When to Fill Out a Heavy Use Tax Form 2290

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					When to Fill Out a Heavy Use Tax Form 2290

IRS Form 2290 Due Date is August 31

The 2012-13 HVUT (IRS Form 2290) is due August 31st this year. File yours now - within 10
minutes, you will normally get your IRS Stamped Schedule 1 (proof you paid the tax - use it to
renew your Registration/IRP).

Can I wait to file my 2290 until the next time I renew my Registration/IRP?

You can wait - but it will cost you. The state where you register your vehicle(s) will need proof
you paid (the IRS-Stamped Schedule 1) for the current tax year and will not care if you file late.

However, the IRS will send you a letter within a few weeks of filing demanding late fess and
interest. (These fees are roughly $40-50 for every month after the due date for an 80,000 lb
truck). The IRS still requires you to file the 2290 for vehicles you own in July. The HVUT is
paid in advance; so what you file now pays your taxes through the end of June. Strange dates we
agree and if it is confusing or you are uncertain; call or email us - we can help.
I own trucks with GVW over 55,000 lbs, but I do not pay taxes - how do I file?

Your state will still require you show proof you filed the 2290 - even if your total tax is $0. The
2290 is not only about payment - in your case, it is a statement that you agree you will not use
your vehcile(s) more than 5000 miles (7500 miles for farming vehicles) during the tax year.

It Is simple to file this type of 2290 electronically. Simply indicate your vehicle(s) is/are
Suspended. This applies a tax of $0 and shows a weight category of "W". Most commercial
vehciles drive much more than 5000/7500 miles on public highways. If you think you may
qualify for Suspended vehicle status - contact the IRS 2290 Help Line at 866-699-4096 to be
certain. Filing as Suspended can cost you a lot if it is determined you do not qualify later.

Do I have to eFile?

Regardless of what you may have heard, you are only REQUIRED to eFile if you own 25 or
more heavy vehicles (over 55,000 lb GVW). Otherwise the IRS is strongly encouraging eFile -
but you can still use paper if you prefer.
We think you will like eFile so much, that we invite you to eFile with us and if you do not agree
that it was worth the fee, we will gladly refund the entire fee back to you - no questions asked.
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