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									                 NEAHDC UPDATE

   Yesterday (Sat.) Mario and I met with Steve O’toole and
Paul Verrette to review some issues of concern. The items
discussed were ones that all of us felt were important and
needed clarification prior to the start of the racing season.
They are as follows:

   1. Yes we can drive our own horses in non-amateur races.
  2. There will be no more combining the 3 & 5 claimers. The
  conditions will be nw200/ 3000claimers and
  nw300/5000claimers. This gives the club plenty of flexability
  with there horses. These conditions will be on the sheet and
  it is up to US to fill thses races.
   3.There will be prior to the club’s first race a meeting with
   the presiding judge or one of the other judges to review “on
   track” performance and what’s expected.
   Steve O’toole would like to address the club as well at some
   point. The time will be determined later.
   4.There will be no ruling or action taken regarding any
   horse that wins successive races. This means that the race
   secretary does not use his discretion in this matter should it
   5.(New item) Club drivers that have started at least one
   amateur race WILL BE ALLOWED to drive another club
   members horse in NEAHDC events. A member cannot enter
   two horses in the same race and have another member drive.
   This applys to separate races only.
      (example) Bill is sick or goes on vacation, he can have
      another club member,providing he/she meets the criteria
      mentioned above, drive his horse. Also, if Bill has two of
      his horses entered in two different amateur classes he can
      choose to drive one and let another member drive the
Additional items in the works are the 2nd annual Pro-Am
event. Also teaming a male and female driver to form teams
and compete against each other.

  As you can see we had quite a successful meeting and
  much of the credit goes to Steve and Paul. They couldn’t
  have been more receptive and showed a sincere
  willingness to work with us in order to make this another
  successful season. If there are any questions or concerns
  about the above feel free to e-mail or call me or Mario.
  Good luck this season.
                                  Billy Abdelnour
                                  Neahdc president
                                 Mario Martellota

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