home For Christmas                        PI305-04
    Away In A Manger                        TU065-02          I'll Be Home For Christmas                      SC8185-06
    Away In A Manger                       SC2018-05          If Every Day Was Like Christmas                 MM6215-15
    Blue Christmas                           PI305-08         If Every Day Was Like Christmas                 SC8185-02
    Blue Christmas                         SC8185-03          If Every Day Was Like Christmas                 SC2173-08
    Blue Christmas                          SD005-15          If I Get Home On Christmas Day                  MM6215-09
    Christmas In Dixie                     SC8184-03          If We Make It Through December                  SC8185-15
    Christmas In My Home Town              SC8185-07          If We Make It Through December                    PI208-09
    Christmas Song, The                    MM6020-07          It Came Upon A Midnight Clear                   SC2019-02
    Christmas Song, The                    SC8185-05          It Came Upon The Midnight Clear                  TU165-06
    Christmas Song, The                      PI305-16         It Wasn't His Child                             SC2173-03
    Deck The Halls                          TU065-03          It Won't Seem Like Christmas                    MM6215-08
    Deck The Halls                         SC2018-03          It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like               SC8475-01
    Deck The Halls                          DK058-17          It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like               SC2031-01
    Do They Know It's Christmas            SC8184-02          It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like               MM6020-14
    Do You Hear What I Hear?                TU065-04          It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like                 PI305-07
    Feliz Navidad                          SC8184-04          Jingle Bell Rock                                  PI305-14
    Feliz Navidad                          MM6020-12          Jingle Bell Rock                                SC8185-11
    First Noel, The                          PI305-10         Jingle Bell Rock                                 SD005-11
    First Noel, The                        MM6020-03          Jingle Bell Rock                                SC2173-04
    First Noel, The                         TU065-05          Jingle Bell Rock                                MM6020-08
    Frosty The Snowman                     SC8475-04          Jingle Bell Rock                                 DK017-17
 618-410-6826                                       Page 64                                            Thomas J Robinson
                                        Waverly Sound
ARTIST                 TITLE              SONG #      ARTIST                 TITLE                         SONG #
   Jingle Bells                         MM6020-01         Santa Claus Is Back In Town                   MM6215-12
   Jingle Bells                           PI001-18        Santa Claus Is Coming To Town                  DK018-16
   Jingle Bells                         SC8475-05         Santa Claus Is Coming To Town                   PI305-05
   Jingle Bells                         SC2031-05         Santa Claus Is Coming To Town                 SC8475-06
   Jingle Bells                          DK018-14         Santa Claus Is Coming To Town                 DK1103-15
   Jolly Old St. Nicholas               SC2031-03         Santa Claus Is Coming To Town                 SC2031-06
   Jolly Old St. Nicholas               SC8475-03         Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy                 SC8185-14
   Joy To The World                      TU065-09         Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy                  SD005-09
   Joy To The World                      DK017-15         Santa's Gonna Come In A Pickup Truck           SD005-08
   Leroy The Redneck Reindeer           SC2173-02         Senor Santa Claus                             SC8184-06
   Let It Snow                          MM6020-05         Silent Night                                  MM6215-17
   Let It Snow                            PI305-13        Silent Night                                    PI305-11
   Let It Snow                          SC8475-08         Silent Night                                  SC2018-04
   Let It Snow                           SD005-01         Silent Night                                   TU065-14
   Let It Snow                          SC2032-01         Silent Night                                   SD005-04
   Little Drummer Boy                    SF030-08         Silver Bells                                  SC8475-12
   Little Drummer Boy                    TU065-10         Silver Bells                                   DK018-18
   Little Drummer Boy, The              MM6020-09         Silver Bells                                  MM6215-03
   Little Drummer Boy, The                PI305-03        Silver Bells                                   TU065-15
   Little Drummer Boy, The               DK092-17         Silver Bells                                  SC2032-05
   Little Saint Nick                    SC8185-04         Sleigh Ride                                   SC2032-04
   Little Saint Nick                     SD005-06         Sleigh Ride                                   SC8475-11
   Merry Christmas Baby                  SD005-05         Sleigh Ride                                     PI305-06
   Merry Christmas Darling               SD005-07         Sleigh Ride                                    DK017-18
   Merry Christmas Darling              SC8185-09         Sleigh Ride                                    TU165-15
   Mistletoe And Holly                  MM6020-11         Step Into Christmas                           SC8184-09
   O Come All Ye Faithful                TU065-11         Thank God For Kids                            SC8184-13
   O Come O Come Emmanuel               SC2018-08         There's A New Kid In Town                      SD005-10
   O Come O Come Emmanuel                TU165-13         Twelve Days Of Christmas                        PI305-12
   O Holy Night                          TU065-12         Twelve Days Of Christmas                       TU065-16
   O Little Town Of Bethlehem             PI305-19        Twelve Days Of Christmas                       DK039-18
   O Little Town Of Bethlehem            TU065-13         Twelve Days Of Christmas                      MM6020-02
   O Little Town Of Bethlehem           MM6215-05         Twelve Days Of Christmas                      SC2018-01
   O Tannenbaum                           PI305-17        Up On The House Top                            TU165-16
   O' Christmas Tree                    SC2018-02         Up On The Housetop                            SC8475-09
   O' Come All Ye Faithful              SC2018-06         Up On The Housetop                            SC2032-02
   O' Come All Ye Faithful              MM6215-10         We Three Kings                                 TU065-17
   O' Holy Night                        SC2019-04         We Three Kings                                SC2019-06
   O' Holy Night                         SD005-02         We Wish You A Merry Christmas                  TU065-18
   O, Christmas Tree                     TU165-12         We Wish You A Merry Christmas                 SC8475-15
   On A Snowy Christmas Night           MM6215-11         We Wish You A Merry Christmas                   PI305-09
   One Bright Star                       SD005-12         We Wish You A Merry Christmas                  DK039-16
   Please Come Home For Christmas       SC8184-15         We Wish You A Merry Christmas                 SC2032-08
   Pretty Paper                         SC8185-12         What Child Is This                            SC2019-05
   Put A Little Holiday In Your Heart   SC2173-01         What Child Is This                             SD005-03
   Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree    MM6020-15         What Child Is This?                            TU065-19
   Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree      PI305-15        White Christmas                               SC8185-13
   Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree    SC8185-01         White Christmas                                 PI305-01
   Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer       SC8475-02         White Christmas                                SD005-14
   Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer        DK058-16         White Christmas                                TU065-20
   Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer       SC2031-02         White Christmas                               MM6215-01
   Santa Baby                           MM6020-04         Winter Wonderland                             SC8475-13
   Santa Baby                           SC8184-11         Winter Wonderland                             MM6215-06
   Santa Bring My Baby Back             MM6215-02         Winter Wonderland                             SC2032-06
   Santa Claus Boogie                   SC8184-10         Winter Wonderland                              DK017-16
618-410-6826                                    Page 65                                          Thomas J Robinson
                                                Waverly Sound
ARTIST                   TITLE                    SONG #      ARTIST                   TITLE                     SONG #
    With Bells On                              SC8184-12           Top Of The World                            SF121-13
    Wonderful World Of Christmas, The          MM6215-14           Tub Thumping                               SY1050-06
Christmas/ Robson & Jerome                                         Tubthumping                               PHM9710-09
    I Believe                                    SF030-01          Tubthumping                                 SGB08-13
Christmas/Abba                                                     Tubthumping                                SC8422-14
    Happy New Year                               SF030-20     Chung, Wang
Christmas/Band Aid                                                 Dance Hall Days                              SF113-05
    Do They Know It's Christmas                  SF030-04     Church, Claudia
Christmas/Bing Crosby                                              Home In My Heart (North Carolina)          SC8549-08
    White Christmas                              SF030-02          It's All Your Fault                        SC8566-15
Christmas/Bon Jovi                                                 What's The Matter With You Baby             SD060-13
    Please Come Home For Christmas               SF030-14          What's The Matter With You Baby            SC8520-08
Christmas/Christmas                                           Church, The
    Santa Claus Is Coming To Town                SF030-11          Under The Milky Way                        SC8571-07
Christmas/Cole, Nat "King"                                    Churumbeles Espana
    Christmas Song, The                         DK017-13           Carino Verdadero                             AV11-05
Christmas/Crosby, Bing                                        Cinderella
    White Christmas                             DK058-15           Don't Know What You Got                    SC8346-01
Christmas/Elvis                                                    I'm Coming Home                              DG06-12
    Oh Come All Ye Faithful                      SF030-10          Nobody's Fool                              SC8516-06
Christmas/Glitter, Gary                                            Nobody's Fool                               DK047-15
    Another Rock & Roll Christmas                SF030-15          Somebody Save Me                           SCBR53-14
Christmas/Haggard, Merle                                           Somebody Save Me                           SC7565-14
    If We Make It Through December              DK026-06      Citizen King
Christmas/Lee, Brenda                                              Better Days                                SC8534-15
    Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree           DK058-18      City High
Christmas/Mathis, Johnny                                           Caramel                                   THP0201-17
    Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas       PI308-15          What Would You Do?                         SC8695-07
    Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas       SF030-19          What Would You Do?                        THP0108-10
    When A Child Is Born                         SF030-13     City High & Eve
Christmas/Mell & Kim                                               Caramel                                    SC8735-01
    Rocking Around The Christmas Tree            SF030-06     Clanton, Jimmy
Christmas/Mud                                                      Just A Dream                               SC8196-12
    Lonely This Christmas                        SF030-12          Venus In Blue Jeans                        SC8396-14
Christmas/Orbison, Roy                                             Venus In Blue Jeans                         PI055-13
    Pretty Paper                                SO205-06      Clapton, E. & Bob Dylan
Christmas/Pointer Sisters, The                                     Don't Think Twice It's Alright             AH8006-10
    Santa Claus Is Coming To Town               DK017-14      Clapton, Eric
Christmas/Richards, Cliff                                          After Midnight                              SO203-02
    Saviours Day                                 SF030-09          After Midnight                             SC8354-09
Christmas/Shakin' Stevens                                          After Midnight                               PI005-17
    Merry Christmas Everyone                     SF030-07          After Midnight                              DK044-15
Christmas/Slade                                                    Anything For Your Love                     AH8008-10
    Merry Christmas Everybody                    SF030-18          Anything For Your Love                       DG03-09
Christmas/Spector, Phil                                            Anything For Your Love                      SGB20-07
    We Wish You A Merry Christmas                SF030-17          Badge                                       SGB20-15
    Winter Wonderland                            SF030-16          Before You Accuse Me                       SC8339-14
Christmas/Wizard                                                   Blue Eyes Blue                          SGBSP01-1-15
    I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day       SF030-03          Blue Eyes Blue                              SGB30-17
Chuck Wagon Gang, The                                              Blue Eyes Blue                             SC8569-03
    Someone To Talk To                       CBEP466-2-04          Blues Power                              SFMW838-02
Chumbawamba                                                        Blues Power                                 SGB64-07
    Amnesia                                    SC8465-05           Blues Power                                 SO203-16
    Amnesia                                     SF117-13           Born Under A Bad Sign                       SO203-09
    Amnesia                                   PHM9804-08           Change The World                            SGB20-13
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                                              Waverly Sound
ARTIST                TITLE                    SONG #      ARTIST                   TITLE                     SONG #
   Change The World                            PI049-07         Strange Brew                               SO203-06
   Change The World                            HV02-09          Sunshine Of Your Love                      SO203-05
   Change The World                           SF061-08          Superman Inside                          THR0106-13
   Change The World                         PHM9608-01          Swalbr                                     SGB20-04
   Change The World                          SC8299-06          Tales Of Brave Ulysses                     SGB20-01
   Cocaine                                    SF002-07          Tears In Heaven                          SC8235R-11
   Cocaine                                   AH8001-03          Tears In Heaven                            SO203-01
   Cocaine                                    SO203-15          Tears In Heaven                           SC7584-02
   Cocaine                                   SC8115-03          Tears In Heaven                           SC8235-11
   Cocaine                                    SGB62-04          Tears In Heaven                           SFG019-15
   Crossroads                                 SO203-08          White Room                                 SO203-07
   Don't Think Twice It's Alright             SGB27-05          Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad             SGB20-10
   Don't Think Twice It's Alright              HV08-10          Willie And The Hand Jive                   DK097-09
   Forever Man                                SO203-10          Wonderful Tonight                           BL04-09
   Forever Man                               SC8609-05          Wonderful Tonight                         SC8107-07
   Have You Ever Loved A Woman                SGB20-09          Wonderful Tonight                         SFG019-16
   I Can't Stand It                           SO203-17          Wonderful Tonight                         MM6037-01
   I Get Lost                                 SGB38-12          Wonderful Tonight                            FC2-13
   I Shot The Sheriff                         DK015-01          Wonderful Tonight                       CBEP463-2-01
   I Shot The Sheriff                        MM6024-06          Wonderful Tonight                      SGBTB1002-04
   I Shot The Sheriff                          PI031-03         Wonderful Tonight                          SO203-14
   I Shot The Sheriff                        SC7535-06     Clapton, Eric & BB King
   I Shot The Sheriff                         SO203-03          Riding With The King                        SGB46-01
   I Shot The Sheriff                        SFG019-14     Clark Family Experience
   I'm Tore Down                             SC8274-03          Going Away                                  SD096-08
   I've Got A Rock N' Roll Heart             SC8580-15          Going Away                                 SC8769-06
   I've Got Rock N' Roll Heart                 PI043-01         To Quote Shakespeare                        SD089-14
   If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day    SC8878-08     Clark Family Experience, The
   It's In The Way That You Use It           SC8715-01          Meanwhile Back At The Ranch               THC0012-16
   Knock On Wood                              SO203-11          Meanwhile Back At The Ranch                SC8646-07
   Lay Down Sally                              PI048-04         Standin' Still                             SC8705-12
   Lay Down Sally                             DK054-13          Standing Still                              SD085-13
   Lay Down Sally                            SC7509-09     Clark Family, The
   Lay Down Sally                             SO203-04          Meanwhile Back At The Ranch                 SD077-12
   Layla                                     SFG019-13     Clark, Chris
   Layla (Electric Version)                   SGB20-14          Graduation Day                             SC8254-06
   Let It Grow                                SGB20-11     Clark, Claudine
   Let It Rain                               SC8539-04          Party Lights                              SC8191R-09
   Lonely Stranger                            SGB20-03     Clark, Dee
   Miss You                                   SGB20-05          Nobody But You                             SC8526-06
   Motherless Child                          SC8272-10          Raindrops                                  SC8251-04
   My Father's Eyes                          SC8452-03     Clark, Jameson
   My Father's Eyes                         PHM9804-02          Still Smokin'                               SD094-12
   My Father's Eyes                            PI056-01         You Da Man                                THC0301-18
   No Alibis                                  SGB20-06          You Da Man                                  SD100-12
   No Alibis                                  SGB28-11     Clark, Petula
   Old Love                                    DG02-11          Don't Sleep In The Subway                  SC7560-07
   Only You And I Know                        SGB20-12          Downtown                                   MM6026-05
   Outside Woman Blues                        SGB20-02          Downtown                                    SF093-07
   Promises                                  SC8514-12          Downtown                                   SC7517-05
   Running On Faith                           SGB20-08          I Couldn't Live Without Your Love          SC8599-08
   Running On Faith                          SC8270-02          I Know A Place                             SC8686-03
   See What Love Can Do                       SO203-12          My Love                                    SC8396-12
   She's Gone                                SC8462-12          Sailor                                      SF074-10
   She's Waiting                              SO203-13          Sign Of The Times, A                       SC8651-02
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                                           Waverly Sound
ARTIST                 TITLE                 SONG #      ARTIST                    TITLE                 SONG #
     This Is My Song                       SF052-10            Unsung Hero                           CHT9908-06
     This Is My Song                      SC8651-03            Unsung Hero                             SD063-09
Clark, Roy                                                     Unsung Hero                            SC8546-10
     Come Live With Me                    SC8412-05            When Boy Meets Girl                    SC8216-14
     Come Live With Me And Be My Love    NSAVA08-14            When Boy Meets Girl                     SD021-10
     Honeymoon Feelin'                    SC8426-10            You're Easy On The Eyes                SC8480-15
     I Never Picked Cotton                SC8576-10            You're Easy On The Eyes                 SD055-05
     If I Had To Do It All Over Again     SC8767-01      Clarkson, Kelly
     Thank God And Greyhound              SC8335-10            Before Your Love                       SC8793-02
     Tips Of My Fingers                   SC7567-03            Before Your Love                      PHM0212-06
     Yesterday When I Was Young           SC8262-09            Before Your Love                       MM6372-01
Clark, Sanford                                                 Breakaway                             THP0410-15
     Fool, The                            SC8579-06            Low                                    SC8839-12
Clark, Terri                                                   Miss Independent                      THP0308-10
     Better Things To Do                   SC8189-10           Miss Independent                       SC8852-06
     Better Things To Do                    SD019-08           Miss Independent                       SC8827-13
     Emotional Girl                      CHM9703-13            Moment Like This, A                   CB30031-04
     Emotional Girl                        SC8370-04           Moment Like This, A                    SC8789-05
     Emotional Girl                         SD035-08           Moment Like This, A                    SC8796-13
     Empty                                 SC8748-12           Moment Like This, A                   THP0212-12
     Everytime I Cry                        SD059-05           Moment Like This, A                    MM6372-02
     Everytime I Cry                      CB80016-11           Some Kind Of Miracle                   SC8834-15
     Everytime I Cry                       SC8512-02           Trouble With Love Is                    SF212-15
     Getting There                          SD086-14           Trouble With Love Is, The             PHM0401-05
     Getting There                         SC8714-13           Trouble With Love Is, The             THP0403-11
     Getting' There                      THC0110-15      Clarkson, Kelly & Tamyra Gray
     Girls Lie Too                       THC0408-13            You Thought Wrong                      SC8845-15
     I Just Wanna Be Mad                  CB60241-15     Clash, The
     I Just Wanna Be Mad                 THC0212-12            London Calling                       SFMW806-03
     I Wanna Do It All                   THC0312-15            London Calling                         SC8719-13
     I Wanna Do It All                   THC0312-15            Rock The Casbah                         SF032-08
     If I Were You                         SC8253-12           Rock The Casbah                        SC8425-02
     If I Were You                          SD024-09           Rock The Casbah                         DK061-05
     Just The Same                       CHM9706-19            Should I Stay Or Should I Go            SF015-11
     Just The Same                         SC8504-04           Should I Stay Or Should I Go?           DK062-05
     Just The Same                          SD039-09           Should I Stay Or Should I Go?          SC7546-15
     Keeper Of The Flame                   SC8351-14           Train In Vain                          SC8719-12
     Little Gasoline, A                    SC8653-03     Classics IV, The
     Little Gasoline, A                     SD076-02           Spooky                                  DK093-06
     Little Gasoline, A                  THC0011-18            Spooky                                 SC7532-13
     Little Gasoline, A                    SC8630-10           Stormy                                 LC0007-08
     No Fear                             THC0105-15            Traces                                  DK043-14
     No Fear                                SD081-04     Claypool, Philip
     Now That I Found You                   SD050-05           Circus Leaving Town                    SC8285-14
     Now That I Found You                  SC8451-09           Strength Of A Woman, The               SC8239-07
     Now That I Found You                CHM9807-15      Clayton, Kimber
     Now That I Found You               CBEP463-5-08           Bless His Heart                        SC8245-03
     Poor Poor Pitiful Me                CHM9611-13      Clean Living
     Poor Poor Pitiful Me                   RS502-09           In Heaven There Is No Beer             SC8136-15
     Poor Poor Pitiful Me                  SC8336-10     Cleopatra
     Poor Poor Pitiful Me                   SD032-03           Cleopatra's Theme                      SC8478-09
     Suddenly Single                        SD029-04           I Want You Back                         SF125-09
     Suddenly Single                       SC8298-13           Life Ain't Easy                         SF122-09
     Three Mississippi                   THC0308-18      Cliff, Jimmy
     Three Mississippi                      SD106-02           Harder They Come, The                    PI005-11
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                                     Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE          SONG #     ARTIST                    TITLE                     SONG #
     I Can See Clearly Now          MM6040-08          Sweet Dreams                                SC8102-12
     I Can See Clearly Now          SC8111-15          Sweet Dreams                                  DK014-15
     We Are All One                 SC8500-11          Sweet Dreams                                SC2002-03
Climax                                                 Sweet Dreams                                   PI214-02
     Precious & Few                SC8181-03           Tra Le La Le La Triangle                    SC8555-07
     Precious & Few                  DG01-15           Walkin' After Midnight                        DK012-13
     Precious & Few                 DK099-08           Walkin' After Midnight                         PI206-01
     Precious And Few            CBEP463-2-16          Walkin' After Midnight                     NSAVA03-16
Climax Blues Band, The                                 Walkin' After Midnight                      SC2002-08
     Couldn't Get It Right         SC8223R-06          Walkin' After Midnight                      SC7516-05
     Couldn't Get It Right          SC8223-06          Why Can't He Be You                          TT6012-03
     Couldn't Get It Right          LC0006-09     Clinton, George
     I Love You                      DM103-07          Atomic Dog                                  SC8580-03
Cline, Patsy                                           Atomic Dog                                    RB03-03
     Always                         SC8426-12          Atomic Dog                                  MH1053-03
     Anytime                       CB60129-06     Clipse
     Back In Baby's Arms            SC8712-14          Grindin'                                    SC8773-11
     Blue Moon Of Kentucky          SC8158-02          When The Last Time                          SC8801-07
     Blue Moon Of Kentucky          SC2002-01          When The Last Time                         THH0304-18
     Crazy                          SC2002-04     Clock
     Crazy                           SF014-02          Blame It On The Boogie                        SF129-09
     Crazy                          SC8101-11     Clooney, Rosemary
     Crazy                          SC7515-11          Anniversary Song                            MM6004-10
     Crazy                            PI014-03         Come On-A-My House                          SC8249-07
     Crazy                         NSAVA13-15          Don't Worry About Me                         DK036-16
     Crazy                            BL03-01          Hey There                                   SC7553-05
     Crazy                           DK015-18          I Can't Give You Anything But Love           SGB37-12
     Crazy                       SGBTB1003-02          Mambo Italiano                               SF092-12
     Faded Love                     SC7524-05          This Ole House                              SC8124-05
     Faded Love                     SC8158-10          This Ole House                               SF092-11
     Faded Love                     SC2002-05     Clout
     Have You Ever Been Lonely        PI040-13         Substitute                                  ZMH007-08
     I Fall To Pieces               SC2002-02     Clovers
     I Fall To Pieces             SFMW812-10           Chains Of Love                                 RB20-02
     I Fall To Pieces               SC8103-11          Don't You Know I Love You So                   RB16-09
     I Fall To Pieces               SC7516-04          Fool Fool Fool                                 RB20-07
     I Fall To Pieces                 PI202-02    Club Nouveau
     I Fall To Pieces                DK007-07          Lean On Me                                  SC8650-12
     I Fall To Pieces            SGBTB1003-16     Club, C.
     Imagine That                   SC7567-05          Time                                          SF033-06
     Leavin' On Your Mind           SC8104-08     Co
     Leavin' On Your Mind           SC2002-07          Co                                            SF090-12
     Leavin' On Your Mind           SC7522-15     Coast To Coast
     Leavin' On Your Mind            DK099-13          Do The Hucklebuck                         SFMW826-04
     She's Got You                 NSAVA19-12     Coasters, The
     She's Got You                    PI203-13         Along Came Jones                            SC8707-08
     She's Got You                   DK026-09          Charlie Brown                                 RB25-02
     She's Got You                  SC7515-13          Charlie Brown                               SC7504-02
     She's Got You                  SC8105-11          Charlie Brown                                DK048-17
     She's Got You                  SC2002-06          Charlie Brown                                 PI036-17
     She's Got You                  MM6034-04          Poison Ivy                                   DK040-15
     Shes Got You                 SFMW815-04           Poison Ivy                                  MM6007-10
     So Wrong                       SC7539-04          Poison Ivy                                  SC7532-05
     So Wrong                       MM6034-10          Searchin'                                    DK034-08
     Sweet Dream                    SC7515-05          Searchin'                                     RB15-12
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                                    Waverly Sound
ARTIST                 TITLE          SONG #      ARTIST                TITLE                         SONG #
      Searchin'                     SC7532-03     Cocker, Joe
      Yakety Yak                     DK049-18         Delta Lady                                    SF070-04
      Yakety Yak                    SC7508-05         Feelin' All Right                              PI018-10
      Yakety Yak                    SC7201-06         Feelin' All Right                            SC8447-07
      Young Blood                    DK034-09         Feelin' Alright                                DG07-01
      Young Blood                     RB20-11         Have A Little Faith In Me                    SC8164-07
      Young Blood                   SC7543-03         High Time We Went                             DK087-07
      Young Blood                     PI017-15        I Believe                                     SF025-09
COC                                                   Let The Healing Begin                         SF025-10
    Congratulations Song            SC8673-03         Letter, The                                   DK098-06
Cochran, Anita                                        Letter, The                                  SC8456-12
    Daddy Can You See Me            SC8394-09         She Came In Through The Bathroom             SC8552-08
    For Crying Out Loud             SC8556-13         Window
    For Crying Out Loud            CHT9910-05         Simple Things, The                           SF026-06
    Good Times                      SC8619-09         Summer In The City                           SF019-15
    Will You Be Here                SC8463-06         Unchain My Heart                              BL04-06
    Will You Be Here                 SD050-14         Unchain My Heart                             SF012-11
    You With Me                     SC8633-04         Unchain My Heart                              PI021-12
Cochran, Anita & Jim Brickman                         Unchain My Heart                            SC7523-09
    After All These Years           SC8469-01         When The Night Comes                        SC8486-09
Cochran, Anita & Steve Wariner                        With A Little Help From My Friends          SC7508-08
    What If I Said                  SD046-11          You Are So Beautiful                        SC7503-14
    What If I Said                CHM9802-14          You Are So Beautiful                     SGBTB1002-09
    What If I Said                 SC8432-05          You Are So Beautiful                         DK071-07
    What If I Said               MMCOU201-01          You Are So Beautiful                          PI028-04
Cochran, Eddie                                        You Are So Beautiful                      CBEP463-1-05
    C'mon Everybody                 SC8686-06         You Can Leave Your Hat On                   SC8585-01
    C'mon Everybody                  SF139-10         You Can Leave Your Hat On                      FC2-09
    Sittin' In The Balcony           DK015-17     Cocker, Joe & Jennifer Warnes
    Somethin' Else                   SF139-06         Up Where We Belong                       SGBTB1002-16
    Summertime Blues                SC8770-07         Up Where We Belong                           DK022-01
    Summertime Blues                 DK011-18         Up Where We Belong                        CBEP463-3-02
    Three Steps To Heaven            SF038-01         Up Where We Belong                            PI032-09
    Twenty Flight Rock            SFMW811-13          Up Where We Belong                          SC7519-10
Cochran, Tammy                                        Up Where We Belong                          MM6013-02
    Angels In Waiting               SC8690-05         Up Where We Belong                          SC8119-10
    Angels In Waiting                SD083-10     Cockerel Chorus, The
    Angels In Waiting              THC0109-13         Nice One Cyril                             SFMW818-08
    Angels In Waiting               SC8738-13     Cockney Rebel
    I Believe                       SC8759-11         Make Me Smile                                  SF035-08
    I Cry                           SC8733-11     Coe, David Allan
    I Cry                            SD090-06         Longhaired Redneck                           SC8582-02
    I Cry                          THC0202-15         Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile                     SC7555-07
    If You Can                       SD075-12         Ride, The                                    SC8431-05
    If You Can                     THC0008-13         She Used To Love Me A Lot                    SC8647-02
    If You Can                      SC8617-12         You Never Even Called Me By My Name           TU085-18
    Life Happened                    SD097-08         You Never Even Called Me By My Name          SC7515-08
    Life Happened                  THC0209-17         You Never Even Called Me By My Name          SC8105-01
    Love Won't Let Me                SD103-04         You Never Even Called Me By My Name            PI205-18
    Love Won't Let Me               SC8807-02     Coffee, Kellie
    So What                         SC8652-04         At The End Of Everyday                        SD098-06
Cochrane, Tom                                     Coffey, Kellie
    Life Is A Highway                SGB52-15         At The End Of The Day                       THC0211-11
    Life Is A Highway               SC8242-09         At The End Of The Day                        SC8779-08
    Life Is A Highway                 PI044-14        Dance With My Father                        THC0409-14

 618-410-6826                               Page 70                                         Thomas J Robinson
                                       Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE            SONG #      ARTIST                 TITLE                          SONG #
     Texas Plates                     THC0401-15         L-O-V-E                                          PI308-16
     Texas Plates                     PHN0401-01         Let There Be Love                               SF094-02
     Texas Plates                      SC8847-13         Let There Be Love                               LG020-06
     Whatever It Takes                 SC8816-14         Love                                            SGB59-06
     When You Lie Next To Me           SC8745-02         Love Is Here To Stay                             PI306-05
     When You Lie Next To Me           SC8795-07         Mona Lisa                                      SC7538-05
     When You Lie Next To Me            SD092-05         Mona Lisa                                        PI302-04
     When You Lie Next To Me          THC0207-11         Mona Lisa                                       DK025-01
Cogan, Alma                                              Pretender, The                                 SC8450-04
     Dreamboat                          SF063-14         Pretender, The                                  LG020-08
Cohn, Marc                                               Ramblin' Rose                                   DK001-17
     Paper Walls                      SC8302-04          Ramblin' Rose                                  SC8118-06
     Walk Through The World            NT007-08          Ramblin' Rose                                  SC7518-06
     Walking In Memphis                SF029-10          Ramblin' Rose                                   LG020-01
     Walking In Memphis               SC7584-01          Ramblin' Rose                                    RB14-12
     Walking In Memphis               ZMH008-12          Route 66                                        DK062-11
     Walking In Memphis               SC8397-02          Sentimental Reasons                             DK045-06
Cold                                                     Smile                                           LG020-02
     Stupid Girl                      THR0306-17         Stardust                                      NSAVP10-06
     Suffocate                        THR0312-18         Straighten Up And Fly Right                      PI304-17
Cold Play                                                This Is All I Ask                               SGB37-09
     Don't Panic                        SF170-04         Those Lazy, Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer           DK025-08
     Trouble                            SF171-14         Those Lazy, Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer           LG020-05
     Yellow                             SF169-04         Three Little Words                               PI306-06
Coldplay                                                 Too Young                                        PI302-05
     Clocks                            SC8852-04         Unforgettable                                  MM6137-07
     Clocks                            SC8818-04         Unforgettable                                   DK083-01
     God Put A Smile Upon Your Face     SF207-07         When I Fall In Love                             LG020-04
     God Put A Smile Upon Your Face   THR0312-16         When You're Smiling                              PI303-04
     In My Place                        SF195-14     Cole, Nat "King" & Natalie
     In My Place                      THR0210-14         When I Fall In Love                            SC8337-08
     In My Place                        TU159-08     Cole, Natalie
     In My Place                       SC8775-13         Angel On My Shoulder                           SC8673-11
     Moses                            THR0403-16         Angel On My Shoulder                          THP0102-16
     Scientist, The                     SF198-11         Dangerous                                        PI053-09
     Scientist, The                   THR0308-17         I've Got Love On My Mind                       SC8427-15
     Scientist, The                   PHR0307-01         Inseparable                                    SC7547-02
     Shiver                           THR0108-17         Inseparable                                    MM6198-10
     Yellow                            SFG017-02         L-O-V-E                                        SC8466-11
     Yellow                            SC8742-04         Miss You Like Crazy                            SC8126-05
     Yellow                            SC8672-04         Miss You Like Crazy                          SFMW808-13
Cole & Cole                                              Miss You Like Crazy                            MM6026-07
     Unforgettable                     SC8107-06         Mr. Melody                                       DG05-14
Cole, Jude                                               Our Love                                       SC8323-12
     Believe In You                    SC8240-02         Pink Cadillac                                  SC8202-06
Cole, Nat "King"                                         Pink Cadillac                                   SF108-10
     Answer Me, My Love                 DK092-18         Route 66                                        SGB37-04
     Ballerina                          LG020-07         Smile Like Yours, A                            SC8390-09
     Blossom Fell, A                    LG020-03         Snowfall On the Sahara                         SC8559-15
     Christmas Song                     LG172-01         Take A Look                                    SC8318-12
     Don't Get Around Much Anymore     SC7538-08         This Will Be                                     DG07-11
     For Sentimental Reasons           SC8288-15         This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)             SC8606-01
     For Sentimental Reasons             PI016-08        Unforgettable                                  MM6001-03
     I'm In The Mood For Love           DK084-12         Very Thought Of You, The                       MM6005-08
     It's Only A Paper Moon             DK016-16         Wild Women Do                                   SF002-11
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                                             Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE                  SONG #      ARTIST                  TITLE                       SONG #
Cole, Natalie & Nat "King"                                      Hard Lovin' Woman                            SD009-10
     Unforgettable                        CBEP463-2-08          Hard Lovin' Woman                           SC8168-03
     Unforgettable                          SC7600-10           Hard Lovin' Woman                           SC8229-04
Cole, Paula                                                     It Is No Secret                             SC8123-14
     Feelin' Love                           SC8530-14           Lipstick Don't Lie                          SC8271-06
     I Don't Want To Wait                     PI055-07          Love To Burn                                SC8250-11
     I Don't Want To Wait                   SC8390-01           Shame Shame Shame                           SC8245-15
     I Don't Want To Wait                  PHM9708-05           She's Never Coming Back                    SC8352R-01
     Me                                    PHM9803-02           She's Never Coming Back                     SC8352-01
     Me                                     SC8440-12           Something's Gonna Change Her Mind           SC8359-08
     Where Have All The Cowboys Gone        SC8343-08           Steady As She Goes                          SC8211-10
     Where Have All The Cowboys Gone       PHM9703-07           Three Words, Two Hearts, One Night          MM6103-08
     Where Have All The Cowboys Gone          PI050-01          Three Words, Two Hearts, One Night          SC8189-08
     Where Have All The Cowboys Gone         SGB08-14      Collins & Martin
     Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?       SC7583-08           Separate Lives                              MM6013-10
     Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?       SC8787-08      Collins, Albert
Cole, Samantha                                                  Brick                                        HV06b-11
     Happy With You                         SC8395-06      Collins, Edwyn
Coley & Dan                                                     Girl Like You, A                           PHM9511-07
     Love Is The Answer                     SC8535-06           Girl Like You, A                             SF029-06
Collage                                                    Collins, Judy
     I'll Be Loving You                     AH9821-07           Both Sides Now                               DK051-09
Collective Soul                                                 Both Sides Now                              SC7541-14
     December                              PHM9510-08           Send In The Clowns                            PI301-14
     December                               SC8195-10           Someday Soon                                 DK035-17
     December                                 HV03-01      Collins, Phil
     December                               SC8350-02           Abacab                                      BS8617-17
     Gel                                    SC8639-05           Against All Odds                            SC7506-05
     Gel                                    SC8530-04           Against All Odds                            BS8617-01
     Heavy                                  SC8523-05           Against All Odds                            SC8611-15
     Heavy                                  SC8639-13           Another Day In Paradise                     BS8617-02
     Heavy                                  SC7585-12           Both Sides Of The Story                     SC8238-01
     Heavy                                  MM6271-03           Can't Stop Loving You                       SC8852-14
     Listen                                 SC8639-11           Can't Stop Loving You                       SC8806-07
     Needs (Radio Version)                  SC8595-09           Can't Turn Back The Years                   SC8237-01
     No More, No Less                       SC8545-06           Dance Into The Light                        SC8325-07
     Precious Declaration                  PHM9705-07           Do You Remember                             BS8617-03
     Precious Declaration                   SC8357-01           Don't Lose My Number                          PI030-07
     Promises Broken                       PHM9602-02           Easy Lover                                  BS8617-04
     Run                                    SC8515-05           Everyday                                    SC8113-11
     She Said                               MM6227-13           Everyday                                    MM6038-06
     Shine                                  SC8164-05           Everyday                                    BS8617-05
     Shine                                   NT050-10           Groovy Kind Of Love, A                       DK018-01
     Shine                                  SC8639-06           Groovy Kind Of Love, A                      BS8617-06
     Where The River Flows                  SC2098-01           I Don't Care Anymore                        SC8671-07
     Where The River Flows                  SC8639-08           I Missed Again                              SC8580-13
     Where The River Flows                  SC8268-15           I Missed Again                              SC8611-10
     Why Pt. 2                              SC8649-12           I Wish It Would Rain                         SF007-07
     Why Pt.2                              THR0101-10           I Wish It Would Rain Down                   SC8808-07
     World I Know, The                      SC8233-07           In The Air Tonight                          SC8611-14
     World I Know, The                     PHM9601-07           In The Air Tonight                          BS8617-07
Collie, Mark                                                    In The Air Tonight                          SC8621-02
     Born To Love You                       SC8131-09           In The Air Tonight                           SF007-04
     Calloused Hands                       CB60101-08           Invisible Touch                             BS8617-12
     Even The Man In The Moon Is Cryin'     SC8130-08           Jesus He Knows Me                           BS8617-10
 618-410-6826                                        Page 72                                         Thomas J Robinson
                                          Waverly Sound
ARTIST                TITLE                 SONG #      ARTIST                  TITLE                           SONG #
     Land Of Confusion                    BS8617-14     Combs, Michael
     Never A Time                         BS8617-11        It's Time To Get Up                            CBEP466-3-13
     One More Night                       SC8305-10        They'll Never Take Jesus Out Of My Heart       CBEP466-5-07
     One More Night                     SFMW827-09      Comeaux, Amie
     One More Night                       BS8617-08        Moving Out                                        SC8306-10
     Separate Lives                       BS8617-09     Commander Cody
     Something Happened                   SC8318-01        Hot Rod Lincoln                                   SC8202-07
     Something Happened On The Way To     SC8611-08        Hot Rod Lincoln                                   AH8013-04
     Heaven                                             Commitments, The
     Sussudio                             BS8617-15        Bring It On Home To Me                            SFTC01-13
     Sussudio                             SC8609-11        Dark End Of The Street                            SFTC01-04
     Sussudio                             SC8611-12        Destination Anywhere                              SFTC01-05
     Sussudio                               PI030-08       Do Right Woman, Do Right Man                      SFTC01-09
     Tonight, Tonight, Tonight            BS8617-13        Easy                                               SF018-10
     True Colors                          SC8490-10        Hard To Handle                                    SFTC01-03
     Two Hearts                         SFMW809-11         I Can't Stand The Rain                            SFTC01-06
     Two Hearts                              FC3-13        In The Midnight Hour                              SFTC01-12
     You Can't Hurry Love                  SF031-11        Mr. Pitiful                                       SFTC01-10
     You Can't Hurry Love                  DK010-02        Mustang Sally                                     SFTC01-01
     You Can't Hurry Love                 BS8617-16        Mustang Sally                                      SF009-08
     You'll Be In My Heart                 SGB18-09        Show Me                                           SFTC01-11
Collins, Phil & Marilyn Martin                             Slip Away                                         SFTC01-14
     Separate Lives                       SC7517-09        Take Me To The River                              SFTC01-02
Collins, Phil & Phil Bailey                                Treat Her Right                                   SFTC01-08
     Easy Lover                         SFMW828-04         Try A Little Tenderness                           SFTC01-07
Collins, Tyler                                          Commodores, The
     Never Alone (Eeyore's Lullaby)       SC8233-01        Brick House                                         RB03-13
Colonel Abrams                                             Brick House                                       MH1053-12
     Trapped                               SF143-08        Brick House                                       AH8421-01
Color Me Badd                                              Brick House                                       AH8021-01
     All 4 Love                          SC8374-04         Brick House                                       SC7545-02
     Choose                              SC8266-12         Brick House                                       SC8386-13
     Earth The Sun The Rain, The        PHM9606-05         Brickhouse                                         SGB35-02
     Earth, The Sun, The Rain, The       SC8286-08         Easy                                              SC7535-05
     I Adore Mi Amor                     SC8363-06         Easy                                               DK057-06
     I Wanna Sex You Up                  SC7582-15         Just To Be Close To You                           SC8405-08
     I Wanna Sex You Up                   SF011-10         Lady                                              SC8293-07
     I Wanna Sex You Up                  SC8169-02         Lady                                                RB02-14
     Remember When                       SC8469-03         Lady (You Bring Me Up)                             DK013-04
Colter, Jessi                                              Lady You Bring Me Up                              MH1053-07
     I’m Not Lisa                         SC7588-12        Nightshift                                         DK021-09
Colter, Jessie                                             Sail On                                          NSAVP15-16
     I'm Not Lisa                         SC8207-04        Still                                            NSAVP15-15
     What's Happened To Blue Eyes         SC8494-07        Still                                             SC7525-12
Coltrane, Chi                                              Still                                              DK063-06
     Thunder And Lightning                SC8634-14        Still                                             MH1053-04
Colvin, Shawn                                              Three Times A Lady                                SC7534-11
     Get Out Of This House               SC8340-08         Three Times A Lady                                MM6198-05
     Nothin' On Me                       SC8452-13         Three Times A Lady                                 TU139-15
     Sunny Came Home                     SC8369-14      Communards, The
     Sunny Came Home                       PI050-02        Don't Leave Me This Way                             SF149-09
     When The Rainbow Comes              SC8478-15      Como, Perry
     Whole New You                      THP0106-16         And I Love You So                                  LG023-07
     You & Mona Lisa                    PHM9711-04         And I Love You So                                   PI301-04
     You And The Mona Lisa               SC8423-14         And I Love You So                                 SC7505-03
 618-410-6826                                     Page 73                                             Thomas J Robinson
                                            Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE                 SONG #      ARTIST                TITLE                       SONG #
    And I Love You So                       SF077-14          Summer In Dixie                             SD006-10
    And I Love You So                       DK071-14          That's What Brothers Do                    SC8727-09
    As Time Goes By                         DK009-15          That's What Brothers Do                     SD089-10
    As Time Goes By                         LG023-02          Trashy Woman                               SC7510-12
    Catch A Falling Star                    LG023-03          Trashy Women                               SC8739-02
    Catch A Falling Star                   SC7518-07          Trashy Women                               MM6029-13
    Catch A Falling Star                   SC8118-07          When And Where                             SC8194-10
    Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes    SF063-13          When And Where                             MM6099-09
    Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes   MM6367-11          When And Where                              SD018-13
    For The Good Times                      SF153-10          When You Leave That Way You Can            SC8152-01
    Hot Diggity (Dog Ziggity Boom)         SC8196-08          Never Come Back
    Hot Diggity (Dog Ziggity Boom)          LG023-01          White Trash With Money                    CB60241-07
    If                                      LG023-05      Conlee, John
    If                                      DK075-12          Baby, You're Something                     SC8537-15
    It's Impossible                         LG023-06          Back Side Of Thirty                        SC8424-05
    It's Impossible                         DK025-03          Back Side Of Thirty                       NSAVA04-15
    It's Impossible                         SF077-10          Busted                                     SC8421-04
    It's Impossible                        SC8288-07          Busted                                      DK078-16
    Kewpie Doll                             SF162-15          Common Man                                 SC7551-03
    Kewpie Doll                             SF164-08          Friday Night Blues                         SC8426-13
    Magic Moments                           SF162-14          Got My Heart Set On You                    SC8558-02
    Make Someone Happy                     MM6367-04          I Don't Remember Loving You                SC8525-07
    No Place Like Home For The Holidays     TU165-11          I'm Only In It For The Love                SC8642-07
    Round & Round                           LG023-08          In My Eyes                                 SC8792-05
    Silent Night                            LG172-07          Lady Lay Down                              SC8385-03
    Some Enchanted Evening                  DK025-07          Miss Emily's Picture                       SC8455-10
    Some Enchanted Evening                  LG023-04          Rose Colored Glasses                       SC8355-10
    Til The End Of Time                     DK045-09          Rose Colored Glasses                      NSAVA06-05
    When You Were Sweet Sixteen             DK077-14      Conley, Arthur
Company B                                                     Sweet Soul Music                             SF073-05
    Fascinated                             AH8014-16          Sweet Soul Music                              RB13-01
Con Funk Shun                                             Conley, Earl Thomas
    FFun                                   SC8386-12          Chance Of Lovin' You                       SC8576-13
    Love Train (Part 1)                      RB01-12          Don't Make It Easy For Me                  SC8567-07
    Love Train (Part 2)                      RB01-13          Don't Make It Easy For Me                    PI217-06
Concrete Blonde                                               Fire And Smoke                             SC8385-05
    Everybody Knows                        SC8749-09          Heavenly Bodies                            SC8558-13
    Heal It Up                             SC8122-11          Holding Her And Loving You                NSAVA07-14
    Joey                                   SC8338-11          Holding Her And Loving You                 SC8380-01
Confederate Railroad, The                                     Honor Bound                                SC8529-04
    Big One, The                            SC8739-05         I Can't Win For Losin' You                 SC8326-13
    Cowboy Cadillac                         SC8533-05         I Have Loved You, Girl                     SC8792-08
    Daddy Was Never The Cadillac Kind       SC8120-15         Love Don't Care                            SC8431-15
    Daddy Was Never The Cadillac Kind      MM6048-09          Love Don't Care                              PI213-10
    Daddy Was Never The Cadillac Kind      CB60121-07         Nobody Falls Like A Fool                   SC8676-09
    Elvis & Andy                            SC8133-04         Once In A Blue Moon                        SC8426-03
    I Hate Rap                              SC8739-11         Once In A Blue Moon                       NSAVA08-01
    Jesus And Mama                          SC8130-13         Right From The Start                       SC8421-14
    One You Love The Most, The              SC8336-02         Somewhere Between Right And Wrong            PI212-16
    Queen Of Memphis                        SC8165-06         Somewhere Between Right And Wrong          SC8610-01
    Queen Of Memphis                       MM6022-07          What I'd Say                               SC8494-04
    Queen Of Memphis                         PI216-09         What She Is                                SC8412-09
    See Ya                                  SC8294-04     Connells, The
    She Never Cried                         SC8217-10         74-75                                        SF039-04
    Summer In Dixie                        SC8167-07
 618-410-6826                                       Page 74                                       Thomas J Robinson
                                               Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE                   SONG #      ARTIST                  TITLE                SONG #
Connick Jr., Harry                                          Cooper, Alice
    It Had To Be You                         SFMW826-10         Ballad Of Dwight Fry                   SGB09-14
Connick, Harry Jr.                                              Be My Lover                            SGB09-11
    Do You Know What It Means To Miss         SC8246-15         Be My Lover                           SC8583-06
    New Orleans                                                 Billion Dollar Babies                  SGB09-08
    Hear Me In The Harmony                    MM6173-04         Billion Dollar Babies                 SC8624-02
    Hear Me In The Harmony                    SC8325-09         Dead Babies                            SGB09-15
    It Had To Be You                          MM6005-01         Desperado                              SGB09-06
    It Had To Be You                            PI055-05        Eighteen                              SC7578-05
    It Had To Be You                          SC7506-03         Elected                               SC8734-11
    On The Street Where You Live              MM6005-04         Feed My Frankenstein                  SC8734-01
    Whisper Your Name                         SC8150-08         Feed My Frankenstein                   SGB09-09
    Wink And A Smile, A                       MM6040-13         Generation Landslide                   SGB09-04
Connor, Sarah                                                   Hello Hooray                           SGB09-13
    Bounce                                   THP0405-16         I Love The Dead                        SGB09-02
Conroy, Patricia                                                I Love The Dead                        SGB28-08
    What Else Can I Do                        SC8285-13         I Never Cry                            SGB09-07
Contours, The                                                   I'm 18                                 SGB04-09
    Do Ya Love Me Baby                          RB12-06         I'm 18                                 SGB05-03
    Do You Love Me                            MM6036-13         I'm Eighteen                          SC8621-10
    Do You Love Me                          MMCP2K01-09         I'm Eighteen                            US03-16
    Do You Love Me                          MMCP9801-09         Is It My Body                           DG03-10
Cook, Elizabeth                                                 Is It My Body                         AH8009-10
    Stupid Things                             SC8794-07         Is It My Body                          SGB25-16
    Stupid Things                              SD103-13         It's Me                               SC8238-11
Cooke, Sam                                                      No More Mr. Nice Guy                  SC8430-01
    Bring It On Home To Me                      RB21-10         No More Mr. Nice Guy                    DG01-05
    Cupid                                       RB23-13         No More Mr. Nice Guy                   SF024-07
    Everybody Loves To Cha Cha Cha              RB23-07         Only Woman Bleed                      AH8002-09
    Having A Party                              RB21-13         Only Women Bleed                      SC8650-02
    Only Sixteen                                RB23-03         Poison                                SC8734-04
    Send Me Some Lovin'                        DK024-13         Poison                                SC8631-04
    Send Me Some Lovin'                         PI017-07        Poison                                 SF160-07
    Twisting The Night Away                     RB22-08         Raped And Freezing                     SGB09-05
    Wonderful World                             RB24-13         School's Out                           SGB31-11
    You Send Me                                 RB22-01         School's Out                           SF040-12
Cookies, The                                                    School's Out                          SC8404-07
    Don't Say Nothin' Bad (About My Baby)     SC7560-08         School's Out                           DK074-07
Coolidge, Rita                                                  Schools Out                             US04-13
    All Time High                             SC8468-13         Sick things                            SGB09-12
    Higher And Higher                           PI008-08        Some Folks                             SGB09-10
    Higher And Higher                          DK053-06         Under My Wheels                        SGB09-03
    I'd Rather Leave While I'm In              SF014-13         Under My Wheels                       SC8684-11
    We're All Alone                           SC8410-02         Welcome To My Nightmare               SC8550-01
    Your Love Has Lifted Me Higher And        SC7547-08         Welcome To My Nightmare                SGB28-15
Coolio                                                          Welcome To My Nightmare                SGB09-01
    1, 2, 3, 4, Sumpin' New                    SF049-03         You And Me                            SC8734-12
    Fantastic Voyage                          AH9821-04     Coors, The
    Gangsta's Paradise                          HV08-02         Radio                                   SF154-02
    Too Hot                                    SF034-15     Coppola, Imani
Coolio & LV                                                     Legend Of A Cowgirl                   SC8422-06
    Gangsta's Paradise                        SC8760-07     Corbetta, Jerry & Sugarloaf
    Gangsta's Paradise                         SF041-14         Don't Call Us We'll Call You          SC8539-01
    Gangsta's Paradise                        AH8006-02     Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose
    Gangsta's Paradise                        SC8281-14         Too Late To Turn Back Now              DK093-14
 618-410-6826                                         Page 75                                  Thomas J Robinson
                                     Waverly Sound
ARTIST                 TITLE           SONG #      ARTIST                   TITLE                       SONG #
    Too Late To Turn Back Now         PI037-16         Veronica                                      SC8413-07
    Too Late To Turn Back Now        SC8492-01         Watching The Detectives                       SC8719-15
    Treat Her Like A Lady            SC8182-07     Cotter, Brad
Cornershop                                             I Meant To                                   THC0409-20
    Brimful Of Asha                   SF118-14     Cotton, Josie
Corona                                                 He Could Be The One                           SC8571-14
    Rhythm Of The Night               SF009-12         Johnny, Are You Queer                         SC8522-01
    Rhythm Of The Night              SC8145-07     Coty, Neal
    Try Me Out                        SF027-12         Legacy                                         SD080-13
Corrs & Bono                                       Counting Crows
    When The Stars Go Blue           MM6366-05         Accidentally In Love                         THP0409-11
    When The Stars Go Blue           SC8762-01         Angels Of The Silences                       THM9612-07
    When The Stars Go Blue          THP0208-16         Angels Of The Silences                        SC8337-15
Corrs, The                                             Daylight Fading                               SC8377-06
    Breathless                       SC8645-14         Hangin' Around                               PHT9915-04
    Breathless                       LGTP-1-13         Hangin' Around                               THP0003-13
    Breathless                        SF169-01         Hanginaround                                  SC8581-06
    Breathless                      THP0101-13         Long December, A                              SC8369-06
    Dreams                            SF122-16         Long December, A                                HV02-10
    Give Me A Reason                  SF176-02         Long December, A                             PHM9702-01
    I Never Loved You Anyway          SF118-05         Mr. Jones                                     MM6049-06
    Irresistible                      SF172-12         Mr. Jones                                     SC8122-06
    On My Father's Wings             SC8530-08         Murder Of One, A                              SC8145-09
    One Night                         SF178-02         Rain King                                     SC8148-05
    Right Time, The                  SC8277-10         Round Here                                    SC8140-05
    Runaway                          SC8212-11     Counting Crows & Sheryl Crow
    Runaway                           SF130-15         American Girls                                SC8768-15
    So Young                          SF127-13     Counting Crows & Vanessa Carlton
    So Young                         SC8534-06         Big Yellow Taxi                               SC8806-13
    So Young                         LGTP-5-07     Country Gentlemen
    What Can I Do                     SF125-04         Fox On The Run                                SC8693-10
    Would You Be Happier              SF184-01     Course Of Nature
Cortez, Alberto                                        Caught In The Sun                             SC8757-12
    Gracias A La Vida                  AV20-05         Caught In The Sun                             SC8803-07
Costa, Cesar                                           Caught In The Sun                            THR0205-12
    La Historia De Mi Amor             AV15-04     Cousins, Tina
    Mi Publeo                          AV15-03         Mysterious Times Sash!                          SF124-16
Costa, Paul                                        Coven
    Never On Sunday                   PI308-13         One Tin Soldier                               AH8011-02
Costello & Bacharach                                   One Tin Soldier, The Legend Of Billy          SC8651-01
    She                               SGB18-10     Cover Girls, The
    Toledo                           SC8531-11         Show Me                                       AH8021-13
Costello, Elvis                                        Show Me                                       AH8421-13
    Accidents Will Happen            SC8522-07         Wishing On A Star                             SC8310-06
    Alison                            SGB26-04     Cowboy Junkies
    Alison                           SC7545-12         Common Disaster, A                            SC8299-13
    Alison                            HV06b-04         Sweet Jane                                    SC8749-13
    Allison                          AH8010-11     Cowsills, The
    Everyday I Write The Book        SC8518-02         Hair                                           DK065-11
    Good Year For The Roses, A        SF105-10         Indian Lake                                   SC8620-04
    Peace, Love And Understanding    SC8687-08         Indian Lake                                   SC8615-13
    Pump It Up                       AH8005-07         Rain The Park And Other Things, The            DK076-10
    Radio Radio                      SC8671-03         Rain, The Park & Other Things, The            SC8620-15
    Red Shoes                        SC8856-01     Cox, Deborah
    Veronica                         SC8378-05         It's Over Now                                 SC8531-10
 618-410-6826                                Page 76                                          Thomas J Robinson
                                             Waverly Sound
ARTIST                 TITLE                   SONG #      ARTIST                TITLE             SONG #
    Nobody Supposed To Be Here              SC8501-15          Ode To My Family                  SD015-09
    Sentimental                             SC8209-10          Promises                          SF136-09
    Up & Down                              THH0301-16          Salvation                       THM9607-04
    Where Do We Go From Here                SC8304-15          Salvation                         SF060-07
    Who Do You Love                        PHM9603-08          Salvation                          PI045-08
    Who Do You Love                         SC8248-06          Salvation                       PHM9607-04
Cox, Don                                                       Salvation                        SC8281-10
    I Never Met A Woman I Didn't Like       SC8247-14          Salvation                        MM6173-14
    Man Overboard                           SC8285-03          When You're Gone                THM9612-06
Cox, Michael                                                   Zombie                            SF020-03
    Angela Jones                              SF083-04         Zombie                           SC8238-04
Coyote Ugly                                                Crash Test Dummies
    Can't Fight The Moonlight               SC8645-03          Mmm Mmm Mmm                      BS5417-16
    Right Kind Of Wrong, The                SC8649-15          Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm                   DK088-01
Cozier, Jimmy                                                  Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm                    PI044-15
    She's All I Got                        THP0110-13          Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm                  SC8148-07
    She's All I Got                         SC8717-03          Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm                   SO207-16
Crabb Family, The                                              Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm                   SF019-14
    Something Going On In The Graveyard   CBEP466-6-07     Craven, Beverly
    Still Holding On                      CBEP466-6-01         Promise Me                         SF053-08
Cracker                                                    Crawford, Randy
    Golden Age, The                         SC8294-11          Almaz                             SF082-12
    I Hate My Generation                    SC8277-06          Cajun Moon                       SC8295-06
    Low                                     SC8148-11          Give Me The Night                 SF116-05
    Nothing To Believe In                   SC8304-14          Mad Over You                     SC8318-11
Craddock, Billy "Crash"                                        One Day I'll Fly Away             SF110-01
    Broken Down In Tiny Pieces              SC8385-15          Who's Crying Now                 SC8363-07
    Easy As Pie                             SC8400-04          You Might Need Somebody           SF110-15
    I Cheated On A Good Woman's Love        SC8564-14      Cray, Robert
    Knock Three Times                      NSAVA12-04          Foul Play                        MM6144-08
    Rub It In                               SC8114-12          Nothin' But A Woman              MM6144-07
    Still Thinkin' 'Bout You                SC8551-03          Smoking Gun                       SGB27-13
    Sweet Magnolia Blossom                  SC8494-09          Smoking Gun                      AH8006-13
    You Rubbed It In All Wrong              SC8525-02          Smoking Gun                        DG04-13
Craddock, Billy Crash                                          Smoking Gun                        HV08-13
    I Love The Blues And The Boogie         SC8792-01          Smoking Gun                      SC8327-04
Craig, David                                               Crazy Elephant
    World Filled With Love                    SF210-14         Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'          SC8255-02
Cranberries                                                    Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'          AH8011-09
    Zombie                                  SFG017-12      Crazy Town
Cranberries, The                                               Butterfly                         SF178-10
    Analyse                                THP0112-17          Butterfly                        SC8672-03
    Analyse                                 MM6351-08          Butterfly                         SGB53-14
    Dreams                                  SC8199-12          Drowning                        THR0302-16
    Dreams                                  BS6617-11      Crazy World Of Arthur Brown
    Dreams                                   SO208-11          Fire                             SC8750-12
    Dreams                                  MM6078-01      Cream
    Free To Decide                         PHM9609-08          Badge                            SFG019-12
    Free To Decide                          SC8308-03          Badge                            SC8589-05
    Free To Decide                          MM6173-03          Badge                              US03-15
    Linger                                  SC8111-04          Born Under A Bad Sign             SGB60-14
    Linger                                   SF019-12          Crossroads                       SC8675-04
    Linger                                  MM6038-09          Crossroads                        SGB63-09
    Linger                                    PI035-04         I Feel Free                    SFMW843-04
    Ode To My Family                        SC8199-07          I Feel Free                      SC8586-12
 618-410-6826                                        Page 77                             Thomas J Robinson
                                Waverly Sound
ARTIST                TITLE       SONG #      ARTIST                   TITLE                   SONG #
    I Feel Free               SFMW843-04          What If                                   SC8587-04
    I'm So Glad                   DG05-05         What's This Life For                      SC8478-07
    Outside Woman Blues          SGB27-11         Who's Got My Back                          TU105-18
    Strange Brew                SFG019-09         With Arms Wide Open                      THR0008-11
    Strange Brew                 DK066-08         With Arms Wide Open                        SGB47-03
    Strange Brew                SC8750-05         With Arms Wide Open                       SC8616-10
    Strange Brew                 SGB52-05         With Arms Wide Open                      CB80024-02
    Sunshine Of Your Love      SC8221R-02         With Arms Wide Open                       SC8050-02
    Sunshine Of Your Love       SFG019-10     Creedance Clearwater Revival
    Sunshine Of Your Love        SGB39-07         Bad Moon Rising                            SGB64-05
    Sunshine Of Your Love       LC0001-14         Born On The Bayou                          SGB63-13
    Sunshine Of Your Love       SC8221-02         Green River                                SGB54-15
    Sunshine Of Your Love         DG01-11         Have You Ever Seen The Rain                SGB62-06
    Tales Of Brave Ulysses       SGB28-06         Hey Tonight                                SGB60-01
    Tales Of Brave Ulysses      SC8724-01         I Heard It Through the Grapevine           SGB39-14
    White Room                  SC7531-10         I Put A Spell On You                       SGB52-02
    White Room                   DK052-11         Lookin' Out My Back Door                   SGB54-05
    White Room                  SFG019-11         Proud Mary                                 SGB34-04
    White Room                    PI015-01        Who'll Stop The Rain                       SGB64-11
    White Room                   SGB62-13     Creedence Clearwater Revival
Creed                                             Bad Moon Rising                            DK030-13
    Are You Ready?             SC8645-10          Bad Moon Rising                            LG029-04
    Are You Ready?            THR0101-14          Bad Moon Rising                           SC8489-06
    Bullets                     TU105-02          Born On The Bayou                          LG029-15
    Bullets                   THR0205-10          Born On The Bayou                         MM6058-10
    Bullets                    SC8740-10          Born On The Bayou                         SC8609-15
    Don't Stop Dancing         SC8801-15          Cotton Fields                              DK037-15
    Don't Stop Dancing        CB30031-15          Down On The Corner                        SC8489-02
    Hide                        TU105-07          Down On The Corner                        SC8430-09
    Higher                     SC7585-07          Down On The Corner                         DK029-07
    Higher                     SC8569-13          Down On The Corner                        SC7576-01
    Higher                      SGB47-15          Down On The Corner                         LG029-10
    Higher                    CB80024-10          Fortunate Son                              DK032-11
    My Own Prison             PHM9803-03          Fortunate Son                             SC8489-13
    My Own Prison              SC8453-07          Fortunate Son                              LG029-12
    My Sacrifice              THR0202-10          Green River                                DK032-10
    My Sacrifice                TU105-09          Green River                                LG029-14
    My Sacrifice                SGB66-16          Green River                               SC8489-05
    My Sacrifice               SC8731-10          Green River                                 PI034-13
    My Sacrifice               SC8765-02          Have You Ever Seen The Rain                LG029-06
    My Sacrifice               SC8799-06          Have You Ever Seen The Rain                DK037-07
    One                        SC8515-12          Have You Ever Seen The Rain               SC7533-01
    One                       PHT9906-09          Have You Ever Seen The Rain                 PI015-11
    One Last Breath            MM6366-11          Have You Ever Seen The Rain               SC8489-08
    One Last Breath             TU105-10          Hey Tonight                                LG029-09
    One Last Breath            SC8762-10          Hey Tonight                               SC8489-12
    One Last Breath            SC8803-02          I Put A Spell On You                      SC8540-06
    One Last Breath           THR0208-12          I Put A Spell On You                       LG029-03
    Signs                      SC8735-11          I Put A Spell On You                      SC8550-02
    Stand Here With Me          TU105-14          Lodi                                       LG029-05
    To Whom It May Concern     SC8757-14          Lodi                                      SC8489-11
    Torn                      PHT9912-08          Long As I Can See The Light               SC8489-15
    Torn                       SC8638-04          Lookin' Out My Back Door                  SC8489-01
    Weathered                 THR0303-15          Lookin' Out My Back Door                    PI019-07
    Weathered                   TU105-17          Lookin' Out My Back Door                   LG029-07
 618-410-6826                           Page 78                                      Thomas J Robinson
                                                  Waverly Sound
ARTIST                    TITLE                     SONG #     ARTIST                  TITLE                          SONG #
     Lookin' Out My Back Door                     DK029-08         I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song           SC8192-08
     Midnight Special, The                       SC8814-06         Lover's Cross                                   SC8201-13
     Midnight Special, The                         PI031-06        One Less Set Of Footsteps                       SC8821-02
     Midnight Special, The                        LG029-08         Operator                                        SC8151-04
     Proud Mary                                   DK030-03         Operator                                         LG028-15
     Proud Mary                                  SC7572-04         Operator (That’s Not The Way It Feels)          SC7575-08
     Proud Mary                                    PI018-16        Photographs & Memories                          SC8540-01
     Proud Mary                                  MM6024-11         Photographs & Memories                           LG028-14
     Proud Mary                                  SC8489-03         Time In A Bottle                                SC7503-10
     Proud Mary                                   LG029-01         Time In A Bottle                                  PI028-06
     Run Through The Jungle                      SC8489-14         Time In A Bottle                                 LG028-13
     Run Through The Jungle                      LC0008-10         Workin' At The Car Wash Blues                   SC8142-14
     Run Through The Jungle                       LG029-13         You Don't Mess Around With Jim                  SC8176-01
     Suzie Q                                     SC8489-04     Crosby, Bing
     Suzie Q                                      LG029-02         Count Your Blessings                             SGB37-15
     Suzie Q                                     LC0001-05         Deep In The Heart Of Texas                      SC8288-09
     Travelin' Band                               DK034-16         Don't Fence Me In                               AH8012-14
     Travelin' Band                               LG029-11         Far Away Places                                 SC8249-06
     Travelin' Band                              SC8489-10         Mele Kalikimaka                                  TU165-09
     Travelin' Band                                PI056-08        Pennies From Heaven                               PI303-07
     Travelin' Band                               SF040-04         Pennies From Heaven                              DK025-05
     Up Around The Bend                           SF040-03         Silver Bells                                     LG172-13
     Up Around The Bend                          SC8489-09         Swinging On A Star                              SC7553-07
     Who'll Stop The Rain                        SC8489-07         Swinging On A Star                            SFMW814-15
Crenshaw, Marshall                                                 Swinging On A Star                               DK075-13
     Someday, Someway                             DK094-07         White Christmas                                 SC8086-02
     Someday, Someway                            SC8178-14         White Christmas                                 SC8086-02
Crests, The                                                        White Christmas                                  LG172-04
     Angels Listened In, The                     SC8258-07         You Are My Sunshine                             SC7528-13
     Sixteen Candles                              DK006-15         You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby               PI303-06
     Sixteen Candles                            NSAVA06-18     Crosby, Bing & David Bowie
     Sixteen Candles                               PI024-01        Peace On Earth/The Little Drummer Boy           SC8781-15
     Sixteen Candles                             SC8361-06     Crosby, Bing & Grace Kelly
Crew Cuts, The                                                     True Love                                      NSAVP17-15
     Sh-Boom                                      DK046-17     Crosby, Rob
Cribbens, Bernard                                                  Fallin' In And Crawlin' Out                     SC8294-07
     Hole In The Ground, A                        SF089-06     Crosby, Stills & Nash
     Right Said Fred                              SF089-07         Long Time Gone                                  SC8683-09
Crickets, The                                                      Long Time Gone                                  SC8568-13
     Rave On                                      SF047-11         Marrakesh Express                               SC8583-02
Crittenden, Melodie                                                Southern Cross                                   DM103-10
     Broken Road                                CHM9805-14         Wooden Ships                                    SC8641-06
     Broken Wing, A                              SC8436-05     Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
     Broken Wing, A                               SD047-12         Just A Song Before I Go                         SC8305-14
     I Should've Known                           SC8464-06         Just A Song Before I Go                         SC8683-01
Croce, Jim                                                         Long Time Gone                                   PI015-12
     Bad Bad Leroy Brown                         SC7509-02         Marrakesh Express                               SC8683-02
     Bad Bad Leroy Brown                          LG028-09         Ohio                                            SC8231-05
     Bad Bad Leroy Brown                           PI028-08        Ohio                                            LC0006-15
     Bad, Bad Leroy Brown                         DK075-08         Only Waiting For You                            SC8302-08
     Changes In Latitude, Changes In Attitude     LG028-08         Our House                                       SC8174-03
     Don't Mess Around With Jim                   LG028-10         Our House                                       SC8683-04
     I Got A Name                                 LG028-12         Suite Judy Blue Eyes                            SC8188-06
     I Got A Name                                SC8354-03         Suite: Judy Blue Eyes                           SC8683-06
     I Have To Say I Love You In A Song           LG028-11         Teach Your Children                             SC8192-09
 618-410-6826                                            Page 79                                            Thomas J Robinson
                                                Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE                     SONG #     ARTIST                   TITLE                  SONG #
    Wasted On The Way                          SC8197-01         My Favorite Mistake                       SGB08-02
    Wasted On The Way                          LC0006-07         My Favorite Mistake                      SC7583-09
    Wooden Ships                               SC8683-03         My Favorite Mistake                      SC8487-01
    Woodstock                                  SC8261-12         My Favorite Mistake                      SC8787-09
    Woodstock                                   PI018-02         Run Baby Run                              LG012-07
    Woodstock                                  SC8683-05         Run Baby Run                           SFMW809-15
Cross Canadian Ragweed                                           Soak Up The Sun                          SC8757-10
    17                                          SD103-09         Soak Up The Sun                           SF191-08
    17                                         SC8807-12         Soak Up The Sunn                        THP0206-14
    Constantly                                  SD114-10         Steve Mcqueen                            SC8778-09
    Long Way Home                              SC8826-11         Steve Mcqueen                           THP0211-15
    Sick And Tired                            THC0406-15         Steve McQueen                            MM6372-12
Cross, Christopher                                               Strong Enough                            SC8150-13
    Arthur's Theme                               PI016-05        Sweet Child O' Mine                      SC8548-02
    Arthur's Theme                            NSAVP15-17         Sweet Child O' Mine                       SF146-16
    Arthur's Theme                             SC8261-08         Sweet Child O' Mine                     PHT9910-01
    Best That You Can Do ("Arthur's Theme")     DK012-02         That's My Favourite Mistake               SF125-02
    Ride Like The Wind                          DK027-16         There Goes The Neighborhood              SC8534-09
    Ride Like The Wind                           PI050-10        There Goes The Neighbourhood              SF128-14
    Ride Like The Wind                         SC8554-14         Tomorrow Never Dies                       SF117-08
    Sailing                                    SC7547-12         Tomorrow Never Dies                      SC8468-09
    Sailing                                     DK053-10     Crow, Sheryl & Don Henley
    Sailing                                      PI051-14        It's So Easy                             SC8762-03
    Save Your Sadness                          SC8170-02     Crow, Sheryl & Kid Rock
Crossfade                                                        Picture                                  SC8752-04
    Cold                                      THR0407-13         Picture                                  SC8816-12
Crouch, Andre                                                Crow, Shreyl
    Soon And Very Soon                           PI025-10        If It Makes You Happy                  SFMW812-09
Crow, Sheryl                                                 Crowded House
    All I Wanna Do                             SC7514-10         Distant Sun                              SFG020-14
    All I Wanna Do                              SF019-03         Don't Dream It's Over                    AH8013-08
    Anything But Down                          SC8519-09         Don't Dream It's Over                     SF059-02
    Blue Christmas                             SC8781-06         Don't Dream It's Over                   SC8223R-10
    C’mon C’mon                               PHM0302-07         Don't Dream It's Over                    SC8223-10
    C'mon, C'mon                               SC8806-15         Don’t Dream Its Over                     SFG020-09
    Can't Cry Anymore                          SC8199-01         Fall At Your Feet                        SFG020-15
    Change Would Do You Good, A                SC8381-12         Instinct                                 SFG020-11
    Change Would Do You Good, A               PHM9706-03         It’s Only Natural                        SFG020-10
    Different Kind, The                        SC8559-10         Pineapple Head                           SFG020-12
    Difficult Kind, The                       PHT9913-07         Sister Madly                             SFG020-13
    Difficult Kind, The                         SGB30-13         Something So Strong                      SC8456-06
    Everyday Is A Winding Road                   HV02-06         Something So Strong                        PI011-08
    Everyday Is A Winding Road                  SGB21-10         Weather With You                          SF112-03
    Everyday Is A Winding Road                PHM9702-03         Weather With You                         SFG020-16
    First Cut Is The Deepest, The              SC8857-01     Crowe, J.D. & New South
    First Cut Is The Deepest, The             THP0401-11         Old Home Place                           SC8693-14
    First Cut Is The Deepest, The              SC8855-09     Crowell & Cash
    Home                                       SC8423-12         It's Such A Small World                  SC8511-02
    If It Makes You Happy                     THM9610-02     Crowell, Rodney
    If It Makes You Happy                      SC8320-02         Big Heart                                SC8241-12
    If It Makes You Happy                      SC7587-15         Even Cowgirls Get The Blues              SC8275-01
    If It Makes You Happy                     PHM9610-02         I Couldn't Leave You If I Tried           DK076-04
    Leavin' Las Vegas                           DM102-10         I Couldn't Leave You If I Tried          SC8455-15
    Leaving Las Vegas                          SC8397-07         I Don't Fall In Love So Easy             SC8301-14
    Light In Your Eyes                        THP0408-15         If Looks Could Kill                      SC8131-07
 618-410-6826                                          Page 80                                     Thomas J Robinson
                                         Waverly Sound
ARTIST                 TITLE              SONG #      ARTIST                    TITLE                   SONG #
     Let The Picture Paint Itself       SC8287-02          Karma Chameleon                           SC8197-07
     Lovin' All Night                   SC8130-04          Karma Chameleon                            SF032-04
     Many A Long & Lonesome Highway     SC8610-15          Miss Me Blind                              SD022-12
     Please Remember Me                 SC8171-14          Time (Clock Of The Heart)                  SD017-12
     She's Crazy For Leavin'            SC8517-07          Victims                                 SFMW810-14
     What Kind Of Love                  SC8200-10     Cummings, Burton
Cruise, Pablo                                              Stand Tall                                SC8527-11
     Love Will Find A Way               SC8540-07     Cummings, Chris
     Watcha Gonna Do                    LC0010-08          Kind Of Heart That Breaks, The             SD047-13
     Whatcha Gonna Do                    PLC10-08     Cupid's Inspiration
     Whatcha Gonna Do?                  SC8535-02          Yesterday Has Gone                          SF065-10
Crush                                                 Cure
     Jellyhead                          SC8316-12          End Of The World, The                    THR0409-12
Cruz, Celia                                                Fascination Street                        SC8696-10
     El Yerbero Moderno                   AV26-01          Friday I'm In Love                         SF020-09
     Quimbara                           MM6138-12          Friday, I'm In Love                       SC8242-14
     Toro Mata                          MM6138-13          Just Like Heaven                          SC8111-02
     Usted Abuso                        MM6138-14          Love Cats                               SFMW808-08
Cry Of Love                                                Love Song                                 SC8603-12
     Peace Pipe                         SC8242-12          Mint Car                                  SC8295-13
Crying Shames                                         Cure, The
     Please Stay                       SFMW817-02          Fascination Street                        SC8687-05
Cryner, Bobbie                                             Letter To Elise, A                        SC8719-06
     You'd Think He'd Know Me Better    SC8247-15     Curfman, Shannon
Crystal Method, The                                        Playing With Fire                         SC8618-06
     Born Too Slow                     THR0403-11          True Friends                              SC8587-15
Crystals, The                                         Curiosity Killed The Cat
     Da Doo Ron Ron                      SF084-04          Down To Earth                               SF075-02
     Da Doo Ron Ron                     SC7513-06     Currington, Billy
     He's A Rebel                        DK014-12          I Got A Feelin'                          THC0407-16
     He's A Rebel                       SC8222-11          Walk A Little Straighter                 THC0311-13
     Then He Kissed Me                  MM6043-09          Walk A Little Straighter                   SD109-08
     Then He Kissed Me                   SF069-13     Cutting Crew, The
     Then He Kissed Me                    BL05-12          I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight          SC8492-14
     Uptown                              DK054-18          I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight           SF005-02
Cuff Links                                            Cypress Hill
     Tracy                              SC8804-04          Insane In The Brain                       SC8612-02
Cufflinks                                             Cyrkle
     Tracy                              ZMH003-12          Turn-down Day                             SC8750-03
Cult                                                  Cyrkle, The
     Fire Woman                         SC8603-05          Red Rubber Ball                           LC0004-07
     Rise                               SC8699-11          Red Rubber Ball                           SC8218-10
     She Sells Sanctuary                SC8756-15     Cyrus, Billy Ray
Cult, The                                                  Achy Breaky Heart                       CB60010-08
     Rise                              THR0108-13          Achy Breaky Heart                          SF003-14
Culture Beat                                               Achy Breaky Heart                     SGBTB1003-03
     Anything                            SF006-09          Achy Breaky Heart                        MM6002-01
     Mr. Vain                            SF005-06          Achy Breaky Heart                        SC7515-06
Culture Club                                               Achy Breaky Heart                          DK065-01
     Church Of The Poison Mind           SF111-08          Achy Breaky Heart                           PI215-01
     Do You Really Want To Hurt Me       PI042-01          Achy Breaky Heart                        SC8102-02
     Do You Really Want To Hurt Me      SC8420-15          Achy Breaky Heart                         TT6002-01
     Do You Really Want To Hurt Me       SF031-10          Achy Breaky Heart                       NSAVA18-03
     I Just Wanna Be Loved               SF127-12          Ain't Your Dog No More                   SC8236-07
     I'll Tumble 4 Ya                   SC8207-09          Burn Down The Trailer Park               SC8681-14
 618-410-6826                                   Page 81                                       Thomas J Robinson
                                            Waverly Sound
ARTIST                     TITLE              SONG #     ARTIST                   TITLE                   SONG #
       Burn Down The Trailer Park            SD081-06         Untitled (How Does It Feel)              SC8755-14
       Busy Man                            SC8496-13     D'Arby, Terrance Trent
       Busy Man                              SD058-06         Wishing Well                           SFMW807-12
       Could've Been Me                    SC8269-11     D'Arby, Terrence Trent
       Could've Been Me                    SC8214-05          Dance Little Sister                       SF059-07
       Crazy 'Bout You Baby                  SD083-11         Sign Your Name                           SC8540-14
       Deja Blue                           SC8278-04          Wishing Well                             SC8176-04
       Give My Heart To You                  SD062-10    D-12
       Give My Heart To You               CHT9909-10          Purple Hills                             SC8708-08
       Give My Heart To You                SC8533-10     D-Side
       In The Heart Of A Woman             SC8131-15          Invisible                                  SF208-01
       In The Heart Of A Woman              TT6012-12         Real World                                 SF213-13
       In The Heart Of A Woman            NSAVA11-06     D.C. Talk
       It Won't Be The Last                SC8291-06          Between You And Me                       SC8457-09
       It's All The Same To Me            CHM9709-20          Free At Last                              NT050-07
       It's All The Same To Me               SD041-14    D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
       One Last Thrill                     SC8171-12          Nightmare On My Street, A                SC8086-09
       She's Not Crying Anymore            SC8215-15          Nightmare On My Street, A                SC8086-09
       She's Not Crying Anymore             TT6012-05    D12
       She's Not Crying Anymore            MM6022-04          Purple Hills                               SF182-04
       She's Not Crying Anymore              DK090-15    DA Brat
       Some Gave All                       SC8215-13          Funkdafied                                NT050-06
       Some Gave All                       MM6017-10     Da Brat & Cherish
       Somebody New                        SC8175-11          In Love Wit Chu (Radio Version)          SC8834-08
       Somebody New                          DK088-05    Dactyl, T.& The Dinosaurs
       Storm In The Heartland              SC8149-06          Seaside Shuffle                            SF095-03
       Talk Some                           SC8123-06     Dada
       Three Little Words                 SC8307R-13          Dizz Knee Land                           SC8749-06
       Trail Of Tears                      SC8315-11     Daddy Dewdrop
       Under The Hood                      SC8512-13          Chick-A-Boom                             SC8231-08
       When I'm Gone                       SC8301-04     Daft Punk
       Where Am I Gonna Live               MM6012-10          One More Time                              SF174-07
       Where Am I Gonna Live               SC8183-14     Dakota Moon
       Words By Heart                      MM6041-10          Another Day Goes By                      MM6256-03
       Words By Heart                      SC8219-06          Another Day Goes By                      SC8481-02
       You Won't Be Lonely Now               SD075-10         Promise I Make, A                        SC8453-14
       You Won't Be Lonely Now            THC0101-12     Dale & Gale
       You Won't Be Lonely Now             SC8655-09          I'm Leaving It Up To You                 MM6018-13
       You Won't Be Lonely Now            CB80019-14     Dalley, Amy
D 12                                                          I Think You're Beautiful                PHN0401-07
     My Band                              THH0408-13          Men Don't Change                        PHN0404-07
D Ream                                                        Men Don't Change                        THC0405-19
     Shoot Me With Your Love              SFMW817-11     Dalma, Sergio
D Train                                                       Solo Para Ti                               AV25-02
     You're The One For Me (Part 1)          RB02-04     Dalton, Lacy J.
     You're The One For Me (Part 2)          RB02-05          16th Avenue                              SC7555-11
D'Agostino, Gigi                                              Black Coffee                             SC8230-13
     I'll Fly With You                    THP0111-15          Everybody Makes Mistakes                 SC8541-15
D'Alessio, Lupe                                               Hard Times                               SC8541-12
     Inocente Pobre Amiga                    AV20-06          Hillbilly Girl With The Blues            SC8558-01
D'Angelo                                                      Losing Kind Of Love                      SC7569-07
     Cruisin'                              SC8349-05          Takin' It Easy                           SC8455-05
     Cruisin'                              SC8220-12          Takin' It Easy                          NSAVA08-02
     Lady                                  SC8263-12          Whisper                                  SC8676-12
     Me And Those Dreamin' Eyes Of Mine    SC8295-15
 618-410-6826                                      Page 82                                      Thomas J Robinson
                                 Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE      SONG #      ARTIST                   TITLE                            SONG #
Damage                                              Dream Lover                                        SF048-11
    After The Love Has Gone       SF187-13          Dream Lover                                        DK051-08
    So What If I                  SF181-15          Dream Lover                                        LG014-03
Dames At Sea                                        Dreamlover                                        SC7532-11
    Broadway Baby               MM6175-14           If I Were A Carpenter                             SC7550-09
Damn Yankees                                        La Mer                                             LG014-04
    Come Again                  SC8631-11           Lazy River                                         LG014-05
    Coming Of Age               SC8406-06           Lazy River                                        SC8364-06
    Heart                       MM6175-15           Lazy River                                         SF074-02
    High Enough                  SGB31-14           Mack The Knife                                    MM6137-09
    High Enough                 SC8373-03           Mack The Knife                                     DK002-12
    High Enough                 SC7579-03           Mack The Knife                                      BL04-08
    High Enough                   US04-15           Mack The Knife                                    SC7513-03
Damned                                              Mack The Knife                                     SF048-14
    Eloise                        SF056-03          Mack The Knife                                     LG014-01
    Love Song                     SF109-09          Multiplication                                     SF074-09
Danger, Harvey                                      Queen Of Hop                                      SC8521-01
    Flagpole Sitta               SC8465-06          Splish Splash                                      DK051-07
Daniel, Dale                                        Splish Splash                                    SC8191R-06
    You Gave Her Your Name       SC8317-14          Splish Splash                                      LG014-02
Daniel, Davis                                       Things                                            SC8396-04
    I Miss Her Missing Me        SC8236-13          You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby               SC8222-15
    I'm Not Listening Anymore   SC8307R-02          You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby                LG014-06
    I'm Not Listening Anymore    SC8307-02          You're The Reason I'm Living                      SC7526-11
    Tyler                        SC8321-12     Darius
Daniels, Charlie                                    Colour Blind                                       SF194-11
    Long Hair Country Boy          HV08-04          Girl In The Moon                                   SF206 -14
Daniels, Clint                                      Incredible                                         SF203-07
    Fool's Progress, A          SC8470-02           Rushes                                             EZH18-06
    When I Grow Up              MM6257-14           Rushes                                             SF199-05
    When I Grow Up              SC8496-10      Darkness
Danleers                                            I Believe In A Thing Called Love                  SC8859-08
    One Summer Night            MM6018-08      Darkness, The
Danny & The Juniors                                 Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End)           SF213-09
    At The Hop                    LG077-15          Friday Night                                       SF212-10
    At The Hop                     PI036-02         Growing On Me                                    THR0407-17
    At The Hop                     RB19-02          I Believe In A Thing Called Love                 THR0403-13
    At The Hop                   SC7502-11          It's Friday Night                                  EZH29-02
    At The Hop                   SC7201-03     Darling, Helen
    At The Hop                    DK039-15          Full Deck Of Cards                                SC8336-03
    At The Hop                    SF017-03          I Haven't Found It Yet                            SC8239-02
Danzig                                         Darren, James
    Mother                       SC8530-06          Goodbye Cruel World                               SC8513-07
Darby, Terence Trent                                Her Royal Majesty                                 SC8615-09
    If You Let Me Stay            SF108-04     Darts, The
Darin, Bobby                                        Boy From New York City                          SFMW828-01
    18 Yellow Roses             SC8255-06           Come Back My Love                               SFMW818-15
    Beyond The Sea                PI301-03          Daddy Cool                                      SFMW820-04
    Beyond The Sea              MM6137-05      Dashboard Confessional
    Beyond The Sea              SC8441-13           Hands Down                                        SC8845-10
    Bill Bailey                   PI001-13          Hands Down                                       THR0311-15
    Bill Bailey                  LG014-08           Rapid Hope Loss                                  THR0403-18
    Clementine                   DK038-03           Screaming Infidelities                            SC8762-15
    Clementine                   LG014-07           Screaming Infidelities                           THR0207-12
    Clementine                  SC8589-13           Vindicated                                       THR0409-10
 618-410-6826                            Page 83                                               Thomas J Robinson
                                         Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE             SONG #      ARTIST                   TITLE                      SONG #
Dave & Sugar                                              Fill Me In                                    SF164-06
    Golden Tears                        SC8697-06         Hidden Agenda                                 SF201-06
Dave Clark Five                                           Hidden Agenda                               THP0305-15
    Because                            SFMW827-11         Rendezvous                                    SF175-02
Dave Clark Five, The                                      Spanish                                       SF207-16
    Because                             SC7543-11         Walking Away                                  SF171-03
    Because                               PI001-14        Walking Away                                 SC8758-02
    Bit's & Pieces                       SF069-09         Walking Away                                THP0208-13
    Bits And Pieces                     SC8589-14         What's Your Flava                             SF198-07
    Can't You See That She's Mine       SC7566-15         What’s Your Flava                           PHM0301-07
    Catch Us If You Can                SC8221R-14         What's Your Flava?                          THH0302-16
    Catch Us If You Can                 SC8221-14         What's Your Flava?                            EZH17-05
    Catch Us If You Can                  PLC09-09         You Don’t Miss Your Water                     SF213-04
    Catch Us If You Can                 LC0009-09     David, F R
    Do You Love Me                      SC8750-11         Words                                      SFMW814-04
    Do You Love Me                       DK009-17     Davidson, Clay
    Glad All Over                        SF084-13         I Can't Lie To Me                            SC8630-13
    Glad All Over                       LC0009-08         I Can't Lie To Me                             SD075-02
    Glad All Over                       SC8225-10         I Can't Lie To Me                          THC0102-12
    Glad All Over                        PLC09-08         Sometimes                                  THC0105-11
    I Like It Like That                 LC0009-07         Sometimes                                     SD081-08
    I Like It Like That                 SC8225-07         Unconditional                               CB80018-06
    I Like It Like That                  PLC09-07         Unconditional                              THC0006-18
    Over And Over                       SC7554-11         Unconditional                                 SD071-14
Dave Matthews Band                                        Unconditional                                SC8596-10
    Grey Street                        CB30031-03         Unconditional                                SC7588-11
Dave Matthews Band, The                                   Unconditional                               MM6301-02
    Ants Marching                       SC8199-06         Unconditional                             CBEP463-6-12
    Crush                               MM6256-09     Davies & Estelle
    Everyday                             SGB66-11         Whispering Grass                               SF095-06
    Everyday                            SC8744-04     Davies, Dave
    Everyday                           THP0203-17         Death Of A Clown                               SF099-11
    I Did It                            SC8694-04     Davies, Gail
    Satellite                           SC8233-11         Break Away                                   SC8697-11
    So Much To Say                      SC8308-02     Davis Sisters, The
    Space Between, The                 THR0107-16         I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know            PI204-11
    Space Between, The                   SGB65-14     Davis, Alana
    Space Between, The                   SF185-10         32 Flavors                                   SC8440-06
    Space Between, The                  SC8702-05         Crazy                                        SC8469-11
    Too Much                            SC8281-04     Davis, Linda
    What Would You Say                  SC8187-15         Company Time                                 SC8114-11
    Where Are You Going                 SC8768-02         Company Time                                MM6044-14
Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Trich                      How Can I Make You Love Me                   SC8321-02
    Bend It                              SF099-15         I Wanna Remember This                        SC8463-07
    Hold Tight                           SF078-10         I Wanna Remember This                         SD053-11
    Legend Of Xanadu                     SF087-06         I'm Yours                                   CB60130-14
    Zabadak                              SF064-03         I'm Yours                                     SD058-10
David, Craig                                              I'm Yours                                    SC8496-04
    7 Days                              SC8740-04         Love Didn't Do It                            SC8129-05
    7 Days                             THP0203-15         Love Story In The Making, A                   SD027-09
    7 Days                              LGTP-1-03         Love Story In The Making, A                  SC8256-01
    7 Days                              SC8799-05         Some Things Are Meant To Be                  SC8216-15
    7 Days                               SF170-13         Walk Away                                     SD034-13
    Fill Me In                         THP0109-13         Walk Away                                    SC8311-11
    Fill Me In                          SC8708-10
 618-410-6826                                   Page 84                                         Thomas J Robinson
                                   Waverly Sound
ARTIST                 TITLE         SONG #      ARTIST                    TITLE                       SONG #
Davis, Mac                                       Dawn, Laura
    Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me     SGB57-13          I Would                                       SC8727-11
    Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me     DK026-16     Day, Bobby
    Hard To Be Humble                DG02-06          Rockin’ Robin                                  LG077-14
    Hooked On Music                SC7569-06          Rockin' Robin                                 SC7201-10
    I Believe In Music              DK064-16          Rockin' Robin                                 SC7508-12
    I Believe In Music               PI012-12    Day, Doris
    It's Hard To Be Humble         SC8541-14          Everybody Loves A Lover                       SC8396-01
    It’s Hard To Be Humble         SC7591-06          Guy Is A Guy, A                               SC7554-05
    Let's Keep It That Way         SC8676-10          If I Give My Heart To You                     SC7560-14
    One Hell Of A Woman            SC8588-15          On The Sunny Side Of The Street                 PI302-06
    Stop And Smell The Roses       SC8283-15          Que Sera Sera                               SFMW801-09
    Texas In My Rear View Mirror   SC8332-02          Que Sera Sera                                 SC8124-04
    You're My Bestest Friend       SC8326-07          Que Sera Sera                                   PI301-10
Davis, Paul                                           Que Sera Sera                                  DK045-12
    65 Love Affair                 SC8297-10          Que Sera Sera                               NSAVP02-11
    Cool Night                     SC8535-10          Secret Love                                   SC7553-11
    Do Right                       SC8634-05          Secret Love                                   SC8288-05
    I Go Crazy                      PI029-09          Secret Love                                    DK045-11
    I Go Crazy                     SC8573-12          Sentimental Journey                            DK012-17
Davis, Sammy Jr                                       Sentimental Journey                           SC8124-03
    I've Gotta Be Me                SGB59-05          Sentimental Journey                             PI308-11
Davis, Sammy Jr.                                      Tea For Two                                     PI302-16
    Candy Man                      SC7538-12          Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera,          SC7599-08
    Candy Man                       DK025-15     Day, Howie
    Candy Man                       LG022-10          Perfect Time Of Day                           SC8855-11
    Candy Man                        PI307-08    Day, Jennifer
    Candy Man, The                  SGB37-13          Fun Of Your Love, The                         SC8590-06
    Hey There                      MM6137-13          Fun Of Your Love, The                        CHM0005-20
    I've Gotta Be Me                LG022-15          Fun Of Your Love, The                          SD070-12
    I've Gotta Be Me               SC7538-03          What If It's Me                               SC8623-13
    Love Me Or Leave Me             LG022-13     Day, Otis & The Knights
    Me And My Shadow                LG022-14          Shout                                         SC7527-04
    Mr. Bojangles                  SC7553-04          Shout                                         SC8106-05
    Something's Gotta Give          LG022-09     Dayne, Taylor
    Something's Gotta Give         MM6137-15          As Long As I Can Dream                        MM6038-10
    That Old Black Magic            LG022-11          Can't Get Enough Of Your Love                  TT6011-06
    What Kind Of Fool Am I          LG022-12          Can't Get Enough Of Your Love                 SC8310-15
    You Don't Know Me               LG022-08          Can't Get Enough Of Your Love                   NT007-03
Davis, Skeeter                                        Can't Get Enough Of Your Love                NSAVP38-01
    End Of The World, The          MM6007-14          Don't Rush Me                                 SC8366-04
    End Of The World, The          SC7510-10          Don't Rush Me                                    PI020-17
    End Of The World, The           DK026-01          Heart Of Stone                                SC8363-03
    I Can't Stay Mad At You        SC7566-01          I'll Always Love You                          SC8439-09
    What Does It Take              SC8579-08          I'll Always Love You                             PI029-15
Davis, Spencer                                        I'll Be Your Shelter                             PI010-17
    Gimme Some Loving                BL05-11          Love Will Lead You Back                         DK048-02
Davis, Stephanie                                      Love Will Lead You Back                       MM6000-10
    All In The Heart               SC8282-10          Love Will Lead You Back                       SC7545-08
    Moonlighter                    SC8296-05          Naked Without You                              SGB11-10
Davis, Tyrone                                         Prove Your Love                               SC8362-10
    Turn Back The Hands Of Time    SC8492-15          Prove Your Love                                 DK055-05
    Turn Back The Hands Of Time      RB13-05          Tell It To My Heart                           SC8362-09
    Turn Back The Hands Of Time      HV04-01          Tell It To My Heart                              PI011-15
                                                      Tell It To My Heart                             DK040-03
 618-410-6826                              Page 85                                           Thomas J Robinson
                                             Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE                  SONG #      ARTIST                   TITLE                    SONG #
    Tell It To My Heart                      SF108-01          Once In A While                            SC8161-11
    With Every Beat Of My Heart              DK058-02          Only Here For A Little While               SC8271-01
    With Every Beat Of My Heart             SC8366-08          Only The Wind                              SC8168-10
    With Every Beat Of My Heart               PI008-12         Only The Wind                              MM6017-07
Days Of The New                                                Only The Wind                                PI210-05
    Down Town, The                          SC8469-13          Real Man                                   SC8470-04
    Enemy                                   SC8569-05          Real Man                                    SD055-12
    Shelf In The Room                       SC8462-09          Somewhere In My Broken Heart                DK074-03
    Touch Peel And Stand                   PHM9801-08          Somewhere In My Broken Heart              NSAVA07-05
    Touch Peel And Stand                    SC8452-10          Somewhere In My Broken Heart               SC8105-09
DB Boulevard                                                   Thank God I'm A Country Boy               THC0406-16
    Point Of View                            EZH09-07          That Girl's Been Spyin' On Me               SD029-11
    Point Of View                            SF189-09          That Girl's Been Spyin' On Me              SC8294-01
DC Talk                                                        Tryin' To Hide A Fire In The Dark          SC8241-01
    Between You And Me                        HV02-01          Tryin' To Hide A Fire In The Dark          MM6050-05
    Between You And Me                      SC8661-15          We Just Disagree                           MM6039-08
De Burgh, Chris                                                We Just Disagree                           SC8104-10
    Lady In Red                             EZSP05-01      Dean, Jimmy
    Patricia The Stripper                 SFMW840-07           Big Bad John                                SGB41-04
De La Hoya, Oscar                                              Big Bad John                                SF044-04
    Run To Me                               SC8654-06          Big Bad John                               SC7536-03
De La Soul                                                     Big Bad John                              NSAVA03-03
    Me Myself And I                         SC8612-07      Dean, Kiley
De Vita, Franco                                                Who Will I Run To?                        THP0401-16
    Calido Y Frio                             NT027-08         Who Will I Run To?                        PHM0312-05
Deacon Blue                                                DeBarge
    Fergus Sings The Blues                SFMW821-07           All This Love                              SC8323-04
    Real Gone Kid                            SF059-13          Rhythm Of The Night                       SC8223R-14
Dead Kennedys                                                  Rhythm Of The Night                        SC8223-14
    Too Drunk To F***                       SC8700-14          Rhythm Of The Night                         DK017-04
Dead Milkmen                                                   Rythm Of The Night                          SF107-07
    Punk Rock Girl                          SC8313-11          Where Are You                              SC8170-03
Dead Or Alive                                                  Who's Holding Donna Now                  SFMW808-02
    You Spin Me Around                       SF037-11      DeBurgh, Chris
    You Spin Me Round                       SC8696-08          Don't Pay The Ferryman                     SC7563-15
    You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)       SC8573-08          Don't Pay The Ferryman                     ZMH006-02
Deadeye Dick                                                   Lady In Red                                 SF058-14
    New Age Girl                            SC8169-03          Lady In Red                                SC7506-10
    New Age Girl                            BS5417-09          Lady In Red                                  PI032-05
    New Age Girl                             SO207-09          Lady In Red                                MM6026-01
Deal, Bill & The Rhondels                                  Dee Messina, Jo Dee & Tim Mc Graw
    What Kind Of Fool Do You Think I Am     SC8251-08          Bring On The Rain                           SD088-02
Dean, Billy                                                Dee, Joey & The Starlighters
    Billy The Kid                           SC8157-03          Peppermint Twist                           SC7526-13
    Cowboy Band                             SC8167-13          Peppermint Twist                           SC8330-10
    I Wanna Take Care Of You                SC8161-08          Peppermint Twist                           MM6004-09
    I Wouldn't Be A Man                     SC8341-03          Peppermint Twist                            DK040-14
    I Wouldn't Be A Man                      SD034-06      Dee, Kiki
    I'm In Love With You                     SD113-12          I've Got The Music In Me                    SF162-02
    I'm Not Built That Way                  SC8236-06          I've Got The Music In Me                    DK095-06
    If There Hadn't Been You              CBEP463-4-09         I've Got The Music In Me                    SGB58-14
    If There Hadn't Been You                SC8219-14          I've Got The Music In Me                   MM6033-07
    Innocent Bystander                      SC8498-09          I've Got The Music In Me                   SC8391-15
    It's What I Do                          SC8247-11      Dee-Lite
    It's What I Do                           SD024-13          Groove Is In The Heart                   SFMW806-01
 618-410-6826                                        Page 86                                       Thomas J Robinson
                                    Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE        SONG #      ARTIST                    TITLE                    SONG #
     Groove Is In The Heart        SC8486-10          Pour Some Sugar On Me                        DG07-10
     Groove Is In The Heart         DG06-04           Pour Some Sugar On Me                       SF160-03
Deee-Lite                                             Pour Some Sugar On Me                       SGB14-02
     Groove Is In The Heart        SC8746-01          Pour Some Sugar On Me                        US03-12
Deejay, Alice                                         Promises                                   SC8553-12
     I Want You Back In My Life   SFMW838-12          Rock Of Ages                               SC8404-10
Deep Blue                                             Rocket                                     SC8716-05
     Truly Madly Deeply             SGB06-12          Stand Up                                    SGB39-08
Deep Blue Something                                   Too Late For Love                          SC8631-14
     Breakfast At Tiffany's        SY1050-05          Two Steps Behind                           MM6027-13
     Breakfast At Tiffany's       PHM9511-05          Two Steps Behind                           SC8242-13
     Breakfast At Tiffany's         LG002-10          When Love And Hate Collide                 SC8220-08
     Breakfast At Tiffany's          HV03-08     Default
     Breakfast At Tiffany's        SC8203-08          Deny                                        TU129-04
Deep Purple                                           Deny                                      THR0207-18
     Black Night                    SF040-11          Live A Lie                                THR0302-17
     Highway Star                  SC8334-13          Taking My Life Away                       PHR0401-04
     Hush                           DK036-04          Taking My Life Away                       THP0403-14
     Hush                          SC8724-04          Throw It All Away                         THR0407-10
     Kentucky Woman                SC8724-13          Wasting My Time                            SC8732-09
     Knocking At Your Back Door    SC8756-01          Wasting My Time                            SC8765-09
     Perfect Strangers             SC8660-08          Wasting My Time                           THR0201-13
     Smoke On The Water             DK064-07          Wasting My Time                            SC8799-14
     Smoke On The Water              US04-04     Deftones
     Smoke On The Water            SC8430-14          Minerva                                   THR0308-11
     Smoke On The Water             SF021-06     Deftones, The
     Smoke On The Water             SGB31-09          Back To School                             SC8662-14
     Space Trucking                 SGB14-14          Back To School                             SC8649-11
     Spacetruckin'                 AH8003-12          Change (In The House Of Flies)             SC8662-08
     Woman From Tokyo              SC8586-01          Digital Bath                               SC8694-06
Dees, Rick & His Cast Of Idiots                  Degarmo, Diana
     Disco Duck (Part 1)           SC8707-13          Dreams                                    THP0410-11
Def Leopard                                      Degraw, Gavin
     Animal                         SGB60-15          Follow Through                            PHM0401-06
     Hysteria                       SGB63-08     Dekker & Aces
Def Leppard                                           Israelites                                   SF087-03
     Animal                          US04-11     Dekker, Desmond & The Aces
     Animal                        SC8716-04          You Can Get It If You Really Want            SF090-06
     Armageddon It                 SC8197-02     Del Amitri
     Bringin' On The Heartbreak    SC8373-08          Always The Last To Know                     SF004-02
     Foolin'                       SC8516-04          Always The Last To Know                    SC8433-07
     Hysteria                      SC8716-03          Don’t Come Home Too Soon                    SF121-09
     Hysteria                         FC2-03          Not Where It's At                          SC8460-14
     Hysteria                       SGB48-16          Nothing Ever Happens                     SFMW825-08
     Hysteria                        US04-01          Roll To Me                                 SC8212-06
     Let's Get Rocked                US04-14          Roll To Me                                  SD020-03
     Let's Get Rocked              SC8716-02          Roll To Me                                  SF027-01
     Let's Get Rocked               SGB31-08          Roll To Me                                MM6119-03
     Love Bites                     SF162-01          Roll To Me                                  DK097-02
     Love Bites                    SC8231-06          Roll To Me                               PHM9510-04
     Now                            TU142-11          Spit In The Rain                          ZMH010-03
     Photograph                    SC8252-05     Del Rays, The
     Photograph                    SC7578-13          Don't Let Her Be Your Baby                   RB20-15
     Photograph                     SGB48-09     Del Vikings
     Pour Some Sugar On Me         SC8716-07          Come Go With Me                             SGB44-08
 618-410-6826                              Page 87                                        Thomas J Robinson
                                  Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE       SONG #      ARTIST                TITLE                          SONG #
Del Vikings, The                                     Sweet Surrender                              SC8529-03
     Come Go With Me                PI017-10         Take Me Home                               SFMW802-10
     Come Go With Me                RB25-06          Take Me Home, Country Roads                   DK032-12
Delaney & Bonnie & Sister                            Take Me Home, Country Roads                    PI012-09
     Never Ending Song Of Love    AH8011-15          Take Me Home, Country Roads                    PI042-18
Delfonics, The                                       Take Me Home, Country Roads                  SC7536-01
     La-La Means I Love You       SC7543-01          Thank God I'm A Country Boy                  SC7552-01
Dell Vikings, The                                    Thank God I'm A Country Boy                   DK050-12
     Come Go With Me              SC7520-02          Thank God I'm A Country Boy                    PI207-18
     Come Go With Me             SC7520R-02          Thank God I'm A Country Boy                   PLC11-01
Dells, The                                      DePaul, Lynsey
     Oh What A Night              SC8251-10          Sugar Me                                       SF071-07
     Oh What A Night                RB22-03     Depeche Mode
Delphonics, The                                      Dream On                                    THR0108-15
     La La Means I Love You         PI018-15         Enjoy The Silence                            RT0015-12
Delta Goodrem                                        It's No Good                                 SC8460-04
     Born To Try                  SC8827-03          Just Can't Get Enough                         SF151-02
Denney, Kevin                                        Just Can't Get Enough                        SC8678-14
     Cadillac Tears                SD097-05          People Are People                            SC8696-14
     Cadillac Tears               SC8774-03          People Are People                            SC8492-10
     Cadillac Tears              THC0209-16          Personal Jesus                               SC8313-13
     It'll Go Away               THC0302-17          Policy Of Truth                              SC8696-13
     It'll Go Away                 SD101-11          Policy Of Truth                              SC8588-10
     That's Just Jessie            SD091-11          Policy Of Truth                               PI003-09
     That's Just Jessie          THC0204-15     Derailers
     Year At A Time, A             SD113-09          Bar Exam                                     SC8753-11
     Year At A Time, A           THC0404-16     Derailers, The
Dennis, Cathy                                        Right Place, The                             SC8584-14
     All Night Long (Touch Me)    SC8466-08     Derek & Dominos
     Irresistible                 SC8266-10          Have You Ever Loved A Woman                   SGB27-06
     Moments Of Love               NT007-07     Derek & The Dominos
     Touch Me                      SF036-05          Bell Bottom Blues                            SC7561-01
Dennis, Wesley                                       Layla                                        SC8413-04
     Borrowed Angel               SC8173-10          Layla                                        SC7576-05
     I Don't Know                 SC8163-15          Nobody Knows You When You're Down &          SC8327-08
Denver, John                                          Out
     Annie's Song                  DK050-11     Dern, Daisy
     Annie's Song                  SF014-03          Gettin' Back To You                          SC8736-05
     Annie's Song                  SGB57-14     Derringer, Rick
     Annie's Song                 SC7537-12          Rock 'N Roll Hootchie Coo                      DG10-10
     Back Home Again              SC8385-10          Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo                    SC8573-01
     Calypso                      SC8790-04          Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo                     DK053-12
     Calypso                       PLC11-05     Des'ree
     Fly Away                      PLC11-02          Life                                          SF122-13
     I'm Sorry                    SC8342-05          You Gotta Be                                  SD007-06
     Leavin' On A Jet Plane        PLC11-06          You Gotta Be                                  SF020-12
     My Sweet Lady                 PLC11-03          You Gotta Be                                 SC8145-10
     My Sweet Lady                SC8558-06          You Gotta Be                                 MM6078-15
     Rocky Mountain High         CB60129-05     Desario, Teri & KC
     Rocky Mountain High            PI203-09         Yes I'm Ready                                  DG09-11
     Rocky Mountain High          SC7539-06          Yes I'm Ready                                SC8482-05
     Some Days Are Diamonds       SC8326-08          Yes, I'm Ready                                DK057-02
     Sunshine On My Shoulders     SC8790-01     Desert Rose Band
     Sunshine On My Shoulders      DK050-10          Love Reunited                                SC8792-03
    Sweet Surrender                PLC11-04
 618-410-6826                             Page 88                                          Thomas J Robinson
                                          Waverly Sound
ARTIST                 TITLE                SONG #      ARTIST                 TITLE                     SONG #
Desert Rose Band, The                                       Survivor                                 THP0106-10
    Ashes Of Love                       NSAVA12-06          Survivor                                  SC8695-04
    He's Back And I'm Blue               SC8564-09      Detroit Emeralds, The
    Hello Trouble                       NSAVA04-10          Feel The Need In Me                         SF072-08
    I Still Believe In You               SC8529-06      Detroit Spinners
    In Another Lifetime                  SC8359-05          Ghetto Child                                SF091-04
    One Step Forward                     SC8567-05          Working My Way Back To You Babe             SF107-02
    She Don't Love Nobody                 TT6012-11     Devo
    Story Of Love                        SC8352-11          Beautiful World                           ZMH010-08
    Story Of Love                       SC8352R-11          Girl U Want                               ZMH010-07
    Too Gone Too Long                   NSAVA04-11          Through Being Cool                        SC8678-06
Deshannon, Jackie                                           Whip It                                    DK099-18
    Put A Little Love In Your Heart       SC8651-09         Whip It                                     PI033-18
    Put A Little Love In Your Heart        DK033-16         Whip It                                   SC7511-04
    What The World Needs Now            SFMW819-03      Dexy's Midnight Runners
    What The World Needs Now Is Love      SC7532-08         Come On Eileen                              BL01-09
    What The World Needs Now Is Love       DK041-16         Come On Eileen                              HV01-09
Destiny's Child                                             Come On Eileen                            SC8176-02
    Bills Bills Bills                      SGB18-01         Come On Eileen                             SF031-04
    Bills, Bills, Bills                   SC8553-03         Geno                                       SF033-05
    Bills, Bills, Bills                SGBSP01-1-13     DeYoung, Dennis
    Bills, Bills, Bills                    SF144-07         Desert Moon                               SC8725-05
    Bootylicious                          SC8708-02     Df Dub
    Bootylicious                         THP0109-11         Country Girl                             THH0305-10
    Bootylicious                           SF179-15     Diamond & Streisand
    Bootylicious                          SC8741-07         You Don't Bring Me Flowers                SC8119-01
    Bug A Boo                              SGB30-05         You Don't Bring Me Flowers                DK1102-05
    Emotion                              THP0112-15         You Don't Bring Me Flowers                AH8018-18
    Emotion                                SF186-03     Diamond Rio
    Emotion                               MM6351-03         Beautiful Mess                            SC8798-05
    Emotion                               SC8726-12         Beautiful Mess                            SC8764-06
    Independent Woman                      SGB47-04         Beautiful Mess                           THC0207-12
    Independent Woman                      SF174-09         Bubba Hyde                                SC8230-05
    Independent Woman Part 1              SC8649-09         Finish What We've Started                 SC8198-15
    Independent Women Part 1             THP0012-12         Finish What We've Started                   NS23-04
    Jumpin Jumpin                         EK0029-02         Gone Out Of My Mind                       SC8243-06
    Jumpin' Jumpin'                      CB80021-04         Holdin'                                    SD034-07
    Jumpin’, Jumpin                        SF165-07         Holdin'                                  CHM9703-10
    Jumpin, Jumpin                        SC8613-13         How Your Love Makes Me Feel                SD041-09
    Jumpin, Jumpin                        SC8047-07         How Your Love Makes Me Feel               SC8692-01
    Jumpin, Jumpin                       THP0008-16         How Your Love Makes Me Feel              CHM9709-11
    Say My Name                           LGTP-5-02         I Believe                                THC0302-18
    Say My Name                            SF163-12         I Believe                                 SC8807-11
    Say My Name                          CB40063-07         I Believe                                  SD102-01
    Say My Name                           SC8595-04         I Know How The River Feels                 SD061-09
    Say My Name                            SGB38-15         Imagine That                               SD043-08
    Say My Name                           SC8047-03         Imagine That                              SC8416-04
    Say My Name                           EK0028-06         Imagine That                             CHM9801-20
    Say My Name                          THP0004-10         In A Week Or Two                          SC8130-11
    Say My Name                          CB80021-01         In A Week Or Two                          SC8692-05
    So Good                                SF169-10         It's All In Your Head                     SC8328-03
    So Good                                SGB45-02         It's All In Your Head                      SD030-08
    Survivor                               SF177-03         Love A Little Stronger                    SC8175-15
    Survivor                               SGB53-02         Love A Little Stronger                    SC8692-10
    Survivor                              SC8741-04         Mama Don't Forget To Pray For Me          SC8502-15
 618-410-6826                                     Page 89                                      Thomas J Robinson
                                               Waverly Sound
ARTIST                   TITLE                   SONG #      ARTIST                  TITLE                        SONG #
    Meet In The Middle                         SC8692-12         Cherry Cherry                                 SC8347-10
    Meet In The Middle                         SC8144-06         Cherry Cherry                                 DK1102-14
    Meet In The Middle                          DK090-09         Cherry Cherry                                 AH8018-02
    Meet In The Middle                           PI201-11        Cracklin' Rose                                 SGB57-11
    Mirror Mirror                              SC8135-06         Cracklin' Rose                                DK1102-08
    Night Is Fallin' In My Heart               SC8692-13         Cracklin' Rose                                AH8018-03
    Night Is Fallin' In My Heart                SD008-05         Cracklin' Rose                                  PI041-11
    Night Is Fallin' In My Heart               SC8149-07         Cracklin' Rose                                SC8347-02
    Norma Jean Riley                           SC8101-14         Cracklin' Rosie                                  FC2-14
    Nowhere Bound                              SC8157-13         Forever In Blue Jeans                         SC8627-09
    Oh Me Oh My Sweet Baby                     SC8133-14         Forever In Blue Jeans                         AH8018-04
    One More Day                              THC0103-19         Forever In Blue Jeans                           PI041-14
    One More Day                                SD079-06         Forever In Blue Jeans                         MM6072-06
    One More Day                               SC8743-12         Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon                   AH8018-05
    One More Day                               SC8655-11         Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon                   SC8347-15
    Sawmill Road                               SC8215-10         He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother               SC8314-08
    Stuff                                       SD074-06         Heartlight                                    SC8347-06
    Stuff                                      SC8619-05         Heartlight                                    MM6072-02
    Stuff                                     THC0011-17         Hello Again                                   DK1102-02
    Sweet Summer                                SD084-05         Hello Again                                   SC8347-12
    Sweet Summer                              THC0109-15         Hello Again                                     PI041-15
    Sweet Summer                               SC8705-06         Hello Again                                   AH8018-06
    That's Just That                            TU085-16         Holly Holy                                    AH8018-07
    That's Just That                            SD089-05         Holly Holy                                    DK1102-09
    That's Just That                           SC8733-06         Holly Holy                                      PI039-09
    That's What I Get For Lovin' You           SC8280-08         Holly Holy                                    SC8347-03
    This Romeo Ain't Got Julie Yet             SC8177-15         I Am I Said                                   AH8018-08
    This Romeo Ain't Got Julie Yet             MM6050-07         I Am I Said                                   SC8679-03
    Unbelievable                               MM6257-06         I Am I Said                                   DK1102-10
    Unbelievable                               SC8507-13         I Got The Feelin' (Oh No No)                  MM6072-08
    Unbelievable                                SD057-06         I'm Glad You're Here With Me Tonight          SC8347-01
    Walkin' Away                                SD024-04         If You Know What I Mean                       MM6072-15
    Walkin' Away                               SC8232-11         Kentucky Woman                                SC8347-09
    We All Fall Down                          PHN0404-03         Kentucky Woman                                SC7525-07
    We All Fall Down                          THC0405-17         Kentucky Woman                                  PI041-16
    Wild Blue Yonder                           SC8321-05         Kentucky Woman                                AH8018-09
    Wrinkles                                  THC0312-13         Last Thing On My Mind, The                     DK029-18
    Wrinkles                                  THC0312-13         Longfellow Serenade                           SC8535-15
    You're Gone                               CB60121-11         Longfellow Serenade                           AH8018-10
    You're Gone                                SC8464-05         Love On The Rocks                             DK1102-03
    You're Gone                                 SD053-05         Love On The Rocks                                FC3-02
    You're Gone                                SC8692-04         Love On The Rocks                             MM6026-15
Diamond Rio, Wariner & Parnell                                   Love On The Rocks                               PI041-12
    Workin' Man's Blues                         SD011-13         Love On The Rocks                             SC7534-06
    Workin' Man's Blues                        SC8159-02         Love On The Rocks                             AH8018-11
Diamond, Jim                                                     One Hand One Heart                            SC8264-09
    Hi Ho Silver                                SF106-09         Play Me                                         PI041-17
Diamond, Neil                                                    Play Me                                       SC8347-04
    America                                     PI039-08         Play Me                                       AH8018-12
    America                                   SC7506-01          Red Red Wine                                  AH8018-13
    America                                   MM6072-04          Red Red Wine                                  SC8347-11
    America                                   DK1102-01          September Morn                                SC8273-13
    Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show   DK1102-12          September Morn                                MM6026-13
    Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show   SC8347-08          September Morn                                SC8347-14
    Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show   AH8018-01          September Morn'                               DK1102-06
 618-410-6826                                          Page 90                                          Thomas J Robinson
                                               Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE                    SONG #     ARTIST                    TITLE                        SONG #
    September Morn'                           AH8018-14     Dido
    Shilo                                     SC8347-05           All You Want                                   SF187-04
    Solitary Man                              DK1102-15           Don't Leave Home                              SC8878-13
    Solitary Man                                PI041-18          Don't Leave Home                             THP0408-16
    Solitary Man                              SC8261-13           Here With Me                                  SC8548-09
    Solitary Man                              SC8347-13           Here With Me                                 THP0011-15
    Solitary Man                              AH8018-15           Here With Me                                   SF176-10
    Song Sung Blue                            SC8347-07           Hunter                                       THP0110-17
    Song Sung Blue                            DK1102-07           Hunter                                         SF181-06
    Song Sung Blue                              PI039-10          Life For Rent                                  SF212-02
    Song Sung Blue                            SC7533-06           Life For Rent                                  EZH29-03
    Song Sung Blue                            SC8259-13           Life For Rent                                THP0401-17
    Song Sung Blue                            AH8018-16           Thank You                                    THP0102-17
    Soolaimon                                 MM6072-11           Thank You                                      SGB53-17
    Story Of My Life, The                       DG05-06           Thank You                                      SF177-05
    Story Of My Life, The                     DK1102-04           Thank You                                     SC8741-12
    Sweet Caroline                            MM6072-13           Thank You                                     SC8672-13
    Sweet Caroline                              BL04-02           White Flag (Radio Version)                    SC8839-01
    Sweet Caroline                               FC2-04     Dietrich, Marlene
    Sweet Caroline                         SGBTB1001-04           Falling In Love Again                           SF153-07
    Sweet Caroline                            DK1102-13     Diffie, Joe
    Sweet Caroline                            AH8018-17           Behind Closed Doors                           SC8507-03
    Sweet Caroline                              PI041-10          Bigger Than The Beatles                       SC8216-09
    Sweet Caroline                            SC7572-08           Bigger Than The Beatles                        SD023-07
    Sweet Caroline                            SC8563-08           C-O-U-N-T-R-Y                                 SC8256-12
    Thank The Lord For The Night Time         DK1102-11           C-O-U-N-T-R-Y                                  SD025-06
    Yesterday's Songs                         MM6072-10           Honky Tonk Attitude                        MMCOU101-09
    You Are The Best Part Of Me              THP0111-18           Honky Tonk Attitude                           MM6022-13
    You Don't Bring Me Flowers                  PI041-13          Honky Tonk Attitude                           SC7524-10
Diamond, Neil & Barbra Streisand                                  I'm In Love With A Capital "U"                 SD016-12
    You Don't Bring Me Flowers                 SO209-09           I'm In Love With A Capital "U"                SC8179-15
Diamond, Neil & Buffy Lawson                                      I'm In Love With A Capital "U"                  PI218-05
    Marry Me                                  SC8298-05           If The Devil Danced In Empty Pockets            PI205-07
Diamond, Neil & W. Jennings                                       If The Devil Danced In Empty Pockets           DK075-04
    One Good Love                             SC8253-04           In Another World                              SC8723-09
Diamonds, The                                                     In Another World                               SD087-08
    Little Darlin'                             DK082-06           In Another World                             THC0111-16
    Little Darlin'                            SC7541-03           In My Own Backyard                            SC8120-10
    Little Darlin'                              PI023-13          In My Own Backyard                            MM6048-11
    Little Darlin'                            MM6006-06           Is It Cold In Here Or Is It You                 PI205-13
    Stroll, The                                SGB55-10           It's Always Somethin"                         MM6301-09
    Stroll, The                               SC8330-12           It's Always Somethin'                         SC8602-06
    Stroll, The                               SC7531-06           It's Always Somethin'                        THC0007-16
    Stroll, The                               MM6004-04           It's Always Something                        CB80018-09
Dickens, Little Jimmy                                             It's Always Something                          SD070-08
    Country Boy                               SC7558-05           John Deere Green                              MM6039-05
    May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your      SC7567-01           John Deere Green                              SC8168-14
    Nose                                                          John Deere Green                               DK093-04
Dickies                                                           Life's So Funny                               SC8250-13
    Banana Splits                              SF095-11           Next Thing Smokin'                            SC8234-06
Dickson, Barbara                                                  Next Thing Smokin'                            MM6017-14
    Caravan Song                            SFMW821-03            Night To Remember, A                           SD062-09
Diddley, Bo                                                       Pickup Man                                     SD009-02
    Bo Diddley                                  RB23-01           Pickup Man                                   CB60010-02
    Road Runner                                 RB22-10           Pickup Man                                    SC8139-12
 618-410-6826                                         Page 91                                            Thomas J Robinson
                                           Waverly Sound
ARTIST                   TITLE               SONG #      ARTIST                 TITLE             SONG #
     Poor Me                               SC8488-04     Dion
     Poor Me                                SD056-13         Abraham, Martin & John            SC8218-02
     Prop Me Up Beside The Jukebox         SC7516-14         Abraham, Martin & John            LC0008-09
     Prop Me Up Beside The Jukebox         SC8102-01         Donna The Prima Donna             SC7557-02
     Prop Me Up Beside The Jukebox          DK083-12         Lonely Teenager                   SC8804-07
     Prop Me Up Beside The Jukebox         MM6028-05         Ruby Baby                         SC7550-13
     Quittin' Kind, The                     SD066-09         Runaround Sue                      SF017-14
     Quittin' Kind, The                    SC8566-05         Runaround Sue                     SC7504-13
     Ships That Don't Come In              SC8241-02         Runaround Sue                     SC7201-02
     So Help Me Girl                       SC8230-09         Runaround Sue                       PI017-18
     So Help Me Girl                        SD012-08         Runaround Sue                      DK063-11
     Something Like This                    SD041-13         Teenager In Love                    BL04-15
     Startin' Over Blues                   SC8324-11         Teenager In Love, A                 PI017-16
     Texas Size Heartache                   SD051-14         Wanderer, The                      SF084-14
     Texas Size Heartache                  SC8495-14         Wanderer, The                      SGB55-03
     That Road Not Taken                   MM6103-12         Wanderer, The                     SC7525-10
     That Road Not Taken                   SC8194-03         Wanderer, The                       PI017-02
     Third Rock From The Sun               SC8141-02         Wanderer, The                     MM6007-09
     Third Rock From The Sun            MMCOU101-17          Wanderer, The                      DK052-17
     This Is Your Brain                    SC8504-03     Dion & Griffin
     This Is Your Brain                  CHM9706-14          When I Fall In Love               MM6025-01
     This Pretender                         SD094-03         When I Fall In Love               SC8119-14
     This Pretender                       THC0207-18     Dion & The Belmonts
     Tougher Than Nails                   THC0406-18         Teenager In Love, A                DK001-16
     White Lightnin'                       SC8243-11         Teenager In Love, A               SC7520-14
     Whole Lotta Gone                       SD029-12         Teenager In Love, A              SC7520R-14
     Whole Lotta Gone                      SC8303-07     Dion, Celine
Digable Planets, The                                         A New Day Has Come                SC8752-10
     Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat)      SC8656-15         All By Myself                      HV06a-04
Digital Underground                                          All By Myself                     SC8357-05
     Humpty Dance                          SC7586-09         All By Myself                     BS9317-06
     Humpty Dance                          SC8486-14         All By Myself                    PHM9703-02
Dilated Peoples & Kanye West                                 All By Myself                       PI052-03
     This Way                             THH0407-14         All By Myself                     SC8454-11
Dillards, The                                                Any Other Way                     SC8235-02
     Dooley                                SC8693-04         Any Other Way                    NSAVP23-11
Dillon, Dean                                                 Any Other Way                    SC8235R-02
     Hot Country And Single                SC8321-08         At Last                           SC8800-04
Dina                                                         At Last                          PHM0303-09
     Ooh Child                             SC8266-13         Beauty & The Beast                BS9317-02
Dinamita, Sonora                                             Because You Love Me               BS9317-05
     Capullo Y Sorullo                       AV26-06         Because You Loved Me             PHM9604-02
     La Cadenita                             AV26-10         Because You Loved Me               SD026-01
     La Suavecita                            AV26-03         Because You Loved Me              SC8454-02
Dinning, Mark                                                Because You Loved Me              SC7545-01
     Teen Angel                            SC8361-05         Because You Loved Me               DGH01-03
     Teen Angel                             DK040-13         Because You Loved Me              SC8263-01
Dino                                                         Call The Man                      BS9317-10
     I Like It                             SC8667-11         Call The Man                      SC8454-05
Dio                                                          Call The Man                      SC8381-06
     Last In Line, The                    SC8756-03          Colour Of My Love, The            SC8454-07
     Rainbow In The Dark                  SC7565-07          Colour Of My Love, The            SC8246-06
     Rainbow In The Dark                  SCBR53-07          Colour Of My Love, The            BS9317-11
Dio, Ronnie James                                            Declaration Of Love               SC8454-06
     Holy Diver                            SC8516-03         Declaration Of Love               SC8457-01
 618-410-6826                                      Page 92                              Thomas J Robinson
                                             Waverly Sound
ARTIST                 TITLE                   SONG #      ARTIST                 TITLE                  SONG #
   Drip Drop                                 SC8450-05          Only One Road                          SD017-09
   Falling Into You                           SF049-01          Only One Road                         BS9317-03
   Falling Into You                          SC8471-01          Power Of Love                      CBEP463-3-01
   Falling Into You                          SC8316-07          Power Of Love                         BS9317-07
   First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, The       SF163-15          Power Of Love, The                   MM6038-01
   God Bless America                        THP0201-10          Power Of Love, The                     DK091-04
   Goodbye's                                 SC8806-01          Power Of Love, The                      PI048-18
   Have You Ever Been In Love                SC8827-02          Power Of Love, The                    SC8111-01
   Here There And Everywhere                 SC8499-15          Power Of Love, The                    SC8454-13
   I Drove All Night                         SC8818-07          Power Of Love, The                    SC7514-09
   I Drove All Night                        THP0305-12          Power Of The Dream, The               SC8348-01
   I Want You To Need Me                     SC8613-02          Power Of The Dream, The               SC8312-14
   I Want You To Need Me                    THP0009-16          Prayer                                 TU181-08
   I'm Alive                                 SC8775-12          Prayer, The                           SC8501-12
   I'm Alive                                  SF195-04          Prayer, The                           BS9317-13
   I'm Alive                                THP0209-12          Reason, The                            SF117-15
   If Walls Could Talk                        SF161-01          Send Me A Lover                     THM9612-09
   If We Could Start Over                    SC8454-09          Send Me A Lover                       SC8340-10
   If You Asked Me To                          PI046-02         Stand By Your Side                  THP0401-12
   If You Asked Me To                        SC8454-03          Tell Him                              BS9317-09
   If You Asked Me To                        MM6000-09          That's The Way It Is                 CB80021-07
   Immortality                                SF123-03          That's The Way It Is                  SC8581-03
   It's All Coming Back To Me Now            SC8454-08          That’s The Way It Is                   SF157-01
   It's All Coming Back To Me Now            SC8349-15          That's The Way It Is                PHT9915-02
   It's All Coming Back To Me Now            SC8312-01          That's The Way It Is                  EK0027-08
   It's All Coming Back To Me Now            BS9317-12          That's The Way It Is                   SGB30-02
   It's All Coming Back To Me Now          PHM9609-04           That's The Way It Is                  SC8047-08
   Last To Know, The                         SC8266-02          Think Twice                            SF019-05
   Love Can Move Mountains                   SC8371-15          Think Twice                           SC8371-11
   Love Can Move Mountains                   MM6021-15          Think Twice                             BL02-12
   Love Can Move Mountains                   SC8454-15          To Love You More                      SC8465-10
   Love Can Move Mountains                     PI042-11         To Love You More                    PHM9807-01
   Miles To Go                             SFMW841-11           To Love You More                      BS9317-08
   Misled                                    SC8454-12          Treat Her Like A Lady                  SF142-01
   Misled                                    SC8121-12          Water From The Moon                   SC8454-14
   Misled                                      PI051-13         Way It Is, The                        LGTP-5-14
   Misled                                    MM6049-02          Where Does My Heart Beat              BS9317-04
   My Heart Will Go On                       SC7587-01          Where Does My Heart Beat Now          SC8454-01
   My Heart Will Go On                        SF129-01          Where Does My Heart Beat Now           DK068-01
   My Heart Will Go On                        SGB08-09          You And I                           THP0410-18
   My Heart Will Go On                        SF117-14     Dion, Celine & Barbra Streisand
   My Heart Will Go On                       SC8423-01          Tell Him                             PHM9711-01
   My Heart Will Go On                       LGTP-4-02     Dion, Celine & Clive Griffin
   My Heart Will Go On                       SC8454-10          When I Fall In Love                  DK1101-03
   My Heart Will Go On                       BS9317-01          When I Fall In Love                  SC7530-07
   My Heart Will Go On                    CBEP463-3-07          When I Fall In Love                   TT6014-02
   My Heart Will Go On                     PHM9802-01           When I Fall In Love                CBEP463-3-05
   My Heart Will Go On                       MM6227-01     Dion, Celine & Peabo Bryson
   New Day Has Come, A                      THP0205-13          Beauty & The Beast                     SO209-16
   New Day Has Come, A                       SC8796-10     Dion, Celine & R. Kelly
   Nothing Broken But My Heart               SC8363-15          I'm Your Angel                          SF127-10
   Nothing Broken But My Heart               MM6001-13     Dire Straits
   O Holy Night                              SC8781-03          Brothers In Arms                    SFMW817-03
   Only One Road                               PI054-05         Money For Nothing                     SC8115-13
   Only One Road                              SF029-04          Money For Nothing                     SC7577-07
618-410-6826                                         Page 93                                   Thomas J Robinson
                                 Waverly Sound
ARTIST                 TITLE      SONG #      ARTIST                    TITLE                      SONG #
     Money For Nothing           LG012-14     Division , Joy
     Romeo & Juliet              LG012-16          Love Will Tear Us Apart                    SFMW825-06
     Romeo And Juliet           ZMH002-15     Dixie Chicks
     So Far Away                SC7564-11          Am I The Only One                            RSZ602-12
     Sultans Of Swing           SC7546-07          Cold Day In July                            THC0009-11
     Sultans Of Swing            DK052-06          Cold Day In July                             SC8653-16
     Twisting By The Pool        LG019-08          Cold Day In July                              SD073-02
     Walk Of Life               SC8391-05          Cold Day In July                             SC8617-15
     Walk Of Life               ZMH008-13          Cold Day In June                             RSZ603-01
     Walk Of Life               MM6042-07          Cowboy Take Me Away                          RSZ603-02
     Walk Of Life                 PI011-03         Cowboy Take Me Away                         CB80020-05
     Walk Of Life                LG012-15          Cowboy Take Me Away                          SC7596-03
Dirty Polka Band                                   Cowboy Take Me Away                          SC8608-10
     Dirty Polka               AMS2001-03          Cowboy Take Me Away                          SC8788-09
Dirty Polka Band Male Solo                         Cowboy Take Me Away                           SGB29-05
     Dirty Polka               AMS2001-21          Cowboy Take Me Away                           SD068-02
Dirty Vegas                                        Don't Waste Your Heart                       RSZ603-03
     Days Go By                 SC8766-14          Don't Waste Your Heart                       SC8665-14
     Days Go By                THP0208-11          Give It Up Or Let Me Go                      RSZ602-11
Disco Tex & Sex-O-Letts                            Godspeed                                      SD109-05
     I Wanna Dance Wit Choo      SF097-01          Goodbye Earl                                  SD071-01
Dishwalla                                          Goodbye Earl                                 SC7593-11
     Charlie Brown's Parents    SC8337-01          Goodbye Earl                                 SC8788-06
     Counting Blue Cars         SC8277-05          Goodbye Earl                                  SGB29-15
     Counting Blue Cars        PHM9607-07          Goodbye Earl                                 SC8570-06
     Counting Blue Cars           PI049-02         Goodbye Earl                                 RSZ603-04
     Counting Blue Cars        THM9607-07          Goodbye Earl                                CHM0005-16
     Give                         HV09-14          Goodbye Earl                                CB80020-01
     Once in A While            SC8481-11          Heartbreak Town                             THC0110-13
     Somewhere In The Middle     TU129-14          Heartbreak Town                               SD086-01
     Somewhere In The Middle   THP0208-17          Heartbreak Town                              SC8727-10
Disturbed                                          Heartbreak Town                              RSZ603-05
     Down With The Sickness     SC8720-08          Hello Mr. Heartache                          RSZ603-06
     Down With The Sickness     SC8765-08          Hole In My Head                              RSZ603-07
     Prayer                     SC8783-04          I Can Love You Better                         SGB15-02
     Prayer                      TU142-12          I Can Love You Better                         SD046-10
     Remember                  PHR0301-02          I Can Love You Better                        SC8432-07
     Remember                  THR0304-12          I Can Love You Better                        RSZ602-10
     Remember                   SC8817-03          I Can Love You Better                       CHM9802-18
     Stupify                    SC8662-15          I'll Take Care Of You                        RSZ602-09
     Voices                     SC8673-07          If I Fall You're Going Down With Me         THC0106-11
Divine                                             If I Fall You're Going Down With Me          SC8681-15
     Lately                     SC8499-11          If I Fall You're Going Down With Me           SD082-01
     One More Try               SC8519-13          If I Fall You're Going Down With Me          SC8788-08
Divine Comedy                                      If I Fall You're Going Down With Me          RSZ603-08
     Generation Sex              SF126-09          If I Fall You're Going Down With Me          SC8738-01
     National Express            SF132-04          Landslide                                     SD100-02
Divinyls, The                                      Landslide                                    SC8801-09
     I Touch Myself              SF168-01          Landslide                                    SC8795-02
     I Touch Myself             SC8117-14          Landslide                                   CB60241-03
     I Touch Myself             SC7587-06          Landslide                                    SC8788-04
     I Touch Myself              DK098-07          Landslide                                   PHM0303-07
     I Touch Myself            AMS2001-17          Landslide                                    SC8784-13
     I Touch Myself              SGB32-03          Landslide                                   THC0212-17
                                                   Let 'Er Rip                                  MM6262-15
 618-410-6826                           Page 94                                          Thomas J Robinson
                                       Waverly Sound
ARTIST                 TITLE             SONG #      ARTIST                TITLE                         SONG #
   Let ‘Er Rip                         SC7596-12          Wide Open Spaces                             SGB15-08
   Let 'Er Rip                         SC8524-04          Wide Open Spaces                            RSZ602-02
   Let 'er Rip                         SC8788-12          Wide Open Spaces                            SC7594-14
   Let ‘Er Rip                          SGB15-03          Wide Open Spaces                            SC8039-06
   Let 'er Rip                         RSZ602-08          Wide Open Spaces                            SC8480-09
   Let Him Fly                         RSZ603-09          Wide Open Spaces                             SD054-08
   Let Him Fly                         SC8788-11          Wide Open Spaces                            SC8788-02
   Long Time Gone                      SC8769-10          Without You                                CB80020-15
   Long Time Gone                      SC8795-10          Without You                                 RSZ603-13
   Long Time Gone                       SD097-01          Without You                                 SC8646-04
   Long Time Gone                      SC8788-07          Without You                                 SC8653-05
   Long Time Gone                     THC0209-20          Without You                                 SC8788-10
   Loving Arms                          SGB15-04          Without You                                  SD077-01
   Loving Arms                         RSZ602-07          Without You                                THC0011-20
   Never Say Die                       RSZ602-06          You Can't Hurry Love                         SGB29-09
   Once You Loved Somebody              SGB15-05          You Can't Hurry Love                        RSZ603-14
   Once You've Loved Somebody          RSZ602-05          You Were Mine                                SGB29-12
   Ready To Run                         SF150-16          You Were Mine                                SGB15-09
   Ready To Run                         SGB15-01          You Were Mine                                SD058-03
   Ready To Run                        RSZ603-10          You Were Mine                               SC8788-03
   Ready To Run                        SC8556-04          You Were Mine                               SC8507-11
   Ready To Run                         SD064-03          You Were Mine                               MM6262-03
   Ready To Run                       CB80016-02          You Were Mine                              CB80016-15
   Ready To Run                       CHT9910-02          Your Were Here                              RSZ602-01
   Ready To Run                        SC8788-13     Dixie Chicks & Ricky Skaggs
   Roly Poly (From "Ride With Bob")    RSZ602-13          Walk Softly                                 SC8693-12
   Sin Wagon                          THC0101-20     Dixie Cups
   Sin Wagon                           RSZ603-11          Chapel Of Love                                RB12-08
   Sin Wagon                           SC8590-05          Iko Iko                                      SGB55-06
   Sin Wagon                           SC8788-05          People Say                                  SC8575-05
   Sin Wagon                            SD079-05     Dixon, Willie
   Some Days You Gotta Dance           RSZ603-12          I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man                SC8327-15
   Some Days You Gotta Dance           SC8729-02          Little Red Rooster, The                     SC8327-09
   Some Days You Gotta Dance           SC8788-15          You Shook Me                                SC8339-05
   Some Days You Gotta Dance          THC0201-20     DJ Bobo
   Some Days You Just Gotta Dance       SD088-05          Chihuahua                                 SFMW841-09
   There's Your Trouble               CHM9807-13     DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince
   There's Your Trouble                 SD050-07          Parents Just Don't Understand               SC8667-08
   There's Your Trouble                SC8788-01          Summertime                                  SFG025-01
   There's Your Trouble                SC8463-03          You're Gonna Make Me Love Somebody         NSAVP38-19
   There’s Your Trouble                SC7594-02     DJ Otzi
   There's Your Trouble                RSZ602-04          Do Wah Diddy                                 SF184-16
   There's Your Trouble                 SGB15-06          Hey Baby                                     EZH07-09
   There's Your Trouble                 SF142-15          Hey Baby                                     SF184-09
   Tonight The Heartache's On Me        SGB15-07     DJ Pied Piper
   Tonight The Heartache's On Me       RSZ602-03          Do You Really Like It                         SF180-03
   Tonight The Heartache's On Me        SD062-01     DJ Sammy
   Tortured, Tangled Hearts            SC8794-01          Boys Of Summer                               SF202-16
   Travelin' Soldier                   SC8736-07          Heaven                                       SF198-16
   Travelin' Soldier                    SD093-14          Heaven                                       EZH18-02
   Travelin' Soldier                  THC0304-14          Sunlight                                     SF206 -10
   Travelin' Soldier (Live Version)    SC8851-08     DJ Sammy & Yanou & Do
   White Trash Wedding                 SC8851-06          Heaven                                     THP0209-10
   White Trash Wedding                 SC8788-14     DNA & Suzanne Vega
   White Trash Wedding                 SC8784-10          Tom's Diner                                 SC8433-05
618-410-6826                                   Page 95                                         Thomas J Robinson
                                                 Waverly Sound
ARTIST                    TITLE                   SONG #      ARTIST                  TITLE                          SONG #
Dobson, Fefe                                                      Blueberry Hill                                    RB15-06
     Don't Go (Boys & Girls)                   THP0408-17         Blueberry Hill                                   SF047-06
     Take Me Away                              PHM0312-03         Blueberry Hill                                  SC7520-03
     Take Me Away                               SC8859-05         Blueberry Hill                                  SC2092-05
Dodd, Deryl                                                       Blueberry Hill                                 SC7520R-03
     Bitter End                                 MM6257-07         I Hear You Knockin'                              DK044-18
     Bitter End                                  SD059-13         I Hear You Knockin'                               RB21-15
     Bitter End                                 SC8488-11         I Want To Walk You Home                         SC8191-15
     Friends Don't Drive Friends To Drinkin'    SC8336-01         I Want To Walk You Home                           RB23-06
     Good Idea Tomorrow                         SC8533-06         I Want To Walk You Home                        SC8191R-15
     That's How I Got To Memphis                 SD035-11         I'm In Love Again                               SC8450-14
     That's How I Got To Memphis                SC8344-09         I'm In Love Again                                 RB21-01
Dodd, Ken                                                         I'm Ready                                       SC8364-04
     Promises                                    SF094-11         I'm Walkin'                                     SC8222-04
     River, The                                  SF066-15         I'm Walkin'                                      DK056-10
     Tears                                       SF074-14         I'm Walkin'                                       PI002-10
Dodgy                                                             I'm Walkin'                                       RB25-10
     Good Enough                                 SF061-15         Let The Four Winds Blow                           RB22-04
Dog's Eye View                                                    Walking To New Orleans                            RB22-11
     Everything Falls Apart                    PHM9605-07         Walking To New Orleans                          SC8441-02
     Everything Falls Apart                     SC8281-07         Whole Lotta Loving                              SC8364-02
     Small Wonders                              SC8337-07     Dominoes, The
     Small Wonders                              SC2098-07         60 Minute Man                                     RB25-12
Doggys Angels & Latoya Williams                                   60 Minute Man                                   SC8110-06
     Baby If You're Ready                       SC8664-11         Layla                                           AH8017-01
Dokken                                                        Donaghy, Siobhan
     Alone Again                                SC8373-11         Overrated                                     SFMW840-03
     Breaking The Chains                        SC8660-14     Donaldson, Bo & The Heywoods
     Burning Like A Flame                       SC8252-09         Billy Don't Be A Hero                           SC8297-09
     Dream Warriors                             SC8631-03     Donegan, Lonnie
     In My Dreams                               SC8597-10         Cumberland Gap                                   SF047-14
Dolby, Thomas                                                     Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It's Flavor          SC8222-08
     Hyperactive!                               SC8678-05         Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It's Flavor         MM6047-04
     She Blinded Me With Science                SC8696-01         I'm A Gamblin' Man                               SF063-02
     She Blinded Me With Science                 HV06b-10         My Old Man's A Dustman                           SF042-08
     She Blinded Me With Science                AH8014-04         Rock Island Line                              SFMW843-10
     She Blinded Me With Science                SC8176-15         Rock Island Line                              SFMW843-10
Dolce, Joe                                                    Donnas
     Shaddap A You Face                          SF028-15         Take It Off                                     SC8817-06
     Shaddap A You Face                         MM6047-12         Take It Off                                     SC8818-13
Dollar                                                        Donnas, The
     Loves Got A Hold Of Me                    SFMW813-08         Take It Off                                     SC8852-05
     Mirror Mirror                             SFMW829-14         Who Invited You                                THR0307-15
     Ring Ring                                 SFMW802-13     Donovan
Domingo, Jose                                                     Catch The Wind                                   SF086-05
     Motivos                                      AV30-05         Hurdy Gurdy Man                                 SC8450-09
Domino, Fats                                                      Jennifer Juniper                                 SF100-06
     Ain't That A Shame                          DK019-12         Mellow Yellow                                    DK084-17
     Ain't That A Shame                         SC7502-02         Mellow Yellow                                   SC8225-09
     Ain't That A Shame                          SF017-01         Mellow Yellow                                    PLC09-02
     Ain't That A Shame                           PI007-04        Mellow Yellow                                   LC0009-02
     Blue Monday                                  RB23-11         Sunshine Superman                               SC8190-07
     Blue Monday                                SC7508-02         Sunshine Superman                                PLC09-01
     Blue Monday                                 SGB51-14         Sunshine Superman                               LC0009-01
     Blueberry Hill                              DK025-17         Sunshine Superman                                DK091-15
 618-410-6826                                           Page 96                                            Thomas J Robinson
                                     Waverly Sound
ARTIST                   TITLE         SONG #     ARTIST                  TITLE             SONG #
Doobie Brothers, The                                  Break On Through                   SC8300-09
    Black Water                  SGBTB1001-18         Crystal Ship                        LG098-09
    Black Water                     SC7509-03         Crystal Ship                       UK3101-09
    Black Water                       PI019-05        End, The                            SO206-15
    Black Water                      DK054-05         Hello I Love You                    LG098-04
    China Grove                     SC7535-03         Hello I Love You                   SC8218-03
    China Grove                      SGB52-10         Hello, I Love You                   SO206-03
    China Grove                       PI022-11        Hello, I Love You                  UK3102-03
    China Grove                     SC8840-12         L. A. Woman                         SO206-04
    Doctor, The                     SC8580-11         L.A. Woman                          LG098-02
    It Keeps You Runnin'            SC8207-01         LA Woman                            SGB39-04
    Jesus Is Just Alright             DG11-11         Light My Fire                      SC8172-03
    Jesus Is Just Alright           SC7559-09         Light My Fire                       SGB54-03
    Listen To The Music             SC8261-14         Light My Fire                      UK3101-03
    Listen To The Music              DK059-04         Light My Fire                         FC1-12
    Listen To The Music               PI022-09        Light My Fire                       LG098-01
    Listen To The Music             SC7576-14         Light My Fire                       SO206-05
    Long Train Runnin'               DK069-05         Love Her Madly                      SO206-06
    Long Train Runnin'                PI022-10        Love Her Madly                     UK3103-09
    Long Train Running              SC8724-09         Love Her Madly                      LG098-11
    Take Me In Your Arms            LC0003-11         Love Me Two Times                  UK3101-06
    Takin' It To The Streets        SC8404-15         Love Me Two Times                   SO206-07
    Takin' It To The Streets       MM6024-12          Love Me Two Times                   LG098-12
    What A Fool Believes            SC8621-01         People Are Strange                 SC8361-09
    What A Fool Believes              PI028-02        People Are Strange                  LG098-13
    What A Fool Believes             DK019-05         People Are Strange                  SO206-08
    What A Fool Believes           MM6054-12          People Are Strange                  SGB60-13
Dood, Ken                                             Riders On The Storm                 SGB63-05
    Happiness                     SFMW821-14          Riders On The Storm                UK3103-03
Doolally                                              Riders On The Storm                 LG098-14
    Straight From The Heart          SF146-15         Riders On The Storm                 SO206-09
Dooleys                                               Riders On The Storm                   FC2-10
    Wanted                         ZMH001-07          Roadhouse Blues                     SGB64-14
    Wanted                        SFMW822-07          Roadhouse Blues                     LG098-16
Doonican, Val                                         Roadhouse Blues                    UK3103-06
    Elusive Butterfly                SF066-03         Roadhouse Blues                     SO206-12
    Paddy McGinty's Goat             SF151-14         Roadhouse Blues                      DG01-09
    Walk Tall                        SF100-07         Strange Days                        SO206-14
    What Would I Be                  SF094-12         Touch Me                           UK3102-06
Doors, The                                            Touch Me                            LG098-08
    20th Century Fox                UK3102-09         Touch Me                           SC8169-11
    Alabama Song                      DG10-01         Touch Me                            SO206-10
    Alabama Song                     SO206-13         Unknown Soldier, The                LG098-10
    Alabama Song                     LG098-06         When The Music's Over               LG098-03
    Alabama Song, The                SGB34-10         When The Music's Over               SO206-11
    Back Door Man                    SGB64-03     Dope
    Back Door Man                    SO206-01         Slipping Away                     THR0206-18
    Back Door Man                   SC8333-05     Dore, Charlie
    Back Door Man                    LG098-07         Pilot Of The Airwaves              SC8577-14
    Back Door Man                   SC8814-05     Dorsey, Jimmy
    Been Down So Long                LG098-05         I Remember You                      DK093-15
    Been Down So Long                SGB04-06     Dorsey, Lee
    Break On Through                 SO206-02         Holy Cow                            SF100-14
    Break On Through                 SGB62-03         Working In A Coal Mine              SF099-04
    Break On Through                 LG098-15         Working In A Coal Mine             SC8429-09
 618-410-6826                               Page 97                               Thomas J Robinson
                                                Waverly Sound
ARTIST                    TITLE                   SONG #      ARTIST                   TITLE                        SONG #
   Working In A Coal Mine                       PI017-06           Sweetest Of All                               SFG028-04
   Ya Ya                                       SC8251-12           Sylvia's Mother                                 PI028-17
Double                                                             Sylvia's Mother                               SC8539-13
   Captain Of Her Heart                         SD020-12           Sylvias Mother                                 SF131-02
   Captain Of Her Heart, The                   SC8621-08           When You're In Love With A Beautiful          SC8535-08
   Captain Of Her Heart, The                    SF110-02           Woman
Doubledrive                                                        When You're In Love With A Beautiful            PI028-03
     Imprint                                  THR0308-18           When You're In Love With A Beautiful            SF102-08
Doucette                                                           Woman
     Mama Let Him Play                         SC8840-01           When You’re In Love With A Beautiful          SFG028-02
Douglas, Carl                                                      Woman
     Kung Fu Fighting                           DK003-14           Years From Now                               ZMH001-11
     Kung Fu Fighting                          SC8223-11           Years From Now                              SFMW822-11
     Kung Fu Fighting                         SC8223R-11      Dr. John
Douglas, Craig                                                     Making Whoopie                                MM6049-10
     Only Sixteen                                SF062-01          Right Place Wrong Time                        SC8231-14
Doves                                                              Right Place Wrong Time                        LC0007-12
     There Goes The Fear                       TUM045-06      Dr. Seuss
     Words                                     TUM045-08           You’re A Mean One Mr Grinch                    TU165-17
Downey, Robert Jr                                             Drake, Dusty
     Smile                                     MM6005-03           And Then                                      SC8779-05
Downing, Will                                                 Dramatics, The
     Break Up To Make Up                       SC8374-13           In The Rain                                   SC8393-10
Downings, The                                                 Dream
     Blood Will Never Lose It's Power, The   CBEP466-1-16          He Loves U Not                               THP0101-15
Doyle, Holly                                                       He Loves U Not                                 SF177-02
     Queen Of The Silver Dollar               NSAVA12-15           He Loves U Not                                SC8654-10
Dr Evil                                                            This Is Me                                   THP0107-14
     Hard Knock Life                             SF195-05          This Is Me                                    SC8708-09
Dr. Alban                                                     Dream Academy
     It's My Life                                SF050-12          Life In A Northern Town                       SC8719-08
Dr. Dre & Eminem                                              Dreamgirls, The
     Forgot About Dre                          SC8656-02           Dreamgirls                                    SC8127-13
Dr. Dre & Snoop Doggy Dogg                                    Dreamlovers, The
     Nuthin' But A "G" Thang                   SC8612-01           When We Get Married                           SC8182-02
     Nuttin’ But A G Thang                     SC7586-15      Drifters
Dr. Hook                                                           Under The Boardwalk                           SFG025-10
     Better Love Next Time                     SC8668-02      Drifters, The
     Better Love Next Time                     SFG028-08           At The Club                                    SF091-01
     Cover Of A Rolling Stone, The             SC8115-02           Dance With Me                                   RB25-03
     Cover Of The Rolling Stone              SFMW819-13            Down On The Beach                           SFMW819-11
     I Don't Want To Be Alone Tonight         ZMH001-10            Fools Fall In Love                              RB11-14
     I Don't Want To Be Alone Tonight        SFMW822-10            Hello Happiness                              ZMH010-11
     If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body        SFG028-06           Honey Love                                      RB14-08
     Little Bit More, A                        SC8603-09           Kissin In The Back Row Of The Movies           SF091-07
     Little Bit More, A                        SFG028-07           Like Sister & Brother                          SF091-03
     Little Bit More, A                         SF071-12           Little Red Book                               SC8251-14
     More Like The Movies                    SFMW822-09            My Girl                                        LG003-16
     More Like The Movies                     ZMH001-09            On Broadway                                    LG003-02
     Only Sixteen                              SFG028-03           On Broadway                                   SC7550-14
     Sexy Eyes                                 SFG028-01           On Broadway                                    DK021-15
     Sexy Eyes                                 SC8585-12           Saturday Night At The Movies                   SF023-09
     Sexy Eyes                               SFMW808-04            Save The Last Dance For Me                     LG003-04
     Sharing The Night Together                SFG028-05           Save The Last Dance For Me                      PI036-03
     Sharing The Night Together                SC8443-15           Save The Last Dance For Me                     DK007-14

 618-410-6826                                           Page 98                                           Thomas J Robinson
                                            Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE                 SONG #      ARTIST                 TITLE                        SONG #
     Save The Last Dance For Me             SC8182-01          So Yesterday                                 SF211-13
     Some Kind Of Wonderful                  DK013-16          So Yesterday                                SC8845-03
     Spanish Harlem                          LG003-08     Duff, Hilary & Haylie Duff
     There Goes My Baby                      LG003-03          Our Lips Are Sealed                        THP0409-10
     There Goes My Baby                      DK063-12     Duglas, Carl
     There Goes My Baby                     SC8513-02          Kung Fu Fighting                              SF104-03
     There Goes My First Love                SF055-01     Duke Ellington Orchestra
     This Magic Moment                       LG003-07          Don't Get Around Much Anymore               MM6186-01
     This Magic Moment                        PI002-01    Duncan, Johnny
     This Magic Moment                        RB14-13          It Couldn't Have Been Any Better            SC7569-08
     This Magic Moment                       SF096-07          She Can Put Her Shoes Under My Bed          SC8564-08
     Under The Boardwalk                    SC7527-07          (Anytime)
     Under The Boardwalk                     LG003-01          Thinkin' Of A Rendezvous                    SC8529-08
     Under The Boardwalk                    SC8110-14     Duncan, Johnny & Bluegrass Boys
     Under The Boardwalk                     SF018-02          Last Train To San Fernando                    SF063-08
     Under The Boardwalk                     DK048-13     Dundas, David
     Up On The Roof                         SC7517-06          Jeans On                                   ZMH001-12
     Up On The Roof                          LG003-05          Jeans On                                  SFMW822-12
     Up On The Roof                          DK013-06     Dunn, Clive
     Up On The Roof                           PI002-17         Grandad                                       SF089-11
     Your More Than A # In My Little Red     SF097-13     Dunn, Holly
Driscoll & Auger                                               Are You Ever Gonna Love Me                  SC8133-02
     This Wheel's On Fire                    SF070-13          As Long As You Belong To Me                 MM6010-10
Drivin-N-Cryin                                                 As Long As You Belong To Me                 SC8269-07
     Fly Me Courageous                      SC8638-09          Daddy's Hands                                 PI204-05
Dropline                                                       Daddy's Hands                               SC7512-11
     Fly Away From Here                     MM6366-14          Daddy's Hands                              NSAVA14-07
     Fly Away From Here (Graduation Day)   THP0209-14          Daddy's Hands                              NSAVA07-07
Drowning Pool                                                  Golden Years                                MM6012-15
     Bodies                                 SC8720-04          I Am Who I Am                               SC8163-05
     Step Up                               THR0407-12          It's Not About Blame                        SC8211-09
     Tear Away                             THR0207-17          Maybe I Mean Yes                            MM6011-04
Drury, Ian & The Blockheads                                    No Love Have I                              SC8324-12
     Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll              AH8005-01          Only When I Love                            SC8541-02
Drusky, Roy & P. Mitchell                                      Strangers Again                             SC8561-14
     Yes, Mr. Peters                       NSAVA10-08          There Goes My Heart Again                   SC8161-14
Dubliners                                                      You Really Had Me Going                       PI215-12
     Black Velvet Band, The                 SC8737-06          You Really Had Me Going                     SC8183-07
     Seven Drunken Nights                    SF089-09     Dupree, Robbie
     Seven Drunken Nights                   SC8737-07          Steal Away                                  AH8002-11
Dubs, The                                                      Steal Away                                   DK094-05
     Could This Be Magic                      RB23-02     Dupree, Simon & Big Sound
     I Will Be Your Girlfriend               SF118-08          Kites                                         SF087-13
Ducas, George                                             Duprees, The
     Every Time She Passes By               SC8289-08          Have You Heard                              MM6018-03
     Hello Cruel World                      SC8173-07          You Belong To Me                            SC8418-03
     Lipstick Promises                      SC8159-06          You Belong To Me                            MM6043-05
     Lipstick Promises                       SD011-08     Dupri, Jermaine & Ludacris
     Teardrops                              SC8200-05          Welcome To Atlanta                          SC8744-05
Dudley, Dave                                              Duran Duran
     Six Days On The Road                   SC7552-10          All She Wants Is                            SFG004-11
     Six Days On The Road                    DK072-17          Come Undone                                  SF059-04
     Six Days On The Road                  NSAVA12-11          Come Undone                                 SFG004-13
Duff, Hilary                                                   Come Undone                                  NT007-12
     Come Clean                            THP0404-14          Girls On Film                               SC8571-06

 618-410-6826                                       Page 99                                         Thomas J Robinson
                                         Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE              SONG #     ARTIST                  TITLE                  SONG #
    Girls On Film                         SF075-12    Dwele
    Girls On Film                        SFG004-08        Find A Way                             THH0402-16
    Hungry Like The Wolf                 SFG004-07    Dwele & Kanye West
    Hungry Like The Wolf                 SC8447-01        Hold On                                THH0408-18
    Hungry Like The Wolf               SFMW816-10     Dylan, Bob
    Hungry Like The Wolf                  DK042-09        Blowin' In The Wind                     SC8821-10
    I Don't Want Your Love               SFG004-15        Forever Young                           SC8856-14
    Is There Something I Should Know      SF111-07        Forever Young                         SFMW838-06
    Is There Something I Should Know     SFG004-02        Just Like A Woman                       SC8441-14
    Is There Something I Should Know      DK048-08        Just Like A Woman                        DK076-07
    New Moon On Monday                   SFG004-16        Just Like A Woman                      MM6072-12
    Notorious                             DK094-16        Knockin' On Heaven's Door                DK077-10
    Notorious                            SFG004-09        Knockin' On Heaven's Door              MM6072-14
    Ordinary World                       SFG004-12        Knockin' On Heaven's Door                 PI031-12
    Ordinary World                        SF007-02        Knockin' On Heaven's Door               SC7529-15
    Ordinary World                       SC8242-10        Lay Lady Lay                             DK076-08
    Ordinary World                      MM6001-12         Lay Lady Lay                            SC8182-04
    Planet Earth                         SFG004-14        Lay Lady Lay                           MM6072-05
    Reflex, The                           DK048-07        Lay Lady Lay                              PI034-11
    Reflex, The                           SF032-12        Like A Rolling Stone                    SC8563-13
    Reflex, The                          SC8808-04        Like A Rolling Stone                   MM6072-01
    Reflex, The                          SFG004-01        Like A Rolling Stone                     DK037-11
    Rio                                  SC8397-04        Like A Rolling Stone                    SC7572-01
    Rio                                  SFG004-10        Positively 4th Street                  MM6072-03
    Rio                                   SF082-11        Rainy Day Woman                         SC7502-15
    Save A Prayer                        SC8609-10        Rainy Day Woman #12 & 35                  PI057-06
    Save A Prayer                        SFG004-04        Rainy Day Women                        MM6072-07
    Save A Prayer                         SF111-05        Rainy Day Women                          DK089-10
    Someone Else Not Me                  SC8622-07        Rainy Day Women                         SC8172-01
    Union Of The Snake                 NSAVP15-10         Subterranean Homesick Blues            MM6072-09
    Union Of The Snake                   SC8207-08        Subterranean Homesick Blues              DK093-09
    Union Of The Snake                   SFG004-05        Tangled Up In Blue                      SC8588-09
    View To A Kill, A                    SC8292-12        Times They Are A-changin', The          SC8821-09
    View To A Kill, A                     SF037-15        Times They Are Changin', The             DK091-10
    View To A Kill, A                    SC8468-02    Dynamite Hack
    View To A Kill, A                    SFG004-03        Boys In The Hood                        SGB45-16
    View To Kill, A                       DK095-04        Boyz In The Hood                     SGBSP01-1-16
    Wild Boys                            SFG004-06    Eagle Eye Cherry
    Wild Boys                               FC3-04        Are You Still Having Fun                 SF165-13
    Wild Boys, The                       SC8671-12        Falling In Love Again                   SC8534-07
    Wild Boys, The                        SF106-01        Falling In Love Again                    SF128-08
Durante, Jimmy                                            Long Way Around                          SF169-11
    As Time Goes By                     SC7553-03         Long Way Around                          SGB45-12
Durcal, Rocio                                             Save Tonight                            SC8478-13
    La Guirnalda                           AV30-12        Save Tonight                             SF122-15
Dury, Ian                                             Eagles, The
    Clever Trvor                          SF113-14        Already Gone                            SC8125-06
    Wake Up And Make Love                 SF113-15        Best Of My Love, The                    SC8125-12
Dury, Ian & The Blockheads                                Best Of My Love, The                    BS9017-01
    Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick         SF029-11        Best Of My Love, The                    MM6032-02
    Reason To Be Cheerful Part 3          SF079-06        Desperado                               BS9017-12
    Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll          SFMW808-06         Desperado                                  FC3-12
Dust For Life                                             Desperado                               SC8125-04
    Step Into The Light                 SC8673-04         Get Over It                             BS9017-02
    Step Into The Light                THR0102-14         Heartache Tonight                       BS9017-03
 618-410-6826                                   Page 100                                   Thomas J Robinson
                                        Waverly Sound
ARTIST                 TITLE              SONG #     ARTIST                  TITLE                        SONG #
     Heartache Tonight                  SC8125-08        Boogie Wonderland                             SC8704-06
     Heartache Tonight                 MM6032-10         Boogie Wonderland                              DK031-10
     Hotel California                   SC8125-13        Boogie Wonderland                             SC8284-07
     Hotel California                 NSAVP17-16         Fantasy                                       SC8585-04
     Hotel California                  MM6032-08         Fantasy                                        SF011-04
     Hotel California                      FC1-06        Getaway                                        DK020-04
     Hotel California                   BS9017-04        Got To Get You Into My Life                   SC8667-01
     I Can't Tell You Why               BS9017-14        Got To Get You Into My Life                    DK023-06
     I Can't Tell You Why               SC8125-15        Let's Groove                                  SC8207-10
     In The City                        SC8586-10        Let's Groove                                   SF067-13
     James Dean                          SGB66-06        Let's Groove                                  AH8014-12
     Life In The Fast Lane              SC8125-09        Let's Groove Tonight                            BL12-01
     Life In The Fast Lane              BS9017-11        Reasons                                        SF068-09
     Long Run, The                      BS9017-05        Reasons                                         RB01-08
     Long Run, The                      SC8125-03        September                                      DK097-13
     Love Will Keep Us Alive             SD015-01        Serpentine Fire                               SC8386-02
     Love Will Keep Us Alive            SC8808-14        Shining Star                                   DK028-10
     Lyin' Eyes                            FC1-11        Shining Star                                  SC8573-06
     Lyin' Eyes                        MM6032-13         Shining Star                                    PI037-04
     Lyin' Eyes                         SC8125-05        Sing A Song                                     PI053-18
     Lyin' Eyes                         BS9017-06        Spend The Night                               SC8270-14
     New Kid In Town                    BS9017-07        That's The Way Of The World                     PI037-05
     New Kid In Town                    SC8125-10    East 17
     Ol' 55                             SC8583-04        Around The World                               SF025-02
     One Of These Nights                SC8125-02        Around The World                              SFG027-10
     One Of These Nights                BS9017-08        Around The World                               SF020-15
     Peaceful, Easy Feeling             SC8107-02        Do You Still                                   SF034-11
     Peaceful, Easy Feeling             BS9017-15        Each Time                                      SF128-06
     Peaceful, Easy Feeling             SC8125-01        Hold My Body Tight                             SF027-10
     Please Come Home For Christmas      LG172-06        If You Ever                                   SFG027-09
     Seven Bridges Road                 BS9017-17        It's Alright                                  SFG027-11
     Take It Easy                       BS9017-09        Someone To Love                                SF061-13
     Take It To The Limit               SC8125-14        Stay Another Day                               SF019-10
     Take It To The Limit               BS9017-10        Stay Another Day                              SFG027-06
     Take It To The Limit              MM6032-05         Steam                                          SF026-08
     Tequila Sunrise                  SFMW823-02         Steam                                         SFG027-08
     Tequila Sunrise                    SC8125-07        Thunder                                        SF039-10
     Victim Of Love                     BS9017-13        Thunder                                       SFG027-07
     Witchy Woman                       BS9017-16        West End Girls                                SFG027-12
     Witchy Woman                       SC8125-11        Where Love Lives                               SF061-12
Eakes, Bobbie & Collin Raye                          Easter Brothers, The
     Tired Of Loving This Way          SC8623-14         Thank You Lord For Your Blessings On       CBEP466-3-09
Earle, Steve                                         Easter, Jeff & Sheri
     Copperhead Road                   SC8856-02         There Is A Way                             CBEP466-3-06
     Feel Alright                      SC8856-03         We Need Hope                               CBEP466-4-17
     Guitar Town                        DK064-14     Easton, Sheena
     Transcendental Blues              SC8629-14         Almost Over You                               SC7559-06
Earshot                                                  For Your Eyes Only                              PI053-10
     Get Away                         THR0207-16         For Your Eyes Only                            SC8468-14
     Not Afraid                       THR0212-18         For Your Eyes Only                             DK059-03
     Wait                             THR0409-15         Glamorous Life, The                           SC8777-07
Earth Wind & Fire                                        I Wouldn't Beg For Water                      SC8687-02
     After The Love Has Gone          SFMW814-07         Lover In Me, The                                PI003-14
Earth, Wind & Fire                                       Machinery                                    NSAVP17-11
     After The Love Has Gone           SC8292-06         Morning Train                                  SGB58-12
 618-410-6826                                  Page 101                                         Thomas J Robinson
                                             Waverly Sound
ARTIST                 TITLE                  SONG #      ARTIST                   TITLE                        SONG #
    Morning Train (Nine To Five)             DK004-15          It's All In The Game                          SC7531-02
    Morning Train (Nine To Five)            SC8527-08          Please Mr. Sun                                SC8770-10
    Morning Train (Nine To Five)             SF031-01     Edwin Hawkins' Singers, The
    Morning Train (Nine To Five)              PI020-18         Oh Happy Day                                   DK031-17
    Nearness Of You, The                    SC8246-14     Eels, The
    Strut                                   SC8322-04          Novocaine For The Soul                        SC8325-01
    Sugar Walls                             SC8777-03     Egan, Walter
    Sugar Walls                             SC8333-04          Magnet And Steel                              SC8725-14
    Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair)    SC8552-15          Magnet And Steel                               SD015-12
    When He Shines                          SC7547-06     Eiffel 65
    You Could Have Been With Me             SC8378-08          Blue                                          LGTP-1-12
Easybeats, The                                                 Blue (Da Ba Dee)                               SF148-12
    Friday On My Mind                        SF087-12          Blue (Da Ba Dee)                              SC8587-02
    Friday On My Mind                       SC8615-14          Blue (Da Ba Dee)                              SC8046-08
Eckstine, Billy                                                Blue (Da Ba Dee)                             THP0003-12
    I'm In The Mood For Love                  PI308-06         Blue Da Ba Dee                                 SGB42-12
Ecoline Crush                                                  Move Your Body                                 SF159-08
    Make It Right                          THR0107-14     El Dorados, The
Econoline Crush                                                At My Front Door                              SC8615-07
    You Don't Know What It's Like          THR0110-17     El Show Delos Vazquez
Eddie & The Hot Rods                                           La Canalla                                      AV26-09
    Do Anything You Wanna Do               SFMW806-04     El Tri
Eden's Crush                                                   Triste Cancion De Amor                          AV22-12
    Get Over Yourself                      THP0106-11     Elaine Page
Edgar Winter Group, The                                        Memory                                          SF110-04
    Free Ride                               SC7576-06     Electric 6
    Free Ride                               SC8439-12          Gay Bar                                        SF206 -12
Edison Lighthouse                                         Electric Light Orchestra, The
    Love Grows                              SC8283-08          Can't Get It Out Of My Head                   SC8322-08
    Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes        SGB49-08          Don't Bring Me Down                             SF098-15
Edmonds, Kevin                                                 Don't Bring Me Down                           SC7534-10
    No Love                                  SGB45-08          Don't Bring Me Down                           MM6054-08
Edmonds, Kevon                                                 Evil Woman                                    MM6054-07
    24/7                                    SC8587-11          Evil Woman                                      SF160-06
    24/7                                   THP0003-10          Hold On Tight                                 SC8552-10
    No Love                                 SC8607-12          Livin' Thing                                    SF104-13
Edmunds, Dave                                                  Mr. Blue Sky                                    SF079-01
    I Hear You Knockin'                      SF040-02          Rockaria                                      SC8715-11
    I Hear You Knocking                      SGB49-16          Strange Magic                                SC8221R-04
Edsels, The                                                    Strange Magic                                 SC8221-04
    Rama Lama Ding Dong                     SC8399-10          Strange Magic                                  LC0006-05
    Rama Lama Ding Dong                       RB18-14          Sweet Talkin' Woman                           ZMH001-15
Edwards, Jonathan                                              Sweet Talkin' Woman                           SC8539-08
    Sunshine                                SC8174-04          Telephone Line                                SC8658-14
    Sunshine                                AH8011-10          Turn To Stone                                 SC7561-14
Edwards, Meredith                                         Electric Lighthouse
    Rose Is A Rose, A                       SC8677-09          Love                                            SF090-02
    Rose Is A Rose, A                      THC0105-13     Electric Prunes
    Rose Is Rose, A                          SD081-11          I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)          SC8750-08
Edwards, Tommy                                            Electric Six
    It's All In the Game                     SGB37-02          Danger High Voltage                            SF202-14
    It's All In The Game                    MM6037-04          Danger High Voltage                           SC8859-10
    It’s All In The Game                     LG077-12     Elegants, The
    It's All In The Game                     SF048-08          Little Star                                   SC8526-13
    It's All In The Game                     DK060-08
 618-410-6826                                       Page 102                                          Thomas J Robinson
                                                  Waverly Sound
ARTIST                 TITLE                       SONG #      ARTIST                   TITLE                       SONG #
Elgins                                                               Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer          SC8086-15
      Heaven Must Have Sent You                 SFMW817-12     Elo
Elliman, Yvonne                                                    Sweet Talkin' Woman                         SFMW822-15
      Hello Stranger                             SC8410-05     Embers
      If I Can't Have You                         SF022-14         I Love Beach Music                            SC8251-15
      If I Can't Have You                        SC8143-14     Embrace
      If I Can't Have You                         DK019-07         My Weakness Is None Of Your Business            SF125-14
      Love Me                                     SF097-04     Emerick, Scotty
Ellington, Duke                                                    Coast Is Clear, The                          THC0406-14
      Do Nothing 'Till You Hear From Me            PI304-10    Emerick, Scotty & Toby Keith
Elliot, "Mama" Elliot                                              I Can't Take You Anywhere                    THC0401-20
      Dream A Little Dream                      SFMW818-05     Emerson & Lake & Palmer
Elliot, Alecia                                                     From The Beginning                             SGB22-07
      You Wanna What?                            SC8653-13     Emerson Drive
Elliot, Missy                                                      Fall Into Me                                   SD098-05
      I'm Really Hot                            THH0406-11         Fall Into Me                                 THC0210-18
      One Minute Man                              SF183-06         Fall Into Me                                  SC8769-03
      Pass That Dutch                           THH0403-12         I Should Be Sleeping                         THC0203-14
Elliot, Missy, Ludacris & Trina                                    I Should Be Sleeping                           SD091-08
      One Minute Man                             SC8720-15         I Should Be Sleeping                          SC8736-02
Elliott, Alecia                                                    Last One Standing                            THC0405-20
      I'm Diggin' It                            CB80020-04         Only God                                       SD106-06
      I'm Diggin' It                             SC8570-03     Emerson, Lake & Palmer
      You Wanna What                            THC0008-16         From The Beginning                            SC8231-09
      You Wanna What?                            SC8617-09         From The Beginning                            AH8005-06
Elliott, Missy                                                     Karn Evil #9                                  AH8003-15
      Pass That Dutch                           PHU0401-03         Lucky Man                                     SC8197-03
      Work It                                     SF197-14     EMF
Elliott, Missy "Misdemeanor"                                       Unbelievable                                  BS6617-13
      Get Ur Freak On                            SC8695-08         Unbelievable                                   SF003-01
      P####Cat                                   SC8844-11         Unbelievable                                   SGB31-13
Elliott, Missy "misdemeanor" & Jay-z                               Unbelievable                                  SC8486-11
      Back In The Day                            SC8822-12         Unbelievable                                    US04-06
Elliott, Missy "misdemeanor" & Ludacris                            Unbelievable                                   SO208-13
      Gossip Folks                              THH0304-15     Emile & Ford
Elliott, Missy Misdemeanor                                         What Do You Want To                             PX04-11
      Work It                                    SC8797-13     Emilio
      Work It                                    SC8789-15         Big Big World                                 SC8503-14
Elliott, Missy Misdemeanor & Ginuwine & Tweet                      Even If I Tried                               SC8232-12
      Take Away                                  SC8744-06         I Think We're On To Something                 SC8289-15
Ellis Bextor, Sophie                                               It's Not The End Of The World                 SC8224-15
      Mixed Up World                              SF211-01     Eminem
Ellis, Shirley                                                     8 Mile                                        SC8805-12
      Name Game, The                             MM6016-13         Business                                      SC8773-13
      Name Game, The                             SC8526-14         Business                                       SF207-02
      Name Game, The                              DK015-14         Business                                       TU147-01
Ellis, Terry                                                       Cleanin' Out My Closet                        SC8797-08
      Wherever You Are                           SC8233-08         Cleanin' Out My Closet                        SC8778-15
Ellis-Bextor, Sophie                                               Cleanin' Out My Closet                         SF196-02
      Murder On The Dance Floor                   SF185-06         Cleanin' Out My Closet                         TU147-02
      Take Me Home                                SF183-05         Cleanin' Out My Closet                       THP0211-10
Ellison, Jennifer                                                  Criminal                                       TU147-03
      Baby I Don’t Care                         SFMW840-01         Criminal                                      TUM005-07
Elmo & Patsy                                                       Guilty Conscience                             TUM005-01
      Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer         SC8086-15         Guilty Conscience                              TU147-04
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                                 Waverly Sound
ARTIST                 TITLE       SONG #      ARTIST                  TITLE                          SONG #
    I'm Back                       TU147-05         Best Of My Love, The                             BL12-07
    I'm Back                     TUM005-02          Best Of My Love, The                            DK023-12
    I'm Shady                      TU147-06         Best Of My Love, The                           SC8420-02
    I'm Shady                    TUM005-03          Best Of My Love, The                            SF103-05
    Lose Yourself                SC8797-10          Best Of My Love, The                             PI005-15
    Lose Yourself                  SF200-02    En Vogue
    Lose Yourself                  EZH19-14         Don't Let Go                                     HV02-07
    Lose Yourself                SC8793-01          Don't Let Go                                 SFMW804-03
    Lose Yourself              PHM0212-01           Don't Let Go (Love)                            SC8340-02
    Lose Yourself               THH0301-12          Free Your Mind                                 SC8111-09
    My Name Is                     TU147-07         Giving Him Something He Can Feel                PI008-04
    My Name Is                    LGTP-4-03         Hold On                                         SF036-03
    My Name Is                   TUM005-04          Hold On                                         PI008-03
    My Name Is                     SF136-03         My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)         MM6000-14
    My Name Is                   SC8523-14          No Fool No More                                SC8487-06
    Real Slim Shady                TU147-08         Riddle                                         SC8616-03
    Real Slim Shady              TUM005-05          Riddle                                        CB40064-11
    Real Slim Shady, The         SC7586-08          Too Gone Too Long                            PHM9710-07
    Real Slim Shady, The       SFMW804-01           Too Gone Too Long                              SC8476-09
    Real Slim Shady, The         SC8760-01          Whatever                                       SC8390-05
    Real Slim Shady, The         SC8618-01     En Vogué
    Real Slim Shady, The           SGB45-06         Giving Him Something He Can Feel               SC8776-09
    Sing For The Moment          SC8822-07     En Vogué & Salt-n-pepa
    Sing For The Moment            SF203-05         Whatta Man                                     SC8760-10
    Sing For The Moment            TU147-09    Enfield, Harry
    Sing For The Moment          TUM045-02          Loads A Money                                SFMW830-07
    Slim Shady                   EK0029-15     England Dan & John Ford Coley
    Stan                           SF173-06         I'd Really Love To See You Tonight              DK029-02
    Stan                           TU147-10         I'd Really Love To See You Tonight             SC8354-08
    Stan                         TUM005-09          I’d Really Love To See You Tonight             SC7580-08
    Superman                   PHM0303-03           It's Sad To Belong                             SC7564-09
    Superman                     SC8817-11          Love Is The Answer                               DG10-11
    The Way I Am                 TUM005-06          Nights Are Forever Without You                 SC8790-08
    The Way I Am                   TU147-11         Nights Are Forever Without You                 SC8603-01
    Way I Am, The                  SF172-05         We'll Never Have To Say Goodbye Again          SC8634-01
    Way I Am, The                SC8654-02     England United
    White America                  TU147-12         How Does It Feel To Be On Top Of The             SF121-04
    White America-vocal            TU147-15         World
    Who Knew                       TU147-13    England, Ty
    Who Knew                     TUM005-08          Irresistible You                                SD030-13
    Without Me                     TU147-14         Irresistible You                               SC8311-06
    Without Me                   SC8797-06          Redneck Son                                    SC8253-11
    Without Me                     SF192-16         Should've Asked Her Faster                     SC8186-08
    Without Me                   SC8766-07          Should've Asked Her Faster                      SD019-06
    Without Me                  THP0208-10          Should've Asked Her Faster                       NS23-09
Eminem & Dido                                       Smoke In Her Eyes                               SD021-07
    Stan                         SC8659-02          Smoke In Her Eyes                              SC8211-05
Emma                                           England, Tyler
    Free Me                      SF206 -06          I Drove Her To Dallas                          SC8677-08
Emmanuel                                            Too Many Highways                              SC8578-09
    Al Final                       AV30-02     English, Michael
    Vamos A Amarnos Despacio       AV29-03          Your Love Amazes Me                            SC8290-14
Emotions, The                                  Engvall, Doug & Travis Tritt
    Best Of My Love              SC8704-13          Here's Your Sign                                 HV09-15
    Best Of My Love, The         SC7574-03
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                                            Waverly Sound
ARTIST                 TITLE                  SONG #      ARTIST                 TITLE                  SONG #
Enigma                                                        Betcha Say That                        BS8417-17
    Return To Innocence                      NT050-12         Can't Stay Away From You               BS8417-15
Enriquez, Jocelyn                                             Can't Stay Away From You               UK3111-11
    Do You Miss Me                          SC8337-13         Coming Out Of The Dark                  LG121-10
Enya                                                          Coming Out Of The Dark                 UK3111-05
    Anywhere                                 SF039-13         Coming Out Of The Dark                 BS8417-03
    May It Be                               SC8740-12         Con Los Anos Que Me Quedan                AV29-01
    May It Be (Fellowship Of The Rings)   SFMW844-09          Conga                                  BS8417-04
    Only Time                               SC8741-10         Conga                                   LG121-05
    Only Time                               SC8730-01         Cut Both Ways                           LG121-03
    Only Time                              THP0110-18         Don't Wanna Lose You                   BS8417-05
    Orinoco Flow                            SC8577-10         Don’t Wanna Lose You                    LG121-12
    Orinoco Flow (Sail Away)              SFMW840-10          Don't Wanna Lose You Now                   FC3-01
    Wild Child                             THP0206-15         Everlasting Love                         SF019-06
Epidemic                                                      Everlasting Love                        SD010-06
    Walk Away                             THR0210-18          Everlasting Love                       SC8164-13
Equals                                                        Everlasting Love                        LG121-09
    Baby Come Back                            PI001-11        Everlasting Love                        DK090-02
Erasure                                                       Everlasting Love                         PI046-12
    Always                                   SD001-04         Falling In Love (Uh Oh)                BS8417-16
    Always                                  BS6617-10         Get On Your Feet                       BS8417-06
    Always                                  AH9821-01         Heaven's What I Feel                    LG121-04
    Always                                   SF025-01         Here We Are                            BS8417-07
    Always                                   SO208-10         Here We Are                             LG121-08
    Chains Of Love                            PI003-11        Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me                SF010-14
    Little Respect, A                     SFMW807-09          I Don't Wanna Lose You               SFMW809-12
Escape                                                        I See Your Smile                       BS8417-08
    Arms Of The One Who Loves You, The       SF124-06         It's Too Late                          SC8195-06
Escape Club, The                                              Live For Loving You                     LG121-16
    Wild, Wild, West                        SC8492-03         Live For Loving You                  MM6021B-11
    Wild, Wild, West                         DK052-01         Mi Tierra                                 AV20-02
Esquires                                                      Mi Tierra                               LG121-06
    And Get Away                              RB19-08         Nayib's Song                           SC8246-08
    Get On Up                                 RB18-08         No Me Vuelvo A Enamorar                   AV30-10
    Get On Up                               SC8599-12         Oye Mi Canto                           BS8417-09
Essex                                                         Oye Mi Canto                         SFMW830-12
    Easier Said Than Done                  SC8226-02          Reach                                   LG121-01
    Easier Said Than Done                  MM6006-14          Reach                                PHM9606-09
Essex, David                                                  Reach                                   DGH01-01
    Gonna Make You A Star                    SF079-13         Rhythm Is Gonna Get You                 LG121-14
    Hold Me Close                            SF071-14         Rhythm Is Gonna Get You                BS8417-10
    Rock On                                  SF101-02         Seal Our Fate                          BS8417-11
    Rock On                                 SC8368-12         Si Voy A Perdete                          AV30-11
    Silver Dream Machine                  SFMW825-10          Turn The Beat Around                   SC8145-02
Estefan, Gloria                                               Turn The Beat Around                   MM6078-13
    1-2-3                                  UK3111-07          Turn The Beat Around                    LG121-17
    1-2-3                                  BS8417-01          Turn The Beat Around                   BS8417-12
    123                                     LG121-07          Turn The Beat Around                    SD003-01
    Always Tomorrow                         LG121-02          Words Get In The Way                    LG121-13
    Always Tomorrow                       MM6021B-02          Words Get In The Way                   UK3111-01
    Anything For You                       UK3111-03          Words Get In The Way                   BS8417-14
    Anything For You                        LG121-11          You Can't Walk Away From Love         THP0105-13
    Anything For You                       BS8417-02          You'll Be Mine                         SC8312-15
    Bad Boys                               UK3111-09      Estefan, Gloria & N Sync
    Bad Boys                               BS8417-13          Music Of My Heart                       LG121-15
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                                     Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE          SONG #      ARTIST                 TITLE                  SONG #
Esther And Abi Of Arim                             EU
    Cinderella Rockafella             SF065-13         Da' Butt                               SC8117-13
Eternal                                            Eurasure
    Angel Of Mine                     SF115-08         Sometimes                            SFMW809-03
    Good Thing                        SF049-05     Europe
    I Am Blessed                      SF039-14         Carrie                                 SC8346-04
    I Cry Real Tears                  SF161-04         Final Countdown, The                   SC8684-14
    Just A Step From Heaven           SF036-15         Final Countdown, The                    SF013-04
    Power Of A Woman, The             SF029-13     Eurythmics, The
    Stay                              SF006-10         Here Comes The Rain                     SGB32-16
Etheridge, Melissa                                     Here Comes The Rain Again            SFMW830-06
    An Unusual Kiss                  SC8591-02         Here Comes The Rain Again              SC8178-01
    Angels Would Fall                 SGB30-11         Here Comes The Rain Again                PI039-06
    Angels Would Fall                SC8565-01         Here Comes The Rain Again             MM6046-15
    Angels Would Fall               PHT9913-01         I Saved The World Today                 SF150-08
    Angels Would Fall                SC8591-10         Missionary Man                          DK008-11
    Angels Would Fall             SGBSP01-1-06         Missionary Man                         SC8439-13
    Breathe                         THP0404-12         Sex Crime                               SF105-07
    Bring Me Some Water              SC8331-15         Sweet Dreams                            SGB32-06
    Bring Me Some Water               SD017-10         Sweet Dreams                           SC7529-08
    Chrome Plated Heart              SC8552-03         Sweet Dreams                            SF012-12
    Chrome Plated Heart              SC8591-14         Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This           DK016-01
    Come To My Window                SC7583-07         Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This            PI035-07
    Come To My Window                  PI039-04        There Must Be An Angel               SFMW817-06
    Come To My Window                AH9821-02         Thorn In My Side                        SF001-11
    Come To My Window                SC8591-07         Who's That Girl                      SFMW831-15
    Come To My Window                SC8132-02         Would I Lie To You                      DK001-14
    Come To My Window                SC8787-07         Would I Lie To You                       PI035-10
    Enough Of Me                    THP0005-16         Would I Lie To You                     SC8331-09
    Enough Of Me                     SC8593-14     Eurythmics, The & Aretha Franklin
    I Want To Be In Love             SC8730-07         Sisters Are Doing It                     SF057-13
    I Want To Come Over            PHM9602-01      Evan & Jaron
    I Want To Come Over                PI044-05        Crazy For The Girl                    THP0011-16
    I Want To Come Over                HV03-10         Crazy For This Girl                   CB80023-13
    I Want To Come Over              SC8248-15         Distance, The                         THP0203-14
    I Want To Come Over               SD026-02         From My Head To My Heart              THR0107-18
    I Want To Come Over               SGB21-14         From My Head To My Heart              THR0107-09
    I'm The Only One                 SC8787-06     Evanescence
    I'm The Only One                   PI039-03        Bring Me To Life                       SD4306-02
    I'm The Only One                 SC8140-07         Bring Me To Life                     SFMW840-02
    I'm The Only One                  SD007-02         Bring Me To Life                      THR0305-11
    I'm The Only One                 SC8591-11         Everybody's Fool                      THP0406-14
    I’m The Only One                 SC7583-06         Going Under                           THR0310-11
    If I Wanted To                   SC8156-10         My Immortal                           THP0402-16
    If I Wanted To                    SD013-05     Evans, Faith
    Like The Way I Do                AH8017-08         Ain't Nobody                           SC8281-13
    Like The Way I Do                 SGB21-04         I Love You                             SC8752-07
    Lover Please                     SC8744-13         I Love You                            THP0204-17
    No Souvenirs                     SC8535-05         Love Like This, A                      SC8503-02
    Nowhere To Go                  PHM9609-07          Love Like This, A                       SGB08-12
    Nowhere To Go                      PI052-08        Soon As I Get Home                     SC8233-09
    Nowhere To Go                    SC8304-06         You Get No Love                        SC8731-07
    Similar Features                 SC8338-09         You Get No Love                       THP0202-12
    You Can Sleep While I Drive      SC8600-01     Evans, Sara
    Your Little Secret               SC8212-09         Backseat Of A Greyhound Bus            SC8851-01
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                                      Waverly Sound
ARTIST                   TITLE          SONG #     ARTIST                  TITLE                SONG #
      Born To Fly                   THC0011-12         Heartspark Dollarsign                 SC8286-01
      Born To Fly                     SC8653-14        I Will Buy You A New Life             SC8465-01
      Born To Fly                     SC8630-01        One Hit Wonder                        SC8515-02
      Born To Fly                    CB80020-10        Santa Monica                         PHM9604-07
      Born To Fly                      SD075-07        Santa Monica                          SC8254-14
      Cryin' Game                     SC8464-11        Santa Monica                          SC8348-13
      Cryin' Game                      SD054-12        When It All Goes Wrong Again          SC8664-07
      Fool I'm A Woman                 SD062-05        Wonderful                              SGB46-12
      I Could Not Ask For More        THW02-03         Wonderful                             SC8625-05
      I Could Not Ask For More        SC8738-15    Everlast
      I Could Not Ask For More      THC0105-18         Black Jesus                           SC8664-05
      I Could Not Ask For More        SC8681-08        Ends                                  SC8534-05
      I Could Not Ask For More         SD082-04        What It's Like                        SC8508-07
      I Keep Lookin                    SD093-05        What's It Like                        MM6271-01
      I Keep Looking                  SC8795-11    Everly Brothers, The
      I Keep Looking                  SC8753-12        All I Have To Do Is Dream             SC7526-15
      I Keep Looking                THC0206-13         All I Have To Do Is Dream              LG077-06
      No Place That Far            CBEP463-5-05        All I Have To Do Is Dream              DK033-14
      No Place That Far              MM6257-12         All I Have To Do Is Dream            NSAVA02-09
      No Place That Far               SC8488-14        All I Have To Do Is Dream               PI023-12
      No Place That Far                SD058-11        All I Have To Do Is Dream              SF047-12
      Perfect                       THC0401-12         All I Have To Do Is Dream             SC2092-02
      Perfect                         SC8847-04        Bird Dog                               LG077-09
      Saints & Angels                  SD087-05        Bird Dog                               DK042-16
      Saints & Angels               THC0112-19         Bye Bye Love                           DK070-13
      Saints & Angels                 SC8727-15        Bye Bye Love                           LG077-01
      Saints And Angels               SC8795-08        Bye Bye Love                            BL05-03
      Shame About That                SC8432-11        Bye Bye Love                            PI025-04
      Suds In The Bucket            THC0408-14         Bye Bye Love                          SC7508-06
      Three Chords And The Truth       SD042-12        Bye Bye Love                           SF016-06
Eve                                                    Cathy's Clown                          SF043-03
    Satisfaction                     SC8805-06         Cathy's Clown                          DK040-12
    Who's That Girl                  SC8688-01         Cathy’s Clown                          LG077-07
Eve & Alicia Keys                                      Cathy's Clown                           PI025-03
    Gangsta Lovin'                   SC8773-14         Cathy's Clown                         SC7508-13
    Gangsta Lovin'                   SC8797-09         Crying In The Rain                     LG077-10
    Gangsta Lovin'                    EZH17-04         Crying In The Rain                     SF047-10
    Gangsta Lovin'                  THH0211-17         Let It Be Me                           DK054-08
Eve & Gwen Stefani                                     Let It Be Me                           LG077-02
    Let Me Blow Ya Mind                SF183-13        Price Of Love, The                     SF045-11
Eve 6                                                  Temptation                             SF084-10
    Here's To The Night             THP0107-17         Til I Kissed You                       SD022-11
    Here's To The Night              SC8717-13         Till I Kissed You                      LG077-04
    Inside Out                       SC8473-06         Wake Up Little Susie                   DK036-08
    Leech                            SC8508-04         Wake Up Little Susie                  SC7504-01
    On The Roof Again                SC8672-07         Wake Up Little Susie                  SC7201-09
    Open Road Song                   SC8534-14         Wake Up Little Susie                    PI025-05
    Promise                          SC8629-07         Wake Up Little Susie                   LG077-05
    Think Twice                     THR0309-18         Wake Up Little Susie                   SF048-06
Everclear                                              Walk Right Back                        LG077-03
    AM Radio                         SC8649-04         Walk Right Back                      NSAVA11-18
    Brown Eyed Girl                  SC8699-07         Walk Right Back                       SC8418-10
    Brown-Eyed Girl                 THR0108-18         When Will I Be Loved                   SF044-01
    Everything To Everyone           SC8453-15         When Will I Be Loved                   LG077-08
    Father Of Mine                   SC8478-05
 618-410-6826                                Page 107                                 Thomas J Robinson
                                       Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE            SONG #     ARTIST                    TITLE                          SONG #
Every Mother's Son                                  Expose'
     Come On Down To My Boat          LC0004-06          Come Go With Me                                  SC8314-13
     Come On Down To My Boat          SC8258-15          I'll Never Get Over You                          MM6027-02
Everything                                               I'll Never Get Over You                            PI021-03
     Good Thing St. Lucia             SC8501-02          I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me           DK079-01
     Hooch                            SC8473-04          I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me          SC7546-08
Everything But The Girl                                  In Walked Love                                   SC8121-03
     I Don't Want To Talk About It   SFMW809-07          In Walked Love                                   MM6045-07
     Lullaby Of Clubland              THP0103-15         Let Me Be The One                                SC7559-02
     Missin                          PHM9601-06          Point Of No Return                               SC8417-14
     Missing                            SF041-09         Seasons Change                                    DK046-04
     Missing                           SC8240-04         Seasons Change                                   SC8362-07
     Single                            SC8340-11         Tell Me Why                                        PI032-13
     Wrong                             SC8286-05         When I Looked At Him                               PI008-13
Evita                                               Express, B.T.
     Don’t Cry For Me Argentina       SC7599-02          Do It 'Til You're Satisfied                       DK031-18
     Don't Cry For Me Argentina       SC8127-07     Extreme
Ewing, Skip                                              Get The Funk Out                                SC8406-14
     Answer To My Prayer              SC8402-02          Hole Hearted                                     DK074-04
     Burnin' A Hole In My Heart       SC8461-02          More Than Words                                   PI009-04
     Gospel According To Luke, The    SC7568-09          More Than Words                                  SF059-12
     It's You Again                   SC8567-10          More Than Words                                 SC7579-13
Exciters, The                                            More Than Words                                 SC8242-02
     Tell Him                         SC8206-11          More Than Words                               CBEP463-2-13
     Tell Him                           PI024-17    Fabares, Shelley
     Tell Him                          DK098-02          Johnny Angel                                      DK053-17
Exies, The                                               Johnny Angel                                       PI027-16
     Kickout                         THR0308-13          Johnny Angel                                     SC7513-13
Exile                                               Fabian, Lara
     Crazy For Your Love              SC8424-02          I Will Love Again                                SC8629-12
     Crazy For Your Love               DK035-06          I Will Love Again                               THP0009-17
     Feel Like Fooling Around          DK068-18          I Will Love Again                               CB80022-02
     Give Me One More Chance           DK058-10          Love By Grace                                   THP0103-17
     Give Me One More Chance          SC8525-03          Love By Grace                                    SC8654-11
     Hang Onto Your Heart             SC8461-06     Fabolous
     Hang Onto Your Heart              DK026-15          Young'n (Holla Back)                             SC8752-08
     I Can't Get Close Enough         SC8767-13     Fabolous & Ashanti
     I Could Get Used To You           DK074-17          Into You (Radio Version)                         SC8844-02
     I Could Get Used To You          SC8792-07          Into You (Radio Version)                         SC8853-14
     I Don't Want To Be A Memory      SC8380-15     Fabolous & P. Diddy & Jagged Edge
     I Don't Want To Be A Memory       DK026-12          Trade It All Part 2                              SC8789-14
     It'll Be Me                      SC7568-12     Fabolous, Mike Shorey & Lil' Mo
     It's You Again                    DK073-17          Can't Let You Go                                 SC8822-06
     Kiss You All Over                SC8181-02     Fabulous Thunderbirds
     Kiss You All Over                 DK033-09          Tough Enough                                      SGB63-12
     Kiss You All Over                  PI055-10    Fabulous Thunderbirds, The
     Kiss You All Over                 SF079-08          Tuff Enuff                                       SC7545-03
     My Heart's In Good Hands          DK062-17          Tuff Enuff                                       AH8013-12
     Nobody's Talkin'                 SC8502-10          Tuff Enuff                                       MM6144-05
     She's A Miracle                  SC8541-13          Wrap It Up                                       MM6144-06
     She's A Miracle                 NSAVA05-11          Wrap It Up                                       SC8443-12
     She's A Miracle                   DK060-12     Faces
     Super Love                        DK070-17          Stay With Me                                       SF096-04
     Woke Up In Love                   DK035-11     Fagen, Donald
                                                         I.g.y.                                           SC8790-12
 618-410-6826                                 Page 108                                             Thomas J Robinson
                                             Waverly Sound
ARTIST                   TITLE                 SONG #     ARTIST                    TITLE                           SONG #
     Tomorrow's Girls                         NT007-11         Somebody Special                                  SC8411-05
Failure                                                        Superman                                          SC8411-12
     Stuck On You                           SC8460-11          That Was Yesterday                                SC8792-11
Fairchild, Barbara                                             You Can't Be A Beacon                              PI210-09
     Kid Stuff                              SC8558-05          You Can't Be A Beacon                             SC8411-08
     Teddy Bear Song                        SC8375-04          You Were Always There                             SC8375-07
     Teddy Bear Song                       NSAVA12-08     Farlow, Chris
Fairground Attraction                                          Out Of Time                                     SFMW821-05
     Find My Love                          SFMW844-15     Farm
     Perfect                                  SF015-08         All Together Now                                  ZMH006-08
     Perfect                                   BL02-05    Farris, Dionne
Faith No More                                                  Don't Ever Touch Me (Again)                        SD017-06
     Easy                                   SC8237-11          Hopeless                                          SC8377-05
     Epic                                    SF131-07          I Know                                            SC8170-05
     Epic                                   SC8568-05          I Know                                             SD010-04
Faith, Adam                                                    I Know                                             DK093-05
     How About That                           SF083-05         I Know                                              PI041-08
     Poor Me                                  SF074-06         Passion                                           SC8240-12
     What Do You Want                         SF047-02    Fast Food Rockers
Faithfull, Marianne                                            Fast Food Song                                     EZH25-09
     Ballad Of Lucy Jordan                    SF147-06         Fast Food Song, The                                SF206 -04
     Come & Stay With Me                      SF093-05    Fastball
Faithless                                                      Fire Escape                                       SC8481-05
     Insomnia                                 SF081-13         Out Of My Head                                    SC8534-11
Faithless & Dido                                               Way, The                                          SC8462-11
     One Step Too Far                         SF191-15         Way, The                                           SF124-04
Fame, Georgie                                                  You're An Ocean                                   SC8637-03
     Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde               SF070-02    Faster Pussycat
Fame, Georgie & The Blue Flames                                House Of Pain                                     SC8734-06
     Get Away                               ZMH003-10     Fat Boy Slim
     Yeah Yeah                               SF078-14          Praise You                                         SF130-01
Fannypack                                                      Praise You                                        MM6271-06
     Camel Toe                              SC8834-11          Rockerfella Skank, The                             SF122-03
Fantasia                                                       Rockerfeller Skank, The                            SGB47-09
     I Believe                             THH0410-17     Fat Boys, The & The Beach Boys
Fantastics                                                     Wipe Out                                           DK064-04
     Try To Remember                         SGB50-04     Fat Joe & Ashanti
Fantastics, The                                                What's Luv                                        SC8797-15
     Something Old, Something New          SFMW819-14          What's Luv?                                       SC8752-02
Fares                                                     Fat Larry's Band
     Cindy Incidentally                       SF040-08         Act Like You Know                                  SF067-06
Fargo, Donna                                                   Zoom                                            SFMW806-06
     Another Goodbye                        SC8676-07     Fat Les
     Do I Love You                          SC8411-01          Naughty Christmas (Goblin In The Office)            SF128-15
     Don't Be Angry                         SC8414-06          Vindaloo                                            SF121-08
     Funny Face                               PI213-15    Fat Les 2000
     Funny Face                            NSAVA12-14          Jerusalem                                           SF168-14
     Funny Face                             SC7536-04     Fatback Band
     Happiest Girl In The Whole USA, The      PI204-10         Backstrokin'                                        SF068-15
     Happiest Girl In The Whole USA, The     DK059-17          I Found Lovin'                                      SF067-04
     Happiest Girl In The Whole USA, The    SC7524-15     Fatboy Slim
     I'll Try A Little Bit Harder           SC8434-07          Praise You                                        SC8531-06
     It Do Feel Good                        SC8564-05     Fatman Scoop & Crooklyn Clan
     Little Girl Gone                       SC8411-11          Be Faithful                                        EZH29-12
     Shame On Me                            SC8558-11
 618-410-6826                                       Page 109                                              Thomas J Robinson
                                         Waverly Sound
ARTIST                   TITLE             SONG #     ARTIST                  TITLE               SONG #
Feeder                                                     Tevye's Dream                       PS1179-19
     Buck Rogers                         SF176-01          To Life (La Chaim)                  PS1179-17
     Seven Days In The Sun               SF178-14          Tradition                           PS1179-13
     Turn                                SF181-07     Fierce
Felony                                                     Sweet Love 2K                         SF159-04
     Fanatic, The                       SC8571-03     Fiestas
Fender, Freddie                                            So Fine                               RB15-10
     Before The Next Tear Drop Falls     SGB41-14     Filter
     Before The Next Teardrop Falls     SC2124-08          Best Thing                           SF165-10
     Before The Next Teardrop Falls       PI053-16         Best Things, The                    SC8607-11
     Before The Next Teardrop Falls     SC7524-14          Best Things, The                   THR0008-16
     Wasted Days And Wasted Nights        PI023-08         Hey Man Nice Shot                   SC8562-07
     Wasted Days And Wasted Nights      SC7539-08          Hey Man, Nice Shot                  SC8756-10
     Wasted Days And Wasted Nights       DK095-10          Take A Picture                       SF161-10
     Wasted Days And Wasted Nights     NSAVA09-15          Take A Picture                      SC8587-03
     You'll Lose A Good Thing           SC8525-14          Take A Picture                     THP0004-11
Ferdinand, Franz                                           Where Do We Go From Here             TU142-19
     Take Me Out                       THR0408-13          Where Do We Go From Here           THR0210-10
Ferguson, Jay                                         Finch
     Thunder Island                     SC8393-14          What It Is To Burn                 PHR0304-07
Fernandez, Vicente                                         What It Is To Burn                 THR0305-14
     De Que Manera Te Olvido              AV05-12     Fine Young Cannibals
Ferry, Brian & Roxy Music                                  Good Thing                          SC8527-10
     Angel Eyes                         EZA004-05          Good Thing                          AH8002-05
     Avalon                             EZA004-02          She Drives Me Crazy                    FC1-04
     Dance Away                         EZA004-04          She Drives Me Crazy                 MM6008-04
     Jealous Guy                        EZA004-08          She Drives Me Crazy                 SC8425-01
     Let's Stick Together               EZA004-12          She Drives Me Crazy                  DK098-05
     Love Is The Drug                   EZA004-11     Finger Eleven
     More Than This                     EZA004-09          One Thing                          THR0404-11
     Oh Yeah                            EZA004-06     Fireballs
     Over You                           EZA004-10          Bottle Of Wine                      SC8136-02
     Same Old Scene                     EZA004-03     Firefall
     Slave To Love                      EZA004-07          Just Remember I Love You            SC8188-09
     Virginia Plain                     EZA004-01          Just Remember I Love You            LC0001-10
Ferry, Bryan                                               Stange Way                          SC8207-11
     Angel Eyes                          SF147-09          Strange Way                          PLC10-13
FFH                                                        Strange Way                         LC0010-13
     Fly Away                           SC8828-13          You Are The Woman                   LC0001-13
Fiction Factory                                            You Are The Woman                   SC8181-06
     Feels Like Heaven                 SFMW825-02     Firehouse
Fiddler On The Roof                                        Here For You                         SD017-07
     Anatevka                           PS1179-24          Hold The Dream                      SC8302-06
     Do You Love Me                     PS1179-22          I Live My Life For You              SC8164-02
     Far From The Home I Love           PS1179-23          I Live My Life For You               SD013-14
     If I Were A Rich Man                SGB50-10          Love Of A Lifetime                  SC8111-07
     If I Were A Rich Man               SC8547-09          Mama Didn't Raise No Fool           SC8238-09
     If I Were A Rich Man               MM6015-06          When I Look Into Your Eyes          SC8237-07
     If I Were A Rich Man               PS1179-15          When I Look Into Your Eyes          SC8791-08
     Matchmaker                         PS1179-14     Firm
     Miracle Of Miracles                PS1179-18          Radioactive                         SC8514-11
     Now I Have Everything              PS1179-21          Satisfaction Guaranteed             SC8527-15
     Sabbath Prayer                     PS1179-16          Star Trekkin'                        SF042-03
     Sunrise Sunset                     PS1179-20     First Class
     Sunrise Sunset                     MM6023-06          Beach Baby                          SC8207-12
 618-410-6826                                   Page 110                                Thomas J Robinson
                                         Waverly Sound
ARTIST                   TITLE             SONG #      ARTIST                   TITLE                        SONG #
     Beach Baby                        SFMW802-12           Superman                                      SC8799-02
Fisher                                                      Superman                                       SGB66-15
     I Will Love You                     SC8664-03          Superman                                     THP0110-15
Fisher, Climie                                         Five Man Electrical Band
     Love Changes Everything              SF108-08          Signs                                          PI009-15
Fisher, Eddie                                               Signs                                         SC7587-12
     I'm Walking Behind You               SF092-07          Signs                                         SC8467-11
     Outside Of Heaven                    SF092-05          Signs                                         SC8510-12
Fitzgerald, Ella                                       Five Satins, The
     Anything Goes                         PI306-14         In The Still Of The Night                   SFMW821-09
     Begin The Beguine                     PI303-15         In The Still Of The Night                     SC7513-01
     Cheek To Cheek                     MM6005-02           In The Still Of The Night                       PI007-07
     Crazy He Calls Me                    SGB37-11          In The Still Of The Night                      DK003-18
     Don't Get Around Much Anymore         PI303-10         To The Aisle                                  SC8182-11
     Embraceable You                       PI308-17    Fixx
     How Deep Is The Ocean              MM6186-15           One Thing Leads To Another                    SC8696-15
     How High The Moon                     PI303-11    Fixx, The
     I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart       PI304-06         One Thing Leads To Another                    AH8005-08
     Let's Face The Music And Dance     MM6186-07           One Thing Leads To Another                    SC8221-09
     Puttin' On The Ritz                MM6186-11           One Thing Leads To Another                   SC8221R-09
     Putting On The Ritz               SFMW816-02           One Thing Leads To Another                    LC0002-13
     Tisket A Tasket, A                  SC7553-14          Red Skies                                     SC8313-12
     Tisket A Tasket, A                NSAVP36-11           Saved By Zero                                 SC8427-05
     You Can Have Him                   MM6186-14           Stand Or Fall                                 SC8518-11
Fitzgerald, Ella & Louis Armstrong                     Flack & Priest
     Let's Call the Whole Thing Off        PI308-04         Set The Night To Music                        MM6013-01
Five                                                   Flack, Robert & Donny Hathaway
     Close To                             SF185-15          Back Together Again                            PI013-14
     Don’t Wanna Let You Go               SF157-15          Closer I Get To You, The                      SC8482-06
     Everybody Get Up                     SF126-03          Closer I Get To You, The                      SC7574-14
     Everybody Get Up                    LGTP-2-05     Flack, Roberta
     Got The Feelin'                      SF122-07          Closer I Get To You, The                      DK022-05
     If Ya Gettin' Down                  LGTP-3-01          Feel Like Makin' Love                         DK051-06
     If You’re Getting Down               SF144-13          Feel Like Makin' Love                        SC7546-01
     Invincible                           SF171-05          Feel Like Makin' Love                        SC8417-05
     It's The Things You Do               SF134-13          First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, The       CBEP463-1-04
     Keep On Movin                        SF154-01          First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, The          DK004-08
     Keep On Movin'                      LGTP-3-02          First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, The         SC8420-09
     Lets Dance                           SF182-02          Killing Me Softly                         SGBTB1002-11
     Rock The Party                       EZH06-05          Killing Me Softly                            SC7530-01
     Until The Time Is Through            SF129-04          Killing Me Softly                              PI057-08
     We Will Rock You                    LGTP-6-08          Killing Me Softly                             DK041-09
     When The Lights Go Out              SC8473-01          You Make Me Feel Brand New                   SC8318-14
     When The Lights Go Out            SFMW831-13      Flack, Roberta & Donny Hathaway
Five & Queen                                                Back Together Again                             SF107-04
     We Will Rock You                     SF163-14          Where Is The Love                               PI055-16
Five Americans, The                                    Flack, Roberta & Peabo Bryson
     Western Union                       LC0004-10          Tonight I Celebrate My Love                   SC8482-09
Five Blobs, The                                        Flaming Lips
     Blob, The                           SC8550-05          She Don't Use Jelly                           SC8562-15
Five For Fighting                                      Flamingoes
     100 Years                         THP0403-12           I Only Have Eyes For You                       SGB56-08
     Devil In The Wishing Well, The    THP0411-14      Flamingos, The
     Easy Tonight                      THP0207-18           I Only Have Eyes For You                        PI002-07
     Superman                           SC8726-13           I Only Have Eyes For You                     SC7520R-01
 618-410-6826                                    Page 111                                          Thomas J Robinson
                                 Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE      SONG #      ARTIST                   TITLE                   SONG #
     I Only Have Eyes For You    SC7520-01           Sara                                     LG067-15
     I'll Be Home                  RB22-13           Say You Love Me                          DK078-08
Flans                                                Say You Love Me                          LG067-13
     Una Noche                     AV06-12           Say You Love Me                         SC8785-14
Flatt & Scruggs                                      Say You Love Me                         SC8331-02
     Mountain Dew                 DK084-15           Second Hand News                        SC8785-15
Fleetwood Mac                                        Second Hand News                        SC8715-09
     Chain, The                  SC8785-13           Seven Wonders                            LG067-07
     Chains, The                 SC8510-13           Silver Springs                          SC8395-13
     Don’t Stop                   LG067-10           Silver Springs                         PHM9710-02
     Don't Stop                   DK078-06           Silver Springs                           LG067-06
     Don't Stop                  MM6024-04           Stand Back                               LG067-08
     Don't Stop                  SC7525-11           You Make Lovin' Fun                      DK081-08
     Don't Stop                   SGB32-13           You Make Lovin' Fun                     SC8477-01
     Don't Stop                  SC8785-02           You Make Loving Fun                      LG067-12
     Don't Stop                   SF005-12           You Make Loving Fun                     SC7577-15
     Dreams                      SC8785-04           You Make Loving Fun                     SC8785-08
     Dreams                      SC7534-12     Fleetwoods, The
     Dreams                        PI005-08          Come Softly To Me                        DK059-09
     Dreams                       LG067-01           Come Softly To Me                         PI017-08
     Edge Of Seventeen            LG067-05           Mr. Blue                                SC7532-04
     Everywhere                  SC8658-05           Mr. Blue                                 DK042-17
     Everywhere                   LG067-17           Mr. Blue                                  PI017-09
     Everywhere                   SF012-03     Fleming & John
     Go Your Own Way             SC8785-01           Ugly Girl                               SC8565-11
     Go Your Own Way             SC8192-14     Flip & Fill & Kelly Llorenna
     Go Your Own Way              LG067-16           True Love Never Dies                      SF189-10
     Go Your Own Way              SF022-08     Flirts, The
     Gold Dust Woman             SC8514-02           Jukebox Don't Put Another Dime          SC8329-01
     Gold Dust Woman             SC8785-09     Floaters, The
     Gypsy                        LG067-03           Float On                                  PI037-07
     Gypsy                       SC8305-12     Flock Of Seagulls
     Hold Me                     SC8785-11           I Ran So Far Away                       SC8696-07
     Hold Me                     SC8231-10     Flock Of Seagulls, A
     Hypnotized                   SGB04-07           I Ran                                   SC8207-14
     Landslide                   SC8785-05           I Ran                                   RT0015-15
     Landslide                   SC7547-11     Floetry
     Little Lies                 SC8785-06           Floetic                                THH0301-11
     Little Lies                 SC8283-05           Say Yes                                 SC8834-05
     Little Lies                  LG067-11     Flores, Laura
     Little Lies                  SF147-07           Cuando El Amor Estalla                    AV03-12
     Never Going Back Again      SC8644-01     Flowerpot Men
     Oh Daddy                    SC8800-03           Let's Go To San Francisco                 SF078-05
     Oh Daddy                    SC8785-03     Floyd, Eddie
     Over My Head                SC8785-07           Bring It On Home To Me                   SF073-13
     Over My Head                 LG067-09           Knock On Wood                             RB16-02
     Over My Head                SC8223-03           Knock On Wood                           SC7525-14
     Over My Head               SC8223R-03           Knock On Wood                             PI006-12
     Peacekeeper                 SD4306-14           Knock On Wood                            DK040-07
     Rhiannon                     LG067-02     Flying Burrito Brothers, The
     Rhiannon                    SC7577-12           Dark End Of The Street                   DK035-18
     Rhiannon                    SC8188-12     Flying Machine
     Rhiannon                    SC8785-10           Smile A Little Smile For Me             SC8364-08
     Sara                        SC8785-12     Flys
     Sara                        SC8197-12           Got You Where I Want You                SC8490-07
 618-410-6826                            Page 112                                     Thomas J Robinson
                                        Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE             SONG #     ARTIST                   TITLE                  SONG #
Fogelberg, Dan                                           My Hero                                  SC8453-12
     Hard To Say                        SC8577-04        Next Year                                SC8637-06
     Leader Of The Band                 SC8790-14        Next Year                                 SF174-13
     Longer                             SC7526-05        One, The                                THR0204-12
     Longer Than                         SO209-12        Stacked Actors                           SC8595-10
     Love Like This, A                  SC8246-12        This Is A Call                           SC8199-10
     Magic Every Moment                 SC8246-13        Walking After You                       PHM9807-04
     Make Love Stay                     SC8634-06        Walking After You                        SC8473-02
     Run For The Roses                  SC8207-13    Fools
Fogerty, John                                            Life Sucks When You Die                 AMS2001-01
     Centerfield                        SC8264-03    Force MD's
     Old Man Down The Road, The         SC7564-01        Tender Love                              SC8405-11
     Premonition                        SC8478-06        Tender Love                               DK023-03
Foghat                                               Ford & Star
     Fool For The City                  SC8539-14        I'll Never Be Free                       SC8408-11
     I Just Want To Make Love To You     DK098-11    Ford, Frankie
     I Just Want To Make Love To You    SC8334-15        Sea Cruise                               MM6006-10
     Slowride                           SC8210-04        Sea Cruise                                 PI017-14
Foley, Red                                               Sea Cruise                               SC8108-05
     Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy        SC8383-01        Sea Cruise                                SGB49-07
     Sugarfoot Rag                      SC8445-03    Ford, Lita
     Tennessee Saturday Night           SC8592-10        Kiss Me Deadly                           SC8331-12
Folk Implosion                                           Kiss Me Deadly                            DK028-17
     Natural One                        SC8254-09        Shot Of Poison                           SC8600-10
     Natural One                        SC8349-07    Ford, Lita & Ozzy Osbourn
Fontaine Sisters                                         Close My Eyes Forever                     DM103-14
     Hearts Of Stone                    SC8415-03        Close My Eyes Forever                    SC8346-06
Fontana, Wayne                                           Close My Eyes Forever                    AH8003-10
     Game Of Love, The                   DK030-06    Ford, Lita & Ozzy Osbourne
Fontana, Wayne & The Mindbenders                         Close My Eyes Forever                    SC8848-08
     Game Of Love                        SF046-12    Ford, Mary & Les Paul
     Game Of Love, The                  SC8418-04        Vaya Con Dios                            SC8521-06
     Game Of Love, The                   PI025-16    Ford, Robin
     Um, Um, Um                          SF045-08        Ain't Got Nothin' But The Blues            HV09-08
Foo Fighters                                             Ain't Got Nothing But The Blues           SGB27-04
     All My Life                       PHR0301-09    Ford, Tennessee Ernie
     All my Life                         TU159-01        Ballad Of Davy Crockett, The             SF164-12
     All My Life                        SC8789-09        Country Junction                        SC8506-05
     All My Life                       THR0212-10        Cry Of The Wild Goose                   SC8445-09
     Low                               THR0310-12        Shot Gun Boogie                         SC8392-10
     Times Like These                  THR0304-10        Sixteen Tons                             DK015-16
     Times Like These                  PHR0304-04        Sixteen Tons                            MM6122-12
     Times Like These                   SC8817-07        Sixteen Tons                           NSAVA04-08
Foo Fighters, The                                        Sixteen Tons                              PI040-14
     Big Me                            PHM9606-03        Sixteen Tons                         SGBTB1003-23
     Big Me                              SF049-06        Sixteen Tons                            SC7507-06
     Big Me                             SC8348-04        Sixteen Tons                             SF062-13
     Breakout                            SF172-06        Sixteen Tons                            SC8142-06
     Breakout                          THR0008-15    Ford, Willa
     Breakout                           SC8607-05        I Wanna Be Bad                           SC8717-06
     Dig MC                             SC8254-03        I Wanna Be Bad                          THP0109-18
     Everlong                           SC8598-10    Foreigner
     I'll Stick Around                  SC8638-06        Blue Morning Blue Day                    SC8721-02
     Learn To Fly                       SC8572-03        Blue Morning Blue Day                    MM6054-10
     Learn To Fly                      PHT9915-05        Cold As Ice                              SC8404-04
 618-410-6826                                  Page 113                                    Thomas J Robinson
                                         Waverly Sound
ARTIST                   TITLE             SONG #     ARTIST                  TITLE                           SONG #
    Cold As Ice                           PI019-12         Men                                             SC7522-04
    Cold As Ice                         SC8648-11          Men                                               PI204-12
    Dirty White Boy                       HV01-12          Men                                             MM6002-04
    Dirty White Boy                     SC8721-03          That's What You Do When You're In Love          SC7570-08
    Double Vision                        DK047-07     Forget Me Nots
    Double Vision                       SC8684-09          Shake Your Groove Thang                           RB02-07
    Feels Like The First Time           SC8261-09     Formby, George
    Feels Like The First Time             PI021-10         Leaning On A Lampost...                           SF147-02
    Feels Like The First Time           SC7578-15     Forsberg, Ebba
    Feels Like The First Time           SC8648-01          Hold Me                                         SC8487-12
    Head Games                          SC8721-05     Forte, Fabian
    Hot Blooded                         SC8648-06          Turn Me Loose                                   SC8190-13
    Hot Blooded                         SC8443-13     Fortunes
    Hot Blooded                           PI038-13         Freedom Come, Freedom Go                       ZMH001-13
    I Don't Want To Live Without You    SC8362-01          Freedom Come, Freedom Go                      SFMW822-13
    I Don't Want To Live Without You     DK047-08          Storm In A Teacup                              ZMH001-14
    I Wanna Know What Love Is            SF013-01          Storm In The Teacup                           SFMW822-14
    I Want To Know What Love Is          DK001-02     Fortunes, The
    I Want To Know What Love Is           PI038-15         Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling               LC0009-05
    I Want To Know What Love Is         SC8354-15          Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling               SC8221-15
    I Want To Know What Love Is          SO209-05          Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling              SC8221R-15
    Juke Box Hero                       SC8721-06          Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling                PLC09-05
    Long, Long Way From Home            SC8721-01          You've Got Your Troubles                        SC8651-14
    Say You Will                         DK055-04     Foster & Lloyd
    Say You Will                        SC8425-05          Crazy Over You                                  SC8541-06
    That Was Yesterday                   SF021-03          Fair Shake                                      SC8525-04
    Until The End Of Time               SC8156-14          Sure Thing                                      SC8582-12
    Urgent                              SC8648-04          What Do You Want From Me This Time              SC8567-01
    Urgent                              SC8527-05     Foster, Radney
    Urgent                                PI021-16         Closing Time                                    SC8275-06
    Waiting For A Girl Like You          DK004-05          Easier Said Than Done                           SC8130-02
    Waiting For A Girl Like You           PI056-10         Everyday Angel                                  SC8779-01
    Waiting For A Girl Like You         SC8648-08          Just Call Me Lonesome                            PI216-08
    Waiting For A Girl Like You         SC8368-14          Labor Of Love                                   SC8129-09
    With Heaven On Our Side             SC8302-01          Nobody Wins                                     SC8157-11
Foreignor                                                  Running Kind, The                               SC8287-10
    Dirty White Boy                      SGB14-06          Willin' To Walk                                 SC8160-12
    I Want To Know What Love Is          SGB49-03     Foster, Radney & Georgia Middleman
Forerunner                                                 Scary Old World                                  SD106-12
    Cain's Blood                        SC8179-05     Foster, Radney & Pat Green
Forester Sisters, The                                      Texas In 1880                                   SC8723-14
    Don't You                           SC8676-13     Foundations
    I Fell In Love Again Last Night     SC7551-01          Build Me Up Buttercup                            SGB55-01
    I Fell In Love Again Last Night       PI213-11    Foundations, The
    Just In Case                        SC8398-13          Baby, Now That I've Found You                    SF052-15
    Just In Case                         DK035-03          Baby, Now That I've Found You                    SF162-12
    Just In Case                       NSAVA16-17          Baby, Now That I've Found You                   SC8221-08
    Leave It Alone                      SC8561-12          Baby, Now That I've Found You                   MM6198-08
    Leave It Alone                      MM6034-15          Baby, Now That I've Found You                   LC0008-13
    Letter Home                         SC8628-05          Baby, Now That I've Found You                  SC8221R-08
    Lonely Alone                        SC7569-12          Build Me Up Buttercup                            SF087-08
    Lyin' In His Arms Again              DK068-02          Build Me Up Buttercup                            DK076-11
    Mama's Never Seen Those Eyes          PI217-05         Build Me Up Buttercup                           SC8399-02
    Men                                  DK098-16          Build Me Up, Buttercup                          SC7571-09
    Men                                 SC8114-05
 618-410-6826                                   Page 114                                            Thomas J Robinson
                                             Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE                  SONG #     ARTIST                  TITLE                    SONG #
Fountains Of Wayne                                             Bernadette                                LG101-03
    Mexican Wine                           THR0404-16          Bernadette                                DK071-09
    Stacy's Mom                            THR0312-13          I Can't Help Myself                       LG101-01
    Stacy's Mom                             SC8845-14          I Can't Help Myself                       DK002-04
Four Aces, The                                                 I Can't Help Myself                       SF073-09
    Heart And Soul                          SC8288-13          I Can’t Help Myself                      SC7571-06
    Heart And Soul                          SC7599-03          I Can't Help Myself                      SC8110-10
    Love Is A Many Splendored Thing         SC7554-09          If I Were A Carpenter                     SF065-02
    Love Is A Many Splendored Thing        NSAVP10-04          It's The Same Old Song                   SC8110-02
    Love Is A Many Splendored Thing          DK007-17          It's The Same Old Song                    DK006-12
    Three Coins In The Fountain               PI306-17         It's The Same Old Song                    LG101-06
Four Lads, The                                                 Keeper Of The Castle                     SC8204-03
    Standing On The Corner                  SC8396-09          Reach Out And I'll Be There               LG101-02
Four Non Blondes                                               Reach Out, I'll Be There                  DK006-08
    What's Up                               SC7546-11          Standing In The Shadows Of Love           DK007-08
Four Pennies, The                                              Standing In The Shadows Of Love           LG101-07
    Juliet                                   SF045-05          Walk Away Renee                          SC8110-04
Four Preps, The                                                Walk Away Renee                        SFMW801-07
    Big Man                                  SF062-03          Walk Away Renee                           LG101-05
    Greensleeves                             DK037-16          When She Was My Girl                      SF107-12
    Organ Grinder's Swing                  NSAVP36-16     Fourmost
Four Seasons, The                                              Hello Little Girl                          SF087-10
    Big Girls Don't Cry                     SC8222-10     Fox
    Big Girls Don't Cry                       PI027-11         Sleeping Single In A Single Bed            SF104-11
    Big Girls Don't Cry                      DK013-12     Fox, Sam
    Candy Girl                             SC8191R-04          Touch Me                                   SF056-06
    Candy Girl                              SC8191-04     Fox, Samantha
    Dawn                                    SC8364-11          I Only Wanna Be With You                 SC8417-09
    December '63                             DK065-06          I Only Wanna Be With You                 MM6042-04
    December '63                            SC7535-08          I Only Wanna Be With You                  DK057-04
    December '63                             SF022-05          I Wanna Have Some Fun                    SC8333-10
    December '63                            MM6058-08          Naughty Girls (Need Love Too)             DK042-04
    Let's Hang On                            SF086-09          Touch Me                                 SC8532-14
    Let's Hang On                           SC7557-10     Foxworthy, Jeff
    Rag Doll                                 DK057-08          Redneck 12 Days Of Christmas             SC8780-14
    Sherry                                   DK016-08     Foxx, Charles & Inez
    Sherry                                    PI025-12         Mockingbird                              SC8206-03
    Sherry                                  SC7508-11     Foxy Brown & The Letter M.
    Walk Like A Man                         SC8226-04          I Need A Man                            THH0401-18
    Walk Like A Man                          DK024-16     Fragma
    Working My Way Back To You             SC8191R-08          Toca's Miracle                           LGTP-6-02
    Working My Way Back To You              SC8191-08          Toca's Miracle                            SF165-02
Four Tops                                                      You Are Alive                             SF178-03
    Ain't No Woman Like The One I've Got     TU138-03     Fragma & Maria Rubia
    Baby I Need Your Loving                  TU138-04          Every Time You Need Me                     SF176-04
    Bernadette                               TU138-07     Frampton, Peter
    Indestructable                           TU138-19          Baby I Love Your Way                     SC8314-14
Four Tops, The                                                 Baby I Love Your Way                      PI021-18
    Ain't No Woman                          SC7534-15          Day In The Sun                           SC8272-13
    Ain't No Woman                            PI021-07         I'm In You                               SC8178-04
    Ain't No Woman                           DK049-12          Out Of The Blue                          SC8238-06
    Ain't No Woman Like The One I've Got     LG101-08          Show Me The Way                           PI005-07
    Baby I Need Your Loving                  LG101-04          Show Me The Way                          SC8586-02
    Baby, I Need Your Loving                 DK010-05          Show Me The Way                          SC7576-13
    Baby, I Need Your Loving                SC7532-07
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                                             Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE                  SONG #      ARTIST                  TITLE                         SONG #
Francis, Cleve                                                  Higher Ground                                   PI025-14
    Love Or The Lack Thereof                 SC8135-09          House That Jack Built, The                     SD026-13
    Walkin'                                  SC8317-12          I Don't Want To Know                           LG013-08
Francis, Connie                                                 I Knew You Were Waiting For Me                 DK074-02
    Among My Souvenirs                      SC8196-09           I Say A Little Prayer                          SF065-03
    Carolina Moon                            SF086-08           I'm In Love                                  NSAVP38-06
    Don't Break The Heart That Loves You    SC8255-08           Natural Woman                                   PI006-01
    Everybody's Somebody's Fool              DK020-11           Natural Woman                                  LG013-02
    Everybody's Somebody's Fool             SC7541-08           Natural Woman                                 SC8126-01
    Lipstick On Your Collar                NSAVP02-14           Natural Woman (You Make Me Feel Like          SC7571-08
    Lipstick On Your Collar                  SGB55-14           Natural Woman, (You Make Me Feel               TU138-01
    Lipstick On Your Collar                 SC7532-01           Like), A
    My Happiness                            SC7557-14           Natural Woman, A                               DK024-14
    My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own          SC8415-15           Natural Woman, A                               SGB58-07
    Pretty Little Baby                     NSAVP10-13           Respect                                       MM6036-03
    Robot Man                                SF083-02           Respect                                         PI025-01
    Stupid Cupid                             SF062-02           Respect                                        TU139-10
    Stupid Cupid                            SC8361-04           Respect                                        LG013-01
    Vacation                               CB60129-11           Respect                                        DK039-12
    Vacation                               NSAVP01-15           Respect                                       SC7504-11
    Where The Boys Are                       SGB55-08           Respect                                       SFG024-15
    Where The Boys Are                      SC7508-09           Respect                                         RB05-03
    Where The Boys Are                       DK019-09           Respect                                       SC7201-04
    Who's Sorry Now                          SF014-10           Rock Steady                                    LG013-06
    Who's Sorry Now                         SC8361-03           Rock Steady                                   SC8600-13
Frankie Goes To Hollywood                                       Rose Is Still A Rose, A                       SC8453-01
    Power Of Love, The                        SF058-09          Say A Little Prayer                           SFG024-08
    Relax                                     SF001-13          Say A Little Prayer                            SF052-14
    Relax                                    SC8420-12          Since You've Been Gone                          RB16-01
    Two Tribes                                SF056-09          Think                                           RB05-04
Frankie J.                                                      Think                                         SC7541-12
    Don't Wanna Try                          SC8827-09          Think                                          SF073-03
Franklin, Aretha                                                Think                                          LG013-03
    Ain't No Way                             SC8776-05          Think                                          DK066-09
    Baby I Love You                           HV06b-06          Think                                           PI006-09
    Baby I Love You                          SC8686-13          Til You Come Back To Me                         DG02-04
    Chain Of Fools                           SC7508-14          Who's Zoomin' Who                             SC8417-10
    Chain Of Fools                             PI006-13         Willing To Forgive                              PI050-11
    Chain Of Fools                            LG013-04          Willing To Forgive                            SC8132-08
    Chain Of Fools                            DK092-12          Willing To Forgive                             SD001-10
    Day Dreaming                             SC8410-11          Wonderful                                    THH0401-12
    Day Dreaming                               RB12-01     Franklin, Aretha & G. Michael
    Deeper Love, A                            LG013-07          I Knew You Were Waiting For Me                  SF011-03
    Deeper Love, A                            SF036-14     Frantique
    Do Right Woman, Do Right Man               RB13-03          Strut Your Funky Stuff                      SFMW829-10
    Do Right Woman, Do Right Man              DK023-15     Frazier River
    Do Right Woman-do Right Man              SC8776-07          Last Request                                  SC8341-04
    Don’t Play That Song                   SFMW841-14           Tangled Up In Texas                           SC8298-06
    Don't Play That Song                      DK048-12     Freak Nasty
    Don't Play That Song                       RB15-11          Da' Dip                                       SC8476-05
    Dr. Feelgood                             SC8776-12     Freberg, Stan
    Freeway Of Love                         SC8223R-07          Nuttin' For Christmas                         SC8557-03
    Freeway Of Love                           LG013-05     Fred, John
    Freeway Of Love                          SC8223-07          Judy In Disguise                               SGB49-14
    Here We Go Again                         SC8478-14
 618-410-6826                                        Page 116                                          Thomas J Robinson
                                               Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE                    SONG #     ARTIST                  TITLE                          SONG #
Fred, John & His Playboy Band                               Fricke, Janie
     Judy In Disguise                          DK043-13          Always Have, Always Will                       SC8767-06
     Judy In Disguise                         SC8413-08     Frickie, Janie
     Judy In Disguise                          SF023-05          Down To My Last Broken Heart                   SC7568-15
Freddie & The Dreamers                                           He's A Heartache                              NSAVA11-05
     I'm Telling You Now                       DK043-10          He's A Heartache                               SC8398-06
     I'm Telling You Now                       SF084-12          He's A Heartache                                 PI211-15
     I'm Telling You Now                      SC8686-14          Let's Stop Talkin' About It                    SC8434-02
     If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody      SF038-12          She's Single Again                             SC8414-14
     You Were Made For Me                      SF045-02          She's Single Again                               PI212-15
Free                                                             Tell Me A Lie                                  SC8414-05
     All Right Now                             SGB44-03          You Don't Know Love                            SC8610-10
     All Right Now                              PI009-11         Your Heart's Not In It                         SC8375-02
     All Right Now                            AH8013-07     Frickie, Janie & Charlie Rich
     All Right Now                             SF016-12          On My Knees                                      PI209-11
     All Right Now                            SC7576-11     Frickie, Janie & Merle Haggard
     All Right Now                            SC8178-12          Place To Fall Apart, A                           PI213-16
     All Right Now                             DK047-16     Frida
     Wishing Well                              SF040-15          I Know There's Something Going On              SC8540-08
Free, Brian & Assurance                                     Friedman, Dean
     For God So Loved                       CBEP466-5-16         Lucky Stars                                      SF098-12
     Jesus Came Out Alive                   CBEP466-6-08         Lucky Stars                                      SF104-06
Freebish, Dexter                                            Friend And Lover
     Leaving Town                             SC8649-13          Reach Out Of The Darkness                      SC8686-15
     My Madonna                              THR0110-18     Frizzell, David
Freeman, Bobby                                                   I'm Gonna Hire A Wino                         CB60129-02
     C'mon And Swim                           SC8330-13          I'm Gonna Hire A Wino                           PI204-14
     Do You Wanna Dance                       SC8418-06     Frizzell, David & Shelly West
     Do You Wanna Dance                        DK049-17          You're The Reason God Made Oklahoma            SC7516-15
     Do You Wanna Dance                         PI023-14         You're The Reason God Made Oklahoma            SC8128-15
Freemans, The                                                    You're The Reason God Made Oklahoma             PI211-18
     Hello In Heaven                        CBEP466-3-17    Frizzell, Lefty
     Once Was Enough                        CBEP466-3-04         Always Late With Your Kisses                   SC8383-15
Freez                                                            Give Me More More More Of Your Kisses          SC8509-01
     Southern Freez                             SF068-05         I Love You A Thousand Ways                     SC8491-14
Frehley, Ace                                                     I Want To Be With You Always                   SC8445-15
     New York Groove                          SC8397-10          If You’ve Got The Money I’ve Got The           SC7589-01
French, Nikki                                                    If You've Got The Money, I've Got The          MM6122-01
     Total Eclipse Of The Heart                SF020-11          If You've Got The Money, I've Got The          SC8208-01
     Total Eclipse Of The Heart               SC8187-08          Long Black Veil                                 DK068-16
     Total Eclipse Of The Heart                SF041-10          Mom And Dad's Waltz                            SC8682-10
Frentel                                                          Saginaw Michigan                               MM6122-06
     Bizarre Love Triangle                    SC8374-14          She's Gone Gone Gone                           SC7567-10
     Labor Of Love                            SC8363-13     From Dirty Dancing
Frey, Glen                                                       Stay                                         SFMW816-13
     Heat Is On, The                           DK028-03     Fuel
     Heat Is On, The                          SC8420-06          Bad Day                                       THR0109-12
     Heat Is On, The                        SFMW803-15           Bad Day                                        SC8717-12
     I've Got Mine                            SC8270-05          Bittersweet                                    SC8490-14
     One You Love, The                        AH8004-03          Falls On Me                                    SC8855-06
     Party Town                               AH8003-02          Falls On Me                                   THR0311-11
     Party Town                             SFMW811-06           Hemorrage In My Hands                           SGB53-15
Frey, Glenn                                                      Hemorrhage (In My Hands)                       SC8662-01
     You Belong To The City                 SFMW812-15           Innocent                                       SC8694-10
                                                                 Last Time                                      SC8740-05
 618-410-6826                                         Page 117                                           Thomas J Robinson
                                          Waverly Sound
ARTIST                 TITLE                SONG #     ARTIST                 TITLE                 SONG #
     Last Time, The                      THR0203-16        Last Night Was Made For Love           LG030-18
     Million Miles                       THR0404-15        Last Night Was Made For Love           SF066-06
     Shimmer                              SC8465-11        Like I've Never Been Gone              LG030-17
     Won't Back Down                     THR0304-14        Maybe Tomorrow                         LG030-04
     Won’t Back Down                     PHR0304-08        Once Upon A Dream                      LG030-16
     Won't Back Down                      SC8817-02        Once Upon A Dream                      SF093-06
Fugees                                                     Somebody Else's Girl                   LG030-10
     Killing Me Softly                    SC8760-09        That's Love                            LG030-15
Fugees, The                                                Thousand Stars, A                      LG030-06
     Killing Me Softly                   PHM9606-01        When Will You Say I Love You           LG030-09
     Killing Me Softly                     SF060-11        When Will You Say I Love You           SF064-10
     Killing Me Softly                    SC7582-09        Wondrous Place                         SF138-13
     Killing Me Softly                    SC8286-13    Future Leaders Of The World
     No Woman No Cry                       SF081-12        Let Me Out                           THR0410-17
     No Woman, No Cry                    PHM9609-02    G-Unit
Full Monty                                                 Stunt 101                            PHU0401-01
     Big Black Man                         SGB66-07        Stunt 101                            THH0403-15
Full Monty w/vocals                                    G-Unit & Joe
     Big Black Man (vocals)                SGB66-08        Wanna Get To Know You                THH0406-16
Funboy Three & Bananarama                              Gabriel, Ana
     It Ain't What You Do It's The Way     SF076-14        Ahora                                   AV03-04
Funkadelic                                                 Hablame De Frente                      NT027-05
     One Nation Under A Groove            SC8386-01    Gabriel, Juan
Funny Girl                                                 Amor Eterno                             AV09-09
     People                               SF008-15         Caray                                   AV10-04
     Sadie Sadie                         MM6175-05         Con Tu Amor                             AV10-06
Furtado, Nelly                                             Debo Hacerlo                            AV09-12
     I'm Like A Bird                      SC8672-11        Insensible                              AV10-05
     I'm Like A Bird                     THP0102-14        La Diferencia                           AV09-07
     I'm Like A Bird                       SF178-12        No Me Vuelvo A Enamorar                 AV10-02
     I'm Like A Bird                      SC8741-11        No Tengo Dinero                         AV09-10
     I'm Like A Bird                       SGB53-16        No Vale La Pena                         AV10-03
     On The Radio (Remember The Days)      SF189-04        Querida                                 AV10-01
     On The Radio (remember The Days)    THP0206-16        Se Me Olvido Otra Vez                   AV09-08
     Powerless (Say What You Want)       THP0401-14        Siempre En Mi Mente                     AV09-11
     Powerless (Say What You Want)        SC8855-08    Gabriel, Peter
     S##t On The Radio                    SC8740-08        Big Time                              SC8611-04
     Try                                 THP0406-17        Big Time                              SC8568-11
     Turn Off The Light                   SC8720-09        In Your Eyes                          SC8611-13
     Turn Off The Light                  THP0111-13        In Your Eyes                          SC8447-03
     Turn Off The Light                    SF178-04        Lovetown                              SC8237-06
Fury, Billy                                                Red Rain                              SC8603-11
     Because Of Love                       LG030-07        Red Rain                              SC8611-05
     Colette                               LG030-05        Shock The Monkey                      SC8313-06
     Do You Really Love Me Too             LG030-11        Shock The Monkey                      SC8611-06
     Halfway To Paradise                   SF038-05        Sledgehammer                           SF003-02
     Halfway To Paradise                   LG030-01        Sledgehammer                          SC8151-05
     I Will                                LG030-12        Sledgehammer                          SC8611-09
     I'd Never Find Another You            LG030-03        Solsbury Hill (Live Version)          SC8840-15
     I'd Never Find Another You            SF038-08    Gabriel, Peter & Kate Bush
     I'm Lost Without You                  LG030-13        Don't Give Up                         SC8583-03
     In Summer                             LG030-08    Gabrielle
     In Thoughts Of You                    LG030-14        Because Of You                        SFG012-04
     Jealousy                              LG030-02        Don't Need The Sun To Shine           SFG012-15
     Jealousy                              SF044-05        Don't Need The Sun To Shine            SF185-08
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                                        Waverly Sound
ARTIST                   TITLE            SONG #     ARTIST                  TITLE                SONG #
     Dreams                             SF005-10         Party Train                           SC8667-05
     Dreams                            SFG012-01         Party Train                           AH8014-01
     Forget About The World            SFG012-06         You Dropped A Bomb On Me              SC8704-08
     Give Me A Little More Time        SFG012-05         You Dropped A Bomb On Me              SC8176-09
     Going Nowhere                     SFG012-02     Garbage
     I Wish                            SFG012-03         #1 Crush                              SC8448-12
     If I Walked Away                  SFG012-16         #1 Crush                             PHM9702-07
     If You Ever                       SFG012-07         I Think I'm Paranoid                  SC8600-07
     If You Really Cared               SFG012-08         I Think I'm Paranoid                    SF124-08
     Out Of Reach                      SFG012-14         I'm Only Happy When It Rains           DGH01-04
     Out Of Reach                       SF177-06         Milk                                  SC8343-12
     Rise                              SFG012-11         Only Happy When It Rains              SC8254-01
     Rise                               SF159-01         Only Happy When It Rains              SC8348-08
     Should I Stay                     SFG012-13         Push It                               SC8462-05
     Should I Stay                      SF170-05         Queer                                 SC8263-04
     Should I Stay Or Should I Go       SGB47-10         Special                               SC8503-11
     Sunshine                          SFG012-10         Special                                SGB18-12
     Sunshine                           SF148-15         Stupid Girl                           SC8308-10
     Walk On By                        SFG012-09         Stupid Girl                           SC8471-06
     When A Woman                       SF163-11         Stupid Girl                          PHM9608-05
     When A Woman                      LGTP-6-10         Stupid Girl                             PI048-11
     When A Woman                      SFG012-12         Stupid Girl                             SF060-08
Gaines, Rosie                                            When I Grow Up                        SC8553-10
     Surrender                           SF116-14        World Is Not Enough, The                SF152-09
Gaither Vocal Band                                       You Look So Fine                        SF142-09
     When Jesus Say's It's Enough    CBEP466-4-10    Gardel, Carlos
     Yes I Know                      CBEP466-5-09        Volver                                  AV11-08
Gaithers, The                                        Gardiner, Boris
     Because He Lives                CBEP466-2-13        I Want To Wake Up With You              SF058-02
     Going Home                      CBEP466-2-06    Gardner, Aston & Dyke
     Joy Comes In The Morning        CBEP466-3-12        Resurrection Shuffle                    SF090-08
Gala                                                 Garfunkel, Art
     Let A Boy Cry                       SF118-06        Bright Eyes                            SF079-05
Gallagher & Lyle                                         Bright Eyes                            LG060-14
     Heart On My Sleeve                  SF168-12        Wonderful World                        LG060-13
Gallagher, Liam & Stefe Carddock                     Garibaldi
     Carnation                           SF152-12        Banana                                  AV08-12
Gallery                                                  La Ventanita                            AV24-05
     Nice To Be With You               SC8218-09     Garland, Judy
     Nice To Be With You               AH8011-11         But The World Goes Round               LG015-08
     Nice To Be With You               LC0004-04         Come Rain Or Come Shine                LG015-09
Galliana, Luke                                           Come Rain Or Come Shine                 PI303-02
     To Die For                          SF179-12        Get Happy                              LG015-13
Gaos, Mayte                                              Man I Love, The                        LG015-07
     El Gran Tomas                        AV15-11        Man That Got Away, The                MM6137-01
     Vete Con Ella                        AV15-09        Man That Got Away, The                 LG015-11
Gap Band, The                                            Man That Got Away, The                SC7553-15
     Big Fun                         SFMW844-01          Meet Me In St. Louis                 NSAVP36-15
     Early In The Morning              SC8704-09         Over The Rainbow                     NSAVP36-04
     Early In The Morning             MH1053-15          Over The Rainbow                       LG015-15
     Early In The Morning              SC8577-07         Over The Rainbow                      SC7505-05
     Early In The Morning (Part 1)       RB16-10         Over The Rainbow                     NSAVP02-18
     Early In The Morning (Part 2)       RB16-11         Over The Rainbow                       DK008-18
     Oops                                RB03-04         Over The Rainbow                        PI301-08
     Oops Upside Your Head              SF028-14         Rock-A-bye Your Baby                  SC8124-01
 618-410-6826                                  Page 119                                 Thomas J Robinson
                                           Waverly Sound
ARTIST                   TITLE               SONG #     ARTIST                  TITLE                        SONG #
     Swanee                               MM6137-14     Gaye, M. & D. Ross
     Trolley Song, The                   NSAVP36-14         You're A Special Part Of Me                    DK087-16
     Trolley Song, The                      PI303-01    Gaye, Marvin
     Trolley Song, The                     LG015-10         Ain't That Peculiar                            DK067-12
     When You're Smiling                   DK085-18         Distant Lover (Part 1)                          RB01-04
     When Your Smiling                    SC8288-14         Distant Lover (Part 2)                          RB01-05
     You Made Me Love You                  LG015-12         Got To Give It Up                             SC8153-14
     Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart     LG015-14         Heard It Through The Grapevine                 SF018-06
Garlick, Jessica                                            How Sweet It Is                               SC8226-10
     Come Back                             SF192-12         How Sweet It Is (to Be Loved By You)           TU138-13
Garner, Kristin                                             How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)          SFG024-04
     Let's Burn It Down                   SC8714-06         How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You             DK008-07
Garnet Mimms & Enchanters                                   I Heard It Through The Grapevine               TU138-15
     Cry Baby                             SC8521-05         I Heard It Through The Grapevine              SC8110-01
Garnett, Gale                                               I Heard It Through The Grapevine              MM6036-09
     We'll Sing In The Sunshine           SC8353-01         I Heard It Through The Grapevine              SFG024-01
     We'll Sing In The Sunshine            DK036-09         I Heard It Through The Grapevine               DK009-04
Garrett & Jones & Debarge                                   I Heard It Through The Grapevine              SC7527-15
     I'm Yours                            SC8542-04         I'll Be Doggone                                DK077-08
Gary & US Bonds                                             Inner City Blues                               DK063-09
     Quarter To Three                       RB22-12         Let's Get It On                               SC7542-10
Gately, Stephen                                             Let's Get It On                               SFG024-09
     I Believe                             SF171-06         Let's Get It On                                DK024-11
     Stay                                  SF179-06         Let's Get It On                                 RB25-09
Gately, Steven                                              Let's Get It On                                SGB57-15
     New Beginning                         SF165-06         Mercy Mercy Me                                SC8362-03
Gates, David                                                Mercy Mercy Me                                  RB15-02
     Love Is Always Seventeen             SC8317-02         Mercy Mercy Me                                 DK061-10
     Save The Last Dance For Me           SC8171-07         Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)                   TU139-01
Gates, Gareth                                               Mercy Mercy Me The Ecology                    MH1053-01
     Any One Of Us                         SF193-17         Sexual (Healing)                               SF107-14
     Say It Isn't So                       SF212-04         Sexual Healing                                 DK031-02
     Spirit In The Sky                     SF203-16         Sexual Healing                                  PI016-16
     Sunshine                              SF208-15         Sexual Healing                                SC2120-03
     Suspicious Minds                      SF197-03         Sexual Healing                                SC7534-13
     Suspicious Minds                      EZH16-01         Too Busy Thinking About My Baby                DK072-10
     Unchained Melody                      SF190-17         Too Busy Thinking About My Baby               SC8110-08
     What My Heart Wants To Say            SF200-16         Too Busy Thinking About My Baby                SF073-15
     What My Heart Wants To Say            EZH19-04         What's Goin' On                               SC8273-05
Gatlin, Larry & The Gatlin Brothers                         What's Goin' On                                DK031-03
     All The Gold In California           SC7590-14         What’s Going On                               SC7574-11
     All The Gold In California           SC8424-07         What's Going On?                               TU139-20
     All The Gold In California             PI201-03    Gaye, Marvin & Kim Weston
     Broken Lady                         NSAVA09-01         It Takes Two                                  SFG024-10
     Broken Lady                            PI211-12        It Takes Two                                   DK080-12
     Broken Lady                         NSAVA16-18     Gaye, Marvin & Tammi Terrell
     Houston                                PI209-16        Ain't No Mountain High Enough                  TU138-02
     Houston                              SC8431-01         Ain't No Mountain High Enough                  DK002-14
     Take Me To Your Lovin' Place         SC8326-09         Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing             MM6013-15
Gattis, Keith                                               Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing             SC8226-08
     Little Drops Of My Heart             SC8256-09         You're All I Need To Get By                     RB21-09
     Real Deal                            SC8303-12         You're All I Need To Get By                    DK069-10
Gaye & Weston                                           Gayle, Crystal
     It Takes Two                          SF018-11         Cry                                             PI210-12
                                                            Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue                PI202-16
 618-410-6826                                     Page 120                                         Thomas J Robinson
                                            Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE                 SONG #      ARTIST                   TITLE                     SONG #
    Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue      NSAVA12-10      Gazza & Lindisfarne
    Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue        DK005-08          Fog On The Tyne (Revisited)                   SF112-08
    Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue       SC7507-15      Gearing, Ashley
    Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue      NSAVA09-13          Can You Hear Me When I Talk To You           SD109-10
    Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue        SF014-08      Geggy Tah
    Half The Way                           SC8642-11          Whoever You Are                             SC8325-10
    I'll Get Over You                      SC8401-03      Gene Loves Jezebel
    I've Cried                             SC8401-15          Jealous                                     SC8466-05
    If You Ever Change Your Mind           SC8494-01      General Public
    It's Like We Never Said Goodbye        SC8401-09          I'll Take You There                         AH9821-09
    Our Love Is On The Faultline          NSAVA05-14          Tenderness                                  RT0015-04
    Our Love Is On The Faultline           SC8461-01          Tenderness                                  SC8510-03
    Somebody Loves You                     SC8401-06      Generation X
    Talking In Your Sleep                    PI203-15         King Rocker                                   SF109-07
    Talking In Your Sleep                  SC7537-13      Genesis
    Talking In Your Sleep                   SF014-11          Follow You Follow Me                      SFMW844-06
    Three Good Reasons                     SC8317-10          Follow You Follow Me                        SC8611-01
    Too Many Lovers                        SC8676-02          Follow You Follow Me                        SC8594-01
    When I Dream                           SC8375-11          Hold On To My Heart                         SC8366-06
    Why Have You Left The One You Left     SC8355-01          Hold On To My Heart                        MM6049-13
    Me For                                                    I Can't Dance                               AH8007-12
    Why Have You Left The One You Left      SC7590-09         I Can't Dance                               SC8611-11
    Me For
    Why Have You Left The One You Left        PI201-17        I Can't Dance                               SC8530-07
    Me For                                                    I Can't Dance                             SFMW804-06
    Wrong Road Again                       SC8414-09          In Too Deep                               SFMW827-10
    You Never Gave Up On Me               NSAVA04-03          Invisible Touch                              PI030-06
    You'll Never Miss A Real Good Thing    SC8401-08          Land Of Confusion                           SC8687-09
Gayle, Crystal & E. Rabbitt                                   Mama                                           FC3-14
    I Made A Promise                       SC8179-14          Mama                                      SFMW828-06
    You And I                             NSAVA07-12          Man On The Corner                           SC8624-13
    You And I                              SC8128-10          Man On The Corner                           SC8611-07
    You And I                                PI032-16         Misunderstanding                            SC8611-02
    You And I                              MM6013-06          Misunderstanding                            SC7563-02
Gayle, Michell                                                No Reply At All                             SC8611-03
    Freedom                                  SF027-05         No Reply At All                             SC8568-02
Gaylor, Ruth                                                  That's All                                SFMW827-08
    My Funny Valentine                        PI303-03        That's All                                  SC8535-04
Gaynor, Gloria                                                That's All                                   PI030-09
    I Am What I Am                        SFMW804-07          Trick Of The Tail                         SFMW828-13
    I Will Survive                            RB05-10     Gentry, Bobbie
    I Will Survive                         MM6033-05          I'll Never Fall In Love Again                SF065-04
    I Will Survive                            PI012-16        Ode To Billie Joe                            SGB41-12
    I Will Survive                          EZSP05-03         Ode To Billy Joe                             SF102-10
    I Will Survive                            BL02-10         Ode To Billy Joe                             DK033-15
    I Will Survive                          SC7519-05         Ode To Billy Joe                            SC7543-14
    I Will Survive                           SGB21-15         Ode To Billy Joe                              PI027-17
    I Will Survive                           DK001-09     Gentrys, The
    I Will Survive                           SF006-07         Keep On Dancing                             SC8589-09
    Never Can Say Goodbye                    SF055-07         Keep On Dancing                              DK030-10
    Never Can Say Goodbye                 SFMW801-02      George, Barbara
    Never Can Say Goodbye                    DK061-07         I Know                                      SC8251-05
    Never Can Say Goodbye                   SC7549-09         I Know                                      MM6006-15
Gayton, Bibi                                              Georgia Satellites, The
    Las Mil                                   AV06-11         Keep Your Hands To Yourself                 SC7509-15
                                                              Keep Your Hands To Yourself                  PI010-12
 618-410-6826                                       Page 121                                       Thomas J Robinson
                                          Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE               SONG #      ARTIST                     TITLE                         SONG #
    Keep Your Hands To Yourself            DK069-03     Gibson, Don
Gerardo                                                       Blue Blue Day                                   SC8208-04
    Rico Suave                            SC8656-11           Country Green                                   SC8434-05
Gerblansky, Ned                                               Just One Time                                   SC8509-03
    Feel Like Making Love                 SGB12-08            Lonesome Number One                             SC8555-06
Gerry & The Pacemakers                                        Oh Lonesome Me                                    PI207-12
    Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying     SF094-07           Oh Lonesome Me                                  SC7539-09
    Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying    SC8651-15           Oh, Lonesome Me                                NSAVA13-01
    Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying    SC7573-15           Sea Of Heartbreak                               SC8158-03
    Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying     DK080-07           Touch The Morning                               SC8421-10
    Ferry Cross The Mersey                SC8563-14           Who Cares                                       SC8579-13
    Ferry Cross The Mersey                 DK023-09           Woman Sensuous Woman                            SC8494-02
    How Do You Do It                      LC0009-10     Gigi
    How Do You Do It To Me                 PLC09-10           Thank Heaven For Little Girls                    SGB50-01
    How Do You Do It To Me                 SF044-10     Gilder, Nick
    How Do You Do It To Me               SC8221R-11           Hot Child In The City                            DK034-13
    How Do You Do It To Me                SC8221-11           Hot Child In The City                           SC8368-11
    I Like It                              SF038-13     Gill & Loveless
    I'm The One                            SF078-06           My Kind Of Woman My Kind Of Man                  SD063-06
    You'll Never Walk Alone                SF028-12           My Kind Of Woman My Kind Of Man                 SC8543-08
Getaway                                                 Gill, Johnny
    Earshot                                TU129-07           Let's Get The Mood Right                        SC8320-09
Getz, Stan                                                    My My My                                        SC8405-05
    Girl From Ipanema                     SFG025-16           Rub You The Right Way                            DK049-02
Getz, Stan & Astrid Gilberto                                  Rub You The Right Way                             PI037-06
    Girl From Ipanema, The                 PI301-15     Gill, Johnny & Roger Troutman
Gibb, Andy                                                    It's Your Body                                  SC8476-13
    An Everlasting Love                     PI055-09    Gill, Vince
    I Just Want To Be Your Everything      DK036-01           Cinderella                                      SC8332-11
    I Just Want To Be Your Everything     SC8181-15           Don't Come Crying To Me                           SD059-07
    Love Is Thicker Than Water             DK036-02           Don't Come Crying To Me                         SC8512-01
    Love Is Thicker Than Water            SC8650-01           Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin' Away           TT6013-12
    Shadow Dancing                         DK002-07           Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin' Away          SC8180-08
    Shadow Dancing                        SC8514-09           Don’t Let Our Love Start Slippin’ Away          SC7588-15
Gibb, Robin                                                   Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin' Away          MM6012-06
    Saved By The Bell                      SF065-06           Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin' Away          MM6185-08
Gibbs, Georgia                                                Feels Like Love                                CB80018-14
    Kiss Of Fire                           DK036-18           Feels Like Love                                THC0009-12
    Tweedle Dee                             RB11-03           Feels Like Love                                 SC8619-13
Gibbs, Terri                                                  Feels Like This                                   SD074-11
    Somebody's Knockin'                    PI212-07           Go Rest High On That Mountain                   SC8194-08
    Somebody's Knockin'                   SC7544-14           Go Rest High On That Mountain                   MM6125-15
Gibson Miller Band, The                                       Go Rest High On That Mountain                     SD021-09
    Johnny Get Your Gun                  SC8324-07            Go Rest High On That Mountain                   MM6185-14
    Red, White And Blue Collar           SC8228-14            High Lonesome Sound                             MM6185-13
    Texas Tattoo                         MM6029-08            High Lonesome Sound                             SC8280-13
    Texas Tattoo                           PI216-10           High Lonesome Sound                             SC8693-15
Gibson, Debbie                                                High Lonesome Sound                               SD027-05
    Foolish Beat                           PI020-09           I Never Knew Lonely                             SC8219-03
    Lost In Your Eyes                      PI020-08           I Still Believe In You                             PI217-09
    Lost In Your Eyes                     SC8585-06           I Still Believe In You                          SC8214-06
    Only In My Dreams                      PI008-09           If You Ever Have Forever In Mind                SC8464-01
    Out Of The Blue                        PI020-06           If You Ever Have Forever In Mind                  SD052-02
    Shake Your Love                        PI020-07           If You Have Forever In Mind                    CHM9808-15
                                                              In These Last Few Days                         THC0407-15
 618-410-6826                                     Page 122                                             Thomas J Robinson
                                          Waverly Sound
ARTIST                 TITLE               SONG #      ARTIST                      TITLE                             SONG #
   Key To Life, The                      SC8751-03           When I Call Your Name                               SC8217-09
   Kindly Keep It Country                 SD057-05           When Love Finds You                                  SD008-02
   Kindly Keep It Country               MM6257-08            When Love Finds You                                 SC8139-11
   Kindly Keep It Country                SC8488-09           When Love Finds You                                 MM6185-02
   Let There Be Peace On Earth           SC8781-09           Whenever You Come Around                            SC8120-07
   Let's Make Sure We Kiss Goodbye        SD070-14           Whenever You Come Around                            MM6185-10
   Let'S Make Sure We Kiss Goodbye       SC8596-01           Whenever You Come Around                           NSAVA17-06
   Little More Love, A                CHM9705M-14            Which Bridge To Cross                               MM6185-05
   Little More Love, A                 CHM97M5-14            Which Bridge To Cross                               SC8230-15
   Little More Love, A                   SC8370-13           Which Bridge To Cross                                SD011-01
   Little More Love, A                    SD037-06           World's Apart                                        SD029-01
   Liza Jane                            MM6185-04            Worlds Apart                                        MM6185-15
   Liza Jane                             SC8265-04           Worlds Apart                                        SC8307-12
   Liza Jane                               PI210-02          Worlds Apart                                       SC8307R-12
   Look At Us                         CBEP463-4-03           You And You Alone                                    SD040-02
   Look At Us                            SC8215-04           You And You Alone                                  CHM9709-15
   Look At Us                           MM6185-01            You And You Alone                                 CBEP463-5-06
   Look At Us                          NSAVA06-10            You Better Think Twice                               SD016-04
   Look At Us                              PI220-11          You Better Think Twice                              MM6099-04
   Love Never Broke Anyone's Heart       SC8282-01           You Better Think Twice                              MM6185-12
   Loving You Makes Me A Better Man      SC8570-09           You Better Think Twice                              SC8179-09
   Never Knew Lonely                     TT6002-06           Young Man's Town                                   THC0401-16
   Next Big Thing                        SC8802-10           Young Man's Town                                     SD113-11
   Next Big Thing                         SD102-04           Young Man's Town                                    SC8857-03
   No Future In The Past                 SC8260-13     Gill, Vince & Amy Grant
   No Future In The Past                  DK087-08           When I Look Into Your Heart                           SD083-12
   No Future In The Past                MM6185-11      Gill, Vince & Patti Loveless
   Oklahoma Borderline                   SC7570-13           My Kind Of Woman                                      SGB17-02
   One More Last Chance                   DK086-02     Gilley, Mickey
   One More Last Chance                 MM6029-02            City Lights                                          SC8403-11
   One More Last Chance                    PI219-14          Don't The Girls All Get Prettier At Closing          SC8403-08
   One More Last Chance                 MM6185-03             Time
   One More Last Chance                  SC8200-06           Headache Tomorrow Or A Heartache                     SC8434-08
                                                             Tonight, A
   Pocket Full Of Gold                   MM6185-07           Here Comes The Hurt Again                            SC8582-15
   Pocket Full Of Gold                   MM6011-12           Honky Tonk Wine                                      SC8400-14
   Pocket Full Of Gold                   SC8269-05           I Overlooked An Orchid                               SC8335-06
   Pocket Full Of Gold                    TT6002-12          Lonely Nights                                        SC8461-03
   Pretty Little Adriana              MMCOU101-07            Put Your Dreams Away                                 SC8403-09
   Pretty Little Adriana               NSAVA19-05            Room Full Of Roses, A                                 PI214-15
   Pretty Little Adriana                   SD032-05          She's Pulling Me Back Again                          SC8412-10
   Pretty Little Adriana               CHM9701-16            Talk To Me                                           SC8403-04
   Pretty Little Adriana                 SC8344-06           That's All That Matters To Me                        SC8455-06
   Pretty Words                          SC8296-06           True Love Ways                                       SC8421-12
   Shoot Straight From The Heart           SD081-03          Window Up Above, The                                 SC8403-14
   Shoot Straight From Your Heart       THC0105-12     Gilman, Billy
   Shoot Straight From Your Heart        SC8681-07           Elizabeth                                             SD089-13
   Someday                                 SD106-07          Oklahoma                                            THC0101-16
   Someday                              THC0308-12           Oklahoma                                              SD078-13
   Take Your Memory With You               DK078-07          Oklahoma                                             SC8652-12
   Take Your Memory With You             SC8213-01           One Voice                                           CB80018-15
   Tryin' To Get Over You                SC8112-06           One Voice                                             SD074-05
   Tryin' To Get Over You                MM6185-09           One Voice                                           THC0010-11
   Tryin' To Get Over You                MM6041-03           One Voice                                            SC8619-11
   What The Cowgirls Do                  MM6185-06           She's My Girl                                         SD085-08
   What The Cowgirls Do                  SC8141-03
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                                        Waverly Sound
ARTIST                   TITLE           SONG #      ARTIST                   TITLE                   SONG #
     She's My Girl                    THC0108-14          Sound Of The Underground                   SF201-01
     She's My Girl                     SC8705-10          Stay Another Day                           SF201-15
     There's A Hero                    SC8698-12     Givson Brothers
Gilmer, Jimmy & The Fireballs                             Qui Sara Mi Vida                           SF028-03
     Sugar Shack                        DK082-07     Glamma Kid & Shola Ama
     Sugar Shack                       SC7554-14          Taboo                                      SF140-11
Gin Blossoms, The                                    Glaser, Tom
     Allison Road                       SD007-09          It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World            NSAVP36-03
     Allison Road                      SC8145-12     Glass Tiger
     Allison Road                      MM6078-02          Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone            SC8583-08
     As Long As It Matters             SC8348-10          Someday                                  SC8314-05
     As Long As It Matters             SC8312-07     Gleaming Spires
     Day Job                           SC8350-09          Are You Ready For The Sex Girls          SC8333-07
     Day Job                           SC8290-12     Glitter Band
     Follow You Down                  PHM9603-04          Angel Face                                 SF071-13
     Follow You Down                   SC8257-02     Glitter, Gary
     Follow You Down                    SD026-08          Do You Want To Touch Me                   SF035-01
     Follow You Down                     PI049-04         Hello Hello I’m Back Again                SF096-12
     Follow You Down                   SY1050-14          I Love You Love Me Love                   SF024-03
     Found Out About You                 PI044-04         Leader Of The Gang                        SF023-01
     Found Out About You               SC8122-01          Rock And Roll Part 2                     SC8687-07
     Found Out About You               DK1101-04     Glover, Dana
     Hey Jealousy                      SC8132-05          Thinking Over                           THP0301-16
     Hey Jealousy                        PI035-01    Go Go's, The
     Til I Hear It From You             SD022-02          Head Over Heels                          SC7561-15
     Til I Hear It From You            SC8199-15          Our Lips Are Sealed                        PI033-14
     Til I Hear It From You              PI046-01         Our Lips Are Sealed                      SC7581-09
     Until I Fall Away                 AH9821-13          Our Lips Are Sealed                      SC8331-14
     Until I Fall Away                 BS5417-12          Unforgiven                              THP0107-13
     Until I Fall Away                 SC8148-09          Vacation                                  DK024-09
     Until I Fall Away                  SO207-12          Vacation                                 SC8420-04
Gina G.                                                   We Got The Beat                            PI030-16
     Gimme Some Love                   SC8390-13          We Got The Beat                          SC7523-10
     Gimme Some Love                  PHM9707-09          We Got The Beat                           DK018-04
     Oh Ah Just A Little Bit            SF080-01     Go West
     Ooh Aah...Just A Little Bit       SC8369-01          King Of Wishful Thinking                  SF082-10
     Ooh Aah...Just A Little Bit      PHM9701-03          King Of Wishful Thinking                 SC8518-15
Ginuwine                                                  We Close Our Eyes                         SF033-03
     Differences                       SC8717-07          What You Won't Do For Love               SC8246-09
     In Those Jeans (Radio Version)    SC8844-01     God Smack
     Love You More                    THH0403-17          Voodoo                                    SGB42-01
     Pony                              SC8476-12     Godsmack
     So Anxious                        SC8559-06          Awake                                    SC8659-11
     Stingy                           THH0211-10          Awake (album Version)                    SC8765-01
     Stingy                            SC8805-10          Greed                                    SC8694-12
     There It Is                       SC8695-14          Greed                                     SGB65-06
     Tribute To A Woman                SC8752-01          I Stand Alone                            SC8757-05
Ginuwine & Baby                                           Send Straight Out Of Line               PHR0304-06
     Hell Yeah                        THH0305-13          Straight Out Of Line                     SC8817-09
Girls Aloud                                               Voodoo                                   SC8803-04
     Jump                               SF211-04          Whatever                                 SC2221-03
     Life Got Cold                      SF208-08     Gold City
     Life Got Cold                      EZH25-04          He's Still On The Throne              CBEP466-5-13
     Some Kind Of Miracle               SF207-09          It's Still The Cross                  CBEP466-6-12
     Sound Of The Underground           EZH19-01          Nobody's There                        CBEP466-1-13
 618-410-6826                                  Page 124                                     Thomas J Robinson
                                   Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE        SONG #      ARTIST                   TITLE                     SONG #
    Show Me The Cross           CBEP466-4-04          Name                                         HV03-04
    There Rose A Lamb           CBEP466-3-07          Name                                       SC8212-05
Gold, Andrew                                          Slide                                       SGB06-05
    Lonely Boy                     SC8314-11          Slide                                      MM6256-04
    Never Let Her Slip Away      SFMW808-05           Slide                                      SC7584-05
Golden Earring                                        Slide                                        US02-05
    Radar Love                      SGB64-13          Slide                                      SC8490-12
    Radar Love                      SF040-13          Slide                                      SC8639-12
    Radar Love                     SC8115-10          Sympathy                                  THR0306-13
    Radar Love                      NT050-09     Good Charlotte
    Twilight Zone                  SC8456-03          Anthem, The                                SD4306-03
Goldfinger                                            Girls & Boys                               SC8839-05
    Open Your Eyes                THR0209-16          Hold On                                   THR0404-12
Goldsboro, Bobby                                      Hold On                                   PHM0401-02
    Autumn Of My Life              SC8255-09          Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous           TU159-09
    Honey                            PI001-04         Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous         THR0301-12
    Honey                           DK001-15          Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous          SC8809-10
    Honey                          SC8804-11          Little Things                             THR0102-16
    Honey                           SF087-09          The Anthem                                THR0304-13
    Honey                          SC8361-12          The Anthem                                PHR0304-01
    Little Things                  SC8615-05          Young And The Hopeless, The               THR0309-13
    Summer                          SF135-08     Goodies
    Watching Scotty Grow           SC8342-09          Funky Gibbon, The                        SFMW825-03
Gonna Bees                                            Goodies Theme                            SFMW826-07
    Queen Of Pop                  THP0407-11     Goodrem, Delta
Goo Goo Dolls                                         Innocent Eyes                                SF210-16
    Big Machine                    SC8783-05          Lost Without You                             SF207-15
    Big Machine                   THP0211-14     Googoo Dolls
Goo Goo Dolls, The                                    Here Is Gone                              THP0206-12
    Black Balloon                  SC8548-03     Gordon, Nina
    Black Balloon                 PHT9909-05          Now I Can Die                             THP0105-16
    Black Balloon                 CB80024-03          Tonight And The Rest Of My Life           THP0011-14
    Broadway                       SC8639-14          Tonight And The Rest Of My Life            SC8637-02
    Broadway                       SC8050-05     Gore, Leslie
    Broadway                    SGBSP01-1-17          California Nights                          SC8364-10
    Broadway                       SC8613-06          It's My Party                              SC7502-10
    Broadway                      THP0007-17          It's My Party                               DK002-16
    Broadway                        SGB42-06          It's My Party                              MM6004-14
    Dizzy                          SC8523-12          It's My Party                                PI017-11
    Here Is Gone                   SC8758-06          Judy's Turn To Cry                         SC8396-07
    Iris                             PI055-04         Maybe I Know                               SC8364-13
    Iris                           SC8462-04          She's A Fool                               SC8429-03
    Iris                         PHM9806-02           That's The Way Boys Are                    SC8415-13
    Iris                           SC7587-04          You Don't Own Me                           SC8415-05
    Iris                           SC8639-04          You Don't Own Me                            DK041-15
    Long Way Down                  SC8639-07     Gore, Tony & Majesty
    Long Way Down                  SC8348-11          Meanwhile In The Garden                 CBEP466-3-15
    Long Way Down                  SC8290-09          Watch And See                           CBEP466-6-17
    Naked                          SC8248-12     Gorillaz
    Naked                            PI045-16         19-2000                                    SC8735-04
    Name                           SY1050-11          19-2000                                     SF181-11
    Name                           SC2098-05          19-2000                                   THR0202-17
    Name                             PI046-05         Clint Eastwood                            THR0110-11
    Name                           SC8639-03          Clint Eastwood                              SF178-13
    Name                         PHM9511-04           Clint Eastwood                             SC8732-01
 618-410-6826                              Page 125                                       Thomas J Robinson
                                             Waverly Sound
ARTIST                 TITLE                   SONG #     ARTIST                    TITLE                     SONG #
Gorme, Edie                                                    I Need Thee Every Hour                   CBEP456-3-16
    I'll Take Romance                       MM6367-15          I Was Glad When They Said                CBEP456-6-13
Gorme, Eydie                                                   I Will Sing The Wondrous Story           CBEP456-6-05
    Blame It On The Bossa Nova               DK019-15          I've Found A New Way                     CBEP456-6-15
Gosdin, Vern                                                   If Jesus Said It                         CBEP456-7-09
    Chiseled In Stone                       SC8561-06          In The Shelter Of His Arms               CBEP456-7-05
    Chiseled In Stone                      NSAVA14-01          It Is Well With My Soul                  CBEP456-2-01
    Do You Believe Me Now                   SC7570-09          Jesus Is Calling                         CBEP456-1-09
    I Can Tell By The Way You Dance         SC8332-15          Jesus Loves Me                           CBEP456-6-12
    I'm Still Crazy                         SC7556-13          Jesus Loves The Little Children          CBEP456-6-14
    If You're Gonna Do Me Wrong (Do It      SC8558-08          Jesus Paid It All                        CBEP456-5-02
    Is It Raining At Your House             SC8728-14          Jesus Saves                              CBEP456-1-04
    Set 'Em Up Joe                          SC8561-03          Jesus! The Very Thought Of Thee          CBEP456-4-12
    That Just About Does It                CB60129-01          Just As I Am                             CBEP456-3-09
    That Just About Does It                 SC8728-07          Keep Walkin'                             CBEP456-7-08
    This Ain't My First Rodeo               SC8767-02          Last Mile Of The Way, The                CBEP456-7-13
    Till The End                            SC8792-12          Lead On, O King Eternal                  CBEP456-4-10
    Way Down Deep                           SC8434-11          Leaning On The Everlasting Arms          CBEP456-5-07
    Who You Gonna Blame It On This Time     SC8494-08          Let The Lower Lights Be Burning          CBEP456-5-03
Gospel                                                         Love Lifted Me                           CBEP456-6-01
    Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed?        CBEP456-4-14         Make Me A Channel Of Blessing            CBEP456-1-11
    All Hail The Power                    CBEP456-4-16         My Jesus I Love Thee                     CBEP456-3-05
    Amazing Grace                            DK038-01          Near The Cross                           CBEP456-5-13
    Amazing Grace                         CBEP456-3-08         Near To The Heart Of God                 CBEP456-5-06
    Are You Washed In The Blood?          CBEP456-2-13         Nearer, My God To Thee                   CBEP456-4-04
    At The Cross                          CBEP456-2-14         Nothing But The Blood                    CBEP456-6-10
    Banner Of The Cross, The              CBEP456-1-10         Nothing Can Compare                      CBEP456-7-01
    Blessed Assurance                     CBEP456-3-03         Oh Say But I'm Glad                      CBEP456-7-12
    Blessed Be The Name                   CBEP456-5-08         Old Rugged Cross, The                    CBEP456-1-16
    Brethren, We Have Met To Worship      CBEP456-4-02         On Jordan's Stormy Banks                 CBEP456-4-15
    Bringing In The Sheaves               CBEP456-6-03         Only Believe                             CBEP456-5-14
    Christ Receiveth Sinful Men           CBEP456-2-15         Only Trust Him                           CBEP456-4-01
    Christ The Lord Is Risen Today        CBEP456-6-16         Onward, Christian Soldiers               CBEP456-1-06
    Close To Thee                         CBEP456-4-06         Other Side Of Jordan, The                CBEP456-7-03
    Come Thou Fount                       CBEP456-3-14         Pass Me Not                              CBEP456-4-08
    Face To Face                          CBEP456-2-10         Peace Of Prayer, The                     CBEP456-7-15
    Fairest Lord Jesus                    CBEP456-4-05         Praise Him, All Ye Little Children       CBEP456-6-11
    Footsteps Of Jesus                    CBEP456-4-07         Praise Him, Praise Him                   CBEP456-6-02
    Glory To His Name                     CBEP456-3-13         Redeemed                                 CBEP456-2-05
    Go Tell It On The Mountain                PI001-06         Rescue The Perishing                     CBEP456-2-03
    Have Faith In God                     CBEP456-1-07         Revive Us Again                          CBEP456-3-06
    Have Thine Own Way                    CBEP456-5-01         Rock Of Ages                             CBEP456-3-11
    Haven Of Rest, The                    CBEP456-2-02         Saved, Saved                             CBEP456-5-15
    He Keeps Me Singing                   CBEP456-6-06         Savior, Like A Shepherd Lead Us          CBEP456-1-03
    Heavenly Sunlight                     CBEP456-3-02         Send The Light                           CBEP456-3-01
    Here They Come                        CBEP456-7-16         Shall We Gather At The River             CBEP456-6-09
    Higher Ground                         CBEP456-5-05         Shall We Gather At The River?                PI023-18
    His Way With Thee                     CBEP456-3-04         Since I Have Been Redeemed               CBEP456-2-12
    Holy Bible Book Divine                CBEP456-4-11         Softly And Tenderly                      CBEP456-2-08
    Holy, Holy, Holy                      CBEP456-1-01         Solid Rock, The                          CBEP456-2-06
    How About Your Heart                  CBEP456-7-02         Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus             CBEP456-1-05
    How Firm A Foundation                 CBEP456-4-03         Standing On The Promises                 CBEP456-2-16
    I Am Resolved                         CBEP456-2-09         Sweet By And By                          CBEP456-5-16
    I Am Thine, O' Lord                   CBEP456-1-08         Sweet Hour Of Prayer                     CBEP456-5-04
    I Love To Tell The Story              CBEP456-6-04         Take My Life, And Let It Be              CBEP456-3-12
 618-410-6826                                       Page 126                                        Thomas J Robinson
                                            Waverly Sound
ARTIST                 TITLE                  SONG #     ARTIST                  TITLE                     SONG #
    Take The Name Of Jesus With You      CBEP456-6-08        Midnight Blue                               PI057-14
    Take Time To Be Holy                 CBEP456-5-12        Midnight Blue                              SC8721-04
    Tell It To Jesus                     CBEP456-2-11    Grand Funk Railroad, The
    Thanks To Calvary                    CBEP456-7-07        Bad Time                                   SC8197-04
    There Is A Name I Love To Hear       CBEP456-5-10        Footstompin' Music                         SC7562-03
    There Shall Be Showers Of Blessing   CBEP456-2-07        I'm Your Captain (Closer To Home)            DG11-04
    There's A God Somewhere              CBEP456-7-14        Locomotion, The                            SC8106-10
    Till The Storm Passes By             CBEP456-7-10        Mean Mistreater                            SC8539-09
    Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus       CBEP456-5-11        Some Kind Of Wonderful                     SC8231-02
    To The Work                          CBEP456-1-13        Some Kind Of Wonderful                     SC7576-08
    Trust And Obey                       CBEP456-6-07        Some Kind Of Wonderful                     MM6036-08
    Uncloudy Day, The                    CBEP456-2-04        We're An American Band                     SC8368-03
    Way That He Loves, The               CBEP456-7-04        We're An American Band                      DK047-17
    We're Marching To Zion               CBEP456-1-02        We're An American Band                       PI050-07
    What A Friend We Have In Jesus       CBEP456-3-07    Grand Master Flash
    When God Dips His Love In My Heart   CBEP456-7-11        Message, The                               SC8612-05
    When I See Jesus                     CBEP456-7-06    Grand, Gil
    When I Survey The Wondrous Cross     CBEP456-3-15        I Already Fell                             SC8546-04
    When We All Get To Heaven            CBEP456-5-09        Let's Start Livin'                         SC8520-13
    Where He Leads Me                    CBEP456-3-10    Grandad Roberts & His Son Elvis
    Who Is On The Lord's Side            CBEP456-1-12        Meat Pie, Sausage Roll                       SF121-03
    Will Jesus Find Us Watching?         CBEP456-1-14    Grandmaster & Melle Mel
    Wonderful Words Of Life              CBEP456-4-09        White Lines (Don't Don't Do It)            SC8656-07
    Work, For The Night Is Coming        CBEP456-4-13    Grandmaster Flash
    Ye Must Be Born Again                CBEP456-1-15        Message, The                             SFMW806-13
Gospel/Elvis                                             Grant, Amy
    Peace In The Valley                    MM6146-09         Baby Baby                                   NT007-06
Gospel/Foley, Red                                            Baby Baby                                  TT6011-05
    Peace In The Valley                   NSAVA13-17         Baby Baby                                 MM6001-07
Gospel/Kristofferson, Kris                                   Baby Baby                                    BL12-08
    Why Me                                NSAVA16-12         Baby Baby                                   SF002-15
Gospel/Standard                                              Big Yellow Taxi                             SF027-14
    Swing Low, Sweet Chariot                DK038-05         Big Yellow Taxi                           SC8187-04
Gospel/Traditional                                           Big Yellow Taxi                           MM6119-02
    Will The Circle Be Unbroken             DK038-02         Every Heartbeat                           MM6000-12
Goulet, Robert                                               Good For Me                               SC8266-03
    If Ever I Would Leave You                PI304-11        I Will Be Your Friend                     SC8484-07
GQ                                                           I Will Be Your Friend                     SC8661-09
    Disco Night (Part 1)                     RB18-10         I Will Remember You                       MM6049-14
    Disco Night (Part 2)                     RB18-11         Like I Love You                           SC8453-02
    Disco Nights                           AH8014-06         Lucky One                                 SC8132-09
Gracin, Josh                                                 Lucky One                                   SD001-03
    I Want To Live                        THC0407-14         Say You'll Be Mine                          SD010-13
Graham, Larry                                                Takes A Little Time                       SC8389-06
    One In A Million                       SC2120-07         Takes A Little Time                       SC8661-07
    One In A Million                       SC8126-12         Takes A Little Time                      PHM9710-01
    One In A Million                       SC7530-06         That's What Love Is For                   MM6021-07
    One In A Million                         PI039-18        That's What Love Is For                    TT6014-08
    One In A Million                       MM6055-01         That's What Love Is For                  MM6021B-07
Graham, Tammy                                                Things We Do For Love, The                SC8277-01
    Dozen Red Roses, A                    CHM97F5-20     Grant, Amy & Vince Gill
    Dozen Red Roses, A                     SC8376-06         House Of Love                              SC8145-06
    Tell Me Again                          SC8294-12         House Of Love                               SF039-11
Gramm, Lou                                                   House Of Love                               SD007-04
    Just Between You And Me                SC8721-07
 618-410-6826                                      Page 127                                      Thomas J Robinson
                                   Waverly Sound
ARTIST                   TITLE       SONG #     ARTIST                TITLE                     SONG #
Grant, Eddie                                    Gray, Joel
    Do You Feel My Love          SFMW808-07         Money Makes The World Go 'Round          MM6047-14
    Electric Avenue                SC8176-11    Gray, Macy
    Electric Avenue (remix)         SF180-08        Do Something                              SF157-11
    Gimme Hope Jo'Anna              SF135-05        Do Something                             SC8559-03
Grant, Eddy                                         I Try                                    SC8776-04
    Electric Avenue              SFMW805-04         I Try                                    SC8593-05
    Electric Avenue                SGB49-12         I Try                                     SGB42-08
    Gimme Hope Jo'anna            ZMH004-16         I Try                                    SC8047-05
    I Don't Wanna Dance          SFMW805-05         I Try                                    EK0028-03
Grant, Gogi                                         I Try                                   CB80021-05
    Wayward Wind, The             SC8196-13         I Try                                   THP0005-15
Grass Roots, The                                    I Try                                     SF152-05
    Heaven Knows                  SC8575-06         Sexual Revolution                         SF186-02
    Let's Live For Today           DK007-13         Still                                   THP0102-12
    Let's Live For Today          SC7566-06         Still                                     SF159-05
    Let's Live For Today            PI001-09        Still                                    EK0027-06
    Midnight Confession           SC7543-15         Sweet Baby                                SF183-03
    Midnight Confessions           SGB49-06         When I See You                           SC8818-14
    Sooner Or Later                SGB51-04         Why Didn't You Call Me                  THP0010-11
    Sooner Or Later               SC7548-09         Why Didn't You Call Me                    SF167-09
    Sooner Or Later                DK042-15         Why Didn't You Call Me                   SC8625-03
    Temptation Eyes               SC8227-10         Why Didn't You Call Me                    SGB45-09
    Temptation Eyes               LC0007-01     Great Divide, The
    Two Divided By Love           SC8644-02         San Isabella                             SC8533-12
    Wait A Million Years          SC7562-09     Great Plains
Grateful Dead, The                                  Dancin' With The Wind                    SC8294-10
    Casey Jones                   SC8172-04         Healin' Hands                            SC8315-12
    Casey Jones                    SGB62-15     Great White
    Friend Of The Devil           AH8010-05         Once Bitten Twice Shy                      US04-03
    Hell In A Bucket               DM103-09         Once Bitten Twice Shy                     SGB31-12
    Ripple                        SC8510-04         Once Bitten Twice Shy                    SC8540-02
    Touch Of Grey                 SC8197-06         Once Bitten Twice Shy                    SC7579-09
    Touch Of Grey                  DM103-08         Once Bitten Twice Shy                      PI038-10
    Truckin'                      SC8204-04         Once Bitten Twice Shy                   NSAVP23-06
    Truckin’                      SC7576-04         Rock Me                                  SC8597-04
    Truckin'                      MM6058-06     Greater Vision
    Uncle John's Band             SC8724-05         If There's No God                     CBEP466-4-13
Gravity Kills                                   Greaves, R.B.
    One Thing                    THR0206-16         Take A Letter Maria                       DK032-16
Gray, David                                     Greek Favorites
    Babylon                        SF167-15         Agapa Me                                 SC8193-13
    Babylon                       SC8664-01         Aspres Kordeles                          SC8193-03
    Babylon                      THR0101-16         Den Pao Pouthena                         SC8193-07
    Other Side, The                EZH19-06         Eime Anevazmenos                         SC8193-09
    Other Side, The                SF199-12         Garifallo Sto Afti                       SC8193-10
    Please Forgive Me              SF172-13         Gia Pes Mou Ti Sou Ekana                 SC8193-15
    Sail Away                      SF181-13         Greek Wedding Song, The                  SC8193-01
    This Year's Love               SF176-03         Lege Oti Thes                            SC8193-11
Gray, Dobie                                         Maria Meta Kitrino                       SC8193-02
    Drift Away                      PI054-01        Melachrinaki                             SC8193-08
    Drift Away                    SC7519-04         Never On Sunday                          SC8193-06
    Drift Away                    SC8138-09         Nina Na E Na E                           SC8193-04
    In Crowd, The                  TU139-14         Samiotissa                               SC8193-12
    In Crowd, The                   PI002-13        Simera Gamos Ginete                      SC8193-14
 618-410-6826                             Page 128                                    Thomas J Robinson
                                     Waverly Sound
ARTIST                 TITLE           SONG #      ARTIST                   TITLE                       SONG #
    Zorba The Greek                  SC8193-05     Greene & Seely
Green Day                                              Wish I Didn't Have To Miss You                SC8511-09
    American Idiot                 THR0411-10      Greene, Jack
    Basket Case                     AH8004-02          All The Time                                  SC8276-12
    Basket Case                     SC8263-14          There Goes My Everything                      SC8428-07
    Brain Stew                      SC8248-10          There Goes My Everything                     NSAVA13-19
    Brain Stew                     PHM9603-06      Greene, Lorne
    I Fought The Law               THP0405-13          Ringo                                         SC8579-05
    Longview                        AH8003-11      Greenes, The
    Time of Your Life, The         PHM9801-03          Blood Covered It All, The                  CBEP466-6-09
    Tired Of Waiting                 HV06a-07          I Am A Christian                           CBEP466-3-01
    Waiting                        THR0107-17          Miracle in Me                              CBEP466-2-12
    Walking Contradiction           SC8290-15          When God Calls My Name                     CBEP466-3-02
    Walking Contradiction           SC8348-15      Greenway, Cook
    When I Come Around              SC8148-08          My Baby Loves Lovin'                            DG01-12
Green, Al                                          Greenwheel
    Don't Say No Tonight               RB18-02         Breathe                                        TU159-04
    Full Of Fire                       RB15-09         Breathe                                      THR0212-15
    Here I Am (Come And Take Me)     SC8755-08     Greenwood & Bogguss
    I Had A Dream                      RB12-14         Hopelessly Yours                              SC8128-12
    Let's Stay Together              SC8261-03     Greenwood, & Mandrell
    Let’s Stay Together              SC7574-02         To Me                                         SC8128-11
    Let's Stay Together               DK031-01     Greenwood, L. & S. Bogguss
    Let's Stay Together               SF072-09         Hopelessly Yours                               TT6012-08
    Let's Stay Together             MM6198-02      Greenwood, Lee
    Let's Stay Together                PI028-18        Before I'm Ever Over You                      SC8245-02
    Still In Love With You             RB18-01         Dixie Road                                    SC8380-04
    Tired Of Being Alone             SC8755-03         Dixie Road                                     DK060-15
    Tired Of Being Alone           SFMW808-10          Fool's Gold                                   SC8541-11
    Tired Of Being Alone              TU139-16         God Bless The USA                             SC7515-02
    Tired Of Being Alone               PI006-08        God Bless The USA                               PI205-14
    You Ought To Be With Me           DK078-10         God Bless The USA                             SC8104-07
    You Ought To Be With Me          SC8755-02         Going Going Gone                              SC8326-12
    Your Heart's In Good Hands       SC8248-08         Great Defenders, The                          SC8291-03
    Your Heart's In Good Hands         PI051-15        Hearts Aren't Made To Break (They're          SC7556-08
Green, Pat                                             Made To Love)
    Carry On                         SC8727-12         I Don't Mind The Thorns                       SC8431-08
    Carry On                          SD089-12         I Never Thought Your Memory Would             SC8278-08
                                                       Ever Go
    Carry On                       THC0201-18          IOU                                           SC8158-11
    Three Days                      SC8748-04          IOU                                           SC7524-04
    Three Days                       SD093-12          It Turns Me Inside Out                        SC8398-14
Green, Robert & Jerome Flyn                            It Turns Me Inside Out                       NSAVA16-16
    Three Is Family                   SF027-02         Mornin' Ride                                  SC8332-10
Green, Vivian                                          Rocks That You Can't Move                    THC0302-20
    Emotional Rollercoaster         SC8822-14          Somebody's Gonna Love You                     SC8269-15
    Emotional Rollercoaster        THH0305-15          Somebody's Gonna Love You                    NSAVA03-09
    What Is Love                   THH0402-18          Touch And Go Crazy                            SC8642-14
Greenbaum, Norman                                  Greg Kihn Band, The
    Spirit In The Sky                 DK083-06         Breakup Song, The                             SC8313-01
    Spirit In The Sky                  PI052-12        Breakup Song, The                             AH8001-02
    Spirit In The Sky                 SF016-14         Jeopardy                                      SC8425-04
    Spirit In The Sky                SC8425-14         Jeopardy                                      AH8421-05
Greenday                                               Jeopardy                                      AH8021-05
    Basket Case                      SGB28-12
    Longview                         SGB28-14
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                                        Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE             SONG #     ARTIST                  TITLE                       SONG #
Gregg Allman Band, The                                   You Raise Me Up                             THP0402-12
     I'm No Angel                      SC8568-06         You Raise Me Up (Radio Version)              SC8855-15
Gregg, Ricky Lynn                                        You're Still You                             SC8818-03
     Can You Feel It                   SC8287-03         You're Still You                            THP0305-16
     If I Had A Cheatin' Heart         SC8301-07     Groce, Larry
     Three Nickels And A Dime          SC8275-15         Junk Food Junkie                             SC8544-10
     To Find Where I Belong            SC8171-02     Groove Armada
Gregory, Clinton                                         I See You Baby                                SGB47-05
     Standing On The Edge Of Love      SC8317-15         I See You Baby                                SF155-01
     You Didn't Miss A Thing           SC8160-09     Groove Generation
Griffin, Lashell                                         You Make Me Feel Like Dancing                  SF124-12
     Free                             THH0409-15     Groove Theory
Griffith, Marcia                                         Baby Luv                                     SC8312-11
     Electric Slide                     SGB35-05         Tell Me                                     PHM9512-07
Griffiths, Marcia                                        Tell Me                                      SC8349-11
     Electric Boogie                   SC8330-08         Tell Me                                      SC8209-11
     Electric Boogie                   SC7514-01     Groovegrass Boyz
     Electric Boogie                   MM6016-01         Macarena                                     SC8351-11
     Electric Slide                  MMCP9801-14     Gross, Henry
     Electric Slide (Boogie)         MMCP2K01-14         Shannon                                      SC8580-05
Griggs, Andy                                         Groupo Mexicano
     How Cool Is That                   SC8705-03        No Bailes De Caballito                         AV24-01
     How Cool Is That                    SD085-10    Groves, Shaun
     How Cool Is That                 THC0111-14         After The Music Fades                        SC8828-08
     I'll Go Crazy                       SD065-05    Guerra, Juan Luis
     I'll Go Crazy                    CHT9909-03         Burbujas De Amor                               AV05-02
     I'll Go Crazy                      SC8556-06    Guess Who
     She Thinks She Needs Me          THC0408-11         American Woman                                SGB39-16
     She's More                         SC8584-12    Guess Who, The
     She's More                      CBEP463-6-04        American Woman                                DK004-16
     She's More                        CB80017-09        American Woman                               SC7517-02
     She's More                          SD069-05        American Woman                                 PI015-08
     Tonight I Wanna Be Your Man      THC0205-19         Hand Me Down World                           SC8539-06
     Tonight I Wanna Be Your Man        SC8748-01        Laughing                                      DK098-08
     Tonight I Want To Be Your Man     MM6358-12         Laughing                                     SC8513-04
     Tonight I Want To Be Your Man       SD092-04        Laughing                                     SC8190-04
     Waitin' On Sundown                 SC8646-02        No Sugar Tonight/ New Mother Nature          SC7562-08
     Waitin' On Sundown                  SD076-04        No Time                                       DK097-07
     You Made Me That Way               SC8646-13        No Time                                      SC8575-11
     You Made Me That Way                SD078-08        Shakin' All Over                             SC7566-03
     You Made Me That Way             THC0103-17         Share The Land                               SC8577-03
     You Won't Ever Be That Lonely     MM6262-07         These Eyes                                   SC8441-11
     You Won't Ever Be That Lonely       SD061-10        These Eyes                                   LC0001-06
Griggs, Andy & Martina McBride                           These Eyes                                   AH8011-01
     Practice Life                    THC0301-15         Undun                                         DK099-06
     Practice Life                      SD100-05         Undun                                        SC8563-11
     Practice Life                    CB60241-05     Gun
Groban, Josh                                             Word Up                                        SF009-10
     Remember                         THP0408-14     Guns N' Roses
     Remember When It Rained          THP0411-12         Back Off Bitch                               SC8800-16
     Si Volvieras A Mi                 SC8878-07         Back Off Bitch                               SC8791-14
     To Where You Are                  SC8762-02         Don't Cry (original)                         SC8597-14
     To Where You Are                  MM6366-07         Knockin' On Heaven's Door                    AH8007-01
     To Where You Are                 THP0207-11         Knockin' On Heaven's Door                     SGB25-05
     When You Say You Love Me          SC8878-09         Knockin' On Heaven's Door                     LG114-05
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                                        Waverly Sound
ARTIST                 TITLE              SONG #     ARTIST                   TITLE                    SONG #
    Live And Let Die                  NSAVP23-05         Marry The Man Today                        PS1067-26
    Mr. Brownstone                     SC8516-02         More I Cannot Wish You                     PS1067-22
    My Michelle                        SC8830-12         Sit Down, You're Rockin' The Boat          PS1067-25
    November Rain                      SC8791-09         Sue Me                                     PS1067-24
    November Rain                       LG114-03         Take Back Your Mink                        PS1067-21
    November Rain                      MM6008-07     Guzman, Alejandro
    November Rain                        PI009-01        Despertar                                    AV27-12
    Paradise City                      SC8713-08         Hacer El Amor Con Otro                       AV03-07
    Paradise City                       SF005-04         La Plaga                                     AV06-01
    Paradise City                        PI038-07        Mala Hierba                                  AV13-08
    Paradise City                       LG114-02         Reina De Corazones                           AV06-03
    Paradise City                       DK032-04         Ten Cuidado Con El Corazon                   AV06-02
    Paradise City                        DG06-15         Verano Peligroso                             AV06-04
    Patience                           SC8684-06     Guzman, Enrique
    Patience                             PI009-03        Payasito                                     AV15-02
    Patience                            LG114-07         Tu Cabeza En Mi Hombro                       AV15-01
    Since I Don't Have You              LG114-04     Gypsy
    Since I Don't Have You             SC8237-14         Everything's Coming Up Roses               SC8547-01
    Since I Don't Have You              SF026-09         Let Me Entertain You                       MM6015-01
    Sweet Child O' Mine                 LG114-08     Gypsy Kings
    Sweet Child O' Mine                SC8252-07         Mi Manera, A                               MM6138-15
    Sweet Child O' Mine                  PI009-02    H & Claire
    Sweet Child O' Mine                 SF002-10         All Out Of Love                              SF199-03
    Sweet Child O’ Mine                SC7578-14         DJ                                           SF192-13
    Sweet Child O' Mine                 DK027-06         Half A Heart                                 SF195-12
    Used To Love Her                   SC8756-14     H-Town
    Welcome To The Jungle               LG114-01         Knockin' Da Boots                            PI037-18
    Welcome To The Jungle                PI038-06    Ha Said The Clown
    Welcome To The Jungle              SC8660-07         Ha                                           SF099-13
    Welcome To The Jungle               SGB48-07     Haddaway
    Welcome To The Jungle               DK032-03         I Miss You                                   SF006-08
    You Could Be Me                     SF021-08         Rock My Heart                                SF026-03
    You Could Be Mine                   LG114-06         What Is Love                                 SF005-05
Gurvitz, Adrian                                      Hagar, Sammy
    Classic                             SF076-06         Heavy Metal                                SC8782-03
Guster                                                   I Can't Drive 55                            SGB60-03
    Fa Fa (Never Be The Same Again)    SC8622-01         I Can't Drive 55                           SC8202-09
Guthrie, Arlo                                            Little White Lie                           SC8448-09
    City Of New Orleans                AH8011-07         Mas Tequila                                SC8531-12
    City Of New Orleans                SC8201-15         Serious Juju                               SC8673-12
Guthrie, Woody                                           Serious Juju                              THR0101-18
    This Land Is Your Land              DK093-17         Shag                                       SC8548-05
Guy                                                      Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy              SC8427-08
    Dancin'                            SC8587-14         Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy              LC0006-12
Guys & Dolls                                         Haggard & Nelson
    Adelaide's Lament                  PS1067-17         Pancho And Lefty                             PI205-15
    Adelaide's Lament                  MM6175-04     Haggard & Williams
    Bushel And A Peck, A               PS1067-16         Bull And The Beaver, The                   SC8511-10
    Fugue For Tinhorns                 PS1067-14     Haggard, Marty
    Guys And Dolls                     PS1067-18         Amnesia                                    SC8250-04
    I'll Know                          PS1067-15         Hello God                                  SC8341-12
    I've Never Been In Love Before     PS1067-20         In The Afterlife                           SC8315-03
    If I Were A Bell                   PS1067-19     Haggard, Merle
    Luck Be A Lady                     PS1067-23         Are The Good Times Really Over              DK079-18
    Luck Be A Lady                     SC8547-10         Are The Good Times Really Over               DG08-02
 618-410-6826                                  Page 131                                      Thomas J Robinson
                                             Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE                  SONG #     ARTIST                    TITLE                       SONG #
   Back To The Barrooms                      DK071-17     Haggard, Merle & Jewel
   Big City                                 SC8728-04          That's The Way Love Goes                       SD067-12
   Big City                                  DK035-10          That's The Way Love Goes                       SGB29-11
   Branded Man                              SC8365-04     Hair
   Carolyn                                   DK072-15          Ain't Got No                                  SC8663-03
   Carolyn                                  SC8431-04          Ain't Got No (Reprise)                        SC8663-02
   Chill Factor                               DG08-08          Air                                           SC8663-16
   Chill Factor                              DK062-18          Aquarius                                      SC8663-04
   Daddy Frank                              SC8728-15          Black Boys                                    SC8663-14
   Daddy Frank The Guitar Man               MM6122-15          Donna                                         SC8663-06
   Emptiest Arms In The World                DK075-16          Easy To Be Hard                               SC8663-09
   Everybody Has The Blues                    DG08-01          Flesh Failures (Let The Sunshine In)          SC8663-11
   Fightin' Side Of Me, The                 SC8342-03          Frank Mills                                   SC8663-13
   Fugitive, The                            SC8365-12          Going Down                                    SC8663-18
   Going Where The Lonely Go                  DG08-05          Good Morning Starshine                        SC8663-20
   Going Where The Lonely Go                SC7568-07          Hair                                          SC8663-05
   Hungry Eyes                              SC8400-03          I Believe In Love                             SC8663-19
   I Am An Island                           SC8245-12          I Got Life                                    SC8663-07
   I Take A Lot Of Pride In What I Am       SC8365-07          Manchester England                            SC8663-10
   I Think I'll Just Stay Here And Drink     DK026-10          Manchester England (Reprise)                  SC8663-21
   I Think I'll Just Stay Here And Drink      PI204-08         My Conviction                                 SC8663-12
   I Think I'll Just Stay Here And Drink      DG08-06          Sodomy                                        SC8663-15
   I Think I'll Just Stay Here And Drink    SC8424-01          What A Piece Of Work Is Man                   SC8663-01
   If We Make It Through December           SC7590-07          Where Do I Go?                                SC8663-08
   If We Make It Through December             DG08-03          White Boys                                    SC8663-17
   If We're Not Back In Love By Monday      SC8335-09     Haircut 100
   It's Been A Great Afternoon               DK069-18          Fantastic Day                               SFMW810-04
   It's Been A Great Afternoon                DG08-07     Haircut One Hundred
   It's Not Love But It's Not Bad           SC8421-09          Love Plus One                                 SC8313-05
   Legend Of Bonnie & Clyde, The            SC8419-02          Love Plus One                                 RT0015-14
   Let's Chase Each Other Around The        SC8345-15          Love Plus One                                  SF075-09
   Mama Tried                                 PI210-15    Haley, Bill
   Mama Tried                               SC7539-12          See You Later Alligator                     SFMW821-04
   Mama Tried                                DK009-14     Haley, Bill & The Comets
   Movin' On                                  PI201-16         Rock Around The Clock                          SF017-13
   My Favorite Memory                        DK076-17          Rock Around The Clock                         SC7508-01
   Okie From Muskogee                       SC7537-06          Rock Around The Clock                          DK082-11
   Okie From Muskogee                        DK061-18          Rock Around The Clock                         MM6036-06
   Okie From Muskogee                         PI203-14         Rock Around The Clock                           PI007-01
   Rainbow Stew                             SC8400-11          Saints Rock 'N Roll, The                        PI303-12
   Ramblin' Fever                            DK078-17          See You Later Alligator                       SC8190-09
   Ramblin' Fever                          NSAVA15-10          Shake, Rattle & Roll                           DK054-11
   Ramblin' Fever                           SC8728-05          Shake, Rattle & Roll                          SC7527-09
   Reasons To Quit                           DK035-14          Shake, Rattle & Roll                          SC8108-02
   Sing Me Back Home                        SC8365-14     Hall & Oates
   Swinging Doors                          NSAVA15-11          Family Man                                     SO209-02
   Swinging Doors                           SC8365-03          I Can't Go For That                           SC8197-08
   That's The Way Love Goes                NSAVA02-17          Kiss On My List                               SC8427-06
   That's The Way Love Goes                 SC8461-14          Kiss On My List                               LC0006-03
   Things Aren't Funny Anymore                DG08-09          Kiss On My List                                 DG05-12
   Today I Started Loving You Again          DK004-09          Maneater                                      SC8283-12
   Truck Driver's Blues                     SC8289-14          Maneater                                    SFMW809-02
   Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star                 DG08-04          Maneater                                       SO209-04
   Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star             DK060-18          One On One                                    LC0006-04
   Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star            SC8380-02          Private Eyes                                  SC8231-12
618-410-6826                                        Page 132                                          Thomas J Robinson
                                           Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE                SONG #     ARTIST                    TITLE                        SONG #
     Promise Ain't Enough                  SC8395-15    Hamilton, George IV
     Rich Girl                              DK001-03         Abilene                                        SC8158-04
     Rich Girl                             SC8391-11         Abilene                                        SC7589-05
     Sara Smile                            LC0006-01         Abilene                                       NSAVA13-11
     Sara Smile                            AH8008-09    Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds
     Sara Smile                              DG04-12         Don't Pull Your Love                           SC8391-01
     Sara Smile                            SC8527-03         Don't Pull Your Love                            DK053-05
     Say It Isn't So                       SC8378-06    Hammer
     She's Gone                            LC0006-02         U Can't Touch This                             AH8021-15
     She's Gone                            SC7561-05         U Can't Touch This                             AH8421-15
     So Close                               SO209-01    Hammer, M.C.
     Throw The Roses Away                  SC8481-07         Addams Groove                                   SF050-05
Hall & Oats                                                  Addams Groove                                  SC8550-06
     Do It For Love                        MM6366-08         Too Legit To Quit                               DK082-18
     Sara Smiles                            SGB05-11         U Can't Touch This                             AH8007-07
Hall, Aaron                                                  U Can't Touch This                             SC8310-03
     All The Places I Will Kiss You        SC8515-08    Hammond, Albert
Hall, Darryl & John Oates                                    It Never Rains In Southern California           DK005-11
     You Make My Dreams                    SC8725-06         It Never Rains In Southern California          SC8420-08
Hall, Daryl                                             Handsome Devil
     Gloryland                              SO209-03         Makin' Money                                  THR0201-12
     I'm In A Philly Mood                  SC8237-13    Hanson
     Out Of Touch                           DK022-08         I Will Come To You                              SF116-09
Hall, Daryl & John Oates                                     I Will Come To You                            PHM9711-05
     Adult Education                       SC8641-03         I Will Come To You                             SC8422-02
     Do It For Love                        SC8783-02         If Only                                        SC8618-07
     Method Of Modern Love                 SC8687-15         MMM Bop                                        SC8377-03
     One On One                            SC8588-04         MMM Bop                                          PI050-04
     Out Of Touch                          SC8577-05         This Time Around                               SC8607-15
     Sara Smile                            SC7587-13         This Time Around                              THP0007-10
     You Make My Dreams                    SC7564-02         This Time Around                                SGB38-16
Hall, Tom T.                                                 Weird                                          SC8452-12
     Country Is                            SC8506-11         Weird                                         PHM9804-06
     I Care                                SC8558-12         Where Is The Love                              SC8389-02
     I Like Beer                           SC8208-12    Hanson, Jennifer
     I Love                                SC8494-12         Beautiful Goodbye                             THC0211-14
     Old Dogs Children & Watermelon Wine    PI209-14         Beautiful Goodbye                              SC8784-02
     Old Dogs Children & Watermelon Wine   SC7537-01         Beautiful Goodbye                              SC8851-03
     Ravishing Ruby                        SC8576-11         Half A Heart Tattoo                           THC0311-19
     That Song Is Driving Me Crazy         SC8592-02         This Far Gone                                 THC0308-13
     Week In A Country Jail, A             SC8428-09    Happenings, The
     Year That Clayton Delaney Died, The   SC8276-08         I Got Rhythm                                    DK015-09
Halliwell, Geri                                         Happy Goodmans, The
     Bag It Up                              SF161-12         When God's Chariot Comes                    CBEP466-5-14
     Calling                                SF184-06    Happy Mondays
     It's Raining Men                       SF178-01         Kinky Afro                                     SFG017-04
     It's Raining Men                       EZH07-05    Hardiman, Gloria
     Lift Me Up                            LGTP-3-06         Meet Me With Your Black Drawers On             SC8339-08
     Lift Me Up                             SF150-01         Meet Me With Your Black Drawers On             SC7598-08
     Look At Me                             SF138-02    Harling, Keith
     Look At Me                            SC8545-11         Coming Back For You                            SC8480-07
     Mi Chico Latino                       LGTP-3-14         Papa Bear                                      SC8495-12
     Mi Chico Latino                        SF144-14         Papa Bear                                       SD052-13
Halliwelll, Geri                                             There Goes The Neighborhood                    SC8520-14
     Scream If You Wanna Go Faster          SF180-02         Write It In Stone                              MM6262-13
 618-410-6826                                     Page 133                                           Thomas J Robinson
                                               Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE                    SONG #     ARTIST                    TITLE                 SONG #
     Write It In Stone                        SC8498-11          My Sweet Lord                            SF162-06
Harper, Ben & Innocent Criminals                                 What Is Life                            SC8552-11
     Steal My Kisses                          SC8616-01     Harrison, Wilbert
Harris, Anita                                                    Kansas City                               PI023-06
     Trains And Boats And Planes             SFMW819-06          Kansas City                               RB15-05
Harris, Emmylou                                                  Kansas City                             SC7517-10
     Beneath Still Waters                     SC8375-14          Kansas City                             MM6007-05
     Blue Kentucky Girl                        DK057-15          Kansas City                              DK030-05
     Blue Kentucky Girl                         PI206-07    Harry, Debbie
     Blue Kentucky Girl                       SC8431-13          French Kissin' In The USA                 SF075-14
     Born To Run                              SC7570-12          I Want That Man                           SF143-03
     High Powered Love                        SC8321-07     Hart, Beth
     If I Could Only Win Your Love            SC8426-08          Delicious Surprise (I Believe)          SC8622-15
     Lost His Love On Our Last Date           SC8412-07          L.A. Song                              THP0003-16
     More Than This                            SF132-11          L.A.Song                                SC8572-13
     Mr. Sandman                             NSAVA19-04     Hart, Corey
     Mr. Sandman                              MM6122-05          Never Surrender                         SC8393-09
     One Of These Days                        SC8728-02          Sunglasses At Night                     AH8002-12
     Rollin' And Ramblin'                    CB60129-03          Sunglasses At Night                     SC8492-07
     Thanks To You                            MM6048-10     Hart, Freddie
     To Daddy                                   PI201-18         Easy Loving                              DK079-17
     Together Again                           SC8414-10          Easy Loving                            NSAVA12-18
     Two More Bottles Of Wine                 SC8421-07          Easy Loving                             SC8398-12
     Two More Bottles Of Wine                   PI209-09         Got The All Overs For You               SC8792-15
     You Never Can Tell C'est La Vie          SC8647-01          My Hang-Up Is You                        DK076-15
Harris, Major                                                    My Hang-Up Is You                       SC7570-06
     Love Won't Let Me Wait                  NSAVP38-11          Super Kind Of Woman                     SC8767-03
     Love Won't Let Me Wait                   SC7542-02     Hart, Tara Lyn
     Love Won't Let Me Wait                     RB01-14          Don't Ever Let Me Go                    SC8614-03
Harris, Peppermint                                               Stuff That Matters                      SC8584-03
     I Got Loaded                             SC8136-05          That's When You Came Along              SC8623-15
Harris, Richard                                             Harter, J. Michael
     Camelot                                    PI306-11         Hard Call To Make                        SD098-10
     MacArthur Park                             SF135-01    Hartman, Dan
Harris, Rolf                                                     I Can Dream About You                    PLC10-12
     Court Of King Caractacus                SFMW844-03          I Can Dream About You                   SC8259-14
     Jake The Peg                               SF095-15         Instant Replay                          SC8840-11
     Tie Me Kangaroo Down                       SF089-05         Relight My Fire                       SFMW830-13
     Tie Me Kangaroo Down                    NSAVP36-18     Harvey, PJ
     Tie Me Kangaroo Down                      DK094-13          Downby The Water                        SC8600-03
Harris, Sam                                                      Good Fortune                            SC8680-10
     Over The Rainbow                         MM6198-13          One Line                                SC8800-12
Harris, Thurston                                            Hatch, Coney
     Little Bitty Pretty One                  SC8190-02          Monkey Bars                             SC8713-09
     Little Bitty Pretty One                    RB25-15     Hathaway, Donny
Harrison, George                                                 This Christmas                          SC8781-12
     All Those Years Ago                       SC8305-07    Haven
     Give Me Love                              SC8204-01         Say Something                             SF189-08
     Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)   SFMW825-04     Havens, Richie
     Got My Mind Set On You                    AH8002-06         Here Comes The Sun                      SC8210-14
     Got My Mind Set On You                    SC8790-05    Hawaiian/Ho, Don
     Got My Mind Set On You                     SF153-13         Hawaiian Wedding Song                   MM6016-09
     My Sweet Lord                             SC8735-16    Hawkes, Chesney
     My Sweet Lord                             SC7554-06         One And Only, The                         SF112-15
     My Sweet Lord                              SF188-11
 618-410-6826                                         Page 134                                    Thomas J Robinson
                                             Waverly Sound
ARTIST                 TITLE                   SONG #     ARTIST                  TITLE              SONG #
Hawkins, Ronnie                                               Wichita Lineman                     SC8394-10
    Mary Lou                                SC8521-12     Haymes, Dick
    Mary Lou                                  RB23-12         It Might As Well Be Spring          SC8249-01
Hawkins, Sophie B.                                        Hayward, Justin
    As I Lay Me Down                          HV03-03         Forever Autumn                      ZMH007-01
    As I Lay Me Down                        MM6119-01     Head East
    As I Lay Me Down                       PHM9510-03         Never Been Any Reason               SC8594-15
    As I Lay Me Down                        SC8156-13     Head, Murray
    Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover            SC7583-01         One Night In Bangkok                SC8696-02
    Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover            SC8371-08         One Night In Bankok                 SC8397-09
    Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover            SC8787-01     Head, Roy
    Lose Your Way                           SC8545-10         Treat Her Right                       RB24-04
    Only Love                               SC8254-08         Treat Her Right                     SC8563-06
    Only Love                                SD026-09     Head, Roy & Traits
    Right Beside You                         SF025-15         Just A Little Bit                     RB20-01
    Walking In My Blue Jeans               THP0109-17     Headley, Heather
Hawkwind                                                      He Is                               SC8793-04
    Silver Machine                           SF040-05     Headstrong
Hayes, Darren                                                 Adriana                            THR0205-13
    Insatiable                               SF191-10     Healey, Jeff
    Insatiable                             THP0205-15         Confidence Man                    SFMW828-02
    Strange Relationship                     SF194-08     Healy, Jeff
Hayes, Isaac                                                  Blue Jean Blues                      SGB27-09
    Bonus Track Theme From Shaft            SC8760-16         Confidence Man                       SGB27-07
Hayes, Wade                                               Hear Say
    Day She Left Tulsa In A Chevy, The       SD045-14         Another Lover                       SFG001-04
    Day That She Left Tulsa, The           CHM9805-17         Breathe                             SFG001-08
    Don't Stop                              SC8186-11         Bridge Over Troubled Water          SFG001-15
    Don't Stop                               SD018-07         Carried Away                        SFG001-09
    Goodbye Is The Wrong Way To Go          SC8619-08         Colour Blind                        SFG001-12
    How Do You Sleep At Night                SD056-12         I Don't Want You Anyway             SFG001-11
    How Do You Sleep At Night               SC8470-08         Love Will Never End                 SFG001-13
    I'm Still Dancin' With You              SC8163-14         Lovin' Is Easy                       SF194-09
    I'm Still Dancin' With You               SD014-08         Make It Happen                      SFG001-07
    I'm Still Dancin' With You                PI218-13        Monday Monday                       SFG001-14
    It's Over My Head                        SD034-09         Not The Kind                        SFG001-06
    Old Enough To Know Better                 PI219-17        One                                 SFG001-05
    Old Enough To Know Better               SC8149-08         One Step Closer                     SFG001-03
    Old Enough To Know Better                SD008-10         Pure & Simple                       SFG001-01
    On A Good Night                         SC8289-10         Sweet Alibi                         SFG001-10
    On A Good Night                          SD028-05         Way To Your Love, The               SFG001-02
    Tore Up From The Floor Up                SD059-14         Way To Your Love, The                SF179-01
    Tore Up From The Floor Up               SC8512-15     Hear' Say
    Up North                                 SD071-12         Everybody                             SF185-01
    Up North (Down South Back East Out      MM6301-06     Hearsay
    West)                                                     Pure & Simple                         SF177-14
    Up North (Down South, Back East, Out    SC8602-01     Heart
    What I Meant To Say                     SC8211-03          All I Wanna Do                     SC7577-08
    What I Meant To Say                      SD021-13          All I Wanna Do                     MM6021-11
    When The Wrong One Loves You Right       SD050-08          All I Wanna Do                     SC8554-01
    When The Wrong One Loves You Right      SC8463-08          Alone                              SC8658-11
    Where Do I Go To Start All Over         SC8319-09          Alone                                PI029-12
    Where Do I Go To Start All Over          SD031-14          Alone                             NSAVP15-02
    Wichita Lineman                          SD042-13          Alone                               DK033-02
                                                               Alone                               SF013-10
 618-410-6826                                       Page 135                               Thomas J Robinson
                                          Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE               SONG #     ARTIST                   TITLE                     SONG #
    Barracuda                            SC8322-05          Mind Blowing Decisions                       SF097-10
    Barracuda                             SGB52-03     Heaven 17
    Crazy On you                          SGB31-06          Come Live With Me                        SFMW844-02
    Crazy On You                           US04-07          Temptation                                  SF111-10
    Crazy On You                         SC8204-05     Hebb, Bobby
    Dog & Butterfly                      SC8346-05          Sunny                                        PI023-15
    Dreamboat Annie                      SC8338-13          Sunny                                    SFMW823-10
    Even It Up                           SC8331-05          Sunny                                      SC8804-12
    Heartless                            SC8658-03          Sunny                                        RB25-14
    If Looks Could Kill                  SC8600-06          Sunny                                    NSAVP02-15
    Magic Man                              PI005-06         Sunny                                     MM6018-11
    Magic Man                            MM6042-09          Sunny                                       DK056-07
    Magic Man                            SC8115-11     Hed Planet Earth
    Magic Man                             SGB34-02          Bartender                                  SC8662-09
    Never                                SC7559-12     Hedge Hoppers
    Nothin' At All                       SC8305-03          It's Good News                               SF086-07
    Straight On                          SC8329-04     Heights
    Stranded                             SC8466-13          How Do You Talk To An Angel                SC8279-01
    Tell It Like It Is                   SC8800-10     Heinz
    These Dreams                         SC7549-03          Just Like Eddie                              SF069-11
    These Dreams                           PI020-10    Hello Dolly
    What About Love                      SC7579-10          Hello Dolly                                 SF008-14
    What About Love                       DK023-02          Hello Dolly                                MM6015-07
    What About Love                      SC8641-10     Helms, Bobby
    Will You Be There In The Morning     SC8113-08          Fraulein                                   SC8538-12
    Will You Be There In The Morning      SF026-11          My Special Angel                           MM6018-15
    Will You Be There In The Morning     MM6038-03     Hendrix, Jimi
    Woman In Me, The                     MM6049-07          All Along The Watchtower                     SI105-01
    Woman In Me, The                     SC8121-10          All Along The Watchtower                    SF160-02
Heartbreakers                                               All Along the Watchtower                    SGB28-04
    Here Comes My Girl                     PI019-16         All Along The Watchtower                   AH8005-13
Heatherly, Eric                                             All Along The Watchtower                     DG05-16
    Flowers On The Wall                 THC0007-13          All Along The Watchtower                   SFG019-02
    Flowers On The Wall                   SD072-08          Angel                                        SI105-05
    Flowers On The Wall                  SC8602-10          Angel                                        US03-08
    Flowers On The Wall                  MM6301-07          Burning Of The Midnight Lamp                 SI105-08
    Flowers On The Wall                 CB80018-02          Burning Of The Midnight Lamp, The          SFG019-07
    Last Man Committed, The               SD097-11          Castles Made Of Sand                         SI105-11
    Sometimes It's Just Your Time         SD102-11          Cross Town Traffic                         SC8724-08
    Swimming In Champagne                 SD076-07          Cross-Town Traffic                           SI105-10
    Swimming In Champagne               THC0012-13          Crosstown Traffic                            DG02-01
    Swimming In Champagne                SC8646-10          Crosstown Traffic                          SFG019-05
    Wrong 5 O' Clock                      TU039-18          Fire                                         DG11-01
    Wrong Five O' Clock                   SD079-11          Fire                                       SC8404-05
    Wrong Five O'Clock                   SC8655-01          Foxy Lady                                    DG01-01
Heatwave                                                    Foxy Lady                                    SI105-07
    Always & Forever                      SF103-11          Gypsy Eyes                                   SI105-15
    Always And Forever                 CBEP463-1-06         Gypsy Eyes                                 SFG019-08
    Always And Forever                   SC7600-07          Hey Joe                                      SI105-03
    Always And Forever                   SC8126-06          Hey Joe                                    SFG019-03
    Boogie Nights                         SF097-11          Hey Joe                                     SGB39-03
    Boogie Nights                        SC8386-06          Highway Circle                               SI105-09
    Boogie Nights                          BL12-13          Little Miss Lover                            DG06-01
    Boogie Nights                        MH1053-11          Little Wing                                SC7578-03
    Boogie Nights                          RB02-03          Little Wing                                  SI105-16
 618-410-6826                                    Page 136                                       Thomas J Robinson
                                         Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE              SONG #      ARTIST                  TITLE                  SONG #
    Long Hot Summer                        SI105-12        I'm Into Something Good                 SC8418-07
    Manic Depression                       DG05-01         Just A Little Bit Better                SC8770-09
    Manic Depression                       SI105-14        Listen People                           SC8615-04
    Purple Haze                          SFG019-01         Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely           DK009-16
    Purple Haze                          SC8172-12         Mrs. Brown You’ve Got A Lovely          SC7573-08
    Purple Haze                          SC7572-11         Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely          SC8429-08
    Purple Haze                            SI105-02        Must To Avoid, A                        ZMH003-14
    Purple Haze                           SGB52-04         My Sentimental Friend                    SF065-05
    Purple Haze                           SF156-13         No Milk Today                            SF099-08
    Red House                            SC8327-11         Silhouettes                             SC8396-05
    Red House                            AH8017-10         Silhouettes                             ZMH003-15
    Red House                              SI105-13        Something's Happening                    SF100-12
    Red House                            SC7597-11         There's A Kind Of Hush                  SC8513-15
    Stone Free                           AH8015-01         There's A Kind Of Hush                    PI018-13
    Stone Free                            SGB25-02         There's A Kind Of Hush                   SF099-01
    VooDoo Child                           SI105-06    Hermes House Band
    Voodoo Child (Slight Return)         SFG019-04         Country Roads                            EZH06-06
    Wait Until Tomorrow                    SI105-17        Que Sera Sera                            SF190-10
    Wind Cries Mary, The                   SI105-04    Hermes House Band, The
    Wind Cries Mary, The                 SFG019-06         Country Roads                             SF185-03
    You Got Me Floatin'                    DG10-02     Hernandez, Miriam
Henley, Don                                                Un Hombre Secreto                        NT027-02
    All She Wants To Do Is Dance           PI003-17    Hernandez, Patrick
    Boys Of Summer                        SF123-16         Born To Be Alive                        AH8014-08
    Dirty Laundry                        AH8003-01     Herndon, Ty
    For My Wedding                       SC8655-08         Few Short Years, A                       SD097-14
    Heart Of The Matter, The             AH8015-11         Hands Of A Working Man                   SD058-09
    Not Enough Love In The World         AH8004-04         Hands Of A Working Man                  MM6262-10
    Sit Down, You're Rockin' The Boat    SC8235-01         Hands Of A Working Man                  SC8507-09
    Sit Down, You're Rockin' The Boat    MM6038-11         Heather's Wall                          SC8745-03
    Sit Down, You're Rockin' The Boat   SC8235R-01         Heather's Wall                         THC0204-17
    Taking You Home                     THP0010-15         Heather's Wall                           SD091-12
Henry, Clarence "Frogman"                                  I Have To Surrender                     SC8402-14
    Ain't Got No Home                    SC8544-14         I Have To Surrender                      SD043-04
    But I Do                             SC8258-12         In Your Face                            SC8256-06
    But I Do                              SF084-06         It Must Be Love                         SC8480-05
    You Always Hurt The One You Love      SF074-11         It Must Be Love                          SD054-10
Henry, Pauline                                             Living In A Moment                      SC8294-13
    Feel Like Makin' Love                 SF025-07         Living In A Moment                       SD029-09
Hepburn                                                    Love Like That, A                       SC8630-03
    Bugs                                  SF146-12         Love Like That, A                        SD075-08
    Deep Deep Down                        SF159-15         Loved Too Much                         CHM9706-16
    I Quit                                SF140-13         Loved Too Much                          SC8382-13
Herd                                                       Loved Too Much                           SD037-10
    From The Underworld                   SF069-06         Man Holdin' On, A                      CHM9807-20
Herman's Hermits                                           Man Holdin' On, A                        SD051-06
    Can't You Hear My Heartbeat          SC8225-08         Man Holdin' On, A                       SC8451-10
    Can't You Hear My Heartbeat          LC0004-05         No Mercy                                SC8596-11
    Can't You Hear My Heartbeat           DK089-14         No Mercy                                 SD069-06
    Dandy                                SC8255-12         She Wants To Be Wanted Again             SD033-04
    I'm Henry The VIII, I Am              DK043-09         She Wants To Be Wanted Again            SC8344-15
    I'm Henry The VIII, I Am             SC7541-09         Steam                                    SD066-10
    I'm Into Something Good               SF046-08         Steam                                   SC8560-12
    I'm Into Something Good                PI025-09        Steam                                    SGB29-03
    I'm Into Something Good               DK098-10         What Mattered Most                       SD014-03
 618-410-6826                                    Page 137                                   Thomas J Robinson
                                                Waverly Sound
ARTIST                      TITLE                 SONG #     ARTIST                    TITLE               SONG #
      What Mattered Most                       SC8160-02           Never Make A Promise                 SC8395-07
Herndon, Ty & S. Bentley                                           Tell Me                              SC8337-04
      Heart Half Empty                         MM6125-11           These Are The Times                  EK0025-10
      Heart Half Empty                          SD021-03           These Are The Times                  SC8515-13
      Heart Half Empty                         SC8232-10           These Are The Times                    US02-03
Hewitt, Jennifer Love                                        Hill, Faith
      Barenaked                               THP0211-17           Breathe                              SC8608-12
      How Do I Deal                            SC8503-10           Breathe                              EK0029-07
Hi Gloss                                                           Breathe                             CB80016-03
      You'll Never Know                       SFMW832-13           Breathe                              SC7594-12
Hi-Five                                                            Breathe                                SD067-01
      Never Should've Let You Go               SC8270-01           Breathe                               SGB42-13
      She's Playing Hard To Get                 PI042-12           Breathe                               THW02-01
Hi-gloss                                                           Bringing Out The Elvis               SC8608-02
      You’ll Never Know                        ZMH008-09           But I Will                           SC8129-04
Higgins, Bertie                                                    Cry                                  SC8784-04
      Casablanca                              NSAVP02-19           Cry                                  SC8801-12
      Key Largo                                SC7517-12           Cry                                  MM6372-05
      Key Largo                                AH8013-02           Cry                                  SC8795-04
Highway 101                                                        Cry                                 CB60241-06
      Bed You Made For Me, The                NSAVA05-09           Cry                                 THC0212-11
      Bed You Made For Me, The                 SC8398-02           I Can't Do That Anymore              SC8336-15
      Do You Love Me Just Say Yes              SC8564-02           I Can't Do That Anymore             CHM9611-17
      Honky Tonk Baby                          MM6010-13           I Can't Do That Anymore                SD032-06
      Honky Tonk Heart                         SC7555-10           I Got My Baby                        SC8665-13
      It Must Be Love                          SC8285-10           If My Heart Had Wings                SC8590-02
      Somewhere Tonight                          PI210-11          If My Heart Had Wings               THC0104-16
      Somewhere Tonight                        SC8424-06           If My Heart Had Wings                SC8738-03
      Walkin' Talkin' Cryin' Barely Beatin'    SC8144-08           If My Heart Had Wings                  SD081-02
      Walkin' Talkin' Cryin' Barely Beatin'     DK070-02           It Matters To Me                     SC8211-11
      Whiskey, If You Were A Woman            NSAVA14-06           It Matters To Me                       SD023-02
      Whiskey, If You Were A Woman             SC7551-15           It Matters To Me                     MM6125-10
      Whiskey, If You Were A Woman               PI204-17          It Matters To Me                     AH8016-15
      Who's Gonna Love You                     SC8324-15           It Matters To Me                      SGB36-16
Highwaymen, The                                                    It Matters To Me                       RS502-14
      Cotton Fields                            SC7528-12           Just About Now                       SC8324-06
      Cottonfields                            CB60129-04           Let Me Let Go                          SD055-02
      Highwayman                                DK057-18           Let Me Let Go                        SC8485-10
      It Is What It Is                         SC8171-11           Let's Go To Vegas                       PI218-15
      Michael Row The Boat Ashore               DK005-18           Let's Go To Vegas                      SD018-03
      Michael Row The Boat Ashore                PI307-02          Let's Go To Vegas                    SC8189-13
Hill & Sheppard                                                    Love Ain't Like That                   SD059-01
      Can't We Try                             SC8119-04           Love Ain't Like That                 SC8512-10
Hill, Bryan                                                        Love Ain't Like That                CB80016-08
      Ernie                                     SF095-02           Man's Home Is His Castle, A          SC8250-01
Hill, Dan                                                          One                                  SD4306-05
      Sometimes When We Touch                  SC8518-09           Piece Of My Heart                    SC8129-06
      Sometimes When We Touch                  MM6033-09           Piece Of My Heart                    MM6041-02
      Sometimes When We Touch                   SF143-07           Secret Of Life, The                 CHT9908-03
Hill, Drew                                                         Secret Of Life, The                  SC8543-05
      These Are Times                           SGB06-03           Secret Of Life, The                    SD063-03
Hill, Dru                                                          Secret Of Life, The                   SGB17-06
      How Deep Is Your Love                    SY1050-04           Someone Else's Dream                   SD024-05
      I Should Be...                          THH0302-18           Someone Else's Dream                 SC8253-03
      In My Bed                                SC8476-11           Star Spangled Banner, The           THC0201-13
 618-410-6826                                          Page 138                                  Thomas J Robinson
                                            Waverly Sound
ARTIST                  TITLE                 SONG #      ARTIST                    TITLE                            SONG #
      Stronger                              SC8809-04     Hill, Lauren
      Stronger                              SC8807-03           Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You                      SGB06-01
      Take Me As I Am                       SC8135-13           Doo Wop                                            SGB06-08
      Take Me As I Am                        SD004-07           Everything Is Everything                           SGB30-12
      Take Me As I Am                         PI220-06          Ex-Factor                                          SGB06-04
      That's How Love Moves                 SC8602-14           Nothing Even Matters                               SGB11-09
      There Will Come A Day                 SC8652-02     Hill, Lauryn
      There Will Come A Day                  SD078-01           Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You                       US02-01
      There Will Come A Day                THC0102-16           Doo Wop                                             US02-08
      There You'll Be                        SD085-01           Everything Is Everything                          SC8553-08
      There You'll Be                        SF180-12           Ex-Factor                                         SC8523-13
      There You'll Be                      THC0108-11           Ex-Factor                                           US02-04
      There You'll Be                       SC8738-05           Oh Happy Days                                   SFMW843-09
      There You'll Be                       SC8705-13           Oh Happy Days                                   SFMW843-09
      This Kiss                             SC8495-03     Hill, Lauryn & Bob Marley
      This Kiss                           CHM9805-12            Turn The Lights Down Low                            SF154-14
      This Kiss                              SD048-03     Hillside Singers
      This Kiss                              SF129-08           I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing               SC8207-07
      Way You Love Me, The                 THC0004-13     Hilton, Ronnie
      Way You Love Me, The                 CB80020-08           Around The World                                    SF063-06
      Way You Love Me, The               CBEP463-5-16           No Other Love                                       SF092-15
      Way You Love Me, The                  SC7595-10     Hinsons, The
      Way You Love Me, The                  SC8596-06           I'm Living In Canaan Now                       CBEP466-2-08
      Way You Love Me, The                   SD070-01           Jesus Found Me                                 CBEP466-2-09
      When The Lights Go Down               SC8802-08           Lighthouse, The                                CBEP466-2-16
      When The Lights Go Down                SD102-06           That I Could Still Go Free                     CBEP466-2-17
      When The Lights Go Down               SC8851-07     Hitman Sammy Sam
      When The Lights Go Down               SC8806-14           Step Daddy                                        SC8834-06
      Where Are You Christmas               SC8781-07     Hives
      Where Are You Christmas             SFMW844-12            Hate To Say I Told You So                         SC8775-01
      Wild One                              SC8104-05     Hives, The
      Wild One                                PI219-08          Hate To Say I Told You So                         SC8803-08
      Wild One                              MM6035-02           Hate To Say I Told You So                         SC8799-01
      You Can't Lose Me                     SC8303-02           Hate To Say I Told You So                        THR0209-13
      You Can't Lose Me                      SD029-08           Walk Idiot Walk                                  THR0410-11
      You're Still Here                     SC8851-05     Ho, Don
      You're Still Here                     SC8826-13           Tiny Bubbles                                      SC7540-05
      You're Still Here                    THC0308-20     Hobbs, Becky
Hill, Faith & Tim McGraw                                        I Can't Fight This Feeling                        SC8236-09
      Just To Hear You Say You Love Me       SD052-01           Jones On The Jukebox                              MM6050-08
      Just To Hear You Say You Love Me     SC8495-08            Talk Back Trembling Lips                         NSAVA04-05
      Just To Hear You Say You Love Me    CHM9808-14      Hodges, Eddie & Spike Jones
      Let's Make Love                        SD069-04           All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front           TU165-01
      Let's Make Love                     CB80018-11            Teeth
      Let's Make Love                       SGB29-16      Hoffman, Billy
      Let's Make Love                      SC8584-06            All I Wanted Was You                              SC8729-10
      Let's Make Love                       THW02-04            You're The Ticket                                 SC8677-06
Hill, Jessie                                              Hoffs, Susanna
      Ooh Poo Pah Doo                        DK037-10           All I Want                                        SC8337-11
Hill, Jordan                                              Hoku
      For The Love Of You                 THM9607-09            Another Dumb Blonde                              THP0005-14
      For The Love Of You                 PHM9607-09            Another Dumb Blonde                              CB80022-12
      For The Love Of You                  SC8299-02            Another Dumb Blonde                               SC8049-02
      Remember Me This Way                 SC8187-03            Another Dumb Blonde                               SC8607-10

 618-410-6826                                       Page 139                                               Thomas J Robinson
                                           Waverly Sound
ARTIST                   TITLE               SONG #     ARTIST                  TITLE                       SONG #
Hole                                                         Here I Go Again                              SF069-07
     Awful                                 SC8534-04         I'm Alive                                    SF045-06
     Celebrity Skin                        SC8490-06         Just One Look                                SF045-04
     Doll Parts                            SC8749-12         Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress)          SC7573-01
     Gold Dust Woman                       SC8316-02         Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress            SC8441-01
     Malibu                                SC8503-04         Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress            AH8001-06
Holiday                                                      On A Caroousel                              SC8575-09
     Auld Lang Syne                         SF030-21         Stop Stop Stop                              SC8225-13
Holiday Songs                                                Stop Stop Stop                              LC0009-12
     Auld Lang Syne                         DK038-12         Stop Stop Stop                               SF099-06
Holiday, Billie                                              Stop Stop Stop                               PLC09-12
     Crazy He Calls Me                     LG016-05     Holly Valance
     Don't Explain                         LG016-07          State Of Mind                                EZH28-05
     God Bless The Child                  MM6055-14     Holly, Buddy
     God Bless The Child                   LG016-02          Baby I Don't Care                             PX11-10
     God Bless The Child                  SC7599-06          Bo Diddley                                    PX11-09
     Good Morning Heartache                LG016-01          Brown Eyed Handsome                           PX11-06
     Harbour Lights                        LG016-10          Brown Eyed Handsome Man                      SF069-02
     I Can't Give You Anything But Love     PI306-07         Everyday                                     DK088-13
     It Might As Well Be Spring            LG016-12          Everyday                                    SC8563-04
     Misty                                 LG016-14          Hartbeat                                     SF143-09
     Moonlight In Vermont                  LG016-13          It Doesn't Matter Anymore                   SC7566-09
     My Man                                LG016-06          It Doesn't Matter Anymore                    SF048-10
     Orange Colored Sky                    LG016-15          It Doesn't Matter Anymore                    DK074-14
     Strange Fruit                         LG016-04          It's So Easy                                  PX11-03
     Them There Eyes                       LG016-03          Listen To Me                                  PX11-07
     Tweedle Dee                           LG016-11          Maybe Baby                                  SC8396-03
     What A Difference A Day Makes         LG016-09          Not Fade Away                                 PX11-08
     You've Changed                        LG016-08          Oh Boy                                       SF017-10
Holiday, Jennifer                                            Oh Boy                                      SC8353-12
     And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going    SC8776-15         Oh Boy                                        PI023-04
Holland, Greg                                                Peggy Sue                                   SC7513-05
     When I Come Back                      SC8152-15         Peggy Sue                                     PI007-08
Holliday, Michael                                            Peggy Sue                                    DK016-12
     Starrey Eyed                           SF066-12         Peggy