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					                       AWARD-WINNING NOVELS
                            at the Lititz Public Library
                                   General Fiction

Abani, Chris           Graceland
Abe, Kobo              The Woman in the Dunes
Abish, Walter          How German Is It
Abu-Jaber, Diana       Crescent
Achebe, Chinua         Arrow of God
                       Things Fall Apart
Adeniran, Sade         Imagine This
Adichie, Chimamanda            Half of a Yellow Sun
                       Purple Hibiscus
Adiga, Aravind         The White Tiger
Agee, James            A Death in the Family
Alai                   Red Poppies
Alarcon, Daniel        Lost City Radio
Alderman, Naomi        Disobedience
Alexis, Andre          Childhood
Ali, Monica            Brick Lane
Allen, Sarah Addison   Garden Spells
Allende, Isabel                Daughter of Fortune
Allison, Dorothy       Cavedweller
Alvarez, Julia         How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents
Amis, Kingsley         Lucky Jim
                       The Old Devils
Anam, Tahmima          A Golden Age
Anaya, Rudolfo         Bless Me, Ultima
Andersen, Kurt         Heyday
Anderson, Scott        Triage
Appelfeld, Aron        Tzili
Arnow, Harriette S.    The Dollmaker
Askew, Rilla           Harpsong
Atkinson, Kate         Behind the Scenes at the Museum
Atwood, Margaret       Alias Grace
                       The Blind Assassin
                       Cat’s Eye
                       The Handmaid’s Tale
                       The Robber Bride
Auchincloss, Louis     The Rector of Justin
Auel, Jean M.          Clan of the Cave Bear
                       Plains of Passage
Avery, Ellis           The Teahouse Fire
Axelsson, Majgull      April Witch
Ba, Mariama            So Long a Letter
Bach, Richard           Jonathan Livingston, Seagull
Badami, Anita Rau       The Hero’s Walk
Bahr, Howard            The Black Flower
                        The Judas Field
Baker, Ellen            Keeping the House
Banville, John          Kepler
                        The Sea
Barbash, Tom            The Last Good Chance
Barker, Pat             The Eye in the Door (“Regeneration” trilogy #2)
                        The Ghost Road (“Regeneration” trilogy #3)
Barrett, Andrea         The Voyage of the Narwhal
Barry, Sebastian        The Secret Scripture
Begley, Louis           Wartime Lies
Beigbeder, Frederic     Windows on the World
Belben, Rosalind        Our Horses in Egypt
Bellow, Saul*           The Actual
                        The Adventures of Augie March
                        Humboldt’s Gift
                        Mr. Sammler’s Planet
Benedict, Elizabeth     Slow Dancing
Benioff, David          City of Thieves
Bennett, Ronan          The Catastrophist
Bergen, David           The Time In Between
Berger, Thomas          Little Big Man
Berne, Suzanne          A Crime in the Neighborhood
Binchy, Maeve                   Scarlet Feather
Bird, Sarah             The Yokota Officers Club
Birdsell, Sandra        The Russlander
Bock Dennis             The Ash Garden
Bohjalian, Chris        Midwives
Boyd, William           The Blue Afternoon
                        Brazzaville Beach
                        A Good Man in Africa
Boyden, Joseph          Three Day Road
Boyle, T. Coraghessan   Talk Talk
                        The Tortilla Curtain
                        World’s End
Brady, Joan             Theory of War
Bragg, Melvin           The Soldier’s Return
Brink, Andre            A Dry White Season
Bromfield, Louis        Early Autumn
Brooks, Geraldine       March
Brown, Alan             Audrey Hepburn’s Neck
Brown, John Gregory     Decorations in a Ruined Cemetery
Buck, Pearl*            The Good Earth
Burnard, Bonnie         A Good House
Byatt, A. S.              Possession
Byers, Michael                    Long for This World
Camus, Albert*            The Plague
Carey, Peter              Oscar and Lucinda
                          True History of the Kelly Gang
Carr, Caleb               The Alienist
Carr, James Lloyd         A Month in the Country
Carter, Stephen           The Emperor of Ocean Park
                          New England White
Carvalho, Mario de        A God Strolling in the Cool of the Evening
Casey, John               Spartina
Castellani, Christopher   A Kiss from Maddalena
Cather, Willa             Death Comes for the Archbishop
                          One of Ours
Chabon, Michael           The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay
                          The Yiddish Policeman’s Union
Chang, Lan Samantha       Inheritance
Chappell, Fred            Look Back All the Green Valley
Chase-Riboud, Barbara     Sally Hemings
Chaudhuri, Amit           Freedom Song
Cheever, John             The Wapshot Chronicle
Choy, Waysn               The Jade Peony
Christensen, Lars S.      The Half Brother
Clarke, Breena            River, Cross My Heart
Cleage, Pearl             I Wish I Had a Red Dress
Coetzee, J. M.*           Age of Iron
                          Life and Times of Michael K
                          Waiting for the Barbarians
Collins, Denis            Nora’s Army
Collins, Michael          The Keepers of Truth
                          The Resurrectionists
Conroy, Pat               The Lords of Discipline
Cook, K. L.               The Girl from Charnelle
Coyote, Ivan              Bow Grip
Cozzens, James Gould      Guard of Honor
Crace, Jim                Being Dead
                          The Gift of Stones
Cronin, Justin            Mary and O’Neil
Crummey, Michael          River Thieves
Cunningham, Michael       The Hours
Dai, Sijie                Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress
Dallas, Sandra            New Mercies
Dalton, John              Heaven Lake
Danielewski, Mark Z.      House of Leaves
Danner, Craig Joseph      Himalayan Dhaba
Danticat, Edwidge         The Dew Breaker
Davies, Robertson       What’s Bred in the Bone
Davis, H. L.            Honey in the Horn
Deane, Seamus           Reading in the Dark
De Bernieres, Louis     Corelli’s Mandolin
DeLillo, Don            Libra
                        White Noise
Desai, Kiran            The Inheritance of Loss
Diamant, Anita          The Red Tent
Diaz, Junot             The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
Diaz, Tony              The Aztec Love God
Dickey, James           Deliverance
Doctorow, E. L.         Billy Bathgate
                        The March
                        World’s Fair
Doerr, Harriet          Stones for Ibarra
Doig, Ivan              The Whistling Season
Dorner, Francoise       The Woman in the Row Behind
Doyle, Roddy            Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha
                        A Star Called Henry
Drabble, Margaret       The Millstone
                        The Needle’s Eye
Drury, Allen            Advise and Consent
D’Souza, Tony           Whiteman
Du Maurier, Daphne      Rebecca
Dubus, Andre            House of Sand and Fog
Duncan, David J.        The Brothers K
Duncan, Pamela          Plant Life
Dunmore, Helen          Zennor in Darkness
Dunn, Mark              Ella Minnow Pea
Duras, Marguerite       The Lover
Durcan, Liam            Garcia’s Heart
Durham, David Anthony   Gabriel’s Story
Durham, Marilyn         The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing
Durrell, Lawrence       Balthazar (“Alexandria Quartet” #1)
                        Justine (“Alexandria Quartet” #2)
Earley, Tony            Jim the Boy
Eaton, D. H.            The Osceola Community Club
Eck, Matthew            The Farther Shore
Eco, Umberto            Baudolino
                        The Name of the Rose
Edgerton, Clyde         Lunch at the Piccadilly
                        Where Trouble Sleeps
Edwards, Kim            The Memory Keeper’s Daughter
Eggers, Dave            What Is the What
Ellison, Ralph          Invisible Man
Endo, Shusaku           Silence
Enger, Leif                Peace Like a River
Enquist, Per               The Royal Physician’s Visit
Enright, Anne              The Gathering
Epstein, Seymour           Leah
Erdrich, Louise            The Last Report on the Miracle at Little No Horse
                           Love Medicine
                           The Painted Drum
Esquivel, Laura            Like Water for Chocolate
Eugenides, Jeffrey         Middlesex
Evans, Diana               26a
Everett, Percival          Erasure
Farrell, J. G.             The Siege of Krishnapur
Faulkner, William*         A Fable (in Novels, 1942-1954))
                           The Reivers (in Novels, 1957-1962)
Ferber, Edna               So Big
Fergus, Jim                One Thousand White Women
Ferguson, Will                    Happiness
Ferris, Joshua             Then We Came to the End
Fielding, Helen            Bridget Jones’s Diary
Fisher, Karen              A Sudden Country
Fitzgerald, Penelope       The Blue Flower (in The Bookshop; The Gate of Angels; The Blue Flower)
Flanagan, Richard          Death of a River Guide
Flanagan, Thomas           The Year of the French
Fletcher, Susan            Eve Green
Foden, Giles               The Last King of Scotland
Foer, Jonathan Safran      Everything Is Illuminated
Ford, Richard              Independence Day
                           The Lay of the Land
Ford, Robert               The Student Conductor
Forster, E. M.             A Passage to India
Fowler, Connie May         Before Women Had Wings
Fowles, John               The French Lieutenant’s Woman
Frank, Joan                Miss Kansas City
Franzen, Jonathan          The Corrections
Frayn, Michael                    Spies
Frazier, Charles           Cold Mountain
                           Thirteen Moons
Frederick, K. C.           Inland
Freimuth, Fay              A Multitude of Mercies
Fromm, Pete                As Cool As I Am
Gaige, Amity               The Folded World
Gaines, Ernest J.          A Lesson Before Dying
Galbraith, Douglas         The Rising Sun
Galloway, Janice           The Trick Is to Keep Breathing
Garcia Marquez, Gabriel*   Love in the Time of Cholera
                           One Hundred Years of Solitude
Gardner, John        October Light
Garland, Alex        The Beach
Garner, Helen        The Spare Room
Gautreaux, Tim       The Clearing
Gedge. Pauline       The Eagle and the Raven
Gershten, Donna M.   Kissing the Virgin’s Mouth
Ghosh, Amitav        The Hungry Tide
                     The Shadow Lines
Giardina, Denise     Saints and Villains
                     The Unquiet Earth (PB)
Gibb, Camilla        Sweetness in the Belly
Gibbons, Kaye        A Cure for Dreams
                     Ellen Foster
Gilchrist, Micaela   The Good Journey
Glasgow, Ellen       In This Our Life
Glass, Julia         Three Junes
Glickfeld, Carole    Swimming Toward the Ocean
Godwin, Gail         A Southern Family
Gordimer, Nadine*    The Burger’s Daughter
Gordon, Mary         The Company of Women
                     Final Payments
Gordon, Noah         Matters of Choice (#3 in trilogy)
                     The Physician (#1)
                     Shaman (#2)
Goudge, Elizabeth    Green Dolphin Street
Gowdy, Barbara       Helpless
Grande, Reyna        Across a Hundred Mountains
Grant, Linda         When I Lived in Modern Times
Grass, Gunter*       The Tin Drum (in The Danzig Trilogy)
Grau, Shirley Ann    Keepers of the House
Graves, Robert       Claudius the God
                     I, Claudius
Greene, Graham       The End of the Affair
                     The Heart of the Matter
                     The Power and the Glory
Greenway, Alice      White Ghost Girls
Greer, Andrew Sean   The Confessions of Max Tivoli
Greig, Andrew        In Another Light
Grenville, Kate      The Idea of Perfection
                     The Secret River
Grimbert, Philippe   Secret
Grooms, Anthony      Bombingham
Gruen, Sara          Water for Elephants
Grushin, Olga        The Dream Life of Sukhanov
Guerin, Gene         Cottonwood Saints
Guest, Judith        Ordinary People
Gurganus, Allan      Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All
Guterson, David      Snow Falling on Cedars
Guthrie, A.B.          The Way West (Western Hardcover section)
Hackett, Joyce         Disturbance of the Inner Ear
Haddon, Mark           The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time
Hage, Rawi             De Niro’s Game
Hagen, George          The Laments
Haigh, Jennifer        Baker Towers
                       Mrs. Kimble
Hamid, Mohsin          The Reluctant Fundamentalist
Hamilton, Jane                 The Book of Ruth
Harrison, Jim          Returning to Earth
Hartley, L. P.         The Go-Between
Harrison, Jim          Returning to Earth
Haruf, Kent            Plainsong
Hassler, Jon           Grand Opening
Hay, Elizabeth         Late Nights on Air
                       A Student of Weather
Hazzard, Shirley       The Great Fire
                       The Transit of Venus
Hegi, Ursula           Floating in My Mother’s Palm
Hellenga, Robert       The Sixteen Pleasures
Hemingway, Ernest*     The Old Man and the Sea
Hemon, Aleksandar      The Lazarus Project
                       Nowhere Man
Hersey, John           A Bell for Adano
Heerden, Etienne van   The Long Silence of Mario Salviati
Hill, Ingrid           Ursula, Under
Hilton, James          Lost Horizon
Hill, Lawrence         Someone Knows My Name
Hobbs, Peter           The Short Day Dying
Holden, Craig          Four Corners of Night
Holleran, Andrew       Grief
Horan, Nancy           Loving Frank
Horn, Dara             In the Image
Hornby, Nick           About a Boy
Hospital, Janette      Due Preparations for the Plague
Hosseini, Khaled       The Kite Runner
                       A Thousand Splendid Suns
House, Silas           The Coal Tattoo
                       A Parchment of Leaves
Hughes, Richard        A High Wind in Jamaica
Hulme, Keri            The Bone People
Humphreys, Helen       Afterimage
Hunevan, Michelle      Jamesland
Hunter, Frances        To the Ends of the Earth
Huston, Nancy          The Mark of the Angel
Irving, John           A Prayer for Owen Meany
                       The World According to Garp
Ishiguro, Kazuo        The Remains of the Day
                        The Unconsoled
                        When We Were Orphans
Itani, Frances          Deafening
Iweala, Uzodinma        Beasts of No Nation
Jackson, Dot            Refuge
Jackson, Joshilyn       Gods in Alabama
Jakober, Marie          Only Call Us Faithful
Jacobsen, Annie         Watermelon Syrup
Janko, James            Buffalo Boy and Geronimo
Jennings, Kate          Moral Hazard
Jhabvala, Ruth Prawer   Heat and Dust
Jiles, Paulette         Enemy Women
                        Stormy Weather
Jin, Ha                 Waiting
                        War Trash
Johnson, Denis          Tree of Smoke
Johnston, Joan          The Old Jest
Johnston, Wayne         The Colony of Unrequited Dreams
                        The Navigator of New York
Jones, Edward P.        The Known World
Jones, Gail             Sixty Lights
Jones, James            From Here to Eternity
Jones, Lloyd            Mister Pip
Jones, Madison          A Cry of Absence
Jones, Sadie            The Outcast
Jones, Susanna          The Earthquake Bird
Jones, Tayari           Leaving Atlanta
Joubert, Elsa           Isobelle’s Journey
Jordan, Hillary         Mudbound
Jungersen, Christian    The Exception
Just, Ward              A Dangerous Friend
Kallos, Stephanie       Broken for You
Kantner, Seth           Ordinary Wolves
Kantor, MacKinlay       Andersonville
Karon, Jan              A New Song
Kelley, Douglas         The Captain’s Wife
Keneally, Thomas        Schindler’s List
                        The Tyrant’s Novel
Kennedy, A. L.          Everything You Need
Kennedy, William        Ironweed
Khakpour, Porchista     Sons and Other Flammable Objects
Khoury, Elias           Gate of the Sun
Kidd, Sue Monk          The Secret Life of Bees
Kimmel, Haven           The Solace of Leaving Early
Kincaid, Jamaica        The Autobiography of My Mother
King, Thomas            Medicine River
                        Truth and Bright Water
Kingsolver, Barbara      Animal Dreams
                         The Bean Trees
                         The Poisonwood Bible
Kinsella, W. P.                  Shoeless Joe
Kittle, Katrina          The Kindness of Strangers
Kneale, Matthew          The English Passengers
Knowles, John            A Separate Peace
Kosinski, Jerzy          The Painted Bird
Kostova, Elizabeth       The Historian
Krauss, Nicole           The History of Love
Kundera, Milan           The Farewell Waltz
                         The Joke
                         The Unbearable Lightness of Being
Kunzru, Hari             The Impressionist
Kyle, Aryn               The God of Animals
LaFarge, Paul            Haussmann
Lanchester, John         The Debt to Pleasure
Lahiri, Bhumpa           The Namesake
Laskas, Gretchen Moran   The Midwife’s Tale
Laurence, Margaret       Rachel, Rachel
Lawson, Mary             Crow Lake
Lebrecht, Norman         The Song of Names
Le Carre, John           The Honourable Schoolboy
Lee, Chang-Rae           Native Speaker
Lee, Harper              To Kill a Mockingbird
Lenard-Cook, Lisa        Dissonance
Lessing, Doris May*      The Fifth Child
                         The Golden Notebook
Lethem, Jonathan         Motherless Brooklyn
Letts, Billie            The Honk and Holler Opening Soon
                         Where the Heart Is
Levy, Andrea             Small Island
Lewis, Sinclair*         Arrowsmith
Lewycka, Marina          A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian
Lin, Ed                  Waylaid
Lippi, Rosina            The Homestead
Lively, Penelope         Moon Tiger
Llwellyn, Richard        How Green Was My Valley
Lodge, David             Changing Places
                         Nice Work
London, Joan             Gilgamesh
Loy, Rosetta             Hot Chocolate at Hanselmann’s
Lurie, Alison            Foreign Affairs
MacDonald, Ann-Marie     Fall on Your Knees
                         The Way the Crow Flies
MacDonald, Hannah        The Sun Road
MacLeod, Alistair        No Great Mischief
Mahfouz, Naguib*       Palace Walk (“Cairo Trilogy” #1)
Mailer, Norman         The Executioner’s Song
Malamud, Barnard       The Assistant
                       The Fixer
Malone, Paul Scott     This House of Women
Malouf, David          An Imaginary Life
                       Remembering Babylon
Malraux, Andre         Man’s Fate
Marius, Richard        The Coming of Rain
Martel, Yann           Life of Pi
Martin, Valerie        Mary Reilly
Martinez, Lauro        Loredana
Mason, Bobbie Ann      Feather Crowns
Matthiessen, Peter     Shadow Country
Mazzucco, Melania      Vita
McCarthy, Cormac       All the Pretty Horses
                       The Road
McCarthy, Mary         Birds of America
McCracken, Elizabeth   Niagara Falls All Over Again
McCrumb, Sharyn        St. Dale
McEwan, Ian            Amsterdam
                       The Child in Time
                       On Chesil Beach
McGarry, Jean          A Bad and Stupid Girl
McGregor, Jon          If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things
McKay, Ami             The Birth House
McKenna, Richard       The Sand Pebbles
McKinney-Whetstone,    Leaving Cecil Street
McLaughlin, John J.    Run in the Fam’ly
McManus, James         Going to the Sun
McMurtry, Larry        Lonesome Dove (Western Hardcover section)
McNamer, Deirdre       Red Rover
Meallet, Sandro        Edgewater Angels
Meek, James            The People’s Act of Love
Meidav, Edie           The Far Field
Melville, Pauline      The Ventriloquist’s Tale
Mengestu, Dinaw        The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears
Michaels, Anne         Fugitive Pieces
Miller, Caroline       Lamb in His Bosom
Mishima, Yukio         The Temple of the Golden Pavilion
Mistry, Rohinton       Family Matters
                       A Fine Balance
                       Such a Long Journey
Mitchard, Jacquelyn   The Deep End of the Ocean
Mitchell, David       Cloud Atlas
Mitchell, Margaret    Gone With the Wind
Momaday, N. Scott     House Made of Dawn
Monaghan, Nicola      The Killing Jar
Mones, Nichole        Lost in Translation
Monsarrat, Nicholas   The Cruel Sea
Moore, Brian          Black Robe
                      The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne
Morgan, Robert        Gap Creek
Morrissey, Donna      Sylvanus Now
Morrison, Toni*       Beloved
                      A Mercy
                      Song of Solomon
Mullen, Thomas        The Last Town on Earth
Muller, Herta         The Land of Green Plums
Munro, Alice          Lives of Girls and Women
                      The Love of a Good Woman
Murakami, Haruki      Kafka on the Shore
                      The Wind-up Bird Chronicle
Murdoch, Iris         The Black Prince
                      The Sea, the Sea
Murr, Naeem           The Perfect Man
Mutis, Alvaro         Adventures and Misadventures of Maqroll
Myers, Kent           The Work of Wolves
Naipaul, V. S.*       The Mimic Men
                      The Mystic Masseur
Narayan, R. K.        The Guide
Naslund, Sena Jeter   Abundance
Naylor, Gloria        Mama Day
                      The Men of Brewster Place
Neate, Patrick        Twelve Bar Blues
Nemirovsky, Irene     Suite Francaise
Ng, Fae Myenne        Steer Toward Rock
Nicholas, Denise      Freshwater Road
Nicoll, Andrew        The Good Mayor
Nissenson, Hugh       The Tree of Life
Norfolk, Lawrence     Lempriere’s Dictionary
Oates, Joyce Carol    The Falls
                      A Garden of Earthly Delights
                      Them (PB)
O’Brien, Darcy        A Way of Life, Like Any Other
O’Brien, Edna         Time and Tide
O’Brien, Tim          Going After Cacciato
O’Connor, Edwin       The Edge of Sadness
                      The Last Hurrah
O’Connor, Joseph      Star of the Sea
O’Connor, Sheila       Where No Gods Came
O’Farrell, Maggie      After You’d Gone
                       The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox
O’Flynn, Catherine     What Was Lost
O’Hagan, Andrew        Be Near Me
O’Hara, John           Appointment in Samarra
Olmstead, Robert       Coal Black Horse
Ondaatje, Michael      Anil’s Ghost
                       The English Patient
O’Neill, Joseph        Netherland
Osorio, Elsa           My Name Is Light
Otsuka, Julie          When the Emperor Was Divine
Ozeki, Ruth            All Over Creation
Packer, Ann            The Dive From Clausen’s Pier
Palliser, Charles      The Quincunx
Pamuk, Orhan           My Name Is Red
Parsons, Tony          Man and Boy
Pasternak, Boris*      Doctor Zhivago
Patchett, Ann          Bel Canto
Patton, Frances Gray   Good Morning, Miss Dove
Paton, Alan            Cry, the Beloved Country
Percy, Walker          The Moviegoer
                       The Second Coming
Petterson, Per         Out Stealing Horses
Phillips, Arthur       Prague
Potok, Chaim           The Chosen
                       The Promise
Powell, Anthony        At Lady Molly’s (in A Dance to the Music of Time, Vol. 2)
                       Temporary Kings (in A Dance to the Music of Time, Vol. 4)
Power, Susan           Grass Dancer
Powers, J. F.          Morte D’Urban
Powers, Richard        The Echo Maker
                       The Time of Our Singing
Price, Charles F.      Freedom’s Altar
Price, Eugenia         Lighthouse (“St. Simon Trilogy” #1)
                       New Moon Rising (“St. Simon Trilogy” #2)
Price, Reynolds        Kate Vaiden
Price, Richard         Samaritan
Proulx, E. Annie       Postcards
                       The Shipping News
Pynchon, Thomas        The Crying of Lot 49
                       Gravity’s Rainbow
Quinn, Daniel          Ishmael
Rabasa, George         Floating Kingdom
Rash, Ron              One Foot in Eden
                            Saints at the River
                            The World Made Straight
Rawles, Nancy                       My Jim
Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan   The Yearling
Rawlings, Wendy             The Agnostics
Reiken, Frederick           The Odd Sea
Rhodes, David               Driftless
Richler, Mordecai           Barney’s Version
Richter, Conrad             Sea of Grass
                            The Town (“The Awakening Land” trilogy #3)
                            The Trees (“The Awakening Land” trilogy #1)
                            The Waters of Kronos
Roberts, Michele            Daughters of the House
Robinson, Marilynne         Gilead
Rose, Joanna                Little Miss Strange
Rosner, Elizabeth           The Speed of Light
Roth, Philip                American Pastoral
                            Goodbye, Columbus
                            The Human Stain
                            I Married a Communist
                            Operation Shylock
                            The Plot Against America
                            Sabbath’s Theater
Roy, Arundhati              The God of Small Things
Rufin, Jean-Christophe      The Abyssinian
Rush, Norman                Mating
Rushdie, Salman             Haroun and the Sea of Stories
                            Midnight’s Children
                            The Satanic Verses
                            Shalimar the Clown
Rushforth, Peter            Kindergarten
Russo, Richard              Empire Falls
                            The Risk Pool
Sagastizabal, Patricia      A Secret for Julia
Salter, James               Light Years
Santana, Patricia           Motorcycle Ride on the Sea of Tranquility
Santmyer, Helen             ...And Ladies of the Club
Schaeffer, Susan Fromberg   Anya
Schlink, Bernard            The Reader
Scofield, Sandra Jean       Beyond Deserving
Scott, Joanna               Liberation
Scott, Paul                 Staying On
                            The Towers of Silence (“Raj Quartet” #2)
Sebald, W. G.               Austerlitz
Sebold, Alice               The Lovely Bones
See, Lisa                   Peony in Love
                       Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
Segal, Eric            The Class
Seiffert, Rachel       The Dark Room
Seth, Vikram           A Suitable Boy
                       An Equal Music
Setterfield, Dianne    The Thirteenth Tale
Settle, Mary Lee       Blood Tie
Shaara, Jeff           To the Last Man
Shaara, Michael        The Killer Angels
Sharatt, Mary          The Real Minerva
Shields, Carol         The Stone Diaries
Shigekuni, Julie       A Bridge Between Us
Shreve, Anita          The Weight of Water
Shriver, Lionel               We Need to Talk About Kevin
Shteyngart, Gary       The Russian Debutante’s Handbook
Silko, Leslie Marmon   Ceremony
Simpson, Mona          Off Keck Road
Singer, Isaac B.*      The Slave
Sittenfeld, Curtis     Prep
Slotkin, Richard       Abe: A Novel of the Young Lincoln
Smiley, Jane           The All-True Travels and Adventures of Lidie Newton
                       At Paradise Gate
                       A Thousand Acres
Smith, Ali             The Accidental
Smith, Betty           Maggie-Now
Smith, Diane           Letters From Yellowstone
                       Pictures From an Expedition
Smith, Zadie           On Beauty
                       White Teeth
Sofer, Dalia           The Septembers of Shiraz
Sontag, Susan          In America
Steele, Kathy B.       Rocks That Float
Stegner, Wallace       All the Little Live Things
                       Angle of Repose
                       The Spectator Bird
Steinbeck, John*       The Grapes of Wrath
                       Of Mice and Men
                       Tortilla Flat
Stollman, Arveh        The Far Euphrates
Stone, Irving          The Agony and the Ecstasy
                       Those Who Love
Stone, Robert          A Flag for Sunrise
Straight, Susan        Highwire Moon
Styron, William        The Confessions of Nat Turner
                       Sophie’s Choice
Suri, Manil            The Death of Vishnu
Sweeney, Aoibheann     Among Other Things, I’ve Taken Up Smoking
Swift, Graham          Last Orders
Szabo, Magda           The Door
Tamaro, Susanna        Follow Your Heart
Tan, Amy               The Joy Luck Club
Tarkington, Booth      Alice Adams (Sight Saver)
                       The Magnificent Ambersons
Tartt, Donna           The Little Friend
Taylor, Peter          A Summons to Memphis
Taylor, Robert Lewis   The Travels of Jamie McPheeters
Theroux, Paul          The Mosquito Coast
Thien, Madeleine       Certainty
Thomas, Chantal        Farewell, My Queen
Thomas, D. M.          The White Hotel
Thomas, Michael        Man Gone Down
Tiffany, Carrie        Everyman’s Rules for Scientific Living
Tinti, Hannah          The Good Thief
Toews, Miriam          A Complicated Kindness
                       The Flying Troutmans
Toibin, Colm           The Master
Toole, John Kennedy    A Confederacy of Dunces
Torday, Paul           Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
Tremain, Rose          Music and Silence
                       The Road Home
                       Sacred Country
Trevor, William        Felicia’s Journey
                       Fools of Fortune
                       Silence in the Garden
Trigell, Jonathan      Boy A
Truong, Monica         The Book of Salt
Turow, Scott           Reversible Errors
Tyler, Anne            The Accidental Tourist
                       Breathing Lessons
                       Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant
Udall, Brady           The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint
Unsworth, Barry        Sacred Hunger
Updike, John           The Centaur
                       In the Beauty of the Lilies
                       Rabbit at Rest
                       Rabbit Is Rich
                       Roger’s Version
Uris, Leon             Armageddon
Urquhart, Jane         Away
                       The Underpainter
Usha, K. R.            A Girl and a River
VanBaale, Kali         The Space Between
Vanderhaeghe, Guy     The Englishman’s Boy
                      The Last Crossing
Vargas Llosa, Mario   The War of the End of the World
Vassanji, M. G.       The Book of Secrets
                      The In-between Life of Vikram Lall
Vernon, Olympia       Eden
Vreeland, Susan       Girl in Hyacinth Blue
Walker, Alice         The Color Purple
Waller, James R.      The Bridges of Madison County
Warren, Robert Penn   All the King’s Men
Watson, Larry         Montana 1948
Waugh, Evelyn         Men at Arms
Welch, James          The Heartsong of Charging Elk
Wells, Rebecca        Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
                      Little Altars Everywhere
Welty, Eudora         Losing Battles
                      The Optimist’s Daughter
                      The Ponder Heart
West, Jessamyn        The Massacre at Fall Creek
West, Morris          The Devil’s Advocate
                      The Clowns of God
Wetherell, W. D.      A Century of November
Wharton, Edith        The Age of Innocence
Wharton, William      Birdy
White, Patrick*       Riders in the Chariot
Whitehead, Colson     John Henry Days
Wideman, John Edgar   Philadelphia Fire
Wiebe, Rudy           A Discovery of Strangers
                      The Temptation of Big Bear
Wiesel, Elie          The Testament
Wilder, Thornton      The Bridge of San Luis Rey
                      The Eighth Day
Winton, Tim           Cloudstreet
                      Dirt Music
Woiwode, Larry        What I’m Going To Do, I Think
Wolfe, Tom            The Bonfire of the Vanities
Woodrell, Daniel      Tomato Red
Wouk, Herman          The Caine Mutiny
                      Inside, Outside
Wray, John            The Right Hand of Sleep
Wright, Richard       Native Son
Wright, Richard B.    Clara Callan
Yates, Richard        Disturbing the Peace
Yellin, Tamar         The Genizah at the House of Shepher
Youmans, Marly        The Wolf Pit
Zabytko, Irene        The Sky Unwashed
Zafon, Carlos Ruiz    The Shadow of the Wind
Zimler, Richard       The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon
Updated January 2009

* WINNER OF THE NOBEL PRIZE FOR LITERATURE. The Nobel Prize is generally given in
recognition of a body of work rather than for a specific book. Look for the “Nobel Prize Author” sticker
on books written by recipients of this award.

NOTE: Books are entered on this list when they are added to the library’s collection. The title of a
missing, long-overdue or withdrawn book may still appear on the list.

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