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					                                 Dene Valley U3A
.                                 September 2010 Newsletter
Monthly Main Meetings are held in St Peter’s Church, Wellesbourne CV35 9LS at 2.00 p.m.

Our speaker on Tuesday 14th                   In October we will be joined for our meeting
September will be Ralph Richardson            on the 12th by Frieda Barker. Frieda was a
who will talk to us about the Reverend        secondary school teacher in the Birmingham
Francis Kilvert. Formerly a secondary         area for some 40 years teaching mainly
school headmaster with an interest in         English and History. She will speak on the
local history Ralph discovered Kilvert's      topic of “The Man who was Shakespeare”.
Diaries when he bought a copy of the          A keen theatre-goer, she has always
Diaries in a book shop in Hay-on-Wye          revered the works of Shakespeare and been
and became fascinated by the exploits         fascinated by his life. Love or loathe him, it
of the energetic curate of Clyro, a           is not necessary to have read the Bard or
parish near Hay. Kilvert began to keep        even to have seen performances of his
a diary in 1870 in which he described         works in order to appreciate the talk. It must
the people he met and the places he           be said that very little is actually known
visited in fascinating detail. Some were      about the life and education of the man
lost but some were later published            generally considered to be the world’s
giving a rare picture of country life in      greatest playwright. It is these little known
the late Victorian years.                     aspects that will be under the spotlight.

Copy for the October Newsletter by the 15th September please       - Peter

                               September Meeting

Our next meeting on Tuesday 14th September is our first anniversary as Dene
Valley U3A.

It will also be our first Annual General Meeting to receive a written annual report
and a financial statement and elect our Committee and Officers for 2010/2011.
We hope the formality of the AGM will be concluded in a few minutes so we can
proceed with our normal business including our guest speaker.

                              Subscriptions renewal

As you will see near the end of this newsletter our membership subscriptions of
£15 per annum fall due for renewal for the next twelve months. You can pay your
subscription at the monthly meeting or post it direct to our Membership Secretary.
Please see the fuller notice on page 5.

Chairman               Tony Whiteley       01789 471036       Email
Membership Secretary Wendy Ironmonger      01789 293377       Email
Newsletter Editor      Peter Davies        01789 841755       Email
Web Site:       Annual sub £15:   only members can join groups.
           Dene Valley U3A September 2010 Newsletter
Our Groups and Outings                             Puccini - La Bohème (Maria Callas)
                                                   Dvořák - Symphony No 9 From the New World
Ambling (see also Walking)                         Beethoven - Symphony No 6, Pastoral
On Wednesday, 25th August, the walk starts         Franck - Violin Sonata in A
from the following point: on the road from         Beethoven - Sonatas 90 & 79
Upper Tysoe to Compton Wynyates, where             Copland - Fanfare for the Common Man
the footpath to the Compton Wynyates Wind-         Britten - 4 Sea Interludes
mill starts going north (marked 123 on the OS      Tavener- The Protecting Veil: The Incarnation
Explorer Map 206). You can park on the road        Rachmaninoff - Rhapsody on a Theme of
verge at this point. Car sharers from Welles-
bourne, meet at the Village Hall at 1.30pm.        Youmans - Tea for Two
From September there will only be one walk         Puccini - Madame Butterfly (on DVD)
each month. This will be on the 4th                Villa-Lobos - Bachianas Brasileiras (J. Baez)
Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday 22nd                Between items the chat turned to our first
September meet at the church in Combrook           experience of classical music, and each of us
at 2pm for a walk to Butlers Marston and           was able to pinpoint the particular piece.
back. Car sharers meet at Wellesbourne             Our next meeting will be at Tony and
                                                   Sandra’s, 2 Daniell Road CV35 9UD at 10am
Village Hall at 1.40pm.
         - Janet Hill                              on 23rd September. Do come along - it’s a
                                                   friendly group and welcomes new members.
                                                           - Val King
Bridge for Beginners                     
                                                           - Tony Whiteley 01789 471036
A new group will be starting shortly. If you are
interested in learning how to play bridge,
please contact
                                                   Computing - Beginners
        - Wendy Ironmonger 01789 293377
                                                   Meet at 2.30, 2nd Monday:
                                                   13th September at Brenda’s, 01789 841439
Calligraphy                                        11th October       at Peter’s, 01789 841755
Interest has been expressed about starting a              - Peter Davies 01789 841755
calligraphy group. If you are interested in
joining, please contact me. If you could teach
                                                   Computing - Beginners 2
the group or know of someone who could,
I would be very interested in that information.    Are you interested in learning how to use a
        - Anne Prior 01789 842103                  computer? There is space in the existing
                                                   group and also the possibility of beginning
                                                   another. If interested, contact
Classical Music                                           - Anne Prior 01789 842103

                                                   Computing - Plus
                                                   The group is taking a summer break. The
                                                   next meeting will be on Wednesday 27th
                                                   October and the main topic will be Home
                                                   Accounting and Internet Banking. I propose to
                                                   look at Ubuntu later in the year. It's not for
                                                   everyone but I think there’s sufficient interest.
                                                          - Peter Hayes 01789 555403

                                                   This year the Gardening group has visited a
  Sandra pores over the cover notes while          variety of gardens, from snowdrops in the
 Scott takes down details for this Newsletter.     snow, through a local garden full of surprises
On 19th August we met at Val’s delightful          to a Birmingham garden laid out by John
country hideaway & listened to excerpts from:      Nettlefold, the Birmingham industrialist (with

                                              Page 2
           Dene Valley U3A September 2010 Newsletter
the added bonus of a peep into his home,          discussion about this at the last meeting;
newly refurbished in its original Arts and        if you have any suggestions or would like to
Crafts style) and most recently a delightful      lead any meeting, please let me know.
garden near Bidford on Avon created from a                - Michael Dane 01789 470491
field by its current owner and her husband (please put in
over a period of 40 years.                        the subject “U3A Family History”)
We shall round off our summer of gardening
delights with an outing to Folly Lodge, a         History - Local
private garden in Halford on 24th August and      On 8th September we’ll visit Kineton.
a guided tour round the Capability Brown                 - David Ball 01789 840983
parkland at Compton Verney on 28th      
September with admission to the Art Gallery
also included in the price of £5.40. If you are   Languages - Spanish
interested in joining us on either of these       Our last meeting before the summer break
occasions, please contact me.                     started in the Stag’s Head, where the menu
        - Diane Smith 01926 640983                appeared in Spanish, and we had to order our                        meal in Spanish from a strange Spanish
                                                  waitress. Luckily all ended up with the food
History                                           they wanted! We continued to our meeting
At the July meeting we discussed some of the      place, where we enjoyed a video of a Spanish
inhabitants    and    interesting   characters    Romeria, taken in Rojales on the Costa
connected to Kenilworth Castle: Henry III         Blanca, where the villagers carry the statue of
bestowing the castle upon his youngest son        San Isidro Labrador up into the hills to an
Edmund Crouchback, Crouchback (which              Ermita for Mass, dancing, games etc, and we
they say means "cross back") indicating that      enjoyed learning about this Spanish tradition.
he was entitled to wear a cross on his back;             - Joyce Weeks 01789 842900
the close friend of Edward II, Piers Gavaston
being imprisoned in the castle by the Barons
for having exclusive access to the royal          Luncheon Club
patronage; John of Gaunt’s contribution of the    We have booked a lunch at the Granville,
Grand Hall; the long possession of the            Barford on 16th September. Time 12.45, and
property by the Clarendons until 1937, before     the price is £14.95 for a 2 course menu with
being purchased by John Davenport Sidd-           coffee/tea included. Hope to see a good
eley, (aka Armstrong Siddeley). The Siddeley      crowd there!
family presented the castle to Kenilworth in              - Ann Eccles      01789 841597
1958, and English Heritage has looked after it
since 1984. At the meeting on 18th August we              - Sylvia Holland 01789 292234
visited the Church of St Mary’s, Warwick to
see the tomb of Robert Dudley.
        - Carol Turland 01789 841295              Philosophy                     On Thursday 2nd September we will discuss
                                                  some aspects of Justice.
History - Family                                        - Peter Hayes 01789 555403
At the August meeting of the group we had a
smaller number of people than usual and we
looked at Church records. This was a very         Pilates
interactive meeting with lots of questions and    has been meeting since last November and
feedback which was very positive and is the       the 16 members are happy to report that the
way I like these meetings.                        exercises are, indeed, improving their fitness
The next meeting will start at 2:30 on Friday     and flexibility. The various exercises are
10th September in the Carr Room where we          strengthening muscles, improving balance/
will be looking at how to search some of the      coordination and it’s fun! It is beneficial to
online records including Ancestry and             both male and female and comments
Findmypast. This will be followed by the usual    received include a) no aching limbs after an
questions and discussion. I am looking for        afternoon of gardening; b) singing better due
topics to cover next year and we had a            to exercising the diaphragm.

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           Dene Valley U3A September 2010 Newsletter
        - Ros Bott       01789 842440               If you are interested in joining, please contact                                    - Jane Neale
        - Sue Moss       01789 842466     
        - Maureen Cooper                            Walking (see also Ambling)                         Do remember to bring a drink and snack.
                                                    If you need a lift, either contact me or be
Pilates 2                                           at the Village Hall just before 9.30am.
will be starting on Tuesday 5th October at                  - Judy Klinkenberg 01789 841404
11.15am in the Fire Station in Wellesbourne.

Date        Details                                                            Contact
Wed 15th    “The Jewels of Our Local Countryside”                              Brenda and
Sep         It is around Wellesbourne, one gradual climb but mostly fields.    Judith
            Meet at the back of the Petrol Station – Old Warwick Road.
Wed 20th    Bearley – towards Langley. About 5 miles, some hills. Lovely       David Ball
Oct         rural countryside. Park at the Sports Club - 50p SP 175607         01789 840983

      OUTINGS                      Academy members to enjoy,
                                   ponder upon, exclaim at and
                                                                     China Town, well that’s the
                                                                     story they told.
 VISIT TO THE ROYAL                probably secretly wonder why
                                                                     Members      of    the     Art
                                   you didn’t think of doing that!
ACADEMY, WEDNESDAY                                                   Appreciation Group would like
                                   There were at least four Tracy
     28th July 2010                Emin’s to gaze upon, shake
                                                                     to thank members and friends
The sun shone, the traffic                                           for   making    this   outing
                                   your head at or wonder who
flowed (well apart from the                                          possible and pleasurable.
                                   had decided that this was
diversion) and we arrived in                                         Jackie and I thank you all for
                                   valuable art. David Hockney
London refreshed from a                                              being very prompt at meeting
                                   was also exhibited along with
coffee stop and ready to go.                                         the return coach. We had a
                                   paintings by most members of
Those of us who went to see                                          very quick and smooth
                                   the Royal Academy. I think
The Summer Exhibition were                                           journey home to Welles-
                                   everyone would describe the
able to sit and enjoy a drink in                                     bourne.
                                   visit as an experience not to
the sunshine outside in the        be missed. Did everyone           A final thought for those with
courtyard before entry into the    have time to see well over        grandchildren or who know
galleries. It was super to have    1,200 items?                      some young budding artists:
been      provided     with    a                                     encourage their artwork – you
catalogue of exhibits.             Whatever people chose to do       might just have a potential
                                   it was perfect weather. Some      Tracy Emin in your midst!!
For those going for the first
                                   of our group had a great time
time there was a wide range                                          Sandra Whiteley
                                   in Covent Garden, Soho and
of exhibits chosen by the                                            and Jackie Williams .

                                                             Tickets £14.50 from Lions
    Sunday 12th September 2010                               Terry Offiler 01926 624153
          at 7.30 p.m. in the                             and Paul Gibson 01789 841730
      Guy Nelson Hall, Warwick                               and Myton Hospice Shops
                                                          Sandra Whiteley 01789 471036
     YOUNG-CHOON PARK, Piano                     
  MIDLAND CONCERT ORCHESTRA                                Jackie Williams 01789 841155
       THE TARANTARA CHOIR                           
  Jerusalem and Land of Hope & Glory
       Grand Prize Draw and bar

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               Dene Valley U3A September 2010 Newsletter
       ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM/                                                 SECRETS OF BLETCHLEY PARK
            OXFORD VISIT                                                      17th November 2010
     Thursday 30th September 2010                                           This trip is now fully subscribed.
  Johnsons’ coach leaves Wellesbourne                                       Cheques to be made payable to
  Village Hall for Oxford at 9.30a.m. and                               Dene Valley U3A by the 1st September
   drops us off outside the Ashmolean                                    Please let Carol know if you require a
   Museum. The coach will pick us up                                                vegetarian lunch.
            outside the Museum                                            The cost of £30 covers: Admission,
     for the return journey at 4.00p.m.                                  Tour, Tea/Coffee, Lunch and Coach.
      Sandra Whiteley 01789 471036                                           Carol Turland 01789 841295                                 
       Pauline Slater 01789 840310
                                                                        BIRMINGHAM SYMPHONY HALL
                                                                               MATINEE CONCERT
              DAY VISIT TO BATH                                       Wednesday 1st December, 2.15 p.m.
     Wednesday 20th October 2010                                           Due to demand I have booked
      Please note details for the day:                                 additional tickets to this concert and
  Pick up via Johnsons Coach 9.00 a.m.                                 also the Back and 4th coach based in
      from Wellesbourne Village Hall.
                                                                      Wellesbourne. Both coaches will leave
 There will be approximately 5 hours free
   time for you to take a City Bus Tour,                              at the same time and park in the same
        explore Museums, Bath Spa,                                         place in Birmingham. The cost
             Churches or shops.                                           remains the same at £25.50 with
        Any queries please contact:                                   payment due in full by the meeting on
        Carol Turland 01789 841295                                          Tuesday 12th October 2010.
    or talk to her at October’s meeting.                                      Sandra Whiteley 01789 471036                                   

We do hope you will all want to renew your membership for 2010/11. The subscription becomes
due in September and remains the same as last year at £15.00.
Please complete the Application Form printed below, attach your payment and either bring them
to the next monthly meeting or post them to the Membership Secretary. (Spare forms will be
available at the meeting if you are unable to print one off). Where possible we would ask for
payment by cheque please. This makes for easier handling and also alleviates the need for a
receipt. Please make cheque payable to “Dene Valley U3A” & send to Membership Secretary
Mrs Wendy Ironmonger, “Marendy”, Alveston, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 7QZ.
If a receipt is required please enclose an SAE.

               DENE VALLEY U3A - Application for Annual Membership/Renewal
New Member …. Renewal …. (Please tick)                                              Subscription £15.00
Name ................................................................................................................................
Address .............................................................................................................................
................................................................................... Post Code ....................................

New Members only: Phone Number ..............................................................................
E-mail address ..................................................................................................................

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            Dene Valley U3A September 2010 Newsletter
Dene Valley U3A Groups: To help lead a group, or start a new one, please contact our Joint
Group Co-ordinators, Anne Prior 01789 842103, Sheena Smith, or Jackie Williams, Coffee and tea at monthly
meetings will be served in rotation by the groups. Valerie Griffin is supplying the tea, coffee and
biscuits, contact: 01789 840570.
Group                Group Leader                   Meeting and comment                                C&Tea
Ambling              Janet Hill                     4 Weds 2pm                                         May’10
Art Appreciation     Jackie Williams                4 Wed various galleries, homes, etc.               Dec’09
                      01789 841155                    12 month programme from Jackie
Bridge for Beginners Wendy Ironmonger               Mon 2.30pm to 4.30pm: new Beginners group          Jul’10
                      01789 293377                    starting
Calligraphy          Anne Prior     01789 842103    If interested or could teach, contact Anne.
Classical Music      John George                    4 Thurs (note change) in people’s homes,           Feb’10
                      01926 641682                    or Kineton Village Hall if the group is large.
Computing -          Peter Davies                   2 Mon at 2.30pm, other days/times by               Jan’10
 Beginners            01789 841755                    arrangement, at Peter’s or Brenda’s
Computing -          Anne Prior     01789 842103    Possibility of beginning a 2 group.
 Beginners 2                                          If interested, contact Anne.
Computing - Plus     Peter Hayes 01789 555403       4 Wed 2:00pm in Church Rooms                       Mar’10
Craft - Needlework Evelyn George 01926 641682       Kineton Methodist Church Hall,                     Apr’10
                     Julia Lipman 01789 740036        3 Tue each month 10 am - 12 noon.
Craft - Papercrafts/ Gillian Grason Smith           Same time and venue as Needlework above            Jun’10
 altered crafts
                                                     nd      th
Digital Imaging      Dick Prior     01789 842103    2 and 4 Thu 2.00 - 4.00pm Fire Station.            Sep’10
Folk Dancing         D&M Hosking 01789 842776       Starting up again soon                             Oct’10
Gardening            Diane Smith 01926 640983       Carr Room +some gardens 1.30-3pm 4 Tue             Nov’10
History              Carol Turland 01789 841295     Meeting 2.00pm 3 Wed at Carol’s home               Dec’10
History - Family     Michael Dane 01789 470491      2 Fri 2.30 in Carr room, Church Centre             Jan’11
History - Local      David Ball     01789 840983    2 Wed 2.00pm; venue according to subject           Feb’11
Languages - French Peter Davies 01789 841755        Starting up again soon                             Oct’11
                                                             nd     th
Languages -          Joyce Weeks                    2-4 on 2 and 4 Thurs in Bennett Room,              Mar’11
 Spanish              01789 842900                   Church Centre
Luncheon Club        Ann Eccles     01789 841597    12.30 3 Thu each month.                            Apr’11
                     Sylvia Holland 01789 292234
Philosophy           Peter Hayes 01789 555403       10.00am 1 Thu at 5 Redhill Close                   Aug’10
Pilates              Ros Bott       01789 842440    Thu 9.30-10.30am. Fire Station. Group Full;        May’11
                     Sue Moss       01789 842466     new members see Pilates 2.
                     Maureen Cooper
Pilates 2            Jane Neale                     Tue 11.15am from 5 October at Fire Station         Aug’11
Poetry Appreciation Sara Serpell/ Jackie Williams   3 Thu; group is full: contact co-ordinator, and    Jun’11
                      01789 841374/ 841155           go onto waiting list or form new group.
Quizzing             Sheena Smith                   1 Thu 2.00pm to 4.00pm Carr Room,                  Jul’11
                      01789 841907                   St Peter’s Church Centre, Wellesbourne
Reading - Weds       Anne Prior     01789 842103    1 Wed 2pm 7 Wyvern Close, Wellesbourne             Sep’11
Scrabble             Louise Giblin 01926 641749     2 Thu St Peter’s Church Centre                     Nov’11
Walking              Judy Klinkenberg               3 Wed each month                                   Dec’11
                      01789 841404

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